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Virtual Drive makes physical drive disappear

Q: Virtual Drive makes physical drive disappear

Every time I place a virtual DVD drive on my computer it makes my physical drive disappear in My Computer AND Device Manager :/.
Device Manager then instead just sees the Virtual Drive..
I've tried to do that upper/lower filter to no avail considering I don't have those options when I have a virtual drive.

The only way for me to make it appear in My Computer again is to unplug the SATA cable when the computer is off and reinsert in a different slot. Anyone know how to fix this issue considering unplugging and replugging shouldn't be answer ?

Preferred Solution: Virtual Drive makes physical drive disappear

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Virtual Drive makes physical drive disappear

What virtualization program are you using? It sounds like a program error, rather than a Windows error.

Virtual Clone Drive, and MagicDisc are both free programs.

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If I go into File Explorer, navigate to any Drive, and right click on it, the File Explorer menu just disappears. Nothing else happens. No other apparent side effects, but I would like to be able to right click on a Drive to view Properties, etc. This has been happening for as long as I can remember.
I am running genuine Windows 10. Everything else seems to work ok.
Am I missing something simple?

A:Right Click on Drive makes Menu disappear

Try running SFC Command - Run in Windows 10

Other then that, check shell addons via NirSoft ShellFix

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On my custom-built rig here; specs in the flyout below. I got a new Norton Anti-Virus 2012, so I needed to uninstall my expired Norton 360.

When I did, however, somehow that's caused my Blu-Ray Drive (ONLY optical drive), AND all of my MagicISO virtual drives, to lose their drivers. I system restored, tried again, & they disappeared again. I re-imaged back to July, and it disappeared AGAIN.

It shows in Device Manager with an exclamation mark, but nothing seems to help. When I try to reinstall the driver (I made an iso of the BRD's installation disc), it says it cannot find the hardware & therefore cannot continue.

Now, WHY on Earth is this happening? I'd imagine my optical drive should have nothing to do with uninstalling Norton 360. Most importantly, HOW can I fix/get around this?

A:Uninstalling Norton 360 makes Blu-Ray Drive disappear?

Found it, and while it seems so iffy, this did work. For others' future reference, since over 10 years I've come to realize that un/installing Norton likes to do funny things:

I cannot viw my CD-ROM/ DVD DRIVE [Solved] | Kioskea.net
I don't think you have to restart right off the bat. I didn't.
Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E965-E25-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
(May want to export this selection as a backup; I certainly did!)
Select "Lower Filters," right-click, and delete.
Select "Upper Filters," right-click, and delete.
MUST restart.
Drive is back, like nothing ever happened.

Curse you, Norton. Such a wonderful ally. Switching versions? Can be your worst nightmare. And yet we love you?

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Hi there,

Is that period when I could use a refresh of my system, but I was wondering if I can do it on "cold", in a more comfortable way. I would like to install windows, drivers, firewall, internet browser etc all on a new virtual machine, make a drive image of that virtual drive then, if I'm happy with it, apply that image to the real physical drive to make it the real thing. I would also keep the image for later, if the situation requires it (I already have an image from the last install, but it's quite old and all applications are kinda obsolete).

I'm not very familiar with virtual machines so... is this possible?

A:Virtual install to physical drive

Usually you go physical to virtual. It takes third party software to go from virtual to physical. Google virtual to physical conversion for the links

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How can one determine if a hard drive is physical or virtual?

(From software--without opening up the computer.)

A:How Determine If Hard Drive Is Physical or Virtual?

click Start>type diskmgmt.msc press enter

this will open a disk management window listing all drives physically connected to the computer
this list will also include all optical drives and any card readers etc

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I was looking at computer today that had some issues originally with wireless connectivity. The wireless dongle is a Quest design that comes with build in virtual drive that contains drivers. Once plugged in to any USB port it did not launch the virtual CD drive with drivers (It worked on my PC) thus I can not work the device.

I went to device manager and it turns out that the PC does not recognize (unknown device) the physical CD drive either (but I can boot from it). Out of curiosity I have plugged in my U3 enabled USB drive that has a virtual CD drive on it as well and it too wan an unknown device. In Vistas device manager they are all located under CD/DVD device section.

I have proceed to do a system restore the a time when the Quest wireless dongle worked, but after two separate attempts and waiting 20 minutes to restore I got "system restore was not completed, nothing was changed message.

And yes I have tried to disable/enable the devices and uninstall/restart the PC, even in safe mode and still nothing.

Any thoughts?

