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Laptop hard drive replaced, won’t boot up properly, shuts off in less than few second

Q: Laptop hard drive replaced, won’t boot up properly, shuts off in less than few second

My laptop had a problem with the hard drive (or so it seemed because it was unable to load up) What happened with the laptop was I tried to turn it on, the computer will load for a few seconds, then it will turn off. (So it never made even to the Windows logo screen).

My friend took it to the technician and the technician said it was a hard drive failure and needed to buy a new hard drive and install Windows onto it. The technician was going to charge $165 for new hard drive and Windows installation.

I thought $80 for a new hard drive than another $85 for a installation was overpriced. So I ordered the hard drive on my own and planned on replacing the hard drive myself.

So, I replaced the hard drive. What is going on now is that if I press the power button, I see the red light on the power button. Then in less than 5 seconds or so, the computer goes off. There is nothing on the screen during those 5 seconds.

This laptop is quite broken down, the CD Rom sometimes does not work. But regardless, with less than 5 seconds, it was quite hard to even eject the cd-rom. So I am not quite sure how am I supposed to go on and continue with the installation and such if the computer does not even turn itself on.

Now, is this really a hard drive problem or something else? Please help. Thank you very much in advance.

Preferred Solution: Laptop hard drive replaced, won’t boot up properly, shuts off in less than few second

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Laptop hard drive replaced, won’t boot up properly, shuts off in less than few second

$165 is actually a reasonable price.

If you remove the new drive, does it still shut down in 3 seconds?

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I am something of a novice when replacing hardware. I have an old Dell Dimension 4300 that I replaced my HD with a new ATA/100 40 gb. I hooked up all the connectors OK. But when I boot up it says "Diskette drive 0 seek failure. Primary Hard Disc drive 1 not found. Strike F1 key to continue, F2 to set up utility." Hitting F1 just gets the same info. Hitting F2 runs the set up utility I tried booting up with the Dell install disc but that doesn't help. Did I miss something in the install process?

A:Replaced hard drive..Now PC won't boot up.

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My wifes computer was upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7 during the free offer period, but last week the hard drive started making a noise so we decided to replace it. I have cloned the drive using Acronis and all seems to have gone ok(This is something I've successfully done before with Windows 7)

Now when I put the new drive into her computer and try to boot it says I need recovery tools but I'm not sure what that means and what I need to do.

Could anyone help please?

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I have an HP Notebook that came with Windows 10 installed. The hard drive has died and I have replaced it with the one from my older Laptop (not working for a different reason) but it has Windows 8.1 installed on it. To my amazement I have actually got it to boot up and every thing seems to work after installing some different drivers however the following "other" devices have missing drivers:PCI Data Acquisition and signal processing controllerPCI Encryption/Decription controllerSM Bus ControllerUnknown Device (2 of these) Can anyone tell me where I can get these drivers. I have tried finding them manually without success. Also anytime I try to use the "update windows" or "update driver" functions the process activates but then sits there indefinately searching for something. The cancel buttons do not work and the only way to exit is via task manager. I have not made any changes to the Bios Thanks for your time 

A:Replaced Hard drive with one from another Laptop

Hi: You need these W8.1 drivers... PCI Data Acquisition and signal processing controller & one Unknown Device: This package contains the driver that enables the Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework firmware. Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework provide system temperature and power utilization information for the system thermal protection to function properly. This package is provided for supported notebook models running a supported operating system. http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp71001-71500/sp71262.exe PCI Encryption/Decription controller: This package provides the Intel Trusted Execution Engine Interface (TXE) Driver for the supported notebook models running a supported operating system. The Intel Trusted Execution Engine Interface enables the Secure Boot and provides services required for platform security features such as Intel Platform Trust Technology (Intel PPT). http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp71001-71500/sp71264.exe SMBus Controller:  Note install this driver first and restart the PC. This package contains the Intel Chipset Installation Utility and Driver for supported notebook models and operating systems. This utility enables the operating system to show the correct name for the installed Intel hardware in the Microsoft Windows Device Manager. http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp71001-71500/sp71260.exe The other unknown device probably needs this driver... This package provides the H... Read more

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I was having issues with a virus removal and inability to remove files from the original hard drive in my Dell Vostro 1500, but needed a working laptop. so I replaced the hard drive with a 250 GB Western Digital Scorpio Blue drive (SATA 8MB/5400 RPM).

Installation and formatting went fine. I installed XP and then required drivers from the resource disk from Dell, followed by a few hours of updates from Windows Update. I then installed Kaspersky Internet Security, Carbonite, Adobe Reader, Flash, Shockwave, Evernote, OpenOffice, Malwarebytes, Ccleaner, Picasa, and started to download iTunes.

