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thumb drives ???

Q: thumb drives ???

I run Vista and found somekind of conflict in installing the driver on this platform for UMAX Astra Scanner#3400. Have been bombarded by various update driver programs...but none of them will tell me whether or not (after I buy their program)that their driver update will solve the one problem as stated above. Maybe nothing will work on the Vista Platform ???? Maybe it's just incompatable with that scanner??? I have been thinking about a USB thumb drive or stick drive and is there enough capacity on one of these stick drives to accommaadate a new platform and under which I may be able to install the driver for the scanner??? (which I have on a CD disk that came with the scanner.)

Preferred Solution: thumb drives ???

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: thumb drives ???

At the UMAX site there is no Vista driver listed for that model scanner.


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Operating on my HP Laptop running Windows 8.1, what can I do about retrieving the data on several drives I've just found in my desk drawer.  Where are the different drives I am used to that would allow me to read these drives?

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I just recently built a new system running an Intel Q9550 quad core 8 GB of ram and Vista Home Premium x64. Everything works flawlessly except for connecting external hard drives and thumb drives through the usb port. I've tried multiple hard drives/thumb drives on multiple ports on the front and back with it working only once for the thumb drive. Usually Vista keeps sounding the device connect and device disconnect dongs for a few minutes and then every once in a while says the drive needs to be formatted, but the drives work fine on my Laptop that's running Vista Home Premium 32-bit. Is this a common problem with x64 or is there something wrong with my system?


A:USB hard drives/thumb drives to work

when I hook the usb thumb drive to the usb port on my printer, Vista recognizes it and lets me see the files on the drive, it also lets me copy a file to it but then freezes after it finishes copying (the copy window has a full progress bar and say "about 0 seconds remaining".

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Hi, this is johnny666, just joined bc, i got lucky and the drwaing for SWP2009, now i have figure how to remove it.
I have tried to go into safe mode, i have downloaded malwarebytes,antispyware, on this pc i have (2)gb usb drive
that i got from samsung to correct sound problems on my hdtv, but it appears there is nothing on it,so can i reformatt
it and download malwarebytes on it and try remove SWP2009 from my infected pc.
I have looked on several sites on how to do this and so far all i have is when insert it into usb port i should be able to
double click it and i should get formatt message which i do not get,could it be that since usb drive came from samsung
that they set it up so it was only capable to do one that is upgrade my sould system,also when i go into task manager it
shows 100% useage and i get of the nice popups that come with it,thank's

A:usb thumb drives

Hi, try steps 1 thru 7 here. How to Format a Flash DriveI'd use NTFS in step 6

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I have several USB2 thumb drives all purchased in recent months.
All FAT 32

#1 has a defunct ISO file on it (copied from a download)
#2 has mixed media (mostly TXT files

I was about to recycle #1 by reformatting it, when I noticed Allocation Unit size:= 16 kilobytes
But #2 has Allocation Unit size:= 4096 bytes

I have never reformatted either #1 nor #2 ... so it leaves me perplexed
Two other thumb-drives purchased at the same time are also 4096 bytes

How might #1 have been changed from default 4096 bytes (4KB) to 16 KB by merely copying the ISO over. ?

What do range of various capacities represent in Formatting drives ?
What would be the best Allocation size be for mixed file types ? (txt, pdf, xls, doc, dll, exe, ini, mp3 ... etc)
Thank you

A:Formatting thumb drives

^ Does this answer your query?

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A few days ago I bought an 8gb flash drive, but when I tried it on my computer, it didn't seem to work properly. I was trying to transfer over a large file ( >2gb) and the first 1/3 of the file transferred in like 30 seconds, but then the speed dropped right down and it told me 3 hours remaining. I tried several other files and the same thing occurred. And yes, I remembered to format it to NTFS since it came FAT32.

Since I figured it was a problem with the thumb drive, I brought it back to the store to exchange it. The guy at the store decided to test it on his computer, and it seemed to be working fine. His computer was running XP and I'm running Windows 7 so maybe that's an issue somewhere? Anyways, he gave me a different model thumb drive since mine wasn't working for me.

