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How do i take my computer and files off the shared network??

Q: How do i take my computer and files off the shared network??

In our office, we have multiple computers on one network, however, one needs to be taken off. How do I keep the other computers from seeing these files, and keep them on my computer. I am running XP on the home computer.
We have 4 computers-
The admin,
and 3 others. The admin was set up to save its files on a wireless network, not sure why. However, the files on admin are confidential and are currently available for anyone to see on the otehr computers by going to Network Places: Admin. (it is like a shared folder). I need to get them pass word locked, or taken off completely, while keeping them on the admin computer.

Preferred Solution: How do i take my computer and files off the shared network??

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: How do i take my computer and files off the shared network??

have you turned off sharing on the admin PC ?
what windows version

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Just hooked a third computer up to my wireless network. It is running xp home. I can access the internet but not the shared files of the other comuters. When I click on my network places, nothing shows up. The other computers are able to access eachothers files with no problems. Can anyone help??

A:one computer on network cant access other computers shared files

Have you tried Right clicking on the file in question or drive (C:\ i'm guessing) select 'Sharing and Security' ,and check the box in the sharing tab that says, 'Share this folder on the network'? Hope that made sense?

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Hi, I just have a simple quick question. I recently set up a network and then shared some folders and files on this network. Where can I find these shared files and folders?

A:Network Shared Files

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I have a directory on my computer that is shared on the network and more importantly read by wd media player live.

However when I download a torrent (mostly the latest ep of 30 Rock for my wife!) it does not have read access and I have to manually change it.

How do I change this so it is autmatically available on the network when it is downloaded?

thanks, Phil

A:want downloaded files to be shared on network

Most of the time you are going to have to do it manually becuase torrents come compressed.

So what you are going to have to do is make a shared directory and make a downloadable directory.

One you are done uncompressing the torrent file, you just have to move the .avi or .mov however the video file is in into that directory.

on that folder you want shared... just make it access to "everybody" they are just videos right, nothing really secretive about them. right click, sharing >>> advance sharing.

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I have two laptops, both sitting next to the WiFi but from some reason I cannot see any shared device on laptop 1.

And on laptop 2, I can see all the devices with shared files in them. I can even access the shared files in laptop 1, but I cannot see the shared files on laptop 2.

Why is this happening?

I just installed Windows 10 on both of them, same method, same software, same laptops that is same model.

Why is this happening?

A:Cannot see laptops with files shared over the network

I forgot to mention how I shared it.

All I did was create a new folder on "D:" drive.
Right click and Properties -> Sharing -> Share.
In people to share with I put down "Everyone" and added it and then gave Read and Write permission.
And then clicked Ok to share it.

That's all I have to do right?

Here are some screenshots:
On one laptop I can see both my laptops. The one I am using as well as the other one.
And on Laptop 2, I cannot see any device except my router.

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Last week on of the users on our network opened a file called "UPS Delivery Slip" I have removed the virus from the computers but I can't figure out why I can no longer access printers/files or my own computer on the network. I can see all the computers I can access any computer but when I click my computer on the network I get "The service has not started blah blah" I uninstalled the network and the drivers I even changed the computer name and work group still nothing. When going into the network sharing center and I select share files and folders instead of ON/Off it displays the word "Custom" and I can not right click any folder and share the option has completely been removed as well as all my old shared folders. I don't know what else to do any assistance on this would be a big help.

A:Vista Network - Shared Files Gone

Check that all your network services are Started:

COM+ Event System (for WZC issues)
Computer Browser
DHCP Client
DNS Client
Network Connections
Network Location Awareness
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
TCP/IP Netbios helper
Wireless Zero Configuration (XP wireless configurations only)
WLAN AutoConfig (Vista wireless configurations only)

Note: You can check the services in Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services.

All of these services should be started, and their startup type should be automatic (or perhaps manual).

If a service is not running, open it's properties and check the dependencies. Check each of the dependencies and see which one is preventing the service from running. Checking the event log is also a good idea here, there may be clues to what is failing.

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Hello All! This is my first post here so please forgive me if it's not quite up to par.

I had a home network going using the basic Windows XP between my computer and my wife's computer. On this network I had many different files and directories (important ones) set up to be shared on the network. I do a lot of freelance web design work on the side and always made sure all my work was backed up on my wife's computer in a seperate folder that was shared on the network as well.

My thinking was that if something ever happened to one of the computers I would be safe because everything was backed up on the other computer. That was a great plan but unfortunately the unthinkable happened and within a day of each other my computer started acting up and my wife's computer completely died.

My computer was diagnosed as having a fried motherboard and was getting up there in age so I simply bought a new system. I made sure the tech gave me the (IDE) hard drive back so I could recover all the data from it. My wife's computer simply needed a new hard drive so a new one was installed and XP was reloaded on the fresh drive.

When I put my old drive into my wife's computer and tried to get all my files from it I discovered they were nowhere to be found. Everything that was on the drive is right where it should be EXCEPT everything that had been set to be shared on the network. I always made sure everything was backed up in a seperate folder on each computer a... Read more

A:Lost all shared network files. Help!

Chances are that everything is still there. Because you are on a different installation, there are permissions issues.

There is no doubt a folder or 2 that you think should have the files, but they say "0 bytes" or you get an "Access Denied" error when you try to open them, right?

You need to take ownership of those files on the new system.