While everything was working fine, and I was rebuilding my software library, I noticed that the system locked up. I couldn't even shut down or stop running processes. I've tried disabling startup menu items like Bluetooth (which I don't need) and nuisance programs like Adobe and Google updater. I tried to do a selective startup to isolate the issue but can't determine if one particular thing is at fault. I ran diagnostics on the whole system and all systems, hard drive, etc checked out.

I started it in safe mode with networking and was able to keep it running that way, but still wonder if this is a hardware issue since there is nothing on this system other than some basic programs that ran just fine together on the older hard drive. One process that was running in the background was the download of backed up files from the Carbonite server.

Does this seem like it ... Read more

A:Replaced laptop hard drive now it locks up

I'm going to move this (copy it) to the Windows forum in case this is more XP-related than hardware as I've been using it all day in Safe mode with networking with no issues.


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Greetings,I received instructions from another HP volunteer about replacing a bad hard drive. I`ve replaced the hard drive with a new one and need someoe to please walk me through how to format my new hard drive back to the WIN 10 I had installed on the old one. I did also purchase a 22 pin usb to SATA adapter. The other agent said Windows 10 can be reinstalled onto a new hard drive if your installation was activated before. The Microsoft activation servers just know your computer and will reactivate. You need to go to the Media Creation Tool, and have it make a bootable DVD drive or you need a usb thumb drive at least 4 gigs.  I am in Germany but do not know the language well enough yet and could not find a Windows Media Creation tool in English free repacement version. I do not know what to do to format my new hard drive...please help!Thank you.Wes

A:Need help formatting a replaced hard drive in my laptop

Additional info: The new laptop came with Windows 8 OS installed and I had chosen the free WIN 10 upgrade when it was available.

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I  replaced the hard drive in my HP G61 laptop. I have no recovery discs. Suggestions?

A:I replaced hard drive in my HP G61 laptop. I have no recover...

Hi, I don't know its model/product therefore won't be able to help much. But normally (a) Do a factory settings: Since you don't have media, you can order from HP, Please use the following instructions       http://support.hp.com/au-en/document/bph07143 (b) Do a clean install: For Windows 7: You can use the product key from a ticker on your machine (bottom or inside battery chamber) to download and re-install.For Windows 8, 8.1 and 10: You can down load ISO file from Microsoft and install, skip the key during installation process and it will re-activate for you when online. Regards.     

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Hi, so I am using 14 inch HP pavilion ab154ca.Since last week, my hard drive started not working so I purchased a new hard drive(it was second handed) at just random electronic store.I plugged this new hard drive to my laptop.However, my laptop's manufacturer became Asus, maybe because its secondhanded.Also, my laptop keeps saying No Wifi networks found..I tried everything on device manager by updating driver, downloading HP wireless Lan software but there is no progress at all...I even tried to format this laptop but there isnt even such thing as Restore to Factory setting.I've picked erasing all option but still after format, the manufacturer keeps appearing as Asus..Can please anyone help me with these issues?Thank you..!

A:Problems caused after I replaced my hard drive for laptop

Hi.Welcome to the forum.Downloading or Updating Software and Drivers for HP ComputersOverview of Recovering or Reinstalling the Operating SystemObtaining HP Recovery Discs or an HP USB Recovery DrivePress the icon""to say thanks, Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem.

Apart from participating in the forum of Hp in English and Portuguese, I am one of the main authors of solutions in the forum in Spanish.

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I replaced the hard drive on my Lenovo G585 laptop and I'd like to include a restore partition. I already created a 25GB partition but how do I include a file to restore an image of my fresh system?

A:Replaced laptop hard drive, need restore partition

See here: Recovery Partition - Create

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Hello.  I posted about a month ago when my 13-month-old Dell Inspiron N4110 was stuck in a startup repair loop.  It needed a new hard drive, which I installed myself, and everything worked great for a couple weeks. Then the constant freezing started. I thought it was Firefox, since that was what I was using most often, but it turned out that *everything* would eventually start hanging--Word, Task Manager, iTunes; it even froze on shutdown a couple times. I tried disabling and reinstalling all the plugins in Firefox, I ran virus scans and diagnostics and troubleshooters and chkdsk, and no issues were ever found--until, I think, I downloaded Microsoft .NET framework when a Dell diagnostic tool asked me to.  And finally the constant freezing stopped.
But then it started again a couple days ago. The computer starts up fine, but within a few minutes it will start hanging regularly--like every 30 seconds, the cursor either won't move or clicking on something gives me a "(Not Responding)" message at the top of the window.  This lasts anywhere from 5 seconds to a few minutes.  When I open Task Manager, the CPU usage fluctuates wildly (when Task Manager itself isn't frozen)--it's usually at around 30-60%, but will rise all the way to 99% and then down to 0%.  This is when I just have one or two programs running--Firefox and Word--and I don't have many startup programs, nor a lot of programs or files on the computer in general. Once again, all the W... Read more

