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Error copying file: Data error (cyclic redundancy check). CRC Scan ?

Q: Error copying file: Data error (cyclic redundancy check). CRC Scan ?

Edit: Think my hard drive may be failing and was the cause of my file synchronizing crash. I use it mostly to stream music and video and access the hard drive a lot. Any advice thanks

HDDStatus - Tool to check hard disk status, health and reliability


I've been using GoodSync for the past couple of months to chain synchronize 3 hard disk drives and ran into my first issue today. GoodSync stopped responding whilst synchronizing changes to files so I used task manager to manually end the process.

I'm not entirely sure how much damage has been caused but when I re-analyzed the file changes a lot of the changes prior to the crash was no longer listed.. So I'm unsure of the file integrity but have so far noticed some music video files are corrupt with cyclic redundancy check errors but is not easily visible to check corrupt files because they still play but parts of data are missing.

I think I've experienced cyclic redundancy check errors before when my external hard drive fell flat on it's side whilst it was playing music (3 years ago). It took me a long time to filter out the bad files because all the mp3 files worked but some songs would randomly play in others etc.. is their some type of automated CRC scanner or method to check all my files ?


Preferred Solution: Error copying file: Data error (cyclic redundancy check). CRC Scan ?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Error copying file: Data error (cyclic redundancy check). CRC Scan ?

If you are able, try this programme, it is VERY good. HDD Regenerator - Dmitriy Primochenko Online

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Error Copying File or Folder
Cannot copy AVSEQ17: Data error (cyclic redundancy check).

This error is generated most of the times while copying file from CD to my hard drive and the copying fails and the data is not not copied to the hard disk.

Someone please help me to get rid of this problem and/or tell me its cause!!!


A:Error Copying File or Folder:Cannot copy AVSEQ17:Data error(cyclic redundancy check).

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I copied some files from my old HP laptop with xp, burnt them with burnaware onto a dvd. Now on my new laptop (lenovo g580 W7 64bit) I tried to take them off the DVD and move to my local drive, when I was moving them from disc to drive explorer gave me a message saying 'Invalid MS-dos function' and the usual try again or cancel option.
Thinking some of the files on disc might be corrupt I ran
xcopy F:\*.*/s > C:\test1
And got the message in my topic title File creation error - Data error (cyclic redundancy check).
Now I don't have clue what this means and I can only tell you I have an output file in C, as per the command instructions, with almost all the files listed, some are missing but some of the ones there are the corrupt ones and some of the ones missing I think are fine.
Doesn't really lead me to the issue unless someone can decipher the error message I got?

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Recently I've been getting this message. Originally a game started crashing when it was opened, I tried uninstalling it, but certain files couldn't be removed due to cyclic redundancy. I then tried deleting the files/folders manaully but it just stalls (and causes computer lagging) and eventually comes up with the message in the title.
While it stalls I can hear the hard drive trying to access the files. I have previously gotten this message when trying to access files off a DVD but this is the first time its happened with files off the hard drive.
I also had to reboot my PC because the lagging was so bad, when it restarted windows had reset to its default settings, i.e. desktop pitcture, sound settings, folder settings etc. Luckily all folders except my desktop folder have not been affected.

What can I do to fix this problem?
I've reset windows to the way I like it, but I want access to these folders so I can sort them out.


A:Problem: Cannot delete 'file/folder name': Data error (cyclic redundancy check)

I rebooted again and my old windows settings returned, but I still can't access the file and folders because of the cyclic redundancy.

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This topic has probably been brought up many times before, but has there ever been a fix for the common copying error, "Data Error: Cyclic Redundancy Check"?

I know there can be many variations of the problem depending on where the data is being copied from and to, but I seem to have have found where the source of my problem is. I have been copying files (copy and paste) from 2 different makes of DVD onto my computer's main hard drive. The makes of DVD are both TDK DVD-R: an older style make with darker blue labels on the disks, and the current make of TDK DVD-R which has light blue labels.

Every time I copy files from the older style DVDs, I get the "Data Error: Cyclic Redundancy Check" notice which stops me from copying any more files from the disc. However, when I copy files from the current make of TDK DVD-R disks, all files are copied without any problems.

