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Data secured with EFS, what about Previous Versions storage?

Q: Data secured with EFS, what about Previous Versions storage?

I have my data files stored in d:\data, which is encrypted with EFS. My removable drive backups are all encrypted as well. Obviously, I don't use MS Backup for that, since it has no encryption. I felt reasonably secure until I learned about the data file copies that are created with each System Restore Point. These are the ones restored with "Restore Previous Versions" on the Explorer drop down menu. They are stored in the Volume Information folder.

Could these files be read by someone who got hold of my internal hard drive? If so, is there a way to encrypt these files? I do realize that these "previous versions" files are limited. It is not my whole data folder, just most recent changes and limited by the size I set for previous versions storage. Nonetheless, I am wondering if I should just turn of this Windows feature for security.

Windows 7 Ultimate

Preferred Solution: Data secured with EFS, what about Previous Versions storage?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Data secured with EFS, what about Previous Versions storage?

Encrypted files that are saved by System Restore or Previous Versions retain the encryption placed upon the files.

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I have a question pertaining to file share restoring in windows server 2003 environments. At work we have many windows file servers that share data throughout our network. I am attempting to restore specific files like word docs / excel docs but don't want to restore an entire folder.

The options I have available is to restore to a previous version on the entire file share or drill down into specific folders where I can also run a restore to previous versions. However, within the specific file folder I cannot run a restore to previous versions on a document. The option is available to do so as I can click on the tab in the properties of the document: 'previous versions' but once I click on the tab there is not a listing of dates to restore from.

Any ideas why I cannot see this on specific documents like work docs, or excel docs, but can see previous versions on the folder they are hosted in or the share name?

I have attached copies of screen shots of what I am referring to.

A:Shared Data Previous Versions Questions

This is why you invest in a good software backup solution such as Backup Exec. There are other methods which allow for fast file level recovery which are built into SAN and some NAS devices which also have SAN functionality such as snap shots.

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For the third time in a week, Windows 7 has replaced some of my personal data files with earlier versions, without my consent, following a restart.
I'm talking about my outlook Data file (outlook.pst), my Quicken data files and a few others. Files are located in different places, but mostly in my Documents folder.

There are no errors, no crashes and no warning whatsoever.
I just restart the PC and suddenly my data files are overwritten with sometimes days old versions. The first time it happened I assumed that maybe I hadn't properly saved my document(s), but then I noticed it actually WAS replacing current files with earlier versions. I would enter a few days worth of transactions into Quicken, save and even backup the files, only to have it revert back to a file that was saved two days ago after restarting the PC, causing me to have to re-enter all those transactions.
Same thing with Outlook - I could add/change/remove appointments in my calendar, only to discover that it went back to an earlier time after the next restart, all changes made would be lost.
Just a simple reboot is all it takes - the last time I had to reboot to update a driver.
This is completely unexpected & unacceptable behavior. What would cause Windows 7 to do this?

A:Data files revert to previous versions after restart

Win 7, has a function that allows you to restore to a previous date, in the event that you

lose or want to change your current copy. The previous copy comes from back up and

restore or system restore, whichever is applicable. Some how you are returning to those

earlier documents, without giving permission. May I suggest, until we figure out the

cause of the problem, you turn off the system restore function and the back up and

restore function. Although I think that these features are very good and a safeguard

against problems, in your case you might want to disable them, until a remedy can be

found for your problem.

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Whenever I try to restore a file (right click > "Restore previous versions") that I know has recently changed, I see:
"There are no previous versions available" on the file's "Previous Versions" tab.

I've been running Windows 7 x64 Business for a long time now, and I have never seen it available for any of my files.

On "System Properties" > "System Protection", it says "On" under "Protection" for my only drive - C:. I have been able to manually create a system restore point.

I have "Restore system settings and previous versions of files" checked upon clicking the "Configure" button. 10% (93.14GB) is dedicated to "Disk Space Usage" on that same dialogue box.

Some threads have suggested that not having administrative shares enabled can prevent this service and suggest enabling it by adding a reg key, which I have done.:
Administrative share - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

TCP/IP netbios helper service is automatically starting successfully.

Any ideas how I can get this working?


