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Solved: User profile dissasociated from account/logging onto temporary profile?

Q: Solved: User profile dissasociated from account/logging onto temporary profile?

Hey guys,

Yesterday, I shut down my computer. A few hours later when trying to log back in, I get logged onto a blank profile, which I assume is a temporary profile.

Curiously the ProfileImagePath string under key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList\S-1-5-21-842173820-3506557639-1618326103-1004 is pointing to C:\Users\Mike_2.Mike-PC instead of C:\Users\Mike_2, which I assume is a temporary/alternate profile. (which I didn't create)

This has happened before, but usually a few restarts fixed the problem, however, that doesn't seem to be working now.

My question is, is there a way to reassociate the profile with the correct user folder? Or do I have to transfer everything over to a clean profile?

Preferred Solution: Solved: User profile dissasociated from account/logging onto temporary profile?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: User profile dissasociated from account/logging onto temporary profile?

Its not an association issue, the user profile is corrupt, and is replaced by a temporary one.

Best thing to do is create a new user account, and migrate to that.


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We have users on Windows 7 Enterprise machines.  No one has a roaming profile. Users cannot install programs.  The users move around so they don't use the same machine all the time and there may be 20 profiles on one machine.  They don't
always logout but the machines are restarted once a week at least.   Occasionally we may delete profiles on the machines but this is a remote site so we seldom do.  Users primarily use remote apps. served up either by Citrix or web interface. 
Little is done locally other than printing.  All machines are imaged with the same software. All users do the same thing.  One user in an office of six machines, can only login to three of the machines with a temporary profile.  She has no
profile under Users.  There is no .bak registry entry.  I cannot locate anything in the registry that points to this user.  I checked HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE|SOFTWARE|MICROSOFT|WINDOWSNT|CURRENT VERSION|PROFILELIST.  There were 20 profiles but
none for this user.  No .bak profiles for her, nothing.  I found a post that suggested increasing registry size/reboot but still no clue.  This has been going on for months and she just let me know but I don't know if she called the help desk
and they did something before.  Event log has errors saying: 

Windows detected your registry file is still in use by other applications or services. The file will be unlo... Read more

A:Windows 7 Enterprise - User logs in with temporary profile - 3 different machines/no roaming profile?

Thanks.  She's working on the computer and does not logoff and back on quickly.  I just rechecked and there absolutely is not a .bak with her name.  On either computer.  I did find one for Temp and one for another user so now I have a
second user getting the profile issue.  I renamed that one and when the other user logged in, he got his profile. 

Guess I will just re-image the computers although I'd like to figure it out but I don't have the spare time to waste and don't want my user to keep getting the temp profile.  My company won't pay for the support and frankly, in all the years I've
been in IT, I've never had MS resolve one issue for me.  Not worth paying for.  Oh well, thanks for your suggestions.  If I have time to devote to this and figure anything else out, I will post the answer. 

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Hi. I'm having this problem where when I tried to log into my computer it gave me this thing that my user login has failed and a temporary profile had been created. I was looking at other form posts with this problem and going through the steps. But while I'm in safe mode at the moment I still can't get into my administrative account on my computer. It won't let me access it because the profile is corrupted(I'm assuming?)

I was using: User Profile Service failed the sign-in - Fix in Windows 8 this thread to help me. But I'm stuck on step five because it just says: profile image path: c:\users\TEMP which is not my user profile but under the .bak it says my correct profile.
I don't have another admin profile. I'm the only person who uses my computer.
Ugh I don't know what the hell I'm doing I'm terrible at this kinda thing.
Please help :'(

A:User profile login failed and temporary profile created

Hello Emily, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Are you able to do what's in the blue note box under step 1 in Option One to enable the built-in Administrator account to use to repair your account from instead?

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Hey all!

I've been experiencing stability problems on/off with my rig, but now they seem to have been stabilising (hurr durr).

I've recently bought a 1TB harddisk and 4 additional GB of Corsairs XMS3 DHX RAM, bringing me up to a total of 8GB.

Now, I tried to install 6 GB first, in tri-channel mode, and it worked fine.
When I installed the remaining two in dual dual-channel mode, however, my profile will not load, and I am given a temporary user profile. All my personal preferences are gone, including firefox bookmarks, desktop shortcuts, start menu preferences etc.

I'm posting a query to corsair as well simultaneously, but do any of you know or have a clue as to what might cause my problem? Or more importantly: how I can fix it?

I ran the memory diagnostics tool included in vista, and it told me I had a memory problem, but did not specify what.

Thanks for all help. It is much appreciated!

(Rig in sig)

A:User profile won't load. Temporary profile only. Vista64

Hello Crowzah,

This tutorial may be able to help with this error for you:

User Profile Error - Logged on with a Temporary Profile

Hope this helps,

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Recently my computer was freezing a lot and I had to shut it down (from the turn on/off button) and I know this is bad.
Yesterday I shut it down like this then I tried to turn it on it didn't load past the "Welcome'' screen and after some time it loaded and a message showed ''You have been logged in with a temporary profile. You cannot access your files and files created in this profile will be deleted when you log off". I tried to log-in in save mode but it did the same thing.

