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Blackberry server express and Exchange 2010 cannot add more users not activating

Q: Blackberry server express and Exchange 2010 cannot add more users not activating

The Exchange 2010 has a limit of the throttle by user (besadmin) and won't let any people on past this number. We went in to c:\program files x86\research in motion\blackberry enterprise server \utility and ran iemstest. Since we got the error about not being able to open the Blackberry Server profile, he knew this was it. Answer in the KB20608 on ie site:
So we entered the following commands in the Exchange Shell:
Set-ThrottlingPolicy BESPolicy -RCAMaxConcurrency $null
Set-Mailbox ""BESAdmin"" -ThrottlingPolicy BESPolicy
and then checked the policy using Get-ThrottlingPolicy BESPolicy
then deleted messages from users inbox about the dat files, wiped the blackberry and started activation.

Blackberry Server Express and Exchange 2010, cannot add more blackberry users,blackberry users not activating, Blackberry Enterprise Server and Exchange 2010,

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Preferred Solution: Blackberry server express and Exchange 2010 cannot add more users not activating

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hello everyone:

I am not sure if this is the right place to post this or not but I thought I would try.

We have an Exchange server running Windows Server 2000 and we Blackberry Enterprise Server running on a seperate server. We are getting ready to upgrade our Exchange server to Windows Server 2003 and have run into a snag with a test user we created. We created the new account on our old server and then moved the users mailbox to the new exchange server. When we did that the BES recognizes that the user has moved servers but it doesn't send or recieve messages to the handheld.

Any ideas on what the problem might be?

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I am looking for advise or any info you guys have regarding using a Widows Mobile device vs a Blackberry to connect to an Exchange Server. I would like the pros and cons of using either one. Also, I need info on how Exchange server works when creating tasks. I would like to create a task and assign it to another user in my organization that also has an exchange account. I want to assign them a task and keep track of their progress on that task and eventually once they complete the task I can mark the task as completed. How does this work in exchange if it all with keeping up with assigned tasks and making sure they are working on them and just keeping up with the progress?

A:Blackberry vs Windows Mobile Using Exchange Server

Anything done with activesyc (windows mobile uing exchange server) will be as if you were at your desktop.

You can connect you BlackBerry to the exchange server via BES for exchange.

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Not sure where to bring this one.

Looking for any information on this topic as I have heard both scenarios are true. I have read both scenarios in a MS group support on Microsoft.com web site but I can't find them anymore (was a while ago)

Exchange 5.5 -

If an email is sent to 2500 users in a distribution list, are there 2500 copies of that email sitting on the server or is it simply a copy that is viewable by all 2500 users? And what if they save it to a folder they created (not in a personal folder directed elsewhere but to a folder they created under the folder list)

Thank you

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I am getting this alert from my exchange 2010 hub server. what does it mean, I have not been able o find anything on it.

Transport latency impacted - percent messages completing categorization over last 5 min - Red(<1).

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Is Exchange Server 2010 compatible with Windows 7 Ultimate? The system requirements are listed below which doesn't include 7 Ultimate but it does include 7 Professional. Are they that different to where it wont be compatible?

Supported Operating Systems:Windows 7 Professional 64-bit;Windows Server 2008;Windows Server 2008 Enterprise;Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise;Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard;Windows Vista 64-bit Editions Service Pack 1

A:Exchange Server 2010 compatibility?

Actually do I need Server 2008? I'm confused as to what OS is required. Anyone know? Thanks

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I have set up an Exchange 2010 server on Windows Server 2008 R2. When running the Outlook Connectivity Test at https://testconnectivity.microsoft.com, everything appears OK except for the last stage:

Attempting to ping the MAPI Mail Store endpoint with identity: mail.[domain].com:6001.


The attempt to ping the endpoint failed.


 Tell me more about this issue and how to resolve it


Additional Details


The RPC_S_SERVER_UNAVAILABLE error (0x6ba) was thrown by the RPC Runtime process.
Elapsed Time: 5037 ms.

