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Y700-15ISK sound issues: high pass filter on the stereo speakers and the annoying subwoofer echo

Q: Y700-15ISK sound issues: high pass filter on the stereo speakers and the annoying subwoofer echo

Hi Lenovo and everyone, I have two issues with the sound of my Y700-15ISK:I.When any Realtek driver is installed that includes support for the subwoofer, a high pass filter is applied on the main stereo speakers, making sound poorer and more mono-like, especially with enhanced bass using an equalizer.(High pass filter removes low bass frequencies from the main stereo speakers.)(When the default Microsoft driver is installed that does not have subwoofer support, no high pass filter is applied on the main stereo speakers.)Is there a way to disable the high pass filter? I would like bass to come from the main stereo speakers as well. I see no such option on any of the available GUIs, is there such an option from a Command Line Interface?If there is no such option currently, could you put this option in a subsequent driver release, or simply remove the high pass filter from the driver?If you do not have the resources to do so, could you enable us to modify the driver source code and create a custom driver without high pass filter? I am sure the community would love the enhanced music coming from this and similar laptops using the updated driver.(Win 10 or Win7) II.Only on Win7:Subwoofer is out of sync with the main stereo speakers resulting in echo.Happens using Lenovo's Win7 64-bit, Win10 64-bit, and Realtek's generic driver as well. Could you guys fix this? Does anyone have a solution for these? Thanks,Andras

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Preferred Solution: Y700-15ISK sound issues: high pass filter on the stereo speakers and the annoying subwoofer echo

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I have problems with the audio on this laptop.Sometimes the speakers stop working and the sound comes only from subwoofer. After restart the problem will be gone but it will happen again after some time.Anyone faced this problem on this laptop. I'm using the latest drivers from Realtek. Regards,

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Hello,I have a problem with sound -  hearing echo, which is caused by internal subwoofer. Disabling all sound effects (Control Panel > Sound > Playback, Speakers, Properties > Enhancements) solves the problem, but I also get lower sound quality (subwoofer gets disabled, lower volume, etc). Is there any way to solve it? I am using Windows 7 64bit with latest driver from Lenovo website.Sound quality was perfect when I was using Windows 10, but I just dont like them so Im sticking with 7.

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Within the last 2 weeks or so, Whenever I shut my laptop, which makes it sleep, the speakers, but not the sub, stop working when windows resumes. Any ideas? I have done a virus scan. The RealTek audio driver has been updated as well.

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There is a full article on this at http://www.geektech.co.nz/high-performance-nvme-ssd-capped-at-pcie-2-0-speeds-y700 I have just purchased a Samsung SM961 SSD which is capable of reading up to 3GB/s. I could confirmed at the SSD speed is capped at about 1.6GB/s on Lenovo Y700-15ISK. Lenovo please release a BIOS update to unlock NVMe SSD speed.

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For the past few weeks now this annoying echoy sound will play through my speakers every so often numerous times a day. Is there any way to track down certain sounds? Has anybody had this issue?

A:Annoying Echo Sound Every 40-60 Minutes?

Hard to say with your limited information. But, I would suspect some open program, maybe in the Notification area, is causing it.

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I just upgraded my HP dv7-1135ea from Vista to Windows 7 RC and the speakers are not producing sound, only the reflex subwoofer at the base of the laptop is producing sound.

Is there something I can do to get the speakers working? While installing Windows 7, the installation complained of a compatibility issue with Quick Launch Buttons, could this be the reason for the abnormal behaviour and what can I do to rectify this?

Please help.


A:No Sound from speakers only from reflex subwoofer

Hi, greeneggsam, The OP was made on the 28th of may, I would call that some patience.

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Hello, when ever i play a song... well any sound really and it ends or gets paused my speakers echos im pretty sure it has something to do with the speakers environment settings but im not sure how to get into it i NEED TO SET IT TO NONE D:

A:[SOLVED] Speakers echo at end of Any sound....

have u gone into control panel> sounds and Audio Devices> sounds/ Audio?