How to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows XP

These will automate the process (works for XP, too):

"Take Ownership" Context Menu
"Take Control"

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I have an XP pro workstation I am trying to setup so that I can limit network users access to certain folders only. Based on username and password.

I have reviewed this http://forums.techguy.org/windows-nt-2000-xp/556621-password-protecting-windows-shares.html?highlight=network+user+accounts
thread, but I am still having a little trouble.

I can share a folder, but anybody on the network can see it. I am fine with the "Shared Documents" being available to anyone on the network, but I am trying to limit access to another drive to only certain users.

I can't seem to find anywhere when I share a location as to anything other than the wide open "Share this folder on the network". Can this be done?


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I've searched a lot of forums and i can't find a solution to my problem. I have a new pc'41' in my business network which uses Vista. I can ping on a pc which uses Windows 2005 OS'155' . I have set the same workgroup name. I have correct IP addresses and in general i can access the internet and non password protected pcs shared folders in the network just fine. The problem is the password protected pc '155'. I can ping on it. When i try to see the shared folders it asks for user name and password. I do type the correct information but i get a login error saying the information (user-pass) is not correct. Funny thing is that another pc which has the same characteristics as mine can login with success. I declared my '41' on the users of shared folders for '155'. Still nothing. I would appreciate it if someone would give me a hint.
P.S File sharing, Public folder sharing and password protected sharing is on.

I would appreciate if someone could give me a hand here. Thanx!

A:I can ping on network pc but i can't see shared files

What is Windows 2005???

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Any idea on how to do the following?
I have a Windows7 Professional 64bit PC on a network. I have some simple back-up software installed that will run scheduled backups, and it will also backup shared files on the network (network contains XP and Win7 PC's). All i want to do is have each computer on the network share the My Documents folder, but also have the folder (or PC) password protected on the network. I only want the backup PC to have access to the shared folders. This way, employees won't have to do anything but use the My Documents folder and their data will be backed-up daily and private to others on the network.

This sounds so simple, but i've ran into a bunch of problems. Actually, I was able to get the XP PC's to work by creating a password on the guest account and keeping the account turned off. It works great. I get a prompt for a username and password from any PC i try to connect to it from. But Windows 7 PC's are not giving me the Username and password promt. So when i set the network options to password protect, it just tells me i do not have permission or whatever. I know using a server role is the better/real way to do something like this. But just for spits n giggles, can this be done?

A:Password protect shared files on network containing XP & Win 7 PC's

Hi Triago, Welcome to Seven Forums.

For other pc's to be able to connect to a Win7 pc, this has to be done.

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Both computers run XP Home and are connected wirelessly through router. Desktop acts as the host and the laptop is client. Have no problem sharing internet connection and printer, but when I attempt to share files I receive an error message stating (name of computer) cannot be accessed; may not have administrative rights to this server. I've disabled Windows firewall in both computers and tried disabling Norton Internet Security without success. Tried renaming both computers, and the problem still remains. Both computers come up in the workgroup, but as mentioned, cannot access either computer from within the network.

A:Cannot access shared files withing network.

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If I have a ethernet local network with 20/1.5 MB internet. How fast should files transfer from one computer to another?

A 15.55 GB file took 15-20 minutes. I'm new to networking. I thought it would be much faster.


A:Transfer rate for shared files across network

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Hi All,
when i deleted file using DEL key from Shared Network.It is not Going to Recyclebin.How can recover deleted file.

Thanks and Regards,

A:Recover deleted files from Shared Network

To recover a file that was accidentally deleted

Locate the folder where the deleted file was stored (on the network), right-click the folder, and click Properties. The Properties dialog box will appear.

On the Previous Versions tab, double-click the most recent version of the folder that contains the file that you want to recover. A list of files that are stored in that previous version will appear.

Right-click the file that was accidentally deleted and click Copy.

Right-click the location where you want to place the file and click Paste.

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here is my setup
modem -> router -> main pc
-> wap -> secondary pc
all of the sudden I noticed my shared files on "secondary pc" I can no longer access from "main pc." however, it's still sharing the connection. the files are still set to be shared, I checked that. what else could I be missing?

A:can no longer access shared files over network

The basics for troubleshooting are:

1. Make sure you have the same IP scheme (e.g. 192.168.0.x).

2. Make sure you have the same Subnet Mask, Gateway, and DNS IP addresses.

3. Make sure you can ping the other computer's IP address. If this fails, just for testing, make sure you turn off XP's as well as any other firewall.

4. Make sure you can ping the other computers by name.

5. Make sure you have the same workgroup name (watch for trailing spaces)

6. For troubleshooting purposes, turn off XP's and completely uninstall any other firewall software. You can always add more complexity after you get it working.

7. With XP, make sure you have the same username and password as the person logging onto the other computers. The default setting for XP Pro is to require a password for network access.

