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ssd on lenovo y560, problem boot

Q: ssd on lenovo y560, problem boot

helloi have a problem:my notebook is lenovo y560, i bought it Approximately in 2010. now, i have a ssd plextor 256 G. i installed it on my notebook and its hdd installed in HDD Caddy that relpaced with DVD\RW then upgrade my windows to 10. it worked well, but after many days, it well will not boot. after than power on, no detect ssd in boot menu and show black screen. I have to run safemode then restart it then sometimes it will normal boot. i re-installed windows 10 without softwares and get out HDD Caddy, but as is. i will upgrade bios but can not find newer bois for this model. please give me a solution.please help me for this. Thanks.

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Preferred Solution: ssd on lenovo y560, problem boot

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hi guys,My Laptop configuration: HW: Lenovo y560 with ATI Radeon HD 5730 (no Intel graphic card on the board)         Intel Core i7-740QM, 1.73 GHz with 2.93 GHz max turbo, 4 cores, 8 threads, 6M cache OS: Windows 7 64x with latest updates. Video driver: ATI driver version: 8.752.0.0 Issue: The screen turns completely blank every time when I turn on my laptop and the windows logo disappears. The login window doesn't appear at all and there is no response. Besides, it?s not possible to reboot a laptop by using Ctrl-Alt-Del on this stage and only power button helps. However everything works fine in safe mode. Workaround that works:Start my laptop into safe mode.Reboot a laptop into standard mode without any changes.As a result, everything works fine untill I turn off my Lenovo. What has been tried in order to solve the issue with no success:- installed the latest drivers of ATI Radeon and beta crimson drives;- changed power options to minimize performance;- edited registry's values (enableULPS, EnableBrightnessInterface2);- updated the bios to the latest version. I have been really tired up to find a solution of this awful problem for three weeks. Please help.  

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Hello All ,

I need help with my laptop Lenovo Y560 . It is a strange issue , i recently formatted and installed windows 7 and then 8.1 . I am able to do everything but wifi .

I have installed all the required drivers , check the Fn key and its enabled . If i connect i am able to access internet .

There are no connection showing on Wi-Fi and the card is showing as working fine and while troubleshooting also no issues found .
Need you guys help with finding the issue and circumvention . I have been researching more than a month and my friend had advised me to check out here where i can find the solution .

Hope i will be getting the perfect answer

Thanks in advance ...

A:Wifi problem with Lenovo Y560

did you download the wifi drivers from lenovo?

I found a couple of postings in other forums where they said resetting the bios to default will enable your wifi.

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Good morning everybody,

I have bought my laptop 1 year ago and everything was going ok, i installed many programs (Adobe illustrator) and games (PES2011) and many others and i faced no problems.
One day, my cousin used the laptop to watch a new movie but he forgot to charge the battery during that time until the laptop shuts down alone due to empty battery.
On the next day, i tried to power on my laptop it starts normally until it reached the Windows 7 logo it automatically shuts down. I tried again for several times with the same result then a blue screen with white writings on it was displayed on the screen (harddisk failure).
I bought a new Toshiba 500GB HDD and burned a new Windows 7 Ultimate x64 DVD to install a fresh new copy of it but i have faced the following:
1- when I power on the laptop it works normally.
2- I press F12 to choose the device to boot from (Boot from DVD)
3- It starts normally and a windows 7 screen appears with a loading bar. It is filled quickly in the first time then a new screen appears with a loading bar starts to fill but after around 75% of the loading bar is filled the laptop shuts down.
I tried to restart it for several times with the same result.

I make the following points to try to restart the laptop but always with the same result:
1- Remove the new HDD and then insert it
2- Remove the Rams and then insert them
3- Remove the battery and then insert it.

Laptop Description
Lenovo IdeaPad Y560:
Intel Core I3
4GB Ram
ATI Mobility Radeon ... Read more

A:Booting problem with my Lenovo Ideapad Y560

Hello Hasan and welcome to Seven Forums.

Please forgive me but I'm a little confused. You say:

I bought a new Toshiba 500GB HDD and burned a new Windows 7 Ultimate x64 DVD to install a fresh new copy of it but i have faced the following:
1- when I power on the laptop it works normally.
2- I press F12 to choose the device to boot from (Boot from DVD)
3- It starts normally and a windows 7 screen appears with a loading bar. It is filled quickly in the first time then a new screen appears with a loading bar starts to fill but after around 75% of the loading bar is filled the laptop shuts down.
I tried to restart it for several times with the same result.