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I was referred to this forum from: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic220249-30.htmlRecently my speakers havent been giving off any sound. I went to Control Panel>Sounds and audio devices>Voice>Test Hardware and noticed the Playback volume was all the way down. After bringing it back up I got my sound back but now my speakers give off a echo with every sound. Like its being played in a hall or something. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Speakers give off Echo sound. Help!!

Sounds like a feedback problem with the microphone. Switch off the mic and see if that helps.

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Hi all this is my first post here..

First of all I have an Acer 5943G model laptop. I have a weird issue since yesterday when I upgraded from Windows 7 to 10. Everything is working fine except that all sound is coming from the subwoofer speaker beneath the laptop instead of the R L speakers above the keyboard.

I have downloaded and updated the latest Realtek HD Audio drivers etc and have gone through the sound settings time and time again to ensure that everything is right. Everything is indeed right in the settings so I really don't know what else I can do to be able to fix this problem. I know this is not a hardware issue because the speakers were working fine on Windows 7.

I have also plugged in my headphones to test the sound that way and it works as it should, I do get stereo sound on my headphones.

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated as I really don't know how to fix this after spending hours on it. Thanks in advance.

A:Laptop sound coming from subwoofer instead of RL speakers.

Check to see if the PC came with any Sound Enhancement, such as Dolby, SoundBlaster MB, etc. Could be one of those is not Windows 10 compatible and causing the problem, or may just a configuration.

One other thing you can try, even though you downloaded the Realtek. Go to the Device Manager, RIGHT click on the Realtek sound entry to highlight it and then LEFT click "Uninstall". DO NOT uninstall the drivers. Restart the PC and when Windows starts it will detect and reinstall the sound. This fixes a lot of problems and may take care of yours.

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Hi all this is my first post here..

First of all I have an Acer 5943G model laptop. I have a weird issue since yesterday when I upgraded from Windows 7 to 10. Everything is working fine except that all sound is coming from the subwoofer speaker beneath the laptop instead of the R L speakers above the keyboard.

I have downloaded and updated the latest Realtek HD Audio drivers etc and have gone through the sound settings time and time again to ensure that everything is right. Everything is indeed right in the settings so I really don't know what else I can do to be able to fix this problem. I know this is not a hardware issue because the speakers were working fine on Windows 7.

I have also plugged in my headphones to test the sound that way and it works as it should, I do get stereo sound on my headphones.

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated as I really don't know how to fix this after spending hours on it.
Thanks in advance.

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Hello All, I have several issues with my Y700-15ISK. I have the latest BIOS (CDCN35NWW or something from 2016/03/29) (in EUFI mode). The latest one, before all BIOS updates in connection with Y700 15ISKi disappeared from the Lenovo sites. I mostly use the latop with an external monitor via HDMI. Sometimes (I could not find a rule when) it starts to display red dots over the screen. If it is 3D graphics it moves along with the texture. You can see screenshots in the link below. The second problem is that the display goes black at random times and then it comes back after a 1-2 seconds. It is like when you change the resolution. The 3rd problem is when the BIOS is in EUFI mode sometimes I get a VGA error 43 in the Windows Device Manager. The system tells me that it had problems with the device and disabled it completely. The solution for this is to reset the BIOS back to factory defaults and reconfigure it to the desired state. This is jus ta workaround because this problem can occur also totally random. I've tested my external display with my other laptop Lenovo T440s with DisplayPort to HDMI converter and the same HDMI cable. Never experienced any problems. Tried Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 64 bit systems and all the Chipset, and VGA drivers which came out since then (provided by both Lenovo and Nvidia). Pictures of the screen:https://1drv.ms/f/s!AmvQYqr8ukT-gYg6a85wd6zmvNESxw Could you help me identify the core of the problem?  Tha... Read more

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So, one recently my Lenovo Solution Center is giving me this error telling me something isn't working. Here's the error code: Result Code: WVC003002-UL7VON. Is this affecting my gaming? Because I haven't been able to run newer games all too well. And this computer has a 970m. That's somewhat new. Secondly, the computer has been running really slow recently, and not being very responsive. It'll freeze from time to time, or it won't work. Like I tried to open my windows search on windows 10, but it just wouldn't let me. Same with the Lenovo Center. I had to completely shut it down, and relaunch it for it to open it up. Thirdly, a question. How do I turn off the little pop-up thing when I turn on caps lock or num lock. I don't need a notification to tell me I pressed it, I know I pressed it. Thanks. And sorry for so much in one thread. This laptop is somewhat bother-some.