I have checked the firewall on the server and port 6001 is open. I have tried awarding port 6001 to the server from the router. still no improvement. I am somewhat new to the exchange server scene so the tech net link above didn't make an awful lot of sense. 
what else can cause this sort of error?

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I am having delayed emails to all our clients. Our setup is Exchange Server 2000, SMB Server 2000. The mail that arrives at the clients desktop cannot be viewed until the user interacts with outlook. Then 3 or 4 emails come at once.
Has anyone got a clue why this is happening and how I can correct this?


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So I have a Blackberry Pearl Verizon phone. And I want to activate it, now if I go to activating it on verizonwireless.com it works, however, it asks me to choose and option of "Email and Web Acess - $29.99" or "Unlimited Data Usage - $44.99". And it won't let me choose any other option. I don't NEED or want either of those options. I just want to use the phone on my current settings, with my minutes and 5000 txt messages.

Is there another way to activate the phone or somehow get around this?

A:Verizon Blackberry Pearl Activating

Ummmm.. Why not just call verizon and get it straightened out?

/* EDIT */
But will add, i do know Verizon doesn't allow ANY web access or email with their standard plans that include minutes and text messages. (They used to until their network upgrade about two year ago)

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Over the weekend we installed a new Exchange 2016 server running on a Server 2012 R2 Std VM (through Hyper-V) and connected all of our workstations running Outlook 2010 to it. They stay connected for awhile (maybe an hour or two) but then go to "Trying to connect." The really strange thing is, OWA works, email on phones works and connecting a computer outside of our network to Exchange through Outlook seems to stay connected fine.

DNS checks out fine and resolves like it should. We can ping and browse to the Exchange server fine.

Strange but I get several "Search" errors in the event log when it seems to stop. (Event ID 3036 the content source cannot be accessed) as well as Event ID 35 - Failed to determine if the store is in the crawl scope.

I am at a loss right now so any help would be appreciated!

A:Outlook 2010: Trying to connect to server. Exchange 2016

So this is what fixed this issue in case someone does a search later on down the road and comes to this post for an answer.

How to Enable MAPI over HTTP (MAPI/HTTP) in Exchange Server 2013 SP1 | Exchange for the Working Man

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Running an exchange 2010 server.

I have a number of users who's email will disappear.
Mail will return if you disable any type of sorting filter.
However will disappear again if you change folders.
This will effect any folder not just the inbox.

I have tried the following.

Recreating the profile in Outlook 2007
Deleting the pst and ost files
Adding new sort field and removing it.
Disabling cache mode.

I have not preformed an office 07 repair yet as did not think it would have any impact.

This is effecting about 10% of my users.

Thank you for your help.

Jeff P.

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Over the weekend we installed a new Exchange 2016 server running on a Server 2012 R2 Std VM (through Hyper-V) and connected all of our workstations running Outlook 2010 to it. They stay connected for awhile (maybe an hour or two) but then go to "Trying to connect." The really strange thing is, OWA works, email on phones works and connecting a computer outside of our network to Exchange through Outlook seems to stay connected fine.

DNS checks out fine and resolves like it should. We can ping and browse to the Exchange server fine.

Strange but I get several "Search" errors in the event log when it seems to stop. (Event ID 3036 the content source cannot be accessed) as well as Event ID 35 - Failed to determine if the store is in the crawl scope.

I am at a loss right now so any help would be appreciated!

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I had a 20 minutes downtime of my Exchange Server 2010 and during these 20 mins no one received a mail and I know that there were emails sent to us. Is it normal that if the exchange server is down, the emails sent to our domain are not received or stored anywhere?
I checked with the Tracker Logger Explorer and no emails are logged in those 20 mins (and i am sure that there was suppose to receive).

Is it normal that MS Exchange looses the email when the server is down, or is there some kind of setting which is missing?


