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Pavilion now an Omnibook (post moved)

Q: Pavilion now an Omnibook (post moved)

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Preferred Solution: Pavilion now an Omnibook (post moved)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I have a Pavilion laptop that was sent in to HP to replace the motherboard. Now the Pavilion thinks it is an Omnibook, so the original Application & Recovery CD's will not work.

Has anyone experienced this?
Is there a way to force the computer to accept the original software? Or do I now need Ominbook sotware & how do I know for which model?

BTW, HP would not make good on it, even though they admitted they installed the wrong motherboard while the laptop was still under warranty. Their reply was that "it happens" and then they wouldn't discuss it any further.

I also have always had a problem with this laptop. When I boot it up, the screen will blank out every few minutes. I use the function key & F12 to switch it from the LCD to an external monitor & back again. That brings my screen back up, but it sometimes happens every few seconds and is a real PITA. Does anyone have an idea on the cause of this problem?

Thanks for any help you can provide!


A:Pavilion now an Omnibook

I don't think that I would accept this answer from HP. At the very least they should send you the right recovery discs. Keep asking for a supervisor until you find someone who agrees that it is their job to help you!

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anyone have any idea why my post was moved and where it was moved to ?

A:post moved

http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/ind...howtopic=194343The rational for the move is in the response post.

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I've dealt with viruses in the past. I've dealt with plenty of viruses.This one has stumped me.I've tried malwarebytes, hijackthis, combofix, superantispyware, trojanremover, and spysweeper.All these programs were disabled by the virus.====================================================malwarebytes installs okay, but after running a quick scan for about 5 seconds it exits, and then the files become corrupt and unmoveable/undeleteable, even after restart.hijackthis does about half of a scan then exits out.combofix gets to the point where all the green bars load, then it disappears and nothing else happens.superantispyware is not allowed to be installed because of restrictions.(even on the admin account in safemode)trojanremover found and repaired some things, but now only scans up to 47 percent and then closesspysweeper won't open but installs okay.======================================================I tried the usual cheap trick of changing the name of the program, but that didn't work.I've tried all these programs in regular mode and safe mode on multiple accounts, including freshly made accounts, including the administrator account.There is no evidence of malicious software such as Virus Removal 2009!! (or whatever)I have also tried disabling startup applications and services in msconfigReformatting is not a redily available option.Oh, and the internet is blocked, of course.Suggestions?ThanksEDIT:It looks like I have the same problem as this guy http://www.bleepingcompute... Read more

A:I would post a log, but it won't let me. [Moved]

As no logs have been posted, I am shifting this topic from the specialized HiJack This forum to the Am I Infected forum.==>PLEASE DO NOT NOW POST LOGS<== unless a log is specifically requested.

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Thanks to my grandson I have a similar prob as others, only I dont have the .exe Only have GoldminerSetup-dm and it will not delete, can anyone help.

A:Moved post

Hi Chow, and welcome to TSF. You've posted your question in the wrong forum. Don't worry about it, I'll just move it to the correct one for you.



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My post asking about Charter communications was moved, but where to?

A:Post Moved

It's now in the Web Browsing/Email and Other Internet Applications section:http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/ind...mp;#entry790931

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post was moved where is the place it was moved? can anyone post the link please?

A:post moved to where

Click on your original topic title or click on the My Topics tab at the top of any page to see all you topics.

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Can I get my post moved to networking. Thanks!

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Ok, it seems I did a bad thing by running combofix without supervision. The trouble is, it was recommended to run it by the guys at my local computer store, I guess my problem was that I didn't read all about it first before jumping in.
Combofix sure fixed that virus attack I was having, but now IE only runs about 1/3 of the time from when I launch it, mostly I just get a blank (white) screen instead.
Can anyone help me with this?!

A:Post-combo/ Moved

As no logs have been posted, I am shifting this topic from the specialized HiJack This forum to the Am I Infected forum.PLEASE DO NOT NOW POST LOGS unless a log is specifically requested.The trouble is, it was recommended to run it [Combofix] by the guys at my local computer storeGroan. I wish folks wouldn't do that. For the benefit of others reading this topic, ComboFix is an extremely powerful tool which should only be used when instructed to do so by someone who has been properly trained. ComboFix is intended by its creator to be "used under the guidance and supervision of an expert." It is NOT for private use. Please read Combofix's Disclaimer. Using this tool incorrectly could lead to disastrous problems with your operating system such as preventing it from ever starting again.Running ComboFix by yourself is like performing open heart surgery on yourself--the scalpel and other surgical tools that is ComboFix is meant to be wielded by a highly trained surgeon only in emergencies or dire circumstances. When the surgeon is thru s/he leaves the room. So combofix should be removed from a system once it has accomplished its job, unlike an AV that is there to protect you from future infections.. . . CF does make some alterations to your system if you run it. Even if you had no malware removed and run the uninstall command, some things may be different now on your system. I can tell you that one thing is that all your restore points will be flushed out a... Read more