8. More details about how to network XP can be found at:

9. More details about how to troubleshoot TCP/IP networks can be found at:

10. Apply the registry edit to fix the browsing delay from XP to Win9x computers

There continues to be a lot of misinformation about needing NetBEUI or to changing the NetBIOS setting. You can ignore both. Installing NetBEUI to solve a networking problem will just mask a some underlying and potentially important misconfiguration with TCP/IP. The default NetBIOS se... Read more

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At work I have always accessed the shared files located on the main PC computer's "C" drive from my Mac. We recently updated all the PC machines
to Windows 7 and now we can not connect either my Macbook or our iMac to the shared network but all the other Windows computers are still able to connect and access the files. The main office computer (containing the shared files) along with the three other
PC computers in the office used to automatically show up in my Finder window's sidebar under "SHARED" but now none of them are automatically detected. If I use Command+K and search for the Windows computer on the network I can find it, but
when I click the "C" file it tells me "You do not have permission to access the server 'Dave-Office'" or "The
operation can?t be completed because the original item for 'C' can?t be found." Which doesn't make sense because I know the file is there and functioning because the other Windows machines are currently accessing it fine.

I don't think it can be anything to do with my Mac because I haven't changed any settings, the only difference is that the computer doing the sharing was
updated to Windows 7 from XP. I never had to do any configuring before to connect to the files, I simply logged into our office's internet/network and was able to access the "C" file immediately as a Guest. So I have no idea why I'm having such a
hard time connecing now.&n... Read more

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I run XP Home. When I click on My Network Places, it opens up to a Shared Doc Folder. In that folder are three sub folders called, Shared Music, Shared Pictures, and Shared Video. Each of these folders contain two .vbs script files all with weird names like "logo_anim_loop" and "nick on amp". I have no idea what these files are. They can not be deleted. Can anyone tell me what these might be and why they are there or how to delete them?
(I posted this in the XP section but got no response, so I'm trying here.)

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I run XP Home. When I click on My Network Places, it opens up to a Shared Doc Folder. In that folder are three sub folders called, Shared Music, Shared Pictures, and Shared Video. Each of these folders contain two .vbs script files all with weird names like "logo_anim_loop" and "nick on amp". I have no idea what these files are. They can not be deleted. Can anyone tell me what these might be and why they are there?

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Hey guys well I'm trying to set up the best network possible.... I use the Linksys WRTG. And I have 2 wired computers, and 2 wireless computers. But everyonce in a while I have problems, and don't know what to do... or how to fix them. Right now I can see the folder for my other wired connection, but I can't access it and I can't see the computer in the "View networked computers", so I guess that folder is there just because windows has seen it before, but not now.

I'm thinking about just restarting my network again, anyone have a good guide or anyhting?

A:Can't view other network computers/shared files...

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I've been trying to solve this for a little while by reading posts in this forum and learn quite a lot on setting up the home network. Unfortunately, the problem still there and appreciate any help I can get to solve it. Thanks in advance.

Here's the details of my issue:

I am using a broadband modem router to connect my three PCs (all running XP Pro) and internet.

I can:

access the internet on the three PCs (namely PC_A, PC_B & PC_C);
see all three computers in the same Workgroup;
access the printers on PC_A from PC_B & PC_C

But I can't access the PC_A's shared folder from PC_B & PC_C, keep having an error message about not having permission to access the folder, to complicate the matter, I can access the PC_B's shared folder from PC_A.

I've checked:

Computer name of each PC is ok;
Workgroup of each PC is ok;
IP addresses of each PC is ok;
Network communication is ok, I can ping each PC by its IP address;
Printer & File Sharing service is running on each PC;
All PCs are using XP Simple File Sharing;
Guest account on each PC is active, checked by "net user guest" &
I have turned off the Zonealarm on each PC.

Any help is appreciated.

A:Can someone help, I can't access shared files on my home network

Did you turn of XP firewall on all PCs?

Are the PC's in NTFS?

I think two of the PCs are fighting to act as host. So one will "lose" the fight and mess up. Redo all the sharing from scratch. Make one host and 2 clients in XP.

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I have a small business domain with 10 workstations and the server setup has been the same for the past 5 years without issue. The only changes has been the purchase from time to time of newer laptop workstations.

The issue I've been having, which started a few months ago, is that workstations will loose their connection to the network shares. I also noticed that some laptops computer time will be off by a few minutes. After digging around forums and Microsoft website I came to the conclusion that the problem had something to do with the server network times. I went to the main domain controller and set the network time to a NTP time server. I synced the other two domain controllers and then synced all the workstation laptops.

That seemed to fix things for about a week. Now every week or two people will randomly loose network connection and what I've been doing is
cmd prompt - then I type net stop w32 time then net start w32time - I reboot the laptop and they are back in the netowrk 98 percent of the time. Sometimes I have to repeat the steps twice before they are back on.

This never happened before until recently and I can't find a permanent fix.

My Small network consist of
1. 1-Windows 2000 Advanced Server - Main domain Controller
2. 2 - Windows 2003 Servers
3. 24 port Switch
4. Sonic Wall 2040 Firewall - firewall also handles the DHCP

The office laptops - 8 - Windows 7 Pro a and 2 - windows 8.1 pro.

This problem has become extremely annoying... Read more

A:Workstations knocked off network shared files

You could try Atomic Clock Sync Information from worldtimeserver.com which will stop/start & unregister/register W32Time for you which may help
I have in the past changed the NTP sync time to a much reduced level which has helped, theres a reg entry to do this cant remember exactly where but the clock will correct itself before going to far out and hopefully not losing net/shares access
You could also try a diff sync server but I'm assuming you have already done this

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HiHave a server linked to four computers and a laptop for a business and can't seem to access shared files on server from other computers as it keeps asking for username and password to access it. Have tried to change from workgroup to domain that the server is on so to create username and password but error message keeps coming up 'a domain controller for the domain ata.local could not be contacted or if just use ata as domain it does not accept any username or password. Also have tried suggestions in other forums such as simple sharing and creating an account on other pc's with same username and password as server. All of the systems are windows xp and the server is windows standard fe. Would really appreciate any helpThanksHarry

A:can't access shared files on server from network computers

Hello bighaz,

Are you running a Domain Controller(DC) for your domain? If not, go to 1, if you are go to 2.

