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Lenovo X301 Bitlocker asking for recover key every time..

Q: Lenovo X301 Bitlocker asking for recover key every time..

I went out and bought a 128gb 1.8" SSD for the purpose of upgrading my x301 to Win 7. I really wanted to preserve my old XP environment on the stock 64gb.

I did a fresh Win 7 Ultimate install, initially I installed the 64bit version but found my VPN software would not support it so then I wiped and installed 32 bit. I did leave the 100mb partition that the 64bit version created.

Installed Win 7 32bit, installed the lenovo software update program and let it put all of the software on the laptop. Did the win 7 update thing (this all took the better part of a day).

I wresteled the TPM chip and now have it owned by win 7. Had to do the "hit esc" till the red win7 loader, power off, enter bios, clear keys method, but it worked. Now Win 7 says it ownes the tpm.

Trying to turn on Bitlocker doing the "key test" results in the screen on every reboot saying that something has changed. I then turned on bitlocker, let it encrypt drive without doing the test and it completed sucessfully but every reboot asks for the recovery key.

I've tried just about every "fix" I can find for this, including, changing bios boot order to only include hdd, suspending/resuming BL and a host of other things as well, bios updated. Nothing seems to work. I'd really like to use bit locker but not if it is not going to work right.

I did come across a post that involved some policy editing then turning of/on again and have not yet tried that.

Just wondering if leaving the 100meg partition from my first 64bit install might have something to do with my probelm as I've read that is where they keys are stored.

Since all of this encrypting/descrypting takes a lot of time so I'm limited on how much I can do.

Any suggestions would be great. Seems like lots of people have trouble with bitlocker for various reasons.

Preferred Solution: Lenovo X301 Bitlocker asking for recover key every time..

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Lenovo X301 Bitlocker asking for recover key every time..

I believe I found the problem enabling bitlocker on my x301. I tried just about every possible thing I could find on the internet and was unable to get it enabled. Every time on the next boot I would get the message (pre windows), from the bios that the environment had been changed and bitlocker would fail to encrypt the drive. If I encrypted the drive without the bitlocker test it would encrypt but every boot would make me enter the recovery key in order to boot.

Last night I found a post that indicated that bitlocker would make a 300 meg partition (100 for itself, 200 for oem utilities). That got me thinking. Today I decided to shrink my system partition and leave some unpartitioned space on the drive in case it was trying to make this partition. That's when things changed. Suddenly bitlocker started working properly. I still only see the 100 meg windows partition, but maybe there is another hidden partition that it was unable to create because I had given all the space to my system drive. I left 500 megs unpartitioned, enabled bitlocker and it's working fine. For me, problem solved.

Hope this helps someone. One nice thing about Win7 is that it allows you to shrink/expand volumns right from disk management so no playing around with PE boot disks.

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am getting random BSODs on a Lenovo X301. The machine is fully patched and we have run the built-in hardware diagnostics to check for errors (nothing came back wrong). Below is info from the minidump. I would appreciate any help you can provide.

BugCheck D4, {999fa038, 1c, 1, 80502ccc}

Probably caused by : ntkrpamp.exe ( nt!KiUnlinkThread+c )

Followup: MachineOwner

0: kd> !analyze -v
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

A driver unloaded without cancelling lookaside lists, DPCs, worker threads, etc.
The broken driver's name is displayed on the screen.
When possible, the guilty driver's name (Unicode string) is printed on
the bugcheck screen and saved in KiBugCheckDriver.
An attempt was made to access the driver at raised IRQL after it unloaded.
If kernel debugger is available get stack backtrace.
Arg1: 999fa038, memory referenced
Arg2: 0000001c, IRQL
Arg3: 00000001, value 0 = read operation, 1 = write operation
Arg4: 80502ccc, address which referenced memory

Debugging Details:
... Read more

A:Random BSOD on Lenovo X301

Download hwmonitor and check your idle and load temps.
Post a screen shot if you can. It may be and overheating issue.
Also cleaning the system out with a can of compressed air to remove any dust might be a good idea to try.