Is there a solution to this problem? Can the data from the older style of disks still be copied somehow? I find it strange how the error appears when copying from one make of disk, and doesn't appear when copying from the other. Any advice would be appreciated.

A:Cyclic Redundancy Check error when copying from DVDs to hard drive

When you say older "style", do you mean the disks are actually of greater age? Disks can certainly deteriorate with age. Do the same disks give CRC errors on another computer?

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Hi guys,

I have WesternDigital Blue 1TB harddrive in raw format and I cant recover data nor format it.


A:How to fix data error cyclic redundancy check

Your system specifications show a laptop.

But this seems to be an internal drive on a desktop.

If it is indeed an internal drive on a desktop, forthwith disconnect your faulty drive to prevent it keep spinning till you decide what you want to do with it.

Was it working alright in the desktop before and for how long?

When did it become RAW and for how long it remained connected after becoming RAW?

Do you want to format it now? ( I am asking this question because you tried formatting it.) I shall see your answers only tomorrow morning after 11 hours from now since it is already bedtime for me.

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Hello all,
Windows 7 doesn't recognize my SSD drive. When I go to disk management, it shows a message to initialize it (image no.1) but when I press OK to do that, one another message appears and says: Data error cyclic redundancy check (image no.2). My computer windows doesn't show that drive and also when I went to cmd->diskpart, again it didn't show that disk to use of chkdsk /f command. How to solve the problem please?

A:Data error cyclic redundancy check ssd

I could to revive that disk in diskpart using PartedMagic in boot. I've uploaded a new image from that. The remained problem here is that I can't delete it there.

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I tried to hook up my mp3 player, and when that 'Found New Hardware' thing pops up at bottom-left corner then the actual screen pops up it says insert disk then I click next after like 5 minutes it says Data error (cyclic redundancy check) pops up how do I fix it

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I am getting a CRC Data Error when I try to copy something I burned on a CD (navigational charts 1-2 MB each is the largest). I have tried to reburn the CD and I still get the error, but it occurs at a different file location the second (3rd and 4th also) time.

I am using XP Pro, have 512 MB RAM, 2 GHz processor.

Are there any simple fixes to this problem?



A:Data Error: Cyclic Redundancy Check

See if any of this helps:What does 'cyclic redundancy check error' mean?

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every time i tried to install a software/driver in my cd/dvd rom, "not responding" and "data error (cyclic redundancy check) message will come out.
can someboby help me about these?

A:data error (cyclic redundancy check)

Is the CD/DVD damaged?

Read this and tell me if this is what is happening: http://www.softwarepatch.com/tips/cy...edundancy.html

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Hey i'm trying to make a backup of a DVD to my drive and I continue getting the CRC error I've noticed that ever since I've installed SP2 on my XP Pro i've been having a lot of issues with my DVD burner... Does anyone know if SP2 has some type of security issue with DVD burners and burning actual video files? What I am planning to test out is removing SP2 and see what happens anyone has any ideas?


A:Data Error (Cyclic Redundancy Check)

I had the same problem, SP2 didnt let me use my Toshiba DVD-RW at all, so i uninstalled SP2 and it worked

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Hi I encrypted C and D drive using Bitlocker. Then i change UAC setting from low to default level. After restart my notebook my D drive keep lock and need to key in PIN everytime restart my notebook. When i use auto unlock  D drive it say "data error cyclic redundancy check" . Have anyone encounter this error on Windows 7 by using Bitlocker. Thank you..   regards sam

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please help me..
my system show "Data Error<Cyclic Redundancy Check>"

A:Data Error Cyclic Redundancy Check

At first you should run a chckdsk /r from an elevated command prompt on that drive
if that doesn't help try to test your drive with this
SeaTools for DOS | Seagate
If you have more questions, you should open your own thread. Or perhaps Shawn could move it to the right section?


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Just like the topic title says, I have been receiving this message: Data error (cyclic redundancy check) when trying to install some software. The whole error reads:
C:\Users\Me\Downloads\ArtizenInstall_295.exe Error 23 while opening this file: Data error (cyclic redundancy check).
I've tried turning off my AV and UAC (just in case, who knows with computers) . . . I've cleaned my registry and run the disk check.
Any ideas? Let me know if I need to provide more info. Thanks, Kirk

A:Data error (cyclic redundancy check)

When seen with optical drives...that message usually indicates a problem reading the media. I would check the drive...and the media used.