The new one had the same issues. I even tried smaller files such as pictures, but it would take forever to copy. I even tried the drive on my dad's computer which is also running Windows 7, and it had the same problem. But his 512mb flash drive seemed to work fine on his computer.

I finally said screw it and just went and bought a SanDisk flash drive since the first one I bought was a refurbished one from a discount store. This one won't work properly either, and the package specifically mentions that it's compatible with Windows 7.

I've tried updating and then uninstalling/reinstalling all my usb drivers to no avail. I don't have a clue as to why these ... Read more

A:Problems with USB Thumb Drives

Not quite as bad as yours but I had similar problems with flash drives formatted NTFS. NTFS is slower by a very noticable amount. The only reason I can see to use NTFS on a flash drive is if you are going to store files larger than 4G.

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I have a thumb drive at work that isn't too long but it sticks out of the laptop and can be easily bent. Are there any slick designs that are low profile that won't bend and get broken?

A:Unbreakable Thumb Drives

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Hi all. Anybody have any experience with these? I know there's a ton of 'em out there but I was just wondering how these stack up against the others.


A:Patriot thumb drives

The nice thing about buying from newegg is customer reviews of their products:



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I have a brand new 16 gig thumb drive. I have a 6.19 gig video (mp4) file that runs 4 hours and 26 minutes. I am running Windows 7. Why does my system say that the file is too big for the drive? Thanks

A:Understanding thumb drives.

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Does anyone have any experience with USB thumb pen jump drives? I'm thinking of picking one up. I know you can hot swap with Windows 2000/XP put need a driver if you are going to use it with '98.

Any recommendations? Brand? 128m or 256mb, anything?

Thanks in Advance,

A:USB thumb p en jump drives

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i was told that these new thumbdrives were readyboost ready. come to find out they are not. they are also fat 32 file sys. is there a way to change them to ntfs and to put a ready boost app on them? i didnt see anywhere on the menu for me to re-format into ntfs. any help ?

A:new 32gb thumb drives

FAT32 is it, NTFS is still not the choice, check this out USB Flash Drive Comparison part 2 – FAT32 vs NTFS vs ExFAT

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I just quick formated one 8GB and a few 2GB thumb drives NTFS. They now each have 37.3MB of used space showing up under properties.
Really? 37MB for a file table? Is this common/normal?

They were originally FAT32 and had 0MB used space under properties.

A:Q about formatting USB Thumb Drives

Yeah that's about right. Think that's why most flash drives come preformatted with FAT32. Though with today's file/storage sizes 38 mbs is peanuts.

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Over the past 3 days I have bought 3 thumb drives-- A Kinston and 2 SanDisks (all USB 2.0), and none of them work in known good ports, both 2.0 and 3.0. Just can't believe 3 out of 3 would be bad.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 8174 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660, -2048 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 71680 MB, Free - 10654 MB; F: Total - 34997 MB, Free - 28289 MB; G: Total - 20991 MB, Free - 20597 MB; H: Total - 30719 MB, Free - 30012 MB; I: Total - 12197 MB, Free - 7632 MB; J: Total - 320484 MB, Free - 283520 MB; K: Total - 35839 MB, Free - 34437 MB; L: Total - 394910 MB, Free - 391243 MB; N: Total - 94295 MB, Free - 77165 MB;
Motherboard: Intel Corporation, DP67BG
Antivirus: AVG AntiVirus Free Edition 2013, Updated and Enabled

A:Solved: What's up with thumb drives?

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When I connect a thumb device, my computer says that I need to format to work with windows. When I connect my ipod it says that I need to restore my ipod to work and that it may be corrupt. (it will sync to another older version of itunes on a different computer) When I try to use my cd/dvd/rw it says that I need to format the drive to work with windows.
I have tried the suggestions at the Microsoft Support center, I have formated my ipod and reinstalled itunes I have stopped and restarted the devices.........nothing seems to help. Any suggestions??

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Anyone here know the details of how the military lost secrets recently by infected thumb drives? I would like to know if Norton, et al has all the details so that I can be sure that when I scan my thumb drives (and CDs) that they really are clean.

My point here is to actually find out what the military did with those infected thumb drives--were they all trashed, or was there a way to disinfect them?

