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Computer completely dead. Data recovery possible??

Q: Computer completely dead. Data recovery possible??

The computer I have been using for 4 1/2 years (an E-Machines running XP) has finally died. Not sure what happened, but I can't even get it to turn on. It's as dead as dead can be.

Being the not-so-bright computer guy that I am, I haven't done a back-up in ages, and I have a lot of valuable info/files/music on the hard drive. My brother had said that I can "store" my files on his computer until I get a new one.

One problem; I can't get anything off the hard drive if it doesn't come on, right? Or is there a way of pulling info off the HD even when a computer is powered down, so to speak?

Any info, links, suggestions, and/or whatever elese would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.


Preferred Solution: Computer completely dead. Data recovery possible??

I recommend downloading and running DRP. It's a recovery tool that has been proven to recover files that most other programs have no luck with. I've even recovered files from freshly formatted or partitioned drives.

You can download it direct from this link http://goo.gl/v51TwD. (This link will automatically start a download of DRP that you can save to your computer.)

A: Computer completely dead. Data recovery possible??

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So yesterday my computer froze, when I rebooted it it wouldnt start up, my master HD started making some clicking noises, and my PC wouldnt boot up. I assumed that it had died so I swapped it out with another HD I had lying around. I reinstalled windows, got everything working, and put my "dead" HD into the slave slot to try and see if I could recover the data on it. When I would try to start up the computer now, it would give me a bunch of information on my system, and then near the bottom an error saying Pri Slave HDD Error, press f1 to resume. I cant get the PC to start with the "dead" HD as the slave, so im wondering if there is any way to get the data off that HD. Is it 100% dead, or do I have any chance at all of salvaging whats on it?


A:Dead HD? Data Recovery?

having almost thesame problem, but just that mine is a laptop. Lets hope we get some really good help and do lemme kn'w when you get it.

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Hi all,My C720P will not turn on or charge. I have contacted support and the unit is still under warranty, so I will be sending it away to be repaired. But before I send it away I want to recover any data held locally... Can someone please advise on how I can do this?Kind Regards,Dean

A:Data Recovery On Dead C720P

if you used Google services, it's all on the cloud, so using another OS, you just need to  log-in on your Google account (gmail, drive etc etc) to find all your data. if you just saved locally and you can't turn it on, the only way is to open the back, take out the M.2 SSD and connect it to another pc, hoping that can be accessible.

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There appears to be no electricity getting to the computer. It is completely dead. It's a Gateway about 4-5 years old. We have tried all the obvious things like changing cords and outlets. The cover is off. No apparent damage. Nothing seems to be loose.

Any suggestions on what hardware may have gone bad? Power supply?

A:Computer completely dead.

Yes! of course a power supply problem. Here's a step by step procedure in diagnosing this problem:

1. Turn on your computer. (ok I know it wont turn on but just turn the power on), check at the back of your cpu. is the power supply fan spinning? If not, then you'll have to throw away that power suppy & start buying a new one.

2. If the fan is spinning but the computer is still 'dead', open the cover & check whether all the power connectors is connected properly. Usually, they're 2 'female' power connectors that must have to be connected to the motherboard (1 is the biggest connector of your power supply & the other is a 2x2 hole connector (a square-shaped one). Try searching for a 'male' socket on your motherboard for these 'female' connectors. Maybe you forgot to connect one.

3. If the fan is spinning & you're extremely sure that you connected all connectors properly but the CPU still dead, Then check your RAM whether it is pushed/plugged properly onto the socket. You can try taking off the RAM from it & re-seat it again & then turn on your computer. Again, make sure it is properly pushed/plugged.

4. If still cannot, try you borrow a RAM from your friends (make sure you borrow a correct type of RAM and it's working well. Then fit the RAM onto your motherboard & try turn on again.

5. If still cannot on, ermm.. I don't know what's next. Maybe your processor??? ... Read more

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I've only had this computer for a little over 2 years. I'm using Windows Vista Home Edition.

Yesterday I booted up my computer and tried to log on. It took 30 minutes for me to log on, and I didn't reach my profile, just a temporary one. I created a new profile so I didn't have to wait through 30 minutes each time I logged on, but that's only a temporary fix.

My computer freezes at random. The mouse is movable but nothing loads or is clickable. I sometimes the freezing happens as soon as I log in. Sometimes it happens when I open a program, sometimes it happens when the screensaver is supposed to come on.

90% of the time the orange "loading" light on my computer is on during the lock-ups, but I don't hear anything coming from the computer.

Am I SOL and have to reinstall Vista or is there something I can do to fix this?

A:Computer completely dead?

try boot in safe mode and see if it works, if it does, then put in your vista disk, boot from it and try a repair on windows.

i would also run a scan for viruses

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Hi All,
Have a dead mobo on a laptop with XP Home, have pulled the HDD and installed it into my full sized PC as a slave. I'm trying to retrieve photos from it and have thus far succeeded with the two "user" accounts but not the administrator account. I have the password for it but I'm not even allowed to see it. Anyone know an easy process?

