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Make Window 7 x64 Ultimate Install Disc using Windows x64 Pro Disc

Q: Make Window 7 x64 Ultimate Install Disc using Windows x64 Pro Disc

How do I make a Window 7 x64 Ultimate Install Disk using my Windows x64 Pro Disk? I read somewhere that the four versions of Windows 7 x64 (Starter, Home, Pro and Ultimate) are all on the Setup DVD you buy, the difference is only in the Setup.ins and boot pictures?

I want to make a Slip-streamed Setup DVD for Ultimate. How? Thanks, Donald

Preferred Solution: Make Window 7 x64 Ultimate Install Disc using Windows x64 Pro Disc

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Make Window 7 x64 Ultimate Install Disc using Windows x64 Pro Disc

Windows 7 Universal Installation Disc - Create

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I trying to make a Windows 8.1 install disc so I can reinstall of windows on my computer. However I only have a windows 8 OEM key, I don't have any windows installation media or a subscription to msdn to get a retail download product key. The usuall work around method of starting the windows 8 iso download, stopping it and then starting the windows 8.1 iso download wont work because the product key I have is OEM.

Does any one know how I can get around this issue?

My OS version Windows 8 (updated to 8.1 update one) core 64-bit

A:How to make windows 8.1 install disc with window 8 OEM key

Hello KTM,

Since you have a Dell computer, you could create recovery media using the method in the link below that can be used to do a factory recovery of Windows with.

Windows 8 - Recovery Media in 99 seconds | Dell

If you are unable to create the recovery media from your computer, then you could also order recovery media directly from Dell for your computer's model.


Hope this helps,

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Hi Everybody. I am having a nightmare trying to install a Windows 7 image to my wifes computer, here's the deal & problem(s)? I am trying to install Windows 7 from an ISO file. For information, my USB drive is 8gb in size, and the new drive is an SSD Drive, although I do not think that comes into play. I have used the BIOS to set the boot orders (USB, CD, Floppy, etc..so that's not an issue. The same problems occur if I burn DVD's, I've tried both, USB and DVD's. I have followed and tried multiple instructions from forums, google, etc.. to no avail. I found a program called Rufus, and tried to make a boot disc with that. It requires an ISO file of a DD (whatever that is?) file to work. It formats the USB fine, however when I go to copy and/or burn the ISO file, it will not allow it, stating the Windows File (install.wim?) is larger than 2gb in size and cannot be copied due to a windows issue or limitation. And, of course, if I burn it as a data file, I do not get the boot files necessary. And, to put the boot files to the drive from Rufus, it makes you format it first, so I can't burn the Windows files, then make a boot disc. I have also tried the Windows utility (Windows 7 USB DVD Download tool, and that seems to execute just fine, but the drive will not boot up when I utilize their tool. I lost my Windows 7 disc, so I can't use that, but I have Windows VISTA home premium but that will not boot as well? (I am suspect this might be an upgrade version, but I thou... Read more

A:Windows 7 - Can't make ISO File or Boot Disc to INSTALL it, HELP?!

Hi and welcome.

You should not need to copy anything to the USB drive once Rufus has run. Select the button circled in red in the image below and point to the ISO file of Windows 7. Then select start to make the bootable USB.

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I have a Asus F50sv laptop that runs an OEM windows vista, and the laptop was bundled with a recovery disc.
I have another laptop, Asus N56jr that runs OEM windows 8, and it does not come with a recovery disc, and I saw a lot of unboxing videos of this laptop model, and none of them had a recovery disc.  You are supposed to make the recovery discs yourself.
I already installed some stuff and used the laptop a little, but I didn't make the discs yet.  If I make the discs now, would it basically recover everything in the laptop as is, that is, with all the games, or any malware or any files that may have been added, or does the recovery disc contain only whatever it contains when you first boot up the OEM windows 8 laptop for the first time?
Could I technically create the recovery DVD's after 3 years of usage in that laptop?
Basically, did I pull off a stupid move by not making the recovery discs first?
Ok.  I checked my laptop, and it doesn't have the Al Recovery Burner to make recovery discs, and there is no recovery partition.  Just a partition called "data" that contains absolutely nothing in it, meaning that if that laptop hard drive dies on me, I can't reinstall the OEM windows 8, because it has no tools to make recovery discs nor does it have a recovery partition.

A:Do you need a clean install of windows 8 to make recovery disc?