- Are you replacing the original laptop hard drive with the new Toshiba or is the Toshiba an external USB hard drive?
- Are you trying to clean install Windows 7 Ultimate x64 to the original laptop hard drive or to the new Toshiba?
- Where did you get the ISO file for Windows 7 Ultimate?

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Post en Espaņol  Hi lenovo Community , i´m here because i have problem with the driver of ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5730 1GB , i have a Lenovo Y560 and yesterday i was testing the new Windows 8 , i know there are alot of drivers for lenovo they are not available yet but right now i dont need those drivers like SlideNav and Synaptics Pointing Device, but my real problem is with the driver of the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5730 1GB  Ok , imagine this....you format your lenovo Y560 with windows 8 and you erase everything to made a new start with w8 (no drivers , no programs ) and then install Driver Genius 11 to recopilate the drivers i need, especially for my Graphic target and these are the drivers i need after install w8i just really care those drivers because i wanna play but when i install AMD Catalyst Notebook Display Driver my screen turn off and there is nothing else i can do just reinstall w8  Post en Espaņol  

A:Windows 8 (Lenovo Y560) Problem With ATI Mobility...

Hi Alvnit,
please see this Y560 Windows 8 display driver thread...

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HelloToday i bought the Lenovo Y560 and i was installing drivers and there is problem with Driver Intel HD Graphics, i did install ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5730 but i can't install intel HD Graphics and i can make max resolution 1024x768 its too low i want make it bigger and i guess i can't because no driver Intel HD, before Format i could make higher resolution. And i can't find any drivers for Y560 on Lenovo WebpageHelp meregards

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Hi allways I got this notofication, No dewice driver where found, make shure that the installation....

About week ago i install from same dvd on brand new ideapad G780 and got same problems, but then I found on lenovo site driver and is worked.

I try use that same driver for Y560 and no work.


A:Lenovo Ideapad Y560, win 7 64 install problem

When exactly did you get this error? Was it during install? At which step in Clean Install Windows 7

Where did you get WIn7 installer? Did you burn it yourself?

Follow these steps to get a perfect Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 .

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I need help and suggestions on what to do with this black screen crisis. Mine is a little different that others. so sorry if this is a repeated thread. ive looked everywhere, and no one has the issue when they have dual boot.

laptop description:
I have dual boot on my laptop with windows 7 ultimate 32 bit and windows 7 home premium 64 bit. the home premium came pre installed on the laptop and the ultimate version i installed later dual boot (i needed some capabilities that home premium doesn't have).

Problem: I cannot see anything on my screen after windows logo while booting up my laptop bcz of the black screen after the windows logo. When i boot into WINDOWS 7 HOME PREMIUM. i hear windows logon screen notification noise but see nothing! oddly enough even my built in webcam logs me in with VeriFace software with my face, passwordless! ALSO my laptop boots fine with windows 7 ultimate and i can see everything, and it works great! i need the other version to WORK cause my life is in that other version of windows. i cannot factory restore!!!

What i have tried: the keyboard is also unresponsive, bcz i held down a bunch of keys to see if it makes the beep noise. I closed the laptop lid to see if it goes into hibernation and waited 3 mins to see if it still does, so that when i open it i can see everything (it has worked before). nothing. i rebooted a bunch of times even with a second screen attached, tried to guess switch into projector mode with my function key and switch s... Read more

A:Lenovo Ideapad Y560 "black screen in boot up after windows 7 logo"

Sounds like a corrupted file system, so try running chkdsk.

How to run System File Checker (SFC) or chkdsk from the Recovery ConsoleBoot your Vista or Windows 7 installation DVD
When you see "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD", press Enter
At the "Install Windows" screen, click on Repair your computer at lower left
At the System Recovery Options screen, make note of the drive letter assigned to your boot drive (normally C and click Next
At the Chose a Recovery Tool window, click on Command Prompt. You will be sitting at X:\Sources directory
Run SFC or chkdskIf you did not note the drive letter of your boot disk, you can enter bcdedit and look at the osdevice line to see what it is.
For sfc, type sfc /scannow /offbootdir=c:\ /offwindir=c:\windows and press Enter (use the letter from above)
For chkdsk, type chkdsk c: /r and press Enter (use the letter from above).

Let either run to completion undisturbed.