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I recently bought this laptop and I have two problems:1. Especially when the screen is black, there is a green light on the upper part of the screen. I don't know what causes it maybe a led or something is installed badly (it's a 5 cm² area). Should I take it back and ask for a new one?2. This problem is related to scaling. When it is set to 100%, everything is small but crystal clear. When at 150%, everything looks normal but some apps like Steam, BitTorrent... are blurry like they were just zoomed on. Reinstalling windows and drivers should solve this? Simply reinstalling drivers didn't help.Thanks!

A:Lenovo Y700-15ISK screen issues

I don't know anything about your first problem (it may be a hardware problem), but I do know something about the second. Some programs (Steam, for example) aren't made for high-dpi screens. for these programs that appear blurry, right click on their icon (on the desktop), and click properties. Under the compatibility tab, check "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings". This should work after you restart the program.

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So, i've checked out my new y700 and detected that built-in subwoofer does not work.So i got here ( http://support.lenovo.com/ua/en/products/Laptops-and-netbooks/IdeaPad-Y-Series-laptops/y700-touch-15...), downloaded latest driver and got it working, BUT instead got my mic not working.edit : nevermind, seems like headset finally gave up right when i were installing the driver. Same occur's at other devices. Funny coinsidence. 

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Hello, I have purchased the Lenovo Y700 15ISK but it has few issues1. When i turn it on, the power and keyboard light appears and suddently it shutdown and upon hitting the power button again turns the laptop on. Please help me how can i solve this issue.2. The laptop doesn't hibernate although i have turned on windows hibernate option. Upon hibernate, the blank screen appears, no hibernation processing even before closing. Please help me solve these power related issues.

A:Y700 15ISK - Power related issues, Hibernation pro...

Check if these fixes your issue 1.Download ACPI driver from here and install it...restart2.Go to power options->on left tab click->choose what power buttons do->change settings that are unavaibale->untick windows fast startup->click ok...3.Download latest bios from here and install reboot and check this will definitely solve problems....  CheersKamal

Ask any questions or Doubts,Always ready to help.... Dont forget to click kudos if i have helped you

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Recently faced with some problems: while using touchpad, mouse pointer suddenly jumps to another place. Another problem is sound glitches(stuttering) and looks like it happens at the same time when the touchpad glitches. I've already tried to update drivers but problem still exists. Any solutions ? 

A:Y700-15ISK Touchpad and sound glitches(stuttering)

Hi Dima,
Welcome to the Lenovo community!
Try updating the BIOS, then do a reset factory default on the BIOS. Also after you deactivate the touchpad, does the mouse cursor moves if you try using the touchpad?
Click here for better understanding.
Also, Check your DPC latencies using this for choppy sounds: http://www.thesycon.de/deu/latency_check.shtml
Let us know how you get on.
Tap that kudos button if I helped  If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! 

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Hi I want to know if I can get surround sound with my SB Live and two sets of stereo speakers. How?
And is there a way I can use all 4 speakers and only 1 transformer?

A:Surround sound with stereo speakers

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I recently purchased an inexpensive sound card. However, it's a 5.1 card, and I only have stereo desktop speakers. I really don't want to splurge, and the El-Cheapo card didn't come with anything but drivers. Anyone know how I can make the sound card output in stereo as opposed to 5.1.

