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pavilion webcam linux

Q: pavilion webcam linux

Hi I just installed Ubuntu 16 on a HP Pavilion dv1000. Everything works well, except my webcam. I have spent countless hours searching for and installing linux drivers, but no luck. Starting to think that it may be a hardware issue? Can anyone help me try to troubleshoot this? Thanks...

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Preferred Solution: pavilion webcam linux

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I have just bought this lkaptop and the hardware is nice, but I do not want to run Windows. Simple, I thought, as it's a PC, I'll just install Ubuntu. Well, the boot from USB is UEFI and that is a bit of a pain to set up, and I can't get it to work. The Ubuntu 14 install disk I burnt is an EFI boot CD and it simply fails to boot. Using the F9 option I get aBoot device failed message in white text on a blue screen. When I try to boot through the boot menus I get a missing file at \ubuntu\winboot\. I have just created a Windows recovery disk and that seems to boot fine. It looks like the BIOS/UEFI is set up to only allow Windows to boot. I've bought a USB DVD drive and failed to boot from that, also two memory sticks and a HDD. So, questions, before I put the laptop in the bin: 1. Has anyone else got Linux onto this device and if so what image and procedure did you use to get the install to work? 2 Is there a way to get legacy mode booting set up in the BIOS (The BIOS mentions legacy support in the screens but its not there).  Andrew 

A:Linux on HP Pavilion x2 detachable PC 10

It seems that the hp x2 has a 32 bit uefi. So you'll need a 32bit uefi boot loader. Most distros I've seen just ship the 64 bit bootloader. There's a guy at debian who is trying to support this kind of thing - He's working on a netinst image for deb8. The current image he's published so far boots, but I can't get networking to work. Here's his blog (other good stuff there):http://blog.einval.com/debian/CDs Here's the deb image:http://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/unofficial/efi-development/jessie-upload3.Hth /markus 

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Hello, I tried to install Ubuntu & Android-x86 to my HP Pavilon X2. The OS is working but audio isn't working and battery percentage not showing. How can I fix it? (Model: HP Pavilion X2 Detachable 10-n101nt)

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Hi. I have wondered is my (quite) new laptop suitable for any linux? I did dualboot win10 and ubuntu 16.04 LTS but i have no idea why everything isnt working really well (I never had dualboot before, used only ubuntu). I might even want to have only linux in my computer but I dont know how to fix if something goes wrong, I have no experience in these things. I have tried to find imformation of what I should do, but I have no idea. I dont want to use only windows. If someone knows something or have a little time to help me, or to guide me in right forum or something, I thank you.  

A:HP pavilion notebook 15-ab150no and linux?

What part of Ubuntu is not working well? You have an AMD processor and AMD integrated video which is a bit challenging in Linux but can be made to work. Is wifi working?  I also prefer to have Linux available and on my latest laptop it was problematic to get it installed in a dual boot arrangement so I installed it in a Virtual Machine installation and that is generally enough Linux for my needs. 

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I apologize for being a bit of a newbie on the subject, but I'll try my best to explain. I'm trying to get my Beats Audio to work on Linux.  I found a way that has worked for some people which involves remapping certain audio pins, but I don't know what pins to map to what.  Here are the pins that show up for me: 0x120x130x140x150x160x170x180x190x1a0x1b0x1d0x1e

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I have a HP Pavilion m7570n running Media Center. I attempted to install a couple webcams, Logitech Quickcam and Microsoft LifeCam 3000. When I plug into the usb port, places the camerna with a yellow flag in device manager, but software does not recognize the camera. I disabled Mcafee viruscan and firewall. Any ideas?

A:Pavilion does not recognize webcam

Didn't the devices come with an installation CD? AND did you use it before plugging in the Cams? Usually the 'yellow flag' implies that there may be a driver installation problem..wrong or missing.

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The Webcam on this laptop has been working fine for some time, but just recently it stopped working and I believe this occurred after one of the automatic upgrades. Following considerable investigation I find that I have 2 drivers under Imaging devices, they are as follows.

