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MOBO baked. Need to maintain 7 OS and files from HD on new MOBO

Q: MOBO baked. Need to maintain 7 OS and files from HD on new MOBO

I have read several posts about issues with this already.

I had an ECS P4M800 Pro-M V 2.0 with a Pentium 4 2.88. I had a primary and secondary hard drive as well as a DVD RW on it. My brother-in-law originally build the computer some years ago. I got the dreaded call the other day, "Honey, the computer won't turn on."

DOA, fried MOBO. I ordered a Biostar A880 G + MOBO with integrated graphics, audio and LAN cards. Popped in an AMD Athlon 2 X 3 3.3G and two DDR 3 2G Ram sticks.

Fired that puppy up on my old hard drive. It ran through some system checks, and nada. I keep getting back to nothing.

I had a system backup set up to run, but the destination drive ended up being full, (without my realizing it) and now I'm up shit creek becuase the drive won't boot. I've got some important business stuff on that drive, which I know I can recover, but I would just like it to get up and run.

I have the install CD and it is a direct from Microsoft CD. Nothing specific to the old MOBO. What to do???? This was supposed to be my swan song. New computer and I was going to be rocking it out! zilcho.... Please help me out.

Preferred Solution: MOBO baked. Need to maintain 7 OS and files from HD on new MOBO

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: MOBO baked. Need to maintain 7 OS and files from HD on new MOBO

Describe "I keep getting back to nothing" in more detail.

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Putting together a build for a friend, however, I believe the motherboard may have been damaged or was damaged upon my taking part in the build. I assembled the parts, a 430w thermaltake psu, an asus mobo, e5200 intel processor, western digital hard drive, 2 gigs of GSkill, ati hd 4850 gpu and an LG dvd drive.

Posted, gave an error message about cpu fan error, I google it, it seemed to be relatively harmless. While in the bios the computer's signal disappeared, I attempted a reboot to no avail. No error codes, cpu fan stopped spinning. Removed memory, no error code, removed 4850, no error code, case fan connected to the motherboard spins when powered on, motherboard shows green light, no signal detected,

I tested the processor in another rig, and it worked fine, and the cpu fan spun fine. Tested another power supply with said motherboard and the motherboard fan would not spin and it would not post, and no error codes. Is my motherboard dead? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

A:New Build, Mobo green light, psu powers case fans off mobo, not cpu fan no beeps

check and recheck the connections on the board, if unsuccessful, make sure you haven t short-circuited the mobo, ...

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This problem has the configuration listed in my system specs below, which have just changed recently. My OCZ Vertex 2 died, RMA'ed but sold, and replaced with the Transcend SSD720, 2.5" SATAIII 64GB. Also sold my GPU...

Now, trying to get everything back on track. I reinstalled my OS on the SSD, but I can't for the life of me get the HDMI working. When reinstalling, I knew it was normal for only my Dell CRT to show up via its VGA connection, but then the main ViewSonic HD monitor never came on. I finally realized it wasn't responding to anything. The ViewSonic HD monitor is the only thing plugged in right now, on both VGA & HDMI, but will only work on the VGA. It had been working fine before the OCZ SSD died. No VGA problems. The onboard ATI Radeon HD 4250 is fully updated and all the drivers are installed and updated to the best of my knowledge. There is an update for the BIOS on the ASUS website that I had never installed, ever, but the only change from before was the SSD so that should not matter. I've even made sure I installed the specific driver for the monitor from the disc it came with. I tried playing around in BIOS, and (for once) no matter what graphics device order I set, (i.e., IGPX-PCI-GPX-etc) it always reverted to the mobo's VGA. And obviously, Device Manager is showing no yellow question marks and is generally no help right now...

Again, there is NO longer a standalone GPU/video card in this system, just the ASUS M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3's onboard inter... Read more

A:Mobo not detecting HDMI? - ATI Radeon HD 4250 onboard ASUS mobo

It's plausible that your HDMI port on your MOBO is dead. Is it possible to obtain a GPU and try it's HDMI port?
It could be your monitor as well, do you have access to anything else supporting HDMI and see if your monitor connects?

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Hi all,

I have a MSI k7 pro via kt 266a mobo with an athlon xp1600, served me well, however time has moved on.
1/ MSIs website states the max cpu my mobo can take is xp2100 (upgradeing cpu would be cheapest option). Does anyone know any different?