Note. This is WIndows 2000. I may or may not have posted in the wrong forum (may be a windows issue)

A:Using stereo speakers with a 5.1 sound card

I have windows xp but the way to do this should be the same. Go to control panel, then go to sounds and device. There should be an option for speaker settings there. click on advanced and then change your speaker set up. hopefully this will solve your problem. :wave:

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I have a pair of stereo speakers, and because of the length of the power cord, and the length of of the 3.5mm jack cable, switching the speakers around is impossible. When I put headphones into the headphone jack in the left (or right channel) speaker, the channels are restored to their proper place. Now every time, as a result, every guy trying to murder me on the right sounds like they're on the left.

I have a Realtek sound driver, and no idea what sound card I have.

A:Stereo speakers sound reversed

Sounds like an inexpensive electrical extension cord would solve this ...

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Specs:Lenovo Y700 15ISK with Intel Core i5-6300HQ/8GB/1.0TB/NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960MNVMe SSD:  *MZVPV128HDGM-00000, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA12K3FG3514BIOS settings all default, just Secure boot and UEFI is on. Tried lots of BIOS settings but none on them help with issues.WINDOS 10 PRO 64-bit. Laptop works like a charm with only one HDD. but when I configure and install windows on SM951 NVME 128gb m.2 ssd (SATA cable unplugged for HDD) laptop  with installed identical updates as on HDD it  can't restart/sthudown/ sleep on NVME ssd.. Anyone had any similar issues with M.2 SSD install ? I use GPT on both drives (Clean it with DISKPART) and also GPT to UEFI install on Rufus 2.7. The only strange thing to me that alone laptop with HDD performs as it should with identical drivers installed, but when I plug M.2 SSD it get read speeds of ~1660MB/s but i'ts annoying as hell when I can't restart/shutdown/sleep.. I have option to use only HDD, but then i sooo slow, even my old acer from 2012 with SSD works faster than Y700 with HDD... This solution didin't helped aswell as power option settings etc... "Thank you for your help. I have fixed the issue by reseting defaults in the bios menu. and reininstalling energy manager and lenovo utility. I learned this from another forum .quote:Turn off the pc and use the Novo key (item 5 page 6) to launch novo menu and choose BIOS set up.The Exit tab in ... Read more

A:Lenovo y700 15ISK sleep issues with SM951 M.2 NVMe...

You might want to wait till BIOS v30 before you call it fixed.

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I have a real issue with my new hp notebook 17 - windows 10. I work with playbacks and sequences and I got this new laptop to play them using both stereo channels (Left and Right). The problem is tha the output from my laptop is NOT STEREO there's some left in the right channel and there is some right sound in the left channel.... THIS A BIG PROBLEM! Can anybody help me solve this issue? This is an urgent matter for me.... HELP Please! I already use an USB Audio Card, download the latest audio drivers, anything any forum has try and that didnt solve the problem! It is unthinkable that I can use stereo output in a laptop, specially when that was the main reasin I got it! My specs>Win 10 - 64bitsAMD A6-6310 APU4Gb RAM8130 25.12 System board Realtek High Definition AudioRTKVHD64.sys version driver My hp comes with DTS Studio Sound (if that helps... Some forums propose an uninstall of this "enhacement" as a solution but This can't be uninstalled) Thanks! Juan 

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Using an analog stereo connection cable, a main USB connector and (Headphone) via high definition as default playback device, I want to use Stereo mix (Which is enabled and supposedly working, not muted and up to date) to play sounds in Skype calls. I checked out the recording devices and the green bars for stereo mix are not moving when sound is playing.

My friend on the other hand has the same head set using the same analog stereo cable and playback settings, but is able to play sounds in the Skype call.

A:Stereo Mix Via High Definition not picking up sound.

Doing some research on that motherboard, I see it has RealTek HD Audio.

I'm not sure exactly what you are hooking up. "Using an analog stereo connection cable, a main USB connector and (Headphone)". Can you explain a little more on exactly what you have?

With a mix of analog conections and USB it can be a problem (I have a recording studio and use both).

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The big overarching problem is that I'm not hearing voices coming out of my center channel when there should be voices coming out of my center channel. For example, when playing DiRT 2 there is clearly an icon showing that someone is talking to me, but I can't hear them. This also happens during Left 4 Dead 2's intro movie, lots of ambient sound effects and music but no dialog. Odd.

