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audio editing/creating

Q: audio editing/creating

Im after a program for editing Audio files. I have played around with Cool Edit but find it isnt very friendly. i can never seem to be able to do basic functions that i would expect from an audio editing program. i also want a program that i can use to creat audio files. i had a friend who had a great program where you had multi tracks and could choose an instrament and set it to play what ever note u want and then mix it all together. sadly i have fallen out of contact with him, and cant remember what the program is called. does anyone have any suggestions on a program that would do such functions? thanx

The other thing i wanted to ask about (i didnt want to start two threads). is my tv capture program has messed up. it was working fine untill all of a sudden when i open it, it takes a freeze frame of the selected channel, keeps it on screen with no audio, and then ends up "not responding". the program is called VisionTV . i doubt people would know it. but can anyone think of a reason as to why this problem maybe occuring? i want to get a different program to use, as this one isnt very good. but is it true that these programs are specific to the tvcapture card that they come bundeled with? thanx guys

Preferred Solution: audio editing/creating

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: audio editing/creating

what dont u like about cooledit?-
sorry but it's the only audio prog i use....

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Some searching through google, "alternativeto", YouTube, for video and audio editing or recording software, FREEWARE, showed BandiCam, Screencast-o-matic, Audacity, and I've been aware of Windows Movie Maker.
I would like to be able to make audio adjustments and audio changes to a few screencast videos.  I do not really undestand Audacity; but tried learning it many years ago.  I am absolutely not confident nor comfortable with learning Movie Maker; I am not sure how to handle Bandicam, having tried it briefly many many months ago.  I am comfortable with and have used Screencast-o-matic, the free downloadable version, a few times, and it was fairly easy to learn and to use.  I would just like to learn and use something a little bit more clever than Screen-cast-o-matic, and to edit or make changes to some video recordings.  FREE/FREEWARE wanted.

A:Video editing or including audio editing or recording

Hey, cafejose! I have used Movie Maker before. It is not that difficult in fact. And for freewares, then you can see some recommendations of ShowMore. This is a newly-built website that I am very fond of and I get quite a lot help from its application. I always take it to record Skype calls but I think it can also solve your problem here. For more alternatives, I advice you to take these free recording tools introductions for your reference.

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I created a number of GPOs and they have been working ok. Edit the GPOs has also been working.
I now can't create any new GPOs or edit the existing ones. I get the below error message.
1. When editing
"Failed to Open the Group Policy Object. You might not have the appropriate rights."
2. When creating new
"The network name cannot be found."

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How do you create/edit a text file for an installed game?
I have a game called Fable and I want to be able to play it on my XP but it is old and won't play I have done some research and come up with this
as this is the problem I have been having I was wondering how to edit/ create the text file so I can input this info?

A:Creating/Editing a text file.

You have to open Registry Editor

Go to Start > Run > Type 'Regedit' and hit return

This will bring up the editor - from here search the thousands of registries for the one you want.

WARNING - this is pretty much the makeup of XP be careful about changing anything!

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My company recently moved to a new location and I was having everyone change their email signature in Outlook. Unfortunately, 2 of the employees were unable to select anything in their email options. They are both using Outlook 2003 SP2 Small Business Edition. When I tried changing it is has the current signature option but the drop down to change between the sigs is gray and the box to edit isn't available. I also tried to change it within the email itself by right clicking on the current signature and selecting the option but that is also all grayed out. The only benefit in this screen is it will actually let me choose between the different sigs currently available, but still won't let me edit or create a new one. Has anyone else had this problem or know a way of fixing it?

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I've heard that you can make fonts in Photoshop but I haven't been able to find any tutorials online. Is there anyone who knows how to do it? Also, I'm using paint.net as my image editor for now because my HD is packed. If anyone knows how to create fonts with Paint.net or photoshop please post.

