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.replay files

Q: .replay files

How do I open .replay files? Please help as soon as possible!

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Preferred Solution: .replay files

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hey guys i really need some help. I have heard stories about how action replay has alot of bugs in it, but i didn't think they were totally true. The problems are that in order to actually read the disk i have to turn my ps2 on its side. Another problem is when i get the updates and i try to open the codelist, the blue loading bubbles fill up, but then they drop back down and freeze then the game freezes. If you can help me, i will gladly appreciate it, but if you can't i'm gonna get a new one. (I'm gonna get a new one anyway). Thanx, and please reply. P.S. i already cleaned my laser and all that stuff so i know thats not the problem> Thanx again.

A:Action Replay MAX EVO help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello, i bought a action replay a few days ago and its worked perfectly. But today the Action Replay was loose and ejected when it was loading the game list. Right after a error appeared 6 times paying ^Invalie listcode file:^ but once i restarted my Dsi and made sure the Action Replay was inserted correctly the same error`s appeared. l have tryed skipping the error and tryed to launch a game and it said "Please make sure the Action Replay is inserted corectly then continue."Does anyone know how to fix thi

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I'm using this software program by appilation called "Replay music" It records audio from programs like itunes and rhapsody fine, but I can't seem to record audio coming from my internet browser. I know I should be able too...is there a way i can mess with my setting for what audio route my browser is using or something?

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I rec'd the following hypertext in an incoming message:


I played it and also forwarded it on to several others all of whom were able to play it, too. Just now I went back to my Sent Messages to attempt to bring it up and play it again. But, instead of playing, it gave me the following message:

You don't have permission to access /~pontius//smile/smilelmp_1[1].htm on this server.

Apache/1.3.12 Server at www.qnet.com Port 80

Any ideas, anyone? cwilmot

A:Can't Replay Sent Message

When I click on your link, I get the same forbidden message.

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My First Post Hello

well on to my question I have a SCPH 39001 Ps2 and everytime I Open ARMax it loads the graphics and everything and works great until i open memory card manager then the screen goes black then the loading graphics message pops up but the screen is grey and keep scrolling from top to bottom but it doesn't stop loading and it opens but i cant read a thing on it i know it's not my tv because it does this on all 3 tv's in my house (all 3 different tvs) and it isn't my memory card because it does this even when there is no card plugged in adn i dont think it's my ps2 because i also have game shark and it works great but i dont think it's the disc because this is the 4th one iv'e tried and it only does this on the armax at the memory manager screen
so i am completely stuped any help would be greatly appreciated

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Happy New Year, folks! Here's my first problem of the year (didn't take long, did it?) Got a new computer for Christmas and it's loaded with junk. I've successfully transferred all of my favorite programs from my old computer with the exception of one: Replay Music. This is a audio recorder which records sound streams. I've been using it for two years and have been extremely pleased with its performance. I did a search on it on this site, and it has been discussed extensively, but no problems like mine are mentioned, and the postings are a bit old.

So, here's the difficulty which I have been having: when I try to install the software, at the very end, it gives me an error message: "TRSDK Error: 34 (TRSDK_ERR_RebootBefore)". The program seemingly installs anyway, but when I try to run it, I get this message: "Replay Music driver not found. Please make sure you are installing with administrative rights, and your sound card driver is installed."

The computer involved is a brand new Hewlett Packard Pavillion a1224n. The sound card works, as other audio programs have no problems. The software works fine on my old computer. Like I said before, the new one has a lot of junk on it. One thing is called a "Microsoft Media Center." I'm wondering if a program already installed is preventing the installation of Replay Music. I've sent a message to the software company, but they haven't responded yet. So, I thou... Read more

A:Replay Music Problem

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I was thinking of buying either replay radio or replay music. They seem similar except for the price. I'd like to record streaming music. I have a subscription to music match. Any suggestions as to which one to buy?