A:Replaced hard drive, now Dell laptop constantly hangs

Can you boot into safe mode? http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/Start-your-computer-in-safe-mode
Try running the computer for a while in safe mode and see if the problem continues. If it doesn't, it may be a problem with one or more of your drivers. When you installed the new hard drive, did you use the Dell install CD or just a generic Windows 7 CD? Dells use very specific drivers and it's best to install the OS using one of their install disks.
You may want to try a clean boot and performing some diagnostics. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/929135
It's hard to say at this point what it could be -- this kind of behavior usually indicates an issue with driver and/or system files not loading properly and hogging all the processor bandwidth.

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So my laptop broke, something to do with corruption of data and i have no idea how, already angry because of something i didnt want to happen... during a very important time of the year for work...

I now am in the situation where i already spent around 300 dollars USD fixing my laptop, now that i have a fresh new working hard drive how do i get my OS back?

I bought it from a retailer, my broken hard disk is inaccessable so i cant get into it and seek out it's activation code ETC.

Anyone ever had this situation before? how do i get back my windows 7 OS with it's key that no one is using.

Im not going to spend all of that money again since it was part of the package of buying that laptop.

Please assist.

A:Laptop Broke, replaced hard drive Disk, What about my windows 7!?!

Quote: Originally Posted by louis cardinal

So my laptop broke, something to do with corruption of data and i have no idea how, already angry because of something i didnt want to happen... during a very important time of the year for work...

I now am in the situation where i already spent around 300 dollars USD fixing my laptop, now that i have a fresh new working hard drive how do i get my OS back?

I bought it from a retailer, my broken hard disk is inaccessable so i cant get into it and seek out it's activation code ETC.

Anyone ever had this situation before? how do i get back my windows 7 OS with it's key that no one is using.

Im not going to spend all of that money again since it was part of the package of buying that laptop.

Please assist.

Your laptop should have a sticker on the bottom with the key for your version of windows. Also, your manufacturer might provide recovery disks.

This is another good reason to always make the recovery disks when you first setup your new laptop.


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My z585 hard drive began to fail. I purchased a set of Windows 8 recovery disks (Windows 8 was the factory install I had before I upgraded to Windows 10).  After putting in a new hard drive, I tried to use the recovery disks following the method in my manual--i.e., put in first recovery disk, turn on computer, wait for logo or beeps and hit and released F12 key repeatedly.  Didn't bring up anything.  Also tried Method 1 per the support forum--i.e., "the prerecovery protocol" - without the recovery disk in the optical drive, turned computer on and immediately hit and released F1 repeatedly.  Again, nothing.  Did both of these procedures multiple times.  Without the recovery disk in, while turned on, all I hear is going through a loop of trying to boot. Also tried using the "one key recovery key" to bring up menu."  This works but when I try to enter either the BIOS menu or the boot menu, nothing happens.  I had the new hard drive tested to be sure it was good, since the one I previously purchased turned out to be defective.  They told me it was good, but the laptop is doing the same thing it did when the defective hard drive was in.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. 

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I have a hp laptop dv6502au . The hard disc of my laptop is gone so i replaced it with a new one. The problem is that i created a set of recovery discs using a option in my laptop. But if i insert that recovery disc in my laptop it shows that 'this system does not support this recovery disc' I dont know how to install vista back to my laptop. My laptop came with original version of windows vista home premium. I have a product key also at the bottom of my laptop. Please help me to install legal version of vista back to my laptop. If you want any further details i am ready to provide it.