I think this is being caused by a larger problem though. My motherboard is a Gigabyte 790XTA-UD4 running Realtek audio drivers and a Logitech THX 5.1 surround system plugged into the line in jacks on said mobo. Here's what's happening:
The audio manager clearly indicates when I plug in the subwoofer/center channel, rear speakers etc, but when I do the audio test I only get sound from my left and right channels.
I tried hooking up my speakers to my SPDIF out, but I get no sound at all when conducting the speaker test. The cable is good, so that's not the problem. Unlike the line in inputs, there is no indication whatsoever that I have plugged in an optical device which seems odd to me. The red light is on in the SPDIF out port which means it should be working correct?
Same deal with the coax output. No sound or indication that anything has been plugged in.
Here's where it gets more odd. When I play my games the sound comes from all speakers. All 5.1, except for the utter lack of voices from the center channel even though I can hear other sound coming from the c... Read more

A:5.1 speakers only delivering stereo sound. Could this be part of a larger problem?

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Hi Everybody I have Y700 ISK, After updating Windows 10 Home Edition to Anniversary Update I have this issues:1 - After running a Game and "Exiting" it, The Display becomes Black. It seems the Laptop hangs becuase nothing works. The only applicable action is rebooting it by using Power button.2-Sometimes I get BSOD about BAD_POOL_HEADER out of the blue. I did following tasks for troubleshooting but nothing was solved:1- Updated Intel,nVidia drivers to the latest version which were provided by their website.2- Updated Intel,nVidia drivers to the versions which were provided by Lenovov3- Updated BIOS to the latest version4- Re-install Windows from Scratch by using my Recovery USB Stick5- Perform RAM test by Windows6- Update every single driver in device manager to the latest available version which Microsoft suggests. The BSOD problem was not happen for two/three days but Black Screen Case happens a lot, since I play Games a lot.Another thing which I noticed is when Windows boot is finished and I see the login page of Windows. I can see the display becomes black and becomes normal again( a short blink). I did not see this behavior before.One problem is I don't have my previuos recovery USB stick which was for Windows 10 before Anniversary update. So I cannot roll back my Windows version to before Anniversary update. Can anyone help me what should I do?

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I used stereo mix to play music on skype, and it didn't echo to my headphones, my friends didn't hear they voices and noises, music was clear. Now when i'm using it I can hear a lot of noisy echos with that sound my ears is blowing, friends hear they voices, noisy sounds and no music. How to fix this? :I

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So i just bought in my two car subwoofers becuase its getting cold out.
I have a kenwood av reciever and hooked up the subs to my home theater.
Thinking that it would be a good use and keep my subs running.
But its not providing the right power that i want.
Is there anyway i can hook up a amp to the av reciever or anyway possible.
Alot would be appriciated.

A:Car subwoofer to home stereo system.

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Hey, many people have a problem, when recording Pc games, and want to record sound for games, well stereo mix records it, but if you turn up the sound, it echoes and makes white noise, well i have a fix! all you have to do is........

1.Go to the sound Icon and right click it, then click recording devices.

2. Right click Stereo Mix and go on properties.

3. Go to levels and turn it down to 0

4. Record your game, music, and it should be fine!

A:Stereo Mix Echo + White Noise When Recording Fix!

Why dont you turn your MIC off?

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I have no audio, but when I go to (right-click sound icon in tray) --> Playback Devices --> Playback tab --> right click "Speakers / Headphones Realtek High Definition Audio" --> Configure, then in Speaker Setup dialog:
* If I select Quadraphonic in the "Audio channels" list, I hear sound for the RL (rear-left) and RR (rear-right) speakers, with my stereo speakers plugged into the black jack in back. I cannot get sound when testing the regular L and R speakers in Quadraphonic mode; I've tried all 5 jacks.
* When I select Stereo, then clicking L or R speaker icon to test results in no sound, again no matter which of the 5 jacks i plug my stereo speakers into.
* So the only way I have sound is in Quadraphonic mode, but only for the back speakers. Therefore I cannot hear regular stereo output from applications, such as Youtube in Chrome.
This seems like a bug, or a highly unintuitive aspect of Realtek's or Dell's software at best. Any ideas on how to solve? (Beside buying full surround sound speakers)

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Hi All.

