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Q: Overheating

So I factory reset my laptop about a week ago and since then it has been over heating on anything with graphics from games to even webpages. Prior to factory reset I never had a issue even would run 3 instances of games like everquest on the laptop and never once over heat. I am attaching my dxdiag file. I dont know why its overheating I also bought a laptop cooling pad which has not helped at all.

Preferred Solution: Overheating

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Overheating

Please download and install Speccy to provide us with information about your computer.  When  FileHippo opens, click on Download latest version in the upper right pane.
When Speccy opens you will see a screen similar to the one below.

Click on File which is outlined in red in the screen above, and then click on Publish Snapshot.
The following screen will appear, click on Yes.

The following screen will appear, click on Copy to Clipboard.

In your next post right click inside the Reply to Topic box, then click on Paste.  This will load a link to the Speccy log.

Please download MiniToolBox, save it to your desktop and run it.
Checkmark the following checkboxes:
• List last 10 Event Viewer log
• List Installed Programs
• List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
• List Minidump Files
Click on Go to start the scan.  Once it is finished highlight the text, copy it and paste it in your next post.

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Okay i am a total noob here. So please keep your replies simple.

I have GeForece 9300M GS on my Acer asppire 4930G Laptop. The GPU is overheating with my idle tempratures at 65 C. When i start a game/HD movie the tempratures rise within minutes and my computer crashes (turns off) .

I got the laptop fans cleaned and got it serviced but the issue is still there. Also the cleaning got my warranty void. I have heard about underclocking and undervolting but dont know crap about them. Also are there any moded drivers that kick start the fan from the beginning as that might help.

Any other help/tips would be greatly appreciated (but please provide links to tutorials and details.)

A:Overheating GeForce 9300M GS, Overheating issues with 9300M GS on Acer Aspire 4930G

BUMP!!!!! anyone help!!!

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Hi, this is an ongoing issue with my desktop PC which i use for gaming...

Basically I get intermittent whirs of my CPU fan.

It first started when the fan was persistently whirring far too loudly for my liking, I took the case off and saw that the prats who had built it had over tightened the heat sink. It pretty much killed my CPU. I figured that i couldnt be bothered doing my own repairs so i foolishly took it to a shop (no not PCworld) and they agreed with my diagnostic. They took it away and i know they replaced the heatsink and "i think" they replaced my motherboard and processor, either way they gave me it cheap because it was one of their employees. Got it home thinking great all sorted... or not!

This was a while back and i just cant figure out whats going on!

I dont know the procedure of removing the heatsink to see anything related to my processor... but i am willing to try with instruction.

Also... before it all started going wrong, my heatsink came with a "funnel" sort of thing which kinda blew the air out of the case.

Couple of things to add
- Recently fitted a new sapphire radeon X1550
- Works fine without the case on but I'm not prepared to run it without a case all the time...

Thanks, DC


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Why even after I have cleaned the vents of my pc, (Hp Pavilion g6) my pc overheats and restarts constantly?

A:The overheating

After several years the thermal paste between the processor and heatsink breaks down and needs to be reapplied. There can also be hard packed dust that vent cleaning cannot remove. Unfortunately, your laptop probably needs to be opened up and cleaned out as described above.  

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Use my computer for editing video. Lately when exporting videos it heats up to the point it turns itself off. Have tryed to troubleshoot fans but can not get to anything that controls them. Can anybody help? Thanks.

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Hi there recently built a pc,sempron 2800 on a compatible motherboard with correct ram, the problem i have is when i plug a usb device into the pc mainly a broadband modem, what happens is the mouse freezes up and the back panel of pc heats up quickly, the cpu power supply etc are at there normal tempreature, Anyone got any ideas

A:pc overheating


What MoBo?
Does this cable modem have nic too?
Does it do this with all usb devices?
Do you have any front panel usb ports?

Try a different usb cable to start with.
Check to see if any additional usb connectors are
plugged in correctly to the MoBo.
Check bios for all settings on usb.
Possibly clear cmos.


