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Boot failures, faulty hard drive?

Q: Boot failures, faulty hard drive?


A few months back I built myself a new PC and everything was working great for a month or so, no problems at all. However for the past few weeks I have been having trouble with (I assume) my hard drive and getting it to boot my OS (Win7 x64).

Heres what happens: I power up my PC and it goes through the "Asus Express Gate" and other "BIOS stuff" - I notice that my HDD doesnt appear in the Sata device list on the next screen it says "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key." So I restart and hit [Delete] to check my Boot Devices in the BIOS. My Samsung HDD does not appear anywhere as if it was disconnected. I open up the case to check the SATA and Power connectors which are all seated firmly in their sockets.

The first time this happened I "solved" the problem by plugging the HDD into a different SATA port on my MB. It booted up Windows fine for a couple of days but then the same thing happened again, and again I tried a different SATA port with the same results. I have been having this problem for around 2 months now and recently when I have tried reseating the SATA connector in a different port and rebooting it is not working right away and I have to try multiple ports with much rebooting in order to get it to work.

I have tried using the hard drives from my old PC which work fine and I was able to boot up Win XP. I checked all my drivers were up to date - which they were. So I was wondering whether any of you wonderful peoples had any ideas about what may be causing this problem and any suggestions on how to fix it. I suspect that I have a faulty hard drive but I'd like to try whatever I can before returning it...

Thank you for reading, any suggestions will be much appreciated!


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Preferred Solution: Boot failures, faulty hard drive?

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


We have had a large number of Toshiba hard drive failures with-in the last three months. Anyone have any knowledge of the issue?
1. General instability (windows freezing, system unresponsiveness, application crashes)
2. Extremely slow response
Running the built-in BIOS diagnostic turns up one of the following error codes on the hard drive component:

Some specifics on our environment:
Windows 7 64-bit (standard image)
2.5" hard drive

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[Seriously need help] External hard disk causes hard drive failures & OS crashes
The thread is rather long. Only read what you think important. Skip the rest!

We have a serious but mysterious problem. We have spent already one week but drawing a blank.
Two hard drives have been crashed and failed (unreadable). One computer has hung a few times unexpectedly and had one weird restart (no memory dump produced).
I suspect all the recent problems have to do with the new USB external hard disk (Buffalo MiniStation Lite: HD-PE250U2).

Formatting USB external hard disk
Originally I would like to use the program given by Buffalo to format the external drive once but we failed. We simply used Windows to reformat the drive into NTFS. I did not use the TurboSpeed advertised by Buffalo, or run its free program.

Case A: Multi-transfer causes system crashes?
The first time we met the problem.
We were trying to help a friend to backup data on an old drive, about a few years old. We plugged in the Buffalo USB portable hard drive and transferred a whole lot of files to the drive. Several cop/cut-and-paste operations were active at that time. The whole system completely froze up. It doesn't respond at all. Only a hard restart could help.
Restarted. Tranferred again. Several cop/cut-and-paste operations were active.
Hard drive crashed - the beginning of the nightmare!
Windows restarted. Chkdsk was running. Saw many lines of messages with:
&... Read more

A:[Seriously need help] External hard disk causes hard drive failures & OS crashes

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About two weeks ago my hard drive disappeared from the BIOS menu list, I opened up my case, unplugged both cables from my hard drive and plugged it back in, it was working again.

Ever since then, when I start up a program or a game, I hear a click from my hard drive and my entire pc freezes for a few seconds or minutes.

I have never had this problem with ANY pc before. does anybody know what to do or how to fix this?
I host several servers with my pc, and every time this happens the whole server freezes and everyone disconnects.

A:Hard Drive Failures

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I had 2 hard drives that went bad on me. Someone told me that my hard drives are getting too hot. IF this is the case (I think it might be), can someone give me advice on how to keep hard drives cool?


A:Hard drive failures

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My computer is made up of a 3.06 GHZ p4, 1 GB ram, and most importantly 3 hard drives:
1. C & E Drives: 80 GB hard drive with 2 equal partitions of 40 GB each. Windows is installed on c:\windows

2. D drive: 120 GB hard drive, but after a crash and a format 90 GB magically dissappeared with no trace... Im left with 30 GB of usuable space

3. J drive: 250 GB external Lacie Hard Drive


The computer would start up fine, and then it would freeze unexpectendly and I would hear screeching sounds from the drive. When I restart the PC it freezes before Windows is loaded and some other times a screen appears informing me that Slave Hard Disk drive 3 has failed. It seems to me that the drive is not defunct yet but is certainley causing some problems. I dont think that its a power failure or anything similar because I have not opened up the case for monthes now.

Any insight would be appreciated!

P.S. I would also like if anyone explained to me why 90 GB of my precious hard disk space has vanished from my 'D' Drive?