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Run HijackThis and click Open the Misc Tools section
Click Open Uninstall Manager, Save list and save the log to your Desktop.
A list of programs will open in Notepad. Post the contents of the log here in your next reply.
Microsoft MVP/Windows - Security

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Below - started initial DDS Techforum virus help protocol - see below

HP desktop - PC 5 years old - vista - 64 bit - IE 9 - Windows LIVE Mail - ATT Yahoo Browser - Avast Anti-Virus - Malware Antibytes Anti-malware - Superantispyware - 4.00 GB memory - no games - some music downloads- some excel & word docs. C drive: Total size 452 GB / free space 317 GB.

Recently - getting not responding on charts - email - IE - stalling --tried rebooting - running all anti virus systems - tried turning them off - checked all internet options and installed programs for pecurliarities. Tried system restore. Checked msconfig for any programs jamming or slowing pc. Only run a schedule chart - mail & IE at once usually. Defragged - cleaned out temp files. Checked all wiring - nothing new installed or added lately. Have noticed 2 CPU fans - (large internal one and back) start with loud noise until I manually adjust them - I cleaned them - didn't help with noise.They never caused this kind of problem before. I'm baffled. Below is the initial virus help logs thanks!! Dwight

DDS (Ver_2012-11-20.01) - NTFS_AMD64
Internet Explorer: 9.0.8112.16457 BrowserJavaVersion: 10.9.2
Run by Dwightster at 5:41:22 on 2012-12-18
============== Running Processes ================
C:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Avast\AvastSvc.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\IE New Window Maximizer\iemaximizer.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Digital Imaging\bin\hpqtra08.exe
C:\Program Files (x86... Read more

A:NOT RESPONDING errors >> moved post here for virus help

I received help awhile back with a potential virus so I'm familiar with the tech forum formal spyware/virus protocol used. To save time I went ahead and continued the tech forum removing spyware/virus help protocol - I did not attempt any fixes. Here are the logs / results in proper order. Thanks!

aswMBR version Copyright(c) 2011 AVAST Software
Run date: 2012-12-19 04:46:28
04:46:28.164 OS Version: Windows x64 6.0.6002 Service Pack 2
04:46:28.164 Number of processors: 4 586 0x203
04:46:28.165 ComputerName: DWIGHTSTER-PC UserName: Dwightster
04:46:29.820 Initialize success
04:46:35.029 AVAST engine defs: 12121801
04:46:44.267 Disk 0 (boot) \Device\Harddisk0\DR0 -> \Device\00000059
04:46:44.271 Disk 0 Vendor: WDC_WD50 01.0 Size: 476940MB BusType: 8
04:46:44.323 Disk 0 MBR read successfully
04:46:44.328 Disk 0 MBR scan
04:46:44.334 Disk 0 unknown MBR code
04:46:44.343 Disk 0 Partition 1 80 (A) 07 HPFS/NTFS NTFS 463461 MB offset 63
04:46:44.389 Disk 0 Partition 2 00 07 HPFS/NTFS NTFS 13476 MB offset 949168395
04:46:44.579 Disk 0 scanning C:\Windows\system32\drivers
04:46:56.571 Service scanning
04:47:12.336 Modules scanning
04:47:12.349 Disk 0 trace - called modules:
04:47:12.376 ntoskrnl.exe CLASSPNP.SYS disk.sys acpi.sys storport.sys hal.dll nvstor64.sys
04:47:12.384 1 nt!IofCallDriver -> \Device\Harddisk0\DR0[0xfffffa8004e5c790]
04:47:12.394 3 CLA... Read more

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I have Windows XP Home Edition, I was infected with Spysheriff. While removing it, I found several more Viruses. Ever since I removed Spysheriff I get the message from MC Antispyware, found Egroup.IEAccess C (Dialer) Please remove. I have also Noticed that my tool bars are gray and in classic view. I go to start\settings\control panel\display and open it, the only option I have is Themes. I don’t have desktop, screen saver, appearance, or settings. Anyone know why those options have disappeared. When I boot in safe mode I have most of those choices except screen saver and under appearance the only choice is classic. I went Start, Run and typed Services.msc Double-clicked the Themes service and it was already set at Automatic. can anyone help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Windows 7 Ultimate x86
full retailed version
Age of system(hardware)-2.5-3 years
Age of OS installation-1 month,and re-installed
Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 3.20 GHz, 2GB RAM,Video card:Ati Radeon HD 3650.
MotherBoard: DualCore Intel Pentium D 935, 3200 MHz (12 x 267)

Here is the ZIP attachment:
Output+Perfmon Zip.zip
please help me to fix this problem!!