I was going to try ''Repair user account'' to see if it works but i can't see the ''ntuser.ini'' file? (This is about trying to copy the the files from the old account to a new one). And there are 2 ntuser.dat files one is called ntuser1.dat and the other is ntuser2.dat (or something like this) and I don't know which one to copy. Also i tried to copy all the files but it said there's not enough space.

I read some things and it said there is either not any solution or there were some things that worked for SOME people but I'm not very good at computers and in these solutions it said to delete some thing but I'm scared to lose some things in my old account or to ruin my computer!

When I log in the new account i created or when in the temporary account I CAN'T connect to internet.My internet is with cable and before when i start my computer i was clicking on the connections icon (in the right corner of start menu) and then i would click to connect. I had 2 option one is my internet pro... Read more

A:Can't log in my user profile, loads temporary profile

Hi and welcome to TSF have you tried tapping F8 as you boot and choose last known good configuration or tried safe mode with networking

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As of today, in our domain environment consisting of Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 Enterprise machines, we are experiencing the "User Profile service failed the sign-in - User profile cannot be loaded" error message whenever a user tries to login.
This only affects users new to the particular machine. If they have signed on before and already have a cached account the computer logs them in with no issue. This is occurring on both Win8.1 and Win7 machines. We are an academic institution so this is becoming
a huge problem in our labs. Students generally use different computers so this is popping up very frequently. I have a solution for the issue. It appears that on the non-working machines that the "Default" user profile is corrupt. I have discovered
that if I find a machine, Win8.1 or Win7, doesn't matter, that is allowing first time users to logon I can copy the "Default" user profile and replace the corrupt one. I must first permanently delete the corrupt profile before copying over the new
one. I am doing this over the network by navigating the C:\users\ folder. Even this way is becoming cumbersome though as we have over 1000 computer in labs. I have googled and googled and I keep seeing the same answers offering various solutions, none which
are any more practical than my method. I cannot find information on a cause or a reason of why this would just crop up out of nowhere. I suspect maybe a Windows update but I cannot verify that yet. ... Read more

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hello my daughter has a dell laptop 6400 and when she logs on now she is getting a msg saying:- You are logged onto a temporary profile. Anything you do will be lost when you log off. Can anyone please tell me how to get it so it logs on as her oiginal profile. Thank you in advance.

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Hi admin

A few days ago my laptop started logging me into a temporary profile, when I log on 2 mine it says preparing windows for a while and then I actually log in and all my setting have been changed and also my files deleted. It says "You can't access your files, and files created in this profile will be deleted when you sign out..and my files have been deleted all of them it shows on the windows 8_OS(C space meter thing. I've tried rebooting and everything but nothing. My admin user account has also been deleted. I've literally tried everything on the internet like even going to the System 32 to select SAM file but it always says the SAM file is in use. Could anyone help me please. My whole life and memories are all on my laptop I have a lenovo G580. Thanks

A:logging me into a temporary profile

Hello tqubeka, and welcome to Eight Forums.

You might see if the tutorial below may be able to help with your temporary profile error.


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Hi, I've been having a lot of trouble with my computer and have only just sorted out a problem saying my copy of windows is not genuine (when it is) and I have been getting another problem with that.

This concerns Windows 7 logging me into a temporary profile when trying to access my main admin account.

It started off happening quite infrequently, and i was able to get onto my main account with a few system reboots.

But now I can't get into my main profile AT ALL.

If anyone can help me then that would be great

Thanks in advance!

A:Windows 7 logging me into a temporary profile

Hello yotsubazetsubou,

You might see if the tutorial below may be able to help with this issue for you. Be sure to read all of it for all available options to try.

User Profile Error - Logged on with a Temporary Profile - Vista Forums

Hope this helps,

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hi, i've got an electric cut off 3 days ago, my computer was off without shut down, but after electric was back when i'm trying to go to my user account, its always saying that win7 have created a temporary profile, and some of your files could have been lost, restart the computer it will be ok, but now gonna be 3 days , my profile still not working, and its still on the temporary profile, can some one suggest how to recover my normal user profile please, as this temporary profile i'm not able to access all my data..

A:temporary win 7 user profile

Hello Ashwin,

You might see if the tutorial below may be able to help with this error.

User Profile Error - Logged on with a Temporary Profile - Vista Forums

Hope this helps,

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Not sure how to fix this problem. I did not see a hive with the .bak extension in the HKEY_USERS section. I am loathe to delete the user account and files since Guest is a special account.

Can someone suggest a course of action?


p.s. I typically keep the Guest account disabled, but I do enable it once or twice a month.

A:Guest Account logs in with temporary profile

Possible fix: Windows Logged on With Temporary Profile

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Hello. When I turned off my computer before this incident happened, the process of turning off was rather slow and there was a message on the screen: "Updating Windows, x% Completed, Do not turn off your computer". The computer turned off by itself. When I turned my computer on the next time, the loading process took a little bit more than five minutes, and there was a message on the screen: "Starting up Windows". Usually my computer starts up quickly. When the computer finally signed in, I saw a different desktop, and all the user settings were different. A message was displayed on the screen:

Your user profile was not loaded correctly! You have been logged on with a temporary profile.
Changes you make to this profile will be lost when you log off. Please see the event log for details or contact your administrator.