A:Laptop MB Dead, Data (photos) recovery help?

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I have a friend who dropped a laptop and the drive is dead. She brought it to a data recovery place and they want to charge her $1,300 to recover the data--she is interested primarily in about 1700 Itunes downloaded. Seems to me that she could re-download the Itunes, can't she?

Also, if she does have to have data recovery, is there a place anyone knows for a more reasonable price?

A:Data Recovery on Dead Laptop Drive?

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My desktop is a Dell XPS 410 that is 21 months old. Yesterday it freaked out. According to my daughter she left it for a few minutes and when she came back the screen had gone black and there was a white error message on it, unforunately she did not write down the error message but she turned the unit off and tried to restart it. At first it would go to the screen after the Dell splash Bios. But after a few starts it wouldn't even go there.
I ran a diagnostic on it from the F12 option and I got several errors all of them attached to the message that the IDE device failed. I am assuming that my hard drive is gone. I have several questions. Is it possible that I am wrong? I can not get it to do anything other than the F12 option, no F8, no F2. I did clean the inside of my tower and that did not help either.
My huband has over 5000 songs on that drive all downloaded from reputable sites (the pay ones like Walmart, Rhapsody, and Amazon) is there anyway to recover these so all he has to do is get them re-licensed instead of having to buy them all over again?
I am assuming that I need to buy a new hard drive but which one is best?
I guess I just seriously need help. This is very depressing.

A:Dead hard drive?? Is data recovery possible?

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I have a client give me two dead hard drives that quit spinning up. He seems to think that the data is still intact, but either the controllers or the motors failed. One is a Seagate Barracuda 500 GB EIDE and the other is a Samsung 500 GB SATA drive. I was told that there was a power failure the occurred right before the drives failed. I attempted to bring the drives up here and verified that the EIDE drive loads down the power supply and the SATA drive is just dead.

My question is, where can I send these drives in order to have them repaired so I can move the data to other drives. My client owns a photography studio and these drives contain portraits for several of the local high schools, so he freaking out big time...please help!


A:Critical: Data recovery from dead hard drives

Seagate offers data recovery services, and that is who I would use for the Seagate drive. Samsung may
offer similar service, just check their website. If Samsung doesn't offer the service just do a Google search for Data Recovery Services.

Generally speaking, the drive manufacturer is most likely the facility that can best perform a full recovery.

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Hi, I have a Lenovo Ideapad z570 (Model: 1024). It won?t boot up, and I had it looked at by a local expert computer repair shop that said the motherboard is dead. I?ve had the laptop since around 2006 or 07. It has a lot of self-created problems and it?s not worth fixing (as far as I can tell), definitely not if it costs $250-300+ for replacement and install.  Mainly, I want to be able to recover my data from the hard drive. I could get that done at the local repair shop, but they charge $110 for that service. My question is this: how difficult is it for a novice to recover data from a hard drive on their own? I?ve read it?s not difficult when a tower motherboard fails, but it seems like the process is a lot trickier with laptops in general. Anyone have some experience or advice for recovering data from a hard drive (from a Lenovo Ideapad z570, more specifically)? Alternatively, does anyone know how difficult it would be to replace a motherboard by himself (assuming someone without any experience is doing the labor)? I?d really appreciate any advice! I?m looking into getting a new Lenovo right now, but I?m really concerned with recovering the data from the old laptop. Thanks in advance all

A:Ideapad z570 - dead motherboard, data recovery?

The easiest way to recover the data off the old HD would be to purchase a USB to 2.5" SATA drive enclosure similar to this one, remove your laptop's hard drive, mount into the new enclosure, plug it into a USB port on your new computer and then copy the data over to your new computers drive.    Your old data should be all located in folders named favorites, Desktop, Documents and Pictures etc. located under C:\Users\<your username> , and can be copied over to the same locations on your new computer if desired. Instructions on removing the HD can be found on page 37 of the Hardware Maintenance Manual linked below.    It also details the steps to remove the System Board (motherboard) which, as you will see, are far more involved. Lenovo Z370/Z470/Z570 Hardware Maintenance Manualhttps://download.lenovo.com/UserFiles/UserGuide/en/User's%20guides%20and%20manuals/Z370&Z470&Z570/Le...  Good Luck,

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My old laptop is dead (will not start up -- it's either the mobo or CPU). I read in a previous forum post to buy an adaptor that converts your laptop hard drive to be able to connect to the desktop -- the link no longer works. So....

I found this connector from CompUSA -- will this work?


A:Dead Laptop Hard Drive Data Recovery

That will work just fine.

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I have a Dell Dimension 4700 that is less than a year old. Last week I got the error "Unmountable Boot Volume" and after calling Dell tech support I was told my hard drive was dead.

A Dell tech came and put a new hard drive in my computer Monday and left the old hard drive with me so I could attempt some kind of data recovery (I have limited time to keep the odl hard drive before I have to send it to Dell, but could ask for an extension if needed).