A:BSOD Problem Post [Moved from Vista/7]


I'm sorry your thread got overlooked. We're on it now!

It seems that your Motorola phone software is the cause. Try removing it for now, and see what happens.

...Summary of the dumps:


*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for ntkrnlpa.exe
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for ntkrnlpa.exe
Built by: 7600.16617.x86fre.win7_gdr.100618-1621
Debug session time: Tue Feb 8 15:05:16.585 2011 (UTC - 5:00)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:33:08.426
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for ntkrnlpa.exe
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for ntkrnlpa.exe
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for NetMotCM.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for NetMotCM.sys
*** ERROR: Symbol file could not be found. Defaulted to export symbols for ndis.sys -
SystemProductName = G41M-ES2L
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for ntkrnlpa.exe
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for ntkrnlpa.exe
Built by: 7600.16617.x86fre.win7_gdr.100618-1621
Debug session time: Tue Feb 8 13:27:19.566 2011 (UTC - 5:00)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:12:53.407
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for ntkrnlpa.exe
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for ntkrnlpa.exe
**... Read more

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I just moved to a new case with a larger PSU (300 was old, 350 is new).

When I powered on the comp, I don't even get a POST. As far as I know, everything is plugged into the correct spot. I used to mobo manual for all the correct headers and I can see the power on LED illuminated. The HDD LED illuminates briefly too. The reset switch works, as well as the power switch (obviously). The CPU fan and Northbridge fan is turning. I did discharge the CMOS memory too using the jumper, but that didn't solve my problem. Any ideas? Could something have gone wrong when I moved all the components? Actually, obviously something did go wrong, but anybody have any ideas?

Athlon XP 2100
ABIT KR7A mobo
512 266DDR Mem
40 GB Maxtor HD
couple CD drives
Netgear NIC

thx for any help

A:mobo wont POST after moved to a new case

Disconnect everything except the cpu, fans, memory, and video card with monitor and see if it will post. If not I would start by checking the standoffs to make sure one is not shorting the motherboard to ground. To do this you could even take the board loose and put it on a piece of cardboard to insulate it and see if it will post.

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My son's computer is totally whacked out. Please please help. I have searched the forums and tried a couple of preliminary steps to try to repair with no luck. Here is what I have.

2 days ago the computer was working ok. it was slow but at least was connecting to internet and working ok. I renewed and reinstalled 2 programs. Safeeyes, a parental safeguard app and McAfee Securty Center. After that is when all heck broke loose. Here is a short list of symptoms.

cannot restore to a previous day. It looks like it is going to work, reboots but reports it as incompete

cannot get an IP address with Linksys WMP54G to WRT54G. connects but no INternet found. My laptop that I am typing this from is connected to the very same router and hits the internet fine.

Windows Security Alert- Windows has detected an Internet attack attempt, some verbage about running full system scan,Click here to download spyware remover for total protection. Not sure if I trust this or not.

System Alert from lower right tool bar....System detected virus activities, etc.

Spyware Alert- Security Warning. Worm.Win32.NetSky detected on your machine. then a lot of explanation. then click to remove immediately. Not sure that I trust this but I have to admit that I pressed Yes in desperation once. It did nothing .

random loading of a browser that tries to load www.safenavweb.com this loads all by itself out of the blue.

There is a constantly reappearing set ... Read more

A:multi symptom, no connectivity, no joy [moved from XP, log in post #5]

hello ,

do not click on that advertisment (it is maleware /virus

your sons system is badly infected

what you need to do is follow this link


read & follow all instructions / save all logs to the desktop for eas of reposting / if you have any issues with doing these steps make notes and add them to your post

then get back with us


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I posted my problem in the logs forum, but this one seems more appropriate. Is there a way to move http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/507345/tdsskillerexe-unable-to-run-in-safe-mode/
to this forum?

A:Posted in wrong forum, can post be moved to here?

The logs forum is appropriate because you attached a DDS log. Please keep in mind that our volunteer trained malware helpers are currently backlogged. You will however get a reply. Thank you for your patience.

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Ok I have been basically letting problems build up on my computer for awhile now without diagnosing anything because of how difficult the repair process seemed to be. So you can imagine the multitude of viruses, adware, and trojans that have built up.

Recently I tried playing Bioshock and the game crashed during the first loading screen after I invested 15 minutes into beating the first level without saving... Tried again and I crashed at the same spot. So I tried Left 4 Dead 2 and I crashed trying to connect to a game. Tried Fallout 3 and crashed shortly after the character creation menu... BTW, java games like plants vs zombies and Creeper World are working fine, its just those 60 dollar real games that won't work.

