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Spelling Autocorrect

Q: Spelling Autocorrect

Where is the spelling and autocorrect settings in v1703. I've looked for hours and cannot find them.

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Preferred Solution: Spelling Autocorrect

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


On a fresh install of Win 7SP1 64, the WindowsUpdate.log file says the machine downloaded 36 msus for IE spelling in 36 languages. An example file name is:


the full url is:


The same msu (same sha1 hashes) can be downloaded as IE-Spelling-en.msu from here:

Are there KB update codes for those 36 msu's? for example, KB codes that would appear in the systeminfo.exe list? like this:

Hotfix(s): 222 Hotfix(s) Installed.
[01]: KB2849697
[02]: KB2849696
[03]: KB2841134
[04]: KB2670838
[05]: KB2479943

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Hopefully someone can help me with this. I have a laptop which is not touch screen with Windows 8.1. I am trying to find where to maintain auto correct etc., such as adding words, capitalising at start of sentences, that sort of thing. I have done just as asked by various things online but I don't see what they say I should see I. I have attached a photo to explain it a little. When I get to this point I only see 'Spelling' below that is nothing. I am not very techno minded and am struggling very much with Windows 8.1. To be honest it is really stopping me using my laptop. Thank you so much for reading

A:Windows 8.1 Autocorrect

Hello Blondey, welcome!

Brink has published an excellent tutorial guide here:
Spell Checking - Turn On or Off in Windows 8

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I have a user that is typing a document then half way through the autocorrect options doesnt work. its like its turning itself off.

if they go to tools options view then untick screen tips, then close word, then open word and retick screen tips this solves the problem.

does anyone know how i can prevent this from happening? all the autocorrect optins look fine as far as i can see

thanks in advance

A:autocorrect problems

What version of Office do you have?

I Googled it and found that other applications could be interfering with it. Download and install CCleaner and generate a list of installed programs. After installing it, run it and click Tools on the left side. Next, click Save to text file... at the bottom right corner. Post the contents of that text file here.

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This is similar to another question I posted a few days ago. Silly me, I thought my "expansions" were in my spell check but they are in AutoCorrect. Is there a way to copy my added autocorrect expansions to another pc (ie using a flash drive)? I have lots of sentences used repeatedly by docs that I want to transfer to another machine without having to type them all over again. I am working in Windows XP.

Any ideas?

A:Copying AutoCorrect

You can find the Autocorrect files (.ACL files) in
C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Microsoft\Office.

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I just got my 'new' laptop up and running (very special thanks to AcaCandy, Jtoast, Lurker, and others) and I just installed word. Is there a way that I can print out my autocorrect entries from my other computer? I really don't want to make a copy on disk and load it up on the laptop as there are many autocorrect entries that I no longer use and I would rather not add clutter if possible.

Thank you!!


A:autocorrect printout?

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Citrix is causing AutoCorrect to crash

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How do I print out my AutoCorrect file in Excel or Word?
I have many macros and need to audit them without having to seek them out in the individual lines of Auto Correct.
I can do this with Spell Check but don't know how to print AutoCorrect. Dos?
Thank You

A:AutoCorrect in Windows

Hiya and welcome

This is not my forte but I'll have a go

I didn't know you could print it out. I have found this:


Ah, apparently its an .acl file. You may be able to locate this on your PC.

having a look here:


near the bottom, it says

Settings in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\9.0\Common
This key is used by other Microsoft programs, such as the Office programs. Likewise, these settings are shared between programs. Changes made in one program's settings also appear in the other programs.
Assistant: Contains information about the chosen Office Assistant.

AutoCorrect: Contains the path to the .ACL file (which contains the AutoCorrect list) and lists the current settings for AutoCorrect.Click to expand...

Maybe a bit indepth, hmmm....


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I recently got a new laptop with Vista on it. I have Office 2003 which is now installed. I have also installed my medical dictionary which shows in the control panel as installed but is not working in Word 2003. I've also created many autocorrects which initially work, but when I shut down and go back the next day, everything I've done in autocorrect is gone...what's with that? Any ideas for both the dictionary (medical dictionary Stedman's 2005) and autocorrect to save?