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Hey on my AR for xbox i do all the power saves and stuff i put the saves on the mem card and when its done i take it out and go to my xbox put the mem card it lets say "halo 2 i power saved a god like profile i have the mem card in i start up the game but the profile ant there i have the saves in but thay dont want to come on on the game" i need some help can ne1 help me plz why are the power saves not comming up?

A:Xbox Action Replay help me!

Common guys/girls help me and tell me wat i am doing wrong or just tell me cleary how to work this action replay right plz replie help me OUT!

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I have an AR MAX EVO edition, and it will not work with my Final Fantasy X. My copy of FFX is the version initially released in the US (North American version I think). When I try to start the game the AR saves its settings and loads the disc, as it should, but the game won't even load the SquareSoft logo. Could it be just that the codes are only compatible with the International version?

A:Action Replay MAX issue

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Im having some trouble uploading some things using the action replay program. It is kinda hard to tell what the ActionReplay i am using is called because of poor box labeling, but it only does game save transfer, no codes. It came with a 8MB memory card (nothing special, just 13 more blocks than a standard). Anyway. when i first got it, i could pull stuff from the serveer just fine, but i couldn't upload. So i contacted tech support (theres) and they just fixed the problem for me. about a year later, it has happand again. i have the correct login info, but still no prevail. I will be very greatfull to the person who helps me. ^_^

A:Action Replay For XBOX

I know this is not part of your question, but I think you need to change your signature because it is promoting piracy
www.musicunited.org said:

What the Courts Have to Say

For all the public confusion, a long series of court rulings has made it very clear that itís against the law both to upload and download copyrighted music without permission.

It doesnít matter whether youíre dealing with sound recordings, pictures, software or written text. The courts have consistently ruled that P2P and other unauthorized uploading and downloading inherently amount to copyright infringement and therefore constitute a crime.

When It Comes to Copying Music, Whatís Okay Ö And Whatís Not:

Technology has made digital copying easier than ever. But just because advances in technology make it possible to copy music doesnít mean itís legal to do so. Here are tips from some record labels on how to enjoy the music while respecting rights of others in the digital world. Stick with these, and youíll be doing right by the people who created the music.

Internet Copying

Itís okay to download music from sites authorized by the owners of the copyrighted music, whether or not such sites charge a fee. For a list of some authorized sites, click here.

Itís never okay to download unauthorized music from pirate sites (web or FTP) or peer-to-peer systems. Examples of peer-to-peer systems making unauthorized music available for download include: Kazaa, Grokster, Imesh, WinMX, LimeWire, Bears... Read more

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I cannot get simple wavs, midi, or internet macromedia sounds from my computer.
I cannot even get microsoft sounds to play such as windows opening.
I can get cd's, dvd's, music files,avi, & selective mpeg files to play sounds.

All my volumes are working.

My midi playback default device (in control panel /sounds /Audio) is always blank, even when I change it, it comes back blank.
I have Soundmax, MUP 401, Micropsoft GS waveable synth

can anyone help..I think I have maybe deleted a windows file or codec, can I copy one from my laptop

Both windows XP

A:selective sound replay

Check in the Device Manager for a yellow question mark or exclamation point.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.53GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1022 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) 82845G/GL Graphics Controller, 64 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 71162 MB, Free - 54612 MB; D: Total - 5135 MB, Free - 1020 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, HP System Board, HP P/N, KD1250298346
Antivirus: CA Anti-Virus, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

I am trying to repeat a dvd for a wedding reception.I am using a laptop with windows 7 64 bit home version.I can get into Media player but find nowhere I can choose Auto-play.Can anyone help?

A:Replay dvd 's in windows 7 64 bit home

As far as I know you will need to do something like this.

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Hi have a 2.4 Gh PC connected via ethernet cable to my PS3. I will usually re-encode MKV files to MPG using mkv2vob because I am hard of hearing and I want to hard encode subtitles. The media files are stored on my computer hard drive & I use PS3 media Player to play the files on TV through my PS3. For some reason, lately I have had problems with the playback being extremely jerky. It will continually stop for a second or so, continue on, freeze again, etc. I have moved the media files to a different hard drive, replaced the ethernet cable and tried other media players (i.e. mezzmo & TVersity) - no change. I'm even starting to notice it when I replay AVI files, although not nearly as bad. I have been playing re-encoded MKV to MPG files for some time with no problem until recently.