If I received that message with every type of CD/DVD...I'd try cleaning the lens and/or prepare to acquire a new drive.


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I Have an Iomega HDD external Hard drive I've had a year now and it worked perfectly till about a week ago. Suddenly It started asking me to format it and when I click cancel it would give an error saying "Data Error (cyclic redundancy check)" I tried doing
all i could find on the wed with chkdsk etc.
it still doesn't work it's needless to say that I have extremely important files and pictures on this drive and the last thing I want is to format it and lose everything I have. 
I have tried using recovery software in order to transfer all the data to another location but they can't access the drive due to the same error.
I'm using Windows 7 if it helps in any way thank you.
Please Help Me.

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I Have an Iomega HDD external Hard drive I've had a year now and it worked perfectly till about a week ago. Suddenly It started asking me to format it and when I click cancel it would give an error saying "Data Error (cyclic redundancy check)" I tried doing
all i could find on the wed with chkdsk etc.
it still doesn't work it's needless to say that I have extremely important files and pictures on this drive and the last thing I want is to format it and lose everything I have. 
I have tried using recovery software in order to transfer all the data to another location but they can't access the drive due to the same error.
I'm using Windows 7 if it helps in any way thank you.
Please Help Me.

A:Data Error (cyclic Redundancy Check)


Please visit your external hard drive manufacturer?s website and look for data recovery tool or disk checker tool for your model to check your drive.

It is also recommended to contact the manufacturer support for help.

Hope this helps.

Jeremy Wu
TechNet Community Support

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Windows 7 doesn't recognize my SSD drive. When I go to disk management, it shows a message to initialize it (image no.1) but when I press OK to do that, one another message appears and says: Data error cyclic redundancy check (image no.2). My computer windows doesn't show that drive and also when I went to cmd->diskpart, again it didn't show that disk to use of chkdsk /f command. How to solve the problem please?

A:Data error cyclic redundancy check ssd

I could to revive that disk in diskpart using PartedMagic in boot. I've uploaded a new image from that. The remained problem here is that I can't delete it there.

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Installed new HDD in the laptop - Dell Latitude D505
Formatted the new drive without partitioning.
Tried to install OS using the XPPro SP2 disc that came along with the latitude but keep getting a 'fatal error'

====FATAL ERROR=========

sxs.dll syntax error in manifest on policy file

DATA ERROR (cyclic redundancy check)


H E L P !

(originally posted under 'Hard Drives' Topic. Posting here since it seems to be an XP issue ?)

A:Data Error: Cyclic redundancy check. !!HELP!!

Hi there..

have you checked the installation disc for any scratches, dirt, smudges etc?

May also be worthwhile cleaning the lens and disc :)

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My pc crashed on yesterday and was unable to boot into window as it required to run chkdsk and i found a lot file record segments were unreadable or corrupted. I changed the hardisk, installed a new os and then tried to back up some important files from the crashed hardisk but some was not able to transfer as a message pop-out stating data error: (cyclic redundancy check), my questions are :

1) Can those files under the data error to be recovered?

2) I read about the cause of it but is there any way to prevent from happening?

3) Is the hardisk still can be used?

I would be very appreciated if someone could help me out with this matter...


A:Data Error: Cyclic redundancy check

The harddrive sounds to be physically faulty
Therefore the data is probably corrupted in those sectors
I don't believe the HardDrive can be used again (and if used, it will slow your computer down)

Hmm, Make backups often to external media is always a good thing to do.
(Possibly a bit late to tell you that though)

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as any1 figured out how to fix this problem, with out having to swap the disk for another 1 as i have just bought war lords battle cry 3, and it is a very hard game to get where i am, and it's uncommon for the stores to have an extra copy, i dont want to take it back and spend months searching for it again can any1 help me??

A:" Data Error (cyclic Redundancy Check) . "

That error message indicates reading problems...could be a dirty disk, could be a dirty laser, etc.