Bharathwaj Vijayakumar

A:please help to install windows vista in a hp laptop replaced with a new hard drive?

hi,,, if you know anyone with an origanal vista disc then they can install vista back on your machine using the product key on the bottom of the laptop,,, a greenish blue sticker with microsoft on it,,,,, this install will not load all the HP stuff that comes with your pc when new,,,, but once the os is back on you could look on the discs to find all the HP stuff,,,,
good luck

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so i replaced the hard drive in this system because it went out. im trying to boot it with a disk version of linux i have and it wont go past what it shows in the picture. it has 2 optical drives so that might be a part of it. it is an old dell computer, somewhere from 1996

what it says when i boot it. it just sits there saying that. no way of selecting a drive or anything.
Starting PC DOS...
ATAPI IDE CD-ROM device driver version v 1.45 (04/22/1996)
Copyright (c) MITSUMI ELECTRIC CO.,LTD. 1994,1995,1996
2 Drive(s) detected
Unit 0, MASTER, IRQ 15, I/0 address 0x0170
Unit 1, SLAVE , IRQ 15, I/0 address 0x0170

A:replaced hard drive, system wont boot because 2 drives destected

it wont go past what it shows in the pictureClick to expand...

There is no picture.

You are going to have to set the bios to boot from the cd as the first boot device. Since this is so old, it is not going to run a modern linux distro. There are linux distros that are made for old computers; one that comes to mind is lubuntu. At 20yrs old, it is doubtful if it will even run lubuntu.
Some very old computers do not have an ide type cd drive; the drive is connected to the sound card. That type of drive may not boot linux. Open the case and see if you have this type of optical drive.

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Sorry can't do Sysinfo as can't boot up

Medion PC – only 6 months old

1TB hard drive with 100 MB partition for memory

6GB RAM CPU 3GHz Windows 7 Home Premium

Please don’t be mislead by the extent of my investigationsinto this problem – I am far from a techie and gleaned all these methods offthe net!

So it may be that I am not applying them correctly or do not understand them right. I am probably out of my depth!

This was working absolutely fine until I did a routinerestart and it failed to reboot properly.

Instead it booted with the message "reboot and selectproper boot device – or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press akey".

CTRL, ALT and DEL had no effect.

I did a hard reboot from here with exactly the same result.

I repeated the process this time tapping the"delete" key which gave me access to the Windows logo and the messagethat I could press F2 for the BIOS or F8 for the BOOT order - both of thesewere fine and I swapped the BOOT order to DVD 1st and did another hard bootwhich landed me back at the first screen above.

I then tried booting up with a boot disc for Win 7 and thena system rescue disc, but both only took me as far as the original screenmessage outlined at the beginning – they failed to initiate a system reboot.

This time though CTRL, ALT and DELETE took me to the Windows7 repair screen, giving me the various options for repair.

Start-up repair failed with... Read more

A:Won't boot properly ? hard drive problem

Your hard drive is not detected, right?

I'm not sure if you checked in the BIOS to see if it is detected and enabled. If you haven't, then do so.

If the hard drive is not detected in the BIOS see if the data and power connections are still secure.

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I've been pretty frantic about a problem i've been having. I have a gentoo file server at home and I had given it a reboot. I had typed : 'init 0' and while the server was shutting down, it gave me some module dependency errors so I hit the power button and gave it a hard boot. Now when I reboot it back up, it tells me that my hdb1 was not properly unmounted, it tries to fix it...and then crashes shortly after that.

Is there anyway I can retrive the data on that hard drive? All help would be greatly appreciated.

A:gentoo boot failure (hard drive not mounted properly)

What's the error when it crashes?

Boot from CD to console (I assume Gentoo's disc has a "rescue" console) and do fsck /dev/hdb1.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L770. My hard drive crashed, so I went and bought a new one. I replaced it, and once I did I started up the laptop and came to a black screen which states:

"Reboot and Select proper Boot device
or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key"

I figured a new hard drive would involve a "clean install", so I inserted my Windows 7 Home Premium OEM 64-bit software DVD, with the same black screen popping up.

I, then, went into the BiOS and switched the boot order so that the CD/DVD drive would boot first, but the same thing is popping up.

Would I need some sort of Toshiba Recovery CD instead of the Microsoft one for this to work? I should mention that prior to replacing the hard drive, my brother wiped everything completely from the computer, so maybe I'm answering my own question about the Toshiba Recovery software. Would just like a second opinion and to see if maybe I'm skipping a step or missing something to get this to work properly as it's a good laptop, and I really do not want to have to buy a new one.

A:Replaced hard drive with new one, "Reboot and select proper boot..."

ISTR the Windows Installer pauses while still at the BIOS level and asks you to press a key to boot from the DVD. If you miss this, the PC will try to boot from the next device, and since the hard drive is blank, you would end up at the error screen you described. If you're not getting this Windows prompt, double-check the BIOS boot settings, and maybe try another bootable CD or DVD, and see if you can get it to work.

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my msi gp62m 7rdx gaming notebook will not boot up. When I turn it on it shows the logo then goes to a blank grey screen, sometimes with a cursor.