A Intel(R) Imaging Signal Processor 2400
B Intel(R) AVStream Camera

When it stopped working B was the driver showing under Imaging devices.

I also discovered that when I "updated" the driver and selected A the webcam worked and I thought problem solved but when I close down and then restart the webcam no longer works. The device listed in Device manager is still A. If I "update " still driver A the webcam works again.

Driver B is still present but only when I get to "Select the device driver to install". I do not select it.

How can I get out of this loop? Will deleting driver B help and if so how do I do this?

Any help appreciated.

I should say the HP is Win 10 Home

A:Webcam drivers for HP Pavilion X2-10

Install latest driver from manufacturer's site. It doesn't need to be for Windows 10, Windows 8 or 7 work as well. Install it. Then disable any related driver updates so Windows Update won't replace it again.

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I purchased a Pavilion dv9000t recently with Vista Ultimate and decided to run it on XP Pro until Vista becomes more useful. Figured out that I needed to disable the native SATA support in the and BIOS and installed XP Pro. I am going to add a second 100GB 7200 rpm SATA drive to the system shortly.

Everything is working well except for the webcam. It simply doesn't work. In the device manager, it shows up as "USB Video device" instead of "HP Webcam 1000." I see a "USB Video Device" in "My Computer" but when I double click on it, I am told: "Creation of video preview failed. Please check the device connection and make sure that the device is not being used by another application or user." When I try to use the webcam with Skype or other programs, I am told that webcam is not connected. By the way, the webcam did work, sort of, when I tested it with Vista. I say sort of because I made a recording and the recording quality was BAD.

I have tried to install the XP driver for webcam from HP's website (http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/...n&cc=us&dlc=en&product=3224058&os=228&lang=en) but that didn't do anything.

Thanks for any helpful ideas.

A:HP Pavilion dv9000t webcam

and are u sure u have the right drivers for winxp?because that is your problem.am however abit confused why u have to disable your sata?explain please.Robin

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I am assuming (very possibly incorrectly!) that I am dealing with a hardware issue as I have tried all the suggestions in the troubleshooting section. I recently have been unable to use my webcam on my HP Pavillion g6 101-4sa netbook and when I open the software (Cyberlink youcam) I get a message saying " connection to your video device was lost" when I click ok or try to exit the message (the only available options) I receive a further message stating that"  Cannot connect to the video device (USB Video Device). Please select another capture device via the settings or close any applications that may be using video device and retstart Youcam"  When I select ok the first message appears again and it becomes a cycle of when I ok one message the second message reappears. Therefore I am currenlty not even able to go into the settings. I previously was able to do so but after following instrictions on the troubleshooting page I uninstalled the youcam program and reinstalled it when I originally was able to go into the settings there were no other options only webcam 101. I have tried everyother option on the troubleshooting page for the webcam but have failed to come up with any solution. Would really appreciate any advice anybody could give me to help me to resolve this issue.

A:HP 101 webcam not working on HP Pavilion g6 101 4sa

What troubleshooting document were you using? If any of this is a duplication of what you already tried, my apologies. Is the webcam listed in Device Manager?Click Start > type "Device Manager" into search box > click Device Manager from list of results.Look for the Imaging devices category.*If the category isn't listed, or if no webcam device appears when you expand the category, go to Action > click Scan for hardware changes.*If it is listed, expand the category and look for your webcam device. Right-click the webcam and select Uninstall. Then go to Action > click Scan for hardware changes. If the webcam is recognized by Device Manager but the YouCam software still isn't working, try uninstalling/reinstalling the software again. If that doesn't work, uninstall it and then try downloading different software to use your webcam. There are freeware programs available that should work (Google "webcam software" for options and reviews).

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Hi there, I am new to this site so hope this is the correct place to post this thread I have a HP Pavilion dv6 & tried to Skype my son last night but the integrated web cam is not working. I have uninstalled, updated river software - already on the latest version, gone in to Device Manager but don't have Imaging Devices so I found the web cam further down under sound, videos, game controllers & checked it was all up to date, it is. It is running a Cyberlink Youcam, other people can see me but I cannot see them. I have Googled until I am blue in the face but they all tell me what I have already done It says that no web cam is detected but the program is there!? I go in to the web cam & try & change the the destination or whatever it is but nothing happens. I have Windows 7. I check on Skype that it is picking it up & it is the only web cam in the drop down list so I am at a loss. Can anyone advise please? Thank You.