Any ideas??


A:video replay keeps freezing

Defragment all hard drives where the video files are located:

Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragmenter

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I am using Replay Radio 4.12 on a Hewlett Packard Laptop HP Pavilion dv 4000, under the French version of Windows XP Edition familiale. I have used the same software (same CD) on a slightly older HP laptop with no problems at all, but on this newer model I get distorsion in the recording (peculiarly "echoey" sounds and sibillants particularly distorted). I have tried adjusting volumes as suggested by the Replay Radio guys, but this has no effect.

Thanks in advance for any ideas,


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I have a replay TV connected to a my home wireless network . i'd like to be able to put my DVD movies on the replay so I could call them up at anytime and watch them from anywhere in the house. I' looking for the best, simplest way to do this. ideally, I would really like to avoid having to put the DVDs into my computer, decrypting them and then converting it to the replay format. Any suggestions?

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heres the topic http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/95298/having-issues-downloading-files-over-50mb/

A:Need Help No Replay On Forum In 4days

Hi Grimyone, All the helpers in this forum are volunteers and have their own private time outside the forum. Also, there are also a lot of people who needs help but only with limited number of volunteer helpers around. Thus, it is possible to take a few days before your log got noticed. Please take a look at here. Haven't Had A Reply In Five Days?I'm sure the helpers here will look at your log real soon.Cheers,Nikas

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Something like 3 or 4 years ago I bought two Dell inspiron laptops (one for the office, one for me at home) with Windows 8 installed.  Quite soon thereafter I wanted to upgrade them both to Windows 8.1 - and it didn't work.  Repeatedly.  On either machine.  The upgrade always failed - at the end, after a long time when it looked as if it might succeed.  The story of that anguish is somewhere on this forum, but so long ago I've forgotten how to find it.  I ended up suspecting that maybe Avast! antivirus was interfering, but never got to the point of removing it to find out if that was the problem. In the intervening time I have used the office machine daily, and the home one very seldom (because I have a Dell XPS 8700 desktop, with Windows 7 when I bought it, and now Windows 10 for quite some time and quite some satisfaction).
Fast forward to now.  In view of the impending July 29 deadline for free upgrade to Windows 10, I thought it was high time to try again to upgrade both laptops to Windows 8.1, and then of course to Windows 10.  So today I tried the free upgrade to 8.1 on the office laptop - just picked it off the tiles.  Didn't disable anything, not even the screen saver, just let 'er rip.  Much to my astonishment the upgrade went through without a hitch and the office laptop is now happily running Windows 8.1 (until some time next week when I upgrade it to Win 10 <G>).  This evening I intend to try the ... Read more

A:Upgrading from 8.0 to 8.1, replay of a VERY old question

If it is still of interest, or relevance, I think this was your original topic from 2014 -
Yes, it is my understanding that you need all the Win 8 updates before upgrading to Win 8.1 but watch out for all the 'Get Win 10' updates unless you are willing to go to 10. From memory, I only did it once, the best way to upgrade from 8 to 8.1 is to download the 8.1 installer and run that.. I have also heard that it is a good idea to disconnect unnecessary peripherals - such as you external hard drive and scanner - before running the update.
For advice on this 75% maximum on your battery I suggest you start a topic in the 'Internal hardware' section if this is causing you concern.
Chris Cosgrove

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IP configuration is static, Gateway is trying to ping it and get Replay from IP( and after some line nearly 6-7 lines getting replay from few lines than "Request timed out" and so on and so on...
I thought it was a problem of modem, i've reseted it and nothing. I can connect to the Internet from another PC.

A:Replay from IP( When pinging Gateway(

Can you please post the ip configuration information on your machine.


Also, same for the default gateway.