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We had a server die and had to move the virutal servers to a new vm host. brought up the servers now Exchange2010 server will not communicate with the PDC. Ran the dcdiag tool and output it to a file which is attached. Email has been down for 12 hours now! Any help would be great!

A:Exchange 2010 server not communicating with Operations Master

This may sound dumb, but did you check to make sure your network card is still programmed with the static info it had before? We've had issues when moving virtual pc to a new host where the original network connection was "hidden" because it was on new hardware.

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my school just did an update on the exchange server... now i have to use outlook to check my mail.. it is very slow... only a 56 k line,, i know the switch speed will be updated next year... but in the past i have been able to use oe as my mail client... now i cant because as far as i can see, the set up allows only for internet mail... is there any way to set up oe to use the exchange server... did i confuse yall.. anyway.. please help.. thanks

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I am trying to setup Microsoft Outlook 2010 with Exchange Server 2003, but I ve run into some problems. Normally I access the mail from mail.pi.ac.ae.

Below are some screenshots that show the error i get when i try to sign in.

After I setup the whole account, I restarted outlook. From then onwards whenever I try to open outlook it gives me this error.

After I click OK, it leads me to this window, you can see my account settings here.

When I click OK i get this error.

If i change any settings in the account settings .. and click APPLY then i get this message and Outlooks closes by itself.

The strange thing is that these same setting work just fine with the Email Client in my Nokia Smartphone

A:How to setup Microsoft Outlook 2010 with Exchange Server 2003

Have you used Outlook in this manner before prior to going to Outlook 2010? There are additional settings that need to be configured for RPC over HTTP if that is the way you were connecting before. If it was POP or IMAP you need to configure your connection that way.

Setup for RPC over HTTP. I think you have to do the initial setup from in the office.

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I was wondering if there is a soulution to this issue, if anybody has any ideas please let me know thank you

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I am receiving errors when trying to add a Microsoft Exchange account to Outlook 2011 for Mac. I am running Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. The HUB\CAS servers for the EWS both have the Basic Authentication enabled. Below are the steps I have completed:

Setting up Exchange Email Account with Autodiscover

After setting it up with autodiscover I receive the below error message:
I made sure that my user name and password were correct 4 different times and kept receiving this message.

Below is an image of the advanced properties of the exchange account in Outlook 2011. The Microsoft Exchange Server and Active Directory Server prefix are both the same (https://domain.org) and the Microsoft Exchange directory path ends with .asmx
At one point, Outlook 2011 connected to the Exchange Server 2010 and downloaded my entire email box. It was syncing and said Connected to "Exchange Name", while the Mac was connected to the wireless network inside the building. Of course, the email is not going to work outside the building on a different wireless connection, unless there was a VPN connection.

Why is Outlook 2011 for Mac cutting in and out of the exchange server? Any ideas?

A:Solved: Outlook 2011 Connection Issue with Exchange Server 2010

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Does anyone know how to turn off the "Exchange Server Auto-Sync Logs - Turn Off"?


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Our Exchange 2010 server Mailbox server was installed on Windows Server 2008 R2. Recently, we completed a patch update on the Server with below patch.
After the patch installed, outlook user on this Mailbox server had slow response.
We monitor the RPC preformance and checked the 
Client(_Total)\RPC Average Latency  is keeping more than 100
MSExchangeIS\RPC Averaged Latency is keeping more than 20. Sometime is 50.
After we remove the patch. The preformance seems resume normal.
I checked the update known issue had no relate mention on my issue.
We would like to install the security update and we want to know which update is the root cause on the server performance.
Does someone face the same issue?
Or someone already get the solution?
Any idea will be appreciate.

Many Thanks,
Roy Chung

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This article provides an Exchange 2000 deployment case scenario for an imaginary company called Coho Vineyard, which guides you through the following six steps of an Exchange deployment:

Create a detailed deployment plan.
Begin a successful deployment of Microsoft Windows® 2000.
Prepare Active Directory® directory service and Exchange directories.
Install your first Exchange 2000 server.
Upgrade the information stores and other Exchange components.
Switch to Exchange native mode.
System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows XP

Adobe Acrobat 4.0 Reader




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SITUATION: The company uses Exchange for e-mail and has the Blackberry enterprise server as well. Users at the corporate level are all connected to the LAN and use Outlook on Exchange, while remote users have to get their mail via POP.