So I finally give in and go all out to fix all of my problems. I bought Spydoctor, ran it and cleaned out my hard drive, in fact I am running the file scanner right again with updated definitions, but its been an hour and its at 8%.... I updated my motherboards bios which finally allowed me to run chkdsk and defragment. Full scans of both completed, and now aside from the file scanner and a possibly slightly out of date windows update I've run all the diagnostics I can think of.

Everything else is working fine, but my games still aren't working last I checked. I am working on those last two diagnostics I mentioned, but what else can I do.

Windows XP Home 32 bit Service pack 3
Asus motherboard Socket 775 P5Q
Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU... Read more

A:Cant play games [moved from Gaming forum, see post#14]

Before anyone says anything

1) Yes my system is up to spec, its an old game and a computer capable of running new games im pretty sure.

2) Restarted almost a dozen times now for all the updates and diagnostics i've done so far.

3) No mods

4) I made a point of closing everything before each play test.

5) Direct X is up to date, DX11

6) Updated sound and video drivers about a month, maybe 2 months ago at most.

7) Fallout 3 is currently my main test game and I installed the patch for v1.7 and the stupid Microsoft Games for Windows program that the patch requires...

8) The fact that I get into the game and I have the same problem with other games should rule cd scratches out.

9) The first time I encountered the problem, it was with no patches on Fallout3 and I encountered the problem while the install was still fresh, meaning I didn't screw anything up since I installed the game. I already reinstalled it and immediately installed the patch and encountered the same problem.

BTW yes this is still a problem for all games, Fallout 3 is just the game I run into the problem the quickest on so I am using it as a test subject.

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My laptop turns off when it is moved or the desk it is sitting on is joulted. This occurs when the laptop is plugged in with the battery in, when it is plugged in without the battery in and when it is running off the battery alone. After the laptop has turned off it will not turn on again unless it is shaken or pressed firmly between the touchpad and the spacebar. I assume this may indicate a loose connection in this area?  I'm very unsure where to go next with this but I am very scared to use my laptop through fear of it turning off and me loosing what I am working on. Any suggestions?

A:HP Pavilion turning off when moved and sometimes not powerin...

If you were a qualified computer technician, you would know how to disassemble the computer, to "trouble-shoot". Since you are not, it is time to take your computer to a qualified computer technician, for him/her to do it. 

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Hi guys I was having problems with the mobo so I searched the net and finally bought one, I received it last week but I have just gotten round to putting it in it is the same model. Now I have just changed it and it will not go to post I have checked that the graphics card if seated correctly which it is also changed the ram around but still won't go to post am I missing something.


A:Solved: Fitted mobo now wont go to post Help! (Moved from XP forum)

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My computer was moved to my new apartment, and my movers set it up for me.  I used to see some front USB ports near the bottom of the front panel but now I don't see them.  Is there something I need to do?  I really need those!

A:My HP Pavilion desktop computer was moved and I can't find t...

LittleOldLady1 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!This link is to the Maintenance and Service Guide for your PC and it does not show any USB ports on the front bottom of the case: http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c03359399 If yours is different, then look at the illustrations in the guide for removing the front cover. Then look down near the bottom of the case on the inside of the front cover -- it's possible the drives got pushed back into the case or completely out of their socket in the cover. If you're not comfortable reinserting them back into the cover, then you will need to have this done by a computer repair technician.Good Luck

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While going through the preparation guidelines I tried to run the dds program and received an error. The error stated the program will not run on my operating system. Please advise...

A:preparation to post malware issue: dds program does not run on my operating system/ Moved

Hello ttillman,As no logs have been posted, I am shifting this topic from the specialized HiJack This forum to the Am I Infected forum.PLEASE DO NOT NOW POST LOGS unless a log is specifically requested.Let's see if you can resolve your infection issues in this forum. Please tell us what your operating system is: Windows XP, Vista, etc. Please describe the issues you are having with your computer: pop-ups, redirections etc. Please be as specific as possible. If it turns out that you need to post in the HiJack This forum after all, we can provide instructions for what to run instead of DDS.Orange Blossom

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Hi everyone,
I own a HP pavilion a1240n
Mobo goldfish3
socket 775
Recently when I switched on PC the os would not boot up.
I checked PSU, the -5v was not working so I installed new one.
I am still having same issue, all fans are coming on.
Another point is that the led behind the power switch is not coming on.
I am sure there is issue with MOBO but is there a way of checking it without having to replace it, I presume I will have to replace OS if I have to get a new board.
I am based in Ireland so there will be time differance lag between answers

A:HP pavilion will not post

Try clearing the CMOS by removing the lithium battery on the motherboard.

