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Solved: Excel Selection highlight color

Q: Solved: Excel Selection highlight color

This is a reopening of another thread. I still have not found any answers that help. And we won't discuss the lack of support from MS.

I am running Windows XP, Excel 2007.

I have noticed the problem with extremely light shading in xp-excel. It makes things especially difficult when selecting multiple, remote cells or text using the 'ctrl' function, as you cannot see which section has been highlighted or not (note, many people do not understand the nature of the problem as when selecting one cell/group of cells there is a box around the selection, making it easier to visualise, however in selecting many cells, there are no boxes to assist).

I work with spreadsheets constantly and need to highlight for deleting purposes and this is giving me headaches, etc.

Thank you.

Preferred Solution: Solved: Excel Selection highlight color

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I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

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A: Solved: Excel Selection highlight color

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What can I use (formula, etc) to check if a cell has a fill color or not? I have thousands of records with some with a yellow fill color. I need to move those that are filled to another sheet.

A:Solved: Excel: Formula to check cell color highlight?

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Hi All

I want to change the color of a cell when it is highlighted or selected. i don't want to change the background color of the cell. does any one know how to do this? I've searched the menu's and have cum up stumped. Maybe there is a rule i could insert in to the page.

Thanks Chris

A:Excel highlight color

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The current color when I highlight or select cells in excel is that light blue-greyish color. Where can I change my settings such that I can change that highlight color?

A:Excel Selection shading color

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I have another problem similiar like menubar highlight tabs. This is when I right click on a empty webside and a drop down list comes up and the highlight is black. I want that to be yellow. This also apply for the menubar tab drop list as well. Anyone can help me with this please? Here is a screenshot what I'm talking about.

A:[SOLVED] right click highlight with mouse color

Hi again,

What do you think of the attached?
Are the colors what you want?

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I just bought a Sony Vaio and I'm having a problem with selection.

As seen in the image below, when I select something - anything - it becomes highlighted by this terrible blue box. What can I do to disable it? I can't find any options in Control Panel related to this.

A:Disable the highlight of a selection

Not sure I understand your problem. When you select something, it's needs to be highlighted some way so you know it's selected, right?

What do you want to happen?

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I'm pretty sure that file selections in Windows 7 were quite clear but in Windows 10 they're extremely faint and difficult to make out. The screenshot below shows that some files are selected; file 0008 is clearly selected but the files that follow are also selected but you can barely make it out. How do I make the selection highlights thicker and darker?

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I know this is probably very simple, and I am going to hit myself once the answer is found, but I cannot seem to think of the solution for the question below.

I need to highlight all the cells in a column that does not contain a zero. How would I go about doing this with code?

A:Solved: Excel Macro - Highlight Certain Cells

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This is probably a very simple macro but programming isn't my strong point.
I need an Excel Macro that will be able to scan the first column of a worksheet row by row for certain document numbers i.e. "09-005", "09-1052", "586463" and highlight them. There is a substantial list of these.
I managed to figure out that I need a range and how to highlight, but am getting stuck on how to find the multiple document number values.
Any and all help is greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance

A:Solved: Highlight Multiple Values Excel Macro?

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I want to Highlight Multiple Values with an Excel Macro. I want the macro to loop though and grab the list/range of values from another sheet and use it in the Array.

I want to avoid having to enter such a big list of values for the Array. I want to use something like "SearchVal() = Range("Lists!A2:A62").Value" but I get an "out of range" error. Here is my code now.

Sub Highlight()
Dim SearchVal() As Variant
SearchVal() = Array("ALM", "AXV", "AZZ", "BCT", "BHN", "CRE", "CSI", "CVM", "DCH", "DEK", "DER", "ESE", "GCV", "HCO", "HND", "HSI",
"IBO", "ILW", "KCM", "LEO", "LES", "LPA", "MCY", "MEX", "MHS", "MRM", "MSL", "NCL", "NTX", "NZI", "PHC", "PLA", "PPH", "PSE", "PUV",
"PVN", "PWL", "RKC", "RSN", "SCM", "SEL", "SGA", "SHC", "SRG", "SVL", "SYV", "TGC", "THA", "TSL", "VAV", "VID", "VTA", "WHE", "WHH",
"WIH", "WWJ&qu... Read more

A:Solved: Highlight Multiple Values with an Excel Macro

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In range A2:A11 I have a range of numbers .
What I want is for a CF or code that would find the highest number in that range and hightlight it in say green and also the full row that contains this highest number.