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My computer, playing WoW (or even Diablo II) will intermittently "freeze" for a second or two, then catch back up. Playing these games with this problem is quite frustrating!

I'm wondering if it's a heating issue. Ambient temperature in my room has risen as of late (due to the tempearature outside doing the same), and I'm wondering once the A/C is turned on, if all my problems will go away. But I want to learn something too, so I thought I'd ask.

Using Speedfan, I get four temperatures: Two hard drive temps (always less than 40C), my video card's core temperature (~50C idle, up to 60C playing WoW), and "Ambient" (which is ALWAYS at 0C).

I have the side off of my minitower with a fan blowing onto it. This is how I can maintain my video card temperature (without it, it can easily get up to 70-80C!)

Now I'm wondering if the CPU is overheating. My first clue is the intermittent freezes; I know that P4s will cycle down once they start to overheat. My box is a Dimension 4700. It's got a little enclosure that fits around the CPU heatsink, with a fan that blows air onto it. The heatsink is hot to the touch. My PSU is a nonstandard one that blows air down into the machine, so no, there's no actual air *leaving* the system, which leads to my question: Should I actually turn the fan pointed at the system *around*, so that it's blowing the air out of the system? I have no other way to attach a fan that'd blow air o... Read more

A:Possible overheating?

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First off I have an intel core 2 duo e6420 conroe 2.13GHz 4M shared L2 Cache LGA 775 65W, 4 gigs of ram, and a rosewill 550w psu(with loads of excess cables I had to stuff under the dvd-rw). This is also my first time building a computer so I feel pretty lucky to get this far. My motherboard is a abit ip35 pro. It's all inside this case http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811108051. I have a motherboard with uGuru and I put the computer under very little stress doing a rating thing for windows vista on one of the first screens on there after I installed it. The cpu heat went from 43C normal temperature to over 75C sometimes close to 80C...I checked around and saw that was very high so I was wondering what I could do to decrease the temperature. The heatsink and fan that comes with the processor had very good reviews and although I had trouble with the heatsink and had to take it off then put it back on(before actually starting the computer) It is now very secure, won't wiggle a bit. The air coming out the side panel and back is cool air and it seems that all the fans are working well. Note that I did not put a fan in the front...it just has ventilation coming in from the bottom of the front panel. Feedback would be much appreciated, thank you.

A:cpu overheating

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You can check my profile for my computer specs..

That's the graphic of my problems. My computer overheats just doing basic things.

In this screenshot I have EVE Online running in the background, it overheats to above 210 degree's when I'm playing EVE. At 225 - 230 degree's it shuts down as a safety precaution. My computers only a year and few months old. I built it back in August of 2009, so as you can imagine, I'm pretty pissed off.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Things I've done already:

1. New Thermal Paste on the CPU & Heatsink.
2. dusted all the fans out.

After this, I'm not sure what to do.


I have given these articles to others and they were very helpful.

How to Prevent Desktop Computer Overheating | eHow.com
Langa Letter: Curing Laptop Overheating -- PC Maintenance -- InformationWeek

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I had a windows vista on my Hp pavilion dv6 Notebook several days ago and i installd it over by Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. i have 4gb RAM like it was recommended. And first everything was ok, but when i started to play computer games the cooling fan went crazy, and computer become hot. Even with older games that have lower System Requiremen like "Fable-The Lost Chapters". I thought that maybe 64-bit have higher system requirements. When i had vista there was no overheating. Is it cause by 64-bit? do i need to reinstall with 32-bit version or is it caused by something else?

Sry about my bad english.


64 bit is more power hungry than 32, but should not cause overheating

Try this
How to Prevent Your Computer from Overheating (and Why It's Important)

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I've been getting a swiggly shadow line appearing behind things on my screen, like my cursor and the navigation bar on vBulletin boards.