A:Solved: Creating fonts in Photoshop or any other image editing software

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Hi, I'll get right to it: When I try to play music in any kind of an audion editing software, (Audacity, Audition, Sony Acid Studio, etc.) the music will skip, hesitate, or slow down in various spots. It also makes the video do the same. What's weird is it plays fine in windows media player.
I am a singer and choir director who needs to edit audio tracks, and sing with them. Well, it's impossible for me to record tracks due to the skipping or hesitating which is all through the song, and throws the beat totally off. I am really at my wit's end. What's worse is I recently bought a brand new Dell Inspiron 530 thinking it would fix all the problems. It still skips. Even with a new sound card and speakers, and a new 512 video card.
What I've tried:
reinstalling sound and video card drivers, installing chipset drivers, tried to edit songs with many different programs, reinstalled Windows and wiped my computer countless times, changed audio sampling rate to all different ones, ran a ram diagnostic, (it has brand new ram, too) and other things that I won't go in to.
So, as you can see I don't know what to do. I hate to say it again, but someone please help.

A:Audio Skippin/Hesitating/ in any audio editing software, please help

Wow, it's hard to see how anyone can suggest more than what you've done.

Have you looked at overheating as a possible cause?

Other than that, and the possiblility that this "new" Dell is a lemon, it seems like it must be some basic, repeatable, configuration error that you are making -- though I can't imagine what it might be.

(By the way, is this Vista or XP that you have now?)

But let's see if we can analytically narrow this down some.

Take a CD track or something that you have downloaded off the web -- not something that you have tried to record.

I take it that plays fine in Windows Media Player ... What about another player such as VLC >> http://www.videolan.org/vlc/

Now load this same track into Audacity ( I have that, so atleast I know what the configuration options are there).

Does it play without skipping in Audacity? If you monitor the relative CPU usage in both Audacity and WMP -- is there a significant difference?

There are some other questions that could be asked -- but, given what you've done already -- I don't see why you should start out with anything but default audio configuration settings.

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Hi, I have T460p/Windows 7 x64 with Access Connections 6.26.80 installed. Laptop is not on domain, users are part of Administrators group.Access Connections worked for some time fine - new networks were detected and location profiles could be created, edited or deleted without any problems.Buttons for Create/Edit/Delete profile suddently became disabled (probably after some Lenovo update) and I am not able to get this program working normally again.I've tried several things:- ticked checkbox for non-admin users to be able to edit location profiles, but this did not help. - uninstalled AC, reboot, installed again (installation was done using admin account)...but no success, everything is the same - I cannot add or edit location profiles even I am operating as admin user,- tried with previous AC versions (79) and newer versions (85) - but again no luck. I could uninstall it and not use it again, but to use some other simillar software. But since the laptop has WWAN, now I am not able to use it, since I have no possibility to add or configure WWAN network access. Also I am not able to create WLAN hotspot. I have no idea what to do else, except to reinstall Windows again, but it could happen again...so that is not actual solution to this problem. Anyone had this issue? Thanks in advance!

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Hello everyone. I would like to ask a question or your suggestions/opinions about my concern. Aside from Audacity, what other software can I mash-up songs or where can I edit songs? Our teacher just introduced us Audacity but we did not discussed it that much. Your answer will surely help me a lot. Thank you in advance.

A:Audio Editing

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Hi Can Someone Recommend Me A Software That Can Remove Vocals From A Song And Just Give Me The Music

Im Willing To Spend $1200 On It
So Can I Get A Name Of The Software?

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hey people..
does anyone know where i could get a program that can seperate layers in an mp3 file??
as in a vocal layer, bass layer and trebel layer or something like that???
anyone know of ANY programs like that please reply to this.

A:Audio Editing


I first of all had a look at encoding, as I thought thats what you wanted, which led me to here:


But, upon looking deeper, I have found this, which edits audio so that they can be converted to mp3's etc.


then there is this:


Is this what you're after?



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hey guys, i was just wondering if there is any software or hardware that can change the sound of my voice?

i want to get into making songs as a hobby, but want heavy effects on my voice

Any help will be appretiated !

A:Audio editing

i use cool edit pro 2 get it here [or the older/smaller ones they all do voice fx]

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Hi all,
I've been saving audio tapes on an external drive for a very long time. It is about 90GB. Now its very hard to handle. So, I want to add track info so that I can divide and rip individual audio tracks. I don't need a full audio suite.
Any recommendations for freeware or shareware that will do this? 

