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Access 2003: Copying data automatically from one column to another

Q: Access 2003: Copying data automatically from one column to another

Hi there! I'm creating an access database for our company's mailing list.

I have two fields in my form named ID1 and ID2. When I create a new record, I would like Access to copy the information from ID1 into the ID2 field, and add three letters to the beginning of the data.

In other words, if ID1 is "123" i would like ID2 to automatically be generated as "RTC123".

ID1 is an autonumber field if that makes a difference.

Is this possible to do? How would I go about making it happen?


Preferred Solution: Access 2003: Copying data automatically from one column to another

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A: Access 2003: Copying data automatically from one column to another

Hello, if the data is already in column 1 then you can use an update query to transfer the data to column 2.
If the data in column 1 is to be entered in a form then the transfer can be made as the data is entered.
Which way do you need to do it?
Or do you need to do it both ways.
Also why do you need to store the data like that if it can be created and displayed like it at any time?

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g'day everyone!

this forum has been awesome in helping me do my project. hence im back, seeking answer.

im currently doing in MS Access, a Report about profit and loss. this report obtain its information by Query, matching the specified information gathered from a Table.

the following is a screenshot from the Report
as you can see, the 2 informations i want to use are given in the query (named: items bought & items sold), my question is, how to reference those 2 different data, but within the same column so that i can make an iif expression for the profit and loss.

thanks for looking!



A:MS Access: referencing data from same column

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Hi Everyone,

I have a date column in my spreadsheet and there are several actions that I would like to apply to it -

1). Auto populate the date column with the current date only when the column to the left has data entered into it (please see below)

2). Make the date column read only so that it cannot be modified by other parties.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,


A:Solved: Automatically enter date into a column and make that column read only

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I have a table for example. for one customer i have 1 check that pays several invoices. I want the invoices to concatenate so i can have 1 line of data instead of 2

name check invoice #
Joe 123 45679
Joe 123 98746
Sam 456 11233
Sam 456 56484

I want it to return this

name check invoice #
Joe 123 45679 / 98746
Sam 456 11233 / 56484

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I have a database which has about 60000 rows and 3 columns.
Here I have made a picture to show what exactly I want, this picture represent a general view of my data structure and also represent what I want.

I have 3 first columns (from left) and I want to create a new column like the last one which named New Text.
As you see I want to create a column which duplicate the Text of every row for X times. And X is the frequency of repeated number in Number ID 2.

For example: In Number ID 2, 8 repeated four times. So New Text should have four H. (H represent the text)

Please consider this to be done by Microsoft Access software, which I have no experience of working with.

A:How to create a new column using data of other columns in Microsoft Access

will take TWO updates.

1) a transaction to ADD Column "New Text"; commit

2) another to UPDATE "New Text" where "Number ID 2" equals "Number ID 1" value is TEXT;

(or something close to that - - it's be a while since I last used SQL grammar.

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I have an database in Access 2003 and I would like to know how to create an additional field that counts the number of times a particular entry shows up in a given column. I am able to do this in Excel with a formula if I export the data into a spreadsheet but I was wondering if there is a way to do this with the totals row or a calculated field in Access. (my entire Office suite is 2003)

I have created an example with screenshots. Say I have a database table with two fields, one for an order ID # and one for the item that is being ordered.

Since many of the items are the same, I want to create an additional field and count the number of items. I can call this field STOCK or INVENTORY to show how many of each item we currently have. I tried to accomplish this in the query design window like so.

And the results show like this...

Which does accomplish what I was trying to do but now I have another table to deal with instead of simply adding this information as another field in the original table. I tried to add the order ID # field to the show in the query design window, but if I set it to GROUP BY in the totals row, then it will show all the records, but the count turns to 1 for everything because each order becomes a unique pair...

This is how I solved the problem in an excel spreadsheet with the formula noted. I created the formula in cell C2 and then extended it down to C11 and this includes everything I need (the order #, the item, and a count).

So my questio... Read more

A:Access 2003: Field to count unique column entries

Create a second Query and link your Group query to the table in the new query via the Item field

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I have a [COLOR=green !important][COLOR=green !important]database[/COLOR][/COLOR] with 1 table named "Demographic" and 1 table named "Client data"; Client data is linked to an Excel spreadsheet. Both tables have different headings/fields for each column but similar data. I would like to get the data from the Client Data table into the Demographic table and correct for the mismatched column headings so that Client Data is correct in Demographic.