A:Previous Versions not working-There are no previous versions available

You might want to take a look at this tutorial for restoring Previous Versions in Vista. The process might be the same (or very similar) in Windows 7. How to Restore Previous Versions of a File and Folder in Vista

I can't help you with any other suggestions to get your Previous Versions working, but as a workaround in the mean time, if you need to repair or restore previous versions of any files, you can download the free app ShadowExplorer http://www.shadowexplorer.com/ which is an alternative program for Vista and Windows 7 for the Previous Versions feature that is not available for all editions.

ShadowExplorer latest version - ShadowExplorer 0.8

ShadowExplorer Manual (for Version 0.8) - http://www.shadowexplorer.com/news/11/55.html

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I've set up a scheduled daily backup of particular data folders on my C drive. The backups are taking place as scheduled, and the latest versions of the files are appearing in the backup. But when I use Win. Explorer and right-click>Restore Previous Versions, no previous versions show up. Daily Windows restore points are also being created at startup. I am running a standalone laptop and backing up to an external 2TB drive with plenty of available space.

I have checked the following and all are correct.

Previous Versions Requirements
System Protection for the C drive in ON
Files that are not system files are included in Windows Backups.
Volume Shadow Copy - Service set to Manual (appears as 'stopped' when checked with Task Manager)
Server - Service set to Started and Automatic.
TCP/IP NetBios Helper - Service set to Started and Automatic.
Workstation - Service set to Started and Automatic.

What am I missing?


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I (stupidly and accidentally) deleted all files in my "Downloads" folder. As in, hard deleted them - not to the recycle bin.

I right-clicked the folder and picked "Properties", "Previous versions". Lo and behold, there were several previous versions. I opened the one from today, browsed through it, and it looked good - all 300+ GB of my files were there. So I went back to "Previous versions" and clicked "Restore". It managed to restore a few files, but most files it said were "missing", or that it needed "administrator access" for them. (I am obviously admin on this computer.) So I clicked "Skip" for those, and let it carry on.

After the restore process was done, it had only successfully restored about ten files. When I now click "Previous versions" for my "Downloads" folder, to at least get a list of the files that are missing, it suddenly says there are no files available! But before I did the restore, there were several restore points there. What happened?

A:Problem with previous versions: "No previous versions available"

Next time you want to recover a folder - rename the currently existing folder before restoring the old version as it will otherwise get overwritten.

Also suggest mounting system restore points and manually copying the required files. See the following software:

System Restore Explorer | Nic's Blog

The download link is hard to spot. It's in the line of text just above the section headed History

Other than that there's also:

ShadowExplorer - Recover Lost Files and Folders

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I know in windows vista theres the tab Previous Version when u go to properties on a file, but when i cant see it for some reason.

im wondering if theres something i have to turn on

any help

A:Cant see previous versions tab

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In fact, it's never worked since day 1 of Windows 7. I mean from first week of its release.
Whenever I right-click on any file and go to the file's properties, under the 'previous versions' tab, it will say "searching for previous versions" for about a minute, then it will say "there are no previous versions available". I have never got Windows 7 to show any kind of previous version of any file. Is this feature broken in Windows 7? or am I doing something wrong?

A:"there are no previous versions available"

Hi Sylveon Fetish In order for previous versions of files to be saved, you need to have the "Volume Shadow Copy" service enabled on Windows 7.https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee923636(v=ws.10).aspx

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Do i have to have all the previous IE updates installed like IE 8 on up to use IE 11 safely?
Specifically do i need KB 2670838 to use IE 11 ?
Thank you

A:To use IE 11 do i need previous versions of IE ?

Not according to my reading of that KB article, it appears to have nothing directly to do with IE. See -
Remember - Google is (at least sometimes) your friend !
Chris Cosgrove

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I have tried several times to network XP with previous versions of Windows. I haven't been successful yet. I do know a little about networking. I have been setting up '95, '98, NT and 2000 machines for years.

Is there something about XP that prevents its being networked to previous versions of Windows?

A:Networking XP to Previous Versions


I'm no network guru but can tell you that I have XP and 98SE
networked together with no trouble

Network cards in both...I am using a router so I can share my broadband connection...I have the 98 machine set to Microsoft family logon and in XP I have client for MS logon checked as well as file and printer sharing turn on in both.

