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Microsoft Sidewinder steering wheel.

Q: Microsoft Sidewinder steering wheel.

I recently found my old pc steering wheel. I plugged it into the computer and it responded. I can even see it in the device manager. So I tried using the steering wheel while playing GRID, but no response. What can I do?

I'm using XP SP3.

Preferred Solution: Microsoft Sidewinder steering wheel.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Microsoft Sidewinder steering wheel.

Look in control panel> game controllers>

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I have a Microsoft Sidewinder X8 Mouse, I love it for the most part. The scroll wheel is frustrating me at the moment, when I roll it it is not very smooth, this doesnt really bother me, the issue is when I scroll down a web page etc the smallest movement on the wheel scrolls down most of the page. I have tried updating the software and have played with the settings but cant seem to work it out.
Does anyone else have an X8 or any ideas what could be causing it?

Thanks in advance.

A:Microsoft Sidewinder X8 Mouse wheel issues.

you have to clean the mouse roller inside

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Force Feedback loses some effects with default driver supplied with vista ultimate 32bit after roughly 2+ effects are applied at once. (it happens in multiple racing games)  I have noticed that it shows steer Left/Right and accelerate as X/Y axis but brake is listed as Z axis.  Shouldn't force feedback be tagged as Z axis?  I have tested the controller with xp and the same games and the controller works fine with the default xp driver.  Sidewinder software wont install on vista so i can't load any different drivers to check if this is the issue.  Note: In the default xp driver it lists left/right/brake/accel. as x/y and z as feedback.  Any ideas?

A:Microsoft USB Sidewinder Force Feedback Wheel driver issue

Hello Tracker,
According to your post, you are now using Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback Wheel mouse. This device has no driver for Windows Vista provided by Microsoft. Therefore, some functions may miss, very possibly including the problems you encountered.
For more information about compatibility, please refer to the following site:
For better experience in games, I personally suggest you to upgrade the game device, for example, Microsoft SideWinder Mouse.
For more information about this product, please refer to the following site:
Lionel Chen

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Hi everyone.

I have googled for this and found a couple of threads on the subject, but they skim over the actions needed to do what they suggest. Can anyone please fill in the gaps in English that a 10 year old can understand? :/

SideWinder Force Feedback Wheel (USB)

"...some threads I've seen have recommended software solutions to get Force Feedback working. Try PPJoy or GlovePIE and let me know if either one helps."
PPJoy - Parallel Port joystick driver for Windows 98/Me/2000/XP

Glovepie - cannot display the webpage

Say It's not so.. (Sidewinder)

"Hmmm.... I just plugged mine in and Win 7 (x64) installed the drivers and it appears to be in working order, though I've yet to try it with a game."

I plug mine in and it doesn't do anything. At first it brought up the autorun from the disc and that just gives an error message saying "The version of this file isn't compatibile with the version of windows you are using..." But above he said it installed... what was the difference?

"I was able to calibrate my USB force feedback wheel and it works fine..."

"this solution actually worked for me. running in compability mode for xp service pack 2."

I have tried to run compatability mode but I can't find in the "D" drive properties. Where else would I look?

I could carry on, but can anyone help with a solution that works please?


A:Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback wheel drivers. Not win7 compatable

I suggest you to install the XP driver in compatibility mode and check if it helps.
Follow these steps:
1. Right-click on the installation file and select properties.
2. Now click on the compatibility tab.
3. Under compatibility mode, check “Run this program in compatibility mode for”.
4. From the drop down menu, select Windows XP(service pack 2).
5. Click Apply and then click OK.

Fine in theory, but which file is the installation file?

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Is there a sure-fire way to know if a PC game will accept a steering wheel/pedals for the controllers?

Cars: Radiator Springs Adventures?
Need For Speed?
Big Rigs?


A:How Can You Tell If You Can Use A Steering Wheel...

By the "system requirements" printed on the game's packaging.

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Does anyone know of a pc steering wheel for racing games that has win 8 drivers? (or probably win 7 too)

A:Steering Wheel for Win 8?

did you try the Logitech wheels? best compromise between price and performance.