A:Hard Drive Failures

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I've been having a serious run of bad luck (or gremlins/ whatever) with Hard Drives on the machine I built a year ago last summer (July 2006). Its my BlackBeauty machine which is based on an Asus M2N32SLI mainboard with an X2 - 4400 processor with a Zalman 9500 cooler, 2x1GB Corsair DDR2-800 in an Antec SOLO case equiped with 2x 92mm Nexus Case Fans IN and 1x 120mm Nexus Case Fan OUT and originally a pair of 75GB Raptors and a pair of 250 GB Samsung SATA Spinpoints, running Windows XP Pro. The machine has performed quite well, very quiet, very smooth and no problems other than I am losing HDDs left and right. I originally had my OS and any utilities on one of the Raptors and my primary software (CAD) on the other. After 8 months, last February 2007, the Raptor with the OS on it died suddenly with no warning. I had barely gotten the OS up and running on the other Raptor when italso died. I mean, nothing, wouldn't even spin up. Neither of them. Just a soft click when the power came on and nothing. Just a side note, I bought the Raptors brand new in an unopened box from the local Best Buy. So I got a Seagate 750GB SATA, one of the perpendicular memory HDDs, again from the local Best Buy, and installed it. Nice drive, very quick, quiet and simply huge. All is good and well, until a week and a half ago, when the Seagate died, again with virtually no warning, just a couple of lockups and then no boot. No noise, nothing. I did manage to offload most of the more vital stuff... Read more

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Hi folks,

I could use some help with ideas!

Last October, I built my own PC with parts from NewEgg.com. I won't go into the whole setup yet (unless someone thinks it may be relevant), but basically it's an Intel processor, an ASUS motherboard, a SSD as the main OS drive, and a regular ol' hard disk for storing the data. Windows 7 64-bit OS.

Everything went well, and the new system flies. A few months later, I ran into a problem where all of a sudden, the OS wouldn't recognize the boot drive. Sometimes it would happen in the middle of working on the system. Everything would lock up, and then when I cold rebooted, it couldn't find a boot disk. Then, magically, it started working again. This happened several times. I'd try running the Windows repair, and it would find that there was no valid boot sector, or some such. Sometimes running the Windows repair would make everything start working again, sometimes not. If I got it working again, the status of the disk was fine. No loss of data or anything. Eventually, after much gnashing of teeth, I came to the conclusion that the SSD drive was bad. Seemed unlikely, but Corsair graciously replaced it.

While I was waiting for the replacement, I swapped in another regular ol hard drive in its place. Everything worked swimmingly, and because I couldn't afford the downtime/hassle, I have yet to swap the SSD back in. Only now, it's doing the same thing again! Exact same symptoms, exact same unpre... Read more

A:Mystery hard drive failures

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Recently I have had a series of hard drive failures. Three different hard drives have failed in the past month, two of them new. Each hard drive failed the same way, initially the MoBo would not detect the hard drive, I would then change the Sata port and it would be detected again. The hard drive would then start failing during use, as a result the computer would just reboot and I would be left with a non system disk error in bios. After that any attempt to use the hard drive fails because of many many bad sectors on the disk. What I need to know most is, what is causing the problem and is there any way to fix these bad sectors (I have used the Vista built in disk check to no avail.

A:Series of Hard Drive Failures

Have a look here: Tutorial: No POST (Power On System Test)

In particular to Benchtesting and cleaning your computer of dust (if it's a PC)

Also the power disperse should avoid you changeing Sata ports all the time

Let me know how it all goes

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I consider myself relatively computer savvy, and I even talked to my IT-professional soon-to-be brother-in-law... but now I turn to you, BleepingComputer. I really need help here.Short Version:I keep all of my personal files on an external hard drive. That 1TB hard drive was getting full, so I bought a new 2.5TB hard drive. I start working from the files on the new drive. After about 30 seconds or so, folders just show as 0 bytes and "There are no files in this folder". The hard drive works on other computers (HP laptop) but not my Dell desktop. This has happened (sort of) with three different, brand new external hard drives. What would cause this?Super Long VersionI'm running a Dell Precision T5400 workstation with Windows 7 64Bit Home Premium. I keep two 1TB redundant drives at all times, synced monthly via SyncToy. The 1TB drives were filling up so I bought two 2TB Seagate external drives. And then this string of events happened:1) Copied all of the data from the 1TB to a 2TB SEAGATE drive. 2) SyncToy'ed them to ensure that all of the data was definitely there.3) Retired the old 1TB drive.4) Began to duplicate the 2TB drive to the other 2TB drive. 5) In the middle of copying, I received the error, (something like) "Cannot copy files as the source file no longer exists". 6) Checked Disk Manager, and the 2TB drive shows up as RAW format now?! It was originally NTFS. Search Seagate forums and you'll find that this is a common pro... Read more

A:Three Hard Drive Failures? Riddle me this.

Are you saying...that you have no system problems at all...unless you attempt to use external hard drives?


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Hi,I have a hp evvy 15 j101tx with the following specs:Intel core i7 4702mq8gb ram1tb hdd with 24gb msata cache1920 X 1080 FHD touchscreen panelNvidia gt 750m with 4gb ddr3 dedicated video memory.However, My laptop has been constantly having issues to do with hard drive failure. I bought the laptop in May 2013 and i have replaced my hard drives six times so far. Even the last SSD(Crucial 256GB) that i used failed. Is there a problem with the motherboard or the laptop?? Note: I am now using the 24gb msata as boot drive since a hard drive rplacement only lasts for approximately six months and then dies.  