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Hi , 
I locked my external hard disk (Seagate- 1 TB) on Windows 7 laptop . The encryption was successful but when I later tried unlocking it, Its giving an error. Error
says "bitlocker drive encryption failed to recover from an abruptly terminated conversion". Please note that the Password and Recovery Key are correct and I have tried unlocking it
several times but no success.
Upon searching on internet, I came across the below thread which I yet need to try. Pray that it gets unlocked as I have got very important data locked up and the drive
volume is also 80-90% filled. 
Please help me out experts to get my data back.<o:p></o:p>

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Hi Mr/Ms
drive encrypted
with BitLocker 
I used
driver for three months my computer is broken I bought a new computer    when i was try my flash disk new computer its give me this  problem 
BitLocker Drive Encryption failed to recover from an abruptly terminated conversion. This could be due to either all conversion logs being corrupted or the media being write-protected
? know my passworrd but I do not know
the BitLocker
recovery key what can i do know pls some one help me 

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A CI is deployed to workstations to enable bitlocker. Many desktops are asking for recovery password. Many workstations are encrypted successfully.
how to troubleshoot the reason for desktops which are prompting for recovery password. 

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How can i recover SSD with bitlocker active? When i put the SSD disk plugged in another machine with external adapter, i can see the disk but with RAW format. I have the recovery key but when i use the recover software (example EASEUS) i cannot see any field to put my recovery key and i cannot see any important files to recover because the drive has encripted.

Someone else had the same problem?

Sorry for my bad english.

Many thanks in advance.
Jo?o Vieira

A:SSD with bitlocker dead - How to Recover

Hello and welcome Joao mate I think you might be better posting in the 8 forum - same folks same organisation

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I tried to encrypt my external drive using BitLocker, but during the encryption, the usb was disconnected and
the encryption could not finished to perform. When I reconnected the drive, I could no more access the data. A pop up message saying that the "Encryption has been paused" is now on and can't resume nor access my data: please what to do?

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My computer is running windows 7. It have 5 partition: C (windows), D, E, F, I. D: and F: partition is encrypted with bitlocker. I tried to shrink D for 2GB free volume wih diskmgmt in windows 7. After that, F: drive disappear on windows but It still appear on diskmgmt as unlocated partition. I tried to used Active recovery partition but It cannot solve the problem. Please tell me how?
Many thanks,

A:How to recover a unallocated partition with bitlocker encryption

Hello John,

Could you post a screenshot of your Disk Management window showing all of your HDD's layout to help us better understand what options you may have?

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This is an odd problem. I have a T440s that I dual-booted for years using ubuntu and windows 7. I never encountered any problems, nor did I know that the Windows partition, which was the default OEM install from Lenovo, was captured under bitlocker, as I had never activated bitlocker. About 5 months ago I became unable to boot this machine - the dreaded 4-beeps, which means TPM has died and it is unable to post. Fine, a new motherboard and I am back in business. Except... I'm not. The original drive was indeed set up for bitlocker even though I had never activated it from windows. Now the TPM it was tied to is totally dead, and I am unable to boot from the drive or bring up its partitions under ubuntu because it is "protected" by bitlocker, and there is no recovery password because I never set one up. So.. under normal circumstances, I would say oh well, reformat the drive and go on with my life just a tiny bit wiser. However, in my infinite wisdom I have overwritten a backup that had some old but cherished information. I am 90% sure it is resident on this unreachable Windows partition, and nowhere else. Normal un-bitlocking tools are useless. This sounds sketchy and it is exactly the situation MS sought to prevent by creating bitlocker in the first place. However, this protection mechanism is now preventing me from getting to my own data. I still have the old motherboard but it does not work. I would be grateful for any suggestions. thanks

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Hello windows seven,

I was thinking for this...

Local Disk C --> either bitlocker encrypted or unencrypted.
Local Disk D --> bitlocker encrypted partition and a space for backup

How can I backup and recover if using Acronis?

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To install another operating system, I forced to resize my partitions.
I had a drive that was encrypted with bitlocker. After changing the drive and restart I noticed there were only two of the drives that on them Windows installed and another drives changed to free space.
Bitlocker encrypted drive was 100G and another drive 244G. Drives I converted to a drive then format it to restore my data. All the information was not encrypted, was returned but encrypted data was not returned even one bit. I changed the size of D to 200 GB again and after a lot of searching I found the repair-bde command.

this was result.
is there any solution to back my data?
please help

A:How to recover my data,encrypted by Bitlocker?(with this condition)

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

Please check this tutorial in the hope it will help you remove the Bitlocker drive encryption.

BitLocker Drive Encryption - Windows 7 Drive - Turn On or Off with no TPM

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Sorry for my english. I formatted my bitlocker encrypted patition (80GB, about 30GB of data).
I lost all of my data on that patition.
How can i recover data? I dont have recovery key, but i remember the password.
Thanks in advance!