A:Windows Vista does not recognize CD drive -- virtual or physical

This sounds like a problem with drivers, as I suspect you don't know the history of this PC I would run through some basic checks. Follow this first guide to clean out any redundant drivers.


Then look in Device Manager, click on the View tab and select "Show Hidden Devices" see if there are any yellow warnings.

Reinstall all the chipset drivers.

Check in the Bios that the CD drive is recognised and enabled.

Run sfc /scannow and chkdsk /r from an elevated command prompt.

Let us know if you need a more detailed guide and state the make and model of the PC.

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I have 2 Hard Drives:

Drive #1 is Partitioned into 2 drives (C) and (G)
Drive #2 is one partition (D)
DVD = (E)
CDRom = (F)

I would like to make:

Drive #1 = (C) & (D)
Drive #2 = (E)
DVD = (Y)
CDRom = (Z)

Basically - I want to change "Logical" (G) to (D) and "Physical" (D) to (E) and bump the DVD and CDRom to other Letters.

I was able to do this in Win ME - but cannot figure out how to do it in Win XP Pro.

I have TweakUI and cannot find it there.

Any Ideas ?

Thanks MDW

A:Assigning Drive Letters (Physical, Logical,Virtual)

You must have admin privs.

To change drive letters, click ADMIN TOOLS in the CONTROL PANEL, click COMPUTER MANAGEMENT, under Storage folder select Disk Management. Right click on the drive (Volume), select change drive letter, path.

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I have recently installed a 256GB SSD Hard Drive and installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 on it. After launching Disk Manager, it appears that Windows thinks this is two seperate physical hard drives (Disk 0 and Disk 1). Disk 0 is 238GB (containing Windows) and Disk 1 is 8.00GB. This disk is unallocated and cannot be initialized. An error message appears "The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error".

How can I reconfigure this SSD drive so that Windows 7 recognises it as one drive, in its entirety?

Thanks, Dan

A:One SSD Disk appearing as two physical drives (Drive 0 and Drive 1)


Post a screen shot of Windows Disk Management.

Was this new SSD the ONLY drive connected at the time you installed Windows and is it the only physical disk currently in the PC?

Are your system specs correct? 7 GB of RAM (?), 1 SSD, 4 HDD?

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I have a micron comp with WinxP and 2 hard drives , and thru the years I have put a lot of programs in my D drive. After the nightmare, SP2 problems and I finally got it to work. My C drive show only less than 1 G, the hard drive is 12 G. My other D 30 G's and it has 22 G's left. So, I have tried to uninstalll programs on my C drive and it keeps coming up with an error message, cant unistall b/c missing a file.

What can I do to empty my C drive and transfer my programs to the D drive?

A:Running out of space in my C drive and I have another physical Hard drive

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got the following questions:

1) i installed new Windows 7 to drive E in addition to the original OEM Vista installed in drive C of my computer (drive D is the original OEM restore drive). i want to do a SYSTEM IMAGE to backup drive E only (because the windows with all my files I now use is in drive E) but there seem to be some boot files/system files also in drive C (which i don't want to use) and Windows indicate the SYSTEM IMAGE must include both drive C and E. how can i make drive E (the 2nd physical hard disk that the computer got) function exactly as "drive C" with ALL boot files/system in it. so that my SYSTEM IMAGE only includes drive E without wasting space to include the entire drive C which i don't use now. ( OR i am asking, if I can only copy/clone drive E, when both physical drives failed, i want to make sure my copied/cloned drive E alone can function to boot up windows. right now, it seems to tell me I have to backup/clone drive C as well for drive E when i don't even use drive C now).

2) my computer does not go to sleep mode automatically even i set it so. it keep turn on in normal mode. i don't know why. the BIOS indicated it is from march, 2010, so should be update. is there anything i can do to make it sleep automatically?

A:use 2nd physical drive as the sole system drive

As far as removing the Vista drive and switching the boot information over to the Windows 7 installation, you can do this easily with a program called EasyBCD.

Download EasyBCD 2.0 Beta Here >>
EasyBCD 2.0 Beta Builds - The NeoSmart Forums

Now use that program to move your boot files over to the Windows 7 installation.

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Looking for this for a while now. The only thing i ever came across that was close was the microsoft virtual cd-rom drive program. Which i never really cared for in the first place.

Just looking for a quick, easy and painless way to mount a iso image and the like, without having to install a app to mount it, and autoplay it, explore it, etc....

Any and all suggestions is greatly appreciated.

Happy Holidays all!!!