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I recently bought a Action replay ds. Installed the program which worked fine until I hooked up the action replay. It crashed saying The instruction at "0x7c168f1d' referenced memory at "0x0000001c". The memory could not be read. Sometimes it says Application error or protocol error as well. Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas that could help me.

A:Action Replay Code Manager

Two things I would try are:1. Re-install the program.2. Test your RAM with Memtest86.

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Im going to be as specific as possible.

every time i start my Action Replay and whilst its loading i get a message saying exactly this (Invalid codelist file:6-ť¬ŗ!ž«ňŠ.

Does anyone know exactly why this is happening because it was working fine yesterday.

[The first person to tell me exactly how to fix this then ill send you $25.00 PayPal.]


A:Action Replay DSi codelist invalid

Closing duplicate, please reply here:



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I just bought this AR here http://www.futureshop.ca/catalog/pr...angid=EN&sku_id=0665000FS10034452&catid=10940 and I have some concerns about it, can it corrupt my entire memory card, can it corrupt the current data I'm using, also does this have a gamesave thing on it where I can save all my game data onto a flash drive incase a file does get corrupted.

A:I got a quick question about action replay for PS2

Codes could corrupt your save file if not done properly. There is no flash drive per say. You will need a separate memory card.

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I started an istallation this morning of a program called Replay Media Catcher. Winpatrol popped up a warning that a program was installing itself in my startup registry and I rejected that change and tried to abort the installation. I then got the popup in attachment one, "file crashing Scotty.bmp". When I click "reject change" I get the popup in attachment two, "file crashing Scotty.bmp 2". When I select "Yes" on that popup I immediately get the popup in attachment three, "file crashing Scotty.bmp 3" and Winpatrol crashes. If I select "No" in that popup, it just keeps popping back up in an endless loop until I let it crash Winpatrol.

Replay Media Catcher was listed as being safe in my research, but it apparently is not. Help appreciated!

A:Replay Media Catcher issue

This seems like a question for WinPatrol or Replay Media Catcher support.

Just because Scotty is barking doesn't mean the item needs to be stopped.

It seems legit enough
SystemLookup - jaudcap.dll

WinPatrol Support

My suggestion, if you don't want a program running at startup, is to use that program's own settings.

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My parent's computer does not want to play a video file (720p.x264). properly. By that I mean, when I double click it, WMP or VLC, it starts playing but it lags every few seconds. I waould like to know if the hardware is the problem or the software. The graphics card is NVidia FX 5200, CPU is AMD 2100+ 2.1GHz, with 1GB RAM, running Windows 7 x86. Are there any codecs needed or a new graphics card?

FYI, the computer runs fast and smoothly at everything else it does, I've never got a problem when using it.

A:HDTV Video replay problems

update to the latest drivers foe the graphics card and also try a different refresh rate for the monitor
if the file you want to play is a mp4 and won't open and run smoothly then run the file through a program called handbrake
I have found that this will fix a faulty mp4 video file.

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Hi Team,  There is an issue regarding Hp loadrunner, For an oracle ADF 12.x application  Replay resulted in "java scpit is not enabled" if we record and replay the script, suggest which is most sutable protocol in loadrunner for oracle ADF 12.x  can you confirm if HP loadrunner does not support Oracle ADF application or if it does suggest some URL or Places where we can find the customization support. regards,Sandeep

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I have three User accounts- Administrator, Standard and Guest(almost always off),

I use Adm account for downloading, up-dating and tweakings. I use Standard account for most surfing and PC common usage (e-mail, social networks, e-bay, etc).

Recently, I started to have selective (NOT ALL SITES) web vid replay failure ONLY with Standard User Account. My Administrator User Account has absolutely ZERO probs with all replays.

My initial attempts to solve the probs include several Sytem Restores, unstalling and re-installing recent updates, unstalling and re-installing recent softwares, using all IE browsers (32, 64 and no add-on) and multiple anti-malware scans....all to no avail.

Add-ons and Internet options are identically set up in both accounts. All media players are shared.

Otherwise, my PC works excellently.