A:How do i recover files from formatted BitLocker encrypted patition

Have a look whether you have a restore point from before you did the encryption. Maybe you can get the files from there. See here how:

ShadowExplorer - Recover Lost Files and Folders

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I need advices about how can I solve my issue:

I have an external drive. I started the encryption drive with bitlocker, during encryption process,
the drive has been disconnected so I wasn?t able to continue the encryption process.

Now, the drive is partially encrypted. When I want to access the drive, I got the error message
?Encryption Failed to recover from an abruptly terminated conversion?.

I would like a procedure to recover the remaining data: encrypted and non encrypted

I used M3 Bitlocker Recovery but the tool freezes, I am currently trying TestDisk 7.0. Analysis
is in progress.

You'll find attached screenshots and detailed description of the situation.

I have the passwords & recovery keys

ps: I cant attach screenshots

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I accidently formatted one of my drives which was previously encrypted.
I tried some third party software as "recover my file" but it didn't work.
Later then, I experimented on a formatted (not encrypted before) usb drive to recover files by same software and it did work.
After that, I encrypted the usb drive and then formatted it. Then I tried to recover by same software, but it didn't work. So, it's apparent that it is not possible to recover from a encrypted and formatted drive by a usual recovery software. Is there any
other method that can help me.
Please inform, I'm in a dire need.

A:How can I recover files from a formatted drive which was encrypted by bitlocker.


I suggest you contact the local data recovery company to recover the data. Thank you for your understanding.


Vincent Wang
TechNet Community Support

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Hello Dears. I had encrypted my drive by Bitlocker in windows 7. 
few days after my friend did quick format in my encrypted drive.
my 300 gb of data lost. and nothing saved
i remember unlock password. 
how can i recover my data ??? i need my data
i tried drive recovering tools (advanced EFS data recovery, easeus . . ,) . but . . . it's encrypted and formatted drive. 
can i undo quick format and decrypt ???
sorry my english is not good.
someone help me please. 

A:Can i recover lost data from encrypted drive by Bitlocker

BitLocker is not the cause of failed to recover files. Format a drive will clear all data saved on the hard disk. Thus recovery formatted data will be a hard disk based technology but not related to operation system. There is no build-in data recovery feature in Windows operations. So we will needto use third party recovery tool or contact third party data recovery company for current issue.

As recovery missing data service will be expensive, we can also check emails and contact friends to see if that can help get a part of files back especially for photos, documents etc.

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I am running Windows 7 Enterprise with Bitlocker.
Unfortunately I ran into problems booting up and eventually it looked like the harddrive (SSD) was malfunctioning. My backup solution was fresh so I haven't given it much thought, just replaced the drive, but I would still like to know if it's possible to
recover data from the drive while it's encrypted with Bitlocker?
I have searched the net for info but none of them seem to focus on my problem; the drive itself shows no volume information, so I'm unable to run any decryption protocols on it. Therefore I'm unable to run any recovery software on it either.
I'm afraid I might've made the situation worse with my attempts at recovery, but still, any help is appreciated!

Best Regards,

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when i used my win 10 my (media) Hard disk suddenly unallocated with 2 partition one it. one of the partition was encrypted with bitlocker

Now I used window 7 ultimate and to try to recover my data I follow steps according to the great guide :
Now the problem was on the step to create recover.img :
when i type "repair-bde F: E:\recover.img -rp 517253-653510-042988-665027-063393-559515-700700-268211"
I get ERROR: cannot use 517253-653510-042988-665027-063393-559515-700700-268211 (the recovery key) to unlock the input volume, please try different recovery password or recovery key

I am sure that it is the right recovery key. 
I also have identifier and password for the bitlocker partition

PLEASE ADVICE my Data is very important   !

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At first, I don't need to recover my data, I just want my drive back to re-use it.

How can a format my USB drive including all boot sectors which sees to be locked/write-protected by bitlocker?

My problem starts with encrypting my drive by activating bitlocker. At 30% of encryption the process halts without reason. Now, I'm unable to access my drive or resume the process.

I tried...