In control panel under network connections in XP you can click on setting up a small home or office network that brings up a wizard that might be of help

good luck


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Can you use Aircraft from Version 6 in 7.41?

A:Using Previous Versions Aircrraft in 7.41

What game are you talking about?

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Hey everyone,

I like to make gaming videos, and I number my files clip 1, clip 2, clip 3...

Recently, I got a nice clip, but the next clip I accidently saved it with the same name as the first one, so my first file was deleted. I tried right clicking to restore to previous versions and it says that there are no previous versions, even though when I go to general it says that it was created 1 hour ago but modified 30 minutes ago.

And system restore doesn't work.

Help anyone?

Simple version:
I named a file clip 7
I got another clip I accidently named clip 7
Original clip 7 got deleted

A:Restore Previous Versions

Hello FML, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Double check the items in the Warning box at the top of the tutorial below to see if you have them set properly, then check Previous Versions again to see if you may have a older copy of the files to restore back.

Previous Versions - Shadow Copy

If not, then you might see if the free programs ShadowExplorer or Recuva may be able to recover a older copy of the files.

Hope this helps,

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Does anyone ever just go back to a previous version of Firefox where everything was working really well or is there always problems on everyone?

A:Going Back to Previous Versions

I stayed with Firefox 2 long after v3 was released because the new version didn't support some of the addons I use. Once they were updated, I upgraded to v3 and everything's working properly now.

What problems are you having with your current version?

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Sorry, this has been asked a billion times already. I read the topics from the search engine, but the answer were somewhat ambiguous to me
I have .NET Framework Service Packs for 2.0 and 3.0, so that must mean I also have the 2.0 and 3.0 Framework. Do I need both, or does Framework 3.0 cover the features of 2.0? I have Paint.NET which requires Framework 2.0, so if I uninstall 2.0, will 3.0 still keep it running?

A:Do I Need Previous .net Framework Versions?


While it is entirely possible that the framework 3.0 will contain all the features of the previous 2 versions, it is most likely that removing them will result in problems for the system. Granted the files are massive, but to create space on a system removing updates and system files should be at the very bottom or not on the list at all.

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Hi, I'm using Vista Ultimate. I can't browse my previous restore files. All services are as should be and I can browse using shadow explorer. I don't know what is going on. Can someone help me?


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It all started with a simple search in windows explorer and things went downhill from there. Start button vanished, windows maximize blank if they opened at all, parts of the desktop were black, ect. I closed the programs using the most amount of memory but this had no affect. I ended up closing most applications and later windows explorer restarted. Everything looked normal afterwards but the numerous previous versions in all my program folders and the files within were gone. I especially needed a previous version of a file in the roaming folder. Unfortunately, I don't have a system restore point andsfc /scannow found nothing. I read a suggestion on setting volume shadow copy to automatic but that had no effect either. Any help on this matter would be appreciated.

A:All previous versions vanished

Run a full anti virus scan
Download and scan with Malwarebytes.
If negative test your memory
Guide to using Memtest86+ - How-To Guides and Tutorials
If all these steps prove negative, we will try other tests.

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i've just upgraded from win7 to win10. i really hate the completely flat look of the windows, not only does it seem like a major step back 30 years in time, it's difficult to see where the borders of the windows end and other things on the screen begin. is there something i can do to put back the 3-d effects [rounded edges and corners, shadowing, etc.] that was part of windows versions up through windows 7 ? i've already installed a 3rd-party app called 'classic shell' -- that's a real life saver! -- but while it fixes some things, it doesn't seem to address this particular issue.


A:add previous versions' 3d effects ?

Read here: How to Get the Aero Glass Theme on Windows 10

I haven't tried any of them yet but I will at some point just to see what they do and how they look. I miss the Aero look from Win 7.

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how can i properly use this feature? Restore previous versions list is always empty on items that has it.

A:Restore previous versions

IMHO, it's a totally useless feature, if you can call it a feature.

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Anyone know how to get the Previous Versions Tab back for C: in Windows Explorer. It is quite useful, I hope it doesn't disappear...

Windows Dev. Preview 8102.101

A:Turn Previous Versions tab back on?

Hi, Wincomelately! Welcome to the Eight Forums!

Remember, this is an early beta and if you haven't updated an installed program, you're not going to get that option.