A:Web vid replay probs with Standard User

What I would do is set up another standard account as a test.
The user account may be corrupted
You can also try an sfc scan, run 3 times if errors are found
System Files - SFC Command

Also try with a clean boot and see if a startup program is the cause of the problem

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Hi Team, I have recorded the ajax truclient FireFox  script in 12.5 Vugen, and trying to replay it using " Play From This Step" option.It was not working.But while we are tring to open the one step and trying to play only that particular step was working fine. Please let me know the reason for this, and also solution for this ASAP.  Thanks,Durga.

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I produced a Power Point (vers 2002 10.2623.2625) presentation on my network's primary work station (Windows XP). The 15 minute program has 28 slides and includes one slide with an embedded movie slide-show & audio made with MicroSoft Windows Movie Maker (vers 5.1). There is also background music behind the whole presentation with varying audio levels for voice overs in some slides. It runs perfectly on the p.c. I made a CD with the necessary files and a Power Point Viewer (Vers 11.0.4920)

A couple problems with the CD (when played on another p.c. and my own workstation where it was produced)

- The titles on about half the slides appear greyed out and don't appear bright white like the original it was copied from.

-The text animation has changed a lot in the CD version.

- On some p.c.s, the movie slide show skips photos, dropping almost half of them even though the sound runs fine and is in sync with the photos that do pop up.

If I may, a seperate question about the original design of the presentation. I edited the background music with Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer using it to set levels for each slide that had its own narration. When I played the tracks together it was perfect. When I dropped the sound track behind the Power Point presentation, the music ran faster than the slides. Took a lot of tweaking to get it right (changing slide timing mostly). Is there a reason a wav file would run faster than the PP?

A:PowerPoint - Replay Issues on different machines

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It is annoying because my ISP is screwing up (annoyed the entire town and their claiming nothing is wrong.) at 100 Kb/s reloading a video sucks. So how do you stop it?

A:Solved: Youtube reloads the video every replay

I know you are annoyed but calm the language please

I have edited out your unneeded language

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Last week I made a back up copy of a dual layer dvd and played it on my toshiba combo dvd-vhs deck. It was recorded on a single layer disc so it was compressed. This week the disc that played without problem freezes during play and moves to the nexr scene then freezes again and again. This same dvd plays without problem on my computer in either power dvd or interactual. Dual layer discs play on the toshiba Aas usual. Can you tell me what is going on here. Tks

A:Single layer compressed dvd freezes on replay

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After watching a video on youtube, I sometimes want to watch it again. If I press replay then it doesn't load properly. The dots move around in a circle in the center of the video and it never starts playing. However, refreshing the page makes it play again. I use chrome and vista. Any ideas on why this is happening?

A:Youtube won't load replay with Google Chrome

Try it with a different browser. That will tell us if it's a Chrome problem or something else.

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when using frame relay technology with sub interface. why cant we ping to own interface. can anyone explain ?

A:Ping own interface with Frame Replay problem

Packet is sent to FR switch and back. Same issue w/ ATM. You need to create static map for it to work.

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Hi ,
Does ATA gateway support network package replay ?
Or it is only support analysis online traffic ?

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I attempted to deploy our first XP workstation today. An application called Quality Call launches and receives an error "Replay not availble". Once you click on OK the application opens, however the user is unable to pull any call information.

A reinstall of Quality Call did not resolve the issue. I had to roll user back to her Windows 2000 workstation.

I believe Quality Call uses some Access components and may not run with Access XP Runtime. I tried loading Access 2000 runtime with no luck. The user's old machine has Office 97 installed with the full version of Access.

Quality Call is developed by Eyretel, I thought I'd post this before escalating a call in regards to this issue.

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I'm running Vista on a fairly new laptop (Dell Inspiron 1501). I'm having problems with some DVDs. They will not run smoothly. The images are jerky, it seems to be skipping frames, some images are pixillated. I think I have up to date drivers, etc.

I have tried the DVDs on another laptop and they run fine. Any ideas? Hopefully it's something simple - could it be as simple as cleaning the DVD reader on the laptop? And if so, what's the best way to do that?