    ... To format with windows

   .. Remove with <gs class="GINGER_SOFTWARE_mark" ginger_software_uiphraseguid="f0c0fe56-0eaa-476b-8658-82a64c8e3dd7" id="735ef341-06b9-4a56-bc33-e86c7c034b2d">diskmgmt</gs>

   ... Remove with <gs class="GINGER_SOFTWARE_mark" ginger_software_uiphraseguid="cdb49126-51e9-4ac9-a88a-5db575ef5d2d" id="88265fce-0239-435e-8b74-482278fd5914">diskpart</gs>

   ... Repair-Bde

   ... Manage-bed

   ... Ubuntu live CD

   ... Mass production tool software, to override the whole stick

Nothing worked. The only thing which worked was once the software M3 Bitlocker recovery Free, but just one time to access the locked partition. But, as mentioned, I don't need to recover my data. With that tool, I'm not able to wipe the drive.

That Bitlocker protects my data till the end is good, but that it breaks my data and my hardware in such a case is not fair.

How can I break the write-protection mode to f... Read more

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Hi folks,
Just came across a scenario for one of our customer. 

Trying to recover data off a drive that is bitlocker encrypted. No recovery key available to get pass bitlocker and access the drive.
Please advise if I reinstall OS preserving the old data in windows.old folder; will I be able to get the access the windows.old folder afterwards to get the data off it.

Thanks in Advance

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please help
how can I recover data from a damaged disk (not physically) of an external encrypted Bitlocer.
Description of the situation:

After connecting the drive - I can decipher it by typing the password - but when you try to open the contents of the report the message "format disk"
- the disk probably has some volume damaged - it has been disconnected from the computer (without being turned off)
What I have done so far:

Using the "Lazesoft" program - I managed to copy (of course after entering the password
on the damaged disk)
the content to another external disk (full - looking after size) but -
this data is encrypted (mainly ending with .ER)
I am asking for a hint:

whether the data that is on the new disk can somehow read (on this disk I can try) [or/and]how to create a damaged disk image to try on another disk [or/and]how to repair a damaged disk (as a last resort) - I am afraid of total data loss [or/and]what other program to use to copy data from a damaged disk
but decrypted
Thank you in advance for your help
Best Regards

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I've never used Bitlcoker before

Have win 8.1 pro

Can I use this to encrypt my office 365 access database files or folders, too?

If so, how?

Also, I'm currently saving files to 'skydrive / myusername'. Is that the same as the new Onedrive pro?

I want to understand where to save my files to have BOTH local & onedrive copies. THANKS !

A:How to use BitLocker for first time user

Bitlocker is only for Drives, USBs, partitions and other forms of drive. However Bitlocker is not available for skydrive for it is not a drive. You can encrypt files by using Microsoft Office's built-in encryption. If you want you can put your local files on a usb or you can make a partition and then encrypt it with bitlocker.

There is no other way that I know that can encrypt BOTH local and Onedrive, your best option is to encrypt all the files one by one using Microsoft office's encryption (or password lock)

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Using a Dell tablet, with Windows 8.1, I now have to enter the 64-digit bitlocker recovery key every time I power up the tablet.  After doing
so, it permits me to continue to restart.  Previously, I was only required to enter a password to get to the desktop.  If I run Windows update, or any other process which might require a restart, it will do so without having to reenter the bitlocker
key.  How may I determine what caused this change in powering up the tablet, requiring the entry of more that just a normal password?  This just occurred within the last 1-2 months.

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After I restored to default settings in the bios , I get into this problem of bitlocker requiring the key to start. I tried to suspend bit locker but bit locker management is not available . OS is win 8.1 , product is Dell Venue Pro 11 Tablet.

When I tried to use elevated command to disable bitlocker , the system does not recognize "protectors" in the command line.

What am I to do? I am sick of entering the very long Key , each time I bootup


A:Help with bitlocker requiring key every time I boot up.

Problem solved.

I must have miss typed the command to disable Bitlocker the first time I tried it.

After disabling and re enabling . It is OK again.

I still find it strange that the Bit Locker On/Off Encryption function is not available from the Control Panel.

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Hello, Just last week Turn on Bitlocker on my X260 with Windows 10 Pro and everything worked fine. But few days later I run Lenovo System Update tool, it updated BIOS version from 1.34 to 1.35. After BIOS updated every boot loading it keep asking recovery key for Bitlocker. How can I to fix this issue? Thanks,Balgaa

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Hello,  we have a new model in our company X270 & T470 and both has issue after enabling bitlocker. it's Windows 10. everytime we reboot is asking for recovery key, we triyed suspned and reenable but it's the same. note: past model X260 & T460 has no issue with the same configuration.  please help

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I have automatic incremental backups scheduled to run every day at 6PM of our server (Win 2008 r2). The task backups up important folders to 2 different external drives (X: and Y: ) running bitlocker. They are set to automatically unlock on the server when connected.

