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Access to shared folders by mapped drives don't return all information but by IP does.

Q: Access to shared folders by mapped drives don't return all information but by IP does.

Hi there,
We have a network with 1 Windows Server 2012 and 5 workstations setup up with Windows 10 and Windows 7, all pro. There are 3 mapped drives to shared folders, accessed by all workstations. In only one, with Windows 7 pro, after a few days, one of the mapped
drives stoped returning all information. We deleted the mapped drive and remapped again but with no result. However, by accessing the shared folder through IP we were able to see all the information. This only happens in one shared folder in one particular
workstation. The others are ok.

Any ideas?

Best Regards.
Nťlio Abreu

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Preferred Solution: Access to shared folders by mapped drives don't return all information but by IP does.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Can see the root tree on each machine but when I attempt to go deeper I get the following.

["c" is available but the user account you're logged on with was denied access.]

Vista Home Premium HP desktop to Vista Ultimate Toshiba Portege.

Thanks, Mike

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Since Win 10 Preview hosed my laptop, I had to reformat the laptop HDD and reinstall Win7 Pro.
I have both computers set the same and have the drives on my desktop shared with full access. I'm using Norton Internet Security and set the Firewall to Full Trust and then to Private but neither would allow access. The error message I get is:

[Window Title]
Network Error

[Main Instruction]
Windows cannot access \\BLACK-BEAUTY\downloads

You do not have permission to access \\BLACK-BEAUTY\downloads. Contact your network administrator to request access.

For more information about permissions, see Windows Help and Support


The trouble shooter say I should kill Norton and use Windows Firewall. And we all know how safe and secure Windows is to begin with.

Any good suggestions?

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Hiya all.

At work I have setup a usb hard drive on the router and have mapped the drive on our users windows 10 pc's.

I am creating two folders on the drive. One for general use and one for sensitive files.

If it is possible I would like to password protect the folder with the sensitive files so that only authorised users can access it by entering a password.

Please can you help?

Many thanks in advance.

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We have users in our network which have problems searching in their homedrives. They run Windows XP and log on to a Windows 2003 server.
They can search their homedrives but the search cant find anything. Even if they search *.* there is no result.
EXCEPT!!! If there are zipped files, the search finds the files inside the zipped ones.

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i recently got at&t internet service and they sent me a 2701hg-b wired/wirless router. my wireless laptop and my wired desctop pc, both running xp pro, can connect to the internet no problem. but i cant access shared files from the other computers. when i go into my network places all i can see are the shared folders on the computer im using but not the other. ive run network setup wizard numerous times to no avail. im pretty frustated, and all at&t could do is transfer me to a tech that would help me for a fee?!!?? can anyone please help me trouble shoot this? please...

james clark

if ive forgotten any pertinent information, let me know..thanks in advance.

A:cant see shared drives or folders...

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I bought a new desktop and have 2 laptops. The desktop is my main computer and would like to create shared folders or a Partitioned network drive between them. Would I be better off making a partition on my desktop that would have all my files, etc. on it and then just have the laptops map to it by a Network Drive. Or should I make a shared folder between the desktop and the 2 laptops. Is there a benifit that one has over the other? What would you do?

A:Shared Folders vs. Network Drives

Little better explination:

My harddrive has 2 partitions: C: 60GB and S: 20GB

C: has the operating system and programs on it while

S: currently has documents, pictures, quickbooks files, music, etc.

Would I be fine to Map to the S: drive from my laptops (it would show up as a network drive under My Computer) 2 partitions used
Or just share the folders that have the files in them (My Documents Folder) and only have; 1 partition used
Which one would be more convenient to use?

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I have a batch file that must be run as administrator.
The batch file simply starts an application (MyApp.exe).

the problem is that because the batch file is run as admin, MyApp.exe can't access networks drives.
Since mapped drives are specific to users context, I activated admin account, logged in and mapped a drive.

but still MyApp.exe can't access the mapped network drive when it's run from the batch file.
Is there any possible way to access a network drive when an application is run as admin?