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Hello, I own a ASUS rog GL752v
Today it shut off without any notice , almost as if the battery was empty , even though it was plugged in and charging.
Now whenever I try turn on the laptop there is nothing but a white led power light (lightbulb) and a green battery light, whenever I hold the power button down these lights go off , I also cannot take battery out as it?s built in.
Anyone can advise please ?

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I did this on a Compaq Presario c500 and now i have no audio coming over my laptop. HELP!

A:Windows Vista Hard Drive replaced with XP Hard Drive. No audio.

You need to install the proper drivers for your hardware. All of the drivers you need are right here.

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Hello, I just got a new Dell Dimension E521 with Vista as the operating system. Vista Stinks! For most programs, including video and audio from XP Service Pack 2 Vista doesn't recognize drivers that were fine with XP Service Pack 2.
Even Sonic and Roxio, which are installed on the damn thing give these same problems.

My internet connection is also no better at all and was outright disabled with a message "something has caused Microsoft Internet to stop working" after I tried
to install basic version of Zone Alarm.
Then on reboot it says "unauthorized change made to your license, you must verify your software online". This message come up before the desktop appears and this screen is frozen whether you choose the "verify" or "cancel" option.

Couldn't shut down by any means either, including Control Alt Delete, it wouldn't bring up that window. Had to literally pull the plug and reboot into Safe Mode where I uninstalled Zone Alarm and a couple of other functions that worked perfectly in XP2.

Then I was able to re-boot normally, the message did not come up again.

I hate Vista. Not interested in any "fixes", not worth the trouble. The only fix for Vista is a sledgehammer to the drive!

My hope is this: can I get the hard drive removed and replace it with a clean hard drive that has XP sp2 on it, or am I stuck with this P.O.S. Operating System?

The computer in question is a brand new Dell Dimension E521, 2.0 GH... Read more

A:Solved: Can Dell hard drive with Vista be replaced with Hard Drive XP?

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I hope this isn't too long.
My Toshiba laptop was working fine. Our internet provider is Comcast. Comcast has replace McAfee antivirus with Nortons, and I was trying to migrate from McAfee to Norton according to Comcasts instructions. Now the laptop will not boot. This is what I get:
Power on.
Toshiba splash screen
Windows is loading files
Microsoft Corp progress bar
Startup Repair window
Windows cannot repair this computer automatically.
This gives two options:

view diagnostic and repair details This shows Number of attempts: 19, and all tests completed successfully.

Advanced Recovery Options This shows:
Startup Repair. Which always fails.
System Restore. This fails because no restore points have been created.
Windows Complete PC Restore. This fails because I dont have a backup image.
Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool. This found no memory errors.
Command Prompt. This gives me a DOS window, but I dont know what to do with it.
Toshiba Recovery Wizard. This will reformat C: so I have not done this.

I also found this under View Problem Details:
Problem Signature:
Problem Event Name: StartUpRepairV2
Problem Signature 01: autofallover
Problem Signature 02: 6.0.6001.18000.6.0.6001.18000
Problem Signature 03: 6
Problem Signature 04: 1245203
Problem Signature 05: CorruptRegistry
Problem Signature 06: CorruptRegistry
Problem Signature 07: 1016
Problem Signature 08: 3
Problem Signature 09: RollbackRegistry
Problem Signature 10: 0
OS Version: 6.0.6001.2.... Read more

A:Toshiba Vista laptop won’t boot

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I have a Lenovo G51-35 laptop and it will not go past the loading screen. I have tried everything, I did the BIOS reset thing and that did nothing. I tried the automatic repair and it wouldn?t go past ?diagnosing your laptop?. Please help! I need this for school.

A:Laptop won’t boot past the loading screen

What version of Windows is your system running?

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Hello. I have Windows XP Home Edition, SP2 on two separate bootable hard drives in my Dell XPS B1000r. I have my 80 GB main hard drive and a 40 GB extra hard drive. I mainly boot from my main 80 GB hard drive, and thats the drive that wont boot after I changed the drive letter.

I wanted to rename the Drive letters associated with each of these hard drives. I was able to change the extra hard drive using the Disk Management option. I was not able to change the letter of my main hard drive, because I booted from it. I used Regedit to change the boot drive letter, based on the Microsoft Help & Support article:

I renamed the main 80 GB drive from F: to C:. I then renamed the extra 40 GB drive from I: to D:.

This wasnt a smart move on my part, because after I renamed the main bootable hard drive, Windows will not load on that drive. When I boot to my main drive, I get the Windows Welcome screen that hangs there for hours. When I force restart, I can boot onto the extra 40 GB hard drive, though.