That's how it works in my world...


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When trying to back up a large file from my hard drive onto a memory stick or CD-RW i keep getting a data error: cyclic redundancy check message just before completion.
What is this? and How can I fix it?



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My HP Pro 4321s notebook (with Windows 7 Professional 32-bit installed) failed to boot up. 

As I did not backup the data files (this notebook was used for only a few months), I disconnected the notebook hard disk and installed it to an external disk case (SATA interface to connect my notebook harddisk and USB 2.0 interface for connection to other
PC or notebook's USB port).
After I connected this external disk to another notebook (windows 7 Professional 64-bit), a pop-up window asking me to run CHKDSK for SYSTEM (F:) appeared.  Therefore, I answered 'YES' to dismount the volume and proceed.  After CHKDSK
had finished for this drive F: , it showed file rec segment 96-99 unreadable. The CHKDSK report was then displayed.

Then, another pop-up window appeared :  Drive G:\  You need to format the disk drive before you can use it.  Do you want to format it ?

I replied 'No' and Message : 'Error :  G:\ is not accessible.  Data error (cyclic redundancy check)' was displayed.
The factory hard disk contains 3 drives : one is C:\, one is HP Recovery, one is HP_Tools and a hidden 'SYSTEM'.
The explorer could only showed properties of HP Recovery and HP_Tools.  'SYSTEM' properties could only be seen before I replied 'Y' to dismount the volume to proceed CHKDSK.
(Please refer to the captured screen below).

One more thing I would like to mention is that before the boot-up failure of my HP Pro4321s, the window exp... Read more

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I just started to get this error message.

I am running a Win98 machine and receiving the error when printing on hy HP PSC 2210 printer. I recently started to use a TRENDnet 4-Port Bus-Power USB Hub (my PC only has two USB ports) and I was having no problems printing at all until just now. I did some research and found some solutions (ie turning off the printer, unplugging the usb cable, restarting, plugging in the USB cable, turning on the printer) but that did not seem to work. When I disconnect the hub and plug the printer in directly to the USB port I can print fine....so obviously the problem is with the hub.

Any ideas and also why it did work but now causes me problems.

I guess I should go out and buy a powered USB hub, but the ones I have seen don't seem to support Win98.

Any ideas?



A:USB Data Error(Cyclic Redundancy Check) when Printing

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I have DVD Shrink (latest) and I use it to make backups of (legally purchased) DVDs so the originals don't get damaged...So far I haven't had any errors with anything, with the exception of a largely scratched disk once... until nowI tried to backup "Inside Man" and it gets to around 2-4% (entire non-compressed disk backup, naturally) but then gives me DVD shrink has encountered an error and can not continue
Fail to read file E:\
Data Error (cyclic redundancy check)I've searched around and it turns to either be a bad/scratched disk or a new security measure...The disk is brand new with no scratches, finger prints or anything on it, and the movie played with no errors or bad frames (as far as I noticed) in DVD X Player (on computer) and on a sony DVD player (tv).I've seen people try with success using DVD Decrypter but when i tried, I got errors once again...so I'm fairly certain it's a security measure (seeing as the drive is only a few days old and plays/backs-up anything else fine)...Any ideas?

A:Dvd Shrink - Data Error : Cyclic Redundancy Check

Assuming the DVD is NOT damaged ...Many DVDs deliberately have bad sectors ro prevent DVD Shrik from working.Try http://www.1clickdvdcopy.com/Works for meBut it's not freeAll the best

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Hi all,

I have posted in this forum as it is a combo question and not sure if it is the hardware or the software that is causing problems. If anyone has any ideas about the following I would be most appreciative.

Receiving error: Cannot copy XXXX Files: Data error (cyclic redundancy check).

System error showing on:
HP Pavilion
Microsoft XP Home Edition SP2
Unit: HP DVD Writer 640b (Standard)
Drag and drop copy from CD to the Hard drive
Using the DOS program - error still shows in DOS.