You might want to do an update on your Dev Preview, though, as you should be on .109.

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I have made changes from 18th to 22nd to a file. Unfortunately not commited to any server or not taken backup. On 25th evening around 5pm. I have replaced it by mistake. Can I get back my changes done till 22nd???

Unfortunately. system has stored only versions on dates of restore points that is 18th and 26th. I want file on 22nd to 25th. Please tell me if it is possible. Please. Its emergency

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does anybody know why I can find previous versions of all the documents which have been backed up, but if I try to get a previous version of the folder which contains those documents, I get this message :

there are no previous versions available

none of my folders, but for C, seem to have previous versions available
I store my documents on a second hd, "D" - no previous version available for D, only for each individual document it contains....

A:window back up and previous versions....

no one has a clue ?
really ?

the question again : I regularly use window back up and can find previous versions of all my documents but not of the folders.... why ??

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I have a new Windows 7 PC* (not this one) with the latest MS Office (2013?) installed.  I don't like it, Outlook in particular.  Of all the previous versions I have yet to find one that is as adequate as the Office 2003 on this computer.
Is it possible to somehow obtain and install a previous MS Office even if 2003 is going rather too far back into the past?
I have been told that you can legally obtain now only 2013.  Also that previous versions are available on eBay - but either at a risk of being pirated copies, with or without a product key that might or might not work, or 2013 masquerading as 2007 or whatever.
Am I treading in dangerous if not uncharted waters?
* I think this is a 64-bit PC which some sources tell me affects compatibility, others disagree ..

A:MS Office availability of previous versions

I'm curious what is is that you don't like about the 2013 version of Office and inperticular Outlook?
I'm sure that you can probably get your hands on an older version of MS Office, but the key thing to remember here is that older versions such as the one you are interested in are NO LONGER SUPPORTED by Microsoft. This means that any vunlarabilities that may exist could be used to explot your system. Just a heads up if you were not aware of that. Do be very careful about purchasing software on eBay and places like that as you pointed out they could be pirated or have invalide product keys I'm not sure about the legality of that as well.
You can run a 32 bit program on a 64 bit system, but canniot run a 64 bit program on a 32 bit system. .

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Is there a way to restore a shadow copy from the command line?  I looked at VSSADMIN and it didn't appear to have this ability.
Jason Yates

A:Previous Versions from command-line?

There is no way to restore a VSS previous version of a file. The previous versions of files are all contained in the System Restore points on the volume that is being monitored.
The only way to restore a previous version of a file or folder is to use the UI in the properties of the target file or folder.
There is a command line for System Restore (rstrui.exe) however this only initiates the UI for SR.
 If this post helps to resolve your issue, click the Mark as Answer or Helpful button at the top of this message.By marking a post as Answered, or Helpful you help others find the answer faster.

Ronnie Vernon Microsoft MVP Windows Desktop Experience

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I just got a new computer at work here no more than 2 1/2 weeks ago. I was working yesterday on some local files, in a particular folder and when i came in today, all my changes were gone. I opened up the folder properties and checked the previous version it automatically creates overnight and all of the changes i had saved yesterday are in the previous version but not in the real time folder, WTF. All the drivers are installed, windows is fully updated, no third party backup software on it.

A:Automatically Reverting to previous versions

Hi Dr Stereo and Welcome to SevenForums.

Since this is a work computer, let me recommend that you consult with your local system administrator.

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I've got a file server running 2003 that has shadow copy set up on shares that I have set up as network drives. On XP clients you had to install a shadow copy client. On Vista it just worked built in. I'm running the Windows 7 Ultimate RTM version now and I can get previous versions on any LOCAL files, but with a network drive it searches and then says there are no previous versions available. Obviously I know there are previous versions available because I can see them for the same file on XP or Vista.

Anyone run into/solved this issue?

A:Previous Versions on Network Drives

Have you gone to the "advanced system settings" within Windows 7 and made sure the drives are being covered by "system protection"? It's just the place I would look. May want to make sure. I hope it helps.

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Secunia tells me I have redundant and insecure previous versions of Java on my Windows 7 premium 64 bit system.

How do I get rid of these? I do not see them in the Add/remove programs. I downloaded something called "javara" and ran it but after it "uninstalled" older versions of java, Secunia says they are still there.