A:Portable Image mounter / Virtual drive / drive emulator software

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Basically, I want to use my usb flash drive or daemon tools to burn music and then rip into lossless formats. I tried optical storage, but has not given good results lately despite the fact the cd-rw is new. With USB drive, it is a u3 flash drive 1gb from sandisk. And I have daemon tools lite on windows 7. All I know is the main idea is to have one of the two(if possible) be passed as a cd burner. The only problem is, I do not know how to do that, and any help is appreciated.

A:usb flash drive OR a daemon tools virtual drive to use as a cd burner.

Hi Pheonix220. Welcome .

Daemon Tools is a disk emulator, which means that it will create 'images' or ISOs from a CD or other source and can then "mount" it so that it appears to be a physical drive on your system.

I'm not sure exactly what your goal is, but I find it unlikely that Daemon Tools will be of use unless you want to creae ISOs of music for mounting and playing?

If you are more specific about what your needs are, perhaps we can be more helpful.

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I've just got myself a new PC here, and I'm in need of a virtual hard drive or two. My laptop which I still use has been running MagicISO/MagicDisc for a long time now and never had a problem. Since both computers are on win7, I figured it would be the same situation on the desktop, but MagicDisc will not let me assign drive letters to any virtual drives, making them virtually unusable, no pun intended. The drives have question marks, even after I select a new drive letter and hit OK. I've tried many different letters, so that's not the problem. Someone on a different forum said to add more drives and they would work even if the first one didn't, but I've tried 1, 2, 3, and 4 drives, all of them have question marks, none of them will let me change them. Normally I'd write it off as crappy software, but I'm conflicted because the same exact program works so well on my laptop, which again is the exact same OS. My laptop never had the question marks, it just assigned drive letters automatically. In my frustration I tried to go with Daemon Tools Lite instead, but ended up with a completely different problem where the computer freezes during startup.

Can anyone tell me how to get MagicDisc to work like it does on my laptop? Or alternatively, is there a better (preferably free) program for creating virtual drives? I've gotten the impression that MagicDisc is a little outdated. Keep in mind this is a new machine with anti-virus software, and the only thing Windows warned me to be c... Read more

A:MagicDisc won't assign drive letters (virtual drive help)

Quote: Originally Posted by pegpin

... Keep in mind this is a new machine with anti-virus software, and the only thing Windows warned me to be careful with so far was MagicDisc itself. I know that's a huge red flag, but again my laptop has been running it for years without a hitch, so I didn't think much of it. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.

Perhaps your AV is blocking the software from running. What AV are you running? There may be an option where you can exclude the AV from blocking the MagicDisk software.

As far as alternatives, I use the freeware: Virtual Clone drive. I've never encountered problems using it. Also, in Win 7 & Win 8, you can simply double-click on the ISO and the OS will automatically mount it and assign it a drive letter. To unmount, simply right-click and select "Eject".

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Have a drive partition that shows in my explorer as a virtual dvd drive. Everything installeed on it works just can't access it to look at any files. Had a error on this partition a couple times when booting up windows checked everything and fixed whatever the problem was. Just need to be able to access the partition as I want to replace the drive. All other partitions on the drive work fine and can be looked at with explorer. Device manager shows all the partitions as proper size also. Any idea how to get the partition back to being accesible.

A:drive partition became virtual dvd drive after reboot unaccesible

Hi lentz,

Welcome to SevenForums.

1. make/model/ capacity of the drive ?

2. Internal? External? System drive?

3. How many partitions?

4. Surely this couldn't have happened all of a sudden without a precipitating factor. Has it or not? Could you think any of it? Any virtual CD ROM creating software? Anything you mounted on it? Any game CD you copied on to that partition? Was that partition accessible before? What data is there on that partition that you want to access?

We have no clues whatsoever from your problem description.

So apart from answers to the above, please post a full screenshot of Windows Disk Management ( Please remove any other external drives for easy identification of your problem drive) and also My Computer where the Virtual CDROM drive appears.

Please read and follow Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

That should help members here to see your problem in perspective and suggest possible resolutions. None can see in complete darkness.