I upgraded my GPU fan to the Arctic Cooling Rev. 2 for the 6800GT and added 3 Cooler Master 80MM fans to my PC. And, I cleaned the other 3 existing case fans & CPU fan/heatsink, but it still happens.

Right now, I'm using a big home fan to cool my PC w/ the side panel off. The swiggly shadows seem to be gone at this point.

My temperatures according to EVERST Home Edition 2.2:

Mobo: 21C
CPU: 20C
GPU: 37C
GPU Ambient: 30C

Without the big fan, my Ambient level would rise by 8 - 9, my CPU goes up to 25, 26, and GPU is at about 40 - 45.

Can someone please help me?
And if any more upgrades are necessary, I'd like to spend as less as possible. With those 4 fan upgrades recently, I've already spent 50 bucks.

Thanks for all the help in advanced.

A:PC Overheating I think

those temps are fine... even without your house fan. so i believe your problem lies elsewhere.... have you updated your graphics card drivers and windows updates?

BTW... for 50 bucks those fans should be cooking you breakfast every morning.. lol

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Hello everyone,
so I got a computer that served as a server for a while at an office, 2 GB RAM and an intel D 3.4 GHz CPU, I installed a GeForce 8800 512MB GTS in it for gaming.

So I go into playing the game that came with the video card (Ghost Recon 2) and the moment the mission started the computer shut down and wouldn't turn on again unless I shut down the power to it completely and turned it back on again after a few seconds.
After testing some stuff with speedfan I realized it was the CPU overheating, in idle mode the heat can get up to 50C, which from what I hear, high for idle.
Also I did the NVIDIA stability test for like 10 minutes and it got to ~65C and as I understand it shuts down at 70C.

I heard it might be SP3 that's causing the trouble so I uninstalled it and the game did run for a good 10-20 minutes before shutting down, but it still shut down.

So what should I do?, I doubt adding a fan would help because I took an actual room fan, opened the case and pointed it at the CPU (which added about 4 minutes to how long it could stand the game).

thanks for any help in advance.

A:Overheating CPU

Having to shut the power down completely, then restart is generally indicitive of a defective or power supply too weak for the application. What is the EXACT make and model of your power supply. Please provide a link to the unit.

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This is a puzzle. I have a self build computer (Jetway M28GT3-SDG motherboard with an AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core processor 5000+), which I've had no problems with since I built it in January of this year.

Suddenly, last week my computer was turning itself off and when I'd turn it back on the BIOS told me my CPU had a temperature of 90+ degrees Celcius. I thought this could be due to the thermal paste between the heatsink and the CPU wearing away (I had to change the motherboard twice at the start of its life). I also installed SpeedFan to monitor the heat. I changed the paste earlier today and added another case fan to the computer along with the heatsink that has two fans attached.

The computer still overheats and turns off. I've noticed it does this when running Safari with about 3 windows of YouTube open and has also turned off whilst watching DVDs or playing java games using Firefox.

Has anyone any suggestions?


A:Overheating CPU

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My pc is custom built. The mb, Ram, gpu and prossesor are about 3 weeks old. At the same time I added a internal SATA hdd I had lying around as my C drive due to the fact that my mb no longer has ide ports.

Right from day one I would start the pc but get no response from the monitor, it show its getting power and its plugged into the gpu because it doesn't show the "no connection" message. This wasn't really a problem because after pushing the power button a few times everything starts up properly.

The real problem is that after 2-3 hrs of being on (either idle or gaming) the pc would suddenly freeze. Nothing would happen until I forced shutdown by holding the power button. When opening the case I observed that the one hdd (my C drive) was very hot to the touch but my other internal was only slightly warm. I ran the windows memory diagnostic tool and it came up clean.

The cpu stays constant at 50degrees.

To me this sounds like my hdd is malfunctioning but I'm not sure.

Any help/advice would be much appreciated.

A:Overheating hdd?

It sounds to me like you have three issues here.

If you have to keep pressing the power button to get the PC started, I would say your power supply is either dying or overloaded.