2/ There are some good "bargains" in mobos, as low as 80 bucks Australian, able to take an AMD 64 3200 , based on SIs chipsets. Of the chipsets available, eg, Sis , Via , nforce, are folk noticing any "real world" difference between them.

I occasionally edit and render video-rendering times not a key consideration and occasionally play Lomac and Il2 flight sims. Thats it. Apart from surf the net.

Your input appreciated. Thanks

A:Advice required for mobo update or mobo replacement

i just bought an ecs N2U400-A MB, i already had a couple xtra processors so i didnt need to get the combo, but if I had got the combo, i beleive it came with an athlon xp 2400+ for around $100 american. so far i am very happy with the quality and performance of this new board. BTW, it is an nFORCE2 board

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Does ATI cards conflict with this mobo?
ASUS A8V DELUXE Socket 939 VIA K8T800 Pro ATX AMD Motherboard
I heard there would be 'cause the mobo is a VIA. Is that true?
Should the mobo conflict with any of these below and forgive me for the video in a CPUs, Chipsets and Mobos board,
SAPPHIRE Radeon 9550 256MB 128-bit DDR AGP 4X/8X Video Card and or
ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon X800XT 256MB 256-bit GDDR3 VIVO AGP 4X/8X

A:ASUS mobo in conflict with ATI cards? (reaschering the mobo)

Have you asked ati yet? Read what the mobo manufacturer has to say about it?

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The above link is to the HP specs for the machine. The mobo is overheating and yes, i've done all the reg maint stuff. Let's call it dead, bury it and buy a new bride. I did upgrade the video and sound last year but those devices should be good for a few more yrs. This pc is strictly for gaming, music and my embroidery machine software.

I have never replaced a motherboard (nor cpu) before though I've done all else. My concern is that in my eagerness to get this girl back up an running, I overshoot and choose a board that won't support the current devices. I'd love to replace the cpu right now too, but w/ 2 bdays and christmas coming, I can't afford it.

So help me, geniuses. What motherboards would support the pos Pentium D 820 (S) DC 2.8 GHz socket 775, but still allow me to celebrate my 42nd birthday with a new cpu (a quad? ohh ahhh) next april? I have searched and searched, and it's probably staring me in the face, but I can't figure out the mobos.

I'm guessing some of these would work, but again, brain doesn't work as well as it should and I just cant figure it out. http://techreport.com/articles.x/8666/1

Thanks for your help.


A:Solved: Replacing ECS RC410-M mobo w/ Intel mobo - help pls.

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Howdy, I'm at my wits end here, and I was hoping one of you could point me in the direction of something else to try.

Working on friend's 2003ish eMachine (ick), because his motherboard chipset heatsink fell off. Used some thermal adhesive to stick the sucker back on, but when i hit the power button, nothing happens. However the motherboard led is on. So I pop in another working PSU that I had laying around, with the same thing happening.

At this point I figure the motherboard got fried, and ordered a no name gateway oem motherboard. I throw it in, and have the exact same issue. I try shorting the power pins to see if it was my power switch, and nada.

It might be that the processor was killed, but wouldn't the psu fan start up in that case? Or I ordered a dud motherboard with the same symptoms?

At this point I'm just not sure what step to take to resolve the problem. Any advice?

A:New Mobo LED green, PSU/Mobo fans won't spin

Run the motherboard outside the case with just CPU and memory installed. See if it starts. If not, the CPU could be fried or you have a defective motherboard. I hope you didn't use the old power supply with the replacement motherboard, if you did, you probably fried the 2nd motherboard

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I'm upgrading a computer and I'm having difficulties with loading. I am replacing just the mother board, processor chip, and the ram chip. I am re-using the hard drives, cd/dvd drives, and everything else.

I've upgraded from:
an AMD chip to a P4 3.0e w/ HT
an unknown AMD mobo to a DFI PS85-BL ver B1 mobo

I will be using 512 mb ddr 400 pc3200 kingston ram

I already called DFI and they said that I need to unistall the system drivers. Of course, I tried uninstalling all device drivers and then shut down and rebuilt computer. When I booted, the computer asked for safe mode or boot normally. No matter what I select, it automatically reboots.

Any ideas, instructions, or definite fixes?