OS: windows 8 Pro x64

Any kind of solution is much appreciated.

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I have a sales rep in Latin America who is having problems connecting to our server in the US. He can get his email fine, but cannot access his documents (offline sync'd) or the public drives on the server which are mapped on his pc. It's prompting for a username and password but states that they are incorrect. I pulled 8 trojans off his machine, but I don't think that's the problem.

I've reinstalled the SBS Connection Manager hoping that would fix the problem, but I've rebooted his computer and cannot see it on our network. He's in a meeting so I'll have to wait until he's back and logs in to gain access again.

Any thoughts on why this connection is not working?

I have one other thing I just thought of and that's to make sure that he's logging in via the domain, and not just locally on the computer... otherwise I'm out of ideas.

A:VPN connection - no access to mapped drives on server

he can see the folders so i don't think its a firewall issue...
make sure netbeui is enabled on the vpn tunnel for the network drives to work properly

yeah i would check his connection/login parameters

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Some time ago a friend and I set up my home network. We had trouble with the workstations losing access to mapped drives.
He found a fix, he said we needed to turn off something in XP. It worked perfectly. But last week, one of my hard drives crashed and I had to replace it.
I have one computer with Server 2000 and 4 with XP pro. I can access the mapped drives if I reboot or logoff and on again. They just seem to lose connectivity if I they don't have any contact for a few hours.
I've searched the internet for days looking for the solution. I know it's simple, I just can't remember what it is I need to turn off.

A:loose access to mapped drives on network

When you confirgure the mapped drives make sure reconnect at logon is checked.

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Hey guys, what does your Shared folders say? is this how your guys Shared folders look as well in the "computer Management" window pane and select Shares as in the picture..

The reason I am a little confused is that V, Q, Y, Z are just external USB hard drives.. but they say "default share"

Perhaps that doesn't mean they are shared but why do they label it as such a "default" share?

Just wondering if yours looks the same


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Hiya All,

I am not sure this can be done anymore but here is what I want to acheive...
I have multiple HDDs with various shared directories on them in the following type of format:

c:\files\games\ shared as Games
c:\files\drivers\ shared as Drivers
d:\files\programs\ shared as Programs
g:\files\mp3s\ shared as MP3s
g:\files\videos\ shared as Videos

what I want them to look like on the network is:

Base (or ROOT) shared folder as [Files]
and then all of the other shared folders running off of that...

I know it can be done if all of the folders are on the same drive by nesting them all into folder order ie c:\files\ share this directory and then just place all of the other directories as such c:\files\games c:\files\drivers ect etc etc

But how can it be done with multiple drives?

Back in the old dos days there used to be a dos command "Subst" of similar that adhered a drive onto a directory but I have heard that windows negates that now

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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It may be buried in here somewhere but thought I'd throw this out there just in case or to help folks that haven't found a solution here.
I was having trouble suddenly with several folders shared between my win 7 and 10 boxes. As far as I know they had worked before and suddenly I was getting you need permission errors from the 7 to 10 box, and at least one from the 10 to 7 box.
Poked around here, looked at my security settings, tried a few things but nothing worked. Then I remembered that some folders need a Everyone box with at least the basic 3 permissions set. I checked a working folder and it had Everyone with all boxes checked, checked a non working one and Everyone was not there. Pretty sure it HAD been there but it wasn't now, added it to all the bad folders and now both boxes are again happily sharing the drives and folders I picked again.
Like I said it's probably already in here somewhere but a good reminder for anyone having weird file sharing problems with only a few folders, yet all the others work.

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I just put xp pro on my machine and I'm not seeing how to put passwords on my shared resources. We're on a peer-to-peer lan, all in the same workgroup, and while I'm not worried about people seeing my things, I was using passwords on shared folders and drives to try to prevent network hopping viruses from spreading.

In a book on xp I see them referencing to click on "permissions" in the sharing & security screen. I have no option for permissions.