After I turned off my computer, and turned it on again I could once again access my normal desktop. Everything was the same as if nothing had happened. No temporary profiles have opened up since. But why did this incident happen?

A:Windows 8.1 Temporary User Profile

You user profile could be corrupted or service who has loads your profile file to launch if everything working correctly after you restart your computer everything should be fine but you should scan and repair any corrupted Windows system files.
In Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 simply hold down the + X keys and select the option “Command Prompt (Admin)” from the menu.
Execute below command:

Sfc /scannow
Please give us finish output of this Sfc command.

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I have two admin accounts in my laptop and I barely use one of them. When I logged it in, it's a temp profile, it happened also in my other user account but it turns back to normal after I turned it off.
While the other account stills on a temporary profile.

The event log shows this info.
Please help!


Log Name: Application
Source: Microsoft-Windows-User Profiles Service
Date: 11/9/2013 9:26:35 AM
Event ID: 1511
Task Category: None
Level: Warning
Keywords: Classic

Windows cannot find the local profile and is logging you on with a temporary profile. Changes you make to this profile will be lost when you log off.

A:Temporary User Profile Assigned

Hello Gsel,

You might see if the tutorial below for this user profile error may be able to help. Be sure to read all of it for all available options. If you have any questions, then please feel free to ask.

User Profile Error - Logged on with a Temporary Profile

Hope this helps,

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Hi guys,
First of all I'm really sorry if this is in the wrong place but I'm no computer whizz by any means and don't know if my problem falls into this catergory.

Second of all I haven't posted any of the required info about my comp make (G60-118EM) cause to be honest Idk how to find any of it out :S

My problem (and to me its a HUGE problem) is that when I logged onto my computer (Windows Vista) the other day instead of saying welcome it said that it was loading my desktop and instead of loading onto my normal profile it loaded onto a temporary profile. It said I need to contact admin (which I am so I'm confused!) or view event log (and clearly I don't know what that is or where to find it) it also said that any changes would not be saved.

Saving work isn't a problem as I have several usb's but it's accessing old work that is the problem as it won't let me. Does anyone know how I go about fixing my computer and getting back onto my old profile?

A:Temporary user profile-eeek!

The fix is to reboot or restart and when it gets to the log in screen, give it a minute and then log in. Its a known bug in Vista and rebooting and giving it time to remember the profiles already there usually works provided nothing of import was done while logged in as a new user

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Hello. When I turned off my computer before this incident happened, the process of turning off was rather slow and there was a message on the screen: "Updating Windows, x% Completed, Do not turn off your computer". The computer turned off by itself. When I turned my computer on the next time, the loading process took a little bit more than five minutes, and there was a message on the screen: "Starting up Windows". Usually my computer starts up quickly. When the computer finally signed in, I saw a different desktop, and all the user settings were different. A message was displayed on the screen:

Your user profile was not loaded correctly! You have been logged on with a temporary profile.
Changes you make to this profile will be lost when you log off. Please see the event log for details or contact your administrator.

After I turned off my computer, and turned it on again I could once again access my normal desktop. Everything was the same as if nothing had happened. No temporary profiles have opened up since. But why did this incident happen?

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Many family members and their children come to my house and use my laptop. However, several times, they have wrecked my personal user account.

I have setup a local account for this matter, called Visitor. In the users folder, I renamed 'visitor' to 'visitor1', so that the account would reset everytime they logged out, so no damage done to the account.

However, the account comes preloaded with candy crush saga, edge, and all the default start menu layout.

Can I change the temporary account look and feel so that the visitor account logs in with a specific look, with specific apps and tile arrangements?

Thank you

A:Modify the temporary user profile

Hello Mattley, and welcome to Ten Forums.

If you like, you might set up a guest account using the method in the tutorial below to see if that account may server your needs.

Guest Account - Add in Windows 10

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ComboFix 08-11-17.01 - user 2008-11-18 18:14:01.1 - NTFSx86Microsoft? Windows Vista? Starter 6.0.6001.1.1252.1.1033.18.291 [GMT 8:00]Running from: c:\users\TEMP\Desktop\ComboFix.exe.((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( Other Deletions ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))).c:\program files\ShoppingReportc:\program files\ShoppingReport\Uninst.exe.((((((((((((((((((((((((( Files Created from 2008-10-18 to 2008-11-18 ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))).2008-11-18 17:54 . 2008-11-18 17:54 <DIR> dr------- c:\users\TEMP\Videos2008-11-18 17:54 . 2008-11-18 17:54 <DIR> dr------- c:\users\TEMP\Searches2008-11-18 17:54 . 2008-11-18 17:54 <DIR> dr------- c:\users\TEMP\Saved Games2008-11-18 17:54 . 2008-11-18 17:54 <DIR> dr------- c:\users\TEMP\Pictures2008-11-18 17:54 . 2008-11-18 17:54 <DIR> dr------- c:\users\TEMP\Music2008-11-18 17:54 . 2008-11-18 17:54 <DIR> dr------- c:\users\TEMP\Links2008-11-18 17:54 . 2008-11-18 17:54 <DIR> dr------- c:\users\TEMP\Downloads2008-11-18 17:54 . 2008-11-18 17:54 <DIR> dr------- c:\users\TEMP\Documents2008-11-18 17:54 . 2008-11-18 17:54 <DIR> dr------- c:\users\TEMP\Contacts2008-11-18 17:54 . 2008-11-18 17:54 <DIR> d--h----- c:\users\TEMP\AppData2008-11-18 17:54 . 2008-11-18 17:54 ... Read more