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My Laptop's been fine for 2 years...when I'm on battery, I switch the wifi off via the switch on the laptop. However, all of a sudden, the Wifi won't turn on again! The switch isn't broken (I've moved it back and forth), and I've tried the software switch ( Fn+F5), but that doesn't work either! I dual boot Windows 8+7, and neither OS has wifi on. I've also tried uninstalling drivers/disabling the adapter via Device Manager, but no luck! I also went into the BIOS, disabled the adapter through there, launched Windows 8, then rebooted and reenabed the Wifi, and that didn't work either =(.EDIT: Windows troubleshooting says "Turn on wireless capability: Use the switch on the front or side of the comptuer, or function keys if available, to enable wireless capability on this computer".My warranty ended over a year ago!Paying to send in the laptop for this would suck. Help!

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A:Lenovo Y560 - can't turn on Wifi!

Try reinstalling the wifi drivers and the energy managment softwares. Just to confirm that is the wifi card showing in device manager.

Ishaan Ideapad Y560(i3 330m), Hp Elitebook 8460p!(i5-2520M) Hp Pavilion n208tx(i5-4200u)If you think a post helped you, then you can give Kudos to the post by pressing the Star on the left of the post. If you think a post solved your problem, then mark it as a solution so that others having the same problem can refer to it.

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Hello, When I power on my Y560, the leds and ideapad logo glows, then the laptop turns off after 1 second. I have tried the below :i.) Run via power adapater (battery removed)ii.) Run via battery (adapter disconnected)iii.) Run after removing RAM 2x2GB(tried interchanging the slots)Came across an article, where similar issue was tackled by re-applying thermal paste (between heatsink and processor). So, have ordered for the same. While I wait, wanted to check if there are there any other checks which can identify the problem ? Any fixes without HW change ?Any help is appreciated.  Thanks

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Hi,I just bought 4GB DDR3 RAM for my Lenovo Ideapad Y560 laptop. Before, I have 2GB+1GB DDR3 RAM, so I think the new one will be okay. After plugging it in, I can't boot my Windows 7 OS. I can't boot installation of Windows 7 OS. I can't boot even memtest86.Can someone help me with that? What can I do with that?Normal launching (1)?Normal launching (2)?Memtest86?Safe Mode/repairing startup?BIOS with 4GB inside?

A:Lenovo Ideapad Y560 upgrading RAM

Hi hyperxd , 
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
Based on the product RAM specification : 
4GB or 8GB std / 8GB max7 ; PC3-up to 1333MHz DDR3, non-parity, dual-channel capable, two 204-pin SO-DIMM sockets 
Recommended RAM upgrade as per hardware manual FRU listing for 4GB (page 85) : 
13 DDRIII 1333 4GB, SAM M471B5273CH0-CH9 DDR3 1333 4GB  Part number : 11011934 13 DDRIII 1333 4GB, HMT351S6AFR8C-H9 N0 ((Rev Orion /2Gb/54nm)) Part number : 1101151313 DDRIII 1333 4GB, ELP EBJ41UF8BAS0-DJ-F DDR3 1066 4GB Part number : 11011867
Do you have the same specification as indicated above?
Would that be the same issue when it is on the lower slot 0 ?
Note: If only one DIMM is used on the computer you are servicing, the card must be installed in SLOT-0 ( a : lower slot), but not in SLOT-1 ( b : upper slot) (page 41). 
Update us how it goes. 

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Okay. this is very creepy.
My internet notification is showing an internet connection but Neither chrome nor any other application access the internet - like League of Legends and Origin.

Any ideas?

A:Lenovo Y560 Internet not working

you connected wirelessly or wired?

maybe that the hub just needs a reboot.

go to open network and sharing centre / select your connections and check your activity. If the sent bytes value is increasing but the received value is static then it maybe a case that no data is being received to the laptop hence no internet.

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hi there  if any one can help and send me an old y560 bios file ( 30CN59WW )ty

A:need bios file for lenovo y560

You will find it here...end of life support.https://download.lenovo.com/eol/

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The bluetooth notification is not there.
When I try to send a file via "Send To", this is what is displayed :-

A:Bluetooth not working on Lenovo Y560

Hi have you tried pressing Fn and F5 keys together to turn the Bluetooth Device on

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I've updated my laptop Lenovo y560 to Windows 10. Mostly works, except for the built-in wireless connector.Regular ethernet works, but I can't get Wireless to work.Any helpful suggestions or driver link?Thanks.Mike


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A:Windows 10 Lenovo y560 WIreless driver