Even in the picture, it doesn't show that I can put a password on a shared folder or drive.

For the most part, we share folders, not drives. But one program in particular requires the drive where the data is stored to be shared so others can map to it.

A:How do I Password Protect Shared Folders & Drives?

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I have a Windows PC used purely for storage. It is shared by 10 other Laptops.

The laptops are running Windows 10.
I created users on the Win 7 PC.
Shared the folders.
Created mapped drives on the Win 10 laptops.
This has been operating with very few issues for a number of years.
Today 2 laptops are unable to access the mapped drives.
I have uninstalled the Antivirus.
I have updated the Intel Lan cards.
Run Ipconfig /renew. Wouldn't renew.

Changed the registry setting - HKey-Local Machine\system\... to allow access.
PROBLEM solved - Windows 7 update caused a conflict. Rolled back to a previous restore point - Bingo it worked.

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the logon name, my primary administrator name, works when i try to connect to my desktop computer from my work laptop via remote desktop connection and by typing \\ into a window....both ask me for the logon name and password...both work...the problem is i can't map a folder for some reason and i don't know why....i select the drive letter, typer \\\j$ in and it asks me for name and pw, i enter and it doesn't work....let me know if there is any information i can provide that may help solve this....it's been driving me crazy for a few weeks now

thanks ahead of time


A:I can rdc, and access shared folders but can't map

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I have a folder on my Windows box (7232 x64) shared. With build 7100 I was able to access this folder via my Macbook just fine. Now with build 7232 I can no longer mount the share.

The macbook says the share is not available.

ANy ideas?

A:cannot access shared folders from my MAC

Quote: Originally Posted by davegod75

I have a folder on my Windows box (7232 x64) shared. With build 7100 I was able to access this folder via my Macbook just fine. Now with build 7232 I can no longer mount the share.

The macbook says the share is not available.

ANy ideas?

Hey are you running a homegroup? how was the folder shared (by name or ip)


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hi im having trouble accessign shared files on one of my networked pcs, I am suspecting that it has some policy set to not allow sharing over network. I have shared the folder, then in the firewall settings tab it says that there is a group policy and in fact i cannot switch the firewall on or off as this is controlled by the policy apparently. How can i change this sharing setting in the policies? I am not aware of having ever set any policies on this pc

A:cannot access shared folders

You have a GPO running in a home enviroment? I presume it is a home, if at work, contact your IT support staff.

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Hi,Can somebody please assist
I am using Windows 7 Ultimate bit 64
On my Networking it comes under a Folder DARRYL-PC & it shows all the Shared Folders or Drives
If I try to open any of these Folders or Drives
It comes up with Windows cannot access \\DARRYl-PC
See details
error code 0x800704b3
troubleshooter couldn't identify the problem
view detail
Windows network diagnostic detects problem with network connectivity
network diagnostic log
I can access any of these Folders or Drives on my Computer BUT NOT ON network Darryl-PC
Can some body please advise how I can Correct this Problem


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I messed up my first post of this so here goes a second time. My Del laptop with XP Pro SP2 has been able to access shared folders on another PC (also with XP Pro) where we have our QuickBooks installed. Something has happened that now won't let me access ANY shared folders on that PC!! I can ping both ways. HEEEELLLLPPPP meeeee.... I'm sinking....

I created a new folder on the server PC under the C: drive. I shared it out. I can see it from the laptop but upon selecting it I get: "\\Server\VGS Quickbooks is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the admin... " I've checked for security tabs and can't find anything that helps.

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I often have an intermittent problem with access to shared folders on various machines on our home network.
I have went into advanced sharing of all folders in question and I cannot see any way to make them any more shared than I already have them.

I may try to get a file from a one computer for use in another and no matter what I try I constantly get this :

I am the network administrator and I cannot figure out why things decide to not work.

I may have been able to access the files yesterday and it may allow me to access them tomorrow.

This is very annoying and somewhat frustrating.