A:Help me editing audio

I am not quite clear on exactly what your position is at  the moment, I understand where you want to go - individual tracks with identifying data on them.
Have a look at Audacity, quite a powerful free audio editor. I see the 2.1.2 version is now available, I must have a look at it as I have been using the 1.3 version for quite a long time.
Chris Cosgrove

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Hey guys, I'm new, to the forum and to Windows 7 as well, I know that on my old Dell I had a default audio recorder like windows 7, but I can't find any settings on this windows 7 recorder. Like on the other one I could add an echo and cut and splice audio which is just what I need to do with this one, but it doesn't have any settings.
So in short, I was just wondering if any of y'all knew about any free program I could download that would either enhance it or just a new audio recorder/editor program, even to buy, or if I'm missing something with this default.

A:Audio Editing???

Download the free Audacity recording program. It also includes an audio editor and effects. Download the "Beta" version for Win 7 (it's been "beta" for several years).

Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder

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Okay. I have Windows Movie Maker. I'm trying to have a snipet of song in an intro that I'm doing, but the entire keeping playing. I just want to fade in and a certain of the song and fade out and its done. I'm not happening. How can I do that?

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I have a song that I hate its intro song but I like the song a lot, how can I edit the mp3 so I can delete the intro to the song?

A:Audio editing software

Cut it with mp3DirectCut.

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Hey people. I was wondering if there is any sotware out there that will inprove the QUALITY of audio and video on a pc. I don't have the best sound card, my vid card is sufficient but tweaks are always nice. My main concern is the audio though. You know when you have an mp3 that you just can't find in better quality? Like a rare live set from a Grateful Dead show. I have some of those as well as some video clips, and what not, that I wish could be a little better. For instance, some of the video sounds like it was recorded in a tin box or you get hiss and pop or crackle from mp3's or video. Is there anyway to clean that up? Let me know if you have run accross any software for this. Either freeware, shareware or comercial. I've done some searches and either I am not searching for the right thing or there is nothing out there. I've come up with a lot of interesting stuff but nothing quite what I'm looking for.


System Config:

WinXp pro
durron 900
ATI Rage Furry Pro 32MB video
SoundBlaster pci 128
(need any other details? Let me know)

A:Audio and video editing


Searching merrily away, and I have found Cool Edit 2000.


In the key feature, it says:

Clean up old LPs and tapes with noise reduction and optional Audio Cleanup Plug-In

As for the video, what is it you actually want? I have found these, though not tested many, yet.





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As my sound system requires i must change my sound levels to this value:

...but after several reboots of the PC it turns back to 100 (See *3) , and i must change it manualy again! Why it's always turning back to 100 ??

A:Editing Audio Levels

Could be some media player or game that is changing the Left "balance" level. Check the programs or games you are using to see if they have any options or controls for that function.

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Hi all,

Got a Surface Rt for Christmas and have been looking for any software that would allow me to do audio editing. I have yet to find anything at all. I do understand the store is young but one can hope! Need at least 4 tracks with a method of mixdown.



A:Audio editing software for Win 8 RT

I have a recording studio (using Sonar X2). I haven't seen anything for RT mentioned on any of the recording forums I visit.

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Does anyone know of a good audio editing software? (Freeware or otherwise). Primary use will be for .wav files.

I'm trying to email some recordings that I've made, but they're too large for email. So I need to cut them up.


A:Audio editing software


Have a look at this:


The fast and intuitive interface performs all editing instantly, which means you can drag-and-drop, trim, copy, paste, and split files with almost no processing time. Many real-time effects can be applied to each file. It supports wav, mp3, aiff, ogg and au digital audio files as well as avi, mov and mpg video filesClick to expand...

There is a demo version as well.



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Could someone recommend a good freeware/trial version of some software like SoundForge (which doesnt seem to exist anymore i guess...) Any recommendations are apprciated

A:Audio Editing Software

Audacity is free and it seems pretty capable.

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Hello all once again, i have a problem, well two, but ill discuss the other in another post in this fourm.

I have some MP3 files of comedians and i want to split up their acts into different files according to the subject of their jokes. So does anyone have a freeware program that is safe to download?

A:Audio Mp3 Editing Software?

You can use Audacity to split up your mp3 files.