A:administrator profile wont load!it gives me a temporary profile

ComboFix logs should not to be posted outside the HijackThis forums. It is an extremely powerful tool which should only be used when instructed to do so by someone who has been properly trained. ComboFix is intended by its creator to be "used under the guidance and supervision of an expert", NOT for private use. Please read Combofix's Disclaimer. Using this tool incorrectly could lead to disastrous problems with your operating system such as preventing it from ever starting again.Please create a new topic explaining the nature of your problem., in the Am I Infected forum. Describe pop-ups and system tray or desktop icons that have appeared. Explain what is "going wrong" with your computer. Note any tools you have used and their respective results.If needed, we will direct you to our HJT Preparation Guide.Thank you for using BleepingComputer as your malware removal source.This topic is now closed. The BC Staff

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I am trying to create a new user profile in Vista to do this. However, when I try to log on I get the: "The User Profile service failed the log on. User Profile cannot be loaded" error message.

Having looked in the C:/Users/ folder, it does not appear to have actually created a profile.folder. Similarly, when I go to security permission settings, it does not appear. It also appears to be missing from the Registry. But when I log on to Windows, it does appear on the log on screen.

Any ideas?


A:Solved: New User Account - won't create profile - Vista

Is this issue solved or NOT?

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i'm sending this out from my iphone, so please excuse the format and lack of capital letters ;-)
i got a new hp pavilion laptop; os is windows 7 home premium 64-bit. when i booted it up the first time, there was already an administrator account on it, bearing the name of the company who had sent me the laptop. i renamed the user account and the computer to my name; but the paths connected to the user profile and the user profile itself (under "users" on the c drive) still have the old name. i did some reading and it seems that one has to rename the account back to the old name, then create a new administrator account with the name one wants and transfer the profile from the old account to the new one, then delete the old account if everything is working well; however, i believe that these instructions are rather for windows xp than for windows 7, and i have no idea how to copy a profile. i am not a computer geek and cannot fiddle around with the registry, and i'm new to windows 7. so: how can i rename the profile paths and my profile folder to MY name - or is it impossible to change, and will i just have to live with it? i also hope that if the situation cannot be changed, then this is simply a cosmetic 'bug' and won't cause any problems.

thanks in advance for your time and patience

A:Solved: Renamed user account, but profile and paths still have old name

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My system is under of domain when i logon on my system with domain user system shows me you are logon with temporary profile. And i check in cmd my profile shows on this way ( C:\Users\Temp:000 )
how to solve this issue........Help

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I had taken apart and dusted my PC yesterday, and upon starting it back up my main profile seems to be corrupt. When I attempt to log into it, Windows places me into a temporary user instead. I have wracked the internet for solutions and tried almost everything I have come across. This includes:

-Changing the registry values for the correct profile (removing .bak) and restarting PC

-Deleting the registry value for the correct profile and restarting the PC to attempt to recreate the profile (It still logged me into a temporary)

-Copying the entire profile (without hidden user files residing in main user folder like ntuser.dat, .log, .ini) to a new profile and restarted PC

-Running a chkdsk in safemode (did not fix anything), along with a sfc/scannow afterwards

I have come to the end of my rope. I do not know or understand what needs to be done at this point to restore my profile. I desperately need all the files on my profile and drive, so I do not wish to reformat my PC.

The only next possible step I can see for myself is make a copy of the profile I am trying to save, and then delete the original from the users folder. Then I would restart the computer and try to log into that account so that it is remade, and paste the old contents of the profile into the newly made 'same' profile. However, I am unsure of what results this would yield so I am afraid of going through with it.

I'm capable of providing any information about my machine or things I ... Read more

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A bit of an unusual problem here.  I have been gradually replacing all the hard drives in our workstations with SSD drives.  The brand of drives has changed as prices vary so there is a mix of Samsung, Integral, Drevo and now KingDian.  I
have had no issues with any of the drives after replacing them in 20+ PCs until I started using the KingDian drives.
Every PC that I have put these drives in (7 so far) logs the user in with a temporary profile if they log in immediately after turning the computer on.  If they turn the computer on then leave it on the "ctrl+alt+del" screen for a
few minutes before logging in it is fine.  Once the PC is on users can log out and back in or swap users with no problem, it's only when the PC first turns on that the problem occurs.
It's as if the PC no gets to the login screen before the network connection is ready.
The PCs are all on Windows 7 with a mixture of 32 and 64 bit OS's and a mixture of brands and models (mostly Dell and Lenovo).
Can anyone think of a reason this might be happening?  I have reached out to KingDian for help but they are based in China and I don't hold much hope for a resolution from them based on other reviews!

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User profile is set up for network access. The user can go to any computer on the network and login. However, there is one computer on the network that will not allow the user to login. It says "The User Profile Service failed the logon user profile
cannot be loaded". This issue only happens on this single computer for this singe user's profile. Other users can use that computer to logon just fine. What's going on?