If the CPU stays constant at 50?c, is this at idle or under sustained load?

To get the temp of your hard drive, you need to run a program like SpeedFan or HWMonitor to access the hard drives' S.M.A.R.T. information which includes temperature readings.

Windows Memory Diagnostic tool tests RAM, not your hard drive.

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Hi, I am running the following laptop which is 2yrs old.
Toshiba A100 - T2050 Intel Centrino Duo
1 GB Ram
XP pro SP3

Most days my laptop is on 12-15 hours per day (not used for any gaming).

A few weeks ago it started to get very warm and cut out i.e total shutdown without warning. I purchased a Belkin Laptop Cooling Pad which seemed to help but since last week it has started to cut out again. Usually only once or max twice per day but of crs usually at the most inopportune moment.

Would anyone have any ideas what might be causing this and how to resolve it?

Thanks in advance



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It is at 70% and I'm not using the CPU even for video editing, etc.

Is this a sign that my CPU is overheating or is going to overheat?

I have not been getting any recent BSOD's and would like to know what actions I should take if this is negative :/

A:Is my CPU overheating?

Yea your Processor is above avarage, you should try to lower the temperature before it gets seriously damaged, maybe your PC needs a clean or you should get a new processor cooler.

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My cpu is reaching 95 C after starting up after about 3 min. , is it dangourous or should i just ignore it ? And if its dangourous whats the normal cpu tempreture


A:Cpu overheating

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hay i have a dell inspiron 5150 lap top i use it mainley for work and my cooling fan has stoped working it does come on during boot up it goes through a3 stage test but when it boots up all the way it turnes off dell said go to out of warinty repeir center i would rather not due to content on my hard drive can any one help??

A:im overheating

can any one help?

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Ok, i just bought a X600 XT (Sapphire) PCIe Slot a few days ago and i am having the following problem which i think caused by overheating. Whenever i play games like Doom3 or HL2 in recommanded options, the game crashes after 20 minutes and my screen flashes. I don't think it's a driver problem as i tried both ATI CCC and Omega drivers and i had the same problem except that with Omega i played just a little longer. When i removed the cover of my case, i can play up to 40 minutes without crashing then the same problem occurs. Pls help me on this one!!! The specs of my PC are as follows:

Operating System: WINXP PRO SP2
CPU: INTEL P4 3400 MHz (17 x 200)
1024 RAM (2 X 512)
Creative Audigy 2 LS Sound Card

Temperatures readings:
Motherboard 41 C (106 F)
CPU 55 C (131 F)
Aux 40 C (104 F)
Maxtor 6Y080M0 44 C (111 F)

Cooling Fans:
CPU 1803 RPM
System 611 RPM

Voltage Values:
CPU Core 1.32 V
+1.5 V 1.47 V
+3.3 V 3.35 V
+5 V ... Read more

A:Is this overheating?

yeah, i thikn its overheating, and make sure the fan on the gpu is spinning, my suggestion is go buy a different fan for your gpu.

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I have a computer that has been overheating really bad. It's been having the CPU go to almost 90C!

It sounds the alarm siren that it's overheating, but I've never had this problem before. I moved about 3 months ago, and that's when the problems began. I have added another fan, and a HDD fan in order to help, but neither has done anything.

I have not changed, nor modified anything since the move, what could be the problem?



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my pc keeps restarting, i checked the system bios and setup and it said that the motherboard tempreture was 72 degrees also when i play on games the game stops and goes back onto the desktop with the game closed. Could this also be caused by overheating?

A:Pc Possible Overheating

yes. Do you have adequate ventilation - i.e. fans.....

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I've just cleaned up and reapplied thermal paste to CPU and heatsink but according to Speedfan the CPU is idling at 72 degrees and shoots up to 105 very quickly under load, any ideas as to cause?
I've cleaned the heatsink etc and the fan is running at 3800 rpm, is it time to replace the processor?