Have tried this CF formula , based on a google search

Result is only cell in column A is highlighted (say A6) and not the whole of row 6.

Any suggestions welcome


A:Solved: Highlight whole row depending on 1 cell ,excel 2003

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Hey guys,

I am trying to change my highlight color in Outlook 2007. I have been able to change the color in standard windows through the Personalize->Window Color and Appearance->Advanced setting, but the changes do not take effect in other Microsoft applications (e.g. Office).

Is there another way to change the highlight text, maybe through Outlook?

Thanks for your help!

A:Highlight Color

If you are asking about the highlight (yellow) used in Search.
Then select Tools | Options | Preferences | Search
Then change the highlight.

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How does one go about changing and/or darkening the highlight color when you select files in windows explorer? I would use the Aero interface, but I cannot see the highlight when a file is selected. I've right clicked on my desktop, selected personalized. Then I selected "Window Color and Appearance". I then opened up the classic appearance properties box, clicked on the advance button, selected the "Selected Items" item and changed the color. This has no effect. I'm at a loss as to what to do.

A:Highlight Color

I don't believe you can change this. There is a note on the advanced page that says unless you select a classic color scheme, the colors may not change.

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I know this is probably an easy question, but I've searched repeatedly on the web and I can't find advice there or in the forums because I'm missing some kind of terminology.

I want to be able to highlight multiple words in Excel and see the home toolbar open every time I open a spreadsheet.
Longer explanation:
I'm using Microsoft Vista 2007 with Excel 2010. I use Excel to make quite a few spread sheets to study for school, and I often have to selectively highlight multiple certain words by hitting ctrl and holding ctrl while highlighting the words. Next I would underline all of the highlighted words. About a month ago it was working fine.
Suddenly out of the blue whenever I try to highlight multiple words by holding ctrl in Excel it won't work. Also, previously when working in excel 2010 the top menu bar would stay on home toolbar with all the option listed, meaning I could keep tinkering with the font uninterrupted. Now after underling just one word at a time the toolbar keeps disappearing with the File tab highlighted green, and I have to keep clicking back to the home tab, then click underline. Have to repeat highlighting each individual word,, clicking home tab, and then underlining. Ugh!
I would love to hear some advice before I tear my hair out in frustration.

A:Solved: Excel 2010 unable highlight mutliple words & toolbar problems

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Is there a way to change the color of the mouse highlighting?

A:Changing Highlight Color

If I'm right, then you go to the Personalization menu, and click on Window Color. There, click on the Advanced option, and from the drop down menu choose selected items, and set the color how you will.

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Is there anyway to change the mouse highlight color? Its currently blue for me.

A:Mouse Highlight color?

Hello & Welcome.

Please, specificy what you're highlighting; your browser, your OS, what??

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In the attached capture, every button has a white background while the active window gets an even whiter background. This which makes it hard for me to read the text. It's even worse when hovering the explorer button but as this is only temporary, I can live with it.

Can this white background be changed to anything else?

I have searched in a lot of places, read lots of web pages but could not find anything else than "it can't be done".

Any help would be most welcome.

A:Taskbar highlight color

Hi obones
If you are using the default aero theme I can change that.
If you are using a custom theme you will need to ask the
theme maker. It's not cool to change someone else work.
You will need to do 1 of these 2 ways of Enabling custom themes
Enabling Custom Themes - Windows 7
Theme - How to Apply Custom Themes

Kind of like this screenshot

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This is a specific highlight question, so some explanation is needed.

When you have 7-8 windows open you will see the multiple icons at the bottom representing them. The window you are currently using has a small shade of white on it. I want to change the color of that highlight. Does anyone know how? I looked in the advanced appearance settings, but I didn't see it, though I did play around with it a bunch.

for those interested, I usually have several spread sheets open at once with similar names, and it is a hassle for me to select another window down below only to find it you already have it selected. Small issue I know, but hey it's my windows, and I want the customization.