I also have the same problem can some one help ThanksSudha

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0. find another computer connected to internet.1. download bios file : http://consumersupport.lenovo.com/uk/en/DriversDownLoads/drivers_show_3446.html2. download this file : http://narod.ru/disk/6016157001/Lenovo.Y560.Phoenix.Crysis.Tool.zip.html  ( Phoenix.Crysis.Tool include new PHLASH16.EXE - [20.11.2009]) and extract it to the desktop.3. extract the zip file, rename "30cn71ww.wph" file to "bios.wph" and copy this file under phoenix tool folder.4. plug the usb stick ( not more than 4 gb or about 2-4 gb )5. run wincris.exe > start > ok > ok > no6. turn off your notebook. plug the ac power & battery & ready usb stick (into the port usb / e-sata?)7. hold down Fn+R keys and while holding press the power button.8. you should see usb blinking and hear fan noise, hold the keys for a while.9. after 5 seconds, leave the computer alone. wait for auto restart ( may take couple of minutes 1 or 2 )10. if it doesn't, restart your computer.if it works, you will be able to access your computer.   *alternatives :http://www.2shared.com/file/e2lgJ1Vy/y560_Bios_Recovery.htmlhttp://rapidshare.com/files/449087298/y560_Bios_Recovery.ziphttp://hotfile.com/dl/106487305/9a37aee/y560_Bios_Recovery.zip.htmlps. thanks for the translation

A:Lenovo ideaPad Y560 BIOS Recovery

thanks. it really worked. 

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Sorry for disturbing but my laptop has come up with another problem.
The left speaker gives off a screeching noise very often while playing sound, be it games or movies.
Most probably a hardware problem, but not exactly sure.

A:Screeching noise from left JBL speaker in Lenovo Y560


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Hi, I have also posted this in Lenovo's forum, but perhaps someone here have a solution as well. Recently my HDD crashed, so I plugged in a new HDD with a fresh Windows 7 Professional 64bit. I am trying to install the driver for my ATI HD 5730. I downloaded the driver from the Lenovo support page, installed it, and it installed sucessfully. I clicked "view log", all successful;I went to the device manager, it recognized the HD 5730 as well as the Intel Graphic. CCC is in the context manual of the desktop, but it doesn't open. However, the resolution of the screen remains at 1024 x 768. When I restart the computer, it says something along the line of "No ATI graphics driver is installed, or the ATI driver is not functioning." I tried to uninstall it, from program files, then cleaned the rest with Driver Sweeper, and then cleaned registry with Glary Uitility. Reinstalled, and same result. I even tried to uninstall all display drivers, and let Windows find the "new" hardware. Windows recognized and install the driver for the Intel Graphic, but failed to install anything for the 5730. I searched the web and I can't seem to find a solution that works. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Computer specs:
Y560 0646 (5LU?)
Intel i5 m480
Radeon Mobility HD 5730 with Switchable Graphics
Windows 7 Professional 64 bit

A:Lenovo Y560 ATI driver with switchable graphics question

I'm having the same problem with my lenovo, same model, same processor, same graphic board, just 4 gigs of ram instead of 8...
I'm using Windows7 Professional @ 64bit...

Did u fix the issue with the hd5730 driver ?

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Hello All, I have a Lenovo Y560 [email protected] GHz Model laptop. Recently the ATI Radeon graphics card which comes along with the motherboard stopped working. I took it for servicing and they did reballing of the card. It worked for 6 months and I am facing the same issue now. I am currently managing without it. 1. I am thinking of replacing the motherboard. I don't see anyother option left now. Please let me know if you have any good options which would not let me replace the motherboard. 2. If I have to replace the motherboard which is Lenovo KL3 model then which is the other model motherboard that I can buy as I have been seeing lot of issues(personally and on other threads too) regarding the graphics card on this particular mother board? 3. I have already upgraded the RAM on this laptop to 8GB which is the maximum that can be supported by this motherboard. Anyother good option which would support 16GB of RAM would help me a lot? Regards,RS

A:Replacement of Motherboard of Lenovo Y560 [email protected] GHz Model

Its funny,you are mentionining this at this time. Just yesterday with exact same laptop, graphics card craps the bed and  warranty is expired. I have had it fixed for this in the past with warranty. Guess im screwed on this lemon 

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Hello, i have a laptop. (Lenovo y560 ) And laptop's graphic card is ati radeon HD 5730.
(i have no another graphic card like Intel hd graphic)
Intel Core i7-740QM, 1.73 GHz with 2.93 GHz max turbo, 4 cores, 8 threads, 6M cache

I have a big problem with black screen. In a nutshell if i try to install amd grapchic card drive (latest drive, beta crimson drive, first drive of my laptop's manufacturer website , 14.4, 13.3 or others) with plugged in then i see black screen between the loading during.
But if i try to install this graphic card drive with battery (plugged out) then everything can be fine and there is no black screen. Also if i remove the ati graphic card drive on safe mode i can entry on VGA with plugged in or plugged out ( battery) there is no problem. But i have to install amd driver on properly for 3D programs and some games.