Would someone be willing to help me step-by-step so that I can merge these 2 tables AND have the data correctly aligned in the Demographic table?

I'm essentially a newbie...please be gentle with me.


A:Importing Data from 1 Access 2003 to Another Access 2003 Table

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I have a very large spreadsheet of data, 365 columns and 290 rows. I would like to convert the data into 1 very long column, with all of the data consecutively listed. Is there a function that allows me to tell the formula to look to the first line of the next row of data, and copy down from there, and then go to the next column, etc? Right now, I'm just referencing the first cell in each column, dragging down to fill the 290 following cells, and then referencing the next column. It's really time consuming because I have 48 of these spreadsheets. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

A:Solved: How to move data in a series of column into one column


if you name the range of 365x290 cells as, for example, 'MyRange', then the following (downwards extendable) formula should work:



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I have users who use a form to enter data. One of the fields is "DateRange". The users tend to enter records in groups. The group of 10 records will all have the same "DateRange" As they start a new record is there a way that the "DateRange" field can copy from the prior record?
Any help would be great!

A:Access XP - Copying data from prior record

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Hi guys,

I've developed a standalone database for a school with Access 2010. I created my "Version 1" and put this into production with a number of users entering information into it and then decided to create my "Version 2".

I copied it and have now made quite a few changes. The database has 4 tables, 1 being "Pupils" with an primary key which is an autonumber field (called idlink). The other tables are linked with a relationship to the idlink field. Tables contain the same fieldnames but do contain a few new fields.

It's of course easy to delete the data from the new database and I now need to get the old data into the new version.

I cannot work out how to do this and need a bit of help and direction.

Thanks guys....

A:Solved: Copying data from old Access database to new

The only way is to link to the old database tables (or import the tables) and then create Append queries to transfer the data from the old tables to the new ones.
You can use VBA code but that is overkill and much harder.

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I am experienced with computers but somewhat new to access. I want to create multiple tables for my customers but have the customers ID carry to each table. For example, if a customer enters their information they are assigned a customerID automatically in one table. How do I get that number to copy over to other tables?

TblCustomer.CustomerID = 1

automatically copy that to




Thank you in advance to anyone who helps.

A:Solved: Access 2003 help... Copying fields between tables

gatormrr, welcome to the Forum.
The normal way is to set up the correct One To Many Relationship and then use a Subform to enter the "Sub Table's" data. When the Mainform (Customer) and the Subform (TblPurchase) have their "Master/Child" Links set to CustomerId the Subform automatically enters the CustomerID when a record is created.
The Mast Table CustomeriD should be an Autonumber field but the TblPurchase CustomeriD field Should be a Number type Long.
If you do an Advanced search for "User Name" OBP you will find lot's of examples that I have posted showing how this is done.

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First of all, I am trying to concatenate fields in several records. Currently, I have a query that pulls out the specific account, appending to a table called "Control Log" and it looks like this:

Client Form
------- -------
Lesand 1040
Lesand 1099
Lesand G-45

I want to get to look like this:

Client Form
------- ------
Lesand 1040,1099, G-45

where I will append to another table called Control Log1 where an automatic number will be assigned to just that one record. I then want to populate a form with the autonumber and client info, and the remaining information relating to that client will also populate (address, etc.) from the query that pulled their info from the beginning.

I am fairly new to the new features to Access 2007-2010, but am eager to learn. Thank you for taking the time.


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Kind of difficult to describe, but I have attached an example. This seems like it should be doable with maybe a Loop macro? I have about 1,000 rows of data where unique buckets are separated by a single blank row.

If you look at the example spreadsheet, I would like to automate a way to copy in the Bucket name that corresponds to each Inst name. So Inst 1 - Inst 7 will have "Bucket 2" copied down column B.

A:Solved: Copying down a value according to another column

I think this should work for you.
Sub CopyBucket()

For i = Cells(Rows.Count, "C").End(xlUp).Row To 1 Step -1

If Range("B" & i).Value = "" And Range("C" & i).Value <> "" Then

Range("B" & i).Value = Range("C" & i).Offset(0, -1).End(xlUp).Value

End If

Next i

End Sub

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Our employee database has been used for personal and business information, it's pretty basic. I have a form view for the admin to enter new and updated info. It works. Now we have decided to include weekly productivity stats for each employee. This is made available in excel. So, I have one column of values that is indexed with the employee ID that is also in the access database. How do I paste this into the table view of access and have it place the appropriate employees productivity in their record (row)?