A:Upgrade Issues. Upgrading from AMD mobo to P4 mobo.

Watching over Gotham City...hey it's dark out here

Why Do u Wanna Upgrade to Pentuim 4
Just Asking

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Here is my mobo, will be here Thursday.

I want a Phenom II soon. I then started (after I purchased the motherboard first) got interested in getting an X3 and trying to see about unlocking the 4th core.

I have searched around and can find little information about anything other than Biostar and 790 chipsets unlocking the core.

If anyone has information that could help, it would be greatly appreciated.

Oh and if anyone here has this motherboard, how do you like it?

A:New Mobo, quick question (CPU/Mobo Related)

The motherboard looks pretty good... I am an Intel man though

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I am trying to put together a Server running for my home.

I have a two computers running socket 939 MOBOS and CPUs. I have enough pieces to put together another computer

Graphic card

Besides this old gear I have a special server case and RAID card. I tried to get the computer set up a while back and got errors from the MOBO. I made a half attempt to work it out but do not have the time or patience. I figured I would just buy another inexpensive 939 mobo and get it going. Based on the prices I am seeing for this mobo it has turned into a collectors item and worth more now than when they were cutting edge.

Should I just suck it up and pay $150 for a old MOBO or should I upgrade my home theater PC to a newer MOBO, with new Ram and CPU then take that mobo for the Server? That computer runs fine now with a 3800+ CPU, but a newer socket would allow me options for the future without paying a premium for old school technology. If you suggest a newer MOBO, I would appreciate suggestions on which MOBO and CPU for a Micro ATX case good for a HTPC.

BTW I am on the road more than at home so most of my work is done on a newer laptop.

A:Socket 939 Mobo or purchase a newer Mobo

You can do mobo/ 2GB RAM and a X2 AM2 for around $150, I would go that route.

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Hi...I have a motherboard with a few bulging capacitors and the board is toast IMO...I saw somewhere that you can replace the capacitors though..So I was wondering is it better to get a new motherboard or replace the capacitors ?/ any info is appreciated...

A:Is it better to replace mobo capacitors or get new mobo ??

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The HP ProDesk 400 G1 MS motherboard is bad.  It is a MS 7860 v1.2.    It has a special connector for the USB ports on the mobo.   Can somebody recommend a new mobo replacement? Thanks. Darryl

A:Replacement Mobo for MS 7860 v1.2 (bad mobo)

Just saw the schematic and the connector is the USB 3.0 mobo connector that combines two USB 3.0 ports.   What do you ask for on a new mobo? Thanks.

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Hey guys, I am building my second system and am just wondering what mobo to get.

I don't full understand the advantages that a 64bit system will bring but I know that a dual processor will do wonders for my work flow (I have a 3D modeller who renders alot). I was just wondering if you know of a dual processor mobo which is also 64bit. That would be the best of both worlds in my opinion.

Any advice you can give would be great.

A:64 bit mobo vs dual processor mobo?

Any preferences between intel and AMD?

If you are going AMD, get a socket 939 motherboard with the nforce4 chipset, like this one for example:

Then pop a dual core, 64bit CPU in it:

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Sorry I didnt read the guide of how to make a good post.

I have an Emachine for about 4yrs now. 2 weeks ago I turned it on and it turned right back off, I thought it was the power supply, but it wasnt. I took it to Best Buy, told me it was the motherboard. I dont want to spend money on another mother board since emachine sucks, I already spent $400 last year to get my cd drive fixed. U guys say an ATX motherboard is good and cheap, its way better than an emachine mobo. The problem is I dont know which ATX mobo(a good one) to get for my emachine. My emachine is a W350.

Please respond

A:Which ATX mobo should I get to replace with my emachine mobo

The tricky part of this is you will probably have to not only replace the motherboard, but also the power supply, processor and memory

Here's an example:

The power supply is old and you wouldn't want to damage a new motherboard would you. The old memory is DDR. The new board takes DDR2 memory. You may be able to use the old CPU or processor

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I have an eMachine desktop that Iam repairing for a friend,
we have come to the conclusion (from experience) that because it is dead
even when trying to turn it on that it has suffered from Capacitor Plague
(Perhaps in the PSU then damaging the MoBo)
A new PSU has been tried and it still doesn't work
WHAT Type of 'cheap' motherboard could I replace the current one with?
it has a Celeron processor so we will be looking to conserve that..
I was looking at this...
http://www.ebuyer.com/UK/product/119412/rb/26825319999 (incase his CPU is socket 478)
will this one be compatible?
My friend just wants a cheap solution...
Ive recommended the new PSU / MoBo and extra RAM (at least another 256Mb to
bring it to 512)

any recommendations would be helpful....