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I've had a few BSOD's over the past couple months, but I've had two since yesterday and I wanna make sure something's not getting worse. The two most recent incidents were while I was using Adobe Audition, but I'm not sure about the rest.

Any info you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

A:BSODs sometimes while editing audio.

Welcome .
Several needed files are missing from the file uploaded, please run the SFDT again and let it
run its course generating eight files in total (not including the dumps).

At first glance it looks to be an issue with a very old driver.

lmvm athrxusb
start end module name
fffff880`0648f000 fffff880`0659c000 athrxusb T (no symbols)
Loaded symbol image file: athrxusb.sys
Image path: athrxusb.sys
Image name: athrxusb.sys
Timestamp: Tue Jul 29 15:47:13 2008
We need more information in order to give a more particular diagnosis.

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I want to create a promotional CD for my company consisting of a lot of small vocal audios (just people speaking) that I'll have to do a lot of organizing of to put into a coherent finished product. I plan, for instance, to talk to a bunch of customers by phone and get spoken testimonials from them, which I'll have to record either onto cassette tape or directly into the computer. Then I'll do a segment of myself talking about the product, and/or maybe do it with another person in an interview format (I can go into a radio studio and do this on professional equipment, but all they will give me is a cassette tape, so I suppose I can do this just as well myself in my office with low-cost equipment, especially since I don't need the greatest sound quality).

Once I have the segments of my monologue/interview and the dozens of testimonials, I'll have to do the following:

1. Transfer anything that's on audio cassette to the computer (unless I figure out how to do record it all directly into the PC).

2. Listen to and organize all of the pieces, doing a lot of "clipping and splicing" to assemble the pieces I want in the way I want them.

3. Burn the final result to a bunch of CDs (dozens if not hundreds).

What I need to do it decide what hardware and software to go with. I don't want to spend more than hundreds if possible. I may want to add a touch of music, but mainly it will all be voice.

I currently have a PC with P-III, 256 ... Read more

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I wanted to cut a portion of an audio file out. Its an instrumental song and I only really like the first minute of it. Its a .wma file just in case you wanted to know.
Thanks for the help.

A:editing audio files

Wont work on a wma ... You can play it .. record it .. then edit it ..

or find a converter to MP3 ... maybe ... http://www.wma-mp3.org/

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I'm just wondering which software I should get to load music on to my computer from a digital 8-track player. After loading it, I'd like to edit the songs and convert them to MP3. Any ideas?

A:Audio Editing Software

Audacity is one I use, it's free and quite flexable.

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Hey there, I'm currently in the process of putting together a dvd. Since its just a mishmash of many short clips, I used the creator built into windows. It does the job, and it does it quick - I'm really not too fussy about navigation/chapters etc. However, I would like to use a longer song with the menu than the 15 seconds or so that's allowed. It is a motion menu. If I was to create the dvd as is with that silly 15 second clip with the menu, would it be possible to change it afterwards? The software will burn the dvd immediately - would I be able to rip back onto my computer, change the appropriate .vob (?) to one I make from the mp3 I want to use and have it work in full? I'm guessing that either a) the duration is coded with the menu or b) the music is not found separately from the menu... but is there a way to do this? I'm no expert with computers especially when it comes to programming, but if it is possible to do (even if its possibly over my head) some tips on how to get started would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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Any suggesting on what i could maybe download for free or up to $20 from Cakewalk or Magix. All i want is something basic. I did pick up something called Midi studio (Magix) at best buy for $10 a few years ago after XP was released but this software i'm assuming was copywrited in 2001 before the release of xp. the system requirements for this software are as follows:

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 2000. Computer: Pentium with 200Mhz minimum, 32 MB (64 MB) minimum, 100 MB free disk space minimum, resolution 800 x 600 with 16 bit High-Color 16 bit sound card, CD-ROM drive. Microsoft mouse or compatible, DirectX 6.1

Is this something that would be safe to install on my computer or should i should for something else?

A:Looking for Midi Software for creating and editing midi files?

Try maybe Anvil Studio.