Some questions (please note I'm very much a novice):

1) What exactly are my options? A Dell tech suggested places that do data recovery such as; "Drive Savers" (drivesavers.com) or Best Buy ($149 unlimited recovery). Are there any other options for recovery (again I'm a novice)?

2) The hard drive I want to recover files from is 160 GB. I'm not sure how much of that I want to recover. If I give the hard drive to a data recovery place, how will I be able to tell them which files I want to recover? Do I have to remember everything I want them to look for and recover or will they somehow be able to provide me with a list of data that can be recovered?
Thank you in advance for any help and advice you can offer!
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

A:Dead Dell Drive: Data recovery options?

You can try the freezer test first. Put the hard drive in a ziplock bag with the air out of the bag and put it in your freezer for an hour or two,then reinstall it as a slave to your new hard drive and quickly try to get your data. I works sometimes but if not you may have to spend big bucks to a data recovery company if it is that important to you.

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I finally got around to taking my computer to a professional after having it fail to boot. The drive is dead. He couldn't access it by any means.

So it looks like a data recovery service is my last option to actually pull the drive itself apart and physically make the data accessable and copy it. I can find several online, but have no idea of one over the other. And with pricing done on a case by case basis according to thier sites, all I can find is that these services are 'expensive'.

I'd like to have an idea of what 'expensive' is prior to contact some of these places. Best I can find any discussion of is a low range of $500-$1,000 and moving up from there.

Does anyone have any hard number ranges? Anyone have experience with or recommendations for any data recovery services?

I'm not sure how much I'm really willing to spend on this. I hadn't been regularly backing up because I never considered most of my stuff to be very worthwhile. I have most of my music on my iPod, so I wasn't worried about losing most of that, but I know there is some there I will lose. The real problem is that just about all the pictures of my daughter for the last six months are on there. And of course with a newborn, I didn't have the time to setup a backup system or manually do it.

I wasn't sure what section this would best fit in. If it should go elsewhere, let me know.

As always, thanks for any help. I appreciate the time.

A:Dead hard drive. Data recovery services.

I think there's a $50 evaluation fee but you're not charged further if they can't recover the data. Very good at what they do (employ both software and hardware recovery methodology-the cheaper ones usually only have software), not cheap but not outrageous either.

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First post on this board, yeah!

OK, so the plug on the AC adapter of my old Compaq laptop broke off recently, and I couldn't find a replacement for anything under $100 (it was a $700 computer!). Rather than pay that much for a new adapter, I did the only logical thing -- I ordered a new laptop. However, I need to find a way to get all my stuff from the old HD onto the new one, and the old laptop doesn't turn on anymore as the battery is dead. The only thing I could think of off-hand is to buy a HD enclosure, but is there any other (free) solution? TIA.

A:Transferring data off a dead computer

If you have an external USB hard drive, just put in there there usually (usually) the same

Otherwise you need an adaptor to go from 2.5" to IDE to then mount inside any desktop (usually about $1)

Dam pic was bigger than I thought !!!

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I upgrade my own memory, and add hardware like dvd burners, card reader bays ect. Have decent general computer knowledge. I use my comp to run several accounting programs, I do the books for 3 family businesses one fairly large. I always back up on a flash drive.

My 18 year old son bought himself a new computer and wanted to transfer files to his new comp so I let him erase and use my back up flash drive....(it is starting to sound bad...right) It was taking too long so he hooked his old comp up where mine was to put it on the network and tranfer files over the network. Unknown to me he took my power cord out of my UPI and plugged it in a cheap power cord to reach his old comp. When he plugged my comp back in it fried my motherboard (2 hours after I eraserd my back up!!!) then he plugged his old comp back in and fried his mother board his was a nice pavillion he was giving to a younger brother. I don't want to invest a lot of money in my comp as it is not worth it I would rather upgrade. I bought a hard drive case with usb capabilities which I was assured that I could access my files from. It turns out because I had an administrative password that I can't access any files that weren't already set up to be shared. I am running windows XP. There is no way to replicate all the accoutning records they are priceless. Can I do anything to retrieive them short of spending $300 and up on a 2 1/2 year old computer to replace the mother board. (it was a cheap emachin... Read more

A:Need to recover data from a dead computer

knethery said:

It turns out because I had an administrative password that I can't access any files that weren't already set up to be shared.Click to expand...

See How to bypass ACCESS DENIED error when accessing data from different XP/2000 install.

Please give your threads a proper (descriptive) title in the future.

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I am just try to figure out some thing which works best out of these two. As recently have gone through a recovery company Stellar Data Recovery http://www.stellarinfo.co.in/company/company.php . And after surveying i found companies proving software also.
The services paid more isnt it?  but the recovery is maximum. what you think?