By the way i established windows 7, 8.1 and 10 (x64) but there was no solution. I always saw black screen. Also i should say that i tried to install with battery afterthat plugged in but the screen froze.

I searched, read and applied many method as people said to solve this problem. But i didn't solve yet.

I have been really tired to find a solution this awful problem for three weeks. I read many article, topic and i tried to every method what i saw on those places as this pages. Especially i performed regedit method ( change the crossfire 1 to 0 or 0 to 1 i mean ULPS, also i tried change the value of KMD_EnableBrightnessInterface2 1 to 0... Read more

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I am not able to update my VGA driver with any other than ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5730. However when I boot having this driver keeps my screen blank till I have to reboot it in Safe Mode and choose Standard VGA driver.
I have attached my MiniDump folder with this thread.

What shall I do?

Note: I have downloaded latest drivers from Lenovo site. Used ATI Catalyst, AMD updates etc. but nothing resolved my issue.

A:Lenovo Ideapad Y560 shows blank screen after booting

I have the same issue - can anyone shed light on this?

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This happens randomly, and there is no particular, specific trigger.
Has taken place twice.
The first time around, I went through the boot menu (F12) and selected my hard drive.
The second time, I did the same. But, a resume after hibernation made my screen freeze at a black screen with a blipping, white underscore (_). Ctrl+Alt+Del restarted my computer. And it is now working properly, or so I hope.

Any suggestions as to why this is happening? And how do I fix this?

A:BSOD Disk Error. Press any key to restart. Lenovo Y560

See if it generated a crash dump: Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions - Windows 7 Forums

Post back a screenshot of Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

Work through the Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 7 starting with the hardware tests.

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i have the same problem where i cant get into the windows as it says it cant find an operating system!

i read a bit and my boot priority order is
1. usb hdd
2. usb key
3. usb fdc
4. ide 0: samsung mmcr........
5. ide 1: hitachi ht........
6: ide cd : slimtypedvd
7: usb cdrom
8: pci bev mba v12.2.5 slot 0900

i do not hv any cd etc with me.

please kindly help advise if i need any cd etc ... is it my hdd problematic ?
never touch any boot order. but this problem suddenly arised
i read from some web to chg the SATA mode into IDE , is tht right ? its originally ARCI sthg like tht

thanks a lot !!!!!

A:lenovo y560 operating system not found: pxe-e61: media test failure...

Is this a laptop or desktop? You shouldn't need to change to IDE from AHCI, but I will need more information before giving instructions to proceed.

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Hi guys, After I boot up, the screen turns completely blank.. the login window doesn't appear and there is no response. This happened after my laptop got unusually hot when I was gaming then it shut down itself. However everything works fine in safe mode. Also, in safe mode, I tried disabling and uninstalling the ATI 5730 driver, then went back to normal mode, and everything is fine again. But after I login, windows automatically installed the ATI driver, then the screen goes blank again! This is driving me crazy!I think the problem is with teh aTI card,. Also my ati driver is NOT the latest version (8.752). On the lenovo driver website there is a new driver (8.772) but I can't install drivers on safe mode... I also heard installing the 8.772 version won't change anything cuz device manager will still say its 8.752. All your help is appreciated! ATI 5730 + intel HD graphics switchablei5 460m @2.53 Ghz 

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A:Y560 Black Screen After Boot Up

hey navinahc,
I would like you to uninstall the ATI driver via safe mode, then boot into normal and try to cancel off the installation.
if you're able to cancel the ATI driver installation in normal mode, kindly try the following steps.
1. Go to system properties2. click on "Advance System Properties"3. click on "hardware" then on "Device Installation Settings"4. select radio button "No, let me choose what to do"5. select radio button "Never install driver software from Windows Update"6. click Save Changes.?
once the above is done, restart your system. The steps above is to stop the computer from auto-installing, now go to http://support.lenovo.com and do an update of your computer.

WW Social MediaImportant Note: If you need help, post your question in the forum, and include your system type, model number and OS. Do not post your serial number.Did someone help you today? Press the star on the left to thank them with a Kudo!If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! Follow @LenovoForums on Twitter!Have you checked out the Community Knowledgebase yet?!How to send a private message? --> Check out this article.