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I have Vice City on my computer and i wanná use my steering wheel, a Logitech MOMO racing wheel- but i canīt use it.Itīs pedals doesnīt work in the game. Donīt get me wrong, the steering wheel works perfectly on other games, so why not on vice city.Iīve tried using other steering wheels and they donīt work neither. But ivé heard that you can use steering wheels in vice city. do i only have bad luck or canīt you use a steering wheel in vice city. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!

A:Steering Wheel Problem (Please HELP)

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Hello, I just dug out my old "Trust Force Feedback Race Master" steering wheel ( http://www.trust.com/products/product.htm?artnr=10684 ) from my closet to have some fun in racing games. The bad news is that there are no Windows XP drivers for this thing. I tried to set it up as a custom controller, but it always shows it as "Not Connected".
So if anyone could help me, I would be very grateful.

A:Help me get my old steering wheel to work

hey! you probably wont be able to use it. i'm assuming it was bought when windows xp was not created, therefore, you will not be able to get the necessary drivers for it because they were not created. sorry for the bad news , call the company, they may be able to get you alternate drivers for the steering wheel.
take care

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How do I make my 'SideWinder Precision Racing wheel Usb Version 1.0' split axis on vista.

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I have just got a steering wheel and game controllers is not recognising it.
I have a cyborg 3d joystick that works fine.
Have read other threads on similar problems but I still have the problem.
Please please help.

cheers (frustrated) gratz

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I have the diskettes to install it on my old computer but 6 months ago we purchased a new computer but doesn't have a floppy drive. how can install the proper driver to run this:

A:USB tsanswheel steering wheel

download driver online? network your computer to get the files? buy a floppy drive for like 1 penny? (ebay)

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I have a game called colin mccrae rally 3. I have been using a logitech steering wheel with pedals and it has been working ok. Now it doesnt work at all. it is still showing as being there and i can calibrate it ok, but it just wont work with the game. i have windows xp.

A:steering wheel not working

I'm not familliar with the game but i may be able to help, check the options and see what controller is being used. (thats how it is in alot of games) if it is not the steering wheel then select the wheel.

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Hey guys, I'm quite interested in racing games and especially racing sims so I decided that now might be a good time to get a wheel. However I have no experience with wheels and the companies that make them. So I'd like to ask all you out there who can share some knowledge and shed some light in to this matter. My price range is flexible but roughly around ?250 that's about 285 dollars. Thanks for any tips.

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I'm playing a game 4x4 Evolution and my steering wheel stopped working. It worked fine yesterday but now it doesn't. In control panel it sais that the status is okey but in the game it doesn't work. I tryed it on another game and it works but just doesn't on the 4x4 Evo. Could anyone help me?


A:Solved: Steering Wheel

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I've had my Logitech FF for several years and it recently stopped working. I can now not even start windows (98) with the device in the usb port because I will get a message that all sorts of dll files faild and explore.exe have done an illegal operation and then my computer freezes. I've tried turning the steering wheele on while windows is running but I will then not be able to start any programs. Eventually an error like run32dll will crash or something and the computer will freeze again.

I've tried removing my drivers and updating them with the newest from the internet but it didn't work. I've tried reinstalling my old drives and it failed. I can also mension that I've done nothing to my system since the logitech worked. Windows just stopped working one day.

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Okay, so i bought this steering wheel for my pc but i cant find a way to plug it in. P.S it does not have a usb plug

A:nascar charger steering wheel

i suspect it has a game port connection

does it ?

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REV:A1 T=1.6MM 2008-11-20

That's the only info I could find on the circuit boards inside it

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Hi I'm having trouble with my the way my steering wheel works.. All the buttons on it works fine but some of them work together with other buttons.. For instance the two buttons on the wheels L2 and L1 works with the pedals... It's not a brand name as far as I can tell (It has no name on it) and I can't find any drivers for it seeing that I don't know the make of it... So I was wondering if someone can maybe tell me if they know a website I could go to to download a driver that could work with it. It's usb/ps2 12 button with pedals has digital and analog function.. That's about all I know. Thanks.