What to do?

Please ignore. Unlike my previous experience in XP, when I updated to the latest version of Sun Java, this time the previous versions were removed!


A:removing previous versions of Java

Hi, Anderson2.

It took over three years for the promised update to Java to finally remove itself when updating to the next version instead of leaving the prior (vulnerable) version behind and the computer in jeopardy.

By running JavaRa, you successfully removed the leftover bits from older versions of JRE. From JRE 6u10 onward, the previous versions are removed with the update.

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Have W7 64bit and Office OS - in dowloads, clicking properties, there are previous downloads which are not required, but how do I delete them please?



A:DELETING downloads - previous versions


Did you do an upgrade or clean insall. If answer is upgrade install, almost everyone will give you the answer to do a clean install to get rid of the old downloads. It can be done with an upgrade DVD. If you did an upgrade, you will experience problems in the future.

If you prefer not to do a clean install and the downloads are in control panel>programs you can uninstall from there or download and use revno uninstaller which is more thorough.

If they are part of windows.old, you can delete the entire file, through, disc cleanup, and including system files.

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Hi guys. I recently overwrote an important notepad file, and would like to revert to the previous version before I overwrote it. I've read that there's such ways to do it, such as system restore, but I have never done a backup of my system before. Is there any other options that I could take?

A:Restoring previous versions of files

Windows automatically creates restore points...if it is not turned off

Restore PC to an Earlier Date & Time

Go Start>>All Programs>>Accessories>>System Tools>>System Restore
Click in the radio button Restore My Computer to An Earlier Time
Click Next
Pick a Date in Dark Blue only (pick a date to before you installed All-In-One)
Click Next
Then Next again.
This should restore the PC to that time & date

It will update and restart

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Is there any program or application to restore previous version of a corrupt M.S.Word 2010 document (as recovering deleted files but here the file is here but we want last version of it)
I tried to restore it by windows but it failed.
I'd trid 20 ways to repair it but they failed too!!
Please HELP!!!
The document is very IMPORTANT

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Hi guys
about 2 months ago whilst on holidays i accidently copied over some photos ('copy and replace'. I've read up how to restore these files but there are 'no previous versions'.

The problem isn't that previous versions' isn't on or working at all as it works for all of my other files.. I can see them thumbnail of the photos that have been copied over, and when i click to open them in windows photo viewer, the photo appears (blurred as if loading) and then loads the newer version.

These are very important photos and i can't seem too get them back,

any help would be immensely appreciated i would love to have these photos back !

A:Very strange 'restore previous versions' problem



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My laptop was upgraded to Windows 10 around a year back and for the most part has been behaving itself - except for one occasion when a restore was needed to get things working again. This resulted in 2 folders on the C: drive: Windows.old and Windows.old(1). I have tried to remove these by a number of methods including the standard System>Storage>This PC>Temporary storage and then selecting to clear temporary files and previous versions of windows but this did not work.
I then tried the following command using an elevated command prompt:

RD /S /Q %SystemDrive%\windows.old

This successfully removed the Windows.old(1) folder and subordinate folders but I am still unable to remove Windows.old. When I enter the prompt I simply get a rapidly scrolling screen indicating Access denied against each attempt to delete an item.

Can anyone advise how to remove the offending folder tree under these circumstances?

A:Unable to remove previous versions of windows

Hello MACH1000, and welcome to Ten Forums.

If you haven't already, you might see if an option in the tutorial below may allow you to.

Windows.old Folder - Delete in Windows 10

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Hi all,

There have been a couple threads on this topic on the forums but they have no solutions.

Whenever I reboot, all of my file changes are reverted. Files I deleted are back, files I added are gone, files I modified are reverted to their previous state, programs I installed are gone, programs I uninstalled are back, special reboot tools like checkdisk and mdsched don't take effect on reboot. File changes I make to my slave HDD are not reverted on reboot.

This just started happening the other day.

I ran MalwareBytes, which found some minor issues related to a toolbar, but of course rebooting brings it back. I ran "sfc /scannow." No errors found.

I used a Win7 recovery disk, which found no problems.

