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Trouble with automatic video conversion using handbrake and a watch folder

Q: Trouble with automatic video conversion using handbrake and a watch folder


For ease of use, i want to make a folder available at my company network for people to drop any video files in, and then to make it output to a standard format (mp4) in another folder. That way no one will have to wait for a video to finish encoding or have to think about conversion at all.

I can use a computer that is always on and running, connected to the network and with free space and processing power, but i wonder if this is the right way. What i have so far:

Using Syncback Pro, I'm automatically watching for file changes in the folder, then syncing the changed files to a local folder (so not to directly encode from the network. Then, after each sync i have Syncback run a bat file for converting, which is inside the local folder. This is the code:

FOR /F "tokens=*" %%G IN ('DIR /S /B *.*') DO "C:\Program Files\Handbrake\HandBrakeCLI" -i "%%G" -o "%%G".mp4 --preset="Normal"

The problem is that it outputs in the same folder as it inputs, which makes syncing back to the network sloppy. The next step in the process, which would be to sync the output files back to the network can be easily done, but not if the original and converted files are jumbled together. =

My question would be:

Am i doing this the right way? (in the broadest sense)
Is there a way to output handbrakeCLI converted files to a different folder?

Any help is appreciated.

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Preferred Solution: Trouble with automatic video conversion using handbrake and a watch folder

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Okay, so this started yesterday and by the looks of it for no reason. So yesterday I started to a YouTube video and my computer crashed. I thought it was odd but nothing more, because in the past, it did this before. So I turn my computer back on and continue surfing the web and I come across a different site with a video not from YouTube, I start watching and the same thing again. At first I thought maybe I needed to do some clean up so i did I fragmented and cleaned the registry, but it still happen again. So my next thought was that my computer was overheating so I checked the fan, which looked to be ok, and raised my laptop for better airflow, but still happened again. I don't think I'm because I can work on my computer for hours without any problem and this seems to still happen even if I just started up my computer. So now I think that my computer has a virus or some kind of malware, because this also happens when I try to started up Spybot -search and destroy and it will crash in the middle of an AVG anti-virus free scan.
There's also one more thing a little while ago I had my computers memory replaced becuases the old one died and maybe it's my video card's turn to?

So some info on my computer: I'm on a IBM ThinkPad, I work off of Windows XP, I have 149 GB, 40 RAM I think, and a Radeon 7500 graphics card

and I did a Hijackthis scan too

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 12:19:32 PM, on 2/14/2010
Platform: Windows XP... Read more

A:Laptop turns off when I watch YouTube or watch any other video site


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Hi I've been using handbrake for approx 3 years running off my secondary HDD. The secondary HDD has died. So I uninstalled the Handbrake that was on that, then re-installed Handbrake to my Local C HDD.

It now will not open properly. I get this blank screen

then when I close handbrake I get the error code

An Unknown Error has occured.
Castle.MicroKernel.ComponentActivator.ComponentActivatorException: ComponentActivator: could not instantiate HandBrakeWPF.Services.EncodeServiceWrapper ---> System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. ---> System.BadImageFormatException: Could not load file or assembly 'System.Management, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a' or one of its dependencies. The module was expected to contain an assembly manifest.
at HandBrake.ApplicationServices.Utilities.SystemInfo.get_GetGPUInfo()
at HandBrake.ApplicationServices.Utilities.GeneralUtilities.CreateCliLogHeader() in c:\HandBrake\Hudson\workspace\Release_WindowsGUI\0.10.2\win\CS\HandBrake.ApplicationServices\Utiliti es\GeneralUtilities.cs:line 121
at HandBrake.ApplicationServices.Services.Base.EncodeBase..ctor() in c:\HandBrake\Hudson\workspace\Release_WindowsGUI\0.10.2\win\CS\HandBrake.ApplicationServices\Service s\Base\EncodeBase.cs:line 59
at HandBrakeWPF.Services.EncodeServiceWrapper..ctor(IUserSettingService userSettingService) in c:\HandBrake\Hudson\workspace\Release_Wind... Read more

A:Handbrake video converter wont open

You would be better going on their own forums for this one as its their product

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I am trading drafts of a document with a friend by gmail. When I download the Word document, it is automatically saved as a doc.x, and the formatting is messed up. Also, when I attach the revised document to an email to send back, the Word document is automaticalled attached as a doc.x. How can I disable this?