A:China USB/PS2 steering wheel with pedals

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I have an old, low spec, computer which was upgraded about two years ago to a lightning fast AMD K62 450Mhz CPU and a massive 12GB HDD.

I have some driving games (TOCA 2 & RAC Rally) which will run on this machine and would like to try a steering wheel as I am in danger of getting RSI using the keyboard.

I have seen a fairly cheap wheel advertised which requires a 'game port'. Does anyone know if this is the equivalent of the old style parallel or PS2 ports which I have (no USB)?.

The sound and graphics are onboard and 8MB of my 128MB RAM is permanently dedicated to graphics. The mobo is a V Tech model BIOS-2M (90813A). The wheel I have seen is definitely not intended for a Playstation or similar.

A:Steering wheel for driving games???

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I have the Thrustmaste Italia wheel, my PC recognizes it (Windows 7), but my game (NFS Pro Street) doesn't. What to do?

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I recently hooked up a Thrustmaster Grandprix Steering wheel and CH pedals for the 1st time on my Dell Dimension 2350 running Windows XP through the game port on the sound card. I went under game controllers under control panel and chose the generic steering wheel with rudder axis pedals, but forgot to check enable rudders and pedals. Now I can't use the wheel and pedals correctly. I tried to add a custom entry, but it says not connected. How do I fix this problem?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Wrong configuration for steering wheel

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Ok so I have vice city, everythings cool exept that I cant get my steering wheel to work with vice city. I mean it works I can make TOMMY (the character) walk by moving the steering wheel and pressing the pedals so I know that it works.

The problem is that when I get into a car and step on the gass pedal nothing happens. Im forced to use the button on the steering wheel as the accelarator, same for the brake. Ive tried setting the pedals in the controler options but when I click and it asks me to assign a new key I step on the gas pedal and nothing happens.

Please help. If anyone knows how to make the pedals work or how to assign the pedals as the gas and brake let me know thanks.


A:Vice City/Steering wheel problem

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i am trying to install my driver for my mad catz steering wheeel so that i can play the game driver with it. I installl the driver from the disk i got with it and then i went into driver (the game) and it didnt read the device. So i then went into game controllers and then mad catz was on the list so I installed it from there. I then went back into driver and only the wheel was working and not the peddals. I went back into game controllers and then checked rthe box enable rudders and peddals. It then said that the device was not connected and a popup came upand said

The controller mad catz gt currently resides on port standard game port.PLease remove it and assign it to another game port.

But there are no other game ports???

ps: i run windows xp and the mad catz steerinmg wheel is NOT a usb device.

A:Mad Catz steering wheel driver problem

Are the drivers XP compatible? Regardless I would go the the manufacturers website and see if they have any new drivers and if its XP compatible. I had a similiar problem with a wheel once -- and it was because the drivers did not work right with XP. Also in the game you have to setup the controller and pedal assignments.

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Hey all!

I have a microsoft FFB steering wheel. I installed Nascar Racing 2003 Season and this req'd an install of DirX9.

Now my wheel will not work! When I try to use it is says "fails to initialize the FFB"

Please help!

I am using windows ME and have all the latest drivers.



A:Steering wheel stoped working after DirectX 9 install

have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the wheel? That's maybe all thats required. Does the wheel work anywhere. in other games, in the control panel?

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Hi there.

I just got the PC Logitech Nascar racing wheel and pedals, but I cannot get the pedals to work. I can set up all of the steering wheel buttons in Vice City, but the pedals don't respond at all. I quadruple checked the connections.

Did I get the wrong set? Am I not setting it up correctly? Is the pedal set defective?

Back to keyboard driving for a while... which I really suck at. LOL


A:Logitech Steering Wheel/Pedals with GTA Vice City?

I updated the drivers, DirectX and set three values to zero, as per GTA's website instructions. The pedals still don't work and now my character stares up at the sky, even when I try to use the mouse.