ALSO on a 2nd System:
Receiving error:
Cannot move Files: Corrupted Files
(System freezes when I try to move them now)

System error showing on:
Toshiba Notebook M2 MSPA010A0M05
Microsoft XP Professional Edition SP2

These files were originally burnt to CD using the following:
Hardware: LITE-ON Combo LTC-48161H
Software: BURN4FREE (Version unknown)
CD: TDK 700MD CD-RW80HS HighSpeed 4~12x Multi Speed Compatible
Files: Work files Zip compressed using WINZIP (current version)

Additional Info:
Burn4Free requested that the CD be finalised (though it is a CD-RW)
2 seperated DISCS are coming up with the error.
2 seperate systems reject the TWO discs.
The files don't seem to be corrupted (checked the system first, though on reading other postings of similar issues - it suggests corrupted files??)
The originals are no longer available (the system was formatted last evening).

1: Is it a compatibility error between the 4 originals systems... Read more

A:Cyclic redundancy check - Winzip Data Error

A buddy of mine found bad media to cause this error. Are you using cheap discs? It is not uncommon for several discs on a spindle to be corrupted before you even use them. The problem my friend encountered was 100 unuseable DVDs!

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I am trying to copy a file that is split up into various achieves. When the copying process is going on I get an error cannot copy file, data error (cyclic redundancy check). I want to get this thing to work asap. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

A:Solved: Data error (Cyclic redundancy check)

A cyclic redundancy check means the computer can't read the data off the media. Typically this happens with optical media but also happens with HDD or other magnetic media once and awhile as well. If it's on a CD/DVD try cleaning the disc and the laser lens. If it's a magnetic media use check disc to repair any errors and try again. If that doesn't work then you can try a more aggressive recovery program.

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I have a SAMSUNG-HM400LI 400GB portable hard drive. Unfortunately i was transfering a large portion of data of data from it to another portable hard drive i have it froze, so i unplugged it, silly i no. Now when ever i plug it in it tells me "Disk must be formatted before being used", i have 400gb of valuable data i need from this drive. Ive tried different ways of getting into it through CMD, it wont even allow me to CHKDSK, replies with "Data Error (Cyclic Redundancy Error)". Ive tried using EASEUS Partition Recovery and still not luck, it tells me it fails to find the lost or corrupted partitions.

Can anyone help?

A:External HDD, Data Error (Cyclic Redundancy Check).

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My office manager has a program she was trying to install on a Windows 7 machine. It is new. When installing, it will not finish and gives the "data error (cyclic redundancy check)" message. I tried to install the same program on mine (also Windows 7) and get the same error message. What is strange is she had this same program on her last computer (also Windows 7) and it installed and ran fine. I'm puzzled by this.

A:Data error (cyclic redundancy check) when installing program

Welcome to our forum MRM4

Exactly what program are you referring to?

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I have been using Vista's Back-Up and Restore facility on my Dell Inspiron 6400 for quite some time now and have encountered no problems (aside from the fact that I question the comprehensibility of it). However over the past few days I have recieved an error message along these lines whilst trying to back-up: Data error (cyclic redundancy check). (0x80070017).

After restarting the laptop, repowering the external hdd, and attempting to re-run the process numerous times with it still refusing to complete, I deleted the entire back up and proceeded to create another one, with the same eventual error. I'm just really not sure what the problem is at the moment. If anyone could shine some light on the matter I would very much appreciate it.

A:Problems with using Vista's Back-Up Utility (Data error (cyclic redundancy check))

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is theres any to move the data off my book when i get a cyclic redundancy check error when I try to copy a file?
please help

A:How to I fix a cyclic redundancy check error when I try to copy a file?

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Im trying to do a clean install of Win7. Im installing it through usb i have already deleted the hard drive using Darik's Boot And Nuke.When i try to create a partition from the command prompt it gives me an error DiskPart Error "Data Error (cyclic redundancy check)" see the system event log for more info.

A:DiskPart Error "Data Error (cyclic redundancy check)"

Why are you doing all of those unnecessary steps instead of just booting the Win7 installation media to delete all partitons and then create New and Format using the drive options pictured in Steps 7/8 of Clean Install Windows 7? Nothing more is needed unless troubleshooting install failure.

If you did a secure erase using DBAN that is overkill intended to overwrite data to make it unrecoverable by forensics software. It is also hard on the drive.