How do I fix ?

Thanks for reading.

A:Cannot Access Shared Folders ???

Is this on w "Domain" network of the standard Windows Network?

Where are you finding this "Programs and Applications" folder?

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I just bought a media server(MS) with an Ethernet connection and attach it to my router(with wireless features). Connected to this router is my server and a number of wireless laptops. After setting up the system I am able to access my server or laptops from the media server end, ie the laptops and server appear on the media server. I am UNABLE to access the MS's hard drive from my laptops or server(ie no ICON/shared folders appears on my server or laptops), even though the media server has an IP address and I am to ping this IP address and get a response, ie no lost packets.

I then try using the net view command on this IP address I get the following message:

System error 53 has occurred
The network path not found.

My MS does not have that many options to change. This MS has a hard drive which I like to access which I cannot.

Many thanks if anyone can help. I can supply more info if required.

A:Cannot access Shared Folders

Could you share the exact make/model of this media server and the router?

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Can anyone help me out there? When I try to access a shared folder on my network I get the following error message: Logon failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer

I've made sure all the computers on the network have the same workgroup name, all accounts are computer administrator's and restarted all cpu's. That's all I've done and know how to do so far.

A:can't access shared folders

From a JohnWill post:

Logon failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer

If you see this message the following should be done on the computer containing the shared files:

Download the following and install it

Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools

after installation is complete, click on: Start, All Programs, Windows Resource Kit Tools, Command Shell

Then enter the following commands. (Attention: they are case sensitive.)

net user guest /active:yes
ntrights +r SeNetworkLogonRight -u Guest
ntrights -r SeDenyNetworkLogonRight -u Guest

The first command enables network access for Guest, the two subsequent ones change two different policies to allow network access for Guest.

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Hi everyone,

I have two machines both running Vista (one a 32-bit Home Premium laptop and another 64-bit Home Premium desktop). These machines are on my private network behind a home router. My laptop has a folder that's being shared (procedure used: right click folder, click sharing, gave "Everyone" full access, clicked ok). I went into Network and Sharing Panel and turned off password sharing, enabled public sharing (not that it pertains to this case, but I enabled it just in case). I then went on my desktop and right clicked "My Computer", clicked map network drive, and attempted to map "\\\NOC". I got nothing. My desktop claims that the laptop wasn't responding. This is my problem: I can't access my shared drive from my desktop to my laptop. HOWEVER, I can access my desktop's shared folders from my laptop. Below I will list everything I've done to attempt to fix the issue. I hope you all can give me new suggestions.

1. Compare advanced firewall settings for both computers
2. Open up ports 138, 139, 445 on my laptop
3. nmaped my laptop from my desktop. The results claim the above mentioned ports are closed even though I manually opened them. I then turned off my laptop's firewall and ran nmap again. This time port 139 and 445 came up as "filtered".
4. Ran wireshark on my laptop while my desktop attempted to make a connection. Wireshark didn't see any packets from my desktop except f... Read more

A:Access to shared folders

Well, I'd start by disabling all the firewalls totally.

Can you ping each way by computer name? That's the first thing to get working.

Let's see this from each computer.
Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD then press Enter to open a command prompt:

In the command prompt window that opens, type type the following commands, one at a time, followed by the Enter key:

Note that there is a space before the -n or the /ALL, but there is NOT a space after the - or / in the following commands.



Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter to copy the contents to the clipboard.
Paste the results in a message here.

If you are on a machine with no network connection, use a floppy, USB disk, or a CD-RW disk to transfer a text file with the information to allow pasting it here.

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workgroup is the same, i can see the xp pc from my w/7 pc but cant access the shared folders, can anyone help

A:Cant access shared xp folders

Hi slick8,

Please confirm that your settings are configured as explained in this article: Networking home computers running different versions of Windows

Let me know how that works and we'll go from there!