Not all employees have data each week.

A:entering new data in access 2003

Goodmike, is there a date column to go with Statistics?
You can paste the data in to a new record and it should put all of them in for you.
Or you could Import the Excel sheet directly in to the Table or import it in to a temporary table and transfer the data using an Append Query.

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Hi all,

We are using a tool to upload our system workload to Access database 2003.
The OS is Windows XP. While uploading the data to Access d/b, there were some network connection problems because of which, I suspect that the d/b is corrupted. When I try to delete the last entry from the database, it is giving me an error message 'No Current Record. This is preventing me from uploading the data into the d/b.

Has anyone met with this problem ?
I am a novice in Access d/b . So if anyone knows how to correct the entries (i.e deleting of the corrupt entry from the d/b) , please let me know.


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I would like to automatically link to Access (2003, 2000 format) data from Excel 2003. microsoft.com says that I need the
"Microsoft Query" feature installed in Excel to accomplish this.
I need to know if this "Microsoft Query" feature can be used in Excel 2003. Operating system Windows XP.


A:Link to Access data from Excel 2003?

you should be able to link directly to to the spreadsheet
if you goto tables
then you have an option to link to a spreadsheet directly there

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I have been tasked to create a Repair tracking database using an Access 2003 frontend and customer data from our Accounting and inventory system which is SQL 2005 based. I have 3 Linked SQL tables that make-up the customer section of my form with a query of the 3 linked tables; the tables are linked by a unique document number. I have 2 Access Tables one contains parts data (Parts) which I want to use in a combo box and the other (Workorder) will hold the repair information added when the product is repaired. Because the customer data comes from linked tables and (Parts and Workorders) are Access tables I am unsure of how to link them. I added the document number as a field in my access tables and tried to use that as the common link but there is no data in that field in my Access Tables. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the long winded post.

A:Solved: Linking data Access 2003

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Hi folks. I work in the IT field but am not too good with MS ACCESS 2003. I have been given a task by my boss to get familiar with MS ACCESS. I was wondering if anyone here knows how to populate data from another table in MS ACCESS 2003? I'll give you a description. The client has a form called Referal form, Primary Referal Source and Secondary Referal source fields that need to have data populated from a referal persons table. Can anyone tell me how I can go about doing this.Thanks in advance.

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I have a largish Access 97 database that I am trying to view 80000 points of data on a line graph but for some reason is only showing just under 4000 data points.

Is there a limitation on the records that can be viewed.

I have tried converting it to Access 2003 and still have the same problem

A:MS Access 97 & 2003 graph limited data

Sorry I can't find any info on Access Graph limitations. I don't think you can even plot 80 thousand points in Excel as that has a 65,000 limit on it's rows.

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Hi, I have 2 tables

-New Data

What i need to do is match all the data in the "New Data" table to the data in the "Masterfile" if a match is found then do not append that record in to the masterfile. Is this possible using queries?

A:Access 2003 Matching Data in 2 Tables

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I am using access 2003 at my work that was created before I started here. The table I am using was created a long time ago and has 3200 records.
Since the table was created there has been a lot more information that would be useful to have in our customer database.
Ultimately what I would like to do is create a new table and move all the information from one table into the new table because one of the necessary new fields would be Customer ID # using auto number. Although I realize Access wont let me assign that field in the current table as it already has data.
So with out much knowledge of the program it seems to me that I need to make a new table with all the new fields and then move the data from the old table to the new table.
I have been searching for answers to this delemia and cant find any one who has asked this question.
Thank you,

A:Access 2003, Moving data from one table to another

Lindsey, welcome to the forum.
Add the field to your current table and make it an Autonumber.
It will do it.
What it won't do is take a current number field and change it to an Autonumber if there are any values in it.

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I have a database with 10 different tables for 10 different classes. I want to create one table that has the information for all 10 classes. The fields are the same (first, last name, etc.) Do I use query? Import data? Simple question, but not so simple answer for me..

I'm a newbie...please use small words and speak slowly..

A:access 2003 import data from one table to another

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I have a combobox in a subform within a subform that will not display data when the main form is displayed/loaded. If I click on the combobox (giving focus to the field) the data will appear. All other data within the subform displays fine.

A:Access 2003 ComboBox not displaying data

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I am trying to use the following macro to copy cells from one worksheet to another.