To answer your questions Yes, you make the recovery Disc, or USB.  If you look in your system tools you should have the option of a system recovery by manufacture.  If you do not don't worry.  Windows will create a system recovery disc with the Windows Backup program in the Control Panel. 
You can also use tools like Clonezilla if you want to.

Could I technically create the recovery DVD's after 3 years of usage in that laptop?
Basically, did I pull off a stupid move by not making the recovery discs first?

Yes you could.
No you did not.  Its not stupid at all.  I would run all Microsoft Updates, and update Java, Flash, and Office etc.  Then do a System Backup and Recovery disc which again is all done at the same time. 
Click here for a How to on System Recovery/Repair Disc in Windows 8.
Click here for info on system Image,  Recovery Options and what they do, and how to get to them in Windows 8.
If you need more help please ask.
Good Luck

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im stuck on what to do. i have been without an os for 3 days now. i am currently using my playstation 3 which is no good i want my vista back. so when i go to install it gives me the error " windows cannot be installed to this disc. the selected disc is of the gpt partition style". i have followed some instructions to diskpart. but after ive seletced my disk and i press enter then type clean and press enter, i dont actually know if it has done anything or doing anything. i cant type anything else after that as it says to type exit in the instructions after typing clean, but it simply wont let my type it. so im hoping someone can shed some light on to this problem for me as ive been stuck for 3 days now and i really am at my last teather with this machine its about to be thrown out the window.

A:windows cannot install to disc the selected disc is gpt partition style

download gparted and then format your disc. or download linux and format your disc

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I think I may have found an answer to my boot problem. After reading the tutorial on system image restore I saw this statement.

"You can fool it into thinking that simply by marking the 7 partition as active.

May be as well to make it a "secondary" system partition , by copying across the relevant files - in case you forget to hand the active flag back"

How would I be able to make my "C" WIN7 drive my system drive instead of my "D" Vista drive. Right now my "D" Vista is my system drive.
Or, can I have two system drives at the same time? Remember these are on TWO SEPERATE hard drives.

A:How to make a hard disc a system disc

First make sure you are set to see hidden and protected files in Windows Explorer.

Copy bootmgr file from D: to C:
Copy boot folder from D: to C: and tell it to skip over copying bcd and bcd.log when it prompts.

Run this command from an elevated command prompt. You may copy and paste into it. Hit enter.

bcdedit /export C:\boot\bcd

Reboot into bios and change the primary boot device to be your C: drive.

Boot to Windows and make sure C: is now the system drive. If so, you may delete the boot folder and bootmgr file on D:

If you want two "system drives" so in case one fails you'll be able to boot from the other, don't delete anything and use bios to change drives in this instance.

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Hi, a buddy of mine's POS laptop isn't booting since he lent it to his friend. (Great friend huh?)

It's got Vista home premium, I've had a play with it and it wont boot in safe mode, the recovery tool fails, he has no restore points, and it's basically bricked. (BIOS sees the hard drive, the memory test tool doesn't report any problems, so HD is fine as far as I can tell)

He's happy to lose his C: drive, and I'm not willing to spend any effort on it. However, he's not happy to spend any cash on it, which is a problem because he doesn't have a windows disk.

The hard drive also doesn't have a recovery sector.

Is there a way to legally download Windows Vista? If I'm going to go through the effort of pirating a copy of Windows Vista, to then use a legal key he has stuck to bottom of it, then I might as well just download a OS that isn't terrible tbh.

So yeah
Vista Broke. Need disc, is there a way to download a .ISO for Windows Vista without infringing copyright laws? Or is it a case of "Put hand in pocket."

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I have an HP DV3510nr laptop which has a 10gb recovery disc in addition to the 300gb hard drive. The computer came with Vista and a "System Recovery" program that allowed me to reset the computer to its original state, from this recovery disc, which I had to do several times. I have since upgraded to Win7 and did nothing with the secondary drive. The upgrade seems to have wiped any system recovery abilities.

I am now needing to reinstall Win7 and was wondering how I can set up this recovery disc, with Win7, for system restore.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

A:Make use of recovery disc and new 7 install


The problem arises from the fact that you did an upgrade and not a clean install. I will get you our tutorial on how to do a clean install with an upgrade DVD. You will be so happy with the improvement.

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Hi there, I was looking for a solution to a problem on the web one day and I came across a site where a guy said he made an image of his Windows 7 Installation including all programs and settings so that when he had any problems he could do a completely fresh install in about 3 minutes. Now I can't find the site but I'd love to know how to do that.