I am pretty sure that I have a couple of thumb drives, ones that have very important information on them, that open the door to some intruder.
I keep a long list of symptoms of this intrusion that are not with me at the moment, so I won't go into all the weird paranoid woman details, but it includes things such as,
--on a newly nuked and burned hard drive (Free [email protected] write to 0s, long format reinstall of XPPro) the Windows Firewall says it's working fine, but if you look at the event logs, you will see a warning that Windows Firewall is NOT working
--In the WMI Control (I THINK that's what you call it), before I connect to the net for the first time, I find 48 DCOM apps that all appear to be things that are intended to collect and send everything that happens on my computer to some server somewhere, and when I look at other people's new computers there's nothing like that. Once I open that area and look at those things, whether I remove them or not, I am never able to get back in to see whether those applications are baaaaack. That is, until I nuke ... Read more

A:Dirty thumb drives in the military?

Not sure if this is want you're referring to by Dirty Thumb drives ..
But do you have a Sony Finger print reader thumb drive ??

I'm not sure the malware scanners can catch a rootkit.

And welcome to the TSG forum.

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Ok.I have a 4gb and a 2gb thumb drive.Have a 5.5gb game I want to D/L.Can both thumb drives be used and,if so,how?Will it mess up the download?Then,put it(from both thumbs) onto a laptop?

A:Solved: DL games on Thumb drives

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I do my work in the office on my desktop and would like to be able to save everything onto each of two thumb drives that I carry with me when I go to class. I use two thumb drives because some computers do not accept one of the thumb drives. Is there some way that I can make a folder on my desktop and automatically have that mirrored onto the 2 thumb drives?

A:Briefcase like utility for thumb drives?

Have you thought about using the cloud?

You can use Skydrive or Google Drive:



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I recently got a new Laptop with Vista Home Premium. (Other specs about my system are in the link next to my username, it's the Acer Laptop.)

Whenever I insert a USB Thumb drive, the computer recognizes that a removable media has been inserted, but no window appears, and I cannot access the drive from the "Computer" folder. I use SanDisk drives with U3 software on them, which is not Vista compatible. (At least not until I find an XP computer to update them on.)

I was able to use them previously, but I think I only inserted it once, and haven't been able to use it since. Other things go weird after I try to use the drive. It will not recognize the drive has been removed, and Vista will not shut down properly afterwards.

This is pretty annoying as I use Thumb drives a lot, any help would be appreciated.

A:Vista problem with USB Thumb drives.

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I'm experiencing a USB device problem. I have two USB thumb drives of different brands that used to work. Now, if I plug them in (either front-side or back-side ports), the computer tones/beeps to let me know that it recognizes them, but neither drives auto-open nor are accessible via My Computer. I know for sure that the drives work, as they can be opened, explored, and formatted on other computers.

The device manager shows the Host Controllers and Root Hubs as working properly. I've looked for driver updates, uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers manually, uninstalled and allowed Windows to reinstall automatically on reboot, and I've tried disabling the 2.0 USB on BIOS and re-enabling it on reboot.

The Disk Manager shows the USB thumb drives. I've tried reformating them there, but a prompt informs me that is not possible because "the partition or volume is not enabled". Assigning drive names seems to do no good, and I can't disk-check for error either.

What bugs me is that the drives work on other computers. I would think it's a virus of some sort, though that is improbable as I did a full scan and clean a few days ago.


A:USB thumb drives don't read anymore

We really need the brand and model of the computer or motherboard.
Setup error on your computer. You may have changed something accidentally while working elsewhere. If your USB ports work for printers, scanners, and other components, you need to do a reset somewhere. You have done everything correctly.
If you haven't done this, go to your BIOS at startup, and see if there is something disabled... There will likely be something on one of the BIOS screens that must be enabled.
Or go to the motherboard manufacturers web site, and scroll through the online manual for that motherboard.