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I first posted this in Windows XP Home & professional, it was moved to this section Sept 15th. I have not heard anything since then.

This post has been edited by hamluis: 15 September 2011 - 10:27 AM
Reason for edit: Moved from XP to Am I Infected.
I am using my laptop to contact you because I cannot connect to the internet at all on my desktop. I was running scan this AM, during scan screen went blank (totally white) since then I cannot connect to internet. I get the following:

Server Not Found

Firefox cannot find the server at www.(any page i try to connect load)

Check the address for typing errors such as
ww.example.com instead of www.example.com

If you are unable to load any pages check your computer's network connection.

If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure Firefox is permitted to access the Web.

I cannot get to any of my anti-virus software, I cannot find any of the logs, nothing. I am running Windows XP Home Edition, Version 2002, Service pack 3.

I have checked Device Manager; under System Devices and;
Direct memory Access controller
High Precision event timer
Intel® 82802 Firmware Hub Device
Intel ® ICH9 Family SMBus Controller 2030
ISAPN Read Data port
Motherboard Resources
Programmable interrupt controller
System board properties

all say: No drivers Installed. Under details: no drivers required or have been loaded.

Looked under LAN or High s... Read more

A:This post has been edited by hamluis: 15 September 2011 - 10:27 AM Reason for edit: Moved from XP to Am I Infected.

Hello, let's see if this fixes things,Please click Start > Run, type inetcpl.cpl in the runbox and press enter.Click the Connections tab and click the LAN settings option.Verify if "Use a proxy..." is checked, if so, UNcheck it and click OK/OK to exit.Now check if the internet is working again.ORGo to Start ... Run and type in cmdA dos Window will appear.Type in the dos window: netsh winsock resetClick on the enter key.Reboot your system to complete the process.If needed : type these one line at a time, press enter after each line. See if it works after each.netsh interface ipv4 reset netsh interface ipv6 reset ipconfig /flushdnsEDIT:May as well run MBAM (MalwareBytes):Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and save it to your desktop.Download Link 1Download Link 2MBAM may "make changes to your registry" as part of its disinfection routine. If using other security programs that detect registry changes (ie Spybot's Teatimer), they may interfere or alert you. Temporarily disable such programs or permit them to allow the changes.Make sure you are connected to the Internet.Double-click on mbam-setup.exe to install the application.
For instructions with screenshots, please refer to the How to use Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Guide.When the installation begins, follow the prompts and do not make any changes to default settings.When installation has finished, make sure you leave both of these checked:Update Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareLaunch Mal... Read more

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So I'm trying to fix my barber's laptop for a free haircut. The problem he's having is that when it would POST it would be very small on the screen and then the next screen would have certain characters misplaced or incorrect in the wording. Then it would start loading Windows XP and stop halfway with the screen going blank with weird lines flashing on the screen (like an old-fashioned movie). It would boot into Safe mode though. It's happened in the past as well and I fixed it by uninstalling the NVIDA display drivers and then reinstalling them, odd fix for the situation I know but it did work.

Anyways same thing happened, small splash screen then a weird POST till it would just not finish loading Windows. I got in with Safe Mode and backed up all the data and the registry. Then I uninstalled the NVIDA display drivers again and rebooted. Now I get nothing out of it. The backlights start up and all the LEDs and fans start up but the screen is totally blank and it doesn't try to shut itself off. Taping the on/off button makes it shutdown, no need to hold it. It's just doing nothing. Would resetting CMOS perhaps fix this? I've tried taking out the main battery and putting it back in, as well as all the sticks of RAM. No luck so far, any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:No POST Pavilion zv5000

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My Pavilion HPE h8 1360t developed a problem where it was taking multiple reboots after a power cycle to come online so i checked the HP support website and discovered there was a bios update available for my PC.  After installing the update the motherboard will not post.  Fans spin but no beeps or any other activity.  I have unplugged the disks, memory, and video card but no change.  Please help.

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I have a HP Pavilion ZE5300 that I recently purchased, during which the screen came up fine (It was only missing an OS at the time). I dissembled the laptop to clean out dust and replace the CPU, but I must've screwed something up because when I reassembled the computer, it would no longer post. Any suggestions?

A:HP Pavilion ZE5300 - does not post

any bios beeps when you start it up

check the ram is seated properly

did you apply the paste correctly to the cpu


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I got a laptop from a friend recently. Its an HP pavilion dv6500. They tripped over a USB cord and it fell on the ground and wouldn't turn on. They then took it to a local repair shop who told them they needed a new mobo. They put the new mobo in and still had the same problem. When you push the power button all the lights along the dash come on, and the fan and cdrom start up but no beeps and then it just like stalls out. the screen stays black, no ext video nothing, but the lights stay on. I have tested most of the components and all work, everything leads to the motherboard but that was replaced. any advice is greatly appreciated.