If you are not running a domain controller then the user credentials will not be present on every machine thus the error. If all users access the same files then you could create a single generic account on the file server and the users will need to use these credentials to access it. If the users need restricted access to certain files and folders you would need to create multiple accounts on the file server.
Once done ensure that all machines are in the same 'workgroup' default name is WORKGROUP and you should then be able to have access.

If you are running a DC you will need to ensure that all machines are members of the domain and that they know of the IP address of the DC(this will either be set by DHCP if you are running a DHCP server or if all machines have static IP's this will need to be set on each machine. You will then need to add the user accounts to the ACL for the file share they require access to. Remember you may need to add the user to both the share permissions and NTFS permissions.

If the above is still not working can you please confirm that you can ping the file server and also see if you can access file shares on any of the other PC's.

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Here's my company's unfortunate situation:
- 1 Windows 2003 Server with many shared (to a group of 31 users) folders, all shared folders' files untouched (Symantec AV).
- 30 Windows XP SP3 machines, "protected" only by MS Security Essentials, all their shared folders' files encrypted and renamed to "[email protected]".
All "My Documents" folders' contents are OK on the PCS, just a "common" shared folder that each PC has, with RW rights for the Group of 31 users, is infected 
- 1 Windows XP machine with ALL files encrypted (thus I suspect this is the guilty PC that started the infection on the network).
The only thing I've been able to do so far was logging as admin to all 100 PCs and un-sharing the 'common' folder (there are actually 100 PCs, 31 is the number of the infected ones).
The virus remains.
The need for sharing files remains.
I'm really stuck and do not know how to begin the repairing process and get them to a working state again.
-What is the exact name of the virus?
-Where does the virus hide?
-What antivirus should I use to clean the PCs?
-The .com suffix means that when clicked the file will re-spread the virus or is it just an email address that the ransomware team uses?
-Does removing the infected files or deleting the whole "common" folder solve the problem for the 30 PCs? or the virus is "hidden" somewhere in the OS making it possible for it to re-trigger itself again in the futu... Read more

A:All Shared Folders' Files On Network Encrypted by Ransomware Virus

I have advised our Security Colleagues who specialize in crypto malware ransomware with a link to this topic.Please submit a sample of an encrypted file here with a link to this topic: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/submit-malware.php?channel=3You can also submit samples of suspicious executables or any malware files that you suspect were involved in causing the infection. Doing that will be helpful with analyzing and investigating.If you need individual assistance with malware infection, you should follow the instructions provided in the Malware Removal and Log Section Preparation Guide starting at Step 6.However, if possible I suggest you wait for a reply before attempting disinfection.

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First off, this is my first post, looks like a great place!

Now, at my work, we have a small network with computers sharing files between the others. I have attached a network diagram to help explain this better.

Our Win7 machine is our main computer that shares an external hard drive with much information that the other computers need to access. What we have noticed is either after a sleep, or even a period of time of say, 2 hours, those files are no longer able to be accessed. The Win7 machine is still sharing them, but the WinXP machines are unable to access them anymore and my Mac can see the computer is unable to connect to the folders. I have gone and attempted to get some help over at Microsofts site but that was a fail. Here is the link to the forum post there. http://social.answers.microsoft.com/...8-b9335ed3cd9f

A member there gave me this:


The Network connection is probably not resuming after sleep.

First try this, http://www.ezlan.net/Win7/power_save_win7.jpg

It is in the Network Connection Properties under the Network card configuration.

If it already checked this way, or does not work after checking, the Network card has to be taken out of the computer's Power Saving loop, and stay on all the time.

Otherwise, Updating the Card with the latest OEM drivers (downloaded from the computer's support site) might help too.

On a rare occasions, some cards might be "Quirky" in this regards and need to be ... Read more

A:Unable to access shared files over network after period of time.

Welcome to TSF!

Can you access a shared folder that is on the Win 7 internal hard drive when the folders on the external drive can't be accessed?
Can the Win 7 system access the folders on the external when the networked PCs can't?

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First off, this is my first post, looks like a great place! I have tried 2 other forums and no luck, so lets hope you guys can help!

Now, at my work, we have a small network with computers sharing files between the others. I have attached a network diagram to help explain this better.

Our Win7 machine is our main computer that shares an external hard drive with much information that the other computers need to access. What we have noticed is either after a sleep, or even a period of time of say, 2 hours, those files are no longer able to be accessed. The Win7 machine is still sharing them, but the WinXP machines are unable to access them anymore and my Mac can see the computer is unable to connect to the folders. I have gone and attempted to get some help over at Microsofts site but that was a fail. Here is the link to the forum post there. http://social.answers.microsoft.com/...8-b9335ed3cd9f

A member there gave me this:
The Network connection is probably not resuming after sleep.

First try this, http://www.ezlan.net/Win7/power_save_win7.jpg

It is in the Network Connection Properties under the Network card configuration.