A:HP Pavilion dv6 webcam not working :(

If others can see you, then the cam is working. The cam is used to capture your image. It has nothing to do with displaying other images onto your screen.

So it sounds like you have a Skype or display issue, and not a cam issue.

Other than that, I don't generally use cams and have never used Skype.

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I think it was a year or so ago now that for some reason my C drive managed to switch drive letters all by itself and I had to reinstall the OS just to get my computer to boot back up again. I don't think the reinstall was 100% successful. A lot of screwy things showed up in the device manager, and I had to manually reinstall lots of drivers in order for my computer to be usable again. I guess I just forgot about certain things because I never used them, but now I'm just trying to get my system back in order a bit.

I've been looking for solutions on this for a while now, but nothing seems to be working. My webcam is not being recognized by anything whatsoever. Facebook won't recognize it, Skype doesn't recognize it, and it doesn't even show up where it should in the device manager. I've tried downloading webcam drivers, new versions of HP QuickPlay, even drivers for 3rd party webcams. I've even gone to HP's website, looked up my exact model, but for some reason, they don't have drivers for a webcam, which is odd considering I'm looking a webcam as I'm typing this.

Any ideas?

I'm using an HP dv5t-1000, with Windows Vista 64 bit

A:HP Pavilion Laptop Webcam issue


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Hello people! First of all, I'm a complete beginner when it comes to computers so please bear with me. I bought a used HP PAVILION DV9715NR laptop at an online auction. It supposed to come with all these goodies (17" screen, wi-fi, webcam) but without the hard drive. Using the online video instructions, I manage to put a new hard drive in and install a new Windows Vista operating system!!! So far so good, now comes the fall (lol). When I try to get in to the internet, my computer tells me that there is no network adapter detected, but according to the specs on this laptop it suppose to come with one. There is an amber light that goes on on the lower left hand part of my keyboard area but I can't get it to turn blue. Is it just a switch or do I need a "network adapter" (I don't know EXACTLY know what my laptop means by that)?? I even tried physically connecting my laptop to my router with a cable my router provided, no cigar!!! I tried going to the "device manager" but I just don't know what I'm looking for or to activate it when I find it! If I don't have the "network adapter" hardware (whatever those are) is it something that a neophyte like me can do or would I need to take it to a computer repair store where it will probably cost me an arm and a leg. I went to my "device manager" and I seem to have a webcam according to it, but I don't know how to turn it on. And shouldn't Window Vista rec... Read more


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Webcam has never worked.  Knew it wasn't a software problem as downloaded all the updates etc and HP help desk then wanted to me to return to factory settings which is such a pain.  So I said no thanks and then went to good old Google and the wonderful community of the world gave me my answer!! Managed to fix it by following the you tube clips about taking off front of computer (beval??) and then fiddled with wires to right of camera and lo and beyold it now appeared in my list of devices whereas previously did not even show up!!! I feel like Rain man thanks to all those helpful people who posted things earlier - thanks heaps

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havent used this notebook in a long time; webcam worked before, cant make video calls anymore.message given : cant find camera.....  can someone please help.

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Hi! Camera is not functioning after upgrading to Win 10. As I described in another thread called "webcam" suggestions found in youtube do not help and lead to the famous blue screen of death. I have found this suggestion in the HP forum: http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Operating-System-and-Recovery/Camera-drivers-Pavilion-X2-10/m-... Should I dare to try it? Note that my system has a different final string in its name. Does it matter? Should I download the suggested drivers or search for other? Has anybody success to report? Help please! So frustrating!   