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My c: drive stopped working, so I installed a new drive, copied a lot of files from back up, and I think merged some Registries. I had my old Virtual XP machines working, complete with their programs installed. Then I did "one more thing" to the
Registry and crashed the newly installed Windows 7 and had to start over. This time I decided I didn't want to add a lot of garbage from my backup and old Registries, so I just copied needed files. However, now I can't get Virtual XP to work. I've run the
system check file, and it says my system can handle virtual machines. I've checked Windows Features, and it has a check mark for Virtual PC. When I install Windows XP (WindowsXPMode_en-us.exe), it completes the install, but, when I click to open it with Finish,
it says it can't.  When I try to install Virtual PC from Microsoft's current installation page (Windows6.1-KB958559-x64-RefreshPkg.msu), it says it isn't compatible with my version of Windows.  I found the original Virtual PC file from backup
(Windows6.1-KB958559-x64.msu), and it says it's already installed.  The Windows Virtual PC folder says it's empty.  When I click a previous machine that opened before, it tells me there is no configuration file.
I have Windows 10 on my AUSU Windows tablet and purchased Windows 8 for my laptop, so I am not just trying to get out of upgrades here!  :)  I have a flatbed scanner that won't run on any system higher than Windows XP, and I ha... Read more

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I just got a new/used Acer Aspire One laptop. The OS on the Acer and my home computer (a Gateway laptop) is Win 7 Home 32 bit. A Cruzer 4gb USB flash drive came with the Acer laptop.
The USB flash drive has been split up. 3.73gb's is on the original (drive letter G) and 97meg's is on a virtual drive (drive letter F). According to Win 7 computer management. The virtual drive on the USB stick is locked. Every attempt to dump the virtual drive and make the hole USB flash drive 4gb's with 1 drive letter have hit a dead end. I can reformat the 3.73gb on the original drive letter G but the virtual drive F remains read only. And I don't need the prog stored there anyways.

A:re: how to del a locked virtual drive on a usb flash drive

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I mapped a network drive and force it to appear everytime I boot my Windows 7. Unfortunately it sometimes disappear. WHY ?
I should manually mapped it again and again.
Please help me ASAP!

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When I minimize any window I am using, it completly disappears. It does not show in the task bar at the bottom of the screen. But if I hit "ctrl-alt-delete", the program is still running. I have no idea how or why this started happening. Any ideas on how to fix it?


A:Minimizing makes program disappear?

Download and run the edit on line 240.

Programs Aren't Minimized in the Taskbar (Line 240)

Note: Do not reboot or logoff. Once the edit is merged, right click the Notification Area/Task Manager/Processes. Highlight Explorer.exe, End Process. Leave the Task Manager open. Once the process has ended, choose File/New Task and type in: Explorer.exe.

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When I log into Windows, I can see all of my drives: My boot SSD (C), my primary Storage (D), Secondary Storage (E), and DVD/CD RW (F).

Around 10 or so minutes later, if even, the DVD drive disappears from "This PC" and anywhere else where you can access it (Disk Management, Device Manager, etc.). Another 30 or so minutes pass and 2 of the 3 drives disappear/disconnect (D: and E).

I've had all of my drives disconnect randomly at the same time once. It just happens and I don't know why.

The drives do appear in my BIOS and when I first boot into Windows. I've always had this problem since installing a fresh install of Windows.

A:Windows 10 Drive Disappear

Open up the case and double check cable connections to PSU, motherboard, the drives themselves, etc. If that's not the problem, update the storage driver drivers

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i tryed to recovery my SO because it was very slow and the recovery program wasn't working ( don?t know why ) so i made the download of the new windows 10 ISO and used a bootable usb drive to install. In a BIG mistake i formatted and deleted all the partitions so i stayed with the 24 gb SDD drive and the 1tb SATA.

The installation was done and i tryed to open the sdd drive ( on ?"my computer" paste ) said with was necessary to format i just pressed OK, after that the sdd drive disappear, i checked in the disk management in the bios and nothing.

So the problem is, now the fast boot isn't working when i install the rapid intel storage drivers says "don't found the sdd drive". So how can i fix this? The laptop is working well but without the fast boot working! Less important but pretty sure that one thing will fix the other, now when i put the default settings on the bios when i restart go again to the bios so i need to turn off the fast boot, enable the CSH ( or something similar ) and disable the secure boot.

Thanks a lot for the help!

A:MSata SDD Drive disappear !

There was an issue with an older version of windows 10 preview - where drives where being lost - it was a clitch in the coding concerning the flagging of the drive..

better off asking a tenforums.com

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i have an external seagate hard drive that has USB and eSATA. i have used usb for about 2 years with it. I got an eSata cable to connect from the external drive to my sata PCI card. I am using windows 7 PRO. when using the esata the PC sees it but after a while it will disappear. i have to either reboot or goto - my computer - right click manage- computer management - then scan for hardware changes.

A:esata drive will disappear after a while.?

When I had a problem like that, it was due to a defective cable. Check in your BIOS, there should be a LAN checker there that can test it.