Troubleshooting I tried:
I tried starting the main drive in Safe Mode, but it wont load. I also tried starting the main drive with Last Known Good Configuration, but get the same Welcome screen and it wont load any further.

I believe I need to get into my registry for the main drive. Can anyone help me to get back into the registry for this ma... Read more

A:Changed Boot Drive Letter in Registry, Now XP Won’t Start

put your xp cd in your drive,boot from it.enter the recovery consol by pressing R.
Log onto windows in the boot drive and type in "fixmbr" no "" in it.


Repairs the master boot record of the boot disk. The fixmbr command is only available when you are using the Recovery Console

fixmbr [device_name]



The device (drive) on which you want to write a new master boot record. The name can be obtained from the output of the map command. An example of a device name is:



The following example writes a new master boot record to the device specified:

fixmbr \Device\HardDisk0

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For my wife's computer her hard drive has failed and will lose Windows 10 please advise best method to resolve and restore computer use with Win. 10 after drive is installed with her original Win.7 (now called illegal)

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Replaced a samsung hd with a western digital hd in an old hp computer. In set up it shows the hd as wdc but boots to error code. The WD is formatted and has data.

A:Replaced hard drive

So how did you transfer the Operating System and data? What OS are you using? Is the new drive type the same as the old one (IDE, SATA etc). Old HP often had (say) XP and a restore partition, which was used for the boot files of XP, so they were not actually on the OS partition at all. You will need to clone all the partitions if that is what you are doing. Another potential problem is HP were pretty strict about pirating, such that the OS can be tied to a particular model or type of Hard Drive.

Chances are you will need to talk to HP, quote the PC model number and ask how do you replace a failed HDD?

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I purchased my hp envy x360 in July of 2015 and sometime in September of 2015 I had to replace my hard drive. I used my laptop very little before the hard drive went bad and I never dropped it either. I got it replaced free under the warranty. Now my hard drive is bad again and needs to be replaced and my laptop is just out of warranty. I feel like the problem was not just the hard drive that was bad but something else and the problem was not fixed the first time I got the hard drive replaced. So I was wondering if there is any way that HP can cover the cost of this second hard drive or replace my laptop that is most likely defective. Thanks, Drake85

A:Replaced a hard drive twice

We cannot help with that. You need to contact HP Warranty claims. Will they honor the warranty shortly after it expired? Maybe, not likely. Will they give you a replacement laptop? I would say not going to happen. 

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Hi everyone,

I replaced the hard drive on my Compaq presario 2100. Now I get an error message "Media test failure test cable" then followed by "Operating system not found"
Do I have to purchase windows xp again and reinstalled it? does anyone know what the media test failure test cable means?

A:I replaced the hard drive

I replaced the hard drive on my Compaq presario 2100. Now I get an error message "Media test failure test cable" then followed by "Operating system not found"
Do I have to purchase windows xp again and reinstalled it? does anyone know what the media test failure test cable means?Click to expand...

Operating system not found means...well...the operationg system was not found, your drive is most likely blank.
Why did you replace your harddrive in the first place?
If you still have the original drive, you can use both at the same time.

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A:Hard Drive Replaced

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Upgraded the 6G Seagate that crashed due to heat and age I guess. Unforunately the startup disk formatted my new 30.7G as the old seagate device, so 24G is unavailable. How can I correct this? Thanks

A:replaced hard drive

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Hi, I had to replace my hard drive as it was dead. I bought one with Windows 7 already on it. When I put it in and booted up, it says windows failed to start asking me to do a start up repair (didn't work) or start windows normally (sends me back to this screen). I tried to boot in safe mode thinking its a driver issue from the PC it came from. Any ideas?

A:Replaced Hard Drive

Yes, the hard drive is hardware dependent to the computer it came from and will not work with your computer. You need to format and load Windows clean. Windows 7 Install Guide

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Hello I had a bad hard drive on my laptop I have replaced it with similar type and size . It was abit difficult as everything had to be dismantled so now everything is back but how do i get the pc to boot from CD Rom. it gives me error that tells me there is no operating system "deh" I can't seem to get it to do anything except sometimes it will start the diag or go into a shell ( maybe) Linex system??  any help would be apprieciated Clake434168

A:replaced hard drive

Have you tried tapping esc or f9 to get the boot menu as you power on before the startup polls the hard drive? The window of opportunity is pretty quick. 