A:onboard webcam on Pavilion 2x not functioning under win 10

HiThank you for visiting the HP Forums! A great place where you can find solutions for your issues with help from the community!I came across your post about the Notebook, and wanted to assist you! I have looked into your issue about your HP Pavilion x2 - 10-n080no Notebook and issues with the WebCam not working correctly. Here is a link to troubleshoot the Webcam not working. Please make sure the webcam is the selected video/capture device for your webcam software as it is not a hardware issue. If more than one webcam driver is listed, right-click the driver and select uninstall for any driver that is not the HP Webcam-101 or Microsoft USB Video Device driver. Once the other drivers have been removed, restart your computer and open your software.If the program has settings built in, you might want to look at this.Please let me know how this goes.You can say thanks for trying to help by clicking the Thumbs Up below! Thanks.

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After a system restore of my Notebook and an upgrade to windows 10 my webcam had stopped working so I had checked the driver for updates which Device Manager had told me there were none and neither skype or youcam could recognize the integrated webcam despite it saying there were no problems, I tried disabling and re-enabling the webcam as well as restarting the pc and nothing had worked and eventually I had ended up accidently uninstalling the integrated webcam driver altogether and I really don't want to restore my notebook again if it can be avoided. So is there a way to re-install the driver for the webcam that comes integrated with the HP Pavilion 17 Notebook?, I have already tried searching the site for the driver and could not find any drives for my notebook it simply suggests that I update windows (which I already have and the issue was not resolved).  

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Hi,I have an HP pavillion dv6-6156ea that is just over a month old.  It runs Windows 7 Home Premium.Today tried to use webcam and microphone for first time, for a Skype call, but neither of them appear to be working.The webcam is not shown in Device Manager, but the microphone is.When I open Cyberlink Youcam, it does not recognise that there is an internal webcam.What do I need to do to activate the microphone and cam?I followed the link below and followed the instructions.  But the webcam isn't showing in device manager.http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c02452221Since it's not finding the device, I don't know how to update the drivers.I don't know how to troubleshoot the microphone issue.  I don't know if these things are likely to be related.Any help appreciatedThanks  


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A:Pavilion dv6 webcam and microphone issue

Feel a bit stupid replying to myself, but nobody else has replied and I thought it best to share what I have discovered. The webcam was faulty, straight out of the box.And the microphone is connected to that functionality, but uses a different driver - so if your microphone works it might be a sign that your issue is with cam driver(s). I bought from PC world about a month ago, so took it back there despite it being very busy.  This was the second faulty webcam in an HP they'd had returned today - the earlier was a dv7.  There was no issue with getting it replaced - they took a look at it, considered installing drivers off a disc but when it wasn't shown in device manager and the mic not working either, they knew right away.Really does show very poor quality control from Hewlett Packard.  It is a shame as in the first few weeks I've been really pleased with this model, but realistically now I know this is what their QC is like, when my business needs it's next piece I'll be going with something other than HP.

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Hi, this Hp Pavilion dv5-1235dx integrated webcam won't work. I've tried everything, quickplay, acer drivers, hp drivers, everything! I am very fed up with this!

The device status says:
The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)

The required section was not found in the INF.
To reinstall the drivers for this device, click Reinstall Driver.

This is not my computer, but it's a friend's after he formatted both partitions of his computer. The repair partition. Not sure what I can do, please help, he desperately needs this!

A:Hp Pavilion dv5-1235dx Webcam won't work!

Will upgrading to Windows 7 help?

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Okay so on some sites and programs when I have to use my webcam, everything goes smooth and works...until about 5 or so minutes in and my webcam turns off automatically and quits working. Skype, Omegle and Chatroulette are the sites I use that include the usage of my webcam. I am not sure if I need to update my drivers or something like that, I have looked around online to see what I can do, and have not found much help, so I figured I would come here and see if anyone can help me on this issue and future ones if anything else arises, thanks much!!
And hopefully I am posting this in the right area, if not please direct it there, thanks again!

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I Hp laptop DV9010. I had to use the restore disks that came with it and had this wierd program FBI GUI running in the background and the computer would restart time and time again... I disabled the "restart on system failure" to no avail. I restored the computer 3 more times with the same results. So after 3 hours chatting online with a tech obviously using a script to answer my questions they sent me another set of restore disks and... the same thing happens. So now I have installed XP Pro and I cannot get the webcam to work and my built in wireless internet will not work. If someone could please give me the links to the correct drivers to make these two items work, I would be soooo grateful. I am S I C K of looking at HP's website! Many Thanks!