Thanks for your time.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) Processor TF-36, AMD64 Family 15 Model 124 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1788 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics , 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 140232 MB, Free - 106289 MB;
Motherboard: eMachines , eMachines E627 , V1.10, LXN65020700123419E1601
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

A:Disable automatic conversion of Word files received or sent by gmail to doc.x

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I accidentally deleted my profile from Exchange server after setting up a Pop 3 account.

I have found an overseas company that will convert my OST folder to a PST folder for a fee. Does anybody on this thread offer a similar service?

The other problem I'mhaving is when I upload to my Iomega 1GB storage, at the end of the upload I get an unable to upload message?? Is this something that MSFT has slipped into the file?

I know there are expensive conversion software options to purchase, but I am a one-off, pretty un-technical guy trying to make a living in a tough real estate market. Suggestions Comments please!! Thank you

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My PC have recently started hanging completely whenever I start online video or video chat. Nothing works, even tried Ctrl+Alt+Del and mouse does not respond, leaving me only one option of hard reboot. I changed my monitor recently. Don't know whether it is the cause of the problem.

I have Windows XP SP3
I got 1GB of RAM
My videocard is a NVIDIA Quadro PCI-E Series
Monitor is Dell 1907FP
CPU is 3.0GHz

Please suggest.

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My problem is that I have an avi file that I want to convert to an mpeg, I have tried doing this with TMPGEnc but it comes up with an error saying that the file "can not open, or unsupported" does this simply mean the file is corrupt and theres nothing I can do or is there a way round this?

(Bearing in mind that the file will play in VLC mediaplayer and other avi players.)

Cheers, Rob

A:avi to mpeg conversion trouble


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Hi All,

What I'm trying to achieve is this:

Watch a folder, including the subfolders, and whenever a file over a certain size appears, copy that automatically to a different location.

So for example, if the folder structure is C:\watch folder\sub folder1\File I want It will go to C:\Destination folder\File I want.

Is there an easy way to do this? Would also be good if it could be scheduled to only do this at night. I think this is fairly easy, it's only the subfolders part that might cause problems.


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Ifranview Batch Conversion does not work for me at all. I hate it. It is the only part of the program that I find hard to use. I have gone through the steps so many times, it is not working. I love other parts of the program though!

One question, Where is the "C\:Temp" folder to which Irfanview defaults all its saved files ? I just changed this to my regular Downloads folder and that works fine.


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I have Pentium 2 with Win 2000 Pro.(320 RAM)
The problem is that every time I try to watch a streaming video my computer stops(get stuck).I can't even close it with ctrl+alt+del.
Why is this happening?

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Whenever I watch any type of mlb video in a seperate window it does not play. It says opening media then it quickly changes to ready. I press play several times but to no avail. I tried using firefox but with the same result. My pc is only half a year old! What could be the problem?

A:Can't watch mlb video...

I had the same problem. Try getting the newest version of Quicktime. You can also try right clicking the link to the video and pressing "Save Target As" and it will download to your computer. Once downloaded it SHOULD work.

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I don't really know where this goes, so I just posted it here. AND SORRY FOR THE WHITE PART.
When I try to watch this video I get that error below. I'm guessing I need to uninstall half-life2, which I have (Well I think I have I went to control panel and then add or remove programs and it isn't in there anymore) Because everyone else can watch it, and I want too to.
Here is the link to the video:http://s20.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=...7M2JB6M8Q4HDPGW
Here is the error I get:

A:Can't watch this video..

what kind of video is it and why does it require Half life 2 to play?

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I have tried numerous times to watch a video on MSN and it brings up the commercial, but about the time it goes off, the error message comes up and reads:

Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Please offer any help.


A:cannot watch msn video

Is it the same video everytime that you're trying to watch? Do any other videos work at all?

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I've gotten too used to watching video on CNN and FOXNEWS.com. Out of nowhere, I can't watch any video at all. On some sites the links to certain video don't even show up anymore. I get a bar at the top of each site saying I may need to intall DirectX from Macromedia. When I click on it to install it, I get a window confirming I want the install, then when I click "OK" the window disappears and the install never happens. There's no error message-just nothing happens. I've gone to the Macromdeia site - same thing, I go thru all the steps to install DirectX - then nothing. Anyone know why I can't install this???? or why I can all of the sudden NOT play video???? Thanks in advance Dave

A:HELP!! Can't watch any VIDEO!!!

Is the notification asking about ActiveX or DirectX?
If it is ActiveX, ensure that you are able to install and run ActiveX controls in Internet Explorer by going to Tools->Internet Options->Security and setting a Custom Security Level which will allow for the installation and running of ActiveX.