The main reason is I set aside 25gb for Windows 7 Ultimate and now I only have 1gb free and I only use the C drive for Windows. The winsxs folder has become really bloated but I've read that it's a bad idea to mess with it.

I'm sure the guy said it took him two weeks to make the disc as he had to keep layering images or something like that.

Does anyone know of this technique?

Thanks for any advice

A:How to make a 3 Minute Install disc?

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I have Windows 7 Ultimate upgrade version but have lost the install iso that I downloaded when I purchased it. I have tried a 'normal' Ultimate iso that I downloaded from digital river but it is not accepting my serial key.

Is the upgrade media different in some way to the SP1 iso? Is there any way to download a copy?


A:Ultimate upgrade version - lost install disc

The Upgrade Key should work with the downloaded disk - but remember that you cannot boot from the disk and use the upgrade Key. It requires that you boot from a functional and valid OS.
If you're attempting a Clean install, don't enter the Key at all - complete the install, and then run a repair install, this time entering the Upgrade Key.

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Hello world!

I just got a new laptop with Win7 64 bit home premium and that's all good that this
OS came installed on there and I'm using it, but for my teaching activities I'll need
to get into some Linux OS in a multiboot configuration. So I will want to eventually
need to be able to fix this when the HD fails, well because we know that ALL HDs
will eventually fail, right? So this is a 'remanufactured' ASUS K55A, and the one piece
of paper that came with it says the HD has been reformatted and there is no recovery
partition so I should promptly make up a recovery DVD set, which I did (4 DVDs).

So I used the disk management to shrink the C: down to it's minimum, like 150Gb, due
to what it said was some files that could not be moved. That's probably OK. Then I
deleted the D: and made a new D: of about 350Gb which leaves the unassigned space
all looking to be contiguous (like 188Gb). In looking on there, I see the UEFI partition
of 200Mb, which is cool, and then there are these two mysterious partitions: a 25Gb
recovery partition with no listing of it's filesystem nor any drive letter, hanging out in
the never never land and not in the early (leftmost) part of the disc, and there is this
protected Q: drive that apparently has MS office on it 'in case' I want to buy it. There
is the 'reduced with ads' MS office already working and that is all I would ever want.

1) In reading up I see there is a lot of headache going around with Win 8 and UEFI but
I believe that UEFI is a goo... Read more

A:Questions: UEFI, restore partition, Q:, install disc, recovery disc

Hi PJ,

You covered several areas, so I'll start with some suggestions:

1. Since you already burnt (and checked?) the recovery DVD's, that recovery partition is no longer required, so you can remove it. Everything you need to restore the computer back to its factory state will be contained on those 4 x DVD's - store them safely.

2. For the Linux distro's, given that this is a UEFI boot, I would run them in a virtual machine using either free VirtualBox or free VMWarePlayer (my personal preference is for the latter).
Linux - Install on Windows 7 Virtual Machine using VirtualBox

3. If you never plan on using Office, uninstall it, then remove the Q: partition.

You should also consider a clean OEM install at some point - it gets rid of all the bloatware that the OEM's come with:
Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

Lastly, keep this handy if you choose to clean install under UEFI:
UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) - Install Windows 7 with


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can I use that same disc to reinstall it as my "genuine" window 7? since the previous install already deleted my window vista..

The situation now is my current OS is window 7(upgraded from vista),can I reinstall it using the same method?(upgrade disc) without worrying the copyright and such?

I want to do so because I heard peoples said that if you have a partition with OS alone will grant better performance to the PC..so I tryin' to immediately after the installment of the new window 7, I want to do a partition for the OS alone only,separate it with the programs file and such to avoid the OS file mix around with other file..

please give me some advice..

Thank you very much

A:if I already install window 7 using upgrade disc

If you have a retail upgrade DVD, I believ that you can boot from it, format the OS partition, and install Win7. The old installation will qualify the upgrade license.

If something goes wrong with that, you won't be in trouble:

Clean install with Windows 7 upgrade media? Get the facts! | Ed Bott’s Microsoft Report | ZDNet.com

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I have a problem trying to set up raid 1. I have a new PC with W7 Pro 64 bit installed and have migrated everything off the old failing desktop. Everything works well and W7 has no problem booting. I can take W7 image dumps as well. Somewhere in the process of setting up RAID I have done something that does not allow me to complete the process. I decided to use the Install Disk and do a startup repair to clear things, but for some reason neither the Install Disc or the W7 System Repair disc find a system to repair yet my system boots properly.
I've read that I can image dump the whole thing, enter BIOS and setup Raid 1 properly and then restore the image. The proper drivers for RAID were loaded. Can someone tell me if this process would work? Thanks in advance for any help.