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I'm trying to create loops from some of my favourite songs to put on my mobile, and I can do it just fine. I know what I'm doing.
But when I export it to an mp3 and inspect the track again, it has added a small amount of silence to the beginning and end of the track which completely throws out the smoothness of the loop. Sometimes it even subtracts a small amount from the end.
When I export it to a WAV format it keeps it all just the way I had it, but the file size is undesirably large.
I have a thought that it may be doing this so that the finished mp3 file size is exact to the nearest kilobyte, so it adds or subtracts audio information to achieve that.
I'm using Audacity by the way but have also tried it with Goldwave (audio editing software).

Any suggestions on a good technique or program would be greatly appreciated.

A:Audio editing - loop troubles

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I was using--or shall I say, trying to use--Audacity. It's free, but you get what you pay for. Like others have posted here, it's clunky and difficult.

What other Audio Recording and Editing programs, paid or unpaid, do folks suggest?

Thank you in advance.

A:Recommend Audio Editing Software

Audacity is generally the freebie version used. It's a solid application. Aside from that, there is ProTools, but it's pretty expensive.

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My daughter used her cell phone to make a video of my band performing. It actually turned out fairly decent for a phone vid, but with a little remixing or enhancing the audio it would actually be good. Didn't know if there was any freeware around that might work.Thanks for any suggestions.

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Can anyone tell me how to break up a very long recording of a cassette tape into tracks with either Audacity 1.2.3 or Cool Edit 2000?

Thanks for any help.

A:Solved: audio recording and editing

MPeg3 said:

Can anyone tell me how to break up a very long recording of a cassette tape into tracks with either Audacity 1.2.3 or Cool Edit 2000? PegClick to expand...

Audacity has very good help files to fill in the details-- but the concepts are that once you have recorded the cassette into Audacity-- you can look for flat spots (quiet spots) between tracks. Highlighting the track will select it-- then just "save as" (in whatever file format you want). You can then either delete the section just saved and go on to the next track or make a note of where you left off and go looking for the next flat spot (highlighting only the current track you want to save).

Anything that looks flat is a candidate for closer scrutiny--- zoom in and take a look to be sure before snipping. The tools available in the program allow a great deal of precision.

I would recommend playing with a few shorter files at first, until you get the hang of it-- but Audacity is pretty easy after playing with it for awhile. (After a couple hours of playing-- you'll find yourself ready to try most everything.... Not that it isn't challenging, but the easy things you can figure out right away--- and the finesse will come with practice and experimentation.... Great program)
Good luck

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I just started using an audio editing software. It has an option called DC Offset Correction with buttons for off, calibrate, and lock.

What is DC Offset Correction?

A:Audio editing software question

As I understand it DC voltage can cause small low frequency variations that when amplified cause problems like noise and bass phase cancellation. My ears and stereo arenít good enough to tell the difference so I donít mess with it, but if you are a real audiophile I would go to the help files for the program and learn how to calibrate and use it.

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Tuesday I was able to attend a lecture by Stephen Hawking @ Caltech on the origin of the universe. I recorded nearly an hour worth of material but at some points you can hear me shuffling the recorder around. Is there anyone out there who would be able to edit my audio clip to take out some of the excess noise throughout my clip? It's not too frequent but it does happen. It'd be greatly appreciated by myself and the whole online community to hear this audio clearly.

You're welcome to download the audio here: <removed the link - subject to copyright - ETAF Moderator>

I can also e-mail you the file for editing. It's in mp4 format. Perhaps you can just delete the shuffling sounds when the room is silent?

Thank you! I will give you credit in the description and allow you to advertise on my video if needed.

A:Anyone good at editing audio clips?

closing this post , and removing the link , as this lecture is certainly under copyright / intellectual property rights and most tickets would forbid recording

see hes site here
The Origin of the Universe
This lecture is the intellectual property of Professor S.W.Hawking. You may not reproduce, edit, translate, distribute, publish or host this document in any way with out the permission of Professor Hawking.Click to expand...

no reason to also see why this would not have applied to the lecture you attended

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I recently came across an Xvid of a somewhat hard to find anime.I'm new to Divx and Xvid.My friend told me it was dual audio with subtitles and I was thinking ok MAYBE there might be a menu with this.NOPE you can hear the japanese right behind the english in the audio.Its just a little bit lower in comparison so that you hear the english louder but it is still annoying as all else plus the subtitles are in english wich is an english translation of japanese wich is way inaccurate and horrible to look at.Is there anything out there to edit the audio and video of an Xvid to take the subtitles out and edit the japanese lang out of the background of the audio?The last thing Im curious of is there is an sfv file in there that is VERY small in size and i cant find any info on what exactly it is.could this be a menu maybe?Do I have to make this into a vcd and add that sfv file for a menu possibly?just an idea? Thank You or any help that someone could shine on this.