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I have a T40 model, and the last time it was working properly, one of our employees was using a usb device in it and mentioned before it completely crashed that it was rebooting/freezing from the usb device. When i say completely crashed, this mean when I go to power it on 5 of the Light under the screen light up for a half second(not even - in the color green) then flick back off and kicks right back off and goes into a endless cycle of this until the battery dies. You can hear what sounds like the cpu fan trying to kick in and just die in that short time and it does it insync with the lights flicking on and off...I took hd out/battery out and tried othre ones that I know work, and tested those ones in another T40, and they work fine. I'm not sure how to get to the main memory slot so I can try to replace that, but would that cause this ? it seems like something is drawing too much power, never seen anything like this on a laptop, is it possible the power supply could do cause this, wondering if anyone could help ? Thanks in advance

A:IBM T40 Completely Dead

In the T40 the memory is under the keyboard. you have to undo the keyboard screws (I think 5 of them in total underneath they have a picture by them of a keyboard) and pop it up.

Memory can be the culprit if its bad and its pulled it just won't try and boot at all if the same symptoms occur its probably a bad mainboard (possibly something to do with the power). Have you taken a known good battery and plugged it into the device and does it do the same issue? If thats the case it has nothing to do with A/C power converting.

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I have what until recently was a rare problem with an old pc but it has now become permanent. It won't power up - no beeps no lights no fans no nothing. I have tried all the usual tricks - replaced battery, removed everything, replaced psu, tried it with nothing in, tried it with a few things in, bridged the power switch jumper. It does very rarely get power but there is no pattern. I don't mind buying a replacement mobo but if the cpu has gone I might just bin the lot. It's a PII 266, chaintech 6LTM mobo. I'm on the verge of getting a mobo from ebay but if anyone can suggest anything else I would be grateful. Thanks

A:Completely dead pc - anyone help ?

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So, this is a long one.
Grandma has two HDDs, one with a win10 install (Borked, long story.) and one with a win7 install. We took the computer to Geek Squad as the win7 instance was BSODing with an error that I couldn't figure out. Sounds great, right? They couldn't figure it out either, so we took the box back home, hooked it up, and...it boots into Geek Squad's analysis software. Okay then. Turns out, they left their disk in the DVD drive of the box by accident. I decided to run a SMART scan, which turned up 500 bad sectors on the win10 disk, and ~5-10 on the win7 disk. <PanicTime> So, 2 new HDDs ordered, and professional data recovery slated for the win10 instance, but in the meantime, I used ddrescue to transfer all the data from the win7 drive to a new drive. However, when I put this new drive in the box and booted, it did not go into win7, a BSOD, or even a windows recovery screen. It merely sat blinking a "_". I tried using a win7 install disk in recovery mode, but for some reason that says that there is no OS on the new win7 drive, and when I tried using Advanced System Options to get into recovery/repair mode, that option was not on the list. What can I do to hopefully fix this win7 instance? Even getting it back to the partially booting then BSODing state that we took it to Geek Squad in would be fine at this point. Thank you in advance for your help! :D

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My problem is this, I am a student at Heald college working on my Network Systems Admin degree. The Church I attend doesn't have a full time IT guy, just one of the guys who more like a hobbiest. The problem is, that their main computer stopped booting into XP. Once it got to splash screen it would freeze up, even in safemode. They called me, because I have helped some of the single moms at church upgrade their computers.

I find out the partition table is either corrupt or data is damaged, my best guess. So I take the drive, hook it to my own, move over all the important file and burn to DVD, so I thought. Take it back and do a reinstall hoping to get it up and running. That really didn't work. In the All users folders there are two folders I can't get access to Financial and the Teresa, Access Denied. Thinking I had everthing on DVD backed up I just format the HDD and do fresh install. The guy who set up their network finishes up. two days later Oct 2 I get a call saying those two folder are not on the DVD Financial and Teresa and they contain all of the church's financial info.

Is it possible to recover that DATA that was formatted over or are they basically screwed? I will be there tonight trying to use a recovery program, but I really could use use some serious help.

Sorry for the long post, wanted to make sure that you had the full story.

A:Data Recovery for our Church computer

yeah you can. go and download Get Data Back for NTFS/FAT32 depending on the file system. I formated my harddrive a while back and forgot to move some stuff off of it. It recovered it all. The only problem with that program is you have to licence it to save the files again. Otherwise i believe its the best available for download. Get it here

Just went there, they got some other cool stuff... :grinthumb

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windows 7-64-bit Computer cpu &Everthing 64-bit ( and 32-Bit Format have's got) 950 GB HDD Sata  
 On the last computer,  Backup $MFT tar.gz type,Backup $MFT Gzip type,Backup $MFT zip type,Backup $MFT ?so type,Backup $MFT Rar type,Backup $MFT 7-Zip Type,....And Fat32 data recover& warning "Not Enough Disk Space low Memory" PartedMagicLiveCd
Boot(Ubuntu Boot)  Latest computer, broke before's
Wipe HDD No Registry Change,,7-Zip,HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, Zip Commands,Multimedia Formats ,ActiveXplugin and Negative Cleaner ActiveXplugin And Won't Boot Computer,,...  And Windows Application Data Recovery(Because Other's Ubuntu Application Data Recovery
Testdisk&PhotoRec)  Windows TestDisk&PhotoRec    Warning "Not Enough Disk Space  