Once a day when I get in the office in the morning I swap the drives for an off-site backup. Every few days (about 80% of the time), one of them remains locked still after plugging it in until I double click it under Computer, then it unlocks (no password, which is how it's set).

If I don't manually go n check and it's locked, the backup fails that night. How can I get it to automatically unlock right when I plug it in 100% of the time?

A:Bitlocker Not Auto-Mounting Drives Every Time

I think I solved it. I was just unplugging the drive every time but for a week+ I "safely removed it" within Windows before unplugging it and it seems to mount fine every time so far.

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We see everytime the X270 with Windows 7 x64 SP1 boots up (No UEFI), it keeps asking for Bitlocker Recovery key. The TPM version on it is 1.2. So is it a known issue ?

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Hi I have enabled bitlocker on my C Drive with usb access on my Lenovo ideapad 320. The C Drive encrypts 100% as checked in CMD but when I turn off the laptop turn it on again bitlocker does not block me access to the C Drive. I can log in as normal as if their was no encryption at all. In control Panel ---> System and Security --> BitLocker Drive Encryption it shows that Windows (C) is encrypted. Any ideas how to get this working? Regards,

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This laptop has had Windows 7 O/S installed, but when trying to turn on Bitlocker, it says the BIOS is not supported by the TPM. This needs to be encrypted, and have looked for an update to the BIOS to no avail.    It's a bit poor if there isn't a solution to this. Can anyone help?

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Good day, We have next very big problem: there is Lenovo Yoga 920. Motherboard was changed by service center. After that, system ask for BitLocker Key. We never put it for 100%. I think, that BitLocker was activated automatically. Is it possible to get data or recovery key from SSD disk? We did not save recovery key to Microsoft Account or Flash drive? Thank you for your answer.

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Hi, I have a fresh install of Windows 10 Pro (x64) on my X1 Yoga, installed in UEFI mode. I wish to encrypt the drive with Bitlocker with TPM and PIN. Another user on a different thread alluded that this is not possible as the X1 Yoga I have uses a PCIe-NVMe disk, for which there is no hardware support for Bitlocker. Is this correct or am I confused?

A:Lenovo X1 Yoga (20FQ) BitLocker with TPM and PIN

I meant you cannot use the AES hardware engine of the NVMe SSD (if a SED like the OPAL2 option) - but you can use software BitLocker just fine. This means the CPU will have to do the crypto instead for some performance penalty depending on your I/O - see CPU utilisation during a benchmark for example. Also do note that using FDE (full disk encryption) on a SSD is not "great" as the whole disk "looks full" to the SSD - so you may need to over-provision for best performance. You can also use "encrypt only used space" instead. There are pros and cons for each.

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Hi. Laptop:Lenovo V110 80TH0013UK    15.6 spec:- Intel Core i5 (7200U) 2.5GHz dual core processor with 3MB L3 cache- 4GB (1x4GB) 2400MHz DDR4 memory- 128GB Serial ATA Solid State Drive  I would like to install windows 10 pro and Bitlocker. I found online that this laptop has TPM module, could someone please confirm that this laptop has TPM chip and  bitlocker and windows 10 work without any issue.  Best B

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Can't access my laptop. Is it possible that after windows 10 pro installation bitlocker is on? Could it depend what is the source of win10 or the laptop's manufacturer? It seems that in our Lenovo Thinkpad T570 bitlocker was on when we bought it.  Or could it be that some Lenovo program turns bitlocker on without a notice during installation?  

A:Lenovo Win10 Pro Bitlocker on by default

I don't like it either and I turn it off.  It is Microsoft, not Lenovo.