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Has anyone encountered problems with hard drives failing in 790's? Had loads of these go in the last few weeks. And conveniently just a few weeks after the 3 year warranty had expired. Slap a new hard drive in and re-image and they're back up and running again. But a colleague said one of them was the second time in 3 months that a hard drive had to be replaced.
Always this model. We have older Dells, HP's, etc, which rarely fail.

Wonder if it's a similar scenario to the one about 10 years ago when a peeved employee set something or other so capacitors started to blow after he left the company (so I heard from a Dell techie). GX280 was it?

A:Hard drive failures on Dell Optiplex 790

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I've looked around for an answer to my question, but haven't been successful in finding an answer, so I thought I would post it here.

I've got a WD 120GB IDE HDD, manufactured Jan 2003, that has suffered not one, but two data corruption failures over the past several years, and I'm wondering if there is something wrong with the drive, and further, I'm wondering if it is safe to wipe it clean and reuse it again.

Background: The 1st corruption failure occurred back in 2009 and I actually started a thread on it here. To make a long story short, it was a storage drive that was formatted in FAT32, and the WinXP machine it was installed in lost complete access to the files stored on it. It passed all diagnostic tests thrown at it at the time. Lo and behold, when I connected it to a Win98 machine, all files became visible and were recovered. I wiped the drive and reformatted it in NTFS and placed it back in the WinXP machine from where it was originally installed, and everything seemed to be working fine, although the computer was not used very often. I don't think it is necessary, but if you want more details, you can review the thread here.

Fast forward to recently. The same WinXP computer began losing access to the same drive, along with another IDE drive on the same ribbon cable. I removed both drives, and discovered the WD 120GB IDE HDD had a corrupted Master File Table (MFT). Again, it passed all mechanical diagnostic tests thrown at it. Since ... Read more

A:Multiple Hard Drive Data Failures

I would guess that since the drive is 12 years old its probably at the end of its life. i wouldnt trust using in any computer because its just a matter of time before it goes completely.finding an ide drive isnt going to be easy and they arent cheap.

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I have a 2010 Macbook, and within the last year, I have had two different hard drives fail after being installed. The first HDD lasted around 4 or 5 months after I installed it (upgrading from 250GB to 1TB) before symptoms began appearing (crashes, kernel panics). Thinking I had just gotten unlucky, I ordered another, different, 1TB HDD, which in the last week had a sudden, catastrophic failure. According to Apple's support pages, in the recent failure's specific case, this type of failure may possibly occur after a power interruption, which I attributed it to, as the laptop had run out of battery, then crashed completely on waking up. However, after seeking advice on other forums, I was told that it is much more likely that the HDD itself is just faulty. Assuming that it is simply that the hard drive has failed due to its own faults, I have now had two hard drives fail in a row. Is this just bad luck, or is there any possibility that something about my laptop is causing this behaviour?

The only ideas I had for possible causes are that I upgraded the RAM in the laptop around the same time as I installed the first drive, though when running a piece of software (Memtest or something similar?) when this drive failed, I was told that the RAM was functioning. The other possibility is my own treatment of the laptop, as I rarely power it down, and regularly carry it in my bag whilst on, although closed over. I am, however, slightly skeptical about this being the cause as ... Read more

A:Two hard drive failures in one year - Just bad luck?

Well 2 HDD going so soon is rare but can happen. First carrying it round while ON means that the drive is spinning and if you knock it about can damage the drive...this may or may not be the problem. The original drive may have taken knocks better and it was more robust. A solid state Drive would be great in this case but are very expensive. Your drives are under warranty a least. Try another HDD and turn it off when carrying it round and see if you have any problems as a test.

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I am currently attempting to wipe my entire hard drive for my compaq presario pc. I have Derik's boot and nuke but after a minute or so after boot up, an error would pop up stating "dban finished with non fatal errors". Clearly it had not wiped anything on the hard drive and I was stumped. I had used DBAN to wipe a Dell inspiron with no problems but it just isn't working for the compaq. I downloaded killdisk free and booted it on my computer and wiped the hard drive but I am also aware that killdisk is not as thorough as DBAN. Once it was done wiping the hard drive (which took a little under 2 hours, which seemed way too soon to be finished to me) I inserted my windows 7 disc. At first it showed the windows files are loading phrase, with the loading bar, but then a screen appears and says "windows failed to start, a recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem:
1. Insert you windows installation disc and restart your computer.
2.Choose your language settings, and then click "next"
3.Click "repair your computer"

If you do not have this disc, contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance.

Info:windows failed to load because a critical system driver is missing, or corrupt.

if i choose to continue, a screen will appear with the windows symbol and states "starting windows". Then it takes me back to the ... Read more

A:Attempts at wiping hard drive failures

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Okay, I thought that I had it. Started having S.M.A.R.T. messages at boot. So, I figured that I could use a new hard drive. I followed the directions, created a backup to a clean, formatted USB flash drive. Successful backup. A rescue disk was also burned.