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Please i can access my files because my windows 7 vista (toshiba satellite series) laptop move to temporary profile and i cant ssem to get back to main profile to be able to return and access my system like before. please help

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The battery is no good on my Gateway laptop, so computer will only run a few minutes when unplugged.  I accidently kicked plug loose from wall and didn't realize it; I saw computer was shutting down due to low battery and I quickly plugged it back in, but it was already powering down.  When I re-booted it, it had to run through all the disk-scans and then when it finally booted, it was under temporary profile and not mine.  I tried to follow directions on Microsoft help forum (http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/fix-a-corrupted-user-profile) to fix corrupted user profile, but their step-by-step instructions don't match up with my computer. 
In particular, MS tells me to create a new profile and copy my old profile to the new one.  I created new profile, but it tells me to copy all files except the following: Ntuser.dat, Ntuser.dat.log, and Ntuser.ini.  On mine, there are 2 Ntuser.dat.log files and I don't have Ntuser.ini.  The other thing I'm not understanding is once I copy them, I can't figure out how to move it all to the new profile.
P.S.  I also tried to change the corrupted profile settings using this method: http://www.sysprobs.com/fix-temporary-profile-windows-7 but had no luck there either.  When logged off/on had the same temporary settings as before.  Plus, the computer is running incredibly slow and locks up a lot when on the internet.  Anytime I have to restart it has to run through... Read more

A:Can't login to my profile--Stuck on Temporary Profile

why not u install windows 7 again to formet the system drive and install windows again if u dont want to do this then do this load a bootable windows cd and launch repair comp. and lauch system image recovery than load driver u have to search that missing file from that windows cd as microsoft says and move it as ms says if not found that file than install windows again.

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So I'm not sure of the best way to phrase the title, but I got as close as I can I think.
I'm getting started on networking and I'm sure I'll learn this eventually, but I may need to know it sooner.
I work in a computer lab where we teach tech classes, like how to use a computer and such. Well we had the option with Windows 7 of putting needed files in a folder with the name of the account we would log the computers into. I kind of understand the basics
of how this works, but I would like to know more in depth.
What I know, all of our public computers are logged into the same profile (allpub) and they all draw their user information from the same source on the server. We can utilize this to add needed files to the training profile (training) by putting them in
the documents folder in a folder with the same name (training). Any changes users make to these profiles are essentially discarded and not saved to the server location. I can make a change to a file on the training profile and then log off and back on and
the change I made is gone. Every time it logs in it loads from the server location, not the users folder on the computer itself.
What is this feature called is my primary question and what else is there to know about it? 


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G/ Day? I have Windows 8.1 on a Dell Desktop Inspiron 660 I wanted to know how I Can delete all My Profile Folders and Recreate a new one or Keep the correct Profile Folder and Delete the Rest at the Moment they are;
DazzzlingDasha Local Admin > Local // DazzlingDasha Local Admin >
Local>DazzlingDasha-2 > Local
I just want one account I suspect the Da zzz lingDasha is the Boss Profile it has all the Data in its folder BUT I cannot find it in >regedit > H Key Software> Micro> Win NT > Profiles.
I can Find > DazzlingDasha > and > DazzlingDasha-2
No sign of > Da zzz ling Dasha (DazzzlingDasha)
And they are the only 2 Profiles They Have the Same Number (Long) but Neither Has > .bak > after it?.
I also realised that Firefox was not ?Saving? Any any of my History and > Options Privacy was Reverting to > Reserve History no matter what I set it too?
I have tried Deleting > cookies sqilite .txt in ?Trouble shooting? but No change.
Someone may be interested to know that this happens EVERY time I try and Log out of My Local Account and Log in
to ?My Microsoft Account? to get an ?App? or whatever? something always happens to my ?Profile? and I finish up like
this? any advice how to Overcome this please? I usually stay Right away from the ?My Microsoft Account?
for this very reason, I thought I had fixed the Problem with a clean Reinstall 9 Months Ago? but obviously Not Thank you for any help you can give Cheers Dash... Read more

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When attempting to login to my main profile, after a several minute wait, Windows loads normally, but I receive a notice saying that I have been logged into a temporary profile, which would be deleted upon shutting down.

As far as I can tell, this started happening immediately after switching my cell phone from "LG Software" to "Charge Only" mode, while windows was logging in.

During every bootup, I am now prompted with the following options:

Launch Startup Repair
Start Windows Normally

Upon selecting "Startup Repair", I am immediately shown the error "a required device is inaccessible".
It has just recently stopped giving me the "Startup Repair" option any more so I can't get the exact error code, but I believe it was 0x00000225, or something similar.

I cannot successfully load normal safe mode, or safe mode with networking. They fail with blue screen. I can only load safe mode with command prompt.

I have tried running "sfc /scannow". It finds errors after about 20% but says it is unable to fix them. Attempting to run chkdsk /f does not run on next boot.

It's been a while since I've done a backup, so I'd rather get this profile working again, than have to re-install. I also need to mention that this is an OEM (Dell) copy of windows, so, doing a repair install doesn't seem to be an option, or is it???

A:Instead of logging into main profile, I am forced into temp profile

Hello Cam, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if you may be able to do a system restore at boot using a restore point (if available) dated before you had these issues may be able to fix them.