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hi friends how to data recovery if computer won't start

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My niece apparently fell victim to a fake AV program on March 28, since the that's the date her calendar was stuck on and all directory entries end on that date. I believe that she then was hoodwinked into using the fake data recovery program. Unfortunately, she failed to mention the problem until this Monday, so I'm way behind on trying to fix it. I managed to clear up a few things by using Ad-aware, Spybot S&D and Housecall before running HijackThis. All of those programs were utilized by downloading them onto a DVD onto my laptop and running them from the DVD, which then was completely wiped clean by her computer. While I haven't yet tried this procedure to run the other programs listed in Read This First, I have a preliminary question:
As I shut down her computer for the last time, I noted that her D: directory is called "Data" and is almost full, apparently with gaming stuff. Do I need to do a separate repeat of all the programs on that drive?

​Thanks for any answer you could provide to the above question while I'm downloading and, I hope, running the other programs.

A:Computer trashed by S.M.A.R.T. Data Recovery

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Hi everyone, i hope you are all well. I am having an issue with my laptop.... The laptop is a
Fujitsu Amilo Li 3910, it is around 2 years old

The problem with the laptop is that it has been dead and does not switch on at all , it has been dead for around 1 month.

It does not switch on at all .... i have connected the mains but even this doesn't work.... normally lights come up to show it is charging.... but now nothing comes up.

I have taken out the battery and tried connecting the mains without and with the battery... nothing works.....

I need access to my files..... but how can i transfer them when it wont even switch on :-(

I am not sure what is wrong with it...

I think either the battery is dead or probably the motherboard..... but i am not an expert....
So i hope people can give me advice..... on what to do..... are the files lost forever... and should i just chuck it away????

Many thanks

A:Is my laptop completely dead?????

By the sound of what you have discribed your power supply may have failed. This would have caused the battery to go flat. It would be worth your time to get a (recommended) computer shop to check the power supply for you.

If the PC has died, which is unlikely after only a couple of years, you can buy a USB hard drive adapter from any computer store or on Ebay that will connect to another PC. You then remove the hard drive from the laptop and connect it to the adapter. Then you can copy all your important files to a DVD or save them on the other PC's hard drive for future use.

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My daughter's G580 shows no signs of life. No lights of any kind. I tried the "remove battery and charger cord, press the power button once per second 10 times and then hold for 30", but it made no difference. I tested the the P/S and it's putting out a solid 20.5v. I removed the keyboard and the keyboard bezel and removed the power jack/USB board and checked continuity through the board. Everything seems okay. Is there anything else I could check? I'd hate to think the motherboard is shot. Thanks!  

A:G580 Completely Dead

I have the same problem same laptop model, G580. I did the same troubleshooting pressed the power button 10 times with 1 sec interval in between then pressed and hold for 30 secs.  Somehow the cpu fan starts to run for like 3 secs then went off. Now Im back again with the same problem, no response at all. 

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Hi.Basically I was charging my portable charger using my Lenovo Yoga 500 (14IDB), the Lenovo itself wasn't plugged into a power supply and neither was it turned on. I didn't know that the portable charger had become faulty. Later on I tried turning my laptop on but it wasn't turning on, I tried many things such as removing the cables etcetera but it didn't work but the white LED light was showing on the sides, later I tried pressing the power button for 30 seconds and even the LED light went. I did not remove the battery whilst pressing on the power button because the battery is in-built and I did not know how to remove it but yeah, now it's completely dead and I don't know what to do. Even the LED light is gone!!Please don't bash me for my many stupidities. And secondly, does anyone know what happens when you press on the power button for 30 secs WHILST the battery is still in?HELP!!! I've tried getting into Novo mode and I cant even do that.

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Hey guys,
I purchased an Alienware 14 about a year and a half ago and i have been loving everything about the computer. It runs everything i throw at it, is made very well and has been having absolutely no problems... unitl now.
I was recently laying in bed browsing the internet, when randomly both my alienware and power cord completely lost power. When i say that they both lost power i mean that my screen went black, the light by the power button that is usually lit up when plugged in had no color, and my power cord that usually has a blue light around the tip to show that its receiving power went off too. This was really weird to me, especially relating to the power cord, because even when ive unplugged it in the past, the blue light would slowly fade away and not immediately go out.
My initial reaction was that my electricity went out, but throughout this whole ordeal i had a fan running on the same power strip with no problems. This leads me to believe that my power cord shorted out while plugged into the computer and likely fried something internally. As a side note, i put my voltimeter on the power cord and as soon as i touch the outside ring and inside prong the power cord completely dies (the light turns off immediately) just like when my computer died in the first place.
Since this happened, ive tried: a power cord from a friends alienware laptop, leaving it plugged in all night, taking the battery out with the power cord plugged in, taking it apart piece by piece an... Read more

A:Alienware 14 Completely Dead

The DC jack would be the next part to replace - if that doesn't solve the issue, the mainboard is the faulty part.