Here is my Disk Management screenshot: http://www.develteam.com/userdata/Ga...management.png

One interesting thing, however, that might be part of the issue. When I boot up and open chrome, it opens to my last visited pages, which are for a program called HD Tune, implying to me that the problem started after installing and running this program. All I did with it was a scan, which did find bad bits. Here's a screenshot of that: http://www.develteam.com/userdata/Ga..._hdtunepro.png

Not sure if HD Tune Pro did something to cause this, but I felt it was worth mentioning.

A:On reboot, all files revert to previous versions

It sounds almost like you are running this:
ToolWiz Time Freeze ? ToolWiz Software

I would look and see if it is on your system.

Barring that I would open the Services applet
(Winkey-r and type services.msc)
then scroll down to Shadow copy service.
Stop it if running, then set to disabled.

Make an obvious change to something and reboot.

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I made a lot of use of the 'Preview' option in Explorer in Windows Vista (and I presume this would be the same on other versions of Windows). In Vista you could select a file or group of files and then right click on them and select 'Preview' and step through each one to view a full screen image of each one. You could also mix bitmaps and jpegs.

However in Windows 10, I seem to have to right click the file then select "Open With" then choose 'Windows Photo Viewer' or 'Photo Gallery'. Also It won't let me use "Open With" on a selection of files. So I can't view image files that aren't next to each other in the explorer view. Also I can't mix jpeg and bmp files in 'Windows Photo Viewer' even if they are next to each other in the Explorer Window.

What I really want is the old 'Preview' option. Is this hidden somewhere?

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It seems to me that I have a lot less updates now that I am using windows 7 premium 64 bit... I never had windows vista... I used xp pretty much right up until Jan 2011... it seems to me like the version of windows I am using now (7 premium 64 bit has way less updates than xp professional had... does anyone know if this is true that this version of windows has needed less updates?

A:Does windows 7 premium 64 bit have less updates than previous versions

Ummm...Windows XP is almost a 11 years old...of course it has had more updates. o.o
Windows 7 is barely 3 years old.

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Just wondering If the Previous Versions feature is available in Win 7 Home Premium ?

A:Is Previous Versions available in Windows 7 Home Prem ?

Im not sure ive ever heard of this...can you elaborate a bit further?

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Hi everyone. I have noticed some security related stuff recently, regarding IE 11.
1) I have a personal small program that hosts IE and since it is not meant for any kind of commercial purposes, nor distribution, I have not enabled the local machine zone lockdown feature (actually none of the new sec. features, introduced in IE 6 for Windows
XP SP2). I used to install updates/libraries through the classic "ActiveX install" feature of IE. But recently I have found out it is not working anymore. A security warning is displayed because the library is not digitally signed. (Found this detail
out through trial and error). So I looked up the registry for the setting "Install Unsigned ActiveX..." (value: 1004 type: DWORD data: 1)

Currently it is set to "prompt" (1) , instead of "Allow" (0). Of course anyone can change it, but I would like to know what´s the point of changing this setting for a security zone that when "unlocked" (true for programs that
does not use the FEATURE LOCALMACHINE LOCKDOW) as far as I know, do allow reading of arbitrary local files, send their content to web servers and even run commands, at this time, more than a decade since the release of the lockdown feature ??
Additionally, the setting for installing signed ActiveX is still set to "Allow". As we know, there have been several attacks in the last decade, using stolen certificates to digitally sign malware and trick people into thinkin... Read more

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I had very important notes saved on a couple Sticky Notes which disappeared today for some reason. I tried opening up sticky notes and it just opened up a new one. So I checked online and it told me to go to sticky notes --> right click ---> restore previous versions, but there aren't any available! It said that I should have my system protection on and it is. I really need those notes back, is there any other way I can restore it?! Please help!

A:Lost Sticky Notes? No Previous Versions?

Try this: Save, Backup, Copy or Restore Windows 7 Sticky Notes From One Computer To Another

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My computer experienced a power glitch leaving some files corrupted. Multiple system restores failed, some of them pointing to an unnamed, damaged Maximizer file. A CHKDSK was run and it fixed what it could but the residual effects left some important features of Maximizer 11 Entrepreneur, a contact manager, inoperable. This could be caused by a damaged executable or a data file used by Maximizer. The program is no longer supported.