A:How do you change the highlight color?

You would like to have each spreadsheet as a different icon background? I agree, it can get confusing, but I don't think you will be able to achieve that.

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You know the highlight color for when you click on icons is blue, I'm not talking about the thing in the Advanced Options under personalization, but the color that highlights the icons when you click on them. I want to change that from blue to red, and I don't know how. I think there is a registry key you need to modify to do it. I did it in linux, but this is Windows.

A:How to change Icon highlight color?

Welcome to the Seven Forums
I can help you with this.
There are 3 states for that Hot(when you hover over a icon), Selected(when it's pressed), Hot Selected(after it is pressed and you move the mouse away) which one do you want red?

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I'm curious if there is some way to change the highlight color on files in Windows 7? As this
free image hosting

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I noticed something. The right click menu highlight color changes depending on the file type (or folder).

Here is an example using default theme
Highlight color and text color changes depending on the file type (jpg, exe, zip, etc) and if a folder is right clicked, it's different too.

I have tried different built-in themes (even the high contrast themes), they all work this way (different highlight color and sometimes some of them result in different right click menu text font color too)

I just want to ask if there is a way to standardize the highlight color and text color of the right click menu?

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I recently got windows vista with my new laptop. This version is Vista Home. I am slowly tweaking the security settings and display settings but i have 1 question. When i highlight a file(s) the shade it uses to show that that file(S) is selected is soo light. Being colorblind it is really had to see what file(s) i have selected.

How do i change that color or shade when a file is selected?


A:File Highlight Color Change

Only thing i can think of is it has something to do with vista themes

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How to change MS 2010 Highlight color? Currently my highlight color is black i want blue or light blue.

Screen shot.

A:How to change MS 2010 Highlight color?

I wonder if this is what you are looking for:
There is a drop down menu from the 'font' tab on the ribbon - however, this will highlight text in a document.

If you mean the highlight selected text to, say, 'copy' or 'cut' and paste, then it's not necessarily the answer. As you can see from my illustration below, the selected text is highlighted in blue, which was automatically applied.

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First of all - great forum. Found heaps of help here. So thank you all.

One useful thread I found was http://forums.techguy.org/business-applications/508211-excel-multi-selection-list-results.html

This was a solution to allow a user to select multiple items from a drop down validation list. However the solution, provided by "Jimmy the Hand", will allow multiple items to be selected in ALL validation lists within a worksheet.

Is there anyway to limit this or to allow only select validation lists to operate this way?

I have attached Jimmy the Hands solution along with another option I found (however this other option actually added the multiple items to an adjacent cell) which needs a column number specified (would like this to be which ever columns require this affect).

Not sure how clear I have made this but happy to provide more info.

Note: The non-Jimmy solution actually offers an "In-cell" option but cannot view the code - locked...

A:Solved: Excel Multi Selection Lists

Not that I can figure out much of what you're trying to achieve (what's 1-2-3-4-5 per day?) but ...

"Note: The non-Jimmy solution actually offers an "In-cell" option but cannot view the code - locked... "

Unprotected version here.

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I'm trying to change the color to selected items in File Explorer windows (rectangle and text), precisely to the entries into the files and folders tree.
This is an image which shows the elemnt which I want to change

I did look a lot around, but I couldn't find anything to do that.
I tried to take a look at the registry key "colors", but the settings for that element are not listed.

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Does anybody know a way to change the Windows XP Menu Highlight Color to whatever you want? Specifically the Start Menu and Context Menu and possibly in 'Start > All Programs' as well.

Changing the 'Selected Items' color under 'Display > Appearance > Advanced' doesn't seem to change all of the menu highlight colors that I would like to be changed.

Thanks in advance.

A:Start/Context Menu Highlight Color

Hi Klax,
It should work there..Right click your desktop , choose "Properties" then goto "Appearance", press on "Advanced" button> choose "Selected Items" , change the color , press ok then you have your highlighted text, icons, menu etc in the color that you choose.