A:HP Pavilion DV9010 Wireless & WebCam


Here is a link to drivers for your model of Pavilion. Hope this helps.

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I clean installed win 7 and I am re-installing drivers.

However, I cant find the webcam driver or test to see if it works. All I know is that it wont work in Gchat.


A:HP Pavilion DV4-2045dx Webcam Driver

The driver and software are still available at HP for your model laptop...uninstall from Device Manager then go to HP, read the install instructions on the support page for your laptop under the multimedia tab at top of page.

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How do I turn on my internal webcam?HP Pavilion g7   serial [edited by Moderator     Product LF156UA#ABA

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A:How do I turn on my internal webcam?HP Pavilion g7 serial ...

Click windows start button and type "Cyberlink YouCam" in search box and from search results open youcam software to activate webcam on the Notebook

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Hi everyone,

I'm using an HP Pavilion dv2166eu (AMD Turion 64 x2), purchased in JAN 2007. Like a lot of people who bought this laptop I loved the design, but have had endless issues with it.

It functioned perfectly for 8-9 months and then the trouble started. First thing that went was the WIFI. At first it would work sporadically. Now the wireless/bluetooth card manages bluetooth only and doesn't even register it as a wireless card. I switched to an external wifi usb.

Then the BATTERY, which had been slowly 'shrinking' over year one would struggle to manage a couple of minutes without the AC. By the end of year two, I was lucky to get seconds - so I make sure the AC is never at risk of disconnecting mid-sentence!

On its second birthday, the SCREEN packed in, operating in one in five boots, even though everything else concerning a regular boot was working well.

As the laptop fell out of warranty, HP were bugger all help...
I had used the online support chat thingy with them on many occasions previously (mainly regarding wifi), but a succession of 'fixes' (driver updates) had never helped and only served to delay me on taking more drastic action until I crossed the warranty deadline. I told them that I was aware that the Pavilion range was flawed and that they should replace the model, but they could only offer to fix or replace at around the 300 mark. No way!

So I took the laptop to a local engineer...
Given the model, they were unsurprise... Read more

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HP Pavilion dv6 3209tx laptop in built webcam not working. Where can i get the driver?It used to work before but stopped after i updated OS to windows 10. Now i am back on windows 7. Still the same issue.I dont see any imaging devices in device manager. Only an unknown device. 

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Hi, just upgraded a client's HP Pavilion dv6701us laptop from Vista to 7 32-Bit.

Did a fresh install, activated Windows 7, Windows Update works just fine.

Installed almost every update, but I can't get the webcam to work on here.

I think I'm missing webcam driver.

Checked HP's site for the driver, only shows Cyberlink Youcam in the driver and software list.

This is the laptop

These are the drivers & software for it.

Please help.

A:No webcam detected on HP Pavilion dv6701us laptop

Hi 0080900, Have you had a look here Fixing Webcam After Changing the Operating System HP Pavilion dv6701us Entertainment Notebook PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English)= Also have you gone to device manager and tried updating the drivers from there ? HP only offered drivers up to Vista for this PC so installing the drivers in compatibility mode is the way to go

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Webcam always worked fine (mostly using Skype). Now Skype says it can't find a webcam. When I try to run the HP Mediasmart software it can't see the webcam either.
I've tried downloading new software from hp.com (Cyberlink youcam) but when I try to install this it just hangs and never completes - probably bc I've seen something on the cyberlink site that says it will not install successfully if there is no webcam.
Running Windows 7.

A:HP Pavilion All-In-One built-in webcam stopped working

I've tried downloading new software from hp.com (Cyberlink youcam) but when I try to install this it just hangs and never completes - probably bc I've seen something on the cyberlink site that says it will not install successfully if there is no webcam.


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I am using HP Pavilion g6-1201tx Notebook PC and I have an issue regarding its webcam. After starting CyberLink You cam there is an error showing that No webcam detected. My webcam also not working on the other apps such as Skype, Facebook etc. I have check drivers as well but still not getting the solution. Please, help me in this regard......