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I have a Vista XPS 410. Since I bought it, every thumb drive I own (6 of them) bring on the blue screen of death. I plug them in (even brand new out of the packaging) , and it crashes every time. Similar thing happens with all three of my ipods. If my ipod is plugged in, and then I run itunes, it crashes. But if itunes is running first,then I plug in my ipod, it is fine. Unless I hit the "sync" button after and it crashes again. As for the thumb drives, they work fine in my laptops and work pc's. I plug in other usb devices like external hard drives, wacom tablets, etc and no problem. Even if I plug in my external usb hub, and put in the thumb drive, it crashes. U3 thumb drives dont crash right away. It is after I put in my password and it is accessing the info that it goes down. Yet if I boot up my pc with the thumb drive already in: no problem.
I have been on with Dell numerous times and no help. I have updated all the drivers, the bios, and installed sp1. SP1 did not stop the crashes, it just changed the error message. It went from the "irql-less-not equal" or something like that to a completely different one Does anyone have any other ideas I can try out?
p.s. This has happened since I first got it, before installing most of the usb devices I own, so it doesnt look to be a conflict.

A:Vista hates my thumb drives

It sounds as though the motherboard/usb drivers have not been installed (properly).

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..what tools should I include on our thumb drives. Here's what I've been told to have so far:
Spybot S&D
Net Scan
Windows Easy Transfer Tool
Any others?
I'm in an office environment and the IT Managers have issued encrypted thumb drives to the IT Analysts.

A:IT issued us encrypted thumb drives... what tools should I have on it?

If your company issued you the drives, didn't they issue you the tools as well? Kinda odd to have them give you the hardware but then ask you to find the software yourselves.

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my Kingston Datatraveler 2gb usb flash drive and toshiba 1 gb flash drive have both stopped prompting for action when i insert them on my laptop ( i run windows XP home sp2). The drives are detected fine - i can see them in 'My Computer' and they show the 'Safely remove' button in the system tray, there is also no problem in transferring files. But both drives used to prompt for action till a couple of weeks back but now they don't! this is not a major problem but a slight annoyance as now each time i have to go to 'My Computer' to reach the drive and open the drive folders, instead of just choosing action from the prompt window that used to open earlier. this happens only on my comp, on others the prompt window comes up just fine.
i have gone to autoplay in drive properties and turned on the 'Prompt me each time to choose an action' option for all content types yet it's not working. can anyone help please..

A:Usb Thumb Drives No Longer Prompt For Action

sounds like you might have accidentally checked the box "perform this action every time" one of the times you stuck it in there. What happens if you try a different drive? Same thing?

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I am running XP Media Center, I have tried plugging in the 2 thumb drives I have and neither gives me a drive. I have gone to the disk manager and it isn't assigning them a drive letter. I tried to assign it manually but it still will not show up in my computer. I have tried uninstalling the device and reinstalling it. I have tried enabling and disabling it. I have tried all of the ports on my laptop, along with one going thorugh a USB hub. Anymore suggestions?

A:Solved: USB Thumb Drives won't give me a drive

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Trying to put some music on a flash drive, but I can only use 50% of the drive. Tried three different drives, all are over 1gig, but only can use abou 500mb if I'm lucky.

Any help would be great.


A:Usb Flash Drive/Thumb drives problems

HP USB Disk Storage Format Utility

Will format any USB flash drive
It can be known to recover Flash drives that are un-responsive too.

Warning: This program will remove all contents of your USB flash drive

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Hey guys, I'm so frustrated right now! These problems have been occurring since a month. I can't read any DVDs/CDs via DVD-ROM. My computer won't pick up any external-HDD, USB flash drives, nothing. This has been pissing me off since a month and I finally considered of reinstalling the Windows and I did just now, BUT THE PROBLEMS ARE STILL THERE?

Computer doesn't reads removable storages devices. Sometimes, they wouldn't even show up. The DVD-ROM says that 'please insert disk" while it's in there.
I've Windows 7 32-bit, which I just installed at the moment.
I guess it's a hardware problem but not exactly sure. Would you guys help? All these dvds/cds/flash-drivers/external-hdds are fine and work with my other systems.

Please help me out, I'm done with this.

A:Problems with Removable drives (thumb drivers/DVD-ROM, everything)

First of all, check that malware is not affecting your system. Download the free version of this;


Run a FULL scan, and if it finds anything post the log here.