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I am facing the problem of dvd drive disappearing after installed windows 7 from Vista in my dell inpiron 1545 laptop. In Vista it was perfect but now if put CD on to the drive it shows for few second in the removable storage device portion and after few second it disappear. I checked upper & lower filter, Disable empty drive in not active and also installed Intel matrix storage manager but nothing happened. Anybody can help me to solve my problem..

A:DVD drive disappear after installed win 7

Try this:
Your CD drive or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs
Your CD or DVD drive cannot read or write media
The CD drive or the DVD drive does not work as expected on a computer that you upgraded to Windows Vista

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I recently installed photoshop 6 and and got rid of PS5.0 The problem began the second time I used it, as soon as the program opened up and i moved my mouse it disappeared. I tried it a couple more times with the same results so I reinstalled it.
Again, it worked fine the first time but after that when I open the program up it pulls the disappearing mouse trick on me again. I have been to Adobe online but have'nt found any answers there. I have a Pentium II, 64 mb and windows 98. i also never had this problem with PS 5.0.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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A:{RESOLVED!} Photoshop Makes Mouse Disappear

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Apologies if this has been mentioned elsewhere. My searching turned up nothing.

I have a few icons on my desktop that are there for installed programs. Some of them have longish names, so I've tried to shorten a couple of them. When I do, the icon disappears, and I can't figure out why. It doesn't happen with all program icons, just certain ones.

Am I messing up the linking somehow? Or is this a bug?

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

A:Renaming desktop icon makes it disappear

I've had that happen a couple of times also, so I think that it must be a bug, but I'm not certain that it is a W7 bug or a program bug. I just went to the program's directory and used the context menu to send a copy of the .exe to the desktop and renamed it without a problem.

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Hello, I'm sure you'll recognise another topic in this forum with the author having the same problem. I've read his thread but thought it would be a better idea to start a new one with details that are accurate to me and my situation. Anyway, I'll give a brief write up off my problem. When I open folders, after around 10 seconds, my desktop clears leaving only the wallpaper. There is an invisible icon on my toolbar that will dissapear when my cursor comes near. This icon does not appear when my computer is first turned on and only appears AFTER I have opened a folder, inwhich the folder can last up to a minute unlike the usual 10 seconds before it disappears. I've done alot of things to try and solve this problem and this is my last chance.

Here's my panda active scan report:

ANALYSIS: 2008-08-01 14:01:01
Description Version Active Updated
;================================================================================================================================================================... Read more

A:Opening folders makes desktop disappear

I have had sucess in deleting one of the BHO's, specifically 'cbXNdBtq.dll'. As according to Panda ActiveScan, this is a virus, so I'm 99% sure that deleting it was the right move. As you can see HjT only detected two of the files that PAS detects as viruses, so is it safe for me to find a way to remove the following files(that are also labeled by PAS as viruses):

03074964 Trj/CI.A Virus/Trojan No 0 Yes Yes C:\WINDOWS\system32\cbXRHwuV.dll
03074964 Trj/CI.A Virus/Trojan No 0 Yes Yes C:\WINDOWS\system32\cbXRLcbY.dll
03074964 Trj/CI.A Virus/Trojan No 0 Yes Yes C:\WINDOWS\system32\jkkIBsPj.dll
03074964 Trj/CI.A Virus/Trojan No 0 Yes Yes C:\WINDOWS\system32\pmnliFvu.dll
03074964 Trj/CI.A Virus/Trojan No 0 Yes Yes C:\WINDOWS\system32\qoMeBstR.dll
03074964 Trj/CI.A Virus/Trojan No 0 Yes Yes C:\WINDOWS\system32\rqRiGxXp.dll
03074964 Trj/CI.A Virus/Trojan No 0 Yes Yes C:\WINDOWS\system32\tuvTljiF.dll

I apologise that I didn't wait for confirmation for deletion from an experienced volunteer. I'd also like to apologise for bumping the thread so early, I would just like approval for removing the listed files. Thanks for reading and I'd appreciate any feedback!

Also, I can't manually search for these files as the windows XP search function is classed as a folder type of window (if you get my drift) and it will also close within 10 seconds which is not enough time for my computer to find the file. So is there any free program that will let the user delete ANY file on there... Read more

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It seems that somehow when I was reloading and partitioning, I made 3, I ended up with no physical drive. It's there but I partitioned 100 gigs and only can use 50 odd. Actually I don't know what I did to have no physical drive. But since i don't and my computer seems fine. Loaded it a few days ago. HOW can I format the other partitions. I tried a partition manager, it can,t "see" them. according to the program i have no drives. I need some help PLEASE.