We have some very odd speakers here.
We've been having problems with them for a while, but they have gotten to a point where we can't even listen to YouTube videos anymore.

A year ago I noticed I had 'moody' speakers. Sometimes they would work fine, but the next day they could they would have an odd 'echo' effect. The sound would play, but the words are very faint, so it just plays the audio of a track, but no words. It sounds sorta creepy. It didn't happen all the time, so I let it go.

Now recently we can hardly get it to work at all. If we play a song that is just music, it works quite good. But when we play a song off Youtube or on WMP it sounds weird. I don't even know how to explain it. I made a video of what it sounds like on YouTube. This video has people talking. It's an Ipad 2 ad.
How To Fix Our Speakers?! - YouTube

If it does work, you have to be careful you don't move or bump the computer otherwise it will turn off.

I have been trying the 'turn off, turn on' speaker trick. Which HAD been working. But now it doesn't work anymore.

I also had the same problem on My own computer in my room. But that's because the green cord at the back was out. But with this computer the green cord is in perfectly.

The Sound problem is worse on YouTube videos than WMP.
The Sound works perfectly on my earphones. Just instrumental or songs with lyrics. So It is a speaker issue.

A:Annoying Sound Issue, Very 'Moody' Speakers

If it is ONLY a speaker issue, the first thing to do is "reseat" (unplug then plug back in) all the connectors associated with the speaker system - the connection(s) to the computer and the internal connections between the speakers.

Since the speaker system in your computer room works OK, move that system to the problem computer and hook them up to that computer and see how they work.

What kind of speakers do you have? 2.1 system, just two stereo speakers, a 5.1 surround sound system? and what is brand and model number of the speakers?

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Hey, I'm getting some sort of feedback from my speakers. It seems to only happen when there is no music/sound playing. Where does this come from? Is my sound card picking up feedback from moving parts inside the box? Is there a conflict with the onboard sound device (if so, how do I disable this or even check to see which one is "running the show")?

Things I did since the last time I can remember not hearing feedback:

Upgraded motherboard ASUS A7N8X Deluxe
Added wireless headphones (nice ones from Sony - about $180 - but not sure of the model)
Upgraded to WinXP Pro from 2000

Anyone out there have ANY ideas?

A:High pitched sound from speakers?

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Please helpmy lenovo y700 Subwoofer not working but speakers are working fine, laptop is just 2 months old and running on windows 10.Recently i downloaded realtek driver for windows 10 from lenovo official site.Please help. 

A:lenovo y700 Subwoofer not working

Are you sure it's not working?   I thought the same when i bought mine new, but i was wrong.   It's only a 3watt sub so its barely noticable in my opinion. There is an area where you can control the volume level of the 2 speakers and the sub.  Make sure those are both up.  Speaker Properties-->Levels

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Hi, community.  i've just bought a Lenovo y700 and it is only a day old. I was playing music and noticed  that the subwoofer doesn't seem to play anything. To prove this. I went to realtek properties and disabled the front speakers leaving the subwoofer on 100 and turned on realtek audio up to 100. When I replayed music, there was no sound at all. I've seen another thread of this problem with the Y700, but there was no solution. I've tried installing the realtek audio driver on the support page for the Y700, but that didn't do anything.Any suggestions?Thank you for any assistance.

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Hello i own a Lenovo Ideapad Y700 15ACZ for 3 weeks now.  But the subwoofer is definitly not working. Since it came out of the factory it did not work.I reinstalled drivers from lenovo support page and have Dolby installed and latest Realtek drivers. Is this a harware fault? or is it something else?I can also see in sound->playback devices->speakers (realtek high definition device)  an internal subwoofer slider. This has 0% impact when set to zero or fully enabled. ?? Can someone help me please? (In dolby i can't change anything only an equalizer.  