A:What MoBo can I replace an eMachine MoBo with..?

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I replaced the mobo on my Dell 5510. Purchased from Dell. Sticker on mobo says BIOS ver A05. About every other day I get blue screen and physical dump of memory. My system info says my BIOS ver is A07. How do I go about changing BIOS? Is it as simple as pulling battery for 15 seconds? Some have offered this suggestion but I get a little worried at "friends" advice.

A:Replaced MOBO on Dell 5510 BIOS sticker on MOBO says A05, system in still has BIOS of A07

Removing the battery won't change the BIOS version. You need to download the version you require from the Dell site. From Windows you "flash" the BIOS. Take your time preparing for this. If anything goes wrong you will wreck your motherboard.

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Hi guys, newbie question, searched the forum but couldn't find any.

I wanted to flash my mobo (MSI Neo4 Platinum) BIOS to the latest, in an attempt to solve my BSODs (too much to elaborate here). I first used MSI's Live Update utility, but was not really convinced it did a completely clean job (didn't seem to update DMI pool). Anyway to do it myself, I used Winflash (no FDD). Here's the thing: Winflash reads .bin BIOS images, while the image on MSI's website is a .1b0

Is it okay for me to change the extension such that Winflash can read it? That is to say, BIOS image files are like text files (e.g.), no matter what extension you call it, it's still a text file and will open correctly with any text editor?

Actually I've got ahead and done it, but am wondering if I did the right thing. PC seems to boot and function normally though. (Still have the BSODs, but I think it's just because it was a mess to start with, gonna put in a fresh OS soon).

A:Renaming mobo BIOS files?

Yes, the BIOS files are raw binary images and it doesn't matter what you call them.

Of course there may be some proprietary solutions that use some weird format of their own. Such a file would result in an immediate error message from the BIOS flashing utility of course.

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Trying to run 7 on an old desktop but it won't find the boot form the hdd with 7 already installed however it will find it with XP so can i just not run 7 on this mobo??

MOBO - ASRock > ASRock > GE PRO-M2
AGP card - SAPPHIRE HD 3450 512M DDR2 AGP
Processor - Celeron 2.80 Ghz
RAM - 1.18
Os - XP

A:Old Mobo won't find Win 7 boot files

Use the upgrade advisor to check https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/down...ils.aspx?id=20

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I am trying to get files off a HD from a laptop whose MB died.

I was able to get the laptop HD via USB slaved to another laptop. The problem I am having is transferring some files. I have a folder where none of the contents can be viewed or transferred. When I click on the properties of the folder, read only is checked. I uncheck it and hit apply but it doesn't allow me to save it. If I go back into properties read only is still checked. Any idea how to fix this so I can transfer the files?

If I mouse over any file, it says they are encrypted. If I right click a file and hit properties, then advanced it has files are encrypted to secure data box checked. I cannot uncheck it

A:Laptop mobo died, can't transfer files

You can try this Microsoft Website
How to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows XP

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What is the difference between a regular old computer motherboard and a "server motherboard"? Are they faster? Do they have more ports?

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I installed a new motherboard, and it does not seem to be getting power. The green light is off.

When I first installed the motherboard, it was connected to the old power supply. When I would plug it in, I got a clicking noise, but nothing else. I figured since it was only a 250w psu, and motherboard manual states 400w+, I put in a 500w power supply. Now I get nothing. Not even clicking noises. The whole thing wont even run POST. Literally, nothing happens when I plug it in, or click the power button. Yes I tried the switch on the back of the power supply. It's active PFC.

I just installed a P5G41-M LX2 motherboard
I installed a 500w OCZ stealthxstream2 power supply

I already connected the 24 pin and the 4 pin power cables.

Can anyone please give me some advice? (to at least get the green light on)?

I would try a new processor or new ram, if this showed any signs of power going to the motherboard at all.

A:No mobo light, new PSU, new mobo

Well, I don't know about a motherboard that requires "400 Watts". I think that the CPU, and even more importantly, the graphics card combine to set the tone of how much power is likely to be drawn.