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Hi, I recently grabed a X301 which was working fine. However, I learned that the SSD (a 1.8" 128GB from Samsung) was not supporting the TRIM : I first tried to update the SSD firmware with a version that supports the TRIM, by using the Samsung tool for that (that is Maindiag.exe, from a bootable USB drive with FreeDos), but without success. Then I decided to erase completely the SSD, still with Maindiag.exe, in order to restart with a fresh SSD that I could partition to 100GB, leaving 28GB for the overprovisioning (which is apparently a good thing to do if no TRIM can be used). The erase with Maindiag apparently went OK, although it was surprinsingly fast (2 seconds to erase 128GB...?). But then things have gone ugly... - When I power on the X301, the LEDs are blinking and the CD drive is operating during a few seconds, as usual- Nothing more happens during about 10 minutes (!), and the screen remains blank- After 10mn some text if briefly displayed (2 seconds before it goes). I could take a photo and I can read :"tpm tpm0: A TPM error (28) occurred continue selftest""tpm tpm0: TPM self test failed"http://prntscr.com/mb9iro During all this sequence there's no opportunity at all to enter the BIOS... The usual startup screen with "To interrupt [the normal sequence ? don't remember exactly] press the ThinkVantage blue button" never shows up. After that it depends on the presence of a bootable USB drive :- without any bootable USB drive, I end up wit... Read more

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Hey there,I'm just configuring my new X1 tablet and really want to use bitlocker with a pre boot passphrase. But I'm not sure if I can use the X1 keyboard during start up as pre boot keyboard.Does anybody know? Don't want to try it out without the assurance that it is possible. Otherwise I might not be abe to recover my data.best regards

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Hello everyone,I purchased a T440s about a year ago. Long story short, I was not able to log into my computer using my bitlocker password (recovery key still worked). After about 3 months of going back and forth with Lenovo and filing a small claims lawsuit (absolutly terrible customer service experience) I recieved a new computer, a T450s. I assumed the original computer had a motherboard issue or something and thought my problem was solved. Fast forward another 4 months and another of my computers, another T-450s, is having the same issue - bitlocker will not accept the password. The problem is intermittant so I have been using the recovery key to login when needed. This computer is a month past it's warranty so I'm sure I won't get any help from Lenovo. So another month goes by and a third computer is having the same issue! This laptop is an E450. So my question is what the heck is going on with Bitlocker and Lenovo computers??? I have seven Lenovo's that I use for my business and am worried that I'm going to have to switch them all out over the next few year becuase of this issue. Has anyone else experienced a similar situation? All of these computers were purchased within 1 year of each other so did Lenovo use some cheap motherboards for period of time? For reference these were all purchased in 2014-2015. Any insight anyone can provide would be very much appreciated. Has anyone had any luck with other business quality computers using Bi... Read more

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Hi, I have 10 desktops Lenovo M73 in my Enterprise and I could not deploy windows 10 with encrypted bitlocker on them. I tried to update the last firmware for BIOS, but I cannot. If you have any solution for this case please let me know. Although, he old model Lenovo E73 is good with windows 10 encrypted bilocker. Thanks,

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At first, I don't need to recover my data, I just want my drive back to re-use it.
How can a format my usb drive including all boot sectors which sees to be locked/write-protected by bitlocker?

My problem starts with decrypting my drive by deactivting bitlocker on it by entering the valid password/recovery key. At 36% of decryption the process halts without reason. Now, I'm unable to access my drive or resume the process.

I tried...
    ...to format with windows
   ..remove with diskmgmt
   ... remove with diskpart
   ... repair-bde
   ... manage-bde
   ... ubuntu live cd
   ... mass production tool software, to override the whole stick

nothing worked. The only thing which worked was once the software M3 Bitlocker recovery Free, but just one time to access the locked partition. But, as mentioned I don't need to recover my data. With that tool I'm not able to wipe the drive.

That Bitlocker protects my data till the end is good, but that it breaks my data and my hardware in such a case is not fair.
How can I break the write-protection mode to finally wipe the hard drive?

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I have an X301 2777CTR, purchased from the Lenovo Outlet. The computer was spec'ed as having no internal optical drive, and I assumed the cover over the bay where the optical drive or a second battery would go was just that--a cover with no other function except to keep dust out. Also, when I charged the battery, Power Manager reported only one battery present and charging. I ordered a second battery for the empty bay. When the battery arrived and I went to install it, surprise! A second battery was already there. Now, knowing that there really are two batteries in the computer, Power Manager shows "Battery 2:  there is an error."  I can't find any reference for this error message on these forums or in the Lenovo troubleshooting files. How do I get Power Manager to recognize the second battery and report its charge and health state? 


Go to Solution.

A:X301 "Battery 2: there is an error"

It looks as though I have solved my own problem. I set Power Manager to do a battery reset of Battery 1. When it was done (draining and then recharging to 100%), Power Manager showed Battery 2 partially discharged, but in good condition. I am now running a reset on Battery 2. Assuming that results in the remaining battery being calibrated to the computer, I should be in good shape. Thanks for all those that read the message, in any event. 