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I hear a really high pitched sound coming from my computer, specifically my PSU.
I can only hear it from certain angles, but it is really annoying after a long time of putting up with it. How do i diagnose where the sound is coming from and if it's the capacitor or the fan?

The sound goes away when the PC is off.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Annoying high pitched sound coming from my pc?

This sort of high pitched noise is usually a vibrating coil. Unfortunately coils (aka inductors) are common components on motherboards, graphics cards and PSUs.

Are you 100% sure it's coming from the PSU ? If so there's not much you can do except try to ignore it or get another PSU.

It could also be a worn fan bearing. Try to locate it exactly.

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I have a PC windows XP Home.

My sound jack at the back of my computer doesnt work at all. My jack in the front of the computer changes all the sound that comes from the speakers and makes it very high pitched.

Please help me fix if not both jacks, then just one. I really need the sound.


A:Sound coming from speakers is very high pitched

The computer specs in your profile only show a laptop computer. I have never seen a laptop with audio jacks front and back. Can you please clarify?

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i wasent sure were to put this so i put it in here.

ok this morning when i went on my computer it was ok but then after i got back from school and went on it, i turned it on, got up to windows and then as windows loaded i had a high pitched sqweeking coming from the speakers, i have tried everything from installing new sound drivers and checking all the cables and still i keep getting this high pitch sqweek.

does anyone have any idea what could be causing this and what i could to to resolve it.

i have a tevion 5.1 surround sound system.

A:high pitched sound coming from speakers.

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Hello,I'm using Ubuntu 16.10 and couldn't get subwoofer to work. With Windows 10 everything works fine. I read related threats, tried everything (mostly Y50 solutions) but still no success.Thanks 

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Hello everybody.
Before I start I just wanted to say , sorry for the bad english .
So , I have read allot of forums lately , and I found out that windows 8 and windows 8.1 weakness is its latency.
For me this proplem accoured like 2 months ago (before it didn't happend) , and yes I have messed around with the bios before that happend (now its all set to default )
Currently I am running Windows 8.1 Update 1 (made a clean install yesterday) latest updates and drivers installed (with a program called DriverEasy) , and I am also running all the default settings in bios currently . I noticed the problem , 2 months ago just like I said before , when I was watching a video on youtube . Since that , I just can't watch some videos anymore with the ANNOYING static/crackling sound , its very annoying .And it also seems that it affects CPU performance and fps drops.Like I said before , I installed Windows 8.1 yesterday , so no minor tweaks have been done to the system .

I have already tried :

-"disabledynamictick" command
-Disabling all unused devices in bios
-Disabling EIST and C1E (no improvment at all)
*-Disabling HPET Mode reduces latency , but pc isn't stable.

Here are my computer specs (its a 4 year old and its really , really bad ):

Gigabyte G41MT-S2PT(motherboard)
-Intel Celeron E3400(processor)
-Intel G41 Express Chipset(intergrated graphics card - really bad)
-4Gb 1333Mhz Kingston DDR3 Memory(ram)
-Windows 8.1 Update 1 (latest drivers and updates installed)

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A:Windows 8.1 High DPC Latency,(annoying static sound)-Help.

Windows 8 Compatibility:[FONT=Arial] The DPC latency utility runs on Windows 8 but does not show correct values. The output suggests that the Windows 8 kernel performs badly and introduces a constant latency of one millisecond, which is not the case in practice. DPCs in the Windows 8 kernel behave identical to Windows 7. The utility produces incorrect results because the implementation of kernel timers has changed in Windows 8, which causes a side effect with the measuring algorithm used by the utility. Thesycon is working on a new version of the DPC latency utility and will make it available on this site as soon as it is finished.

Source: http://www.thesycon.de/deu/latency_check.shtml]Click

Beside that it's most likely a hardware / driver / codec - issue.

Your system is also not really powerful as well.