A:DVD Replay - jerky, pixillated images, sound ok

what program do you use to watch them?

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Can anyone PLEASE help me?
Iíve just replaced my CRT monitor, which displayed DVDís (via PowerDVD) without any hassles, for a Samsung TFT LCD monitor. After linking up the monitor and installing the driver, a quick check showed DVDís able to play 100%. I later installed two Ďcolor manipulationí software packages (Natural Color & Magic Tune Pro) that Samsung said would improve color control better than the monitorís Ďon-boardí controls. I Ďplayed aroundí with these packages, & then let auto tune do the job to correct funny colors. I now found the color in DVDís to be absolutely way out yellow-green. I uninstalled the two software programs, but no change. I then found the ďresetĒ feature on the monitor and restored factory settings Ė DVDís back to normal. I then re-installed Magic Tune and checked the colors & once again DVD colors were fine.

After a couple of days I tried a DVD and colors were wonky again. I uninstalled Magic Tune and tried the ďResetĒ feature, to no avail. I discovered some Ďcolor profileí files that had been stored by Natural Color (& never uninstalled!) and deleted them Ė it still didnít help. I tried a DVD via WMP 11, but colors are the same as with PowerDVD so the problem canít be with PowedDVD. In ĎDisplay settings/color Management, I tested the available ĎColor profilesí, but this didnít help either

DVD color (via PowerDVD) is fine on my laptop (OS Windows XP Professional), and if I connect the LCD monitor to ... Read more

A:Solved: Color problem with DVD replay on LCD monitor

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Dear all,

My problem:
- if I receive mail with subject "adress"
- in body of mail is name "John Doe"
- need to search column A, and for example result is found in A3
- then need to replay to sender with value in B3 (in body)
- Office 2007

I was work in VB6 with access db, this option with xml is strange for me.
Thank you in advance.


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I have os window xp. The tv tuner card of Honestech TVR SAA713x is installed on the pc.Four five years it was running very well.Only 2/3days back i am experiencing problem of replaying recorded tv program from the play button of the interface on the monitor. Othrwise the recording is done fine and i can play the same from the output folder from the drive through VLC player.If i play it from the tv tuner interface it hangs.It appears that there is a problem in the inbuilt player of the TV tuner card.Pl guide me how to fix the problem.

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Hi, Our team members have recorded some ctrx scripts with loadrunner on our loacal machine,and it executes successfully everytime,  however, when we trying to replay those scripts on a remote machine which was located at customer side in US, the replay cannot initiated, with errorWe have add the reg patch according to the notification above, and registry showed the patch was installed successfully: Still the scripts replayed failed with the error of the first image, is anyone could provide a solution for this issue? Thanks!

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A:C+++ Runtime Error With Action Replay Code Manager!

I see you posted a HJT log you should NOT make further changes to your computer (install/uninstall programs, use special fix tools, delete files, edit the registry, etc) unless advised by a HJT Team member, nor should you continue to ask for help elsewhere. Doing so can result in system changes which may not show it the log you already posted. Further, any modifications you make on your own may cause confusion for the helper assisting you and could complicate the malware removal process which would extend the time it takes to clean your computer.From this point on the HJT Team should be the only members that you take advice from, until they have verified your log as clean.Please be patient. It may take a while to get a response because the HJT Team members are very busy working logs posted before yours. They are volunteers who will help you out as soon as possible. Once you have made your post and are waiting, please DO NOT make another reply until it has been responded to by a member of the HJT Team. Generally the staff checks the forum for postings that have 0 replies as this makes it easier for them to identify those who have not been helped. If you post another response there will be 1 reply. A team member, looking for a new log to work may assume another HJT Team member is already assisting you and not open the thread to respond.If after 5 days you still have received no response, then post a link to your HJT log in the thread titled "Haven't Had A Reply In Five Day... Read more