If it already checked this way, or does not work after checking, the Network card has to be taken out of the computer's Power Saving loop, and stay on all the time.

Otherwise, Updating the Card with the latest OEM drivers (downloaded from the computer's support site) might help too.

On a rare occasions, some cards might be "Quirky&qu... Read more

A:Unable to access shared files over network after period of time.

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Printer plugged into Win7 box - how to print from remote XP machine? describes an original difficulty I had getting remote computers (laptops and desktops) to print to a USB printer connected to my Windows 7 box. Read far enough and you'll see that I solved that problem using Networking issue - Win7 printer, XP remote machines

Fast forward 13 or so months. Since that time I have replaced the printer, I've had a motherboard and processor issue with my box (since fixed), and no interruption of things working as they should. My printer - Canon ip4800 series - is USB hardwired to my Windows 7 computer, and the other home computers - two Windows 7 laptops, an XP box, and an XP netbook - can print to the printer, and view files on my Win7 machine, over our wireless home network. And that's been constant through the changes described.

Then yesterday, for no known reason, my daughter's Win7 laptop stopped being able to print. She'd send jobs to the correct printer, but they'd just queue up, with the queue visible from her machine, but not when I looked at the printer from my machine (that is looking at the print queue from her machine shows the jobs, but looking at it from mine shows no jobs).

Nothing I did would result in stuff from her machine, from any application, to go to the printer.

I finally deleted the printer from her machine, figuring I'd just add it back.


When I try adding a printer to the laptop, it doesn't find the printer on the list of available print... Read more

A:Laptop can no longer access shared printer/files on home network


First thind I'd suggest to you anyway. Please note that anything that you have installed and windows updates will be affected. Files will remain untouched.

If I did a system restore on her laptop, back to a point when it had been able to print, might that fix things?

Please give us an update.

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Recently purchased and installed Windows 8.1(hard drive crashed in December). During install, I was prompted to set up as shared computer or as part of a group. I have only one computer and mostly am the only one using it. How can I get my computer set as single user (not shared/non group). Often I get alerts that I can't do connect a device, or such, because it is not registered as part of my "group", frustrating. I just want to keep it simple. Thanks.

A:shared/network computer

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hey helpers,

I am having problems with my shared folders. I have 2 XP computers networked. I can see the shared folders on one computer, but not the other. I have absolutely no idea how to go about it. Any ideas? Sorry for the lack of detail...



A:Can see shared files on one computer, but not other.

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Surely SOMEONE out there knows how to fix my dilemma. If I have not provided enough information. Please tell me what you need to know. I really need a solution for this. Stopping the share at the Windows 7 machine disrupts other computers. So, that is not really a solution.
Windows 8.1x64 clean install from dvd. I have a private network configured as a Workgroup consisting of a W2000 photocopy machine,XP desktop, W7 desktop and laptop and now a Windows 8.1 desktop. During the initial installation I have files on the Windows 7 desktop I need so from Windows Explorer I clicked on the Windows 7 computer to gain access to the password shared folders and their files.
I entered the User and Password info and clicked the "stay connnected" as I expected to reboot several times during this computers installation.

Everything worked just great UNTIL I no longer wanted the connection to the Windows 7 computer.
On XP and even Windows 7 it was trivial to Disconnect a computer that I had established a share with.

However, on Windows 8.1 I cannot figure out how to do it. How do I disconnect the share with the Windows 7 computer?

This may seem trivial but I cannot figure it out. Obviously I can disconnect from the W7 computer but that computer is shared with others as well. And then the other computers would have to re-establish their shares. And, that would just be a work around.

Please help me by telling me the right way to do this...

Thanks in advance!

A:Cannot DISCONNECT a shared Computer on Network

I give up. Perhaps someone on another website can help me.

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We have a network with a server running 2003 and all 63 computers using xp pro.

the 3 office computers need to access a shared folder, containing a frequently used program, on one of these computers. (This folder cannot be stored on the server as the program doesn't work then. It is also easier as only one computer needs the frequent program updates). I have done this by mapping a drive to the folder.

The user of Computer A has left and I changed the username and password on server and computer.

When I tried to connect using Computer B I was prompted for a username and password to access it and everything was fine. But computer C didn't give me this option. I disconnected the drive and tried to remap it.

computer A has the folder, computer B can access the folder and program, computer C can see the computer but not the folder.

All computers were recently upgraded from win 98 with fresh install except Computer C which was just upgraded over the top (Lazy tech guys couldn't be bothered to reformat)

I have called in tech guys but they take 3 days to arrive and usually mess things up

Has anyone any ideas on why this is happening. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks Mel

A:Can see computer but not shared folder on network

What are you the System Admin or Network Engineer?

Computer C has to be re-formated with a fresh copy of XP. So that would have to be done if the lazy tech didn't do it right the first time.

Sounds like your remoting into these Computer A, Computer B and Computer C. Can you go out to their location and see what's going on? If you can't get the techs to do since you have to wait 3 days. Computer C needs to be taken care of.

Each PC A, B, C need to be setup in Active Directory so you can administer them correctly.

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(I asked this question in another forum and they sent me over here...I'm not an ITpro or admin.)
I seem to be having some trouble with synchronizing offline files for some shared mapped network drive folders on the company server. I am working on an ultrabook with Win8.1 Pro, I attach to the network via a wireless network connection (not connected
as a domain computer) when at the office, and via VPN connection when at home, and I have access to the network's shared drives/folders where my work resides.