A:Autocorrect saving

Click on tools, option, spelling and grammer
click on custom dictionaries and ensure the
Custom.dic is ticked.
click on add to add the other dictionary you require.
All added dictionaries would be better off being put in the Proof directories.

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When I reply to a message on Outlook, every time I try to add one of the words in the dictionary, Outlook freezes up. And when I am sending a new message and I add a word the dictionary, it never remembers the word. Please help

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Hi All,

Does anyone know where these are stored & do I need to just copy them to the same folder on the other machine for it to work.

Thanks a lot,

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When I use AutoCorrect in outllook and it is running through Citrix, it crashes.

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How do I make Word put, or autocorrect, TWO spaces after a period, question mark, exclamation mark, or anything that can be regarded as a full stop? I have an extremely picky Biology teacher

A:Solved: Word Autocorrect

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Hello All.
I am using Vista and Excel 2007. I went into AutoCorrect and typed Replace: ABC With: All Bionic Choir. When I type in ABC, AutoCorrect does not replace it with All Bionic Choir. Thanks in advance for in tips, ideas, etc.

A:Solved: AutoCorrect not working.

Did you click the "Add" button after typing the data into the AutoCorrect dialog-box, before clicking 'OK'?

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"autocorrect list file" ?
Every time I open or save a word file on the network, after closing the file, an "autocorrect list file (37kb)" and a "a microsoft word template (37kb) - called 'normal' " appear.

whats going on ?

thanks in advance for any help.

A:Autocorrect List File

Autocorrect List File
"autocorrect list file" ?
Every time I open or save a word file on the network, after closing the file, an "autocorrect list file (37kb)" and a "a microsoft word template (37kb) - called 'normal' " appear.

whats going on ?

thanks in advance for any help.

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I just got a new computer with win 7. Installed Office 2007 and everything is mostly OK. Have setup autocorrect function which works fine in word but does not work in outlook. I think I'm using word as outlook email editor - how do I check? Spell check works fine and in the outlook options, I see the autocorrect feature with some of my additions.

Appreciate any ideas!

A:outlook 2007 autocorrect with win 7

I swear that I changed nothing. Just went back to the email I was editing and it suddenly works! Go figure!

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Hi. I'm using Office 2007 on XP & I'm trying to create automated emails on a group of computers by using the Autocorrect feature. I basically save an entire email by having Outlook replace a code with the text. This works on about 20 computers, however on 2 the code is not replaced with the text. The replace text as you type tick box is selected and I cannot figure out what would cause Autocorrect to not work? I have deleted and recreated the codes in the list. The office help feature doesn't have any useful information on this. Can you please assist?

A:Autocorrect doesn't work

My first thought would be that the codes are being entered incorrectly. If you have a list of codes to enter on each PC, check the code on those 2 PCs to make sure they conform in every way to the others and what is on your list - font, etc. probably, but most of all make sure there is no extra space before or after the code.

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I have Word 2002, Windows XP. I use a ton of Word autocorrect entries for my job and as my computer crashed late last year and I spent a ton of money and time getting this new computer and redoing my autocorrect entries by memory, I am wondering 2 different things:

1) How do I backup my Autocorrect entries, either to an external hard drive, or like a data CD?

2) Is there a way to print out my Autocorrect entries in Word to have as a paper copy?

I would appreciate any help. I have googled this and there are soooo many different entries and ideas, would like something that is fairly straightforward and doesn't take a computer expert! Thanks a ton!

A:Backup word autocorrect help?

Hi and Welcome to TSG,
I think this might be of help?

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Hi folks,

Anybody have any idae of how I can remove autocorrect entries without purging my entire history?



A:Removing Autocorrect Entries

What do you mean by auto correct entries ? do you mean auto complete entries ?

Open internet explorer , click on tools / internet options / content/ auto complete. Then delete those entries and uncheck the options to save in the future.

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This one has frustrated me for months.

In MS Word 2000, I have entered a large number of common use phrases and words into Autocorrect. They stay in there for several days, maybe weeks if I am lucky, through application shutdowns and machine reboots. Then, all of a sudden, one day I go to use them and they are all gone. I then have to reenter tham all. Any clues?