A:Neither W7 install disc or W7 repair disc find my new system

Win7 doesn't much like dated RAID technology, and doesn't need it with built-in drive imaging.

If you wanted to RAID your new PC you'd have reimage or reinstall anyway.

Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7
Macrium - Image your system

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Presently i used windows 10 but this is not working properly and now i want to install previous window of 8.1. i have 5 recovery disc of window 8.1 but during installing 8.1 display some data missing or error. I have also recovery drive in my notebook of window 8.1.please tell me how to make recovery disc from recovery drive of win 8.1 again.

A:recovery disc error during install window

Hi @vp333 Thank you for posting in the HP Support forum. You have several options to restore to Windows 8.1: - use your own working recovery media - you can try to create it if you have the designated app (e.g. HP Recovery Manager) installed already- use HP original recovery media- use the built-in recovery media (if working fine and not corrupted)  Try to the last one first: 1. Please, shutdown the computer using/holding the power button for a few seconds2. Power it back on.2.1 As soon as you press the power-on button, immediately begin hitting the Esc button (like tap-tap-tap).This should open a HP Startup Menu which may look similar to this one 3. Choose F11 for System Recovery options.The computer should boot from it's recovery partition to open you various recovery options. Note, that F11 option will only work if the recovery partition is there (not deleted) and intact. From there, you have prenty of options to choose from. Go to Troubleshoot > please, perform either "Reset this PC" option or start "HP Recovery Manager" (whatever is available for your model). Here are detailed instructions >> http://hp.dezide.com/ts/start.jsp?guide=HPSystemRecovery.net&section=ccweb&SFS=tdoc&language=english...  If this does not work, please, let me know.

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I want to do a clean install of Windows, but either I will get the message: ""this request could not be performed because of an i/o device error." or the XP Install Disc shows as a CDA audio disc with one track.

I never get the option to boot from the disc when I startup the computer. The disc works fine in other computers.

I have a Plextor 708a DVD+-R drive. And an odd thing is that in the Device manager it shows as a "PHEXTKR DRDR PX)708A". I have tried to uninstall and reinstall the drivers for the DVD drive, but it comes up the same way.

A:XP Install Disc Shows as Audio Disc


Originally Posted by mikeydangerous

I want to do a clean install of Windows, but either I will get the message: ""this request could not be performed because of an i/o device error." or the XP Install Disc shows as a CDA audio disc with one track.

I never get the option to boot from the disc when I startup the computer. The disc works fine in other computers.

I have a Plextor 708a DVD+-R drive. And an odd thing is that in the Device manager it shows as a "PHEXTKR DRDR PX)708A". I have tried to uninstall and reinstall the drivers for the DVD drive, but it comes up the same way.

have you tested another copy of the cd?

also this :""this request could not be performed because of an i/o device error." is a issue means the cd rom is almost out the door.

change bus ccables and test again, if that fails test another cd rom ( you can buy them for like 20$ )

might be worth it....


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I want to completely wipe my HDD (format it externally with an IDE enclosure) and restore Vista Home premium with my manufacturer's restore DVD. Will this work or do I actually need an official vista installation disc?


A:Is there a difference between install disc and restore disc?

You manufacturer's restore disc will revert your computer back to the way it was when you bought it. I.E the way it was when you pulled it out of the box. This includes any preloaded software or what have you.

The Vista disc will allow you to reinstall WindowsVista ALONE! with no accessories or anthing else.

Hope that helps :)

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Hi,I downloaded a windows 7 ultimate 32 bit ISO,it came in a zip folder,I unzipped it,there are 7 folders,which folder do I burn to make a disc,or what do you do with all the folders?
Thank you!!

A:windows 7 ultimate installation disc iso

I downloaded a windows 7 ultimate 32 bit ISO,it came in a zip folder,I unzipped it,there are 7 folders,which folder do I burn to make a disc,or what do you do with all the folders?Click to expand...

This is the only known legitimate site for downloading Windows 7 ISO files.


Where did you download that .ZIP file from?


Did your computer come with Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit pre-installed in it?

Do you have a legitimate product key to activate it?