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Hey guys,
Can anyone suggest a piece of free and easy audio editing software to download?
And if push came to shove and you had buy, what software would you recommend?

A:Solved: Audio editing software

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Recently I've been burning some Audio Test Tone Tracks to CD to use in testing my stereo speakers.

I currently have three sets of test tones -

10hz to 300hz in 100 second tracks of 10hz each.

1/3rd Octave/31 test tones, 20hz to 20,000hz in 31 one minute tracks.

1/6th Octave/63 test tones, 20hz to 22,000hz in 63 Ten second tracks.

Before burning I renamed the files so I would know which track I was on and what frequency it was playing. So the format went something like this -

01_20.wav meaning track 1 and 20hz

11_200.wav meaning track 11 and 200hz


31_20000.wav for track 31 and 20,000hz.

On the CD, these have all been change to generic Track1, Track2, etc....

But, with the 1/3rd octave set, when I put them in the CD player and play them, I see track titles indicating 1_20, 11_200, 31_20000. That is very handy when I am playing the tracks.

Now, I change the filenames to a similar format for the 63 tone 1/6th octave tones. When I burned them, the reverted back to generic Track1, Track2, etc..., but when displayed on the screen there are no track titles, and the 01_20 for track one - 20 hz is missing.

I have to assume there is a way to put that information into the file, so that it will show up in the track titles.

Can anyone tell me how this is done?

I currently have WinAmp, Windows Media Player, Audacity, Raxio Creator DE V9, Quicktime player, Real Player, and Interactual player (primarily for DVD), though I'm not against downloading more softwar... Read more

A:Audio Track Titles - Editing

I've notice one additional thing as I've been playing around.

On the CD which I burned myself, there is all kinds of information there, even though it doesn't show up on the screen.

Yet the WAV files I burned the CD from contain none of this information.

On the burned CD, when I play a .CDA file from the CD file list, all the tracks are marked with 'Audio-Test-CD' in the Metadata area.

Yet when I directly load a WAV file from which this CD was burned, none of the Metadata can be found.

Now I'm even more confused.

To see the Metadata, I load the .CDA from the CD, which I realize in not the actual file, but a pointer to the file, into WinAmp. Then select File - View File Info, and there is a ton of information there.

When I load the same wave file into WinAmp, nothing, or next nothing. It says -

Signed 16-bit PCM
2 Channel(s)
44100 hz
Where is all this Metadata coming from?



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I'm havin strange problems when audio editing...

I seem to get random spikes appear in the file when making large operations (like changing the volume over 5 minutes of the track) If i then go and undo the operation, they dissapear, but if i then do a totally different operation, like just trim the end off a track, i get them again, in exactly the same position! It isnt just visual either, it actually effects the audio.

Basically I get a random scattering of digital "spikes" over a fraction of a second, i can flatten them out and do some tricks, but no matter how much work i do they are generally still noticable

I get this problem with any audio software i use. I generally use soundforge, changed to wavelab but after a while they came back, changed back to soundforge but again after a while they came back again!!!

Any ideas? cant find alot searching the net! I've found stuff about hardware incompatibility etc. I wondered if its my soundcard but that doesnt actually do the operation does it?

A:Audio Editing - Spiking Problems?

No ideas anyone???

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So, I need help, somehow I have to save just the audio in Adobe Premiere in some sort of format that I can open it with Audocity, so far, everything I've tried, when I press play with Audocity, is about half a second long and sounds like a bunch of people screaming at once.