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My 18day old 110-15ACL with Windows 10 skips or stutters during video replay.It does this using flash player or html5. My router is in order and on the fast lane when viewing and stutters even when selecting non HD down to 720 and lower. The website i view the videos on <motogp.com> requires a connection of 8Mbps or higher and 4GB of memory. My internet connection is 47.55Mbps right now. The AMD A6-7310 can overclock to 2.4GHz and i have used similar rating before with success. On my computer the Radeon AMD Free Sync is not supported as i found after buying the computer and when selecting AMD Steady video, a vertical black bar is on a video screen "youtube" as example so i uncheck the setting. For the other AMD Radeon settings such as AMD Fluid Motion, it's not in the settings as an option even though it's in the settings subject matter.Setting GPU Scaling on in Radeon doesn't help.Does the Radeon settings have anything to do with this problem and or is there something i am missing that someone can offer some help with ?Last, it appears the operating system was installed march 2017. Lenovo Service Bridge does not currently suggest any needed updates.Thanks,V-4

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Hey how you doing?..better than me I hope! I have a problem,when I load a replay the progress bar fills up and a few seconds later the game crashes and I find myself viewing the desktop. I have found that if I don't install pach v1.2 I can view the replays without a problem.But then I can't play on line,and I won't receive all the game glitch fixes and upgrades. I visited the activision website because they support the game. I clicked on tech support and I followed their suggestions,but nothing worked! I currently have patch v1.2 installed and my replays will not load the game crashes!

I have an MSI GFORCE 4 TI4200 8X video card(updated with latest drivers) there is apossibility that my video card is not fully compatible with the game,so I was told. If you know something that may help me out please post me a reply.

thank you for your time

A:ROME:TOTAL WAR replay will not load\game crashes

Do a clean uninstall of the game, delete the registry where the game came from, then re-install.

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 Hi, I have recorded an application in "Ajax Truclient-Firefox" protocol. After recording i ran it and it ran successfully. I did one modification , in the interactive or browser mode just i moved the slider from 1 to 3 which is visible at below to top of browser.  Then hidden steps are visible and i moved the slider to 1 in those steps. After that i just saved the script. Again i moved the global slider from 3 to 1 and saved the script. Now my script is not getting replayed and another scripts also not getting replayed in the whole system. Unable to identify the issue. Solution for this thread must be helpful for me and appreciable.  Note 1  I did this activity in 2 remote machines with my credentials and only those 2 systems got disturbed.Here other LR guys saying that its not happened with their credentials before. Note 2 Is there any chance of having an issue,   While configuring laptop using my credentials. Thanks, Praveen Kumar.M      

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 Hi, I have recorded an application in "Ajax Truclient-Firefox" protocol. After recording i ran it and it ran successfully. I did one modification ---> in the interactive or browser mode just i moved the slider from 1 to 3 which is visible at below to top of browser.  Then hidden steps are visible and i moved the slider to 1 in those steps. After that i just saved the script. Again i moved the global slider from 3 to 1 and saved the script. Now my script is not getting replayed and another scripts also not getting replayed in the whole system. Unable to identify the issue. Solution for this thread must be helpful for me and appreciable.  Note 1)  I did this activity in 2 remote machines with my credentials and only those 2 systems got disturbed.Here other LR guys saying that its not happened with their credentials before. Note 2) Is there any chance of having an issue,   While configuring laptop using my credentials. Thanks, Praveen Kumar.M      

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 Hi, I have recorded an application in "Ajax Truclient-Firefox" protocol. After recording i ran it and it ran successfully. I did one modification , in the interactive or browser mode just i moved the slider from 1 to 3 which is visible at below to top of browser.  Then hidden steps are visible and i moved the slider to 1 in those steps. After that i just saved the script. Again i moved the global slider from 3 to 1 and saved the script. Now my script is not getting replayed and another scripts also not getting replayed in the whole system. Unable to identify the issue. Solution for this thread must be helpful for me and appreciable.  Note 1  I did this activity in 2 remote machines with my credentials and only those 2 systems got disturbed.Here other LR guys saying that its not happened with their credentials before. Note 2 Is there any chance of having an issue,   While configuring laptop using my credentials. Thanks, Praveen Kumar.M      

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