A:I have no physical drive

I'm curious as to how you created a virtual disk...without any XP operating system to create it from within.

I don't know anything about virtual drives, but every one I have seen referenced...needed to be set up from within XP.

When partitions disappear from a hard drive...that's a general sign that the hard drive is failing or the partition structures are corrupt/damaged, IMO.


FWIW: Every MS XP install CD has it's own partitioning mechanism, there is no need to use a 3d-party program.

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recently built a computer. after install the windows 7, i notice my drive letter keep disappear after every reboot. i have to assign a new letter each time after a reboot for it to appear under my computer. and all of the application in the hard drive is readable but can't not access because the path is undefined. what is going on, can someone help me fix this?

A:Drive letter disappear after reboot

Are you describing a situation concerning a removable external USB drive's letter?

Or a second or other partition on your internal hard drive(s)?

Or you C-drive?? (that would seem to be impossible)

Can you please clarify. Also, if you could post a screenshot from DISKMGMT.MSC (full-screen maximized first, columns spread wider so that we can see the contents of each cell in the upper part of the presentation) when things are "normal", and then tell us which drive letter disappears at boot, it would be very helpful.

Also, you haven't filled in your System Specs so we don't know what your hardware looks like. Please complete that, or at least describe your machine in text.

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So I have a C drive and a backup D drive. I had a large file I needed to extract and didn't quite have enough room on my C drive, so I decided to extract it to my D drive. Well, it started taking space from my C drive so I deleted some things so that it would fit. When it was finished it said it was then transferring the file to my D drive, and I didn't want to wait (thought it would be faster to just re-extract it to the C drive now that I made enough room) so I hit cancel. Now I'm still missing the space of the extracted file and the file is no where to be found on my C drive.

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my acer 4530 laptop just decided not too long ago to just no longer have a working CD drive. I've checked their websites and numerous other websites about the drive itself and all the registry keys. Can't download anything from acer to try to fix it. any other suggestions before i buy a new one

A:any explanation for a ACER CD Drive to just disappear

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I have a windows server 2003 virtual machine running on a mac acting as a server. The server needs to access the files on the mac. I have several shares on the mac that the windows machine uses. the first share, folder1 has no problems. inside folder1 i created another share point, folder2. you can see folder2 when you open folder1. My problem: if i map Folder1 as H and folder2 as F, the files on folder2 don't always show. i can open the drive and browse, yet after a few minutes the files disappear. remapping the drive does not help. I don't have this issue with folder1. the only resolution i have is logging out and back in. the problem reappears after a few minutes, again ONLY on the F drive (folder2).
My server is a mac mini 2012 running OS x Mavericks with 16GB RAM. running disk utility on the mac server shows no problems.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

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I have a Windows 7 PC with 2 physical hard disk drives on it. The first drive has 2 partitions (C, D) and the second also has 2 partitions (E, F). OS is installed on C.

Recently I started noticing a strange behavior. 3 of the 4 partitions (D,E,F) become unavailable (not visible in My Computer, and I am not able to access them by entering an address like D:\ in windows explorer). However, the drives become available again once I restart the system only to disappear again after some hours of use. Both drives also show up in BIOS.

I am guessing it is not an issue with the physical drive since partitions on both physical drives are affected. I have done a drive scan and a virus scan using Symantec Endpoint Security on all drives without much luck.

Any help in resolving this issue will be much appreciated, please.

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Not sure if this is the right place (sorry if not)
I added 2 shortcuts to my newtwork drive but they keep disapearing from the desktop, also i have noticed that when i re add them and try naming them they all take on the same name
I hope ya can help if ya need more info just yell

It`s a windows 7 home premium 64bit

A:Shortcuts to network drive disappear

Hi. When you initially map the drive, check the box to reconnect at logon and also for connect using different credentials, then fill in the user/pass of the remote machine.

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Recently after i updated my Y700, i often found some abnormal noise from HDD.(* I have 2 drive, 1st is 128gb of SSD, main OS. and 2nd is 1Tb of HDD, for data only.) and have problem when i call data from HDD, just afew start and then its stop transfer data and faillure operation afterthat drive of HDD was not working and disappear from system then i scan hardware device but not found HDD drive. ( still have SDD working.), This often happen.However, HDD drive will back when i restart windown and often have a case as above.some detailed of my Y700,1.device was latest updated all firmware bios and driver software.2.working on Win 10, and latest system updated.3.I tookoff back case cover and reinstall HDD, Still found this problem.4.I re-install Win10 and updated, Still found this problem.5.I tookoff battery cable for release electrict and install back still found this problem.6.I tookoff HDD and use its as external HDD connecting by USB for check and found it work in normal, no bad sector.    afterthat i put HDD back connecting by mainboard still found problem as above. Please help. Thank you in advance. 