Hope this helps,

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This is my work computer and we have to input a name and password to log in. When I logged in the other day, everything was gone from my desktop and it had the default wallpaper. It was fine the day before. Is there a way to undo this?

I can locate my files and everything. The problem is, the software I use for work is gone. It's like it's not installed.

I wanted to do a system restore, but it says I don't have permission and nobody here seems to know what to do.

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I need help badly! While working with NeonFx in the "Malware, Trojan, Virus" Forums. The OTS.exe tool deleted key vista files. I am unable to boot up normally! I am writing this request for help after booting up in safe mode. All of my vista settings are either gone or serverely imparied! I need help restoring my vista settings, user profile, recovering files, drivers, applications, etc. I have attached NeonFx's last post describing how my machine got to this state. Someone please help ASAP!

A:Vista - Failed to open by the service user profile. Unable to load user profile

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My computer has been to auto-update windows.  After an update two days ago I am given a bubble stating that I am signed in with a temporary user profile.  I am prompted to sign out, and sign back in with my user profile info.  Which, I did, but I am still being logged in with the temporary profile.  I'm trying not to panic,  but I cannot access any of my photos, documents or files. 
Every time Microsoft does one of the automatic updates I end up spending hours trying to get my PC back to where it's useful again.  Historically, I have gone to the Microsoft website and updated ALL the other updates, and that has resolved the issue; the issue is usually that I can no longer browse the internet. But this is very different; it would seem that my entire computer has been erased.  
Please help!

A:Windows auto updated and now I cannot exit temporary user profile

Please, is there anyone out there who understands about this recent windows 8 automatic update; why it has started my computer in a temporary user profile that I cannot exit from?

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Hi i am in desperate need for help and i think i've done the most dumbest thing ever

I have a Windows Vista (TM) Home Premium

AMD ATHLON(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4400+

i had just recently had restarted my computer in order for it to update and i logged into my Administrator account and it said "Preparing Your Desktop" instead of "Welcome like it usually does...like it was a whole new account

and there was a message @ the bottom saying that "you have been logged on with a temporaly profile, change you make to this profile will be lost when log off"

i checked my disk space to see if it was still the same and if any files have been removed and it was still the same as before 194g/298g...all my files were still intact but they were not showing

i then went into C:/Users/(My Account) and was relieved to see that all my files were there

so here is were my stupidity came into to play i had moved all my administrator files to the temporary user profile account thinking that they would be safe...so i went ahead and logged out ... @ the time i did not think that moving my administrator files to the temporary profile would mean that i would lose them

i logged back in and all the files were gone ...i checked my disk space again and it changed 212g/298g..so i pretty much panicked thinking they were gone for good...i know their still on my hard drive though...im just not that high-tech on how to gain the access to them back...HELP!! HELP HELP!!! t... Read more

A:Logged into temporary user profile...lost all administrator files

What part of this message did you not understand?

"change you make to this profile will be "lost" when log off"

The more you use the PC the less chance you have at recovering your files, turn it off.

If the files are irreplaceable you will either have to have a professional recover them (expensive) or attempt it yourself.

Remove the hard drive from that PC, install it in a external USB hard drive enclosure, then connect it to another PC that has this software already installed and ready to use
Then use the software to scan the entire drive, (takes quite some time) when it is done you can look at the results of the scan and choose the files/folders you wish to recover.

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As the title states, I'm experiencing frequent BSODing (this is sudden, I've never had BSOD issues with Windows 7 before) shortly after logging on to my user profile. I don't know if the problem is affecting other profiles or not, but I'm currently logged on in Safe Mode with networking, and everything is fine so far.

To my knowledge, no recent system changes were made. Before I got off of the PC earlier in the day, it was working fine. Another person had been using it for a bit (the joys of a shared PC, I know), so I walked over and started it up while I made myself something to eat.. when I noticed it had restarted on its own (so I guess it also BSODed while at the logon screen also). I sat down, let it restart, logged on my profile, and another BSOD occurred. I booted to safe mode, ran a quick scan with MSSE (which found nothing), restarted normally.. another BSOD.

The Event Viewer has the following errors:

1. The PnP-X IP Bus Enumerator service depends on the Function Discovery Provider Host service which failed to start because of the following error:
The dependency service or group failed to start.

2. DCOM got error "1084" attempting to start the service NVSvc with arguments "" in order to run the server:

3. The Network List Service service depends on the Network Location Awareness service which failed to start because of the following error:
The dependency service or group failed to start.

4. The follow... Read more

A:BSOD Shortly after logging on to user profile.

A little additional information:

I tried once more to start the PC normally.. and I noticed that it was taking substantially longer to "fully" start up (ie: ability to access programs without having to wait on startup items (services, etc.) to start), so as soon as I could I opened up the event viewer and mashed F5 a bunch to refresh the entries. Right before the BSOD that I knew was coming, I saw a bunch of errors labeled "disk," and one labeled "atapi".

Strange thing is, those entries don't show up when viewing in safe mode. (safe mode still runs fine at this point)

So after seeing that, I ran chkdsk with option 1. It apparently completed while I was AFK and I came back to the logon screen. Of course another BSOD came, but this time I didn't see any disk-related errors in the event viewer before hand.