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when i open mediasmart it say there is no webcam detected and in my device manager there is no webcam i looked and there was only my bluetooth disabled but still can not find web cam

A:HP Pavilion dm3t notebook webcam not detected

drivers missing

what you will find that the webcam drivers are missing , what you can do is go to ]www .download. com and download the correct drivers and install them and it should then work

good luck

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I have a built in webcam on my laptop it was working for a little bit and now apparently my webcam just disappeared i can't do any skype chats. Skype says they can't find any webcam to connect with.

i have a unknown device btw apparently and i have no clue what to do with it.

A:Hp pavilion dv6t - 2000 webcam is not working

have you dropped your laptop lately? maybe the connection became tangled or even disconnected.

However if it is software, have you updated the video/bio drivers of the computer, as well as download the drivers for the webcam?

Edit: BTW,
Welcome, ^.^ i'm new too

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Please help me with my HP Pavilion dv2000, i changed it from Win7 to Win Vista. then when i was installing the drivers from the HP website. everything was working fine and suddenly i notice that the webcam does not work. i got this error message from the Device Manager.

My Laptop is currently running at
Thanks in advance..

PS. i tried to install the driver like more than 10 times from yesterday and until now. still no good i tied to uninstall and reinstall, still no good.

EDIT 2 i also got this error message when i reinstall the driver.

A:HELP: HP Pavilion dv2000 Built-in Webcam Problem

Are the drivers specific to Vista 32 bit? I've found that some drivers are cross compatible between Vista and 7 but not all of them. Also if you had a 64-but version of 7 you cannot use 64-bit drivers. Also is this Vista disk from the same manufacturer? If not you can't use it.

As a side note 1.4 gb of ram is not sufficient for Vista. With that little you would have been better off with 7 since it handles memory slightly better. 2 gb is the absolute minimum with either OS though. Without at least 2 gb more than likely your system will be relying on virtual memory which is really slow.

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Hello, My laptop's webcam is not working. The camera's LED is on but there's no image in no application. I've tried uninstalling it in the Device Manager and then installing it again, but with no success. Any suggestions? It was working two days ago and I can't understand why it is not working now! I've installed the Windows for it, because I really need the webcam, and the issue is still present. Please help!

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Hi, I recently upgraded my OS to Windows 10 on my HP Pavilion x2 10-n018TU, but now the webcam is not working. And I was not able to update the "Doritos 1.0 - Ambient Light Sensor Driver - Win10 x86". I tried several times but it still failed to install.  Please help... Thanks.

A:Webcam not working on Pavilion x2 (Windows 10 upgraded)

Hi @Bongskie?,Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! A great place where you can find solutions for your issues with help from the community!I came across your post about the Notebook, and wanted to assist you! I have looked into your issue about your HP Pavilion x2 - 10-n018tu Notebook and issues with the WebCam drivers. I would go into the Device Manager and remove this Doritos 1.0 driver and software. The Ambient Light Sensor driver is located here: sp72639.exe Then try installing this sp72640.exe  Here is a document that will help troubleshoot the WebCam on Windows 10 using Youcam Software. Restart the Notebook and try the WebCam.Please let me know how this goes.Thanks.

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Just purchased my new Pavilion dv7, and when I run the You Cam software, it tells me my HP TrueVision HD webcam is not detected. I have tried at this for several days now, at one point when I was trying to fiddle with the You Cam settings, the webcam light turned on for aprox. 2 seconds and then went dead again, since then it won't even let me into the YouCam settings.Right now I'm becoming more and more convinced that this is due to my laptop being assembled outside the US. Need a fix for this immediately.