The user in this case is at a remote office where he is accessing his corporate mail using Outlook and POP. He just purchased a Blackberry through Verizon and wants to set it up for use with his corporate e-mail account. The Corporate E-mail administrator has said that in order for this to happen, the user must VPN to the Corporate LAN and set up Outlook to get mail from the exchange server.

This would all be pretty straightforward except the user in this case needs to keep local copies of all his correspondence. There is a 50MB limit on the user mailboxes in the Exchange server and all sent mail over 60 days old is deleted. This user would fill up his 50MB limit in less than three days, and due to the legally binding nature of most of his correspondence, any deletion at all is out of the question.

QUESTION: What is the simplest, most straightforward way for a user to configure Outlook to an exchange server, set it to make a local copy of all correspondence, then import (or archive) his existing 1.5GB PST folder (from 4 years of POP mail) so that all of his current and historical correspondence is preserved?

A:Question aboutOutlook migration from POP to Exchange & Blackberry Enterprise

It is acceptable for the solution to be a little complex to implement as long as it is simple to use going forward.

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Has anybody had any issues syncing and/or updating your Blackberry OS under Windows 7? I'm thinking about putting 7 on my (old) laptop but I thought I had read something on crackberry.com that said that Win7 and Blackberry Desktop Manager didn't play well together. So, who's running Win7 and a Blackberry? Which version of Desktop Manager are you using?


A:Blackberry users?

Windows7 with BB Desktop 4.7 and a Bold. Works fine for all normal things like synchronization. The only problem I've run into is updating the operating system on my Bold. Had to do it on a WindowsXP machine. I read it had to do with the USB driver in Windows7.

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In Exchange 2000, as in Exchange 5.5, a public folder is a storage container for messages or information shared among all users in your organization. Public folders can still contain different types of information, and they are still part of the information store that Exchange clients and Web browsers can access. Now, Microsoft Office 2000 and custom applications can also access Exchange public folder stores. You can open and save documents directly in the public folder stores.

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows XP

Microsoft Word 2000 or later



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When the meeting is opened as “this occurrence” or“Open this series”, the “Cancel” button is completely missing from the
ribbon. It shows me as the "Organizer", but only "Delete" is available.

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Good morning everyone,
So the other day something incredibly weird had occurred. I was receiving email normally on my phone, came into work, logged in, and began working on my trouble tickets. I noted that when I went back to Outlook to view an email, the email in particular was gone... and then all were gone. My folders, and emails within them, still remained the same. I attempted to research what on Earth happened but I haven't been able to find anything specific to my issue.
I'm using Outlook 2010 connected to an Exchange 2010 server for work. Outlook was setup as cached exchange mode but that has since been changed. The emails also disappeared from my phone's inbox too... it's as if everything was deleted and Exchange figured that's what it should be and synced everything that way. Deleting my OST didn't resolve or resync anything. I ran the scanpst tool on the ost file which reports 93 errors, but as I read the scanpst tool can't repair an OST and thus doesn't do anything.
Does Outlook have some sort of log that may explain what on Earth happened? I can't find any error messages or any other reasons for what may have happened. My view settings weren't changed, nothing has changed on my end. There is no spyware / malware installed on the PC as far as I can tell. No real issues in the Sync issues folder other than a Forms syncing issue which seems to be related to Exchange needing a patch (but can otherwise be ignored).
I will give you... Read more

A:Outlook 2010 / Exchange 2010 randomly deleted inbox email?