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Can I ask for help to create a WinPE based disc for Paragon Backup and Restore Suite 10? It's the free Twitter edition and the WinPE maker is not included. As of the moment I am having problems with it because the external portable expansion drive I have is not recognized when I boot to the rescue media. It only reads the hard drives I have.

As much as possible I'd like to have some leverage in case I am to recover an image I did from an external drive. I have Windows AIK installed in the pc concerned.

Can someone help me please..


A:Help to make a Windows PE disc

Would this Paragon tutorial be of any help?

Paragon Boot Media Builder - Overview

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I got a new computer with Windows 7 installed on it. I like to occasionally format my hard drive and start from scratch. Before I have anything else on the hard drive, I'd like to create a Windows 7 installation disc. I've read a bunch of the threads on this site and although many are close, none seem to match exactly what I want. I tried going through Control Panel but it was going to be 33GB for a system image - that's not what I want. Just a disc with Windows 7 installation so that I can format the hard drive.

Thank you.

A:How do I make a Windows 7 OS Disc?

You have an oem pre install.

Grab an installation iso from My Digital Life

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hey guys,
I installed windows 7 ultimate x64 on my western digital caviar black 750gb, but it won't boot without the installation disc in my cd-rom drive. I have to keep the my cd-rom drive as the 1st boot and my hdd my second, and if i switch it around, it asks me for the boot disc. I tried to repair it, but when it asks me to select an os, it says that the disc is incompatible with the operating system.

A:windows 7 ultimate wont boot without disc

Did you perform a "clean" install or an upgrade?

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Currently I can create a Windows 7 restore disk onto a CD or a DVD. Does anyone know if it's possible to create it to a USB drive instead?



A:Way to make a Windows 7 restore disc to USB instead

Hello Josh, and welcome to Seven Forums.

If you mean this Windows 7 System Repair Disc, then you can use program like ImgBurn or UltraIso (one in tutorial below) to create a ISO file from the DVD and use the same METHOD ONE in the tutorial below to create a bootable USB key with it.

USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create

Hope this helps,

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Hello all !

Im new here and i have found lots of interesting info here so far. I have been running windows 7 beta 6801 for a while, but wanted to try beta 7000, now, for some reason i cant make the dvd bootable, either my brain is just fried or im missing something, does anyone have any idea of how to make a bootable windows 7 build 7000 dvd ?

id apreciate any help.


A:how to make bootable windows 7 disc ?

Hello swede1, welcome to Se7en Forums!

Are you sure the "7000" you got is an ISO?

Later Ted

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Hi guys,

A while back I backed up my XP disc (rather badly) by copying all of the files to a storage drive. I've since lost the disc, and am trying to recreate the disc so I can do a fresh install. However, the disc isn't being recognised just after BIOS is (when I boot up the computer).

I have Ashampoo Burning Studio, and I can choose a file that will be executed automatically after BIOS. Which file is executed normally when you put your XP disc in (and have the boot priority set to CD-ROM in BIOS)? If this won't work, is there a program I can get that will burn the disc so it is recognised and boots to the install screen when I boot up?

Thanks for your help, and I hope that makes sense (I'm not sure on how to explain it exactly).

EDIT: Sorry if a similar question has been posted elsewhere, I did a search and couldn't find one.

EDIT: I could try and reword this if it doesn't make sense, just drop a reply - cheers.

A:XP Disc won't install - disc won't autorun

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I bought long time ago Windows 7 Home edition (FPP license) - non english and afterwards when I realized that it does not support more than 16GB RAM, I decided to buy WAU upgrade to Ultimate version.
I need to know, if it is possible to create or download legally just the Ultimate version with english language and use my KEY.

When I reinstall windows, then I have to do upgrade to Ultimate and then add english language package which is not translating everything. I don't like this. I would prefer just one instalation of Ultimate with english language and use my key.

Thanks for any help.

A:Windows 7 Home to Ultimate with WAU upgrade - new installation disc

Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

Problem is still you need new full installation media,
You might quote this nice fellow,
Win7 ISO image

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Yes, you heard me, is it possible to make a Windows 7 boot disc from scratch? By scratch I mean, I want all the programs I currently have installed on my PC and some items in my secondary drives to be there too, in other words, can I take my current Windows AND the programs/items I have on my drives, and put them together as one installation, so that when I format my computer and reinstall Windows, my basic programs, like Photoshop, After Effects, etc, are still there, so there is no worry about downloading it? That's my main point, I have to install Windows 7 and the programs I have in like 30 computers, it would take forever if I ALSO have to download programs like Photoshop, I don't have the best internet in town anyways.