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The Hard Drive crashed on my Dell Inspiron 8200 and I replaced it with a new one, had to use Reinstallation CD to start it running that came with computer. Now the computer wont reconize my modem or vidio card, says there are no drivers. All this came installed on the computer and I have no disk for this. I can't get on the internet to get drivers, is it possible to load drivers from Win 98 or ME to get drivers????

A:Replaced Hard Drive

It is somewhat unlikely that Win98 or ME drivers are going to work with Windows2000 or XP (not sure what OS you have)

Typically Dell provides a drivers cd with the computer.

Another option is to simply go to the manufacturer's web site and download the drivers you need.

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Hello! I'm new, but will do my best.
NOTE: I am using another older PC to post on here since the laptop I am having issues with is currently in the boot menu "Scanning & Repairing C: 12%"

So about two days ago on my ASUS Windows 8.1 laptop, I get an error message basically telling me something is wrong with my hard drive C: and I should backup my files and then call the manufacturer to repair or replace the hard drive as soon as possible. I bought the laptop in the year 2014, so it's about 4 years old and haven't had any problems with it until now.

Now I've been doing some research and work of my own, but obviously still having some trouble since I am posting here. My inquiring is to figure out if the message is just an error and whatever is corrupting the drive or making it think it's going to fail soon is fixable?
Is my hard drive indeed going bad and I should be looking to purchase a new one?

I have tried a few things so far including..
-Thru elevated CMD Prompt, I ran /sfc scannow which found errors, so I went ahead and ran the DISM and that seemed to fix whatever corrupted files were there as I ran /sfc scannow again after utilizing the DISM and no errors were found.
-Next the part I am working on and having trouble with is trying to get Windows to scan and repair the drive C: itself. At first, I tried right-clicking on the drive C: itself and went to properties, then tools, then selected "error checking." And it wo... Read more

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My MacBook hardrive decided to poop out last night and the guy at the Genius Bar said that it would cost $1500 to get an expert to retrieve my data. (All this before I can get it replaced, because they "have" to send the old part back in order to get a new one.)

Do any of you tech people have any suggestions for me?


A:My hard drive apparently needs to be replaced... but

I know quite little about macs, but what do you mean by 'poop out'?

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New purchase. Good machine so far, but want faster access. Want to install an SSD and take out slower hard drive. Is it possible and please if not, give me a reason why.  

A:Can the hard drive in my all-in- one 24-g014, be replaced w...

@HeyRube, welcome to the forum. I don't have any experience with adding a SSD to an AIO, but I'll bet that it can be done.  I know there are several AIO's that can be configured with a SSD.  Here is a guide that shows how to replace the hard drive.  I suggest opening the case to check how the HDD is installed.  Then, you will have an idea if there is a way to get the SSD to work.  I am certain that you will need an adapter to make the 2.5" SSD fit properly in the enclosure that is used.  I checked Crucial Memory's website to see if they have SSD's that they recommend and there were none. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.

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Notebook running very slow, barely ever used, so took it for a check and have been told the hard drive has failed. They want to replace A 2TB drive with a 500GB drive because they say it is more stable?  Doesn't sound right to me....... 


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A:Hard drive failed. 2TB to be replaced by 500 GB because it i...

Agreed. They are just trying to get you to take what they happen to have in stock. Run don't walk to another technician. 

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A:My hard drive failed so I replaced it but how do I...

To reinstall Windows 8 on your computer, you can follow the instructions mentioned on the links below:http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8/clean-installhttp://www.wikihow.com/Install-Windows-8 Hope this will help you.

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A:My hard drive failed so I replaced it but how do I...

To reinstall Windows 8 on your computer, you can follow the instructions mentioned on the links below:http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8/clean-installhttp://www.wikihow.com/Install-Windows-8 Hope this will help you.

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The hard drive on my HP Pavilion p7-1380t died and needed to be replaced. I purchased the same model drive and the correct recovery discs from HP. I installed the hard drive, turned on the computer, inserted disc 1, turned off and on - nothing happened, blank screen. I checked all connections, checked the monitor with my laptop and tried again. Power to both the hard drive and DVDs drive appears to be ok, still nothing.
I know I'm not the most computer literate guy, but I have replaced a hard drive before without issue. What am I doing wrong?

A:HP Pavilion hard drive replaced

Is the disc drive set first in the boot order in the BIOS so it can boot from the disc?