Moving along, the "clicking" you heard could be the PSU cutting out due to a short circuit. Check the board to case standoffs, and make certain every one you have in place, has solder lands under the screws. (These are intended to be grounded). If there is no solder land under a screw, remove that particular standoff. BTW did you hook up the ATX (4 pin) connector, the plug near the CPU, and did you connect the PCIE- 6 pin connector to the video card? (This assumes the card you're using needs one)

That bad news is that you may have damaged the board, if indeed it was a short.

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Hello everyone,

So; I'm kind of in a very frustrating situation right now. This past week has been absolutely stressful in terms of trying to troubleshoot this problem I've been having with my custom rig. About two months ago my power supply died and in result shorted out and burned one of the chips on the motherboard. Now, I got both parts replaced and all is fine. Everything functions, turns on, and is running smoothly.. except for the fact that 3 out of 5 attempts of booting up my PC it will fail to start and begin "Loading System Files" (the black screen with the white rectangular load bar underneath) and ask to continue normally or run startup recovery, safemode, etc. I have of course tried to use start-up recovery and windows repair from the disc (haven't used the command prompt though - not very knowledgeable on that), but it fails and continues to produce the same error message.

Additionally, every once in awhile the computer will boot up and let me in. The error message isn't consistent. This is where I got lost and am just absolutely confused as I've never encountered a problem like this before. Furthermore, aside from the additional windows failed to start due to a recent hardware or software change message, there are times when it will say certain files or drives are missing (winload, system files, or even the checksum has an error). It's all very mind boggling to me and I'm honestly just out of options and have no i... Read more

A:Windows Failed to Start & missing files after MOBO + PS change (clean install)

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Like....when i download a movie..and burn it to a dvd. I want to also keep like a backup of the files so that i can burn them again if i want.

If i just put the burned dvd in and take the VIDEO_TS files from it, are they still the same quality as when i originally downloaded them?

Thanks much!!

A:When i burn a dvd, do all the VIDEO_TS files maintain the same quality when i take them from the burned one?

Yes, the burnt files are exactly the same when copied back from the DVD to your PC, easiest way to do this is a program called DVD Decryptor. Even tho the burnt DVD wont have any copy protection (unless you added some when you burnt it!), DVD Decryptor is highly efficient and speedy at copying files to you PC from a DVD movie.

Hope this helps!


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you helped me out once before with this mate, please could you again


I am having major problems, this is my "hijack this" log, please can you advise me what to lose

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Elaborate Bytes\CloneCD\CloneCDTray.exe
C:\Program Files\MUSICMATCH\MUSICMATCH Jukebox\mmtask.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Works Shared\wkcalrem.exe
C:\Program Files\AOL 8.0\waol.exe
C:\Program Files\AOL 8.0\shellmon.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\Stevie jay\Local Settings\Temp\Temporary Directory 2 for hijackthis.zip\HijackThis.exe

R3 - URLSearchHook: (no name) - _{CFBFAE00-17A6-11D0-99CB-00C04FD64497} - (no file)
O2 - BHO: (no name) - {06849E9F-C8D7-4D59-B87D-784B7D6BE0B3} - C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 6.0\Reader\ActiveX\AcroIEHelper.dll
O3 - Toolbar: &Radio - {8E718888-423F-11D2-876E-00A0C9082467} - C:\WINDOWS\System32\msdxm.ocx
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [SolidCapture] C:\Program Files\SolidDocuments\SolidCapture\solidcapture.exe
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [CloneCDTray] "C:\Program Files\Elaborate Bytes\CloneCD\CloneCDTray.exe"
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [CloneCDElbyCDFL] "C:\Program Files\Elaborate Bytes\CloneCD\ElbyCheck.exe" /L ElbyCDF... Read more


I have a pc Iím refurbishing, and Iíve hit a snag. Through lots of troubleshooting, I am almost positive I have a bad IDE connection on the mobo. One I know works, since, when used, it recognized both the hard drive and the CD-RW, depending on which is plugged in at the time. I tired using a longer cable to plug either the CD-RW as the master and the HDD as the slave and use the same IDE connection, but to no avail.

So hereís the question: Is it even possible to connect a HDD and a CD-RW to the same IDE connection on the mobo? If so, Iíll keep tinkering with master/slave settings, etc, but if not, is there any other way?