The drives are set up to be shared on the network side, so I can usually map them to my computer with no problem (but not always). I use them this way when at the office directly connected to the wireless and also when connected remotely through VPN, and
when it works, it works well. The issue is that I want to make them available offline so I can work on documents within certain folders/subfolders when NOT connected to the network, which speeds up the work/save/update process, and then sync up once reconnected
(and I don't have to sit there watching while it is syncing). I used to do this with WinXPpro and had no problems at all for several years. Now that I have upgraded the computer and the OS, I seem to be having problems making this work. I know that the server
has been changed as well, but I am trying to make sure everything on my end works properly so that if there are any issues, it is on the server side and not something to do with how I am ... Read more

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Hello there.

I currently have a printer connected to a computer in my room (Canon Pixma iP4300 [USB]). I also have a computer in the office which is connected to the network via a wireless extender. I am a little short of space in my room and am looking at which peripherals I can move away without too much hassle - the printer is one such thing which has a relatively large footprint and would ideally be located in the office.

I am fairly confident that with a little research I could set up the printer to be shared from the office PC (Vista Home Premium x32) to other computers on the network, which would be a more suitable location for it.

However, one thing that occurs to me is that it would require the office PC to be on in order for other machines to print. Currently the office PC is set to go to sleep after a period of inactivity [20~30 minutes]. My question is, would it be possible for other computers on the network to wake this machine in order to use the printer connected to it?

I hope this makes sense but if you need me to clarify my explanation just let me know.

Thank you in advance for any advice.

A:Possible to wake a computer on the network to use a shared printer?

I would enable the 'Wake on LAN' feature in the BIOS settings on the computer. So, when it receives network traffic, the BIOS will auto wake the computer up.

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My OS is Windows XP Home Edition SP3 and up to date. I share this PC with my daughter who normally has a limited account while mine is the administrator account. For some strange reason while uninstalling/reinstalling my Firewall, on reboot I have lost the Windows starting, Log-On, Log-off and Recycle bin sounds. All my other video / audio sounds are working perfectly and it isn't a fault with the soundcard.
In Sounds and Audio Devices>Sounds, I have the appropriate sounds when I test them but the ones mentioned above are not working on my account. I checked my daughters account and they are all working there so thinking it was a corrupt account problem I decided to open a new account and transfer all my files to it before deleting my old account on completion.
First I changed my daughters account to administrator then following the tutorial I downloaded from here one time I opened a new account. I then entered my daughters "now administrative" account, ticked the two boxes and applied to show hidden folders and then I have to copy and paste the files and subfiles from my old account to my new account but cannot as I cannot see the folder for my account. I can see my daughters account folder as well as the shared and new account folders but not my present account folder.
I have a vague memory of making my account folders private once but cannot remember what i did, so cannot undo it. I ... Read more

A:Cannot see other users files/documents on shared computer?.

Access hidden admin. accounthttp://windowsxp.mvps.org/admins.htmNot sure if this will help at all

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I currently have a workgroup set up with a server (running Server 2008) and 4 identical (literally) computers. Each computer has certain shared files. There is no problem seeing or accessing the files on these computers.

I am trying to add a fifth computer to the workgroup. I have added the new computer and can see the other 4 computers. However, every time I try to access any of the other 4 computers on the workgroup, I am asked for my network username and password. It doesn't matter what I put for the username and password - nothing works. It continues to say "Logon failure: unknown username or bad password".

Any assistance to get around this issue would be appreciated.

A:Accessing Workgroup Computer Shared Files

Are the time/date settings set correctly on this new machine? You might want to check the bios clock on the new machine as well.

Does this machine have it's own PC name which is different than the other machines in your LAN?

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It prompts me for a password to access my c drive on the 98se computer.
I can see the share on my xphome computer. I only have one administrator password on the 98se computer. I remember this happening when I tried to share the c drive on two xphome computers a while back. Any folders that I shared individually I could access ok. but if i shared the entire drive I was promted for a password as well, in which the admin passwords didnt work. Is there somekind of default password? Ive tried no password also....and no luck. thks

A:Solved: shared drive c: on 98se computer I can see it on the network but


I did assign a new password for the c drive when i initially set up file sharing. Windows 98 has an 8 character limitation for its file sharing passwords. When I tried to access the files when xp promted me for a password i used what i thought was a 10 character password (my usual password) when if fact i should have just typed in the first 8 characters of my password instead of the full 10 characters. I recognized this when I only saw xxxxxxxx(eight characters) when I went into properties-sharing (option) on my 98se computer.


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I have three computers on a network, 2 desktops, 1 laptop. All have XPHome, NIS2007 and SpySweeper installed. All three are networked through a wireless router. All can connect to the internet and all can be seen in My Network Places (all shared files for all 3 computers). The issue is I can't access the shared files on the laptop from either of the two desktops. However, all the shared files on the two desktops can be accessed from any of the other computers. Only the laptop's shared files can't be accessed.

I checked Norton's firewall settings on each computer, esp the laptop, and they all should be accessible from either computer. I even turned the firewall off on the laptop and still couldn't access the files from the other computers. I even added an advanced setting on the laptop's firewall to allow specific IP address computers (the two desktops) access to any files, still no go.