Exactly the same thing keeps happening to my Styles shortcuts in MS Word. I will assign keyboard shortcuts to all my styles, and use them for days, maybe weeks, and then, you guessed it, all of a sudden they don't work any more. Going into styles options shows no shortcuts assigned. Both these probalems occur on this computer at work, as well as my computer at home, both running Office 2000 via Windows 98.

Am I going crazy?

A:Autocorrect Entries Disappear

First try a detect & repair - if that does not correct your problem try this:

Autocorrect files are saved in two different places:
1. The unformatted entries are saved in a *.acl file
2. Formatted entries are saved in normal.dot

It could be that these two files are corrupt. If you are still unable to use them after running detect & repair it would perhaps benefit you to delete them. Close out of Office and go to file | find *.acl (delete)
Then find normal.dot and rename each one that you find (example: normal.old normal.old2)
Now start Word and go to your settings and make sure that you have autocorrect selected - and test.
Also do a regular backup of the *.acl file and the normal.dot (when you know that all is working properly) - then the next time autocorrect screws up you can replace the files with your backed up files.

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I have started using outlook 2003 and can not figure out how to turn off the autocorrect function..! ive tried to same methods as for outlook xp through the tools>options>spelling tab and turning off everything and it still doesnt work. the auto correct features are just plain annoying to me. by unchecking all of these options in outlook xp, the autocorrect is turned off, but the same procedure does not seem to work in outlook 2003.!!!!!! please help?!?


A:Outlook 2003 help? Autocorrect?!?

Would this be auto-correct or auto-complete you are referring to?

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I've just purchased a computer with Windows XP and Microsoft Works 2002. I
now use Windows 98 2nd ed. and Windows Office 2000. There's a file
that I'd like to copy and transfer to MS Word/Windows XP. Can you help me with this
process? The Windows spelling corrector, stores misspelled
words with the correct spelling in AutoCorrect, which is part of the
Auto Format utility. I'd like to locate the AutoCorrect file and transfer
it to the AutoCorrect utility in Word 2002/Word XP. Can you help?

A:copying and downloading AutoCorrect

I'm confused. You say you had Office 2000, but now you have Works XP?

Can you open your new Word, hit Help-About and tell us what it says? Is it Works or Word?
Just to be sure:

Don't confuse Windows version with Office version.
Don't confuse Office version with Works.

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I am wanting to copy over my Excel 2003 AutoCorrect entries\file from one computer to another. Where would I find such a file and is it as easy as copy\paste into the other computer.

thank you

A:Excel AutoCorrect file

Easy doesn't come into it -- it's impossible.

This thread should help some tho'.

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I recently upgraded to Windows 7 from Vista. This problem began before i upgraded and continued after upgrading to 7. My autoCorrect is not correcting my spelling errors. I have gone to the button, formatting, etc. checked everything I think should be checked but it still doesn't work. Some features work, such as correcting grammar and capitalizing the first word in a sentence, but it does not flag or correct misspelled words.

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In Word, there are some auto-correct fields that I have changed. When I do that, some of them stay saved, but some won't stay changed.

I changed it so that 2 hyphens instantly becomes a dash instead of waiting until I type the next word; that change stays. I changed the ... to become . . . because that is required in academic writing; that change stays.

But some changes won't stay. Right now, --> becomes an arror. I want -> to become an arrow because the -- before the > automatically becomes a dash. I make the change, but the next time I go into Word, the change is gone. I cannot seem to get it to stay. Anybody know why?

Also, there are many auto-suggestion replacements that I like, but there is one that I really don't like. When I type 2005 in a document, it automatically suggests 2005-09-04 and replaces it if I hit enter. I NEVER use that format for dates, but I often am doing a form where I need to be able to hit enter after I put in the year. I cannot find a way to remove this one date field without disabling all the others.


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I am working on outlook 2002 SP3 (XP) and for some reason the auto correct feature doesn't work

I've try the obvious: Tools - Options - Spelling - Use AutoCorrect when ...
and Tools - Options - Spelling - AutoCorrect Options

But no matter if it is enabled or disabled it simply doesn't work.

Please help.