The mobo is kinda old. It has only the two IDE connection slots and no SATA slot, so that options out. I suppose I could connect a SCUSI device, but Iíd rather not (mostly b/c I donít have any scusi hard drives).

To narrow the field a bit, I have checked and double checked the cables, and Iím quite sure that isnít it. (Besides, if it was a bad cable, the devices wouldnít work on the other IDE connection, anyway).

Thanks for any help.


Hey guys I was wonderinn if i should change my mobo or my ram? Because currently i have to sticks or ram ( 512 mb and 256) That my pc cant run so i thought maybe if i sold those i can buy new ones that my mobo can run at 266 mhz. Or i thought maybe i should get a new mobo so i can right my pc2700 512 mb stick. Whats your oppinoin? Thankyou for lookin :approve:

A:New Mobo Or Ram??!??

Forgot to add, if you need sytem specs look in my profile .Heres a link to my mobo

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I have Crucial 512MB 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 400 (PC 3200) 2 sticks.

I was wondering what my limitations are when buying a motherboard.

Can any DDR motherboard use this ram? Or does it have to specific to DDR and not like... DDR2 and DDR3.

Obviously I'm trying to get a new mobo that can use a 9600 vid card but also want to keep my ram I have.

A:Mobo for my Old Ram?

Any motherboard that has a PCI-Express slot for the 9600 card and 184pin DDR RAM slots will work with this combo.

I feel the need to say that this probably is not worth doing. You'll spend as much on a decent DDR motherboard as you would on a DDR2 motherboard, which will be far superior in many ways.

RAM is cheap now, and you can easily pick up 2gb of nice DDR2 RAM for about $40.

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Hey guys,

I want to upgrade my memory in my Dell Inspiron 9100. So, I went to Crucial.com to see what type of ram i needed. I was able to find some Kingston Value RAM on newegg.com cheaper. It matched all of the Specs of the ram on crucial, except the voltage was 2.6v instead of 2.5v. Is there a way to use this RAM in my computer? Is there a way to change that voltage setting in my BIOS? I have this RAM and I dont want to send it back unless I have to. Thanks!!!

A:2.6v RAM in 2.5v MOBO?

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My MObo according to a system utiity is a A78NX-LA by ASUSTeK Computer Inc .

Now i cant find anything on the ASUSTeK site on that exact model. they have the A78NX-X and a couple of other A78NX, but none fit my exact specs.
Anyone either have one, or know where i can find things like bios updates and other tools for it?

A:Anyone know of my mobo?

Can't help you there... This is ASUS's worse thing in their NForce2 line... its hard to locate your mobo...

BUT ASUS makes boards for OEM PC manufactures which do not match their retail/standard boards.

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One of my friends is planning on building a computer (and asking me what I should get). For the motherboard, I really dont know what to say.

It has to be socket 775 (and no amd's), supports pci-e 2.0, and thats pretty much it (a reasonable price too i guess).

I recently got myself an ASUS P5N-D and I'm kinda disappointed with it. It does not overclock at all, and the chipset gets really hot (the heatsink isnt enough, I had to attach a fan aswell), so I'm not gonna recomend the P5N-D

A:looking for a 775 mobo

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Hi everyone,

I'm in the process of building a new rig. Nothing special. I had a motherboard from a past build that I never used: Biostar TA760G M2+

I just received an AMD Phenom X4 9950

When the machine boots up, it displays a warning that says

The max power of the CPU is over 95w, prepare for shutdown

I went to the Biostar website and I figured out that the CPU uses too much "w" for the motherboard to handle. I looked at some new bios releases and it seemed that there were some new bios' that supported different CPU's

My question is this: Does anyone know if the mobo and cpu are at all compatible? If so, do i need to upgrade my bios?

thanks so much!


A:Mobo and CPU don't like each other... Is there a fix?

the bios updates are for new cpu compatability, as they are released,and to fix issues. they don't change the wattage rating of the board.

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hey guys i need help.....i have a old old socket 7 motherboard and i need some drivers....i looked on the manufacturer website (www.amptron.com) and they only had the bios update for the Pm8600 rev 2.2 but no drivers so if anyone can find them or if they have the drivers i would greatly appreciate the help....or if you know how to install the board to win95 or 98se i would also greatly appreciate the help......