A:CPU overheating

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I have a Dell Inspiron 500m with 640MB RAM. I've run all the diagnostics on the temp sensors and fan. However, the location of the memory on the laptop can get very hot at times. I've heard of problems with Dell batteries, but can't seem to find any information on heat from this source.

I'm not a computer genius, but slightly above beginner. Any information would help!


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First off...I am no techie so any replies need to be in plain english..lol

I am having trouble with my PC overheating. My CPU fan is working but I dont think it is working properly. Everything is fine while I have an everyday fan blowing on it.

My PC also reboots all the time and I think that could be video card.

System specs are:
AMD Athlon1.34ghz
512mb ram

Video card:
NVidia Riva
TNT2 Model 64/64pro

GA 75748 K7 Triton
Winfast Delron 12v ac Fan

If I need to buy a new heatsink and fan...what sort do I buy?...I have looked on ebay and all that has done is confuse me..lol. What would be a good, cheap vid card to buy? I have been offered a 64mb GForce 4 MX400 3D card....what are they like?

Any help would be appreciated.


A:[B]Overheating PC[/B]

you choice of video car ddepends on what you plan to sue it for, specifically.

i'd say that yoy have a socket A (462) system and need to purchase a socket A hsf (the y are categorized by socket). if you ar eunsure of yourself i reccomend taking it into a shop or having a technician look at it, as you may accidentally cause serious damage (lots of people do).

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Ok first let me tell you what I have
P4 3.0E Prescott core
Radeon 9600xt
SB Audigy2
Kingston DDR400 1 GIG Ram

Ok with that being said. I have had some trouble with my CPU running hot. 81 C
So I upgraded my cooling to the Thermaltake Silent Tower CL-P0025http://www.thermaltake.com/coolers/cl-p0025/cl-p0025silentTower.htm
and my Video card cooler to the CoolMaster VHC-L61http://www.coolermaster.com/index.php?LT=english&Language_s=2&url_place=product&p_serial=VHC-L61&other_title=0

My CPU still runs 52 C which is to hot. Can anyone tell me what I need to do to fix this problem. Intel says that the Prscott can safely run at 90 C but My Mobo shut my system off when it hits 81 C I just biult this system in Feb. I have 8 case fans in my system as well. Please Help.

A:CPU Overheating

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

Is this P4 3.0E Prescott core stock settings or oc?
"My CPU still runs 52c which is to hot." fasle
Is this under load or idle temps?
60c is average for stable system any cpu make.
81c shut down seems a good place too.

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I'm running a Sony VAIO laptop that will randomly shut down every once in a while - yesterday, after this happened, I turned it on again, only for it to tell me, "OS not found." It turns on and works fine now, but I wish I knew what was going on

A:[xp] OS and/or overheating

Most random shutdowns are caused by either overheating or a faulty power supply. In a laptop it's kind of hard to pinpoint what's happening but you can download some kind of utility that will monitor the internal temp. of the machine. Maybe one of the fans went out our the battery is old & needs to be replaced.

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having a problem with overheating of the computer box, that is the box that contains all the works, the part that gets hot is the top of the box, could this be the fan or some other disaster waiting to pounce.
if it is the fan or whatever keeps the works cool is it possible to replace or will it mean an new computer?
awc (just wondering where it all went wrong) by the way the computer is a 'Dell' a little over two years old, if this is relevant1

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Has anyone experienced an overheat condition on a Dell all-in-one?


Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Please update the BIOS to the latest version available from our Dell Support Site.
Even after the update if the system continues to overheat, run the Dell on-board diagnostics by booting into <F12> and capture any error code or message you receive.
Please private message us the service tag of the system along with your email id, along with the results from the above steps.
(Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information).
Regards,DELL-Akshatha MSocial Media and Community Professional#IWork4Dell

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Alright just a couple of days ago i built this new computer. Pretty nice id say.
But it would over heat when i played games, and i downloaded a temp viewer actually like 3 of them, all said i was about avg of 80celsius on my CPU.