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I have this 16Gb flash drive, Office Depot brand, that I use as my primary storage. I had saved three files on it tonight, a MS Publisher file, a PDF and a TXT file. All three were a broshure that I was putting together for a local small business fair. Now those three files have disappeared. The do not appear during any recovery I can think of, Testdisk etc. They also are not anywhere on the computer either.

Both Adobe & Publisher both confirm that I had saved those files on the flash drive and nothing else seems disturbed on the drive.

I just finished a chkdsk and it found no problems with the drive, but one of my recovery software did give me plenty of errors saying it could not read the disk.

What caused this & what is my next step?

A:Files Disappear off of Flash Drive

BAD DRIVE! That's precisely what I ran into with one drive returned. You could copy so much onto the drive even entire folders and view the files in them after. Go to replug the drive in later either the folders were found empty or you were forced to reformat the drive being seen as inaccessible!

Store brand named(often relabeled or generic), PNY, HP drives seem to bottom the list. Better names like San Disk a bit slower but are easier to use on older systems. Kingston, OCZ, Corsair, or another name brand memory typically see the drives that work.

With any new flash first reformat the factory stuff off since the factory partiions can tend to be unreliable being another problem to contend with. The same problem seen with external hard drives with factory Fat volumes applies to flash drives as well. A good reformat to Fat 32 or NTSF is seen before putting anything on any new drive.

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I have 2 Maxtor Drives, my C: Drive with xp still shows up, but my D (seperate hard drive) is gone in my computer. I tried to enable it in device manager, and I tried to update the driver but nothing worked. How can I get my drive back and still use SP2? Thx

A:SP2 Made My Hard Drive Disappear

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One my machines recently updated to windows 8.1 and now the all the printers and possibly other devices are no longer shown in devices and printers.

The printer works fine and I can see all the printers if I go into device manager or look at printers in notepad or word.

I seen a few fixes online but none of them so far have helped.

A:Windows 8.1 update makes printers disappear in devices

How are you connecting to the printers and other devices? Do you leave everything on 24/7? Have you tried power cycling everything?

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Hello all,

I work as a System/Network Administrator at a local library and they recently purchased three gateway computers from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. I love these systems, for one reason...they have physical hard drive locks installed. You cannot write data to the system, nor can you do serious harm unless you unlock the drive. My question is, can I buy a kit to install on any system I want, and if so, where can I buy it? I'm making a stop at Gateway to see if they have any systems, or hardware available, as soon as I finish this thread.

Thanks for the help.

A:physical drive locks...can I buy them???

It would be interesting to know what those locks actually do. You can't boot a Windows O/S from the hard disk at all without some writing taking place. You also can't do anything useful with the computer without writing to the hard disk...

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Hi, if I have PC tower with a spare hard drive slot. If I place a new HD in there, will that automatically give its a drive letter?

Ideally I would prefer to install another OS on that drive?||Is that possible?||Thanks

A:second physical hard drive?

Yes, although not entirely "automatically". You have to format it and may have to assign a drive letter to it in Disk Management.

You can install to a new drive.

Be sure to disconnect the other drive before you start. Otherwise, you could have problems.

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I have a Virtual PC running Windows XP and I changed the Network Adapter to use my home network to download an ISO image for VS2010. That worked but now when I start my Virtual PC and go to My Computer it reads my host PC's C drive and not the Virtual PC's C drive. Can anyone help me to 'reset' my Virtual PC to use the virtual C drive again? I found this problem when I went to mount the ISO image to install VS2010 that the virtual C drive icon was looking at my host C drive and not the virtual C drive.

A:Virtual PC 2007 does not use virtual C drive

Hello keviny, and welcome to TSG. I hope you receive the help you require so I'm going to move this to the XP forum where it will get better attention.

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Hi All,

I have a SATA DVD RW Drive. The drive would appear when I boot my computer and I can use it with no problem.

Occasionally...,especially when I leave my computer overnight, my DVD RW would disappear. I couldn't locate it from "My Computer" or "Device Manager". However when I reboot my computer the drive would appear again.

Have anyone experiencing this before?