So, GTA Vice City doesn't like my wheel? Fine.

Are there any free online games where I can goof around with my wheel and pedals?

What driving game should I buy at the store the next time I am out and about?

Zoom, zoom.

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Anyone know where i can download the latest driver for the Microsoft Sidewinder steering wheel, if there is one?! Note that my version is not Force Feedback as i have come across drivers entitled Control 4.0 or something similar.

My problem is that the brake pedal is not recognised. Upon purchasing NFS Most Wanted (PC), the in-game controller setup will only recognise the accelerator pedal. I've been told that it's because this wheel only supports 1 axis but was wondering if there was a work-around?

Thanks in advance!

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I have a Microsoft Sidewinder force feedback wheel which works fine in NASCAR 4, but F1 2000 won't even recognize a controller attached. Tried everything on EA's website to no avail. Any suggestions?

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Im having some trouble with my steering wheel, or more particularly its control software, in Windows 7.

First i should point out that the wheel works in games, i can control a car with it and all that. The problem i am having is specifically with the Software that comes with the wheel that allows you to map commands to the buttons, adjust force feedback, sensitivities/deadzone and return to centre tension and load schemes for specific games.

In essence, my wheel is stuck on max settings for return to centre and force feedback which is all very entertaining for things like Monster Truck Madness but not so for more advanced simulations, where personally i have Force Feedback and Return to Centre very low (i.e. about 10%). The only way to change it is via the software (as far as i know) which i cant access. There are Force Feedback settings in games but these are on top of the setting in the software, so have very little effect, if any.

My exact problem is;

Having installed software (installation went fine!), right click logo and click 'Open Sidewinder Central'. From there i can open Game Controllers where you get the standard window displaying all the different controllers. I can get to here in Control Panel also but a different window opens to control the wheel with no FF etc options. I now highlight the wheel and click Properties, where i get this message;

The software has been reinstalled a fair few times with everything seemingly going smoothly. Ive tried... Read more

A:Sidewinder Wheel Software in Windows 7

Hi according to this it is not compatible Windows 7 Compatibility for Microsoft SideWinder Force Feedback Wheel Game Controller: Microsoft. Drivers, Updates, Downloads

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my computer wont recognize when i push on the scroll wheel. the scrolling works fine but when i push it nothing happens, for example when trying to 'auto-scroll' or in any game that has an action assigned to that button.

is this an issue with a driver or the hardware itself. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers and that didn't fix it. i cant think of anything else to do.
any suggestions?

A:Sidewinder mouse wheel won't click any more

First thing I would have suggested you have already done: Uninstall and then reinstall.

Do they have any updated drivers? If so try that and if that doesn't work then you may correct in your suspicion that this is a hardware issue.

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I just want to throw this out here because I had issues with finding drivers and software for the SideWinder Racing Wheel. It also took me some time to find any info about its compatibility with Windows 7 and all I found was some articles claiming that it was compatible and some that said the exact opposite.
Thanks to how hard it is to find any details about the set I have decided to compile a list of all the games that actually supports it. The wheel is compatible with Windows 7 (x64) but the issues is in the games not recognizing it. So far I haven't got to test that many games..in fact I have only tested one game properly and confirmed that it works but I'll get busy over the weekends.
It's worth mentioning that Windows 7 installed some default drivers but I had to install the software to actually be able to use the wheel in-game...even tho the software itself isn't usable and it's made for Win98. I can share the setup files too, just send me a message and we will figure out how to do it (mail, dropbox or some other way).

I have listed some of the games that I have got on some drm and as hard copy's (CD/DVD) but if you want me to test more games then please comment below or throw me a line on Steam.

The list can be found here (scroll down).

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I have a Saitek ST110 joystick connected to the game port on my sound card (Creative SB Live) that worked just fine before I installed a SideWinder Force Feedback Wheel to one of my USB ports. Now the wheel works just fine, but the joystick says "Not Connected". I've tried uninstalling the wheel but the joystick still says "Not Connected". I've tried uninstalling both and re-installing just the joystick but that doesn't work either. I've also removed and re-installed the game port from the device manager, but to no avail.Can someone please help!?