Hope you can help me out, thanks!

A:Make Windows 7 boot disc from scratch?

Sounds like a better solution is to use a disk imaging app...


And i recommend Macrium Reflect for a Free solution.

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Hi all,

Simple request. does anyone know how to make a boot disc on a cd for windows XP...seems a tower I have has it's OS corrupted so I need to boot it up with the cd...which I can't seem to find right now ...Doh!

A:Solved: How do I make a boot disc on CD for windows XP

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Working on a spiffy e-machine with Windows Vista Home Basic that runs pretty well.

After reading multiple posts where the advice usually begins with suggesting a 'boot disc' or a 'recovery disc', I guess what I'm looking to find out is:
1) what is the difference between a boot disc and a recovery disc?
2) How do I go about making one on this machine (or if I even can)? << I did read through Grinler's tutorials regarding System Restore points and all that seems to in good order. But I guess I'm not sure on the relationship between that and my post (or if there even is one).
3) a best practice regarding these type of discs
I don't have any pressing issues at this time, but I also don't want to wait until I do.

Everything I've learned here at BC has been so great & helpful, I would like to stay on that path, so any links/apps/ideas/suggestions and/or insights would be greatly appreciated.

A:Boot Disc, Recovery Disc, Frisbee Disc

1) what is the difference between a boot disc and a recovery disc?Boot disk vs recovery disk. Let me see if I can phrase that in a way that makes some sense.A recovery disc is a generic term for the disk or media containing a backup of the original factory condition or a specified condition of a computer as configured by the original equipment manufacturer or an end-user. OEM supplied recovery media is sometimes shipped with some computers to allow the user to reformat the hard drive and reinstall the operating system and pre-loaded software as it was when it was shipped. This is not as common a practice today as it was in the past. I won't confuse the issue, but google recovery partition for more information.A boot disk is a removable data storage medium, i.e. DVD or flash drive from which a computer can load and run 'boot' an operating system or utility program. The computer must have an installed program or application which will load and execute a program or application from the boot disk. This will enable you to boot an otherwise unusable machine to be able to troubleshoot the OS or non-working application as necessary.Hope that gives you a better idea of the difference.As to how to create a boot disk? I will let more knowledgeable staff or members assist you.

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Working on a spiffy e-machine with Windows Vista Home Basic that runs pretty well.
After reading multiple posts where the advice usually begins with suggesting a 'boot disc' or a 'recovery disc', I guess what I'm looking to find out is:
1) what is the difference between a boot disc and a recovery disc?
2) How do I go about making one on this machine (or if I even can)? << I did read through Grinler's tutorials regarding System Restore points and all that seems to in good order. But I guess I'm not sure on the relationship between that and my post (or if there even is one).
3) a best practice regarding these type of discs
I don't have any pressing issues at this time, but I also don't want to wait until I do.
Everything I've learned here at BC has been so great & helpful, I would like to stay on that path, so any links/apps/ideas/suggestions and/or insights would be greatly appreciated.

A:Boot Disc, Recovery Disc, Frisbee Disc

1) what is the difference between a boot disc and a recovery disc?

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hi every one

i'm sorry if my topic is not in the wright department

and sorry again

my Problem is

i have tow hard disc and need ti instal 2 windows copy
in ech one of them
but the big problem is

i want when the pc startup founde in bios screen
2 choice
1st : xp
2nd : 7
and choose what i want to log in

this problem is making me soooooo crazy for 3 days and
finally i found a solution for it
but it is so poor
i remove one hard disc and instal the windows
and did the same for the second hard disc

but cause Moore time and hard to start my work
soo plzzzzzz
i just need someone help me and be Patient with me


A:install windows 7 in hard disc and XP in another hard disc in same pc

See this tutorial for how to setup a dual boot environment with Windows 7 and XP. It covers both methods, XP installed first or Windows 7 installed first.

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i would go know how to make a bootable disc for my windows xp media center. i have a acer, it is the aspire series.

A:how do you make a bootable windows xp media center disc

Bootable disc to do what?

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Hey, I'm trying to re-install windows 7. Right now I have 32bit, but I'm trying to install 64, however I cannot delete nor format partitions. By the way, I'm installing windows from USB, so how can I solve this problem ???
During installation it says:
""To make changes to partitions, restart Windows from installation disc.".