Try now booting the Win7 installer to create the partitions. If the error repeats run the HD maker's HD Diagnostic extended CD test, followd by Disk Check from the installer's Command Line in System Recovery Options

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I have an .AVI file on a CD which I am capable of watching from the CD.

When I attempt to copy this .AVI file to my harddrive, I receive a "cyclic redundancy error."

Is there any way to copy this .AVI file, without Windows trying to verify it?

Is there a way to do it in the Command Prompt? or DOS?

Please let me know.

A:Copying CDs w/ a Cyclic Redundancy Error

Use the "copy" command on command line. When encountering a read error, it will allow you to ignore the error and continue.

You could also take a look at a program called IsoBuster - an advanced tool that is built for data recovery from CDs.

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Please help as I don't know what to do about this file. I backed up my XP Home OS computer with my seagate goflex. It backed up 99% but failed to finish because of a pintlcsk.dic file. I then ran avast on my computer and it said the same file:
could not be scanned due to "Error: Data error (cyclic redundancy check) (23)". No action could be taken with this file as when it was highlighted the apply button the apply button was not regardless of the action chosen.

A scan with spybot found no errors.

Royal Flush

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i have a toshiba 1tb harddisk. it was perfectly working til i gave it to a friend of mine. i have all my backup and most important data in it. i cant risk loosing it as i will loose my job. when he gave it back to me today and i inserted it in my usb this error came.
"Data Error (Cyclic Redundancy Check)"
.. i searched everywhere on the net but cldnt find a solution for it. i tried various methods . i can still see the properties which show only 86.4 gb free which means the datat is still inside.
when i tried a software to see the data inside all i could see was a recycle bin.
please help me anyway. i need my data all of it back. please is there anyway to get it back.


A:"Data Error (Cyclic Redundancy Check)"

Right click on the drive, choose Properties > Tools > Check Now. It will attempt to repair the drive. But you might lose some data.

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I have a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pi 2515 running Windows 7 Pro 32 bit with an Intel Core Duo T5450 @1.67 GHz with 2 GB of RAM. This is a second computer, not the one registered in my profile.

I was hoping to take the Windows 10 upgrade but I will not do this before backing up the computer with a system image. I first tried to back it up to a Seagate 2 Tb Expansion Desktop drive which is pretty new and i have successfully created a system image on it for my other computer using Acronis True Image 2015.

I only have the 1 computer license for Acronis and I don't particularly want to get another for this machine. Windows Backup should work. When I first tried to cack up to the 2Tb drive I got the error "the request could not be performed because of a I/O device error. I tried twice. Each time the backup runs through to completion but finishes with this error.

I have another smaller Seagate 500 GB external drive, so I tried to run the backup to it. This backup also ran to conclusion then dumped the 0x80070017 CRC error.

I have read other threads with this error but, having just had help with a different problem on my Acer 4810T (being a problem with Windows not genuine messages) where I was advised to submit a new thread rather than act on suggestions in other threads, I thought I should do that with this problem.

Despite the I/O error, there are backup files on the Seagate 2TB drive in 148 zipped folders taking up 25.8 GB of space. There is 62.9 GB used on C: d... Read more

A:0x80070017 cyclic redundancy check error after I/O device error

The I/O error could pertain to the C: drive itself, it may not necessarily be the external HDD that's throwing up that error. You could try the alternative of creating an image with Macrium Reflect linked in my signature to see if that works.

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please i need help

i connected my external hard disk drive and its showing me the error message ''cyclic redundancy check''. i installed a file recovery software and i recovered about 1 gigabyte of data on the free trial. i just want to format it now and it proving difficult. i am willing to forfeit the contents of the drive. i just need my hard disk working again.

thank you!

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I got some data in a folder... I'm not able to move it... Everytime i try to do that, it gives a cyclic redundancy check error. tried to delete the folder too (i dont mind losing that data), but am not able to... and cannot format the partition as it has a lot of work data and i do not have a spare hard disk. please suggest any methods to tackle the issue...