Are you the only person using that Exchange server who has this issue? Check with the IT department to see if they can recover the emails in your mailbox from the server. It's possible they recently did some maintenance on the mail server that caused this issue. That fact that both Outlook and your phone are having this issue points to this being an Exchange server problem, as Outlook uses autodiscover and MAPI while your phone uses ActiveSync to connect to the server.
Do you have access to your email using Outlook Web Access? If so, log in and see if the emails are there. If not, it's definitely a server issue.
If your mail is still on the server, one thing you could try is re-enabling the cached Exchange mode, saving the change, and then restarting Outlook. The last thing to try is to delete the email account profile and recreate it. Make sure to get the proper settings from IT if you don't already have them -- although since you are using Exchange and autodiscover, that's usually just a case of entering your username and password when you recreate it.

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Hi folks,
I am just currently returning to the process of learning to program in C# after about three months away while I was fighting with my laptop's hard drive replacement. I do need some input here though since I'd really like to not mess this up. I have Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2010 installed, and knowing that that uses SQL server Express 2008, can I be expected to install SQL Server 2008 Express R2 as well so that I can take full advantage of all of the C# tutorials and books I have which all teach you to use that? I know that the processes used for the contact manager aren't standard SQL server processes, but if anyone has any input, that'd really be appreciated.


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i am mail merging (word 2010 and excel 2010 database).

when i choose to send the messages as HTML, all is good.

when i choose to send text or attachment - i get this security warning. even after pressing "allow" - nothing happens. (nothing = no trace of messages in outbox and no mail sent)

i know that: "If you choose a format other than HTML, an Outlook message may inform you that a program is trying to access e-mail addresses and send e-mail. This message is a security measure designed to protect against viruses that replicate through e-mail. To continue with the merge, select the Allow access for check box in the security warning dialog box, and then select the amount of time that you need to complete the merge. Click Yes. If you are prompted again, continue to click Yes until the merge is complete."

thank you very much!!!!

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise , 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6600 @ 2.40GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 6
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2045 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA Quadro FX 3450/4000 SDI, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 50006 MB, Free - 27905 MB; E: Total - 102577 MB, Free - 102479 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc. , 0DN075, , ..CN708217847009.
Antivirus: Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Updated and Enabled

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Afternoon all,

I have been asked to set-up a test Exchange 2010 machine in order to test the Exchange ActiveSync system as an alternative to our existing Blackberry mobile email solution. We intend on using Window 7 phones to hook into our Exchange system
So, to this end I have installed the server and installed a commercial SSL certificate. I have migrated a single mailbox across to the new server. I can access that mailbox quite happily in OWA and in desktop Outlook , all seems fine from that front.

I have a problem with the Exchange ActiveSync element though.

No matter what settings I use I cannot get the mobile phone to sync with the server.

The error I am getting is "You'll need a personal certificate to connect to mail.example.co.uk. Error code 85030027"

Now, my limited understanding[1] of our set-up is that we should not need personal certificates. The Exchange ActiveSync system is set to use Basic Authentication which should just be a plaintext username/password combination over SSL.

We've never needed to use EAS before, so I haven't done any further set-up other then accept the defaults. The handset is on our own internet wifi network so we should not need to worry about ensuring we can SSL traffic forwarded from the external IP to the internal machine at this point.

For reference I can access the OWA page under SSL and the certificate looks ok. If I manually visit the full path specified as the EAS URL then I get a username and pass... Read more

A:Exchange 2010 and Exchange ActiveSync

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We are currently running blackberry enterprise server at our company for about 90 blackberry's. We run exchange to manage our e-mails.. The problem is if you are a Domain Admin as I am you cannot send e-mails from the blackberry. You get a red X when trying to send from the device. Is anyone aware of a fix for this??? Or has anyone had the same problem?? thanks alot!!!!Edit: Moved topic from XP to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Bes - Blackberry Enterprise Server

Any admins available that can help???

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Hi all,

i've been told by numerous people that it can be done, but Blackberry won't offer support on it :rolleyes: Big deal!