The router shows all three computers on the network being connected.


A:Solved: Can't access shared files on a networked computer

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Hi all,

I have a curious problem on my home network at the moment which means I can access the shared files and ping using the ip address, but not the computer name, of a xp computer. I found lots of other people who had this problem and they fixed it with a few commands at command prompt, but that didn't work for me.

Here is the setup:
1 XP computer - no problems accessing other computer using computer name
1 Vista laptop - where all the problems are
and a router

I have static ips for both computers and I have the dns set up correctly.

Of course as all my music and files are on the other computer, and all the programs are looking for \\computername not \\ipaddress, so the programs are complaining that they can't find anything

Here is an ipconfig /all

C:\Users\Andy>ipconfig /all

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Andys-PC
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Peer-Peer
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : Yes
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No

Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Dell Wireless 1397 WLAN Mini-Card
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-23-4E-98-F7-51
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : No
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::2d76:7bc0:755e:f934%12(Preferred)
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . .... Read more

A:Solved: Can access shared files and ping using ip, but not computer name

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I got a trojan the other day that installed a spyware program called Spy Sheriff. There was much cursing and swearing, but after my trusty version of AntiVir as well as a plethora of spyware programs I managed to clean the system of all viruses and spyware as far as I know.

My troubles didn't end for long. Next I got a (fairly common) problem where it says "services.exe has caused an error. Error code 203. Rebooting your computer in 1 minute" or something along those lines. I googled a bit and found that this is often associated with registry keys not matching your actual network setup. Anyhow, I ran a registry cleaner program and THAT problem seemed to go away.

Now however, my network is all messed up.

My setup is as follows: Two home computers plugged into a router that is hooked up to my DSL modem. One computer is called Office, the other is called Bedroom.

The printer is hooked up to Office, and is shared. Both computers have a few shared folders that the other can access.

After I ran the cleaner, Bedroom is no longer visible on the network. Office can't see it in the workgroup, and I can't access any shared folders. I CAN ping both computers using the IP addresses, but each computer can't ping the other using the computer's name. Each computer can ping itself using both its own IP and name.

Here's an interesting thing I just found too; when I open my computer as it should appear on the network by typing \\Bedroom\ into the ad... Read more

A:After a virus, unable to access a computer's shared folders over the network

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I lost my ability to access my shared folders on my network computer. My setup; my main computer an Acer desktop running Win 7 64 bit. My second a Windows XP computer.

My problem; I can no longer access my shared folders on my XP computer. I had a couple of folders on my XP system set as shared and I had no problems accessing them from my Win 7 system until now. I even had the folders mapped to their own drive letters. And I had no problem sharing my printer over my network.

I've had this setup for about four years now and all of a sudden it just vanished. From my Windows explorer, in Windows 7 I disconnected the mapped drives to see if I could clear it out but nothing. I also noticed I couldn't enable the "Turn on network discovery" in the Advanced Sharing Settings in the Network and Sharing Centre.

I searched online but kept coming up with the same answers. Mainly make sure the following services where enabled:

- TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper service
- DNS Client
- Function Discovery Resource Publication
- SSDP Discovery
- UPnP Device Host

The only two that where not enabled where the last to SSDP Discovery and UPnP Device Host, because as long as I can remember the main consensus online was that these two services where BAD.

So I always disable both of these things with every computer I've ever had including this one. All these years and now all of a sudden I can't seem to do without them. No wonder people believe Microsoft is sabo... Read more

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And no amount of free-to-use scanning I have done thus far detected a virus.

Whatever virus this is, it seems to effect the amount of memory I can use slowing down my computer and causing me crashes in Team Fortress 2.

It also disabled my sound driver.

It has yet to do anything more than annoy me from what I can tell, and it may yet be a hacker.

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Hello everyone,

I'm using a laptop (with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit installed) as a DVR and media streamer to all other devices in the house.
My TV recordings are recorded into a temporary folder and when the recording is finished the program moves the files into the My Videos folder.

The My Videos folder is shared so we can watch the recordings from the Xbox downstairs or other Windows 7 devices in the house.
This worked pretty well in the past but for some reason new recordings (or downloads) aren't shared by default anymore. All files have a small lock icon (shared with nobody) and I have to manually share new files within an already shared folder.

This is pretty annoying and takes away the convenience.

I would appreciate any tip to fix this problem to have all files in the shared folder(s) shared by default.

Thanks in advance!

A:New files aren't shared in shared folder

It's easy once you know how, just right click the C:/Video's folder and choose properties, Security tab then Advanced button, then just put a check mark where it says "Replace all Child Object Permission Entries with Inheritable Permissions Entries from this Object, then hit Apply, OK....this will fix the problem you described.

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I work for a firm where we are heavily reliant on an Excel Shared Workbook.
We've always had problems with it, but have managed to fix these issues by using the Computer Management tool to remove users who are locking the file.

Recently however, the Computer Management isn't displaying users correctly.
For example, this morning I went to Computer Management > Shared Folders > Open Files to check who was locking the file and it only displayed one user. I looked around the office and could see at least another 5 people with this file open, including
myself, however our names were not displaying in the Open Files screen.

Can anyone help me understand why the Computer Management has stopped showing all of the users connected to the file?