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A:Brand new Pavilion dv7, HP TrueVision HD webcam not detected

Hi Guys, I had the same problem with a HP Pavilion dv7-6e22b. I read about a short cable on the inside of the screen.I found the following post about how the screen is connected. this was an older model but i was curious about how to remove the lid of the machine. it contains 2 screws (which I didn't have to unscrew to acces the camera) just be causious not to break the bevel. http://www.insidemylaptop.com/remove-lcd-screen-inverter-board-hp-pavilion-dv7-notebook/ this is a older model in the new model the webcam connector is located directy under the webcam lens itself.I pressed te connector lightly. And all ofa sudden I hear a USB connecting sound. After that my device manager showed a connected "image device" and the software worked directly. I hop this will solve your problems to. I must say reading all the posts and not finding a solution in driver or software and after seeing the connector I think it's a poor deisgn effort using such short cables and tiny connectors. good luck to all !  

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how do I turn on my webcam HP Pavilion Notebook serial 5CD6303DXN product W2L31UA#ABA

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I have a laptop from HP, Pavilion dv6000, and the webcam, which is built-in webcam and it always worked fine under windows xp. Now it does not work and I do not even see it listed anymore under Device Manager.
How do I fix that or do I need to go back to windows xp???

A:HP Pavilion dv6000 built-in webcam not working after win 7 installatio

If it's not listed in Device Manager then it looks like it's not compatible with Windows 7.

Have you checked HP's support site to see if there are any Windows 7 drivers for the webcam?

If all else fails you can always buy a webcam that is compatible with Windows 7.

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My Hp pavilion web cam doesn't work.. at all.So this is what I did,Start>Control Panel>Hardware and sound>Device manager>Imaging Device>Hp pavilion web cam>Properties this is what the"Device status" said,  "This device cannot start. (Code 10)Click 'Check for solutions' to send data about this device to Microsoft and to see if there is a solution available."  And of course I clicked check for solutions. I think it will give me information about it about next week or so my problem was sent to Microsoft however i need to get this web cam today. So I started to fix it myself. Disabling it enabling restarting uninstalling it going to Hp support reinstalling it Nothing is working. And also aperantly it doesn't know where the webcam is located it says location: Unknown in its properties anyways how do it tell it where it is?Message Edited by Shadows on 12-24-2008 03:57 PMMessage Edited by Shadows on 12-24-2008 04:26 PM

A:HP *built in* webcam doesn't work, Hp Pavilion dv2000 (noteb...

This is no guaranteed solution_but one which has worked for some.In Device Manager remove/uninstall all the entries under Universal Serial Bus Controllers.Start with the last and move up,removing each.Reboot to see if any change.

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Goal: Dual boot Windows 7 and Linux and have an NTFS partition for both OS.

Problem: When creating Logical Partitions with any Linux partition tool(Gparted, cfdisk) the Linux swap and ext 4 partitions shows up on Windows 7 as primary partitions outside of the Extended partition while the NTFS partition shows up inside the Extended partition as logical drive. Disk management shows 5 primary partitions and 1 logical drive inside an extended partition.(As seen in Disk1.jpg attachment) I'm using MBR.(not UEFI)

I can create the partitions in Windows 7 disk management and choose not to format the two logical partitions used for Linux. I can then use the mkswap and mkfs.ext4 command to format the partitions.(See Disk2.jpg attachment)

Why is Windows 7 disk management not showing my partitions correctly when I use a Linux tool to partition the disk? Will this cause any problems with Windows 7? I'm afraid of making Windows 7 unbootable.(although it booted just fine I do plan on using EasyBCD to add an entry to load the grub bootloader for Linux)

If I partition my disk with Windows 7 disk management(as seen in Disk2.jpg) will that cause any problems for Linux?

What is the recommended way to handle this? What are the downsides to each way?

Note: I'm a bit of a linux noob.

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Devices powered by Linux are increasing day by day, and most of these devices are positioned at the entry or key points of any organization?s network. Misconfigurations and easy to exploit vulnerabilities are commonly leveraged by bad actors. Many of these attacks can be studied by configuring low-interactive Honeypots.

Low-interactive Honeypots can capture the malware scripts and binaries, however analyzing these malware samples are also important. Further, keeping such analysis openly available helps independent researchers to search information of their interest and make useful conclusions.