Currently it sits on its own on a dual xeon 3GHz, 4Gb ram server, which seems like a waste. That why i want to shift it to a Pentium D 3GHz, 2Gb ram pc running XP Pro. The pc does little else so processing wise it should be ok to handle it.

Does anyone have any experience with migrating or just plain installing BES 4.1 on a pc with xp pro then?


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I upgraded a server to a domain controller and now the blackberry manager says that it is unable to connect to the database! HELP HELP HELP

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Hello, hope that I am sending this to the correct board. I just bought a Blackberry and, would like to use my netscape email account. Called Netscape and since this email account goes back to the late 80's and is free, they would not provide me with this ifnormation. The tech rep, suggested that I go out to a message board and acquire this info.
If anyone can supply this info it would be great.

Thank You!!

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A number emails I have received are appearing with a blank email body on Outlook 2010. When I check my email using Webmail or with my Blackberry, I can see the complete message, but it does not appear on Outlook. I know there are a lot of other users having this issue, and I have searched for hours on the internet trying every suggestion I could find, but none of them have worked. Here's what I have tried so far:
Changed font in "stationery & fonts" --> composing and reading plain text messages --> from "Automatic" to black.
Completely removed Antivirus (both with Windows - remove program and with McAfee tool to remove virus software)
Started Outlook in safe mode - message still appears blank (even when I re-send from webmail)
Did a "clean re-boot", message still appears blank (even when I re-send from Webmail)
Archived messages over 1 year old, still appears blank
added "SaveAllMIMENotJustHeader" to regedit
Created new Outlook profile - message still appears blank

This has happened in the past with at least 2 different senders. I have re-sent myself the email using webmail (moving to another folder, then back to inbox, thne hitting "send & receive" again) and every time the message still appears blank, even though I can see the full message using webmail. I can't figure out what the problem is. Can anyone help me?!

Thanks in advance!

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Our IT people have been very good with syncing our employees iPhones with our web server email, but they are having an issue with my blackberry. My email is set up as a Pop3 and I have tried everything I can think of in terms of setting up my phone. My other email accounts through Comcast set up in just a few seconds. Is there a good step-by-step guide out there for this process? We do not have the Blackberry server software, but I was told that isn't necessary for this basic syncing of email. I've tried as work around by having my Outlook 2003 on my laptop(which works fine in terms of syncing with the server) to forward emails to a new comcast account that my phone could access. This doesn't seem to work and it has some faults to the whole idea of connecting. I assume my laptop would have to be on for this to work. I'm out of my league here and am desperate for help. Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Outlook web server and Blackberry sync

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Hi I was using Microsoft office for Home student with my Windows7.  Recently my PC did and upgrade to windows10.   I am not able to activate the licence on offcie 2010 now.  Get the error "the product key has already been activated the maximum time permitted for your softwarre licence".  the product key was not provided to me but part of the original installation.  how do I go about activating office 2010 for Hoem students.


Hi: Is the activation problem message giving you an option to activate by phone? If so, click that option and follow the instructions to activate by phone. See this link for more info on how to activate by phone. https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Activate-Office-2010-1fe7340c-50e2-458f-8677-f57f5a140f46

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I have the Nextel version of the BlackBerry 8350i. My main office uses Microsoft Server 2003 and I am unsure of what email server they are using a this time. Our office (located a few blocks away) accesses our email from main server via Outlook Web Access, so we do not have direct email on our desktops, only via the server.

I have my Blackberry set up with my work email account. I receive everything. I sometimes can reply to internal emails and sometimes I can create an email on my blackberry and send it to an internal user. Most of the time it gets rejected at the server though....