Took my brand new hard drive, connected it up. Inserted my rescue desk, connected my USB, and started the restore. 90 mins later, failure. "Error details: The operation failed due to device error encountered with either the source or the destination. If the source or destination volume is on a disk run CHKDSK /R on the source or destination volume, and then retry the operation. (0x8078012D). I did as suggested, no errors noted. 90 mins later. Repeat failure.

Any ideas? Cloning software?

A:Hard drive failing. Trying to replace. Restore failures.

You have a disk error. You have to fix that first as was suggested.

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Starting in February of this year, hard drives in our Optiplex 9030 AIO's began failing at an alarming rate.  We're now up to 11% of all of our 9030 AIO's that have had the hard drive fail in just 4 months time.  The symptoms of a hard drive failure are:

1. General instability (windows freezing, system unresponsiveness, application crashes)
2. Extremely slow response
3. Computer boots to an option to repair windows, which always fails

Running the built-in BIOS diagnostic turns up the following error codes on the hard drive component:

We're actively working to contact our account manager with an analysis of all of these failures, but I can't believe it's just our organization having the issue.  Anyone else out there in IT land having this issue?  I can't get any more specific about these failures and the hard drive manufacturer's involved, because our organization's remote offices are spread out through a large geographic area, and physical inspection of the failed unit isn't possible.

Some specifics on our environment:
Windows 7 64-bit (standard image)
2.5" hard drive
Age of system: 1 yr 2 months
Work environment: Clerical cubicle in a temperature-controlled office environment

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I have a 2nd hard drive ( 120Mb) that I installed about 1 year ago. It's been that's working fine until about 2 months ago. I cannot write to it; get disk write error blue screen. I have no problems reading. It passes all the disk dianostics I could find, including powermax.

Any ideas?



A:Hard drive write failures; reads fine

Hi and welcome. I'm going to assume you mean 120 gigs, not megs.

What does the blue screen read? Disk write error? Sometimes diagnostics pass, but the drive is bad. I'd try to RMA it.

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Hello,I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but I'm running out of options.I'm very lost as to how to contact hp support about my issue. I went through the support page and searched my product and got to the 'Contact Options' page. However there was no contact options available to me just a confirmation that my product is still under warranty until it's expiration date.I opened a support case in a commercial product section (I thought it was a personal product section for some reason) and got an email back saying to ring customer support.I rang the customer support number and followed through to the correct line which said that I need to open a customer support ticket before calling. I'm not sure where to go from here.I was using my laptop with a few programs open. Disk was at 100% when windows crashed. No error message opened but windows Explorer, start menu and taskbar were all unresponsive. I restarted and the laptop was unable to boot windows. I could reach the login/lockscreen but once I entered my password it was stuck at a login loop.I booted into safe mode to attempt to uninstall recently installed programs to see if that would fix the issue. It would boot into the desktop however, Windows Explorer was again unresponsive. I tried window+r to reach msconfig to configure a clean startup but that failed to load. Task manager failed to open as well as the start menu.I tried restarting a few times as well as removing the battery to drain the capacitors of el... Read more

A:Faulty Hard Drive

I will ask a Moderator to escalate your issue. A failed hard disk is covered under warranty. You may be asked to provide the hardawre fail code that the test gave you. I hope you have your recovery media available. You will need the recovery media  to recover the notebook to its factory delivered state.

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I hope someone can help me out here......

I built my own pc a few weeks ago....everything is fine....UNTIL NOW...:-(

My main hard drive is a western digital caviar 120GB, special edition 8MB cache....and the computer boots from this....problem is a couple of days ago when i press the buttons to start the computer everything fires up fine apart from the hard drive...

It seems to go really slow....scratching louder than normal, and seems to only scratch twice a second, funny thing is it still boots but really really slowly.....!!!!

Is this a faulty hard drive or a power start up problem...?

All i do is switch on at the mains then switch the pc on.....

Last time it happened i let it startup then shut it down, and started up again and it was fine.....

This time i just pulled the plug and started again, and it was fine...!

Whats up with my poor hard drive....?

I have it in a caddy, fixed into one of the 5 inch drive bays, this caddy has two built in fans, and one of them makes a noise when i first start it....could this fan have something to do with it, such as vibration or something.....?



A:Is my hard drive Faulty?????

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If someone can help me that would be great. Yesterday a work computer only had two applications running and it completely froze up. When we restarted the computer the following message appeared:

"windows could not start because of an error in hte software, please report this problem as: load needed DLL's for Kernel"

We tried repairing Windows XP and then reformatting the system. Nothing seemed to be working. Dell is telling us that we need a new hard drive. The computer is only a year old. Does this make sense or does anyone have a suggestion on how to try and repair?


A:Faulty Hard Drive??

From the hard drive's manufacturer's web site, download and run the diagnostic tool.

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Hi, i've recently bought a seagate momentus 7200.3 from ebay and when i try to copy my hard drive to it using norton ghost, i'm getting the error EC8F17B3.