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Hi,Please, I need help as I am at my witts end.After a windows update the laptop will no longer boot, although it seems to do everything normally.  It will not go into bios even using the press F2 till it beeps method.  I have not been able to find a solution as I simply cannot get into the bios.I have had to deal with many issues with this laptop including the black screen post win7 logo and the capacitor holding charge issue and now this.  The laptop is owned by a close friend and it is absolutely like new, and to make it worse I recommended they buy it.I am incredibly frustrated.  Can someone please help.fp

A:Ideapad Y560 will not boot to bios(Black Screen)

Dear fp,
Welcome in lenovo community,
Please try the below,
1- Remove the charger and the battery >> hold the power button for 20 seconds.
2- Connect the charger only >> hold the power button for 10 seconds.
3- Connect the battery and the charger again.
4-Turn on the laptop and directly press F2 several times. (Do not hold F2 but press several times).

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we've dealt with these problems before, unfortunately this time we cannot find the onekey recovery for this particular model.  ive scoured the net and come up null.  basically the system image and recovery image is corrupted on the msata ssd.  regular recovery media will not detect the ssd nor will the bios.  the OS partition is intact and not corrupt.  ive tried rebuilding the bcd to no avail.  normally we can generally get a system image from the manufacturer and backup files and reinstall via image, but Lenovo refuses to issue a recovery as the warranty expired on Jan 1st 2016.  So basically the customer is out a pricey computer because lenovo will not provide a recovery, even with serial and proof of purchase.  Traditional reinstall will not work either as it needs to be flashed via an image.  i find it to be ridiculous as the customer has no recourse to correct the issue.  i have verified the ssd is functioning correctly via an external adapter that I use to work with msata/m.2/mpcie etc.  Im at a loss here on what to do as Lenovo is zero help.  Does anyone here have the recovery for the yoga 2 pro please and thank you.

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My wife's G770 refuses to boot -freezes on the opening page. It seems to be trying to boot from something other than the HD. Pressing F12 while switching on sometimes results in a list of boot devices 10 minutes later and then I can boot from the HD. I have re-flashed the bios to no effect. Any suggestions would be welcome. I am computer literate. Thanks

A:Lenovo g770 boot problem

Hi Meditek,
Welcome to Lenovo Forums.
Please check issue persist in safe mode & please let me know your findings.
Tap that kudos button if I helped  If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"! 

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I have a boot loop problem. The laptop runs with win 10 and when i turn it on the lenovo logo shows up and loops infinitely unless i start enter boot manager with FN+F12 and manually select windwos 10.

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Hello, I rescently bought a lenovo t420 from a vendor thats not lenovo. It was find for a while, but then it got a malware virus. i did a removal of the malware. I then powered it on again but it displayed the thinkpad logo and the next screen was just black with a blinking underscore in the corner. I downloaded a diagnostic program to a usb and ran it. This is what the log says-> http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/P8H5BrGqmc/ Any help would be appreciated.

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the exssact Error code is  EFI network 0 for 1pv4 (68-f7-28-08-ab-d7) boot faildI was happly useing it with no issues ecept a little lag that comes with windows 10 updates. It just randomly rebooted it self which at the time I assumed was down to the windows up date, but ever since that reboot its just been telling me  EFI network 0 for 1pv4 (68-f7-28-08-ab-d7) boot faild, and can not seem to find the HD when it goes to boot, its always trying to boot from USB. I have been all over the place looking for a fix for this and it is driving me bananas because everything i've found so far has not worked. i've tried a power down, (unplugging, taking out of battary, holding the power button for # time) put it back together, power on, nothing, I have tried taking out the HDD giving it a clean with an air spray (the dust "sprays" that are pure air in a can for contact cleaning) letting it stand for a moment, reattaching HDD and then trying to boot it and still nothing. I've tried tweeking the bios only to get stuck in the "can not find boot media" loop, I put a flash drive into day that has the insterlation files for instaling a clean copy of windows, it found the HDD but the HDD claims to have 0gb on it and of course it wont go anywhere from there. it would be nice if there was a list of these boot errors so we could see what they mean. But dose anyone else have Ieas to what  EFI network 0 for 1pv4 (68-f7-28-08-ab-d7) boot faild IS, and can anyone help? its getting... Read more

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I have Ubuntu and Win10 Installed. Trying to boot into Bios with the special button it starts "refind" instead. I need to change the Virtual Machine settings in order to make it work. To do so I need to access Bios. Please help. Thank you. 