A:[SOLVED] SideWinder Force Feedback Wheel (USB)

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I still have my MS Sidewinder Force Feedback peripherals (joystick and wheel). Both are the later USB revisions. They worked to perfection on Windows 7 (just plug and play) but do they work/get recognised by Windows 10?

The way my machine is setup it will be quite an undertaking running the wires etc in and around the desktop and cramped desk space so I'd like to be confident they would still work

does anyone still use these peripherals or similar types? I found it dissapointing MS turned its back on the sidewinder products. Have never been able to get to grips with game pads really. Playing a driving game or flight sim with a game pad just feels unnatural.

A:MS Sidewinder Force Feedback Joystick and Wheel

If it worked on 7, it likely will work in 10, you may have to reinstall drivers, but in all likely hood the upgrade should be fine.

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I have a Gateway 310 XL desktop computer running Windows Home Edition. I don't play video games except for one, Grand Prix Legends. I have a steering wheel that I use. It has a 15-pin connector on it. I have looked everywhere on the computer and there is know where I can connect it to. What can I do? All my PCI slots are full, a pci video card and a tv tuner card. Is there a adapter I can buy to plug it into a Com port?

Any suggestions would be great.
Thank you so much,

A:Can't connect my steering wheel because I don't have anything to connect to?

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I just put my Sidewinder joystick on my computer again. The built in drivers work great but the system won't allow me to install the profiler included with the original drivers CD.
MS's site was as abyssmal and useless as usual. They had updated versions of the profiler but it said to use it on win98 and no indication was made as to its use with xp.
Anybody have a download site for me?

A:Microsoft Sidewinder and Win XP

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I have a Microsoft Sidewinder X4 Keyboard. The keyboard has a backlight on the keys as it is made for gaming from what I believe.

However everytime I boot my computer the backlight stays on and I have to turn it off by pressing the backlight key 3 times (three times as the keyboard has different dimming settings, bright, less bright, even less bright )

Does anyone know how I can have the backlight turned off forever unless I press the button to activate it?

I assume there must be a setting in the registry telling the keyboard to light up upon boot up?

A:Microsoft Sidewinder X4 Keyboard

If the backlight is OFF and you reboot, does it start out back on, or does it stay off?

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I own a Microsoft Sidewinder Pro, it is of the style that hooks up to my Soundblaster Soundcard (not USB) . When I upgraded to XP I found out that it is not supported by XP. (worked fine on (98) I was wondering if anyone has had the same problem, and if Microsoft is going to supply any drivers to help this problem. I hate to get rid of a 75 dollar Joystick, (microsoft at that) because Microsoft does not support it on XP

A:microsoft Sidewinder Pro Joystick

This thread (from a different forum; unaffiliated with TSF) seems to have a working solution.

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So I've just started playing an MMO - Age of Conan, and I think I'm able to use my Microsoft SideWinder X6 Keyboard properly for the first time. I pretty much bought it because it looked good... hah.. now I need to know how to set macros?

The game is pretty intense in the sense you must press your combo attack, then follow directions and press corresponding keys in order. I was hoping I could set up macro for some during pvp.

Would anyone be able to tell me how to do that? I'm completely over my head here, cheers.

A:Macro help - Microsoft SideWinder X6

So I figured out through its own software, but I cannot seem to figure out how to make it so theres 1 second wait between certain keys, etc, for the macro.

Unless someone can tell me by recording the macro during the game, how do I then select what I've recorded so I can use it?

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Ok I am having a problem installing my Microsoft Sidewinder

I no longer have the installation CD so contacted microsoft support, they gave me a link to where I can download the correct program

I used the 4 drop down boxes selected the product my operating system and the language and downloaded intellipoint 7.0

Now when ever I try to install the program it gives me a fatal error code 1603

I redownloaded ip 7.0 a couple of times and tried running it from desktop and inside my download folder tried to extract it before installing and have let it unpack itself to try installing

I am unable to remove ip 6.1 from my computer using appwiz.cpl or any other means it gives me an error as well just says setup was interrupted and then another dialog box pops up saying fatal error

Not sure what the heck is going on any help would be greatly appreciated thank you!!