Windows 8 / 8.1 are not causing that kind of issues. There is only an input-lag, which can be fixed via M$-tool, when playing older games without direct-/raw-mouse-input.

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I gave my old XP operating system PC to a friend of mine for his use. It was working fine until a couple of days ago, when the speakers quit working. I was able to get them to function, but the sound that came out of them, whether it was from youtube, a CD, or Tech Guy, was high-pitched and tinny. I put in a new set of speakers, but it had the same results. The high-pitched sound is not TOO high--it's not the chipmunks--but it definitely is not normal (Tech Guy sounded like Tech Girl). I Googled the problem but could find no one who has had this type of sound distortion out of their speakers. There are no conflicts with the hardware. Is it the sound card? Thanks for any and all help.

Here's the info on this computer from the TSG SysInfo:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3000+, x86 Family 15 Model 12 Stepping 0
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1471 Mb
Graphics Card: VIA/S3G DeltaChrome IGP, 64 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 78152 MB, Free - 26916 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., K8V-VM
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

A:Solved: Sound from speakers high-pitched and tinny

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Hi, i just bought some new logitech x-240 speakers and The trouble is, the sound pitch is too high. we've just connected to the Internet and even live radio sounds as though it's being spoken by Pinky and Perky (famous in the UK as two talking puppet pigs who delighted generations of children by speaking in speeded-up voices)if i go on youtube and put on a song, the sound of the musik is fine but then when the singer/artist starts singing, ther voice is squeky and if they have a high pitched voice already then i cant hear them at all Does anyone know what the problem is, and whether it can be fixed? Many thanks. I'm an IT Trainer and know how to teach people MS Office etc., but I know nothing about the elves and goblins who live in that box . some one please help meee!!

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Hi everyone,

I've been researching and pulling my hair out, and starting to think what I'm after is somehow not possible to achieve.

My goal is to be able to record my screen, my speakers, and my mic (narration), while also being able to playback ONLY my speakers to my headphones.

Basically, I wish to monitor ONLY the speaker audio, WITHOUT my mic (narration).

I thought I could achieve this by using Realtek HD Audio Manager, which allows you to playback two different audio streams simultaneously. However, it would seem that only certain Windows applications which are written to give you the option of changing the playback device can take advantage of this feature. The particular Windows application which I am recording does not give me that option.

So essentially I am wondering if there is a way to force an application to output to a particular playback device, ie. the Realtek HD Audio 2nd Output. The Realtek HD Audio 2nd Output would play to my headphones (application audio ONLY) while at the same time I would be able to record my screen, my speakers, and my mic all together at once.

I did find this post which broke my heart as it seems this might not be possible due to Windows only providing a single mixer, but wanted to try asking around here too -> Different audio output for certain programs [Solved] - Multimedia - Apps General Discussion

PC Info:
Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1 (64 bit)
Intel Pentium Dual Core E5300 2.6Ghz
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A:Record Stereo Mix (mic+speakers) AND output ONLY speakers to headphone

Windows only allows one default audio playback device. There may be some third party program that will do what you want, but not with the default Windows options.

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Good morning everyone,
I am having issues with sound on the M82 or 3306G1U as stated on the subject. The sound works perfectly fine for everything with the exception of Istation, www.istation.com. I did notice that this is only affecting 2 out of the 20 plus computers we have, so its a bit hard to say its just the model. I have tried updating the drivers to the latest version, and as well verified that it was not just the input device for front and back jacks being wonky. Oddly enough the support agent I worked with, used TeamViewer and was able to hear the application just fine, however when I used speakers it was very, very faint but I could also hear it. 
Is there any general help anyone can provide me to pinpoint the problem further?
Mod:  added app name causing problem to Subject line; and corrected the model number and system type

A:Lenovo ThinkCentre M82: Sound issues with Istation e-learning app, faint sound with speakers

I am having issues with sound on the M92 or G1U3306 as stated on the subject.

I'm not finding that model number, can you verify?   Running 'sys info' can usually also provide the model number (do not post serial numbers.)   And OS info and Istation version might be helpful.   Thx. 

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