Windows Outreach Team

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I have 2 desktops wired and a laptop wireless. 1 desktop has xp and the other windows 7. The laptop has xp as well. I can access shared files on windows 7 from xp desktop and laptop. I can't access shared files or folders on laptop from either desktop. XP desktop sees laptop under workgroup but when I try to access it, it says the network path cannot be found.

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XP SP3 is used. The Simple File Sharing is not enable.
Ping from W7 to XP goes through.
The same log-on user name and password are used for XP and W7.
XP machine is visible from W7.
Error message is "Unknown user name or bad password. The same message when attempting to access from another W7.
Initially it was working but after an hour or so, it quits. I rebooted the router, XP machine and W7 machine but the situation remains unchanged. There is no problem networking between the two W7s.
Any suggestion is appreciated.

A:W7 cannot access XP's shared drives

It was working, but now it's not? What has changed on the XP or 7 computer? What security software are you using? What directories are you sharing?

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Love the forum, been reading as a lurker for a while. I have W7 Desktop at home and two W7 Laptops that I take back and forth between home and work. When I'm hooked up to my home wireless I can access only one of my shared drives from the desktop to the laptop. With the others I get the "You do not have permission to access" error message, even when I copied the same settings from the working share to the others. I'm wondering if there is something simple I am missing that is keeping me from accessing those files from my laptops. I can see them in my network discovery, I just can't access them.

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A XP machine can see shared drives of a W7 machine but cannot open them. The XP machine does not have this problem with any other W7 machine, and the XP machine is accessible from any W7 machine on the network. There is no problem sharing drives among W7 machines including the above.

There must be something wrong with this particular W7 machine but I ran out of things to try.
I have reviewed past threads for the same problems but no solution was found.
Any suggestion would be appreciated.

A:XP cannot access W7's shared drives

Hi churin, read this Windows Secrets News Letter. let me know if it helps.

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I have multiple drives on my Vista machine, some are partitions. One drive it will not let me access thru the network, from an XP box, and another Vista box.

All shared settings are the same on all the drives. I cant figure out how to access this 1 important drive from my network!

A:All drives shared, cannot access 1

Did you setup the shared rights for that drive properly? Is it FAT32 or NTFS?

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This should be simple to fix but I'm having a problem figuring it out. A customer as 4 PCs, all running XP. 3 are XP Pro and one is XP Home. All are connected peer-to-peer through a router. Assigned all of them to a new workgroup and they can see each other. There is one PC that the others cannot access its shared folders. We can access its shared printer folder. Searched the web and tried various solutions including editing the registry but still nothing's working. We get the error "\\Dad\c is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource" and either "not enough server storage is available to process this command" or "the network path is not found" Also, this one is a laptop that is connceted wirelessly whereas the others are connected directly to the router.

Any suggestions?

A:Cannot Access Shared Folders on XP Network

Sometimes there's nothing simple about Windows Networking and File Sharing!

You said they can all see each other?

The only issue is accessing a shared folder on one of the PCs? But the shared printers on that PC are accessible?

To make this easier to discuss particulars, could you tell me the following about each computer and then i (we) can both refer to a machine by name to avoid confusion.

- Machine Name
- XP Pro or XP Home?
- LAN or Wireless connected

And which computer (tell me machine name) has a shared folder not accessible to others.

Also, it sounds like the problem is down to just an authentication issue but i'll offer these links as fyi's you may want to at least skim through to check things. Also, we'll also probably find LanSpy (described in Part1) helpful to diagnose this

TROUBLESHOOT: Part1, XP File and Printer Sharing

Part 2, ?Troubleshoot: XP File and Printer Sharing, Computers Not Found? Diagnose Computer Browser Service

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Hey people,
I'm new here and I need help really bad...
I have 2 pc's - 1 dekstop (win 7) and 1 loptop (win xp).
My printer is connected to the dekstop pc, I have shared it successfuly and I can print from my laptop.
But when I share hard drive or seperate folders on my dekstop (that runs win7) I simply can't access them from loptop (win xp). I get simple ACCESS DENIED message.
I can access from win7 to xp but not overwise.