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I really cannot stand the color of the Desktop and Explorer window highlight color (light blue.) How do I change the hover color on the desktop, or remove it completely? I would like to change it to the olive color I managed to change my notepad highlight color and hot tracking color.

I changed my drag color (hot tracking) color to this olive green color.
I also got my highlight color to change to the same color in notepad
I want to change my highlight color in the menu (hovering refresh) to a different color.
I want to change the color of these selected items in explorer
The same with the icons selected on the desktop

And finally I want the hover but not selected icon color on the desktop (even lighter blue) to be changed as well.

A:How do I change my Desktop default highlight color?

Woww, that's a lot you want to change!
I'm using several 'Stardock Software' for my custumisations.
Take a look at:

Stardock Corporation - Products

It's no freeware but most of their procucts are small priced AND you can always try it for free (fully functioning if i'm correct)
Hope it helps you

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I finally got "Feature update to Windows 10, version 1809". It's all good and I can now use dark mode(which I prefer) for win. explorer. But when I select something(song, file..) it's dark gray and barely visible. Is there a way to fix that?

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Is there a way to get rid of the mouseover blue highlight?

A:Restore and Minimize button color and language bar mouseover highlight

Yes, change the Windows Theme to "Windows 7 Basic" or "Windows Classic" which turns off all the Aero effects.

Right-click an empty part of the desktop and choose "Personalise".

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When I highlight text in Word 2010, the background of the highlight becomes white and the text itself becomes dark blue. Is there a way to change it in Regedit (or elsewhere)?

I tried fiddling with colors here, but no luck:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Control Panel > Colors
HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Control Panel > Desktop Colors

A:Changing text highlight color in Word2010 using dark theme

This link might help:

Change Text Colors - Microsoft Word

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I cannnot make monitor show mor than two settings
for color. Ive tried all the help suggestions and nothing
works. Its win 98 ibm monitor.

A:monitor color selection

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I also cannot change my resolution from 640x480 and I'm stuck at 16 colors. This started when I was in safe mode. In safe mode I canged the colors to 16 and the resolution to 640x480 in an attempt to get the computer running in normal mode. It worked, but now I can't change the colors or resolution back. I have a Midwest Micro computer running Windows 98. It says it has a sis 6326 video card. What should I do? I don't have ane disks for the computer or graphics card.

A:monitor color selection

Hi and welcome to TSG.

I've split you into your own thread for better help

Did this just happen?

Perhaps we can try this, if so, boot to command prompt only, then type

scanreg /restore
and press enter

Is there a date prior to the problem, but not too far back?

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my comp just started using 16 bit color and wont allow me to switch to 256 or higher to runmy games and webshots

A:having problems with selection of of color bit

Try reinstalling your video card drivers, see if that helps the problem

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Current selections are light blue ... very difficult to see (differentiate) - can this be changed (using win7)?

A:How to change the selection color in WLM

WLM is Windows Live Mail, right? If so, go to Options near the top - right. Change the theme.

Post a screen shot if possible...

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How to change the selection color on desktop..which is by default blue in color..


A:want to change the selection color on desktop

It should be under advanced were you change the task bar color.

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In this image, there is a tree view with a node selected, but the text box at the top has focus.  The tree view should (and does) give a different background color for the selected tree node.  My problem is that on my screens (Samsung LCD's about a year and a half old), I have a hard time at a glance finding the selected item.  The selected background color has a brightness of 240, on a background of 255. As you can see, I discovered this issue while playing with forms in .net.  I'm kind of curious to know if this is just an accidental interaction between Windows 7 and .net, only or just a really poor choice of default color scheme.  Here is the image of the same window in the Windows Classic look and feel with the same selection for comparison. (notice how easily you can pick out the selected node.) My main question is: Can this color be changed without going to clasic?  I have played with every relevant sounding color control in the advanced appearance settings, and found nothing. My other questions are: Is something wrong with my eyes or monitors, or is it equally hard for others to see the selection? Why is this the default?

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There is a screen - I don't know its proper name - it's the screen where you go to choose a user account to log in. This is the same screen you see when you want to 'switch user.'

How do I change the background color of this screen?