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I have a Visual Basic 6 app that reads files from a shared network folder and then processes them.  It was installed on two Windows XP computers many years ago.  Now we want to upgrade it to Windows 7.  I have two different computers with
Windows 7.  When I connect the Windows 7 computers to the network and run the app (which has a File Watcher window) and am watching all 4 computers, I noticed that the File Watcher window of the XP boxes show the files about 2 seconds before the Windows
7 boxes see the files.  What would cause this?  Everything else in the app works as it should.
The apps are running as Administrator on the Windows 7 boxes and XP compatiblility mode.  I have tried it both ways.


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I have three computers (all Dell) networked via Microsoft's Home Network. All computers are running XP SP3 and I have updated each computer.

One of the computers is my work laptop. I typically "backup" my work files to my main computer on the network, using the "shared folder" of the main computer. For some reason, whenever I try to access the main computers "shared folder," I now get a request for a password. This appeared to happen spontaneously as I have never had this problem before.

I do not have the user accounts password protected. I have tried every password I have ever used, to no avail. This is *NOT* a problem of "forgotten" password but Windows XP suddenly asking for a password when I have never assigned one before.

I can access my laptops "shared folder" across the network with the other computers without a problem. The only problem is trying to access my main computer's shared folder, which results in the request for a password. The User name is greyed out, with the name of the main computer in the user name followed by a forward slash "/guest" and then a box for a password to be entered.

I have simple file share checked and have never changed that setting. I have run and rerun the Network Wizard on all computers without success. I have tried assigning passwords and using them, without luck.

One clue is on the main computer I am trying to access, I used to have two user acc... Read more

A:Network "shared files" asks for Password

I reposted this in the "network" section where I think it should have been in the first place. Sorry.


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I have three computers all Win 7 Home Premium and sharing (Homegroup). Side not I also had them sharing with out Homegroup and still same issue. Also This occurs regardless if PC3 is connected via wire or wireless. Additional notes AV was also disable to rule out. That is the only thing running on PC3 and nothing is running background wise on PC1 or PC2.

PC1 can easily view contents of Shared PC2 instantly.

PC2 can easily view contents of Shared PC1 instantly.

PC3 can easily view contents of Shared PC1 & PC2 instantly.

PC1 & PC2 can not view contents of Shared PC3 instantly; it takes approximately 35 seconds to view contents of main shared folder and same for each additional sub-folder. Also if copying a file initially it takes awhile before it starts and then stars off slow around 585KB/s copying over from PC1 or PC2 to PC3 before it jumps up to around 10MB/s+. However if I copy the same file from PC3 to PC1 or PC2 no speed issues what so ever. Speeds actually get well up into 70MB/s.

Any thoughts?

A:Clicking on Shared Computer is very slow to view shared contents.

Set all your pc's as in this pdf. File Sharing Settings.pdf

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We are a small company.  We are running six windows 8 computers.  Our secretary works from home, the rest of us are in the same office.   

The Admin Computer stores all of our work files within a folder called 'casework' (about 400GB).   The 'casework' folder is shared on the office network.  This 'casework' folder is also synced by Google Drive. 

When our secretary works on her home computer and makes a new file, e.g. letterV2, the new file downloads to our 'casework' folder to the Admin Computer here at the office.  However, the new file cannot been seen on our other computers over the office

The newly created files are not shared to 'everyone' unless I un-share 'casework' from the network and then share 'casework' again. 

The problem seems to be that the new files added by Google Drive are not inheriting the permissions of the 'casework' folder. 

There are no options to change in Google Drive.  Is this a Windows8 problem? Will Windows10 have a fix for this? Are there any work arounds? Does our secretary need to work at the office?

Yours Hopefully


A:New files downloaded from cloud storage into shared folders don't inherit shared permissions for "Everyone"

may I know how that work case folder sync with google drive?

I suggest you contact Google drive first, we have limitation information regarding this product.

You can proof that there is no issue for sharing folder within your office network
I think that's not how online share drive work, unless your secretary can join your office network trough internet
this is the example, you can ask your secretary to send file trough share drive and assign 1 admin to sync and send it to your case work folder
But maybe you will be interested with Office 365

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hi guys,

so I have this weird problem that is driving me nuts since some weeks... here's the thing

at work we have a corporate set up with Win 7 Professional, everything is setup on a "domain".

we all have Dell computers and we can connect either via cable or via wireless, pretty standard these days.

anyway, if I connect via cable and login everything works perfectly, I can see the local network shares and no problems at all.

Problems start to arise on wireless! Here's the crazy scenario:

- if I start PC on cable, with wifi turned off via hardware switch then say I undock the PC for going to a meeting room AND I turn on the wifi, everything works fine, I can see the network drives, all good (it crunches for a few moments when I load explorer the first time and then he "finds" the network drives)

- if I decide to go back to my station, turn off wifi, re-dock the PC, back to cable, everything works fine.


- if say I am on cable, undock the pc, put on the wifi and THEN I restart the PC, when the computer boots win 7 (it takes some time at boot) then I cannot access the network drives anymore! they have the red X and it says "connection cannot be restored" or something like that. internet browsing always works fine. and I DONT do any login on wireless, I think because it's on a "domain" setup.

that is tested 50 times in a row! basically if I don't give him the cable at boot, I cannot see the network drives. and also, ... Read more

A:Cannot access Network Shared Drives over Corporate Network on Wireless

What is the make/model of Wireless Access Point(s)?

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