A:HP pavilion won't run POST test

I'd say faulty new motherboard, but it could be as simple as the Power Adapter

Here's the Tutorial: No POST (Power On Self Test) guide

Here's HP Support

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Have had this HP Pavilion smartouch 21 in storage as a spare for a couple years.  Now I need it and it won't come on.Power indicator lights. Drive seems to spin up.  Remove ram and it gives 4 beeps.  Nothing on screen totally dark.  Reseated video cable and hard drive.  No go.  Where next?

A:Pavilion smartouch 21 no post no boot out of box

@kirsplash, welcome to the forum. It is never a good idea to let any electronic device set unused for a long period of time.  I suggest checking to make certain that all of the components are seated properly.  Remove the video card and clean the contacts on the card and in the slot.  If the computer has any moisture inside these can be corroded.  Also, check the contacts on the memory.  Be extremely careful when cleaning the contacts.  Any ESD will damage them.

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HI Gang,
I have a Pavilion zd7140us laptop. When I turn it on leds light up but that is it. No video. I tried an external monitor but still not video. I stripped down the laptop to motherboard, memory, cpu with fans. Still same issue. I inserted a post code card into the mini PCI slot. When powering up the cpu fans run and leds lite. I get the code on the post card "8180" nothing else. I have a second post code card that plugs into the printer port along with the USB port. I boot up with this card in and at first I get "--00". Then when I press the button on the card to view the next code it is "0100" with the "01" flashing. That is it.
I have already itried installing a used CPU (ebay).
Can any help me as to reading the code or where to go from here to troubleshoot the laptop?

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Hey, guys!
I have a problem with my HP Pavilion dv2025nr laptop. It is almost year and a half old and recently I noticed that it wouldn't boot up at all. It has done that before, intermittently, but it would finally boot after 3-4 resets from the power switch, like it needed to get warmed up. After last night, now it seems totally dead. And I take good care of it.

The boot looks like this:
The screen is totally black, fans are on, HDD seems to be on(?), all the indicators on top are on, no beeps occur, HDD indicator blinks 3 times(5-6 times if media present in the DVD drive), DVD-drive spins up (if disc inside).

Here's what I've tried so far:
- connecting to external monitor - no success
- battery check - tried to boot with or without it. no change.
- power supply - strange, but computer turns on by itself when I plug in the charger. I think that's not normal.
- HDD check - HDD works fine, I was able to back it up.
- DVD-drive check - read/write indicator blinks the same way and at the same time with the HDD indicator. If a disc is inserted, the blinks are five or six.

An interesting fact is that the computer behaves the same way with the RAM modules and HDD taken out of it(!!). That freaked me out! Indicators blink he same way, no beeps or noises. Nothing.
I've no idea what the problem is.

I highly appreciate your help and concern!
Thank you!

A:Hp Pavilion Black Screen, No POST

The motherboard/CPU is probably bad. It may be time to take it in for repair

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I've got another head scratcher I need a little assistance with. I have this HP pavilion a1000 in my shop. At first the computer wouldn't even turn on. I replaced the psu on it with one i know is good first and that made the fans come on but not the power led light. There was no video or beeps at this point. Next I tried to reset the bios. This computer has 2 jumpers? Is that normal? Anyway I moved both jumpers over to reset the bios and I also removed the cmos battery. Started the computer once, unplugged it to turn it off because the power button would not turn it off. Moved the jumpers back and replaced the cmos battery. Turned the machine back on and it had signs that it wanted to live. I got a memory error beep code which was one short beep followed by one long beep. I replaced the memory it had with memory i know is good and that took care of the beeps. Not only did that stop the beeping but now i have a power led and the cd drive is functional and I can turn off the computer by the power button. However, I still have no post or video at all. I thought the on board video may be bad. So i substituted a video card in that i know is good, but it did not change the video issue. I need a little help. What do I need to try next? Is is salvageable?
The motherboard looks clean, no flaws on it, a little dust here and there but i blew that off with canned air.
I would try a cpu swap but i dont have one to substitute. Is there another way to test the cpu?

A:HP Pavilion a1000 doesnt post

The fact that you had to change the PSU tells me there may have been a major problem. If the memory is bad and he video may be bad, I would suggest that a power problem has fried the whole system. The only way around is to test every component. if you do not have a spare CPU do you have a spare mobo that the CPU will fit into?