A:"To make changes to partitions, restart Windows from installation disc

Did you boot up with the USB, or did you start the install when you had Windows running ?

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Windows ME Computer has a CD-ROM in it, which shoud be able to read data from a disc. If I put in a data disc and go to my computer, it shows the D drive with the little disc and music notes by the disc. When you doubleclick it to open the CD it takes you right to windows media player. No matter what you do it always opens windows media player. I am helping a co worker of my wife with this computer. They must have had it working at one time cause they have games in the computer that probabaly came from discs. anyway, why does it bring up windows media all the time, why does it show the musical notes beside the disc in my computer? how can I get it to read a data disc? I removed her CD-ROM and hooked up an old burner I had and it installed and worked right away. I went to mycomputer and it showed the D drive with the disc but this time without the musical notes, I doubleclicked it and it brought up the data on the disc I had in right away with no problem. So, my question is, I will have to take my CD-Burner out of her computer and put hers back in. How can I get hers to see a data disc and not just a music disc? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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May some1 tell me how to burn windows setup disc into dvd disc?

Cauz everytime i try it doesnt work and it keep asking a blank dvd disc when is blank. And when i insert my dvd disc. It freezes at "My Computer" when i try to check D: which is where the blank dvd is located

And when i try to burn it into a dvd disc

It says asking to erase data in the disc. but is a completely brand new and blank dvd disc. It says " Error Erasing Media"

A:How To Burn Windows Setup Disc Into DVD Disc?

Setup disk? I'm not sure I understand. What, exactly, are you trying to burn to DVD?

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After I tried to make a dual boot with Ubuntu and Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit), Windows now does not boot. I have tried to reinstall and repair the HDD but the disc fails to recognize my HDD (Western Digital Scorpio Black 500 GB). My HDD is Basic, has 3 primary partitions and 1 extended (3 logical). Ubuntu 11.10 can boot fine.

A:Windows 7 Install Disc fails to see hard disk after Ubuntu install

Did you install Windows 7, then install Ubuntu?

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Hi Everyone,

I am not sure which Windows update caused this, but ever since that download, whenever I close a window, the little blue disc keeps turning until the window DOES finally close. (Hope you understand what I'm saying.) This happens after closing EACH window, ALL the time.

Essentially, it takes a few extra secs for the closed window to really close. It's irritating/frustrating because I don't know how to fix it. I've put as much of my comp's info in my profile as I know or could find. Have been working with comps for six or so years. Not a total dummy, help alot of friends , and always reaching to learn more.

Have never seen this problem anywhere or it would be fixed by now, lol Can't STAND the waiting it causes til I can move onto something else.

Any suggestions?? PLEASE???

CompInfo: Vista Ultimate, IE8--See Profile for more.

I thank you for your time.

A:Closing a window causes little blue disc to turn til window finally DOES close

Lets try two steps to see if we can fix the problem
Assuming that you are using IE go to>tools>internet options>advanced>resest and see if that helps.
Second try with clean boot to see if some software is behind the problem
How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7
If it works follow the instructions to find the precise cause

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Well, my brother is making a new computer, and he wanted to install windows 7 on it, he has a valid code for it, but we've lost the disc, and I was wondering if there's a way to install it without the disc on a new computer. Like if there's a client you can burn onto a disc or something to put in a new computer.

A:Can I install Windows 7 without the disc?

Hi -

Contact Microsoft for replacement media --> http://support.microsoft.com/kb/326246

Regards. . .



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I just purchased a 17" MacBook Pro and I need to find a Windows XP install disc all on one disc that has SP2 on it too, for running bootcamp. All my friends seem to have the upgrade disc, which you cannot use. Does anyone know any easier way to get my hands on this disc without purchasing it at the store (I already own windows XP, just dont have the right disc, so its legal), or finding a friend with it?


A:Can't Get Windows XP Install Disc w/ SP2

slipstream sp2 into your disk with nlite

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My friends comp has a bunch of viruses on his windows 7 if I get the key from his hard drive If I delete windows and then reinstall with a flash drive where can I go to get the programs and drivers for his hp dv6

A:How to Install Windows 7 Without the Disc

Drivers not a problem. All here on this website. Microsoft used to make Windows 7 OEM .isos available for download at a site called Digital River...stopped about 2 years ago. The files were mirrored by some universities and others and if you look online for Microsoft Digital River Mirrors you can still find them but it is always a little risky to get from non-MS source. We are not supposed to provide direct links for you. Is it Windows 7 Pro, Home Premium, 64, 32 bit? If we knew the exact model of your laptop we could know the exact Windows 7 type you had and give you the corrrect Microsoft disk ID number which makes the search easier. 