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Hello,  i just bought a Lenovo Ideapad 700-15Isk with an additional 250gb ssd. So, i used a flash drive to install win 10, but then when i was updating the drivers, downloading them from the Lenovo support site, after one of them was updated the laptop restarted and then the boou menu appeared. I pressed to boot from the ssd, but nothing, a black screen and then back to the boot menu. I tried with every other option LANs, win flash drive, the other 1tb hdd but nothing worked. How can i fix this?  Thank you. 

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Hello all, I have a Lenovo Ideapad Z500 taking long time to boot (almost 30 min) The computer is stuck with black screen during 30 min, before the lenovo logo appears and then it boots fine. Before logo, just a black screen and power looks good. The problem, the fans don't work and the computer gets very warm. Sometimes, because the high-temperatures, it automatically switches down, because temperatures, before seeing the lenovo logo. With lenovo diagnosis software I have checked all the hardware, and the tools says all hardware is ok. My os is Windows 10. Could you please, somebody help me to solve this problem? I'm afraid the heat of the start could harm my computer. Why this boot is taking so long before logo? Thank you in advance, ip

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Hi there,I am using Lenovo G510 with Windows 10. It was working perfectly till last week, but since a week it is facing some power and boot issue.First, when i turn it on, laptop starts but display is blank. As a solution, everytime I have yo use Hard reboot and it shows display.Second, It takes about 10 minutes to boot and start. before it took only few seconds to start. Can anyone please suggest me a possible solution for this? 

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I am trying to install a windows 7 / XP dual boot on a Lenovo 550P I recently purchased. I have had no problems setting up a new partition and formatting it, but whenever I try and install XP on it, I get partway through the installation process and always get a blue screen of death. It tells me that there is a hard drive error.

To test this, I installed a copy of Vista 64 on the partition with no problems. I wiped the drive and started again with XP and had the same problem.

I am now wondering if there is an incompatability between XP and the hardware in my system. The system specs are:
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
CPU: Intel Core i7 720QM(1.6GHz)
Chipset: Intel PM55
HDD: 500 GB
Memory: 4 GB

I am wanting the XP OS so I can use my old 32 bit compilers. I have considered reformating the entire drive and making it an XP machine, but do not know if there is an intrensic incompatibility between XP and the hardware.

A:Lenovo laptop dual boot problem

welcome to sevenforums!
Where did you get your windows xp cd? If you downloaded that cd from utorrent, there is a small chance that the cd isn't bootable or corrupted.
Also, I have had similar experience on my HP g70. It wouldn't install windows xp no matter what I try. I cannot run the installer from windows of course (application hard block) and whenever it boots up, it would have a disk warning.
I think that some manufacturers include something in their bios to make sure the system is stuck with vista or beyond, or that perhaps, the new hardware available in the nine years since xp made its entrance, made the xp incompatible. I mean, can your xp recognize your cpu or chipset?
Perhaps the only possible method would be to run xpfrom a virtual machine.
Judging from your system configuration, virtualization wouldn't be that bad, it would run pretty well
Thus, my suggestion would be to install windows 7 and simply run it from XP Mode. For that, you will need a copy of windows 7 professional or ultimate (tad bit more expensive than home premium). Or you can buy a home premium and install something like virtualbox.
Seriously xp, is more trouble than its worth. Even if you manage to install it, you will need a TON of times getting all the drivers for it. Xp doesn't have generic or native drivers so you will need a flash drive to store the drivers lol. Windows 7, however, has generic drivers for almost all modern hardware, so you will ahve a better "out of box" exp... Read more

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Hello , i want install a elementary OS, but i cant do usb boot , BIOS dont have any options for this , please help me 

A:Lenovo ideapad 100s-11iby problem with usb boot

Hello and welcome,
There are already some discussions of this on the forum.  Here are two:
TLDR: the 100s-11iby has a UEFI only 32-bit BIOS.  Bootable install media has to be UEFI and 32 bit which is a rare combination.

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I recently bought Lenovo G500 and I can not boot into Windows (to install it for the first time) or boot menu to change boot order. After starting laptop I get this screen. How can I change this to be able to instal Windows?
Link to picture
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A:Lenovo G500 fist time boot problem

hi hakaa,
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If I'm not Mistaken you want to boot the system to your Installation Media,right?
First you can try the hitting F12 when you press the power to turn it ON.
   If your Lucky the BIOS is already configured and hitting F12 should give you the Boot menu and will let you choose to boot from CD/DVD, HDD or USB.
If hitting F12 did not give you Boot Menu Option,
Turn the system ON and start hitting F2, Now This will Let you Boot into the BIOS and will give you option to change the Boot sequence,
Hope this info helps,
Please let s know if you have further questions,
Solid Cruver

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Very briefly, I have a desktop computer that I need to link to a network in order to put a corporate image on it. The mouse and the keyboard work fine until the network connection starts. Then both shutdown leaving me no way to input the necessary data to begin the image process. When I do the same thing on any of the laptops, everything works just fine. Is it a driver problem?