This time I've gone back and ran chkdsk once more, with both options. (the GUI version from within Windows, while in safe mode obviously. It asked to schedule it for the next boot.)

It's seemingly stuck at 14% of step 4. I see the following lines on the screen:

Usn Journal verification completed.
CHKDSK is verifying file data (step 4 of 5)...
14 percent complete. (15 of 474864 files processed)

And it's been sitting there for about an hour now. I don't even hear my hard drive spinning, and PC temps (there's an LED on my motherboard with a temp indicator) are normal.. so it doesn't seem to be doing anything at all. It seems to be either froze... Read more

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When I attempt to log-in to my desktop I get a message "The User Profile Service failed to logon. User Profile cannot be loaded" From the MS form I believe that I need to edit my registry to rename and use my backup profile.

I only had the one admin user set up on my computer and this is the one failing to log-on. When I attempt to use any commands that require admin permission, they fail when I typed in my password. How can I get admin permission? My Administrator user is disabled.

A:User Profile Services failed when Logging on

Hello JD, and welcome to Seven Forums.

The tutorial below can help show you how to fix this user profile error. Be sure to read all of it for all available options. If you have any questions, then please feel free to ask.

User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.

Hope this helps,

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It is an HP computer that my brother brought over because it wouldn't boot. It was giving me a "bootmgr is compressed" message. So I got my Vista repair disc and uncompressed his drive. That got rid of that message but then it was giving me winload.exe errors. So I fixed that and FINALLY it booted up but when I clicked on his user account to log on, I get this error message. I have searched for answers. I came across a fix where you edit the registry if there is a duplicate entry in the profiles section but there isn't an extra one. I can boot into safe mode but I get no administrative tools, no ability to see the event viewer or manage users (idk if this is normal). I did a command I found to make the default administrator account active or something like that, and now when it boots up, there is his user account, and an admin user. If I click his user to log on, I get the error message. If I click the admin account, it loads, but it loads telling me the Vista copy is not genuine.

Anyone have any idea how to fix this? Why is the admin account telling me Vista is not genuine? Thank you.

A:Getting a "user profile service failed the logon. user profile cannot be loaded" message

I came across a fix where you edit the registry if there is a duplicate entry in the profiles section but there isn't an extra oneExtra one? you mean the .bak key?Did you follow this guide?http://support.microsoft.com/kb/947215

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When I tried to log on to administrator account on vista laptop this morning I got the following error massage "The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded." I did some research and found a potential solution: The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.

However the problem is that the solution needs a working administrartor account and the only account I'm able to log in is a standard one with no power to change account type or boot into admin safe mode/ do a command prompt whatsoever.

Would anyone happen to have an alternative solution that doesn't require an admin account to fix this?

A:Vista - The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.

Was able to log on in safe mode and follow the registry edit procedure. Thanks anyway

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Admin account worked fine on Monday.  The kid used her (non-admin) account in the meantime.  Now it won't log into the admin account - "The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded."  I've read a few other boards on this issue, so I am now doing a thorough virus scan and will include results as soon as they're available.  But I am not confident about moving forward with any of the paths I've seen laid out, and some of them don't apply if you can't access the admin account anyway, so I wanted to start a thread here (I've gotten fabulous help here several times before).  It's running Vista Home Premium SP2.  AVG 2013 Internet Security.  Can't think what other specs may be relevant, but am happy to provide whatever would be of use.  Thanks!!

A:User Profile svc failed logon. User profile can't be loaded." on admin acct.

I got the same message when attempting to login on Windows 7, after no previous problems or changes before shutdown the night before. It continued to loop back to the logon screen even after rebooting. I ended up having to log on in Safe Mode, then do a system restore to restore back to the last restore point, which was a system checkpoint a couple of days earlier. That fixed it, and I've had no problems since. I hope that helps.

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my computer is password protected. i only have one user account on it. how can i fix this without losing anything on my laptop?

A:vista-the user profile service failed the logon. user profile cannot be loaded

Just a thought, did you password the default administrator account?

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OS: Windows XP v2002 Professional SP3
1) I restored the computer system as I had lost everything stored in the old user profile.
2) A NEW USER PROFILE: 'mlinda" is created with the correct domain attached to it (eg. CAA MAU) and is fully restored.
3) The OLD USER PROFILE "m.linda" remains in the documents and settings BUT
- the domain is of a local computer (eg. SPARXX) and it no longer works with the (eg. CAA MAU) domain
4) The original "m.linda" user profile contains almost nothing in it (no documents etc)
5) m.linda is still listed in the userlist in computer management BUT NOT THE NEW mlinda
6) In administrator mode, I dont't see ALL the contents of the newly restored profile
How do I change user profile "mlinda" (that has successfully retored everthing) back to "m.linda" since the new profile has everything intact:

1) How do I safely delete the newly restored "mlinda" and ensure everything is back to normal with the OLD USER PROFILE: m.linda?

2) How to ensure that the correct domain name is attached to the profile, by transferring all the data from THE NEW mlinda (eg. domain: CAA MAU) to THE OLD m.linda (that currently has a local computer domain: SPARXX). User profile, m.linda has to be attched to domain: CAA MAU.