A:Change Color of User Selection Screen

Sign in Screen - Change Background Color in Windows 8

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I have 2 computers of win7, in one of them the selection color of the mouse is lightblue with a blue border,
but in my second PC, the filling is transperant and the border is a grey broken line like in the image.
I'm not looking to change the selection color in the Yellow Arrow.
I'm looking to change the selection of the mouse like pointed in the Red Arrow .

I hope you understand my question,

A:Changing Mouse Selection Color- Win7 x64

Welcome to SevenForums, orel.

OK, here's what you gotta do.
In Start Menu, search for "adjust the appearance and performance of Windows"
Open the option with that name.
In the Window that opens, find "Show translucent Selection Rectangle"
Check it and Click apply.
Post the results.

Hope it works. If you got a solution, post it and mark thread as solved.

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In an attempt to create my first custom theme, I seem to be having an issue with the selection box [blue by default]. Editing images 601 - 604 aswell as 629 - 631 did not have the effect I was aiming for. I have win7 home premium 64x. After a bit of research I have turned up nothing. Thank you for any insite in helping me resolve my issue. ohh and image 629 was the effect I was seeking.

A:Msstyles Issue, selection color clash =/

Are you trying to change the mouse over on the navigation pane on the left?
Are you using the default aero.msstyles to edit or a custom third-party theme?
If it is the default one #601, 604 should have been it.
Zip up the .msstyles you are editing and post it here and I will look at it.

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How do I change the colour in a theme when I have Hot, Selected and Hot Selected a propriety button as well as the status bar (see pic). I would like to change it to darker blue if possible

A:How do I change the selection button color in a theme?

Welcome to the Seven Forums

Is this a custom third-party theme? If so post a link to it.

What were you going to use to edit the .msstyles a Resource Hacker or Window Style Builder?


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The greyscale fill colors are 80%, 50%, 40%, and 25%.

How do I get 10% greyscale?


Btw, that is excel 2000.

A:Solved: Excel Fill Color

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Hey guys and gals,

Here's what I'm trying to do: I have an Excel spread sheet with 3 columns and many rows depending on the data. I need to be able to search the data in column C for about 10 or so words and highlight them. The problem is, the words in column C have been exported by a program so each word ends with a comma then the next word begins with no space so it's difficult to search. Example, Text1,Text2,Text3 and so on. Is there a macro or software that I can use that will search all the rows for column C and highlight the group of words I choose? I'm using Excel 2007.

Thanks for your help!

A:Excel Macro to highlight words?

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Is there a way to automatically highlight subtotal rows? Without going through each one?

Using excel 2010.


A:Excel Subtotals Highlight Automatically?

As far as I know not directly

And there is no need to shout

I haven't come across this myself.
Did you inster the subtotal formula yourself?
If so, you could use Conditional formatting to check if the cell is a formula for the subtotals

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I am trying to create a code that will highlight an entire row the day before the date entered into a cell on that row.

A:Excel/Highlight Row Based on Date

use conditional format
add a formula

=cell with the date = today()+1
that will be true if the date

just to make sure we understand

today() is 7th August
the date in the cell is 8th august
so you want it highlighted

so cell = 8th
today + 1 = 8th
it highlights

now to highlight the row
use a $ on the cell that has the date and apply to the whole row

so if the date is in column C and say row 5

$C5 = today()+1

in the conditional format formula and apply to
or whatever column you need

a sample spreadsheet would be useful , you can attach here

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I am working with a 97-2003 shared excel workbook and need to change a tab to a different color in a spreadsheet. Any online research done on this says to just right click on the tab and select tab color but this item is shaded out and doesn't allow me to do anything. Any help would be appreciated.


A:Solved: Excel 2007 Tab Sheet Color

Hi Patti,
Changing the tab color is one of the features that is disabled in shared workbooks. If you need to change it you'll have to unshare the workbook, change it, and then share it again. Hope that helps.

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The option to change tab colors in Excel 03 has gone walkies - missing. Whilst not a disaster it is extremely annoying. Any ideas? I have tried the obvious (I think) Eg; "Tools>Share workbook, clear tab" & "Tools>Options>Color>Modify..."

A:Solved: Tab color option in Excel 03 missing.

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