A:Cyclic Redundancy Check Error

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well i could always play warcraft 3 the frozen throne then all of a sudden yesterday i get this error whne i try to enter games

A:cyclic redundancy check error TFT

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Cyclic Redundancy check error

A:Cyclic Redundancy check error

More information would be useful. When did you receive this error? Are you still able to boot into Windows?

If so, go Start > Run > Type in chkdsk C: /f /r (Assuming C: is the drive that threw the CRC error)

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I get this "cyclic redundancy check error" when I try to copy files from a DVD-RW onto my hard drive. I burnt said DVD about two years ago using Cyberlink DVD Solution Power2Go. I get this error with mulitiple DVDs, but not all of them (I've got five and I get this error with only three). Also, I get the error with some files, but not others (on the same DVD). I really can't lose these files! My guess is they were burnt wrong, but I'm really not sure. Is there any way I can recover these files?

Oh, I'm using XP SP3.

Thank you!

A:cyclic redundancy check error

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I have a WD 500 GB external drive, ive been using this as my back-up for about 2 years. It was just recently, when i open my files and folders, and error pops-up "Cyclic Redundancy Check". I tried to reformat the drive but it says that it is being used by another program, it assigned a drive letter but i cannot open it. i also tried formatting it via CMD, but no luck is stays at 0% completed.

Any help or advice if i can still revive my HDD? if i can recover the files.


A:Cyclic Redundancy Check Error!

Unfortunately a CRC error can be bad news. Check some of these pages:

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Hello everyone!

I'm having this error that says cyclic redundancy check when i use my p2p programme, or try to install programmes, or like when i open a folder with large format pictures in it.
The laptop just stops working for a while, and i can hear a specific sound when it does.
I don't know how to fix this error, or CAN I FIX IT????

I have an urgent exam on tuesday and if i don't install corel draw, i'm gonna FAIL.

Please can anyone help me? i'm really desperate..>_>

P.S. I recovered my PC like 5 times now...>_<''

A:Cyclic Redundancy Check ERROR

Are you attempting to install the program off of a CD or dvd? Because if its scratched that would explain the error and the noise your laptop is making (its actually the cd/dvd rom).

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I recently tried to reinstall Star Wars Galaxies on my computer. Nearing the end of my installation a message pops up telling me that theres been an error in the installation. The message is as follows:

Componant: Star Wars Galaxies
File Group: SWG Files
File: C:\Program Files\StarWarsGalaxies\qt-mt305.dll
Error: Data Error (Cyclic Redundancy Check)

I have no idea how to fix this problem. Please help!

A:Cyclic Redundancy Check error?

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wester digital caviar blue 500gb hd when connected internally and installing OS win 7 it want format error code 0x8007045D comes up. When externally connected it says cyclic redundancy check error.How do I format it. Please enlighten me, thanks.

A:Cyclic Redundancy Check Error

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so earlier in the year my OS hard drive crashed, and I haven't had time to work on the problem until now. (Seagate Baracuda 3.5" 500GB 7200rpm, running Win7)

I docked the HDD and plugged it into my girlfriend's laptop with a USB cable, and the drive shows up under Disk Management, but there aren't any options for mounting or formatting.

I tried running DBAN from boot, but I get non-fatal errors and the program won't run. (It runs fine with other drives)

My biggest concern isn't getting information from the drive because I was only using it (primarily) to boot from and to store my programs. No, my concern is whether or not I can salvage the drive and re-use it. I'm not that interested in buying (another) hard drive.

So I guess what I'm asking is for a litter direction and advise. All is appreciated.
Thank you very much,

A:Cyclic Redundancy Check error on HDD

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I cannot belive this sound card it is driving me nutz!! Im running windows 2k with a soundblaster model ct4740 and i cannot get the thing to work for nothing. I try to use the auto-run on the cd to install the driver that doesn't work the cd is useless or something so then i try to install it manually and it wont do it then either it gives me cyclic redudndancy check error and wont install and i can't figure it out.. Can someone help a bro out... dont tell me to download the most recent version (already tried that...) im not a geek but i do know my way around computers hehe thnx a lot for any feedback i may get.. sorry if this seems like and edgy post im a lil on the pissy side today sorry..


A:Help! Cyclic Redundancy Check Error

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