"Cannot complete copying of (C:\) drive. Error EC8F0409: Cannot copy source drive to destination location. Warning A7C30019: The type of errors encountered indicate that this hard disk drive is about to fail. It is recommended that this drive be replaced soon. To ignore this error and backup this drive, select "Ignore bad sectors during copy" from the advanced options in the Drive Backup Wizard. Error E7C3000F: Device \\?\SymantecSnapshot0 cannot read 12288 sectors starting at LBA 174724072. Error EBAB03F1: Data error (cyclic redundancy check).
Details: 0xA7C30019"

Just wondering what this means and if theres anyway around it? Problem with the drive maybe? Also i've been running the copy and selecting "Ignore bad sectors during copy".

Regards, Dave.

A:Faulty hard drive?

Sounds like a bad drive.

Free Hard Drive Testing Applications:

Manufacturer's Tests
Victoria for DOS
Victoria for Windows (Both versions of Victoria are among the best and most thorough tests available.)
HD Tune
CheckDisk 1.03 (Marks bad sectors as unusable.)
HDAT2 (Diagnostics and bad sector recovery)
MHDD Low-level Diagnostics
Bootable Hitachi Drive Fitness Test Floppy or CD Image (works on most drives)

Hard Drive Manufacturers' Diagnostic Utilities Links:


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Iíve a Fujitsu MHR2020AT hard drive in a Samsung P10 laptop, itís re-badged as an RM Professional P10 but I donít think that should be relevant hereÖ

The drive is very noisy but only intermittently. This can happen when the laptop is being used or when itís just doing nothing. On checking Task Manager I canít find anything running that would cause the drive to be accessed.

Ordinarily Iíd assume the drive was failing but Iíve a couple of these drives. I recently bought a replacement (an used one) off Ebay and that was no better. The seller was very apologetic and immediately sent me a replacement which Ė guess what Ė was pretty much the same !!!. This was cheap so not even worth sending back.
Now I find it hard to believe Ė though itís still possible Ė that all four are duff drives. So I went looking for some disc diagnostic software on the Ďnet. I tried a couple, including SeaTools for Windows but the only one that ran properly was DiscCheckup from PassMark. Iíve been using that running short and extended self tests but it doesnít highlight any problems.

Iím intrigued that the disc apparently runs when I wouldnít be expecting it to be doing anything. Device Manager tells me its using a Microsoft driver 5.1.2535.0 dated 2001. Would a Fujitsu driver help? Iíve tried to update but couldnít find anything newer.

Anyone any ideas Ė apart from throw all the drives away!!

A:Faulty hard drive(s)

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I have recently bought a brand new Western Digital Caviar Green 1TB hard drive and have had no end of trouble with it since the moment I installed it.

The initial problems were the hard drive (which is being used as a slave) not being detected by XP every time, necessitating repeated re-boots until it showed up. After that it started prompting a check disk on boot-up, which on one occasion found problems with some file record segments and had to recover files. The next check disk after that showed no bad sectors.

After that event my PC became unable to boot windows at all, stopping on a black screen just before the desktop should have appeared, necessitating more repeated re-boots until the PC started, sometimes showing the new drive successfully and sometimes not.

I ran the Western Digital Lifeguard Diagnostic program and my hard drive passed.

After working fine for two days the hard drive started playing up again, going through the previous antics, but this time appearing in My Computer as a hard drive, but no reported size. Upon re-boot it would prompt a check disk, then find a corrupt Master File table and then abort. At this point my new hard drive is completely useless and inaccessible.

I tried using TestDisk to repair the problem but the back-up mirror file was also corrupt. I have managed to salvage some files from it using the Zero Assumption Recovery program (which took nearly 24 hours to complete its scan and verification), but the question still remains. Is... Read more

A:Is My New Hard Drive Faulty

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Hard drive has packed up exactly one year old . The seller and hp are both not admitting liability for the goods that are not fit for purpose. I am now 4 weeks past the warranty and I am still no further with hp

A:Faulty hard drive

What do you want to do? We can't get HP to give you a new hard drive so would you like help getting one in the market and installing it?

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Ok, so the other day, my external hard drive fell to the ground and I could not get it to turn back on. I tried again yesterday with no success. I ordered a SATA hard drive enclosure thinking it was just the hardware in my external hard drive that was bad. Well I went and plugged it into a SATA enclosure and all I get is 5 beeps as if its trying but nothing ends up happening....is it possible that the hard drive itself is done??? I have tons and tons of stuff on there that I cannot lose...Any help would be great guys. Thanks!

A:HELP Faulty Hard drive??

It is possible that the fall damaged the hard drive read/write heads, the hardware that positions the heads, and/or possibly the disc surfaces as well. This is particularly true if the drive was powered up at the time of the fall.

If this is true, it will cost you big bucks to have a data recovery company take the drive apart and attempt to recover all or some of data from the the disc platters.

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For the last few weeks I have had some issues with my PC I built myself a couple of years ago. The main thing is that if I let my PC sit for 10-15 minutes, when I come back to log back in, my display gets huuuge to the lowest resolution, and I usually get a "parser error message saying "value creation failed at line 422 or line 903". What is all this? Also, the computer has been running a lot slower that it used to, Photoshop will freeze, defragging will leave half the drive still fragmented, so just a bunch of annoying problems that only a restart seems to fix. Please advise, thank you all.

A:Is my hard drive or OS faulty?