Much thanks..

A:Can't access Win 7 shared folders from WinXP

either create an account for the user to gain access through on the 7 machine or use the 'everyone' group (not recommended) with 'modify'.

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Recently my windows 7 cannot access shared folders by ip \\\shares Last night I was able to connect and access files no problem. I get an error code 0x80004005 unspecified error. My tests are as follows: I can ping the IP address. I can RDP into the computer. At the same time I have vmware on my windows 7 with windows xp as a guest os. From windows xp I can connect and access the files. After I use System Restore to the previous day my windows 7 can access the files. I don't make any changes and turn off the computer for the next day or two. When I power back on, windows 7 cannot access the share again. I did the same tests as previously stated with the same results I've been doing research for the last week and had to keep using the System Restore every day in order to access my share files. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance,

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We have just installed Windows 7 on one of our computers last week and we have 2 other computers that have an XP operating system
The XP computers need access to shared folders on the Windows 7 computer and this was working fine yesterday
However today it has suddenly stopped.
I am getting errors about cannot access this drive etc
I have checked up on security settings etc
The problem is similar to this post which didn't seem to have received an answer! http://forums.techguy.org/networking/1010708-xp-computers-cannot-access-shared.html
Would appreciate some HELP

A:XP can't access Windows 7 shared folders

I am getting errors about cannot access this drive etcClick to expand...

What is "this drive"? On what computer(s) do you get those errors? Under what circumstances?

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Hi! I have Vista x64 Ultimate on my desktop and Vista x64 Home Premium on my wireless laptop. Iím trying to share files and folders. I believe Iíve done everything I needed to enable file sharing on both computers. All my Sharing and Discovery buttons are turned on except Password Protect Sharing. I added ďEveryoneĒ to my sharing list on both computers. Both computers have the same Workgroup name.
My problem is that I donít know how to access the shared files/folders from either computer. All the web sites Iíve visited tell me how to enable sharing but none of them tell me how to access them. Itís probably a simple process but I canít figure it out.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
P.S. If any of my files or folders have the same name on both computers would that be a problem?

A:Can't access shared files/folders

Click Start -> Network. Then, the available computers on the network should show up.

It won't be a problem if folders are the same name, as the path is different. It's like having a "stuff" folder in both c:\stuff, and c:\whatever\stuff.

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Hi! I have Vista x64 Ultimate on my desktop and Vista x64 Home Premium on my wireless laptop. I?m trying to share files and folders. I believe I?ve done everything I needed to enable file sharing on both computers. All my Sharing and Discovery buttons are turned on except Password Protect Sharing. I added ?Everyone? to my sharing list on both computers. Both computers have the same Workgroup name.
My problem is that I don?t know how to access the shared files/folders from either computer. All the web sites I?ve visited tell me how to enable sharing but none of them tell me how to access them. It?s probably a simple process but I can?t figure it out.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
P.S. If any of my files or folders have the same name on both computers would that be a problem?

A:Can't access shared files/folders

Try these, Brink made these !!!!!!!!!

Network Discovery - Turn On or Off

File Sharing - Turn On or Off

Network - View and Browse Computers or Devices

Simple File Sharing - Enable

Public Folder Sharing - Turn On or Off

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I am having a problem with my LAN at office, Every PC can browse the internet ADSL thru the router but cannot access shared folders on the internet, the Workgroup name is same on all the IP is given automatically.

please help me out

A:Can browse on LAN but cant access shared folders

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I have a numbers of folders shared on a Win 7 machine for common access on my network. Permissions set to everyone and password protected sharing turned off. These files are accessible to other machines on the workgroup (using workgroup vs homegroup). I am having an issue with a new Win 8.1 tablet just purchased. I have added it to the workgroup and it can see the Win 7 machine. When clicking on that machine in the "Network" list in file explorer it requests user/password. None of the other machines (Win 7 or Win 8.1) on the network request a login, just automatically access the shared folder. As the sharing is working on all of the other machines as I intended, I assume that the issue is with the new unit. I have compared the network and sharing settings of the other machines to the new machine and cannot see a difference. I have run update and it is fully patched. I'm running Windows Defender / Windows Firewall with no third parts anti-virus.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.