I can restore the Maximizer folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\Maximizer\ going back to many dates before my disk problem using Previous Versions but I'm not sure this will lead to a fix. Will the files prior to the disk problem be OK? The files in previous folders have the same "Date modified" according to Explorer. Is there a utility that can check for file differences?

Has anyone tried to repair programs using such a technique. If so, I would appreciate learning from your experience.

A:Can Program files be repaired using Win 7 Previous Versions

I was going to suggest trying booting your Windows install disk and running Start Repairs, however, I'm not sure that will help.
Let the far wiser than I techs come aboard this thread and give you much better ideas!

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Hi all,

I'm looking at the "Properties" dialog of several 'Previous Versions' of my Outlook.pst file over a 5 day period where there were 5 different Restore Points that included this file, but what is confusing me is that all 5 of these 'Previous Versions' of my Outlook.pst file are the same exact Size: 4,953,351,168 bytes. I am a heavy Outlook user so I can't understand how the files could be the same size over this period, besides which, if I understand 'Previous Versions' functionality correctly, files are included in 'Previous Versions' only if they have changed (I might understand 2 files having the same size as a fluke, but 5?). So my questions are:

1) How can these files be the same exact Size?
2) If files are included in 'Previous Versions' only if they have changed, shouldn't those changes be evident in the file Size?



A:W7 - 5 'Previous Versions' of Outlook.pst have same file Size

Hello Jeff,

From your screenshot, the previous versions of your Outlook.pst file were also created from when a restore point was created. It wouldn't be uncommon to have multiple previous version copies of the Outlook.pst file with the exact same size say when restore points were automatically created before installing Windows Updates, or if you manually created a restore point at these times.

Previous Versions - Restore Files and Folders

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Recently my computer tried to update and the power went out during. it is now stuck in a 10 second boot cycle were it says "restoring previous version of windows" and shutting off and rebooting and trying again, nothing else.

How do I escape this and get back to using my computer again.

- Ben

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Hey guys. Recently some files of mine were wiped out or lost by a virus, I dont really know how or what happened. But, I got rid of it, but the files weren't recovered. I did a system restore to a few weeks before the incident, when most of my files were the same as when I got the virus. I've tried accessing previous versions of the folders, only to come up with a limited amount of them retrieved. When opening each previous version to view, it shows all the files as there. But when I restore it, most don't show up. Is there something I'm missing? What's the deal. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A:Issues with shadow copies/previous versions

If shadow copies of a particular file exist, ShadowExplorer will find them.

Shadow copies are not a substitute for backups. All drives will fail unless unused.

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Hi guys,

cannot use Spider Solitaire, Chess, etc in Windows 8 X64.

found this on the net:

[link removed]

but that did not work for me.

Anyone having a better solution?



A:how to make Windows 8 work with MS games from previous versions?

Link removed - Malwarebytes really doesn't like something on that page.

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I'm doing everything as said, and the "previous versions" doesn't work. Why?
I also did manually a system restore, and it doesn't create a copy of files (for previous versions).
What can I do?

Thank you,

A:Previous Versions doesn't work (System restore)

Try Shadow Explorer, The link says Vista but it works for Windows 7 as well. You may find your file that way.

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Is there a limit to the number of snapshots listed in "Previous Versions" in Windows 7?  Can that be changed?
My NetApp is saving 48 hourly snapshots and 35 daily snapshots for a total of 83 snapshots that I should be able to see in the client but in the Windows 7 clients I am only able to see around 50 snapshots, which are the 48
hourly and 2 of the daily only.
So I am thinking that there must be a limit impose by windows but I can't seem to find any reference to it.

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MS Word will allow you to save multiple versions of a document in the same document using Versioning (File/Versions).

What I can't seem to figure out is how to keep my Digital Signatures in a document that has multiple versions. Normally, when you save a document that has Digital Signatures in it, they are deleted. That's ok and helps protect the integrity of the document. But when I save a NEW version of that document into itself using File/Versions, it should not save the digital signatures in the CURRENT version of the document (which I just saved) but SHOULD save all of the digital signatures in the previous versions, right?

But it doesn't. It deletes out all of the Digital Signatures of the current and previous versions (I'm only able to test it one version back as any saving deletes current and previous signatures).

Anyone found a way around this or am I just doing it wrong?

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