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hi there, right basicaly i have a 40gb hdd which i store all my music on, one minute this drive was fine, the next i rebooted and the drive woudlnt work during post the comp picks up an ide drive on master, and even loads the drives name etc but the system just seems 2 hang then. any ideas what courses this? ive tried the drive in 3 other systems with exactly the same symptoms so i dont think its a hardware conflict. ive got a new hdd now but what i am keen to do is to access the drive and copy the files from it as there is approx 35gb of music on there

if you require anymore info ill try to provide it

thanks in advance, russ

A:Faulty Hard-Drive?

Put the drive in a freezer bag and chill it right down for an hour , then try again.

Sometimes works, and if it does then extract everything you can. It may be your only access chance.

If nothing else, you perhaps realise now that a HDD is only temporary storage, and must be backed up. They are cheaper these days but the quality and longevity has not improved.

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Hello, Ive just put a second hard-drive in my pc for storage. It works fine apart from it keeps dissapearing from My Computer & I have to reboot to get it to appear in the drive list.
Also Ive tried to find it in disc management & disc management wont load & just gives me this error 'Unable to connect to logical disc manager service' and 'the dependancy service or group faled to start'

Also compmanagement keeps freezing up when I ask to look at removeable storage.

Ive looked in the event log & about an hour ago I had this log ' An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk0\D during a paging operation.'

Do you think the hard drive may be faulty?

A:Hard drive dissappearing from My Computer - faulty drive?

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Hello. I built my PC about two years ago and it runs pretty well. I turn it off a few times a week and use it every day.

But recently I have been having problems.
1. I turned off my computer before I went to work
2. Came home and turned the computer on.
3. When I entered my login password I got some "Domain could not be found" error and it took me back to the login page.
4. I tried to find a fix for this but was unable to so I gave up.

5. I installed a new copy of XP on a different partion of my hard drive (I split my hard drive up into two different partions when I built it for an installation of linux which I never got round to installing).
6. I've been using this new copy of windows for about a week, but a few days ago I have been having troubles again.

7. I turn on my computer, and it comes to the "select an operating system" screen.

8. If I choose the OS that I was using previously, I get to the log in screen and it just tells me that it could not conect to the remote host, which is expected since I haven't tried to fix it again since.

9. If I choose the NEW OS that I recently installed and press enter then the screen goes dark and then nothing happens. I have on several ocassions left it on this screen for a long time without any kind of change... But the strange thing is the computer is still on and its being all noisy and computery in terms of how it sounds...

10. So my question is... Do I have a faulty hard drive?

(By the way ... Read more

A:Faulty Hard drive? Or does XP just really suck

You can run diagnostics on the drive to rule out failure:

Depending on the brand:

Samsung http://www.samsung.com/global/business/hdd/support/utilities/Support_HUTIL.html
Seagate/Maxtor/Quantum http://www.seagate.com/www/en-us/support/downloads/seatools/
Western Digital http://support.wdc.com/download/
IBM/Hitachi http://www.hgst.com/hdd/support/download.htm#DFT
fujitsu/Seimens http://www.fcpa.fujitsu.com/download/hard-drives/#diagnostic
IBM/Hitachi http://www.hgst.com/hdd/support/download.htm#DFT

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Windows boots and works fine except for a few occasional blue screens and freezes. But I went to go check out my hard drive today and I noticed a few scorch marks on the chip on the underside. It was on the middle and on the grey metal piece. It was brown a bit. I'm wondering if this may cause problems. I have tried running seatools and it came up with 0 errors.

A:Is my hard drive faulty/broken?

Do you have any idea how long the scorch marks have been there?

In particular, have they been there longer than you have had blue screens?

If the drive passes all Seatools tests and behaves OK in operation, it's difficult to make a case for it being defective.

Have you run a benchmark on the drive?

Barring more info, I'd assume the blue screens and freezes are unrelated.

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Hello guys,

When I plug in my 80GB External HD USB drive it turns all other devices off etc and doesn't work. Is it faultly?

A:Is my External hard-drive faulty?

What other devices are turned off?

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Hey everyone!

So, I recently picked up this external hard drive from a friend, who was having some issues with it. From his first description I thought I would be able to solve it myself, but it turns out the problem is way more complex and unknown to me than I had thought.

Here's what's up:

1-The Hard drive, is a standard external one connected to the PC via a standard USB cable ( One regular USB connector on the PC side and a small one, I believe they are refered to as 'mini-USB Type B' on the drive's side).

2-When connected to the PC it shows up like an internal hard drive, strangely, not with the external devices.

3-It cannot be browsed or accessed in any other way, the windows explorer will either, load -extremely- slowly, without success, OR freeze OR simply say it cannot be accessed.

4-The furthest I got in terms of interacting with it, was to uninstall and reinstall it via disk manager.

5-All other attempts fail, formatting is impossible as a right click leads to the problems described in point 3. (I tried to format after uninstalling/installing the drive, since a message came up telling me to do so, eventhough I was planning to do it anyway).

6-The drive brand is completely unknown to me, it was purchased in Hong Kong and bears the label 'Buffalo'.