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My son's laptop hard drive failed at school.  He did not have a recovery disc.  I replaced the failed hard drive with one from another laptop (which I converted to a ssd).  I can boot the laptop to the login screen but cannot get it to recognize a PIN.  My recovery disc from the other laptop will not work and as I mentioned, my son did not make a recovery disc for his laptop.  Since the hard drive failed the first quarter after the 1 year warrenty expired, HP will not even talk to me about what I might do.  Since HP no longer provides discs to go with the pre-loaded software I am stuck.  What do I need to do?  Do I have to go buy another license for Windows 10 and wipe the drive to start over?

A:replaced failed hard drive, cannot log in

They should still have Recovery Media for a Windows 10 machine. They still have media for windows 8 machines and some windows 7.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop and had to replace the hard drive due to a virus.
The harddrive I had was
Samsung HM250HI 250G 5
400 RPM SATA (M7S2) Hard drive

the company I ordered from sent
Hard drive 250GB, S2, 5.4K, 2.5 WD-ML160
I installled it and it seems to run slower, is this the same hard drive?

A:Solved: Hard drive replaced

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Good Evening, I have a Dell Inspiron 15r 5520 intel core i5 6GB Memory originally with a built in Microsoft Windows 8.

Purchased in 2012
It has since been updated to Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. 
I upgraded to Windows 10 as soon as I found out Windows 10 was free for people who had Windows 8
Windows 10 was working fine until July and then that's when the Motherboard 'gave out'
I tested it and it said the Motherboard is fine it's just the HDD.
Well the Hard Drive and Motherboard overheated and both died.

I have replaced a Heat Sink AND Fan to attempt to save it (Yes, I used a rice size amount of Thermal Paste to reinstall)
So now I purchased a New 1TB (1000GB) 8MB Cache 5400RPM SATA 2.5" 9.5mm Notebook Hard Drive and that was fine.
I also purchased a replacement Motherboard for my Laptop, which came with no Software, leading me to purchase Microsoft Windows 10 Pro.
I have had trouble downloading the Windows 10 pro, as it would turn off during download and refuse to actually go on and give me the proper download for a while.
After 2 days of trying, I finally realized I had to remove the CD once it was installed, and Windows 10 Pro was installed on my computer. After a few downloads, Skype, Google Hangouts and Roblox(Online game) to be exact, the motherboard fried out.
I recently got a Motherboard on ebay from China and now I am trying a USA seller instead.

Is Windows 10 Pro frying my Laptop? I know I cannot download devices from Dell any l... Read more

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I had to replace the internal hard drive on my Dell Inspiron 600m laptop and now I can't reinstall Windows XP because the new drive is not recognized or found....
In all the research I did, everything said replace the drive and reinstall the operating system. I am using the Windows XP (home) disk from Dell.
Any suggestions?

A:Replaced internal hard drive

If you are using a SATA drive you may need to check
the dell website for sata drivers.
You will need to download them and put them on a floppy disk.
While booting to the install disk watch for press F6 to load
third party SCSI or RAID drivers.
Press F6 and have the disk ready for when it asks for it.
Follow the on screen instructions.

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Hello, I bought a almost new but used laptop Sony VGN-N220EW with Windows Vista home premium as it was original from sony my laptop hard drive broke I bought new to replace it but is new and does not have windows installed, have the original windows product key but need to install vista do i need to buy new OS? help thank u.

A:replaced Sony hard drive....

a new hard drive wont have anything on at all,by saying you brought it "almost new" ill take it you got it from a friend all else where meaning there is no warranty, ask the previous owner if they ever made the recovery cds/dvds for the sony,if they have then its as simple as booting from the cds/dvds and reinstalling vista ,if not then you can either order recovery cds from sony direct but at a cost or use/borrow someone's vista cd to reinstall vista,

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I recently lost a hard drive in my 4+ year old HP Pavilion XT978. I bought a whole new system and moved on.

With hope of restoring my old one so it could be functional enough to sell or donate, I was able to get a few cast off drives from my company. They are also about 3 or 4 years old, but fully functional. I tested them outside of the tower in my USB enclosure and know they work.

So heres the question. I installed one in my old PC and believed I could boot from the drive. Alas, all I come up with is a blinking cursor.

I verified boot sequence in the BIOS and I can also see the disk (Maxtor) is recognized as the primary/master. Also, I enabled the BIOS to display its steps. I can see that memory check is OK and then it rolls thru the devices. After that blinking cursor.

I have checked jumper settings on the drive and even switched between master and cable select. No difference.

It could very well be that the OS is not on the hard drive, but that is unlikely as it did come from a functioning PC. I even saw the ol' WINNT folder on it. Unfortunately, I have no other bootable disks or CDs.

Have I missed anything obvious? Any suggestions?

Thanks much.

A:booting from a replaced hard drive...

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