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Whenever I try to play video files with any software (Winamp, WMP, Quicktime whatever) my computer freezes, or slows down tremendously. I can sometime catch some sound that would come with the video, but it doesn't play. I have a 6600GT video card with newest drivers if you need to know that..

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Everytime I try to watch a travel video on aol broadband luxury travel show, it starts to connect but then I continuosly get the following message.....

"The link you followed maybe out dated or inaccurate" It does not want to dissappear from mt screen either, I have to try several attempts before it goes away!

Any help greatly appreciated please!

A:trying to watch video on aol/bb

Hiya and welcome

I've moved you to Web and Email for more response

Is this the AOL television that you're watching? What happens if you click on a different video, does it happen again? Not sure if it will work for me, but can you give me the link for the video?



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I had an .avi that I played on my Kazaa viewer and now I've gotten rid of Kazaa and I can't play the same .avi in my other players. At first, I had no picture. Then I downloaded a codec pack. Now I have video but it is just blobs of color. You can't see what is going on at all. This is in more than one type of player.

A:trying to watch video

Download and try the divx player.http://www.divx.com/divx/windows/

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I'm trying to watch online streaming video from this site.

When I click on the video I want to watch, the page will load, but the video will not play. If I hit the play button, it still won't work.

I'm using the latest version of Windows Media Player, and my friends can get the video to work so there must be something wrong on my end.

It used to work.

A:Can't watch video

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I try to watch a free video on CNN. When clicking on it I got message :
No Window Media Player detected.Get the player.

After I click on "get the player" Media Player 9 gets downloaded.

After clicking on "watch video" again,same message as above.

What is wrong ?

A:Cannot watch video

did you restart your machine when you downloaded the media player?

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Hi, i posted a thread here earlier, but the nice gentleman who tried to help me couldn't figure out the problem, so i was wondering if some1 else knew.

I have a new HP computer with:
3gb ram
400gb hd
ati radeon x1650 video card
running vista premium
using firefox

the problem is, i can't seem to watch embedded videos on NBA.com, but i can on everything else.

i've updated everything, checked all my plugins, but i can't seem to get video from NBA.com

any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

A:Can't Watch Video ONLY On NBA.com...

Well if it`s any use to you,I just tried NBA.com video with Firefox and got

a direct show error,but when I tried Internet Explorer,no problem.

Maybe just use IE for that site ?

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suddenly I can't watch video from anywhere...
After doing several things and restarting my laptop, the youtube works, but the other web still can't show the video
Still, youtube doesn't work as fine as usual in every browser that I have
I try to watch video in Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo, but it only shows black or white screen with no sound and doesn't shows play button or smth
I do not know what to do ...
Anyone can help me?

A:can't watch video

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I have about 100 video's {vhs} that i want to convert to DVD which is the easiest prog to use and where can i get it????

any help would be gratefully accepted

greetings from holland


A:video conversion to dvd

Depends on if you want very basic and free: Microsoft Movie Maker
Go to Microsoft's site. It's windows version specific.
or not free but simple, very good, editor : Ulead Video Studio
Find at Corel.com.
You need hardware with Composite ports to attach vcr to computer.

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Does anyone know is there is a way with any software to convert 8mm video to DVD??

A:video conversion

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Does anyone know of some good shareware or freeware that will convert avi to vcd. I have found some, but they will only do the first five minutes of the video file. I need to convert about 3 hours total (1 - 2 hour and 1 - 1 hour). I have WinXPro.


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Hello, I've recorded a video using my in built camcorder, which I need to post onto FB. However, the file is too large so needs compressing. However, I'm being advised that it doesn't like the file type i.e. mvp file. So I'm trying to convert from mvp t mp4, which is where I'm struggling, so I need some urgent help please. Iain

A:Video conversion

Please remove the solved designation - only you can do that.
Chances are when people see it marked solved, they won't bother reading the post.

Here's an online converter but probably the size of the file would not allow the conversion.

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I am trying to convert 2 videos online for my father. Everytime I try to convert them using vixy.net, I get an error message. Can anyone help me? My goal is to convert these to DVD or at worse something playable on disc using Windows Media Player
Here the links to the videos:

http://www.achannel.ca/home/news_48323.aspx (Orilia hosts Beatlemania)
Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

A:video conversion help

Windows Media Player support different file formats: WMA, OMA, OMG, ATRAC, AA, WAV, OGG, MP3 etc.