My problem is that I only want to copy certain column values - is it possible to do this and how would I change the coding - I`m relatively new to programming macros!!

Sub Test2()
Dim PLimit As Long, ALimit As Long
Dim p As Long
PLimit = Sheets("Sales Enquiry").Cells(Rows.Count, 9).End(xlUp).Row
ALimit = Sheets("Sheet1").Cells(Rows.Count, 9).End(xlUp).Row + 1
For p = PLimit To 1 Step -1
If Sheets("Sales Enquiry").Cells(p, 9) = "y" Then
Sheets("Sheet1").Range("A2:H2").Insert (xlDown)
Sheets("Sales Enquiry").Range("A" & p & ":H" & p).Copy
Sheets("Sheet1").Range("A2:H2").PasteSpecial (xlValues)
ALimit = ALimit + 1
End If
Next p
End Sub

Thanks for your help in advance,


A:Copying specific column values in a row based on a condition

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In Access 2003, how do I set the "criteria" in "design view" of a query so that it will exclude more than one text from the query results.
For example, lets say I was running a query that pulled data from the 12 months of the year. However, I didn't want February, March or April to be included in the results.

A:Access 2003: Excluding Data (Text) from a Query

There are 2 ways to do this.
One is to have a "Month" field. To create a Month field from a normal date use something like this in a new column
month: Month([datefieldname])
in the criteria Row enter

<>2 And <>3 And <>4

The other way is to use the date field itself like this in the criteria row

Not Between #01/02/2009# And #30/04/2009#

Note that the dates are UK format dates.

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I am working with a client that has old computers and old software. I've developed an Access application in 2003 to replace a reporting system they have always done in Excel. I would like to keep the data in Access but they are adamant about color coding their information and they require more than three colors which is the max under conditional formatting. I would like to try to export the query directly to Excel in as few steps as possible and would like to assign a button to do this. Can this be done?

A:Access 2003 - Want to Export Data to Excel with a Button

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Hi All

I need a criteria within a query to return the last 12mths data from a date field, it must return 12 mths data from the most recent date in the database not from todays date.
All help is appreciated
Cheers Brian

A:Solved: Access 2003 filter data by date

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i have just created a search form. I will select a job number from the combo which displays my results on a form.

Now what i want to do is have a button on the search form when pressed it transfers all that information to my invoice form to the corresponding fields just leaving me to fill out the payment side of things.

If anyone could help me with the VBA i will be greatful. Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Access 2003 transfering data from one form to another

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Okay, I've got an Access 2003 database. For this particular task I have a form with 3 comboboxes and a textbox, all four unbound. The data on the comboboxes are populated (RowSource) from three separate queries, which run fine. I have a button which, when clicked, I want to take the information and add it to a table (tData). My SQL is very rusty and I can't get it working right. Here is the SQL statement...

INSERT INTO tData ( CowType, CowLocation, CowMovement, [User], [Date], CowValue )
SELECT Forms!fData!CowType AS Expr1, Forms!fData!CowLocation AS Expr2, Forms!fData!CowMovement AS Expr3, CurrentUser() AS Expr4, Date()+Time() AS Expr5, Forms!fData!CowValue AS Expr6
FROM tData;

As you can see, the form (fData) should take the controls and add the value of each to the respective field in the table (tData). It's not working though, and I'm getting the retarded "Invalid SQL statement; expected 'DELETE', 'INSERT', 'PROCEDURE', 'SELECT', or 'UPDATE'". Can any Access/SQL guru tell me what I'm doing wrong? Driving me crazy here.

A:Solved: Access 2003: Add data to table from form

Nevermind, I got it. Went away from the Append query I was trying and did it via VBA...
Dim rsData As ADODB.Recordset
'Create data set for entry into table
Set rsData = New ADODB.Recordset
rsData.Open "SELECT * FROM [tData];", CurrentProject.Connection, adOpenStatic, adLockOptimistic
If rsData.Supports(adAddNew) Then
With rsData
.Fields("CowType") = Me.CowType.Value
.Fields("CowLocation") = Me.CowLocation.Value
.Fields("CowMovement") = Me.CowMovement.Value
.Fields("User") = CurrentUser()
.Fields("Date") = Date + Time()
.Fields("CowValue") = Me.CowValue.Value
End With
End If
Set rsData = Nothing


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I have attached a (very) stripped down version of what I'm trying to achieve. I have three tables HOUSES, ROOMS and ITEMS. A HOUSE has many ROOMs and a ROOM has many ITEMS. Pretty standard stuff. My opening screen has a continuous form based on HOUSES, where the user can click a command button to see the full record in a single-view form. This form has a subform for ROOMs, also in single-view and that form has another subform in continuous view, based on ITEMS.