A:AutoCorrect not working in Outlook

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I have a long list of cutomized autocorrect items and they are stored in MSO files. In previous Win versions the English items were saved in MSO1033, but Win 8 saves them in MSO2057. So when I transferred to Win 8, I renamed my old MSO1033 file to MSO2057. The problem, however, is that my old Word documents still use MSO1033 for their autocorrect function. So I had to revive MSO1033 for them. So currently the autocorrect folder has two MSO files: 1033 and 2057.

But having two different files for autocorrect information is not ideal, because when you put in new information, you have to change two files instead of one. So I want to unify the MSO files, for instance by forcing new Office documents to use 1033 or forcing the old documents to use 2057. Can someone tell me how to do this?

Thank you very much.

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When I'm working in MS Word, all of a sudden I get a pop-up box saying "Installing: AutoCorrect lists". How do I get it to stop coming up?

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If I type "Thur" and want that abbreviation for Thursday, Word automatically changes it to Thursday. Any way to avoid this? Also If typing points such as 1. when I hit enter, Word goes ahead and puts 2. even if im not ready for point 2. Is this the same problem or same solution?

A:Word 2000 autocorrect feature

First problem:

Tools-Autocorrect, Autotext tab, remove checkmark from top box at top.

Second problem:

Tools-Autocorrect, Autoformat as you type tab, remove checkmarks from top and bottom sections (for best results)

Brainbench MVP for Microsoft Word

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I personally think that autocorrect is extremely frustrating. I've stopped using Google altogether because it has by far the most aggressive autocorrect and you can't turn it off. I tried a userscript to bypass it, but that only bypasses the worst autocorrect; the more subtle one is still there.

I've tried Bing/Yahoo, Ask, and most recently DuckDuckGo. DuckDuckGo is easily the best, but I recently did a search involving the term "windowed" and it showed results for "windows," something that's obviously completely different. And this wasn't the first incident.

I know I can put a + in front of individual words, but that's still frustrating. What I really want is a search engine that doesn't waste time with autocorrect in the first place. Is there any kind of search engine like that?

A:Is there a search engine that doesn't have autocorrect?

I know what you mean. I hate Google for that stupid forced autocorrect! Before, we could choose to disable it, now it's impossible. Why???

Unfortunately, I haven't found a search engine that will return as many results as Google.

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Peace be upon you all.

I have a legal copy of Office Word 2007

When I use the autocorrect feature, it works fine and replaces what I typed correctly. But every two or three sessions it forgets all the entries I entered !!. so I have to re enter it again !!

I have two questions
1- Why this strange thing happens?
2- How can I solve it?

Thanks in advance for all...

A:Autocorrect feature losses memory

autocorrect feature is part of Building Blocks, search for this files, rename them. then repair Office and check if it fixes the problem.

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I just downloaded OpenOffice. I have a question. Is there a way to import/use MS Office autocorrect entries with OpenOffice? Also the same with keyboard shortcuts? Any help would be much appreciated.


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I'm running Office 2010 Professional Plus on Win 7 32.

Starting after yesterday's MS update, I've been having a strange problem with auto-correct:

If I'm writing a new email, everything works fine. However, when replying or forwarding an email none of the auto-correct actions work with the exception of capitalization (e.g., convert -- to m-dash, ... to ellipses, smart quotation marks, etc).

I have tried the following, with no success:
1. Repair office
2. Run scanpst.exe
3. Started outlook in safe mode

I'm pretty sure that all my outlook settings are correct.

Any suggestions?


A:Outlook 2010 Autocorrect Problems

Fixed. Somehow the format for replies got changed from html to plain text.

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Okay, so after a while of Googling, I finally manage to remedy this myself. I'm posting this here so that this post may hopefully turn up on Google results to save people who had the same problem as I did some time.

So basically, IE11, independent of what the settings for Windows 8.1 is, will ALWAYS have autocorrect on and there's no easy way to disable it. I actually even encountered an official bug report were an MS employee closed it stating that "this is by design for now".

Without further ado, spell-checking is controlled by C:\Windows\System32\MsSpellCheckingFacility.dll. You'll want to rename this to something, say MsSpellCheckingFacility(2).dll, to disable this.