A:Old Mobo Help

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

I take it we`re are talking about your mobo in your system specs that you decribe as a piece of c**p.

If so then maybe your better off going to the Soyo website.


Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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i have an intel petium 3 733mhz, 370 socket
512mb sdram(maxed out)
newton 200watt psu
nvidia tnt2 video card

this is an older pc but works good. i have a newer pc which i'm upgrading that uses pc 3200 ddr ram. has a geforce fx 5200 video card, pentium 4 2.6 processor etc.
i'm taking the fx5200 out of the pent 4 and putting it in the pent 3. my question is ,what would be a good upgrade mobo for the pentium 3 that i could grow with. i'm pretty deadended now with the sdram. i've got 512mb pc 3200 ddr ram i could use in a new mobo. any suggestions. my kids do all their gaming on the better pc but i want to pep this older one up some. i can't afford to do a whole lot right now.

A:New mobo and cpu

Newegg sells four m/bs with the supporting p/3 and sdram. they all so can take more ram than your older one. I don't know what kind of quality they are. http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProduct.asp?submit=property&DEPA=0 :hotbounce

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hi there im new,im just wondering,ive got a new mobo and cpu coming,is there anyway of installing them without losing everything on my hard drive,cos apperently thats gunna happen.also please someone tell me the steps i need to take to install it safely because im not sure where to begin,ive been told back up all files and have drivers on disc and os on disc.
any help massivley appreciatted

A:new mobo and cpu

read this post entirely


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i NEED A NEW mobo i have a asus p5b core 2 duo ram 533 mhz i believe 4 gig.i want anew mobo thats asus and can support sli vista ready and quad core ready.i can spend 180 or so please link me to some thanks!


Asus P5K Deluxe WiFi-AP

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oh i'm so dumb. i got the wrong mobo. i bought it online for my PIII 933mhz cpu, and it fits, but it's NLX. i didn't pay much attention. (OBVIOUSLY!) well, now i have to get a new case, but what the heck are these type of mobos used for?


i picked this processor:


I need a mobo to go with it , i have never bought parts before but i build computers for the longest time. what mobo will go good with this?

Thanks so much

A:plz help pic mobo

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Ok guys, im stuck as to what is going on here. Be patient because I do not have a great amount of experience in this area.

A week a go my comp restarted randomly a couple of times. Then it would not boot properly one day. Instead of a blue light I got a red light on the front panel, and nothing would appear on the monitor. Everything seemed to spin up but no video and the red light. I tried reseating everything, clearing the cmos/bios, getting a new battery, trying to start it without as many parts as possible, and blowing it out. All to no avail.

I figure at this point its probably my mobo or psu. I test the psu manually with a voltmeter to the 24 pin. Everything looked normal to me, but the diagram I used did not match my exact connecter. I did not get any unusual readings.... just the 3.5, 5, 12 I am supposed to?(if I can recall correctly).

I replace the mobo. The front led shows up all blue now. No video however! The keyboard lights flash and everything spins up.
The inside LEDs for mobo troubleshooting are reading normal.
Is it the PSU? If not, what is it?

Some details-
*Biostar tforce 4 u 775 (old) to a Biostar TP45 E (new) (I tried to replace it with a similar mobo since i am very new to this
*Pentium 4 3.2 ghz I believe
*not sure what the psu is, no markings on the sides so I got to pull it out....

A:New Mobo no Vid

Also, I figured I should mention my vid card is agp express. There is no onboard video. The vid card's fan spins although this may not be an indication of a working vid card. I doubt it is that being how my computer died in the first place.

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Ok, I'm fixing up a PC for my grandmother (installing win XP, office, basically upgrading software) And yesterday I went to turn the PC on, and it came on for a second, did the whole memory check and stuff, and then turned itelf off. Now when I try to turn the PC back on, the power supply fan and the processor fan spin for like 2 seconds and then go off. The power LED also comes on for like 2 seconds. Is the p/s going? Or is the mobo fried?

A:bad ps or mobo?

Try unhooking everything except the monitor (hard drive, floppy,etc). Leave the memory in. Now see if it will boot. If it boots you have either a bas power supply or something you unhooked is bad.

If not clear the bios by moving the jumper to pins 2 and 3 for a minute or remove the battery for several minutes. If it boots now then I would replace the cmos battery.