So i went and bought a better fan, the Freezer 64 Pro, Since i bought it, my computer has yet to overheat, its a lot cooler.

but the temp viewers are still telling me I'm at 80c. was wondering if anyone would know why?


On the other hand. i would like to know what people think about my computer Specs.
1- It Sucks 10 - Its Epic dude!
GIGABYTE MA790FX4 MotherBoard
EVGA e-GeForce 8800 GT nvidia Graphics Card
250 GB hdd.
4GBs of ddr2 Ram.( Patriot Viper 4GB(2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory - Retail)
600W Kingwin Mach 1 Power Supply.
AMD Phenom 9500 Quad core Processor
Freezer 64 Pro (HeatSink/Cooling Fan) For Processor.
NZXT Black case with Blue LED lights? idk lol it looks badass. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811146025 -- Case


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I somewhat recently upgraded my desktop computer significantly. However, I've been having a rather significant problem since I upgraded it. I can use the computer without any problems for quite a while, but eventually the computer will automatically restart, and then refuse to post(will instead post an error).

I'm guessing the most likely problem to cause this would be overheating, but I'm not completely sure on that, and figured I would see what other people thought. I have one case fan in addition to the power supply's fans, but I'm not sure that is sufficient with the core 2 duo cpu and geforce 8600 gts video card.

Although it probably not related, my video card also said that it is not recieving sufficient power from the power supply, so I will probably have to replace that anyways.


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Hello, I just got a P50 in order to bring to college in the fall. Since I don't have any serious work to do, I've installed a few games to take advantage of the computer until then. However, I have noticed a problem. Playing Skyrim, one of my more intensive games, the computer gets very hot if placed flat on a hard surface such as a desk or table. The game has also crashed a few times when the computer has been on a flat surface and is very hot, which I believe may be due to throttling because of the heat. However, when propped up slightly to provide more clearance for the vents on the bottom, it stays much cooler and has not yet crashed my game. Is overheating normal for a laptop under heavy load like this? More specifically, is this behavior normal for the P50, or might I have a defective part? Thanks!

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here are my comp specs

Vista Home Premium
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 6000+ 3.0 GHz
Abit AX78 Mother Board
nVidia 9800 GTX+ Graphics Card
Thermaltake CL-P0391 Ruby Orb Cpu Cooler
2GB Crucial RAM
Antec 300 case (1x120mm and 1x140mm fans)
500GB Hard Drive
750w PSU

the cpu temp idles at 35-42 deg/c. under load (playing CS:S) it reaches 59-60, then crashes. i found that the max temp for my processor is 62.

does anyone know why it is running so hot and/or can they recommend something to fix the problem?

(i have already ordered 2 extra antec tricool case fans and some silver 5 thermal compound)

A:CPU Overheating

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My client's laptop has been overheating a lot.
She says when she has it on her lap it burns her leg, when she has it on a table, it gets very hot as well.
Disk tests and memory tests are fine, and the Event Log says there's nothing out of the ordinary.
Because it's a Dell Inspiron 1200, lots of CPU performance monitors don't work with it, so I downloaded the one specific to Dell.
The CPU temperature is 60C, the disk temperature is 38C. With that software, I can force the fans to run at double speed, but then that hampers performance.
She only uses it with the power supply plugged it.

Systems specs:

Windows XP SP3
Dell 0FD381 motherboard
Dell A05 21/6/05 BIOS
Intel 915GM Chipset


You've given all the vents a good blow through with some canned air I suppose?
What part of it is getting hot, it's not the battery is it?
Does it get hot when powered by AC and/or battery?

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when I turn the system on, it only stays on for about 15-30 seconds then shuts off. While it was on I was able to check the PC health in BIOS, and noticed that the processor was not cooling down at all it started about 40C withen about 15 sec the temperature raised to about 90c and kept riasing until the system just shut off. I also noticed that the heat sink does not make any contact with the top of the CPU. It sets about few mm above. Im thinking that If I can rig the setup up so that it does rest on the CPU it will fix the problem. But on the other hand I would think that the heat sink even though not resting on the CPU would cool it a little bit. I also insured that no wires was stoping the fan. and I did apply thermal compound. I also thought it might be a PSU problem but after doing research the unit has plenty I would imagine. What do you think?