Recently I tried new converter cause I needed quickly and with good quality remove my video files. I found MelodyCan. Tried a trial version and for this moment I`m satisfied.

So if you can play original files in Windows Media Player on your PC MelodyCan must convert them.

Good luck,


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hey guys

i have multiple video files in avi formate and i would like to put them on to a dvd disc all the programs i use just mash it all into one big file and the the audio doesn't get synced what i have tried is Winavi and Cucosoft converter was wondering if u guys no of any beter converters that will allow u to make chapters and convert the files from avi to dvd formate
much appreciated

A:Video Conversion

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Hey everyone,

Here's the deal: I have some files that I got from a MiniDV. However, a Mac was used to get the files from the tape, and I only have a PC. I can see the files fine, however, the extension is just FILE.

Is there a way I can read them and/or convert them to a PC video format?

Any help you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated.


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I have synced some videos from dailymotion into my tablet, i can easily play them while i am offline from internet, but when i copied them to my pc and try to play them this doesent work out because i cant see any extension with those video file niether i can convert them to any other format, some files do play with vlc player but others dont, kindly help

A:Video conversion

Are you sure the files were actually copied and a shortcut wasn't created by mistake?

Check the file sizes. If VLC won't play them, they aren't valid files or they are corrupted.

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i have recently purchased a creative zen x-fi
i want to store some videos in it which i downloaded from the internet. but the videos are in 16:9 aspect ratio.
so whenever i convert them and play in my player black boundaries come on the top and bottom of the video. is there any way i can convert them so that it plays fullscreen on my portable media player.??(4:3 aspect ratio...

A:Video Conversion.

Is there a stretch (as opposed to keep aspect ratio) in whatever tool the zen provides for converting videos? Note that by doing so, you may see the image slightly distorted.

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So I have a .AVI file that when I normally watch on the computer, is in a wide screen format with black bars on the top and bottom. I used neroVision to convert the .avi onto a DVD, when I played back the DVD on my TV, the widescreen was removed and the image was filled all over the TV.
When I used neroVision, it seems to do some kind of transcoding and than after that puts the video file onto DVD.
So what did nero do to remove that widescreen black bars?

A:How did the DVD conversion do this to my video?

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Can anyone recommend the best conversion software that will convert to multiple platforms, ie vob, avi, mpeg, etc..

A:Video Conversion

you may try 'super' or 'format factory'

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i'm trying to convert a .mp4 file to a .mpeg2 file. can't figure it out. already tried the vlc media player method. i tried that multiple times. ended up a horrid mess.

A:video conversion

Pardon me if I ask a simple question:

Why do you want to convert (back) to mpeg2 (old format)?

Once a file is compressed with MP4, you will NOT recover any quality by going back to mpeg2, regardless of any bitrate you set.

Check this page for details:

If you are still determined to go backwards, then use this (and set the audio encoding to pass through - no FURTHER compression, it is already compressed once in MP4!):



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Does anyone know a good freeware video converter? I bunch of my .wmv and .avi files aren't compatiple with my Creative vision m player and the converter that came with it horrible. If someone could recommend something for that or couple programs that were used to to convert movies files to the ipod would probably work as well.

A:Video Conversion

I've never used this one,but it seems to do whatever you want. http://media-convert.com/you might want to look through these. http://www.afterdawn.com/search/search_res...&lr=lang_en

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I was wondering if anyone knows a good free software for converting MPEGS or Avi files to VCD or DVD compatiable files.. I tried TMPGenc.. but it takes too long..

A:Video conversion

Welcome to the world of video conversion. It's a very compute-intensive task, and it just takes a long time to do the conversion.

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is there anyway to convert a windows media file to a quicktime .mov file?

A:video conversion

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Hey all
I plugged my external hard drive into a chinese computer and ever since then all the folders (about 20 of them) have been converted from folders to executables. This is then coupled by hundreds of virus warnings.

On the China computer I was able to access the folders by clicking the exe and ignoring the virus warnings, however AVG doesn't seem to let me do so (now I'm home and on my UK computer). If I try healing any of the folderexe things they get quarantined/deleted.

So I've got two problems here
1. Folders -> Executables... how can I turn them back to normal?

2. My 'My Music' folder was 'healed' by the chinese computer and apparently deleted... but the folder is still on the drive somewhere. The space (100gb or so) is still used and I can access music via iTunes, I can also right click songs and click 'Show in Windows Explorer' and it opens the My Music folder (!). However if I click back to the root of the drive it doesn't show up with the other folders. Is there any way to fix this?