Any feedback or ideas on this topic are more than welcome

Thanks in advance & looking forward to some help


A:Faulty Ext. Hard Drive, no access.


Are you able to access this drive from the command prompt? If so, try a chkdsk /R on it and lets see if that improves access.


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Has anyone experienced frequent hard drive failures on Dell Latitude D400/D600 series laptops?

A:Hard drive failures on Dell Latitude D400/D600 laptops

Had mine for 3 years trouble free. Just change to a Thinkpad.

There seems to be more failure in the laptop 2.5" hard disks than the 3.5" units in the desktops.

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My PC's hard drive recently failed and had to be replaced. Thankfully, I had a bit of warning, as the drive had been acting strangely for a while, so I'd backed up pretty-much everything that's important to me before the failure.

However, there is one email that I received just before the crash and which is very important to me. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to back this up. I would like to try to retrieve this email from off of the faulty drive and have read quite widely on the internet that one way of possibly gaining temporary access to a faulty drive is to place the faulty drive in some ziplock bags to exclude moisture and then to deep freeze it, afterwhich, and once reconnected, it just may work for long enough to back up important docs.

Some say to freeze the drive for 24 hours and some say for at least a week, but my question is, no matter how long the drive is frozen for, does it actually help it to work, or is it just a joke, with me being so stupid as to believe it?

I mean, surely after re-connection, and once the frozen drive begins to warm back up, water droplets may form on its suface and circuitry, which certainly wouldn't bode well for continued operation when connected to a 12 volt supply. When all is said and done, I would like to retrieve my lost data, but not at the expense of turning my entire PC into toast!

Let's suppose I keep the freshly frozen drive out of the PC case, let's say, on an antistatic bag, and ... Read more

A:Accessing Data On Faulty Hard Drive

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My sister dropped my laptop and I am worried I may have a faulty hard drive.

Is there any good tool out there which can thoroughly check my Hard Drive for ANY error at all?


A:Dropped my Laptop may have faulty Hard Drive

Use something like SeaTools to check condition of HDD, link to download here

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I saw the following post relating to a batch of faulty hard drives and was wondering whether anyone is able to confirm the validity of this issue: https://m.reddit.com/r/sysadmin/comments/2x9h2f/hgst_500gb_drive_failures/?ref=search_posts I purchased a Lenovo L530 a few years ago and have had endless problems with the machine. Every 6-8 weeks, it just wont boot up and I have to reinstall the OS. I had taken it in for repairs, indicating that I suspected the hard drive as the root cause of my problem, but the drive was never replaced. Needless to say, the problems have never been resolved, so I was very interested when I came across the aforementioned posting indicating that the problem was due to faulty hard disks installed in a large batch of machines manufactured around 27th April 2013 (the same time as my L530 was manufactured).  If there is any truth to this posting, I really feel I've been taken for a ride, as the HDD should have been replaced whilst still under warranty when I initially took the machine in for repairs.

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Hi all,

I have exactly the same problem with my sons Sony Vaio laptop as the member in thread:


The Hard drive is a Seagate ST9160821AS but having looked on the net it would appear this model is not made anymore.

Does anyone know of a different model HDD that I could purchase that would be compatible with this laptop.

Any help would be appreciated.



A:Sony Vaio Faulty Hard Drive

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Last year i built a computer with an intel DG33tl motherboard, quad core q6700 processor and seagate barracuda hard drive. From the beginning Vista seemed to be having alot of problems, but didnt think anything of it cause, well... its vista. The problems were windows explorer stopped working this happened alot, alot. So recently ive been having problems with booting up, it freezes before windows can reach the log in stage. Sometimes if i let it sit a few days and replug in the SATA it will load up but eventually crashes. It does alot of memory dumping too. And i have changed the SATA cable ive tried that already. So my question is do you think it is the motherboard or the Hard drive. Ive already ruled out vista i really doubt its that. My assumtion is that it is the motherboard, i did some research and found out other people had problems with the board too. If there is any questions that will help narrow down the possibility of whats wrong, feel free to ask. Thank you.

A:Solved: Faulty Motherboard or Hard Drive

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My laptop HD failed after 16 months ! Not good

Purchased an identical Toshiba HD (1 TB) and installed it. Booted Win 10 64bit on DVD. When trying to add Windows 10 onto the new hard drive, I am getting the following message from the Win 10 installation DVD:-

"Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk has an MBR partition table. On EFI systems, Windows can only be installed to GPT Disk"

Looking at the information on the new hard drive, is showing the following:-

Name: Drive 0 Partition 1
Total Size: 931.5 GB
Free Space: 931.3 GB
Type: Logical

Could somebody please advise me what steps I need to take to be able to install Windows 10 onto the new hard drive ?

Thank you for your time.


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A:Dell Warranty - Faulty Hard Drive

Good question!

First, what brand is the hard drive? Just about every manufacturer has their own diagnostic software. Go to their site and download it, and test the hard drive yourself.

Then, if you feel you should still send it in, wipe it clean first, using tools such as Eraser.

Hope this helps,

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Iíve just updated my Win XP PC to Vista. All was going well with the installation (full clean install) until I came to choose which drive to load Vista onto. My C: drive had a yellow warning triangle next to it and I was informed my hard drive was about to fail.