Motherboard: MSI 945p Neo3

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 631 3.0GHz / 2MB Cache / 800MHz FSB / Hyper-Threading / OEM / Socket 775 / Cedar Mill

Heatsink and CPU fan: Cooler Master / X Dream / Socket 775 / Intel CPU Cooler

Fan RPM: 2200

Mem: Buffalo Select 1024MB PC4200 DDR2 533MHz Memory

Video: Nvidia GEforce 6500 256MB

Power supply: ATX 400W

A:CPU overheating?

the heat sink needs to be on the processor with thermal compound in between

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Hi guys, my processor is constantly overheating to the point where my PC (reaches 99 to 101 degrees celcius) and just overheats and shuts down, I cant use it for about half an hour after as it need to cool down.

Is there any way to slow down my processor or something to reduce the heat from 100 degrees celcius to something more acceptable.

At the moment my acronis backup cant get past 13% as it always reaches 100oC at this time.


A:PC Overheating

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I recently got a Intel Celeron D 3.46 and a new motherboard to go along with it. I have started it up about 5 times and each start up puts me around 40C with isnt too bad but in 25 seconds or so it rises to 85C or so then the system freezes. I have tried cleaning the cpu and reapplying thermal paste and all the fans have been cleaned. Any ideas really stumpped.

A:New Cpu overheating

your thermal circuits are perhaps not working. Take it to a shop for a motherboard replacement. You will need to reinstall windows. Save all your important files to an external device.

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OK, so I posted before about how my laptop crashes, well it's overheating.. this dude checked the error log or whatever for me, and yea.
Well any suggestions on fixing this issue? I heard with a air compressor?
I tried taking it apart and getting to the fan, to take it out, but there's a couple of warped screws preventing that. I can still get to the fan though. Someone told me to use a air compressor to clean the fan? I do believe this is the issue, because when the fan is going, I can barely feel any air coming out..


someone PLEASE help.

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my cpu and overheating and causing my PC to do wierd things , is there anyway to fix it , or monitor my cpu temp without having to go into bios , ?

A:Cpu overheating

Use this tool to monitor temperatures
SpeedFan - Access temperature sensor in your computer

Clean your PC, dust is a cause of overheating

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Hi -

I'm not very computer savvy so I apologize in advance if I don't know a lot about my laptop. Here are some specs that may or may not be helpful.

HP Pavilion tx1000 Notebook PC
Processor AMD Turion 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-60 2.00GHz
Memory (RAM): 2.00 GB
System type: 32-bit Operating System
Windows Vista Home Premium

Recently my computer has been overheating and automatically shuts off. Every time I am on my computer my fan is constantly running at full blast and it's quite loud. I have no idea what it could be or what to do to stop it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Just let me know if you need more information about my laptop.

A:Overheating fan

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ok i have a laptop that i replaced the power jack on it myself (yes i did it right i do this alot.) i tested the jack made sure it has a charge gains a charge and can run off the A/C powersupply everything was great until about a day later i was getting symptoms similar to overheating, my computer would just shutdown without warning and the bottom of my laptop would be very warm so i have replaced the thermal paste and cleaned out the heatsink /fans also reseated the memory could this be a bad CPU?, i have a P4 3.2 in my laptop so i know its not an energy efficient laptop made CPU. any advice anyone? im lost.


check your battery to make sure it is not getting excessively hot. If so, it may be failing and may require replacement. Bad batteries can get abnormally hot when charging. It is normal for them to get hot when charging, but not too hot.