A:Solved: Lenovo M93p Network Boot Problem

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A week ago, I bought Crucial 8GB DDR4-2400 SODIMM (CT8G4SFS824A & single ranked) as Crucial System Scanner suggested it is compatible with my brand new Lenovo V110-15IKB. Its OS is Windows 10. I have inserted this ram part into my laptop and it works well. 12GB appears under Device specifications at About (its 4GB is non-removable). However, when I shut it down and next day, it won't boot. Just black screen, CapsLk light is on (normally it turns off before Lenovo logo appears) and not responding. I have removed ram part and laptop booted with original 4GB ram. I reinserted 8GB part back and it booted.  But it's still same, it won't boot second time unless 8GB part is removed and reinserted. I've looked for solutions across the internet but none worked (most of them are for home-built PCs) including safe mode resetting (supposed there to be troubleshooting but this laptop didn't have done troubleshooting after resetting and yet it won't boot second time). Also, I got BIOS/UEFI driver upgrade from Lenovo but it's still same. Though I have no idea how to use UEFI. Sorry, I'm not much technological person. I'm baffled with this. I haven't seen similar problem as this. Why does laptop refuse to boot second time with 8GB installed? Is this 8GB ram defective? Should I use other 8GB part (dual ranked one)? What about 2666 one? I don't want to open my laptop repeatably as it would wear ram slot out. Any solutions? Thank you. By the way, I have po... Read more

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Hello i bought my computer a month and a half ago. Since then my has been doing fine not perfect but fine. It sometimes makes a small vibrating sound which goes away when i give a gentle tap on the computer.  However today i wanted to move my user from my ssd to my seagate after that everything went south. I needed to start fresh again so i started recovery which worked until a while later when it said the recovery didnt work. After that i clicked to proceed to windows. When it restarted i got a bios message saying "Configuration change was requested to clear this computer's TPM(Trusted Platform Module)WARNING: Clearing erases information stored on the TPM. You will loose all created data encrypted by these keys.Press F12 to clear the TPMPress ESC to reject this change request and continue" I pressed F12 because i wanted to recover my computer or it wont recover(in my knowledge). After i pressed F12 my computer went into a boot loop. Any fixes?

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One touch recovery button is not working, F2(FN+F2) and F12 (Fn+F12) is also not working. when ever i start my laptops it shows blue screen with Boot problem.i cannot go to bios setup page as well. i hope somebody from lenovo can help me as soon as possible because all my work documnets are in my Laptop. showing blue screen mentioned contact device Manufacter.

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I. Can not changed Bios Setting.II. Boot Manager displays the USB Flash Drive while it is not plugged in. that show in the picture. It's show only "USB HDD: KingstonDataTraveler 3.0" while I plugged in and while I removed it. [ This is what makes it impossible to boot from USB flashdrive. ] Help me!, How to fix it?---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Bc code 116

B 1:8539c008
B 2:8d604b02
B 3:c0000001
B 4:00000003

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hELLO! i want exchange i5 460M to i7 840QM. Is it real?Lenovo Ideapad Y560 i5 460M, KL3, HM55 

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Ok i have i3 320gb lenovo y560, and im concidering installing an pcie ssd drive, first of all, does it have to be an intel one to use intel rapid drive?or i can use any other ssd-s, intel for pcie ssd is very hard to find, atleast where i live, or is it possible to order via lenovo services ( in serbia) ?note: thay did not have any rapiddrive models in store i was looking for...and when i insert ssd drive, what is procedure of geting it to work with my system ( i want my system to be on it ) but i dont want to reinstall it, if it's possiblealso what is procedure to have One Key recovery enabled, Cause i deleted all partitions, now only have C 90gig, and D the rest, and Lenovo reserved drive ( 500mb)how to create partition for one key recovery and how big should it be? thanks

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A:Installing SSD In y560

I got my Y560 before rapiddrive was put into these devices (i'm not sure if it has been yet). Two questions to see if anyone has tried this1. Could I put an ssd into the mini pcie slot in the laptop to use as a boot drive? 2. Using the recovery DVD's made using lenovo's software, would i be able to put Windows 7 on that drive? I thought you had to have your partitions exactly the same as they were stock, wouldn't this screw it up?

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