For those not techinically inclined, note that this is a system file and it may cause some problems. Specifically, if you want Windows 8 to spell check for you but not IE11. You'll also need to take ownership of said file if you want to rename it. See Take Ownership of a File, Folder, Drive, or Registry Key in Windows 8

That's it. Save your frustration. AutoCorrect is especially when you know more than one language is ANNOYING.

A:Disabling AutoCorrect in Internet Explorer 11

Hello Arkhi,

Turning off autocorrect and highlight misspelled words in Windows 8.1 would normally be applied to IE11 as well. Once turned off, you would need to close and reopen IE11 to apply though.

Spell Checking - Turn On or Off in Windows 8
The Microsoft employee may have misunderstood what you meant since there used to be a separate setting in IE10 for this, but now it's fully integrated with IE11 and Windows 8.1 instead.

Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) Spelling Correction - Enable or Disable - Windows 7 Help Forums

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We have just switched to Word 2007 and I just can't remember how to make the following happen. When I am typing if I use the word 'I' on its own I want it to be capitalised without intervention from me (ie. not having to depress the Shift key when I am typing it) but obviously not be capitalised if the letter 'i' occurs within a word. I did this in Word 97 a long time ago.

Can anyone here tell me how to do this in Word 2007?


A:Solved: Autocorrect in Word 2007

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I use Word 97 on a desktop (Win XP/Home), Word 2002 on a desktop (Win 2000), and Word 2002 on a laptop (Win 2000).

In the AutoCorrect feature of both Word versions, there is the choice of converting certain text character sequences to "Smileys" or "Smiley Faces." There is also the ability to delete those conversions.

If you delete those conversions, is there any way to recover them?

I searched this forum, and found one posting that says you can back up the normal.dot file and that will retain all AutoCorrect settings. Presumably then, one could backup that file, delete the Smiley conversions, and, if you ever needed those conversions, restore the backed up normal.dot file.

Is that correct? Has anyone out there ever tried this (backing up and then restoring the normal.dot file)? Does it work? Is that the only solution?

Thanks for your help.

A:Recovering Word AutoCorrect Deletions

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Help needed! I just downloaded Outlook 2007 (I use a hosting site, themessagecenter.com, to host my domain with Microsoft Exchange Server/Blackberry access). I am currently running Windows XP. As part of having service with them, you get included with cost a copy and license # for Outlook 2007, which I downloaded onto my computer. I had no issues setting up accounts, etc.

Everything has been great except for one issue and it's turning into a majorly annoying one. I cannot access/change/edit the autocorrect options for composing emails. I go into "tools", then "options", then "mail format" tab, and then I select "editor options" - which is just what the help files tell you to do.

Then a new screen pops up with 3 options on the left. The autocorrect options are under the "proofing" option on the left. I go there, and click on Autocorrect options, but then I can't edit anything. The only thing it gives me access to change is the "replace text as you type" fields. The options to "correct two INitial caPS", capitalize first letters of sentences, etc. - all of those options are unaccessible. They are whited out. I also cannot access the "Math AutoCorrect", the "AutoCorrect as you type" , and the others - none of them are editable. WHY?!

Any advice on how to change this, what is going on, how I can get in there and access and update these settings? They are definitely not configure... Read more

A:help with Outlook 2007/autocorrect feature

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I have a problem that follows me no matter which of my two computers I am on, or which version of Word I use. I have tried 2000, 2003 and even downloaded the 60 day trial of 2007.

I make lots of autocorrect shortcuts, as I am a transcriber. They tend to disappear in different documents. Sometimes they're there, sometimes they're not. I am suspecting this is due to a language problem. No matter what, my autocorrect language is always set to UK, no matter which version of Word I use. I have tried everything I can think of to change it to Canadian, nothing seems to work. obviously I am missing something, it happens on both of my computers and even on my two previous computers. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

A:Losing autocorrect shortcuts in Word

Note: the following applies up through 2003. Word 2007 does not use the same system, and since it is so different (building blocks, etc.) I don't think this applies to that version at all.
However, Autocorrect shortcuts are saved in the Support.dot template. If you want to access this each time you start Word, this template must be in the Startup file, which should be located at C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\Startup - but this folder will not exist unless you have created it by having the Support.dot template.
If you don't, read this:

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I'm running XP Pro and on a few occasions now I have accidentally saved or 'Add to Dictionary' misspelled words. I've done this in Word 97 and in forums through my browser when typing in text messages.