When my users want to input a new HOUSE, they would like to be able to base it on an existing one, which will have very similar ROOMS and ITEMS. The plan is they will use their own local knowledge to select a similar HOUSE and they want a kind of "copy/paste" functionality. A new command button (or if necessary multiple buttons) should copy the HOUSE record, copy the related ROOM records and copy the related ITEMS records. Then it should paste all of these as new records in those tables and allocate all the necessary foreign keys to keep the data related.

Furthermore, when the new records are created, they should be in the same order as the original, e.g. Kitchen, Living room, Bedroom. And within each new ROOM the new ITEMS should also be in the same order as the original e.g. chair, table, cabinet.

The reason for all this is that the database is concerned with inspections of rented properties, which may be very similar and the guy with the clipboard will want to take the same route through each... Read more

A:Solved: Access 2003: Add data to several related tables in right order?

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I have created a select query where I am attempting to update/revise data to the Table in the datasheet view. This process seems to work only when running the query is first run. When changing criteria of the query and re-running the query, the fields are locked and I can not make any changes. Why is this? Is there a better way to make Table updates rather than a select query?

A:Update data in Table via Select Query wit Access 2003

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I need to export data from a quite complex database (which I didn't build), the problem I'm facing is that the data is structured in a way that it would require me to "merge" contents from different tables, and I haven't been able to do it properly.

Lets say I have 3 tables with this content:
UserID - Name - Phone

IdRepA - UserID - Date1 - DescriptionA - PartsA

IdRepB - UserID - Date2 - DescriptionB - PartsB
And I need to extract something like

UserID - Name - Phone - Date - DescriptionA - PartsA - DescriptionB - PartsB
Now, here is the problem: customers do not get Repairs A and B done on the same day/visit and a record is stored only in the table corresponding to the performed Repair, then when a customer does have both repairs the IdReps do not match because of the offset introduced earlier.
- IdRepA-1 - 03/03/2008 - is assigned to Customer-001
- IdRepA-2 - 06/06/2009 - is assigned to Customer-002
- IdRep[I][U][B]A[/B][/U][/I]-[B]3[/B] - [B]01/01/2010[/B] - is assigned to Customer-003
IdRep[I][U][B]B[/B][/U][/I]-[B]1[/B] - [B]01/01/2010[/B] - is assigned to Customer-003
So far the best I could get with my queries is something like
UserID - Name - Phone - Date - Description - Parts
0001 - John - 555-5555 - [B][I]01/01/2010[/I][/B] - some-descrip - some-parts
0001 - John - 555-5555 - [I][B]01/01/2010[/B][/I] - another-descrip - another-parts
meaning that I get two entries f... Read more

A:Solved: Export combined data from different tables in Access 2003

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I was losing track of things on my website, so I thought a data base would be very helpful. I've set out to learn Access, but I'm still a beginner and I'm stuck on 3 things so far.

I have set up and related several tables including:
website pages (title, description, date written, etc.) auto number primary key
graphics (file name, size, description) file name primary key
keywords (word, stat1, stat2, stat3) word primary key

I've also set up junction tables since the website pages table has a many to many relationship with both graphics and keywords.

Question 1: How do I make a form that has multiple sub-forms?

I tried to use the wizard to make a data entry form. I wanted a form with multiple sub-forms.
If I enter the fields from 2 tables, I can easily make a form with a sub-form. If I enter fields from all 3 tables, the wizard acts completely differently and I can't figure out how to do sub-forms.

Question 2: How can I make a combo box that will cover multiple fields at once?

I fill the graphics table as I make the graphics. I wanted to use a combo box so I could choose an existing graphic OR add a new one. The combo box works fine for the file name.
The problem:
I want it to auto fill the size and description if I choose an existing file name OR allow me to enter size & description if I enter a new file name.

Question 3: How can I handle many to many relationships between records within one table?