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Don't remember why, but renamed file HAL.DLL to Hal.DLX in Window\System32 folder. Result when next I booted was error
indicating Windows could not come up because the file was missing or corrupted and "please reinstall". Cannot get into safe
mode or any other mode to fix it.

Tried HP recovery disk to no avail. It just runs me around in circles. Can anyone help?

Currently using old Win95B laptop, but missing all my current work files, etc.

Appreciate any suggestions.

A:Win Xp completely Dead! Need help baaaaaad!

Boot from CD and follow directions below to start Recovery Console.

Insert CD and restart computer. If prompted, select any options required to boot from the CD.
When the text-based part of Setup begins, follow the prompts;
choose the repair or recover option by pressing R.

If you have a dual-boot or multiple-boot system, choose the installation that you need to access from the Recovery Console.
When prompted, type the Administrator password. (if you didn't
create one try pressing enter).

At the system prompt, type Recovery Console commands; type help
for a list of commands, or help commandname for help on a
specific command.

Most likely you will need to expand the file from the CD.
The command would be
expand d:\i386\hal.dl_ c:\windows\system32\hal.dll.
Substitute d: for the drive letter of your CD. Once you have
expanded the file type "exit" to exit the Recovery Console and
restart the computer.

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I have a T460s. It is 3.5 years old and so out of warranty.I always shutdown after a session, I do not let it sleep by closing the lid. I generally run it off the mains.I used it at the weekend to do a Windows update and Lenovo update. This may have included bios, certainly one has been done recently but bios updates always reboot and then restart.Any, after 3 or 4 days, I used the laptop again. And nothing. Press power, no lights, no flash, no fan. Just nothing.Now possibly I did let it sleep (I am sure I didn't but ...) And during that few days the batteries drained. And then the charger broke. But that seems like a lot of unlikely events.Perhaps the CMOS battery has drained but I thought they lasted years. And would a flat CMOS battery brick a machine?I have taken the base cover off and everything thing is there with no obvious broken leads.So can anyone tell me what would cause this? It can't be Windows because we are not even reaching bios, let alone an OS. I can't boot from a USB because ther just is no power.RegardsJohn

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I was watching a video of people smashing an old TV that smelled like pickles when my computer abruptly shut off. When I pressed the power button, there is no response. Bought a new PSU and tested it, same result. Power button is hooked up right. Is the motherboard dead? It is an MSI K9N6PGM2-V2 and is 6 months old. Sometimes when I try to turn it on it will get a response and the light will blink for a split second but this is just the computer discharging static electricity. The computer got power surged the day before by lightning, if that helps.

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My flat panel monitor screen has gone pink. Is there absolutely no way back for it? Is it an ex-monitor?

A:Is my monitor completely dead?

Is the montiors display always pink? If you enter the BIOS or Safe Mode is it pink, or just in Windows?

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I have an asus altec computer running windows 7 home. I have unhidden the files so I can use it a little. I need to try and get this off my laptop so i can use it again. It pops up and says my computer is malfunctioning running a fake system scan wanting my to buy software to fix it. it takes me to data-recovery.com to buy it. I downloaded spybot to try an fix it but it will not work. Then i found this forum. Please help!!! I need this laptop for work.

A:Data-recovery.com spyware on my computer Win7

Hello and welcome.Please follow our Removal Guide here http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/virus-removal/remove-data-recovery .After reading how the malware is misleading you ...You will move to the Automated Removal InstructionsAfter you completed that, post your scan log here,let me know how things are.The log is automatically saved and can be viewed by clicking the Logs tab in MBAM.Copy and paste the contents of that report in your next reply. Be sure to post the complete log to include the top portion which shows MBAM's database version and your operating system.

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I have a toshiba satellite pro A120 laptop which hasn't been used for a few months and is now completely dead. I have replaced the power adapter and I have reseated the battery but makes no difference. There are no lights on the front at all. Does anyone know what I should try next. I dont want to keep buying new parts unless I know they are going to work. It worked ok last time I used it.

A:toshiba laptop completely dead

Check that the power supply is actually putting out the proper voltage.

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** Sorry for my English, I'm not a native speaker ** I own a Lenovo yoga 3 14" (exact model: Lenovo Yoga 3 14 80JH00FLUS) in the last 2.5 years. I'd like to mention that my computer was fixed half year ago in a private lab, since the offical lenovo laboratory in my country refuse to fix it since I bought the laptop overseas. This time things went very bad and now my computer is completely dead. The past   Half year ago there was a problem in my laptop that was fixed in a private lab:The computer wouldn't load up  (although keyboard light would appear and then computer would shut down). Maybe in 1 out of 100 tries of powering up, it would succeed, but then the computer would shut down in few moments. As I said before, the computer was fixed in a private lab and they said that there was some problem in the motherboard (maybe some malfunction chip but I don't remember for sure what they said exactly) The present  My computer is completely dead, doesn't respond to any attempt of powering up (soft & hard resets), doesn't respond to any power button (regular or special button which used to load the bios menu, recovery menu, etc). problem appeared after another event of which I'll explain in the next paragraph: Sometimes, when my computer was in sleep mode for a long time, it would not respond to wake up when I would press the power button. So in those cases I had to do hard resets. ** I almost certainly sure it would only happen in sleep ... Read more

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The laptop will not charge unless the battery goes completely dead and the laptop turns off.  If I plug in the adapter it will then charge.  If I remove the adapter it will not charge.