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HelloAccording to the datasheet for ThinkPad X301 this model ships with an integrated camera.My X301 is "Type 4056-CTO S/NL3-ABD9D 09/03 ID:4057W9R" and I do not see any physical camera lens anywhere, not even close to the light (activates with Fn+PgUp) in the upper right corner of the screen. My T430s has a lens at this position and in the BIOS there is an option to enable/disable a camera.Please tell me whether some production batches of the X301 ship without camera. And if they all do should I expect an option to turn it on/off in the BIOS? I do not see anything in the BIOS that indicates the existence of a camera.Thank you

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Hello, I have a Lenovo X301 and I love with all my heart. I've just recently upgraded my SSD and RAM. Read a lot of material about upgrading this model and found some rumors from 2009 that it should support SL9600 and SP9600 CPU's. I've consulted with Intel and they suggested I should contact Lenovo support to clarify whether there is a BIOS support for these CPU's because both SL9600 and SP9600 fit the socket (BGA956). So is there a BIOS that supports these CPU's for X301?I have read some korean forums and some people have successfully upgraded X301 to SP9600, yet it is unclear if they made any software/hardware modifications beforehand to make that possible. This is not a rational but sentimental decision, I know it is not worth the money. SU9600 is an official option, but it is such a minor upgrade I would not bother. Thank you in advance  Offtopic - after I installed Lenovo service bridge on my thinkpad, I am getting an internal server error every time I try to go to lenovo support page. Several people have reported this too, since Nov 30, 2016. Someone should look into that code

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Team - Trouble here!! Have ~730 GB of data on my 1TB iOmega HDD. Turned on BitLocker on my Windows 7
system, set password, created and saved recovery key file, and i saw it started encrypting (very slowly, which i think is normal). Left it there for hours and when i came back I saw it is asking me for my password for my unlocking... which i entered and it
just wont open. Goes "NOT RESPONDING". I did not lose power during the initial encryption and neither did i pull out the HDD (to my knowledge) even though I read in the MS content that encryption should resume the next time a drive is plugged in,
it it got interrupted the first time or whatsoever.

However, started my research and was shocked to find several people have had similar problems. Also references that data must be backed up before encrypting (may
be common sense). Well, i have not done that, did not know that a simple of act of encrypting could be such a crime, especially when you are encrypting what you have just taken a backup off - before proceeding towards a formatting of my laptop.

Tried the manage-bde commands and the results are in a pic that i cannot attach. Interestingly, i find that the "manage-bde -status" command shows "conversion status" and "percentage of encryption" as unknown. Is this normal? I
do not really remember seeing any screen (when i came back after hours to check the status of the initial BitLock'ing) stating "hey i am done&quo... Read more

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I had a lot of issues with the screen blinking/flickering on/off when removing the laptop from the WD-15 dock and read that the new BIOS upgrade would fix this issue so I went ahead and upgraded the BIOS.
I installed "DellDockingStationFwUp_1.0.0.8_20161220_WD15.exe" and "XPS_9550_1.2.21.exe".
I added Bitlocker protection the first thing I did when I got the laptop about a year ago and it has been working fine.
After this upgrade (with or without) the dock attached I get the Bitlocker code prompt at every start of the laptop.
I can't seem to roll back the FW upgrades as the installer tells me I have a newer version installed...

A:Windows 10 Bitlocker code required every time after BIOS upgrade on XPS 15 9560

After searching and checking I found that I no longer have any compatible TPM according to Windows.
(Win 10 Enterprise 64bit Build 14393)
Looking in the BIOS there is no setting for TPM anymore so then I found a way to rollback BIOS FW.
It was by shutting down, unplug the power plug and then keep CTRL+ESC pressed while plugging in the power plug. That brings up a prompt where I could do a rollback and after that tehre still is no TPM in BIOS. I run the same again but this time I chose to reset the BIOS settings, still no TPM!
I still have to give the Bitlocker key at every startup and to top it off the laptop no longer goes to sleep when the lid is closed, it shuts down even though the settings is to "sleep".
This of course means that every time I carry it around I have to add the Bitlocker key when picking it up.
Our corporate network requires Bitlocker so I can't use the laptop without bitlocker in the domain.
Any suggestions?

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