I want to track links from each page to ... Read more

A:Solved: Access 2003 Data Entry Forms - beginner needs help please

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If I wish to append the current record on a form there seems to be only two ways. One is in the append query for the table to leave all criteria blank in which case all records are appended not just the current record. The second is to enter a parameter value in the append query for the table which just deletes one specific record.
For each record on a form I can have a number of different records and I want to be able to append those.
Would appreciate some help here. Thanks

A:Solved: Append all data from records returned on form Access 2003/7

See my response to your other Thread.

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Hi, i'm really new in using excel macro and vba. i need help how to insert checkbox to multiple table column after table been filter into new worksheet.

is there any code/script that i can use for this task?

Is there any tutorial from any website or youtube that i can refer?

i really need help for this. thank you.

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I'm learning formulas...my apologies if this is too simple, but I cannot figure it out, and my brain is hurting.

I have a sheet that will have 8 columns of data (B-I)... a score (four game total) will be entered in each week.

Column J is the sum total, I have that.

Column K is the number of games, which I am updating manually each week.

Column L is the average of the sum total divided by number of games, J/K... I have that.

My question is... is there a way to have column K do an automatic +4 for every score entry in columns B-I? There won't be a score for every person, every week. Some will be open.


A:Column to automatically update as info is entered in row?

can you upload a sample spreadsheet - perhaps with the outcome you would like with examples

you could count the row B2:I2 and see how many entries there are
counts the cells that are not blank

so = CountA(B2:I2)*4
would add 4 for every entry

copy formula down the sheet

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I’m working in Access 2003 building a database in which the records will all have the same basic fields, but will be a library of info covering a very wide range of topics. In order to make easier how the information is pulled out by the end user, I want to very strictly control how the info is categorized when it is initially stored in the db. I cannot allow careless input clerks to misspell any of the labels that categorize the record they are entering, or perhaps invent their own labels.
So, each record starts with several columns of categorization labels. The clerk will be presented with a series of drop-down lists and will select one option from each list in order to categorize the record. Each choice will fill in the corresponding column in the categorization section of the record. The options available in each of these drop-down lists are carefully controlled to represent the only sets of acceptable parameters to describe the information contained in the record at each level of detail. Each successive column in this part of the record, representing one of the drop-down lists, covers the next-deeper level in a hierarch of information labeling for the records. As you follow the columns left to right, you are describing the information in the record with greater and greater detail.

A simple example: The first drop-down shows the options “animal, vegetable, mineral”. You select “animal”. Upon you making that choice, the system returns to you a list of ONLY ANIMALS t... Read more

A:Access 2003 Data Input Forms for Mutually-exclusive and Hierarchically-categorized Re

blothrop, welcome to the Forum.
It is quite common. The key to successfully doing this is twofold. The first is to base each successive Combo on the selection made in the previous one, the second is to requery each combo once the previous combo has made it's selection.
If you Advance search this forum for poster OBP and Combo in the text you should find various databases that I have posted that do just that.

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Hi there

I am using Access 2003 and have 200 clients I am adding field names and data types at present to set-up a database and want later on to be able to use the sub-form in forms to up-load each individuals personal word .doc CV to there personal sub-form record. Do I set this early on in data type or field properties or use OLE to look up there record on the server depending on the clients name or automated client number? If so how exactly can I do this if it can be done. I only have basic college knowledge of Access so do not know any programming. I realise this can be done in Excel but my boss wants if possible to have the information at hand in a sub-form personal record ready possibly by accessing it via a control button so once clicked the CV will appear for that client and every client once viewing their record details.

Thank you

A:Access 2003 how do i Add personal word docs to data type or field properties

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I have an entire column of data that I need in one cell. When combined I need each piece of data to be surrounded by " " and a , between each one.


results = "151","183","2001"

A:Solved: Excel Column of data place in one cell with "data", "data" results

ASAP's "Merge row data" ("Columns and rows" category) will do 99% of the work for you.


(edit: "entire column" -- do you mean full from top to bottom? )

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i have the hardest time trying to get the formatting in otlook 2003 right; basically, i need to send a press release so i draft a cover letter ; after that, i paste the press release (in word 2003) into outlook; it looks fine before sending but when i send it to myself (both in oe and outlook), the received mail's format doesnt look quite the same as what was sent

ie. some paragraphs are underlined and i cant seem to get rid of it; i tried the reveal code to figure out where the underline came from but no luck so far

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I have a spreadsheet that contains formulas. I want a macro that will copy the data only in that cell with the formula and paste only the data in another cell.

I have been scratching my head for a little bit on this one.