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My problem is that my CPU had been overheating ( going above 90c and auto shutting off)when ever doing anything intensive like playing a video game like vanguard or oblivion for about 15 min or even just working on the computer for a long period of time (it maintains above 60c when just browsing internet). When this happens the computer shuts down and the mother board makes the beep code for overheating. I just bought the processor in December and this happened to me a few months ago but only lasted a few days and now it?s started again and has been happening for 2 days now. I have a ventilation fan in the front of the system but it does not seem to have any effect. i even tried taking the side off and pointing a box fan into it and it still raises, although much slower. Do you have any suggestions or know why this just comes up so suddenly?

The processor is a AMD Athlon 64 4000 SanDiego Core Socket 939 CPU
The motherboard is a Mach Speed Viper MK8-939A Socket 939 with Phoenix - Award Workstation BIOS v6.00PG bios
Heat sink is a Masscool AMD K8 Cooler Fan
Power supply is a Ultra 350w V-Series PSU
My OS is windows vista

A:CPU overheating

Are you sure that your heatsink is properly installed? My CPU is/was overheating (although not THAT much), because I needed to use more thermal grease, and was poorly mounted

Is yours installed correctly?

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Computer shutting down during gaming.

I noticed that the CPU runs at 40 degrees celcius on idle. That was a couple of weeks ago.

last night my pc shuts down more frequently that usual. even on idle. about every 30 minutes. I opened the case. Fan is working.

Then this morning my pc shut down. Turns on for a second and shuts down again.

Turned off the pc (and unplugged it, ofcourse), CPU heatsink is hot. very hot.

Thermal paste is dried out.


Get a new fan? Or simply reapply thermal paste?

The CPU doesnt look damaged. No smells. No burn marks. Just the Thermal paste that looks dried out.

A:Overheating CPU...

I would use new thermal paste first

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I'm so frustrated...... my friend gave me his old computer. All I had to do is put my old hard drive in. Worked great until a few days ago. I think my kid knocked it over. I've had problems since. The hard drive died.... no matter what I did can't get it going. Even reformatted and Windows wouldn't load due to an error or damaged drive. Plus it's real noisy now. Vibrating sounds. Put another hard drive and got it going except can't get rid of the noise. Today it shut down and then made a european siren sound. Is it the CPU? How do I remedy this? Mobo is MSI MS-6712 with AMD Athlon XP 2000+ 1.67 ghz 256mb Ram

Thank you in advance for any advice.

A:CPU Overheating???

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IS this even possbile? i got this with my new build.. im to scared to use it.. and what part is overheating? temp1 temp2 dont help lol. i need real names.. Please HELP!



I have a Biostar board similar to your's. It also says 127C on some of the sensors. I thought that they maight have been corrupt but I guess Speed Fan just has an issue with them.

I would say its safe to use if mine does the same thing and it runs Oblivion on Ultra High.

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my pc fans are going crazy right now - i mean it sounds like its gonna fly off - i just cleaned out tower as i always do every couple months and when i restarted this time it seem to overheat - the fans max out over the littlest applications - one thing that i noticed is that the "goo" between the cpu housing and the heat sink is dry - i plan on adding some arctic ice a.s.a.p but can something so small create this prob - or do i have other issues i need to look into? - thanx - sorry for all the noob questions but im learning more then ever on this forum - thanx for everyones patience and support


Yes dried out paste can cause over heating issues so when you replace the paste it shouldn't over heat.

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Lately, I have been having some problems with overheating. I have taken the case off, and it still hasn't remedied the problem. The case has 4 fans including the power supply, and they are all working, but still whenever I am downloading, playing music, watching a movie, or playing game (not graphically intensive) it will shut off. I'm pretty sure that's overheating because once it turns off I have to wait a while before I can turn it back on. My system specs are 1 dvd burner, 1 SATA 200GB drive, and 1 ATA 250GB, p4 3.0 Ghz and 1 gig of memory in a koala case. Btw I think it arose when I put in the new ata drive. Any suggestions

A:I'm overheating... but how?

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

What are your system temps?

Download the free Everest programme from HERE

Run the programme, and click on the large computer icon, followed by the sensor icon.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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