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Alright so a couple weeks ago I installed windows vista on a 400gb seagate and then dual booted with ubuntu on another drive (vista/400gb as slave). A couple days later this hard drive just starts losing important files. then it loses some file (can't remember name but the way i understood it it was the file that kept track of where all the other files were something like mtfs or something) I can't restore it or anything.

I figured I could reformat and reinstall. there's nothing important on it yet just music which i have elsewhere and that's about it so i'm not worried about data recovery. I just now had time to do this.

I turned my comp on with no problems into ubuntu and then left it on overnight (more on accident than anything else) I came down around 24 hours later and I hear this weird clicking noise and I figure out it's my hdd (spinning but having trouble with it). So i disconnect the linux drive and start trying to fix the vista hdd (plugged in as master drive). It won't start up I can't even get into a boot menu to boot from the windows disk because it keeps trying to find the hard drive but can't cause something's wrong with it.

This wasn't entirely unexpected we had it in a netgear network storage drive at one time which had issues from the start (including blue screening vista before it would even boot) so this hdd's had a rough life. It's also not a huge deal since I have the 120... Read more

A:Hard Drive completely Dead?

I'm pretty sure the clicking one is gone.

Go into the BIOS and change the boot order, make it boot from the CD drive first then HDD-0 second.

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Hi There, My HP Laptop T15 went COMPLETELY DEAD while I was doing a complete system restore.  Computer was at about 27 % completing the system retore, when I decided to charge a R/C helicopter using a USB plug.  Immediately upon plugging in to the USB  drive, the screen went suddenly blank.  The computer seems to be completely dead.  There is no response to pushing/holding the "power on" button.  I've tried holding down a variety of keys (including the F11 key) along with the power button but no response whatsoever.  None of the LED indicator lights appear.  I've removed battery and unplugged power button leaving off for several hours which yields no benefit.  I can't open up the CD drive---this requires a functioning machine. Have I permanently shorted out operation, scrambled mechanism, and incapacitated the laptop? I'd appreciate hearing back from anyone's suggestion to this perplexing dilema. Howard Pearlman

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Hi all,

I recently inherited a Sony Vaio PCG-FRV37 notebook computer that is completely dead, no lights, no sounds, nothing. I've checked for the obvious things like making sure the power supply is working (it does). hit the reset button many times, and some other misc quick fix ideas I picked up in other posts of simular nature. So now I pretty much have faced the idea that my motherboard must be blown, or definitely damaged (picofuse perhaps? have no idea what that is or where that would be, not sure I really even want to know)
Just not very technically inclined I guess, (probably obvious, I'm sure)
What I am mainly hoping for, is that someone could give me an idea what these kind of repairs can cost. I realize at some point for a accurate estimate, I will have to have it looked at in person, but thats not what I am looking for right now. I just want to get an idea what kind of prices I should expect to encounter, (providing the problem is the motherboard at all) can this be fixed without costing a fortune? Any suggestions will be gratefully excepted!
Thanks, Miles

A:My Sony Vaio is completely dead

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

Being you recently inherited this lappy, you won't know the circumstance that caused this. So you'll be flying blind til we discover what has happened and if it can be repaired for reasonable costs.
Most likey the picofuse and diods that protect the laptop voltage will need to be replaced. You'll need all the Sony doc's for this, in order to DIY. Here's a start Sony Vaio PCG-FRV37 Users Manual...
Otherwise look into Sony repair or local repair. I would at least try it myself, were I, you.


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I have an aspire vn7-791 laptop that apprears to have gone complely dead.  the only signs of life are a blue and red light on the right side on the laptop near the power cord.  Is there any trouble shooting I can do?

A:I have a acer aspire v17 that is completely dead. ...

What does a solid red power indicator mean?  Other than the blue battery indicator light and red power indicator lights, this computer shows no signs of life.  

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I have one workstation here that has now finally completely died as far as Windows Updates are concerned.

I have tried to apply a couple of manual attempts (windows standalone installer) that many have said "should" help with the slow updates over the last few months. KB3161664 is one of the recommendations. The other being KB 3161608 - containing the kernel update.

But this machine will not take either of those. I tried to run the MS FixIt Tool top reset the WU components - it runs for a hour with no visible signs of doing anything.

And of course running Windows Update for the July updates - gives me 7 items - but nothing will ever download.

What's the last resort here now - before I have burn this thing to the ground to get it working?