This is the message I get (actual email I sent today):

To: Kelly
Subject: ?
Sent: Wed, 7 Oct 2009 16:56:07 -0400

did not reach the following recipient(s):

Kelly on Wed, 7 Oct 2009 16:59:17 -0400
The e-mail system was unable to deliver the message, but did not
report a specific reason. Check the address and try again. If it still
fails, contact your system administrator.
< smtp01.bis.na.blackberry.com #5.0.0 smtp; 5.1.0 - Unknown address
error 550-'5.7.1 Requested action not taken: message refused' (delivery
attempts: 0)>
Yes the email address I sent to is correct. I usually do not have issues sending emails to outside servers, only my work server. Nextel/Blackberry have been ZERO assistance. I cannot get my tech people who service our work computers to come up with a solution. Others have the blackberry and they are not reporting the same issues (but they are also from the ... Read more

A:Email server rejects Blackberry emails

Delete the address and reenter it, there is something that is NOT correct. You may have a comma instead of a period or something that simple.

One some of these devices it is very hard to see these errors.

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Can anyone help me with setting up this network layout with my Pix Firewall.
Network Layout : Pix > DMZ > ISA Server 2004 > Exchange Server 2003 + Users.

Pix outside IP Address :
Pix inside IP Address :
DMZ IP Addresss :
ISA Server outside IP :
ISA Server inside IP :

I've identified the interfaces IP Address and named all plus the following config:

global (outside) 1 interface

nat (inside) 1 0 0

nat (dmz) 1 0 0

conduit permit icmp any any

route outside 1

I can now access the internet from my ISA Server in the DMZ zone.
I am intending to put the ISA Server out on the DMZ to access the outside world with

static (dmz,outside) netmask 0 0

and then open all traffic to ISA with

access-list acl_out permit ip any host any
access-group acl_out in interface outside

then I’ll give ISA server access to the inside network with

access-list acl_dmz permit tcp eq 25
access-group acl_dmz in interface dmz

With the above commands, the first access-list acl_out was not accepted by pix plus the second access-list acl_dmz so if you could please share some light upon my configurations.


A:Setting up Pix 515E in front of ISA Server 2004 and Exchange Server 2003

Here, I scrapped your config. NAT bad/static bad/conduit bad/access-list bad.

no fixup protocol smtp
nameif int xxx outside security 0
nameif int xxx inside security 100
nameif int xxx dmz security 80
icmp permit any outside echo-reply
icmp permit any outside unreachable
icmp permit any inside
icmp permit any dmz
global (outside) 1 int
nat (inside) 1 32768 16483
route outside 1
static (inside,dmz)
static (dmz,outside) netmask << Can't have same IP as interface**
access-list internet permit tcp any host eq 80
access-list internet permit tcp any host eq 443
access-list internet permit tcp any host eq 25
access-list internet permit icmp any any eq echo
access-list internet permit icmp any any eq echo-reply
access-list internet permit icmp any any eq unreachable
access-list internet permit icmp any any eq source-quench
access-group internet in interface outside
access-list dmz permit ip host any << *Read note 1
access-group dmz in interface dmz
access-list inside permit ip any any
access-group inside in interface inside

The above config will nat to You can't static NAT an entire IP to the same as a global (your interface). You can only do this if you NAT specific ports.

The above config will allow internet to reach via TCP 80/443/25. I can only assume y... Read more

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when I install the disk it prompts me for the sonic activation module which isn't ON the disk that came in box. I can't uninstall all my Sonic stuff because I use it on the puter to make cd's so that option is out (I saw that a few times in posts here) Anyone know where online to go to find this download? I need it to fiddle with my media on my phone.

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We have a .NET web server hosted on NancyFx, that we are trying to keep working cross-platform between Windows 7 and 10. We recently migrated from HTTP to secure HTTPS, and there is a discrepancy. Looking from Chrome dev tools, our server running on Windows
7 is serving requests with TLS 1.0, while on Windows 10 it is using TLS 1.2. We have tried a number of instructions, published by Microsoft and others, but none of them had any effect:


The application targets .NET 4.0, but we are are currently running it on the latest .NET Framework installation 4.8. We know this had previously fixed issues with TLS support for our .NET client applications.