A:Excel - copying data and pasting data in a formula cell

If I understand correctly, you can actually avoid using copy altogether.

Let's say you have the value 50 in A1 and the formula =A1*2 in A2. The following macro would copy A2 to D2:

Sub Macro1()
End Sub

but because the formula uses relative references, the resultant formula (in D2) would be =D1*2.

So what you could do instead -- using a single command only -- is:

Range("D2").Value = Range("A2").Value


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Afternoon. I would like to build a query in Access 2010 to move some data from one field to another.

I only want to move some data though.
My fields are named mailadd1 and mailadd2
The data that needs to be moved is in mailadd1.

These are addresses. The first field should be the street address, the second should contain the city, state, and zip.

This is correct on a lot of the rows, but on about half of the 109K records, the data that should be in mailadd2 is in mailadd1 and mailadd2 is blank.

So I need to move the data from mail1 to mail2 IF mail2 is empty. In the following example the first row and the last row's data need to be moved, the middle two rows are fine.

Again, mailadd2 is always blank if the data needs to be moved, if that helps.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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I created a flyer in Word using three columns so that text used as captions will be aligned with pictures. I made sure that the pictures are smaller in width than the columns themselves, which was a problem at first since they were wider.

However, even though the pictures and text are all centered within the columns, the pictures seem slightly more aligned to the right than the text. It's barely noticeable, and I could put a few manual spaces before the text to center them out, but I don't understand why they don't have the same alignment.

The pictures have a width of 1.5 inches each, and each of the three columns is set at 1.83" width and 0.5" spacing. Here's a screenshot from Word:

I know that it's almost not noticeable, but I like everything to look professional.

A:MS Word 2003 Column Alignment

Moving thread to the MS Office forum for better results.
Your picture is too small to see what you are talking about. Please upload the document as an Attachment in your next post.

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I'm allowing the user to choose the key from Select combo - my bound column is the key.
I want a second section of the form to go and fetch ALL occurances from another table that has the key from my first step as part of the combined key.
I've tried a subform/subreport (which I felt would be the ideal - I only want to display)
But nothing comes up.
I've also tried to use a combo box and populate it with a requery, but no luck there either. So now I've decided that my error is in the query I use for the combo box
FROM Resolutions INNER JOIN Tenders ON Resolutions.[Tender No] = Tenders.[tender no]
WHERE Tenders.[tender no] = Forms![2nd Copy of Find Tender Number and Resolutions]!Combo25
ORDER BY tenders.[tenderdescription], resolutions.[resolution no], resolutions.[meeting date];
I want tender no to be the bound column in combo25 (in vb I'd put combo25.column(0)
How do I put that in a query?

A:Solved: Wanting to access bound column in query access sql

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This may have been asked/answered Previously but I didnt see an answer, I know its possible to Hide/unide column's But I need to do it based on if there is a null Value. IE there are 9 columns only 1 has manditory Value, Name. In my query that pulls the data (a search Box) it pull records that dont have data in the Location field. so in my Subform frmSearchdata I want the location column hidden. Ive tried several ways of coding it in VBA and I dont get errors but it doesnt hide the columns either. Any tips?

A:Hiding a Column In a data Sheet

I see this is not your first post and of course we can all make assumptions but you know what the assume stands for.

it makes an a s s out of u and me

Leaving that for what it is, I could assume you're talking about Excel but ... further more no version of the (unknown) application mentioned which is also quite relevant due to added functionality

Maybe Excel but if could also be Access . . .

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Hi - i am trying to write a macro to move data from some rows to columns, but its not a straightforward transpose. Attached is the example

and if there are any blanks not to transpose those.


A:Macro column data into rows

Select your range of data to evaluate (in your attached example you would select C3:N12) and then run the macro below. The macro will create a new sheet with the transposed data.
Sub Transpose()

oldSheet = ActiveSheet.Name

Worksheets.Add().Name = "NewSheet"


For Each vcell In Selection.Cells

If vcell.Value <> "" Then

vRow = Sheets("NewSheet").Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0).Row

Sheets("NewSheet").Range("A" & vRow).Value = Range("A" & vcell.Row).Value
Sheets("NewSheet").Range("B" & vRow).Value = Range("B" & vcell.Row).Value
Sheets("NewSheet").Range("C" & vRow).Value = Cells(2, vcell.Column).Value
Sheets("NewSheet").Range("D" & vRow).Value = vcell

End If

Next vcell

End Sub

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