Can anyone tell me how to remove or UNDO specific words that have been accidentally added to the system English dictionary, or what it would take to replace the dictionary with a fresh one?

A:Editing or Resetting Autocorrect Dictionary

Any takers on this??

Please help if you can.


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Hello, I'm looking for a solution to when I want to type "→" using "ras" on my Windows 8 computer. By typing the letters "r+a+s" autocorrect changes this to a right arrow (→). I'm using my mac now to do this, which was simply done by going to System Preferences → Keyboard → Text (screenshot attached). Is there a way to do this in Windows? I know how to do this for Microsoft Office programs but not for general use. Please let me know if this is possible. Thank you!

A:Keyboard autocorrect for non-Office programs

Not easily.

You can cut and paste from the built in Character Map application (cumbersome) or (perhaps even worse) you can enable unicode entry in the registry and enter them manually (Unicode input on Windows 8.1). For example for right arrow you would enter Alt + 2192 (you must use the numbers above the keyboard to enter unicode and a numeric keypad to enter ASCII).

Alternatively you can download The Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator and assign a specific key combination to the symbol you want (for example Alt-gr + some key if you don't use the RHS control button in your language). This is an old program but still works in 8.1. (and 10). I use it to enter French accents in Windows using a UK MacBook Keyboard.

Here I added right Arrow to AltGR + R for example...

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When adding an AutoCorrect entry, I noticed that there is an option for ?Plain text? and ?Formatted text?. However, this option is greyed out and defaults to ?Plain text?.
How can I enable this option is order to store AutoCorrect entries with formatting?

Source -
AutoCorrect and formatting support | MSOutlook.info

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Hi, I use Outlook for work and use it's auto correct features a lot for standard replies to emails.
everything works fine on my old PC running vista but when I installed my copy of Microsoft Office onto my new laptop running windows 7, home edition, outlook never remembers my saved corrections. I go through and set some auto correct options like
pb - will open a pre formatted list in my mail.
Then if i close outlook and open again it doesn't seem to remember what i last saved.
I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling Office several time, and tried some suggestions here on uninstalling Outlook totally, but i get the same problem.
It's strange that my copy of Office works fine on 3 other computers running vista or XP but not windows 7.
Does anyone have any ideas to help, i really would like to use my laptop for work but can't due to the auto correct not working.



A:Outlook autocorrect not working on new laptop

Did you try this?

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I have configured autocorrect in Word 2007, but it isn't working properly. Some things work ok (teh changes to the, i changes to I) but others don't (-- doesn't change to em dash, 1/2 doesn't change to the fraction.) Some of the words I added work properly (6s changes to Six Sigma), others don't. Also, when I right-click a word the autocorrect option does not appear on the menu.

These things happen sporadically. Auto correct sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. It also tends to lose the changes that I make, again sometimes but not always.

Any ideas?

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Very very frustrating ...... I entered a heap of technical terms into autocorrect as I am using them frequently and they seemed to work through the remainder of that document. However, when I was editing a previously saved doc, they had all disappeared!!!!!

I regularly reuse previously formatted docs & would hope that the autocorrect feature would apply across the board ...... Can anyone help please?

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Could some please help me, my autocorrect just decides to not hold my previous entries. They may work a month and then they all just disappear.

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I have a long list of cutomized autocorrect items and they are stored in MSO files. In previous Win versions the English items were saved in MSO1033, but Win 8 saves them in MSO2057. So when I transferred to Win 8, I renamed my old MSO1033 file to MSO2057. The problem, however, is that my old Word documents still use MSO1033 for their autocorrect function. So I had to revive MSO1033 for them. So currently the autocorrect folder has two MSO files: 1033 and 2057.

But having two different files for autocorrect information is not ideal, because when you put in new information, you have to change two files instead of one. So I want to unify the MSO files, for instance by forcing new Office documents to use 1033 or forcing the old documents to use 2057. Can someone tell me how to do this?

Thank you very much.

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