Regards....Mike Connor

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Went to transfer a newly built Access database file to another computer by way of a thumb drive (G on this system, an ACER XP with 4GB Ram) and got the message: "G not accessible, access is denied". I had used the thumb drive to transfer a preliminary test database the day before to the other machine just fine. The thumb drive seems to work OK in the other machine transferring files back and forth, etc. Also, now this machine won't recognize the CD drive. I run Kaspersky Internet Security and it reports no security threats detected.

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Hey, I have an interesting problem with SanDisk Cruzer Blade & Edge thumbdrives.

Whenever I put them in my computer, I get the sound that Windows has detected I have plugged something in, but nothing appears.

I go into Computer Management -> Disk Management and they aren't listed at all.

Explorer 'hangs' when I plug it in. If I plug another USB drive that I know works into the computer, there is no sound and nothing is recognised until I unplug the 'faulty' thumb drive.

When I unplug them, something flashes for an instant in My Computer and Windows makes the device removed sound.

This happens with multiple thumb drives... all SanDisk Cruzer Blade & Edge thumbdrives.

Here is the catch... They work perfectly fine in any other computer!

I suspect that as I have used a lot of thumbdrives in this laptop, is there now an overload of sandisk thumbdrives in the memory bank? Not sure if I am barking up the right tree or not.

I have attached a screenshot from my registry in case it sheds any light...


(Thanks in advance)

A:USB Thumb Drives not recognised (not drive letter)

That overload does indeed have the potential to derail things.

Whether my recommendation below will resolve the problem or not , it is a good practice to periodically flush out the non-present devices eliminating the chance for Windows getting "confused".

So start now.

Download drivecleanup.zip v0.8.1. Drive Tools for Windows

Extract it to a folder named say DriveCleanup. You will have two folders Win32 and x64 each containing DriveCleanup.exe for 32bit and 64bit Windows respectively.

Remove all USB devices on your system (except KB/mouse) and then rightclick on the appropriate .exe for your bit version and Run as administrator

Once the cleanup is over reboot your system.

(Mine is a 32bit Windows)

Please do report whether your problem is solved.

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Gotta Dell Dimension 3000 here that can install and use external USB HD's but cannot find software/driver for any USB flash drives over 512MB... Nor can it recognize an 8gig iPod Nano. I have updated the Chipset via dell.com but still having no luck.

any assistance would be much appreciated


--- After many times of uninstalling and reinstalling what was found on the flash drives... FINALLY they stuck and I am able to open and use 3+ flash drives xD HOWEVER... The 8gig iPod Nano still will not reconginze in iTunes, so I uninstalled/reinstalled the driver and it seems to have no problem finding the driver but after it reinstalls I get Error 42 in the add new hardware window. I looked up the error via windows.com and found that there is already drivers/software installed for this device and there is a conflict between the old and new installation of it. Windows said to just Restart my machine and it should fix the issue... well... it hasn't. ALSO since the 2nd restart of this machine the 'add new hardware' box appears for the flash drives and the iPod now... I can still use the flash drives flawlessly but they still need more software to install but cannot find it... This is very odd >.< I guess I'm in need of advice on how to maybe fix Error 42 of the add new hardware box.


---- Still havent quite got this Error 42 figured out, but I did recive a blue screen with error - STOP: 0x0000008E and it had MxInsMon.sys in the erro... Read more

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I would like to have any usb thumb drive I insert into my desktop pc make an explorer window open automatically (to that drive of course). Is there a way to make this happen?


A:Need to make USB thumb drives open an explorer folder

I don't think Windows can do that, but this program can Desk Drive - Mike Ward I have used it in the past.


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My laptop, running Windows 7, suddenly started giving me an error message with code 10, and says "You need to format the disk before you can use it, do you want to format now", every time I insert a thumb drive or an SD ram card. When I go into disk management it shows that they are both "raw"n but when I insert them into my desktop running XP they read fine and disk management shows them as fat32. Why would Windows 7 suddenly start reading the fat32 thumb drives and SD ram cards as Raw? How can I get it to read them, as they read fine on other computers? I also have an external cdrom/dvd drive (because Windows 7 won't recognise the internal cdrom either), and also have an external hard drive that work fine.

A:Windows 7 stopped reading thumb drives and SD ram cards

This is a well known issue with thumb drives, somehow they get flagged dirty (E.g. if you yank them out without going through safely eject) prompting windows to scan them. Best to get the data on said drives backed up with the xp machine that can read them, then use the HP format utility to format them.

HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET Download.com

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I'd like an icon to show up on the taskbar whenever I insert a USB thumbdrive. Then I can click this icon to safely eject the USB. I'm not talking about the notification area. I'm talking about the taskbar where open programs show their respective icons. How do I do this?

A:How do I get USB thumb drives to show a taskbar icon when inserted?

Quote: Originally Posted by jtodd929

I'd like an icon to show up on the taskbar whenever I insert a USB thumbdrive. Then I can click this icon to safely eject the USB. I'm not talking about the notification area. I'm talking about the taskbar where open programs show their respective icons. How do I do this?

Something like this?

Safely Remove Hardware Shortcut - Create

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plugged in USB thumb drive opened windows explorer right clicked drive scan with windows defender and it said scanning pc but it never shows any options so I dont know if it scanned pc or usb for sure why or not

A:windows defender automatically scan thumb drives

It scans where the right-click is focused - in this case, the USB drive

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Hey guys, need some help. I'm at work at the moment, and an issue has arisen that has bothered me before, but I had not had the need to follow up on it. Upon connecting any external hard-drive, my computer fails to acknowledge the drive in My Computer. Disk Management detects the presence of the hard drives, however they are not assigned a drive letter/path. Right-clicking the volume does not allow me to manually assign one (the option is grayed out).

In Control Panel (Devices and Printers) they are given generic names such as "Expansion" or "External HDD". In the Properties menu, information such as "Manufacturer" or "Model Number" or "Description" are apparently "unavailable". They claim to be working correctly.

This issue has affected all external hard drives I have used- a Seagate and a WD. I have attempted connecting them to both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports on my computer but to no avail.

A:No External HDDs Functional on Laptop (USB Thumb drives OK)

Quote: Originally Posted by francescocastel

Hey guys, need some help. I'm at work at the moment, and an issue has arisen that has bothered me before, but I had not had the need to follow up on it. Upon connecting any external hard-drive, my computer fails to acknowledge the drive in My Computer. Disk Management detects the presence of the hard drives, however they are not assigned a drive letter/path. Right-clicking the volume does not allow me to manually assign one (the option is grayed out).

In Control Panel (Devices and Printers) they are given generic names such as "Expansion" or "External HDD". In the Properties menu, information such as "Manufacturer" or "Model Number" or "Description" are apparently "unavailable". They claim to be working correctly.

This issue has affected all external hard drives I have used- a Seagate and a WD. I have attempted connecting them to both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports on my computer but to no avail.

You could try uninstalling the hard drive in device manager, unplug the external hard drive and plug it back in again to let windows find the drivers for it again; this might help as I had a similar issue once and this resolved it for me

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As per title really.  I have been able to log in using a PS2 keyboard and mouse, and the USB Root Hub driver is exclamation marked.I feel I need to provide some background information.  How I go about creating an image for a PC is basically building any new model fresh from the ground up.  Install Windows, install drivers, updates, and any relevent software that would go in a 'gold' image.  The PC is sysprepped, and that sysprepped hard disk is then imaged as a deployment image.  With the occasional workaround here and there pertaining to different models, this has worked just fine for us so far.  The sysprepped hard disk is imaged using clonezilla, then the image is distributed to our technicians for their portable hard drives.  This is a solution we have been using for years without too much headache until now.
We use this method of imaging because the images can be portable.  We have 85 sites over some fair distances, all of which means that bringing a PC back to HQ to be reimaged when required isn't particularly feasible.
On our 7020s, once we've cloned the image back onto the disk, when we get to the screen where it asks for our computer name (which woud be the asset tag of the PC in our case), I cannot move the mouse or type anything.  There is no indication of life from either peripheral or any life from my usb hard drive).I've tried creating a distribution share on the local drive and have the unattend.x... Read more

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The Opti USB ports will recognize Keyboard and Mouse and a wifi usb 2.0 plug in. not memory.
Makes me curious about order of installation for Intel Chipset Updates:
Both of my Updater programs list the above.
Is there a KB article on proper order of installation?
-wbajr tbc
The machine has recognized thumb drives installed to regular USB inputs. I'm doing something that wipes out the recognition and can't figure what it is. Have been to both Dell driver detect and Intel driver update.