Thinking this could be a glitch I chose to install Vista anyway. All was going well until a few hours later Vista informed me that the HD was failing and I should backup my data. This message repeated several times over the next couple of hours and eventually I got an option to disable it, which I did.

Now, the HD was brand new in Dec Ď06 and I had no problems what so ever in XP (apart from maybe a slow transfer rate a few times when I backed up large quantities of data to my 500Gb external drive). So, is this just a software glitch? Or should I RMA the drive?

My System consists of:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6300
MB: Gigabyte GA 945P-S3, i945P
RAM: 2x 1Gb PC5300
PSU: Akasa 500W
GPU: 7900GTO 512Mb
HD: 250Gb Samsung SP2504C SpinPoint P120


A:Vista Reports Hard Drive as Faulty!!!

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I had purchased a Seagate SATA 160 GB some months back. It died within 3 months. It was in warranty, so i got a replacement. The replacement HD looked brand new, and packed in an antistatic bag.

Today, i took out the hard drive and connected it to my PC. On starting the PC, it started to give a strange spinning noise, and i could hear faint clicks. I checked in the BIOS. It took sometime before i could get into the BIOS... the red HD led was on constantly, like it happens with a bad HD. After a delay, i got into BIOS, but the HD was not detected in the BIOS. I checked the connections, and tried again. Again not detected in BIOS.

I had two SATA power connectors, and 3 SATA cables. I tried all of them. Same result. I could hear faint clicking, and BIOS didnt detect the HD.
I have 4 SATA ports. I started to change ports. Two ports... didnt work.

Then on 3rd port, I was able to get into BIOS without any delay, and without the constant HD led glowing. And there was no clicking sound, and the HD was detected in the BIOS. I shut down, checked again. It was detected again.

Then i did diagnostic check on the HD with the seagate tools CD. It passed both the short and long tests. When i did the acoustic test two times, both the time drive spins, and it makes a faint click at the last.

Now am confused... should i keep this HD or should i take it for replacement again? I could hear faint clicking first, and no detection of the drive when i tried earlier few times. But after that, the... Read more

A:Solved: New Sata Hard Drive: Faulty?

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I bought an XPS 8900 for Christmas - I work from home and teach online - computer engineering and databases no less.
So I now have an 850$ boat anchor on my hands.  Hard drive died a week ago - Dell sent onsite tech to replace.  Guy took 5 minutes, said You'll be fine. Thing died in about 10 minutes, saying "Windows could not complete the installation."   Rinse and repeat - second hard drive installed today - Guy took 5 minutes, said "You'll be fine."  Thing died again after 5-10 minutes.  "Windows could not complete the installation."
The first failure, Dell supervisor in India (surprise, surprise), said they would replace my computer - well I guess Dell allows their supervisors to lie through their teeth.   After FOUR HOURS ON THE PHONE with Dell (guess where folks ???) the tech person finally threw up their hands - they could not figure out what was going on.
I am now told to JUST PUT IT IN A BOX and send it to the address I'm supposed to receive in an email.  They will Repair it AND SEND IT BACK TO ME.  This company and their tech support is an absolute joke.
I Will NEVER EVER EVER buy another Dell.  Period.

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Hello Everyone, help/advice needed please

I have a HP laptop that had 1TB c drive.
i partitioned it into two further drives ( Drive E and Drive F), both had been assigned a drive letter

3 weeks ago my laptops hard drive became faulty and i sent it off to repair with Knowhow. I asked my data to be recovered before they put in a new one.
So what they did was only save what was on my C drive which was hardly anything. and NOTHING of my other two important drives, E,F was saved at all.

I phoned them up and spoke to the IT section and they said they will send the faulty hard drive back and for me to return it back to them via the store with an external hard drive so it can be recovered.

so what i want to know is can the data be recovrerd as EVERYTHING was saved on those two drives.
I have been told various things. One said it cant be recovered because the main C drive was partitioned
and someone else said it can be
i do regular backups but since begining of this year i have not been able to as i was hospitalised in ICU and everything i did before that i didnt manage to backup and now i fear all that has been lost.
can anyone reassure me that it will be recovwred

A:Recover Data from Faulty Hard Drive thats been partitioned

As long as the 3 partitions where not over-written by "Knowhow" the data should all be intact and readable to the extent that the drive is readable..

when you get your old HDD back - purchase a HDD to USB external adapter - and you should be able to access the data..
to copy it over to another HDD > that is what they are going to do..

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Ok here's my situation. I have a computer that will not boot up. So I want to check the hard drive on it to see if it is the hard drive that is kaput. I have another computer. However the working computer is using an SATA cable with it's hard drive. There is however an open place to put in a 40 pin ribbon cable. Can I just take the ribbon cable out of the faulty computer and plug it into the motherboard on the working computer. Or will this cause problems? All I want to do is see if the faulty computer's have drive is junk or not.Thanks.

A:Testing out a HARD DRIVE from a faulty computer to see if it works or not.

Make sure the old cable is an 80 wire 40 pin. The empty controller in the newer computer may also need to be turned on in the bios.

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