A:Cannot access shared folders on workgroup

I used to have a similar problem until I disabled HomeGroup on my Win8.1 desktop. Link shows how to do that: Homegroup -Add or Remove from Navigation Pane in Windows 8

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I had a server computer that was running windows 7. It was working like a charm, but suddenly I was unable to remote to it. I found a monitor and keyboard that I connected. My server then told me that it had installed windows 10. Wow thanks? That is something I would like to have a say in? But oh well might as well get with the times and use windows 10.
As I am using it as a server it is running, iis, ftp, plex, and some other servers. Most of it were still working after the conversion to windows 10, but I?m been having some real problems with the normal sharing of files. When I use my desktop computer (also running windows 10) to brows the network I get the following error when dobbelt-clicking my server computer:
?\\SERVERNAME is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions. Logon faliure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer.?
So ok? there are always problems with filesharing with a new windows installation. So I did the following:
? Made sure file and printer sharing were turned on
? It was using: Use user accounts and passwords to connect to other computer
? Password protected sharing sharing were turned off
? I turned on sharing so anyone with network access can read and write files in the public folders
? My network adapter is using my router ip address as DNS server
? M... Read more

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Is there a way I can use the dos prompt to browse thru shared files?

I will be using Windows ME and the host is XP home. I am planning on making a simple batch file for backup purposes.


A:how to access shared folders thru dos prompt

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How can I block other users on my network places from accessing my shared folder
they are putting their files there so that the files won't take space on their PC and somehow block me from deleting the files
(they use windows 7 with a password on their shared folders while I'm using xp home)
please help

A:Block access to shared folders

Hi and welcome to TSF is this what you want to do How to disable simple file sharing and how to set permissions on a shared folder in Windows XP

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I just set up an NT4.0 workstation(sp6)and put it on our LAN.
It is on the same workgroup with some WIN98 machines. The
NT machine can see the shared directories of the WIN98 PC's.
However, it will not allow the WIN98 machines to use its own shared drives. When I try to see the NT shares from the WIN98
machine, I get the "incorrect password" message.

I have limited knowledge of Windows NT (that figures !).
So far I made a directory shared on a WIN98 machine, gave it
a password, and all other WIN98 machines on the workgroup
could see it (if they provided the password).

What is the password that the NTs are asking for ?

The NT shares are set to be accessed by all in both NTFS and
"access through share" levels.

Thanks in advance.

A. Spyros

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A:NT does not allow WIN98 access to shared folders

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Hi everyone, first time poster... I've been looking for answers to my problem for a few days but with no success, so I joined this forum cause I think you guys might be able to help

So here's the situation:

I want to share folders between my Windows 7 desktop PC and my Windows Vista laptop. The files from my desktop can be accessed without any problems. But when I try to access the laptop's shared content from my desktop pc it says:

"you do not have permission to access \\Laptop\MyFiles. Contact your network administrator to request access."

The settings on both computers for sharing are:
Network discovery: ON
File sharing: ON
Public folder sharing: OFF
Printer sharing: ON
Password protected sharing: OFF
Media Sharing: OFF

Windows firewall is off and my personal firewall is set to trust all local connections.

I would appreciate any help on this, it's really frustrating.

Looking forward to your answers! Thanks in advance.