Thanks for your help

A:Strange folder problems - Conversion to exe and missing folders

Ok an update

I think I have the Brontok virus, it seems to have the same symptoms and such. I did an AVG virus scan which

1. Deleted the exes with the same name as the folder and sent them to the virus vault
2. I can now access the folders but they're hidden. I cannot uncheck the 'Hidden Folder' box though

So to finally solve this problem, can anyone advise me as to how to make these hidden folders appear as normal ones? I've looked at permissions and such and made all of it 'Full Control' but it's still hidden.

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OS......Win 7. For some reason I can't watch trailers on IMDB.COM web site. I have Flash Player installed. Not sure which security setting to check. Turned POP-UP-BLOCKER off....still can't watch video trailer. Please help, Thanks B-72.

A:Can't watch trailer video...

I may be missing some plugins.......anyone know how to find out which ones I need? Browser IE 8

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We are trying to use the Weather Channel to track hurricane progress. When we try to watch the on-site video reports, we consistently get the message, "IE has encountered an error and must shut down--Do you want to send a report." This happens without fail. Our video player for that site is Real Player. We do not have this problem with videos on other sites. What is the problem???

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I have a problem with a friend's laptop. He brought it to me complaining about BSODs. The thing was that i wasn't even able to boot properly because the BSOD interrupted it. I reinstalled the OS(Windows 7 x86) and i tried to install all drivers. And when i tried to watch a video on youtube,it crashed into BSOD. I get ntfs.sys error,memory management,irq not less or equal,sometimes it's no error,bugcode usb driver,etc. I tried to unistall the drivers in safe mode and installing some OEM drivers or some generic drivers but i can't get rid of the BSOD's.

I also can't switch to AERO theme.
Laptop is a Toshiba Satellite L500-1ek.

LE: In safe mode, i can watch youtube videos without any problems. And if i don't install anydrivers the videos run perfectly.

Sorry for my bad english

A:BSOD When trying to watch any video.

Click on the button below ....

It will download the DM log collector. Right click on the application and run as administrator. It will generate a .zip file on your desktop. Upload the .zip.
Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

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hey no matter what video i watch my cpu load always goes to 100% ive tried no/full hardware acceleration. WMP, winamp, divx player, realONE, kazaa, limewire. everything and it still goes to 100%. but when i have no driver installed it works fine.

A:CPU load goes to 100% when i watch a video.

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Hi i need to no why i cant watch youtube videos or listen to music videos, every time i try to listen or even watch a video,it wont load write it keeps stopping and going

A:cant watch any video on my hp laptop

Hi and welcome to TSF by stoping and going do you mean buffering ? please post the make and model including any number of your pc make sure you have the latest flash and java installed and update or reinstall your video driver,please also let us know how you connect to the internet ie dial up,broadband,modem and router or router and what is the speed you normally attain for the connection

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whenever I load a page to view a youtube page the black screen comes up and the dots that circle and mean the video is loading come up and that's it. how can I view the video

A:can't watch youtube video


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Hi. I have a Sony Viao laptop, Win xp, IE 7, Win Media Player 11.

On this site, www.glwiz.com I can't watch the video on the left, but I can hear (Only Audio, no video).

I have downloaded real player, flash, and k lite codec, non has helped. Any sugggestions plz?

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for the longest time, i've only ever used about 3 codecs: ffdshow filters, matroska(sp ) and ogg, i have never had a problem viewing videos.

i recently built a new comp with an ATI 9800Pro, my first ATI card after several NVidia cards, so i dont know how to fix discoleration issues. with NVidia cards it was easy enough, u just readjust a color setting in the advanced settings, but i looked for something similar in my ATI's control center and none of the color settings fixed the discoleration i'm getting.

so the videos play, they are just mostly green. i figured it was a codec but ive already installed plenty, uninstalling the ones i tried before, and even installing all at the same time. anyone know whats up?

thanks in advance.

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Hi, can anyone tell me why I can't watch video's in youtube anymore. Just recently I updated my Adobe to 11, not sure if this is why. I'm using Mozilla Firefox 15 with Vista. I used to be able to watch them just fine til recently. So my son says to change to Google Chrome b/c it's better than Firefox? Can someone help please and thank you. Genevive

A:Can't watch video's in youtube

Are you getting any error messages when trying to watch YouTube video? It should prompt you to install or update Flash Player if it doesn't recognize it in your browser. Make sure you are not running any Add-ons like NoScript which block execution of scripts in Firefox.

You can try Chrome, it comes with built-in Flash player.

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