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Before any criticism for a cross-post: After continuing to be frustrated by this issue along with lack of any replies, I believe this is likely an error in registy &/or permissions. Gut tells me the solution will be obvious to an experienced troubleshooter when you consider sentence 3: re having no issues mounting USB hard drives.

Issue is only on this PC, running XP SP3, as all my PC's do. Have latest Bios and all drivers are up to date. Plugging in a USB hard drive is no problem. Automatically mounts and when removed the drive letter is removed. Issue is only on inserting any of 4 different USB 2 thumb drives. Drive is immediately recognized and will appear in Device manager. However, I have to use Disk management to assign a drive letter. Then it will appear in Explorer, but will take a while to show up in My Computer. If I remove the drive and reinsert it, the assigned drive letter remains, but is no longer assigned when the drive is reinserted. Have to give it a different drive letter. After removing the dirve any number of times, all of the assigned drive letters remain unuseable, until I restart; at which time they are removed from My Computer. I have 3 other platforms, desktop and notebooks (none of which are Dell's). All run XP Pro SP3. Have never had this issue on any other PC running any version of XP. This isn't an issue with work desktop which is a Dell. I have gone through Group Policy editor with no luck. In TweakUI, I tried assigning autoplay to all rem... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Dell Latitude D820 Won't Mount USB Thumb Drives - Orig posted in Removeable

Reference: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/925196 regarding needing to delete UpperFilters and LowerFilters of a particular key. In my case there was no LowerFilters value. The only app linked to deleted UpperFilters was phylock from Terabyte. Had to update to most current version anyway. Hope this helps someone.

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Bought 4 PNY 16GB USB thumb drives and every time I try to format them, the computer kicks back that they are write protected. Have tried ALL the solutions listed and explained in the 10 forums here, and nothing works to disable the write protection on my machine. Tried diskpart, Command Prompt, and Computer Configuration and nothing resolves my problem. BTW, there's no switch on these USB drives.
Anybody know of a fix?
My machine is Dell Optiplex 960 w/6 Gb memory.
Thanks for reading my post and possibly helping me,

A:USB thumb flash drives are "write protected"

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You might see if any of the options in the tutorial below may be able to help.

Disk Write Protection - Enable or Disable in Windows

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I keep having Thumb.db's appear in almost every folder i have that has any information. These cannot be opened with any usually program and come out as random scribbles in notepad and Microsoft word. And when i delete them, they come back in about 2 seconds. What are these doing and how do i get rid of them?

I ran searches in Spybot, Ad-Aware, Microsoft Anitspyware, and e-Trust, they detcted some spyware like Winfixer but that was deleted. I also had AVG but i deleted it because i thought it might have been the cause of the problem. AFter those i got HiJack This and it came out with this log:

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 3:40:42 PM, on 2/7/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Spyware Doctor\sdhelp.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_06\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\CyberLink\PowerD... Read more

A:I keep having Thumb.db's appear

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Thumbs.db is not something to worry about. It's a hidden file generated by the Windows operating system. Since it is "hidden," not everyone sees it (even though it exists) unless they have chose to "Show hidden files." It is a database file containing the small images displayed when you view a folder in "thumbnail" view (as opposed to tile, icon, list, or detail view).

If you want to turn OFF this feature, here's how:

1. Open up the Control Panel
2. Select Folder Options
3. Click the View tab (see picture below)
4. Check "Do not cache thumbnails"
5. Click the OK button

Please re-install AVG onto your machine. In this day & age, surfing the internet without the protection of an antivirus program is like begging for a bullet.

Please read this post completely before begining the fix. If there's anything that you do not understand, kindly ask your questions before proceeding. Please ensure that there aren't any any opened browsers when you are carrying out the procedures below. Save the following instructions in Notepad as this webpage would not be available when you're carrying out the fix.