A:Can't access my laptop's shared folders

Shared Folders and Shared-Folder Permissions (check the security options and permissions first)

Shared folder permissions are used to restrict access to a folder or file that is shared over the network. Folder sharing is normally used to grant remote users access to file and folders over the network. Web sharing is used to grant remote users access to files from the Web if Internet Information Services (IIS) is installed.
Members of the Administrators or Power Users group can share folders on a Windows member server. You have to be a member of the Administrators or Server Operators group to share folders on a domain controller of a domain. Users that have the Create Permanent Shared Objects user right are able to share folders as well. To share folders on NTFS volumes, you have to minimally have the Read permission.
When folders are shared, it is important to keep in mind that you can share folders only, and not files. For users that are locally logged on to a computer, shared folder permissions are irrelevant. Shared folders that are moved are no longer shared. When shared folders are copied, the copy is not shared. The original shared folder however remains shared.

A few disadvantages associated with share permissions are listed below:
Shared folder permissions do not have as many permission options as NTFS permissions. The only shared folder permissions that can be assigned to users/groups are Read, Change, or Full Control.
Share permissions are not inheritable.
You ca... Read more

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I am having a problem sharing a folder on my local network.

Both PC's are using Windows XP Professional.
Both PC's can see each other fine.
I have simple file sharing disabled.

When I try to access the shared folder I get the following error message:

\\CATHY\Temp is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.
Access is denied.Click to expand...

Of course, if I grant permissions to 'EVERYONE' in the security tab, I can connect to share fine.

But I don't want that, I want to be asked for a username and password when I connect to the share.

Can anyone please help? This is driving me nuts!!! I don't know what permissions I need to set to be able to bring up username and password authentication.

A:Shared Folders: Access Denied

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I have XP SP3 with Norton 360 and I can access my shared drives.

I am sure their firewall is blocking but I do not understand the terminology. I do not want to unblock something that should be blocked.

Please advise


A:Norton 360 - can access my shared drives

Hi tuli01,

This is Mike from the Norton Authorized Support Team.

If you have a home network and are having problems accessing the shared drives, this is most likely due to a configuration problem on Windows and is not caused by the Norton Firewall. Make sure that the Windows Firewall is disabled though, as you never want to have more than one Firewall on at the same time or you may experience software conflicts. If it is currently enabled, disable it and then try to access the shared drives again.

If the Windows Firewall is already disabled, remove your current shares and then recreate them. You also want to make sure the User accounts are the same on both computers and that they are granted appropriate permissions. Next, temporarily disable the Norton Smart Firewall by right-clicking on the Norton 360 icon in the system Tray and choosing "Disable Smart Firewall." When the dialog appears, choose "Until System Restart." Now test your connectivity again. If you still cannot access your shared volumes then restart your computer, open Norton 360, select the "Settings" link, choose "Firewall" and then select the "Reset" button to reset the Firewall. Close out of the settings screen and then test your connectivity again.

Which version of Norton 360 do you have installed? You can determine this information by selecting "Help & Support" and then choose "About." The current version is version 4... Read more

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Hi, here's my problem. We have a network of half a dozen pcs using Win98, WinNT, and Win2000. They can all access shared drives without any problems. We've added another old pre-owned pc to the network, I've put in a new IP address, same sub-gateway mask, etc., logged on to the network using an existing username and password, but it won't connect. Originally it had Win 95 but I've now upgraded it to Win98. However it still has this problem.

When I go to Network Neighbourhood on the additional pc, the names of the others appear there inconsistently. Sometimes it shows none of them, sometimes a few of them, and sometimes all of them. When I click on one that is there to get to it's shared drive, folder or printer, it then says "\\pc 03 is not accessible. The computer or sharename could not be found. Make sure you typed it correctly and try again."

Also the new pc does not appear in network neighbourhood on any of the existing pcs.

However I CAN do ALL of the following:
Ping from the new pc to any of the others and also ping the new pc from the others.
Access the internet on the additional pc through one of the other pcs acting as a proxy server
Receive Vpop3 e-mail from one of the other pcs on the new pc.
Enter the new pcs name using "Find> Computer><new pc's name>" on one of the others, and then access THAT computer's shared drive.

I've run out of ideas, and don't know if it's a soft... Read more

A:Win98 pc can't access shared drives

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