3) Should I be backing up before eventhough the new mlinda is in super condition?

4) I read in forums that the links to desktop can be lost by transfering. How do I retain it?... Read more

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Hello --

I've searched quite a bit and have done quite a bit... this is my last stop before I dump the login and go to something else.

I had a profile that was acting odd not loading different apps slow logins etc so I wanted to basically wipe it and start over and now i'm having issues.

I started by deleting everything about the login from both active directory the server profiles folder and even the individual computers that are used to login with it at.

To do so I deleted the folders out of the users/%username% and then also went into regedit and deleted the profilelist with the username as well.

To me the profile should literally be as if it never existed....

Next I recreated it in active directory recreated it's folder in the profile database and attempted to login...

the computer immediately goes to a black screen and then says logging off and back to login.

I've looked up several fixes but none have worked.. at this point i'm open to trying anything...

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Hi there,

Iīve got a problem with my XP machine that didnīt match anything before what I could find.

When I log in as XXXXX (standard username), Windows creates a new user profile where I canīt get access to my data.

Data does exist but it is not combined with this "new" account". I hope you can understand what I mean....

Is there a way to repair my old user profile?

Same happened to my Administrator account. When I log in as Administrator Iīm not able to open the directory of the standard user so m not able to rename it or something else.

I hope you can help me...

With best regards,


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After adding a User as a Family Member(child), when the family member logs in with his user he gets this message: The User profile service failed. The sign in user Profile cannot be loaded.

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Today, Dec.20th, I wanted to create a standard user account for testing.
I named it Test.
When I tried to log on to Test account, I received the above message.
I used the tutorial compiled by Shawn but failed :
The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded. - Vista Forums

Problems :
1. I don't remember when was the last time I successfully created a new user account. Therefore, not knowing which is the good restore point for this matter.
2. The tutorial mentioned SID key with .bak at the end.
There are 3 SID keys, but none has .bak at the end.
3. name of ProfileImagePath is as follow ...........
a.1001 belongs to t-4-2
b. 500 belongs to Administrator
c. 501 belongs to Guest
I don't see the SID key for the Test account.
Therefore, I am stuck. not knowing how to proceed.

see screenshot :

Please advise.
Thank you.

P.S. Guest account was NEVER activated.


A:User Profile Service Failed the Login User profile cannot be loaded

Hello t-4-2,

The SID key for the user profile will not be created until the first time a newly created user account is logged on to.

You might see if this part of the tutorial may be the issue you are having.

Rob Brooks-Bilson's Blog: Fix for Vista's: The User Profile Service service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded

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Hey all 
Long time user of bleeping computer - gonna jump on in and join the fun and games!
Anyway I work in a small local computer repair shop and recently we had LOADS of Vista and Windows 7 machines with the error
"The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded"
We can repair the fault changing the profile from temporary profile path and swapped the .bak extension in registry. 
But what the hell is causing it? We have had two machine back in within two weeks of initial repair. We figured windows update at first but its not a given. 

A:"The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded"

Have you read this Microsoft Support article?
There are similar articles for Vista and XP.

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I have literally tried every solution found online and NOTHING seems to work.  Our environment, Windows server 2008 domain controller, Windows 7 Pro x64 bit PC's.  Trying to login as a domain user and get the error " User Profile Service failed
the logon.  User profile cannot be loaded".  I can only login with the domain Administrator account, or the local administrator account.  We are NOT using Roaming profiles.  The application event logs do have event error 1500 and event
warning 1509.... see screenshot below.

What I have tried:
Microsoft FixIT 50446
Tried editing the SID's out of the registry manually per KB
Deleted all domain user profiles from machine
Removed PC from domain and rejoined
Deleted user account from Active Directory and recreated
Verified GPO was not configured to "allow users to logon with temporary profiles"
SFC /scannow
Fresh install of Windows 7 Pro
Live Essentials was never installed (some forums referred to the .sqm file fron event ID 1509 possible relating to an issue with Live Essentials)
Google update was never installed (remember seeing it referred to in a forum as well)
I am now out of ideas..  This has been an ongoing issue for about a month and I am finally admitting defeat.  This is my last effort to get help before breaking down and paying the $259 to Microsoft to help resolve it.
Thank... Read more

A:User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.

Hi Phillip,
I would like to verify whether the issue only occurs on special Windows 7 computer or on all Windows 7 computers.

I suggest checking the permission of the user profile folders and Default folder. Make sure the users has full control of their profile folders.

Meanwhile, ensure the users are the owner of the C:\Users\theirname\NTUSER.dat. Also, please put NTUSER.dat in the security software exclusion
list for testing.
Please also post in Server Forum to get more assistance.
Best Regards,
NikiPlease remember to click "Mark as Answer" on the post that helps you, and to click "Unmark as Answer" if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread.

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I have a Dell laptop that has Windows Vista. Received the below message after I typed in my password for the adminstrator account

The User Profile Service failed the logon. User Profile cannot be loaded

I went into Safe Mode and was able to get to the desktop of the laptop. I attempted to go to administrative tools to try and add a new user account but I don't see an option for that.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



A:The User Profile Service failed the logon. User Profile cannot be loaded

Here is the Microsoft support article for that.

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