Detux aims at automating the analysis of Linux samples, by supporting multiple CPU architectures (ARM, MIPS, MIPSEL, x86 and x86-64), and making its result openly available for researchers.

detux - The Linux Sandbox


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My config is HP G6 1075 SA with W7 Home Premium 64 bit pre-installed. It was working well until last week when I decided to install Debian Linux. I am no N00B to Linux and have installed it probably 100s of times. Debian installed and booted well but Windows BSODed with an error 0x0000225 cannot access drive. I formatted C and attempted to reinstall Windows 7 but it is unable to detect the HDD. I accept terms of license and move on to the point of choosing disks but nothing shows up. (There is an option to choose drivers. Where do I locate them? The HP website isn't helpful and I can't even find my product let aside the drivers)

I have already tried :
1. Partitioning an NTFS file system in Debian. Doesnt show.
2. Deleting a partition in Debian and attempt to see the free space in W7 Installer. Didn't work.
3. Try to do the BIOS setting thing (Change SATA option from AHCI to compatible or something). I could find no such setting in BIOS. The BIOS was severely limited with only option of switching on fan.

What do I do ?
The chipset is Intel HM55 if that helps and harddrive is SATA 5400 rpm 500GB.

A:W7 installer doesn't detect SATA after Linux, Linux works smoothly

All Linux code must be deleted using the CLEAN ALL command.As you have had linux on the HD you need do a Clean all & full format.

Do a full clean & full format in command prompt.
1) Boot DVD & Press Shift+F10 (for command prompt)
DISKPART : At PC Startup
2) Boot DVD, & Command Prompt at Startup
(for command prompt)

Type in command line

SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation

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Scientific Linux 6.7 Officially Released, Based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.7
Based on the freely distributed source code of the recently announced Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6.7 operating system from Red Hat Inc., Scientific Linux 6.7 is here to update its base to the upstream OS, add some tweaks, update many of its core components, and address some of the most annoying bugs.

Prominent features of Scientific Linux 6.7 include the addition of the IceWM window manager, updated the OpenAFS package to version 1.6.14, updated the epel-release package to version 6.8, built the glusterfs-server package from the TUV sources provided for the GlusterFS client.

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Hi all,

where to locate DHCP code, which my Linux machine(red hat linux-2.4) is using?i tried to f ind it in /usr/src/linux-, but no result.

A:where to locate DHCP code, which my Linux machine(red hat linux-2.4) is using.

I moved you over to development, maybe someone here will be familiar with the layout of the source files.

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Hi there

I usually run a LINUX HOST for testing Windows VM's - but I need to test some new releases of various Linux distros so I've created some VM's --easy enough and running them on a Windows Host.

However I can't attach a USB drive with a Linux file system (XFS) to the VM as the Windows HOST rejects the HDD wanting me to format it !!. There's 2.7 TB of media files on it - I want to test running media server in a VM.

Anybody know how to bypass the Windows nag prompt about the HDD and be able to attach it direct to the VM.

(The other way round is no problem -- never a problem loading NTFS HDD's on to Linux machines -- however the NTFS file system is SLOW compared with XFS -- on USB3 device on Native windows transfer rate of 1 TB of files from fast NTFS HDD to NTFS USB3 device is max 82 Mib/s - average for whole transfer. On same machine with Native Linux and XFS to XFS (using same HDD's and USB 3 port avg speed is 350 mib/s !! -- HUGE difference !!!).

Note I have to have a Windows Host for this --I know I could run Linux VM's from a Linux Host but in this case I do have to use a Windows Host as that will be the destination system at the end of testing.

BTW I'm running VMWARE workstation 12.1 on W10 Pro Host.


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I have SUSE 9.3 Installed on a 19GB partition of a 40GB hard drive. I heard that it is possible to dual boot with Windows with Linux being the first installed OS, but it's complicated. Can anyone tell me if I can pull this off without having to make Windows the first installed OS? Here is how I have my partitions:
hda1=1GB [swap]
hda2=17.8 / [root]

A:Linux/Windows dualboot machine with Linux first?

The easiest way: Make hda1 bigger and install Windows there.

You will have to restore GRUB later using the SuSE CD and also create the GRUB menu entry for WIndows..

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