- dc

A:SATA DVD RW Drive Disappear Ocassionally Until Reboot

Try this fix: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314060

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Crazy day! Lost 500GB of marketing files etc... I backed up the most crucial, but the rest are history. Pictures, Music etc...Anyways, I bought Norton Antivirus and was reading around about HIJack this!Below is my log, can someone assist me with it. To me, it looks like there are a LOT of issues: Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 9:17:32 PM, on 6/5/2009Platform: Windows Vista SP2 (WinNT 6.00.1906)MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18702)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\Program Files (x86)\Norton 360\Engine\\ccSvcHst.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Google\GoogleToolbarNotifier\GoogleToolbarNotifier.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\uTorrent\uTorrent.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\CCleaner\CCleaner.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Trend Micro\HijackThis\HijackThis.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exeC:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exeC:\Windows\SysWOW64\DllHost.exeR1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL = http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=69157R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Search_URL = http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=54896R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page =... Read more

A:Unsure of Virus, just had a hard drive disappear

Hello and welcome to Bleeping ComputerWe apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Upon completing the steps below another staff member will review and take the steps necessary with you to get your machine back in working order clean and free of malware.If you have already posted a DDS log, please do so again, as your situation may have changed.Use the 'Add Reply' and add the new log to this thread.Thanks and again sorry for the delay.We need to see some information about what is happening in your machine. Please perform the following scan:Download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links. Save it to your desktop.DDS.scrDDS.pifDouble click on the DDS icon, allow it to run.A small box will open, with an explaination about the tool. No input is needed, the scan is running.Notepad will open with the results.Foll... Read more

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Alright where to start. I store all my movies, music and all other important files on my external hard drive, which sits in an enclosure which is connected to the PC using the USB ports. About a week or two ago, my movies folder (containing only avi. files) came up as empty. It had almost 50 some GB of movies stored. I know for a fact that they were not deleted by any human. Now the folder being empty isn't the weirdest thing, its the fact that any avi. file I put in there disappears and the folder will say thats it's empty, but if I drag the file into the folder again it says that a file with that name already exists. I have all hidden files shown including the protected OP system files and still it comes up as empty. Now I can put text files in the folder and that will show up, and the folder registers the file being there. But any avi. file just don't exist according to the folder. The folder being messed up I can get over even though the files I'd like to get back, but I can't even delete the folder. It tells me the folder cant be deleted because it isn't empty. I've tried running CHKDSK to atleast fix the deleting the folder problem but even that didn't work. Well thats pretty much my situation, Please Help!

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Hi Can anybody assist me? when i add any flash drive to my pc it hides everything but the drive storage stays the same and changes the folders to applications that do not open ( the only way i can open the stuff is if i remember the name and do a search on it) and adds 4 icons names: Sexy, porn and another 2 i cannot remember that shows as videos but also do not open and it does this with flash drives inserted.

A:Flash drive icons change or disappear

Hate to bring bad news but it sounds like you have malware on board. The flash drive, the computer or both. You have run updated Antimalware?

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hi so i have an issue thats driving me completly bonkers!! everytime i use my cd drive in any way my computer starts lagging. It doesnt matter in which way i use the cd, from copying into itunes, to trying to play a movie directly from the cd drive to just having the folder open causes every program to lag. Best way to explain the type of lagging i guess is that all the sounds become like a scratched record every few second. Everything works and it never freezes completly but it makes it annoying as hell to play music/movies directly from the drive or try to listen to music while importing cds into itunes. Im pretty sure ive had this problem since i rebooted my computer a while back ago. Using any other of my dirves is no issue. Just the cd.. so wondering if theres some way i can fix this? Or if its simply that the cd drive needs to be replaced.

Thanks loads for any help in advance !!

A:Using Cd Drive Makes Computer Lag.. Help Please :)

You have onboard sound and onboard video?

Processor in the system, please and amount of RAM.

And...did you check Event Viewer for errors that might provide clues?


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I am running Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit on a Dell Precision M6700 laptop. Most of the time, I am docked and use two external monitors in addition to the laptop display. However, when I undock and am only using the laptop display, the following happens: If I use the mouse to move a window around at all, when I let go of it, all of my running applications disappear. The windows are no longer visible, the icons on the task bar are no longer highlighted, and they do not exist as running applications in task manager. They still exist as processes in task manager, though. I can kill them from there, but if I do not, they all come back upon redocking. This happens when I move any window except task manager.

Any help?? I have tried and failed to find a similar problem anywhere else.

A:Moving window makes all applications disappear when laptop undocked

Probably trying to show on the 2nd display which is not connected. No idea how to fix though.

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