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Q: Mobo?

I've been having problems with my 'puter,
Some of them I guess are working now.
But I found a few things that I can get working.
I can't get my sound back,we tried everything.Windows up date,reinstalling drivers etc.
And I just noticed that I can't use a URL posted in a email.When I do click on it a window opens and that's it.
I'm also missing my my text doc icon ...like when you right click and scroll down to NEW and you have a list of items...new folder,word pad doc. etc.


In the beggining................LOL!
Ok,I was on a Sim site,I don't know which. All of the sudden I was getting
these BIG pop-ups.
So,I said I better run my Spy wares.WELL,after search was done I had 58 spys
on the 'puter !
I run my spy wares just about every day or so.
After quarantining them,S**T HIT THE FAN!
The 'puter ran slower,sound went,mail went couldn't get on the web,but could
network(now network is not working),My Favorites(bookmarks) was found in
cursor folder,I just noticed that my text log icon is not showing in
Properties.I still don't know what else is wrong as of YET !

"J" ran the Motherboard disk to reinstall whatever was missing there,went
to Winodows update,got what was needed.
I can't delete the new Favorite folder,so now I have 2. I had to copy and
paste my bookmarks into the new one to make the show up.John ran the OS '98
disk to install other missing things.
That where I stand now.... Read more


Which board should I get?




A:Which MOBO?????????????????

It`s personal preference and what features you need, then of course the sellers reputation for dealing with returns and defective products should taken into consideration too, you could buy the best rated product out there, but if you can`t get any satisfaction if there's a problem with the product and/or vendor, then what good is it doing you?

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I am trying to hook up a server we could not get any of our mobo's to POST just power up. he brought over his server of similar stats to test the hardware and when we put one of my ram sticks in now his is doing the same thing. there is no apparent damage no burns or blown capasitors nor does the ram seem damaged. However the computer is now displaying the same symptoms as the others powers on but we get no info on the monitor. We have tried clearing the CMOS but still nothing.
We really need help here at first we thought my 4 mobo's were bad as they are old and havnt been used in several years, but then his went down and even though he volunteered I feel bad he is down a server.

A:Can RAM fry a mobo?


Yes Incompatible memory Chips can fry the motherboard-

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I need help choosing a new cpu/mobo combo. It needs to fit my other hardware, i know having enough space for the cards can be important. The video card takes 2 slots. I am a budget gamer. So far I have found this combo -

ASRock H97M Anniversary LGA 1150 Intel H97 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard
Intel Core i5-4460 Haswell Quad-Core 3.2GHz LGA 1150 BX80646I54460 Desktop Processor Intel HD Graphics 4600

other hardware =
EVGA GTX 750ti
Asus Xonar Essense STX pci-e
4G Corsair Vengence 1600 DDR3 x 2

any help with choosing new stuff would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

A:Need new cpu/mobo

The i5-4590 is slightly cheaper but better.
Motherboard is OK.
1866 speed RAM is available at the same price as 1600.
Do you really need the sound card?
An 250GB SSD would also be a great addition.

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Hello im setting up a computer and need some advice on which mobo to get. I have it narrowed down to a Asus P5B Delux and a Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3P.

By the way i will be putting a core 2 duo 6600, 7900gs, and 2gb of Kingston hyperx memory in it.

Any help on what you think is a better board would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

A:Which of the two Mobo's

I have become rather partial to the Gigabyte boards and teh GA-P35-DS3P is a good one... after Gigabyte got in over their head a while back. Their tech support is better, in my opinion, than the ASUS. If you are already knowledgable on building computers, go with what you are most familiar.
What you are planning would make me or my boys very happy.

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Hey again,

I need a new motherboard, pci-e 2.0 (or 1.1, just not #$%&*@[email protected]&$# 1.0/1.0a). Newegg or any other site I have tried can't filter products by pci-e version, so shopping around for one of these could be tough. It'll also need ddr2800 dual channel, socket AM2 for a 6000+, and preferably 2 IDE/PATA. Anyone know of such a board for a very low price?


A:Pci-e 2.0 mobo

It might be hard to find one with pci-e 2.0 AND dual ide connectors, but if one ide connector will suffice(or if a pci or pci-e ide controller is ok), look into this board.
ASUS m3a amd 770

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