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HP Pavilion TS Sleekbook 15 Product ID E5D85UA#ABA
System ID 193D
Bios Date 4/12/2013
Bios Revision F.1B
Serial Number 5CD33525MN
Hard Drive:  ATA 500GB
HGST HTS545050A7E380
Firmware GG2OACA0
Serial [Personal Information Removed]
Smart Enabled
LBA48 Supported
Sector Type 4k/512e
This laptop decided to go south on us here is what I tried, not sure if it has Win 8 or 8.1 as I dont use it. Bios lists it as Win 8.
Windos 8.X will not boot instead you get error Error code: 0xc0000225
I tried using Recover "F11" It does nothing but sit there
I tried booting from a Win 8.1 Flash Drive and USD DVD Drive in "Legacy Mode since UEFI ignores USB as a boot option" .. It does nothing.
When I ran the HP UEFI hard disk tool it gives me this.
Hard Disk Test
Any Suggestions? Im about ready to pull the Drive and stick in something less irritating.

A:HP Pavilion TS Sleekbook 15 E5D85UA#ABA Wont post or recover...

The hard drive needs replacement. Post back if you want some help with that. 

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I have a HP pavilion Tower model number a6700F I have not used it for awhile I was in the hospital.I tried to run it in safe mode it ran for awhile then stopped.Should I get a new hard drive and new windows program and if I get a new hard drive can I put a hard drive with a 1tb in it ? Can someone please tell me what to do !Thank you for your help !Abigdog1959

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Hey Everybody.

I have an HP OMNIBOOK 4150B. I installed Win XP pro and it ran great. Fixed a bunch of things actually. I lost some minor functionality but that wasn't a big deal. The problem was that when I booted up the computer without it being plugged in(AC), it would freeze up after 30 seconds or so. So basically my laptop became a very portable desktop.

I reinstalled the recovery CD (win 98) and it solved the problem. However, I would really like to run XP with my OMNIBOOK....there must be a way to do it.

I was just wondering if anyone else was experiencing this problem or if anyone knew how to fix it.

Anyone know where to get all the drivers?

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Hello! I still have my Omnibook XE3 GC, and i am currently using it for my retro games! I would also like to use it  for some simple MS Office tasks, by dual booting WinXp(Currently using Win98SE). So i thought that an upgrade is needed to make my old dinosaur a bit faster! I already got my self two 256mb dimms of ram, and i want to also upgrade my CPU. It currently has a Pentium III 850Mhz. Does anyone know if the board is going to support any faster Pentium III's?They are pretty cheap. I found a tualatin PIII 1.067Ghz on ebay for about 3Euros.Thanks in advance!

A:Omnibook XE3 Upgrade?

The Manuals for that classic machine were long ago retired here. 512 megs of RAM is going to be light on XP. I do seem to recall that the XE3/Pavilion N5400 could accept up to a PIII Mobile up to about 1.3 ghz. 

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I'm working on an old HP omnibook xe2 that had been stored for a couple years. CMOS battery was dead, so no operating system. Have changed battery. Laptop will power up and checks drives, but will not boot from either floppy or CD-rom drive. Tried to access BIOS setup menu-computer says"entering setup" then stalls. Where do I go from here?

A:HP omnibook problem

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I have an older HP OmniBook 2000CT with Windows 98 build 4.10.1998 with a Pentium I 133Mhz MMX processor and 32 Mb of RAM. When I insert a CD into the swappable Toshiba XM-2402B CD-ROM drive ("HP F1347A 10x CD-ROM Drive Module") nothing happens. The drive has power and reads the disk, and displays a list of files in windows explorer/my computer and I can browse through the folders. However, when I try to open/run a file, i cant. It either says "handle invalid" or a like message. If you have any idea of how to fix this or where to get a new drive, please tell me.

A:OmniBook CD-ROM Problem

What kind of files are you trying to run?

Can you open TXT files (like README.TXT)?

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I'm Upagainstthewal (one L). Huge problem. I'm locked out of my HP Omnibook 6000 by a BIOS Password that I didn't even set. I have no clue on what it is or how to retrieve it? Is there a bypass or master password for this. I know that the provider is Phoenix. Can anyone lend a hand in assisting me with this issue?

A:HP Omnibook locked out

Hi there,

Google 'CMOS password reset' take your pick. Have used one of these in the past, can't remember which, find one that suits. Often resets to no password...

hi from SA

PS failing that I have heard that taking the bios battery out for a few hours can reset to no password. either way double check whilst googling... plenty of similar events... good luck

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I am trying to upgrade my omnibook 4100 notebook from the original 4 Gb to a 10 Gb .i have done an image onto the 10 Gb , but it will not boot . any ideas ?