Here's what I'm trying to acomplish. I have taken a clip of me talking in Adobe premiere and speed it up 150%, so I'm talking faster, but now my vioce is very high and squeeky. So I want to use Audocity to lower the pitch so it just sounds like I'm talking quickly, and not squeekily. then i want to put that new audio back in my video so it all works up nice.

I don't know what I'm doing, avi isn't cutting it. wav didn't either, but mabey I'm doing wrong.

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Ok so I have AVI copies of an old tv show. These were apparently recorded on VHS and then converted to AVI. My problem is the sound only comes out on the right channel. Some comes through on the left but very little. Is there a program that can correct this? My ultimate goal is to get the sound coming out both sides, maybe clean up the video a bit (if I can) and then burn them to DVD...

A:Editing the audio of a video file...

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Hi. I am looking for a new PC/Laptop mainly for audio editing and some amateur video editing. I have read around the web and found a few things I probably want in on my computer:

Firewire or IEEE 1394 input,
An SSD hard-drive or atleast an 7200rpm hard drive
A half-decent video card for video editing
A decent sized RAM (atleast 8 gb I think)
Processor which isnt a slug probably

I was looking at a refurbished Mac Mini for £579. (http://store.apple.com/uk/product/FD388B/A)
It has some good reviews online and since Im not too experienced with computers an Apple product would probably give me less headaches. The Intel HD 4000 isnt too good though, which might be a problem for video editing. The hard drive isn't fast either, but I read, that that can be replaced.
Any comments on this? Maybe I should build my own PC or buy a laptop, could you give me some suggestions as well? My budget is about £600-700.

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Hey all. I want to create some personal wav files but I need a few programs or maybe just one who knows here is what i want to do:

1: Pull audio from dvd's i own, tv shows i sad;y have to download 2-5 days later to watch(no cable tv still it sucks lol).

2: Edit audio files so i can keep what part i want and rid myself of the stuff i don't need so i save space and have a smaller file size of course.

3: be able to convert to a wav(this is easy to find of course )

Looking for a good program or two thats freeware is possible i know its tough these days, I just don't want to have it be useless after like 15 or 30 days..

Well thank in advance for any help

A:Looking for audio extracting/editing programs.

Audacity is a freebie from http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ - try it and see.

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Hello to all brothers.

I have been trying to edit a .avi file in Sony Vegas 7.0e (Built 216) but, I can't see no picture only audio. If I need to convert that file, can anyboddy plz tell me where can I get that converter and in what formet I shoud use?

I can watch that movie in VLC.

I am running Xp home edition
plz help me out guys. If I find any solution, I will post back. Thank you.

A:No Picture Only audio when editing in sony vegas 7

Update your graphics driver for a start, make sure you have the most updated drivers, most issues where you get sound but no video is graphics driver related.

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I have imported my cd's through iTunes in the AAC format (MPEG 4 Audio files) and now I can't edit them in Audacity. 1st Question: Can I convert them to MP3's without re-ripping them all and 2: Is there a free, downloadable music editor that will edit MPEG-4 Audio?


A:Need Help Converting and Editing MPEG-4 Audio files

Play them, and use TotalRecorder to then save them as wav's or MP3's.


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I'm a teacher, and I want to be able to take any cd track or mp3 and do simple audio editing, such as fade-ins and fade-outs, to create music clips. These will be used in powerpoints, for sound effects, etc. I just want it to be as simple as possible, and I don't require any high-end mixing or bells and whistles. Just that simple process.

Can someone reccomend simple software that will do that for me?

A:Solved: I need a simple audio editing program

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This has been tested and 100% working in Windows 7 but not Vista yet
Real Title: Change you default audio editing software (right-click -> edit)

Regardsless of the 'Default' application for each audio file type, you cannot directly edit audio files without choosing a new application. I have located the registry key needed to allow you to add a default right-click->edit application.

Open up regedit (type "regedit" in the start menu search box) and navigate to

and add edit then command

Within command change the default to the location of the executable file of your audio editing software:

e.g. "c:\program files\nero\waveedit.exe" "%1"

NOTE: You need to encase the text in quotes ("") & add "%1" in order for your chosen piece of software to open the file you have selected.

Now, when you right-click and select Edit, your newly chosen application will run.

A:Change default audio editing software

Thanks for posting this. Really valuable information!


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