A:Windows Update (Win 7 x64) is completely dead

Suggest: Stop WU service before installation - also disconnect from internet.

Standalone installers seem to work if WU service is stopped rather than left running.

RE: KB6161664 - that one sorted it last month but in addition this month there is:


Check if these are installed before going any further. Install if missing. They are required before installing KB3168965

Make sure that this one is installed too:


Then lastly reboot and install this one from command line (Elevated Command Prompt)


start /wait "" "%SystemRoot%\system32\wusa.exe" "C:\Users\Username\Full path to Windows6.1-KB3168965-x64.msu" /quiet /norestart

Edit: After a final reboot reconfigure Windows Update notify but do not auto download settings (reconfigure even if already configured by choosing another option and applying then apply the suggested settings)

Reboot again and run a manual update check.

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Oh god, this keeps happening to me. I've had so many hardware problems recently, completely ******* up a handful of days...

I'll tell you the entire story.
I have a fan on the front of the computer (quite small) that often makes alot of noise. So everytime it makes this sound, I press down on the casing or nudge it (or slap it), and it quitens down.
For the past 2-3 days though it's been EXTREMELY loud, and it's unstoppable.
A nudge shuts it up for a minute or 2, and then it starts up again. It's incredibly annoying...
So I decided to do something about it.
It's a small fan, it appears to only cool down my 2 harddrives and nothing else, so I thought I'd remove it.
Attached to the fan is a black wire and a red wire. I followed these wires back to the source. The 2 wires were seemingly forced into 2 of one the 4 pin harddrive cables (wires:red black black yellow, white plug).
[I should mention here that my computer was built by a specialist and purchased on eBay.]
I saw this and thought to my self "Easy!"
I pulled the 2 wires out and removed the fan from the casing.

When I started up the computer, everything seemed fine. No more noise!
Then I realised my 2nd harddrive wasn't showing up.
500GB of music, software and work. Important work....
I put my hand to the harddrive as the computer casing was still open. Nothing.

It's COMPLETELY unresponsive.
I look at the BIOs, it's not recognised.
I tried it in another compute... Read more

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We have a Dell laptop Running Windows 7 Professional that has been a real workhorse. Just the other day it refused to boot, taking us into the Repair screen. On the repair screen that displays Windows installations it did show Windows 7 Professional (as the D: drive), but after 'repairing' for at least 90 minutes it ultimately said that the computer could be fixed by this method. I then got out my 64 bit W7 Pro disk and tried again with identical results. This time I went to the advanced options command prompt. When I entered D: at the prompt I got the dreaded request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.

Undeterred, I removed the drive from the laptop and hooked it up as a slave to another computer. It popped up on other PC as the E: drive, but when I opened an administrative prompt and typed in E:, I got that same I/O error message.

Now I'm stumped. How is it that Windows shows up as a valid OS through the repairs, but the drive is inaccessible? I don't mind getting a new drive and reinstalling, but there's a fair amount of stuff that had never been backed up

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I have SatelLite pro M70 PSM76E, and I it has following problem,
When I try to power on, LCD display is completely dead. I connected CRT and it seems to start ok but when it goes to windows it hangs and reboots after few secondes.
I think it is not problem with OS becouse when I use recovery CD and knoppix cd the LCD is still black. May be it is problem with graphics card or mainboard.

I don't have a disassemble manual to clean my M70 inside.

I would like to find solution myself before going to the service.

Any ideas,


A:Satellite M70 - LCD display is completely dead

If you get a picture on the external monitor but not on the internal, this looks like an FL inverter fault. It controls the screen backlight and must be replaced.

I would recommend contacting an ASP in your country. They can disassemble the notebook and exchange the part. I?m sure that they will help you.

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Hi Last night my laptop installed updates and then turned of as usuall. This morning I pressed the power button and nothing happened, the computer is completely dead. The charger indicater light is not on, I have tried my other power adaptors but still nothing, all the adaptors work on my other HP laptop, so it's not the charger. I have tried holding the power button down for 15 seconds to perform a hard reset, still nothing happens. The laptop has an internal battery. The laptop is completeely DEAD. It's about 2 years old. Any help please, is it repairable or should I just buy another one??? Thanks

A:Stream 13 is completely dead, no lights or anything...

Hello mrdid, You can shop for a third party battery which will probably cost around $50 US (Amazon).Problem is, it may not be the battery that's the problem. If something failed on the circuit board, a new battery wont help.You would have to have a repair shop look into it for you. That could cost as much as what the laptop is worth in some cases.Third party batteries aren't always very reliable either. My opinion: its not worth the money to fix considering what the Stream 13 cost new. But cost is really up to you to decide. NOTE: You could try disconnecting the battery to do the Power Reset. You might get lucky.If you do wish to continue to do it yourself but have never taken a laptop apart, its not a easy task for removing the battery on this model.Here are some instructions I found on the web that are more detailed than the HP maintenance manual is...https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/HP+Stream+11-d020nr+Battery+Replacement/60204  Good luck.

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