A:Omnibook 4100 HDD

Obviously the imaging did not work
You will need to Repair your Windows

Microsoft's Windows XP Professional Repair Install step by step

Microsoft's Windows XP Home Repair Install step by step

Vista Repair:

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i have an hp omnibook 6000, i updated the bios to 1.83 now i'm trying to install winxp,the problem is after booting from the xp cd, and after winxp loads all the drivers,when it gets to the blue screen window setup , the system hangs . also if i booted with win98 or me with cd-rom support also the system hangs

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I have an Hp Omnibook XE2 with only 5 GB of HDD and 64 Mb of RAM, Win 98 SE operating system. On my desktop I use Win XP Pro, and would like to move on to Win XP on my notebook too, preferably without buying a new notebook.

I intend to install maximum RAM (512 Mb) and a Hitachi Travelstar 7K60 HDD. Can anyone advise me if it is worth the effort to upgrade. I would only use Ms Office 2003 applications.

A:Upgrading Hp Omnibook XE2

I've run XP on sub 1Ghz computers before and although it is more stable, it will take a big preformance hit. Just before you dig into it, consider the cost. You can buy a new laptop from Wally World for under $500 when they are overstocked.

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I have a Hp Omnibook 900 Laptop which has been formatted and windows xp pro installed.

the user would like to use the usb port i.e the usb mouse etc.

I have checked the device manager but cant find
Universal Serial Bus controllers.

I have checked the Hp drivers website but cant find any drivers for win xp. what should i do?


A:usb drivers for hp omnibook 900

First off, are they enabled in the BIOS?

That's a pretty old machine, HP may not offer XP drivers for it. Perhaps you'd be better off running the version of Windows it came with.

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I have a HP omnibook Xe2 laptop, yes it is old but it still has some kick to it. I originally replaced the fan because it became too noisy and made a pulsating sound after the laptop had been on enough time for the fan to kick on for a cooling cycle. I now have replaced the fan 3 times. In the beginning, the replacement fans work great, then they begin to make the same pulsating loud vibrating noise. The power cord of the fan is not a variable, it is out of the way. Any help would be great...

I had thought that maybe there is an electrical/power problem with the cord supplying the fan with power. Maybe there is too much power being sent to the fan and is frying the fan making it sound all loud and pulsate. But who knows...

A:fan problem on HP omnibook

What fans are you using? Are they the correct voltage? Are they good fans, i.e. ball bearing?

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I have an HP OmniBook XE3 that has a BIOS password issue.

Windows Xp Home
Intel Celeron 1.2 GHz
256MB Ram

I wanted to go into my BIOS to disable my notebooks CD rom. I hit the F2 key and when it loads it asks for a password. I have tried to call the guy I bought it from to see if he knows what the password was and he tells me that he forgot what it was.

Does anyone know how to reset the bios password for an HP OmniBook Laptop? I have tried to enter a few of the &#8220;backdoor&#8221; password for the Phoenix BIOS. I have not found any useful information on what I can do to fix this issue and that is why I came here.

Anyone have any ideas?

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The following concerns an HP Omnibook XE3 GF Notebook, running Windows
XP Pro.

Occasionally the screen blanks (completely black) as though the
machine were in standby mode. This may happen soon after booting or
after several hour's use. It may happen more than once on one day, or
maybe it doesn't happen for a couple of weeks.

After power-switch off, or hardware-reset, to shut down the machine,
the standby button re-boots it, but the display is _not_ restored.

However, the display _can_ be restored by: power-switch off, unplug
the power cord, remove the battery, wait a couple of minutes, replace
battery and power cord, press standby button to re-boot.

Having removed/replaced the battery, following a screen blank, Windows
insists on performing a consistency check on the FAT32 hard drive, at
next boot. The last time this happened two errors were found:

Windows will now check the disk.
Volume Serial Number is 2C77-3ED5
\WINDOWS\Prefetch\LOGONUI.EXE-0AF22957.pf first allocation unit is
not valid. The entry will be truncated.
\WINDOWS\Prefetch\NTOSBOOT-B00DFAAD.pf first allocation unit is
not valid. The entry will be truncated.
Convert lost chains to files (Y/N)? Yes
336 KB in 2 recovered files.
Windows has made corrections to the file system.

If the screen did not blank, removing/replacing the battery doesn't
cause Windows to perform the hard drive check, at next boot.

I should be grateful for advice as to

why the screen blanks,

why Windows performs a consi... Read more

A:Omnibook display, again

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I greet, I am user HP XE3 GC and looking for of drivers to sound cards as well as network cards under windows xp.
I greet warmly
Robert Kosar

A:HP Omnibook XE3 GC driver windows xp

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