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Hi, this is my first post. I let AVG remote access my computer and they crashed it , it's dead
Ok it gave me two options when I turned it back on, I picked the one that formatted the HD.
So I forgot to make a boot disc. My question is , if I buy windows 8 which it came with will
the install disc's have its own boot up on installing it.

Also what would be the best all around virus protection to buy. I need some thing that will
make the computer bullet proof.

Thx for any help.


A:Does a new windows 8 have install disc?

Windows 8 retail versions have there own boot up utilities.

No such thing as a bullet proof AV. Use Windows Defender or Avast (Free) and use what is between your ears. Read this:

Was Windows 8 originally installed on your computer?

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Has anyone found out how to move the ultimate boot disc to a Flash drive. Making the GUI come up when you boot from the drive.

A:Ultimate Boot Disc

So I guess that know one knows or hasn't fooled around with it.

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Here is a handy collection of DOS programs all on a single disc. Brink didn't want to add it to the free software database because it hasn't been updated in awhile. However, they are ALL DOS programs and don't need updating. MSDOS is the same it's always been. Anyway, the utilities on here is mind blowing, and I would be lost without this disc. View it HERE

If you scroll down the page, you can view what's included in the disc. I constantly use this bootdisc, so I thought I would pass it along to SevenForums members.


A:The Ultimate Boot Disc

WOW. Used many of them back in the 1980's.
Many of us learned in Basic. I used to write programs like pong in basic. Hundreds of lines just to make a ball bounce across the screen. LOL

It was a solid framework for what I know now.

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I have the COA(OE Dell) with a 25 letter/number product key that is new/unused and want to use it for a computer I have just built but have no Windows disc to load. The version number of the COA is x16-96011 and I have been unable to find a copy of it anywhere. I have read about the all version disc that can be made and know where to download 32 and 64 bit versions(different to mine) of 7 Ultimate and was wondering if it is possible to do that to make a loadable version that would work with my COA as a clean install on a new hard drive. Hope someone can help me on this as it is nearly impossible to get "real" programs here in Thailand and customs double the price if you buy it overseas.

A:New Dell 7 Ultimate 64 bit COA, no disc

The Dell OEM manufacturer COA can only be used on the Dell PC.

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I desperately need a Windows 7 install disc and it's product key. The machine has been running Windows 10 for over a year, but Microsoft tells me I have to take it back to its original Windows 7 to get it running.I'm currently a retired professional, but I'm desperate to get back to the workplace, and must have the computer to accomplish that. Catch 22: Can't afford much right now, until I'm working again. Otherwise I would have bought a new one or a tablet.

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I am buying a new PC to repalce my old one and I wanted to know, is it possible to use the Windows 7 install disk from my old PC on the new PC?

A:Can you reuse the Windows 7 install disc on a new PC?

The disc yes, the licence it depends. Is Windows 7 a retail or OEM licence?

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I have an Aspire 5742 with Windows Home Premium. I have just replaced the hard drive as it would no longer start up. I made a drive backup some time ago using Acronis True Image after the laptop was setup with all my programmes. After I installed the new hard drive I ran the Acronis recovery to copy the drive backup to the new hard drive and it reported complete but when I try to boot the laptop it says bootmgr is missing. So I need to now repair the Windows 7 installation but Acer only supply a factory default option not a Windows 7 installation disc. I don't want to do a factory default as I have a programme installed that will cost $200 per hour in support fees for the software vendor to re-install it again. I contacted Microsoft about getting a Windows 7 disc but they said because it is OEM I have to contact Acer. Between the two of them they sent me around in circles until it was established that neither of the two companies could help me. So what do I do now please?

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I have an HP desktop that came with Vista 64 bit. I installed windows 7 from an upgrade only disc.


The motherboard died in the PC and I had to switch it out, now that I have, it wont load Windows, it starts to, then quickly goes to a blue screen then reboots itself before i can see what it says.

I'm assuming that Windows is messed up because of the new motherboard and needs to be re-installed, but I don't have an install disc to do it. I bought the PC refurbished so it didn't come with one, and you can't boot or clean install from the upgrade disc.

How do I get a Windows 7 install disc?

A:Solved: Windows 7 re-install disc?

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