A:Solved: Microsoft Sidewinder

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Mods: If this belongs in Hardware, please move it.

I've looked here http://support.microsoft.com/ph/1016 for help, & looked other places, & Microsoft SideWinder Precision Pro game controllers are not supported/compatible(?) with Microsoft Windows XP.
BIG to microsoft!

Has anyone found a workaround to use them in XP?

A:Microsoft SideWinder - no support in XP.

Welcome to TSG!

Really? I have an old Sidewinder 3D pro, that is found and works just fine in XP pro..

I think you may need to chose the driver, but there is a "sidewinder auto detect" feature I think..
It still shows installed for me, so I don't remember off hand how it installed..

I know it's in XP pro though.

Also says my Thrust Master wheel isn't supported by XP. But it too works just fine.

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I recently bought an X4 keyboard to replace my G15 but I have found the X4 great until it has a burst of random typing without human input. I was playing CSS and found it was randomly controlling my player, I checked console and it was typing a lot of c, d, e ,f
and w letters. Can anyone help me? It is very frustrating and I believe its down to bad drivers but...

A:Microsoft Sidewinder X4 self typing.

What version of the drivers are you using? The keyboard should work without installing the special drivers as well so you might want to see if those work... at least for test purposes.

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I have an older Microsoft Sidewinder joystick (Part No. 91551) that I am trying to use with a new Dell XPS system that does not have a game controller port. I purchased a Belkin adapter to convert the game controller to a USB input.
The joystick is not auto-detected in Windows XP.
Are there any drivers for Windows XP. When I attempt to use the Game Controller input in the Control Panel, there is a Microsoft Sidewinder identified. When I select it, I get an error message "Missing Gameport or Gameport Drivers".
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Munroe Falls, Ohio

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Hi there people!
I have a huge problem : I have a microsoft sidewinder strategic commander but i lost the installation cd , and i dont seem to be able to find it available for download anywhere in the web!
Does anyone have it , and if so could you get in touch with me so I could get a copy?
If not does anyone knows where I can download it?
Sorry for the inconvinience and thank you in advance!
Best regards:

The Mask

A:Microsoft Sidewinder Strategic Commander

erm.................... http://www.microsoft.com/hardware/do...ategory=Gaming

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The joystick won't operate when any of the profiles are loaded. Why?

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Ive had this joystick for ages and i love it to death. Its probly the best joystick ive ever owned. Anyway heres my problem

there is a significant amount of complaints and problems with this joystick not being supported by XP or something like that.

Heres the thing. I HAVE had it working on XP Pro before. It stopped working because i got a virus that was deleting my drivers. i completly wiped my HDs with killdisk, tried ubuntu, didnt like it, wiped em again, installed XP Home because thats what i had at the house. Now im trying to get this joystick working again. last time i just plugged it in, no software and it worked. now its not and its pissing me off. there supposedly isnt any drivers you can get to fix this problem. any suggestions?

i made it seem hopeless huh.. lol

A:Microsoft Sidewinder Precision 2 USB questions

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Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Pro joystick still alive using it for Windows XP I have used it a since 2006 - Present.

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I recently built myself a gaming computer, I then decided to hook up my old Microsoft Sidewinder joystick to play some flight simulators; upon doing this my computer failed to recognize the device. What could be a cause of this?

A:Microsoft Sidewinder Joystick Problems

if your joystick is usb plug n play then it should have found it. if not usb and plugs into a sound card then you will have to load the driver cd. only other thing could be that the usb cable end is bad or the stick itself. you might try a restart but I doubt that would make a difference on usb. bottom line sticks are cheap. Logitech extreme 3d pro can be had for $25.00 dollars just about anywhere.

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