* * * * * * ADDITIONAL DOWNLOADS * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Download & install - CleanUp.exe (not recommended for WinXP64)

'UNPLUG'/DISCONNECT your computer from the Inte... Read more

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Bought a twin pack of 1 GB thumb drives. One works fine, other one doesn't. I plug it in & it shows up as removable disk K. Tried to drag flies onto it & it says "please insert a disk into removable drive K." Hello? It's already plugged in! Might it just be a dud, since the other one that came in the pack is fine? I didn't pay that much so I don't mind just throwing it out, since trying to get it working is causing me major headaches. The brand is LGear bought from Futureshop. And I'm running Vista Home Premium. GRRR!! I should just smash it with a hammer & be done with it!

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Are there any tools to repair thumb drives? I have a dive that will not format after I pulled it out without ejecting it.

A:Thumb Drive

Exactly what method or process are you using to try to format the thumb drive.
Could you install the thumb drive and use this tutorial to post a picture.
Also let us know what size and brand the thumb drive is.

By Golden:

Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

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Anyone know where I can get a thumb drive that is made in the US ? And is there anything I should know before I buy? Win XP .

A:Thumb drive

You can buy thumb drive in any computer store I'm sorry I am not familiar where, Any thumb drive will do...in any OS..Just make sure also the size or capacity fit what you are planning to use..If you use it as a back-up drive. Then you have to buy bigger sizes.

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Hi All my problem is this I have a Dell laptop and when at home and I put the usb thumb drive in to it I can read it ok, but when I take the laptop away with me to another location the laptop cannot read the it (the thumb drive)
The laptop is not connected to the internet at either location
I have tried it on different Laptops same result there dosen't seem any logical reason for this as other usb drives work ok
Many thanks for any help that can be given.

A:usb thumb drive

When you eject the USB flash drive do you click the Safely Remove Icon before pulling it out? If you don't, it will have a hard time connecting next time you put it in.
If the USB Flash Drive is not recognized when you put it in, go to Start/Run and type devmgmt.msc and press enter. In the Device Manager are there any devices with a Yellow Flag or under Universal Serial Bus Controllers is there an Unknown Device? If so, right click it and Uninstall it, then remove the Flash Drive and restart your computer. Put the Flash drive into a different USB port. If you don't want to restart, put the USB into a different USB port and in the Device Manager, Right click Any device and choose Scan For Hardware Changes. You should get New Hardware Found.

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What are the tools/programs that you would carry on a portable usb drive?

A:Thumb Drive

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Good day all, Got an HP 4gb thumb drive. Everything appeared to be ok. Found new hardware bubble came up in task bar, then the found new hardware wizard came up. No new drive was indicated on "My Computer" (using XP). Exchanged thumb drive at store. Came home and tried again in all 4 USB ports as before, same results. Tried it in our laptop and drive was indicated in "Computer" (using 7). Tried a same model but older HP 4gb drive, with data already on it in the original computer and it worked as it should as did 2 PNY sticks. Any guesses? Thanks.


A:Thumb Drive Help

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HELP!!! I just bought a new PNY 8gb thumb drive for my Dell E6400 laptop running XP. It worked great for the first few tries. Today, every time I plug it in the USB port I keep getting "Cannot find HOnEq.Exe"
I don't know why it's not auto-playing, and allowing me to read the files I put on the thumb drive earlier. But, I can go to My Computer, and right click on the thumbdrive to view the contents. But why did it stop automatically recognize the thumbdrive and why is that warning constantly popping up. There is no virus..I scanned that. All devices appear to be working. Should I return the thumb drive and get a different brand/model? Or is there a simple fix? Also, I checked to update the driver but it said I already had the latest driver. Did something get corrupted? HELP!!!

A:PNY 8gb Thumb Drive

The most likely situation is that the thumb drive got a virus which was later removed by your antivirus or someone else's. In that case there will still be a file (probably a hidden and system file) called "Autorun.inf". If you delete that file the drive will be back to normal.

In case you don't know, to show hidden and system files go to tools>Folder options>view, check show hidden files and folders and uncheck hide protected Opperating system files.

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ok yestrday i forgot to scan frend usb drive and clicked twice on it
and i got infected with some sort of new virus

this is what hapend it creates 1 USB(hidden folder) and

Autorun.inf File containing this lines in it
Usb_Driver installed

is this a new infection and how to stop it havent restart the computer since then .

A:maybe new thumb infection

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