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Tonight I ran into my first Blackberry OS problem it had to do with themes (wallpaper) I had downloaded two themes from the Blackberry store and subsequently messed up the operating system they were from third-party sources as I found out I have only had this Blackberry for two weeks and messed it up twice oh well that is part of the learning process. If you work with something like I do every day with a computer its inevitable it's going to mess up the key is learning how to get out of it. Well I almost figured it out first I knew when I downloaded two themes through the Blackberry store and the phone did not work properly before that I downloaded a drive safe application and the phone worked fine so it was the themes. "In my mind I said okay how do I delete them so I went to the help on the phone and it told me to go to device options and say delete however device options does not exist the actual process is 1 go to options advanced options and under that applications and you will see a list of all the applications you have on the phone and you can delete them out of their this deletes them through the Blackberry device only. The third-party applications also screw up your desktop manager which wasn't working properly I found that interesting so the limitations of this current version of the operating system is the themes that work are the ones that come with the operating system and you take your chances with the ones you download. This operating system version i... Read more

A:Blackberry curve 8330 issues with Windows XP & Blackberry OS 4.50.138

Do a Manual Wipe of the Blackberry

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Hi, I administer an exchange 2000 server, which is tied to a win2k pdc, with several trusts. On a number of occasions I have come in in the AM and noticed that every user in every domain has their account locked out. I read on microsofts knowledge base where windows xp fast user switch can be guilty, but I dont have any xp machines on my network. A few times I have found that every user on SOME of the domains are locked out, leaving other domains largely unaffected, and on one occasion had approximately 30 % of my users locked out in random domains. My question is what can cause my entire user base to be simultaneously locked out?
Is my network being hacked?

Any light on the subject would be welcomed.

A:All users locked out of Exchange

I know Exchange 2000 is dependand on Active Directory and there might be a connection.

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Hi Guys,

My last business-network-related question didn't get any replies so I'm not sure if this is the place to go for questions like this but I'll ask anyway.

We have users using non-domain connected laptops when they travel, and they just talk to us through our VPN. They all have exchange-based email accounts. They can get to OWA (Outlook Web Access) just fine of course through the VPN, but when you set them up through Outlook they'll connect the first time (only by resolving the server's DNS name through you manually typing the IP of the exchange server), and everything's fine. Upon reconnecting to the VPN, or re-opening outlook though, we get a "cannot contact server" error. This is obviously a DNS problem I know, the computer decides it knows better than the IT administrator and says "don't worry bro I got this" and resolves a name in the outlook profile (type in 192.168.x.x, and it'll resolve to "myserver"), only to look up that same name ("myserver") later with no response (so it can't look up the corresponding IP again).

I've tried to manually set the DNS lookups on the VPN connection, and even the wireless adapter connection itself with no luck.

How can I get this laptop to start resolving "myserver" to it's IP? This seems like such a retardedly easy fix but I'm a bit stumped and a bit tired of playing with it so maybe someone here has the quick answer. Thanks guys

A:Outlook Exchange users over VPN

Nevermind, found the answer. Can't believe I didn't remember to do this.

Force Outlook 2007/2010 to use IP Address for Exchange Server instead of host name - Server Fault

I'll keep this thread up in case any other people ever run into this.

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As e-mail messaging continues to grow in both volume and business importance, organizations are looking for new options to manage future demand in a reliable and cost-effective way. One option is to build a messaging strategy based on advanced technologies available in Microsoft® Windows Server™ 2003 and Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. This article discusses strategies for server consolidation using Exchange 2003
System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP

The file is a Microsoft Word 2000 document. Users who do not have Microsoft Word can view this document through the downloadable Word 97/2000 Viewer.



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is there a way i can get a list with all the users login time, log off time, and all the info?

A:windows 2000 server/exchange server

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I hate the he say she say thing. I have a tech who claims to have set up a user phone with an outlook app. Then i have a user who claims that never happened.

Is there exchange logs that shows when a mobile phone successfully connects to the exchange and time?

I hate taking sides without facts.

Exchange 2013
Outlook app for andriod

Thank you

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