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"No Audio Output" on Yoga 720

Q: "No Audio Output" on Yoga 720

Hi! My new Yoga was working great. However, suddenly the volume does not work. When I hover over the sound icon it says "No audio output device is installed". When I click on the sound icon it immediatley takes me to a box taht says "detecting problem" and then no problem is detected. I need help please! Thank you!!

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Preferred Solution: "No Audio Output" on Yoga 720

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hi to everyone, with my previous pc i listened to music with a toslink on TRS cable plugged into an av receiver. Now, with the yoga 710, it seems, that it is not possible to do as well. is it that the soundchip is not able to give out digital audio signals or is it a software/driver issue? the digital audio output signal is not listed in the audio devices list. thanks for help specs: yoga 710-14ikb; i7; 8gb 

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Hello, I bought a Lenovo YOGA 730-13 several weeks ago and since then haven't been able to use the sound on it. It says that there is no Audio Output Device installed on it, and when I push the sound icon it just troubleshoots, but never fixes the problem. Is there anything that I'm supposed to do or missing? Thanks!

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Hello everyone,I was reading something on my computer and I wanted to listen to music, but I couldn't hear anything. I thought that I maybe muted sounds but it wasn't the problem apparently. I looked at the audio icon and it shows red x. And when I move my mouse to the icon it shows that "No Audio Output Device Is Installed".   Maybe some of you know some kind of solution to this problem. Thank you. 

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A while ago my sound suddenly sopped working on my lenovo yoga 910. It might have been after a windows update, but i can't remember. There is a red cross next to the sound icon which says: no audio output device is installed. I have tried reintalling the correct realtek audio driver from lenovos website, but without succes. When i go to device manager I can only see one sound driver from intel, and not the one from realtek i have tried installing. I really don't have any idea of how to fix thisThanks in advance

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Somehow I lost audio on my computer. It was working 2 nights ago. The speaker icon has a line through it. I went to the noaudioinput.com and am wondering if this is the best option.

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Two days ago, my internet was being slow, and I had the adapter reset as per usual through the WiFi troubleshooter. The adapter for the first time caused a BSOD when doing this. So I thought "Fine, its a one time thing", I didn't get the chance to get the error message but the cause involved the adapter, I know that much. When my laptop restarted, I noticed a nice little "x" on the speaker tray icon. Scrolling over it, it told me that "No Audio Output Device is Installed." Nothing I did would fix it, including the basic solutions across the internet such as uninstalling the drivers, etc. While looking at the drivers, not all of them were missing, only maybe one or two, definitely one in the Sound, video and Game Controllers area with the name (MEDIA) in it (that much I remember, I believe it was from NVIDIA too), along with one that was put into the "Other Drivers" area, or whatever it was called, by Intel but with a yellow exclamation mark on it and it related to audio. I got the problem to be fixed by doing a system restore back to the 10th, before some updates occurred.Last night, my keyboard was malfunctioning (not allowing me to backspace, only allowing me to type in certain areas, not allowing me to use the letter "C", and telling me to backspace by hitting "Alt + LeftArrow." (And this was occurring in multiple browsers, not just one)I did another system restore and the audio problem reappeared, but this laptop is quite new, I've ran out of restore points to go back to.... Read more

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I am not able to get any sound from my speaker.  Any assistance would be appreciated.   Thanks.

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Hello,  A while back I updated my laptop and the realtek audio began to work here and there. To get it to work, I would have to go into the realtek audio manager and press the 'play' button until I heard the noise coming through the speakers. It was rather annoying, but I dealt with it for a while. Recently, however, I updated my laptop again and instead of having audio sometimes, I don't have audio at all. I found a similar post in the forum, but when I went to download the link, it showed that I downloaded it, but nothing worked. I would really appreciate some help. Here are some photos. 

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Greetings, Lenovo community. I've had this laptop (ThinkPad Yoga 14, running 64-bit Windows 8.1) for about four years, and, for the past few months, I've been having small issues with my audio. Video files will play fine, other than them being completely silent. Strangely, though, audio from YouTube videos and (some) installed video games will play. I then decided to update the audio drivers. I found the correct drivers for my machine and uninstalled the Realtek HD Audio device prior to the installation. It completed without any issues. However, when I restarted my laptop, I was greeted with several issues. Firstly, I have no audio, period. Secondly, the computer isn't recognizing the built-in speakers or the headphone jack as being installed. And thirdly, in the Device Manager, neither the speakers nor the headphone jack are listed, and the Realtek HD Audio device under the 'Sound, video, and game controllers' submenu has been replaced with 'Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus'. It is marked with a yellow warning triangle, and the Properties window states that it has not been configured correctly (Code 1). If I click on 'Update driver,' and tell Windows to either search online or allow me to manually locate the driver files (either way, I get the same outcome), it will process for a few seconds, and then say that it is installing the drivers, only to encounter an error--that the Realtek HD Audio device is configured incorrectly. However, this is an endless circle of th... Read more

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Greetings, Lenovo community. I've had this laptop (ThinkPad Yoga 14, running 64-bit Windows 8.1) for about four years, and, for the past few months, I've been having small issues with my audio. Video files will play fine, other than them being completely silent. Strangely, though, audio from YouTube videos and (some) installed video games will play. I then decided to update the audio drivers. I found the correct drivers for my machine and uninstalled the Realtek HD Audio device prior to the installation. It completed without any issues. However, when I restarted my laptop, I was greeted with several issues. Firstly, I have no audio, period. Secondly, the computer isn't recognizing the built-in speakers or the headphone jack as being installed. And thirdly, in the Device Manager, neither the speakers nor the headphone jack are listed, and the Realtek HD Audio device under the 'Sound, video, and game controllers' submenu has been replaced with 'Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus'. It is marked with a yellow warning triangle, and the Properties window states that it has not been configured correctly (Code 1). If I click on 'Update driver,' and tell Windows to either search online or allow me to manually locate the driver files (either way, I get the same outcome), it will process for a few seconds, and then say that it is installing the drivers, only to encounter an error--that the Realtek HD Audio device is configured incorrectly. However, this is an endless circle of th... Read more

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I got a red x next to my speaker with the error "no audio output device is installed".  I reviewed this solution (https://support.lenovo.com/it/en/solutions/ht501860) and uninstalled and re-installed the driver accordingly (https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/it/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/yoga-series/yoga-910-13ikb/download... I also checked for updates after the installation. While the driver worked after the initial restart, I found that sometimes it would stop working.  A few times I was able to get it to work again by just re-starting the PC.  Then it stopped working again.  When I check device manager, the sound driver comes up under "other devices". And the red x next to the speaker is back, and re-booting the PC has not helped. Please help. 

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Hello,My problem is this: I have an old  set of speakers such that the left speaker eventually stopped working.
Upon taking it apart, turns out the wire was just pulled away from the solder to the pins.I replaced the wire and it was good as new.
After a few months of use, (once in a while use) the left speaker "stopped" workingI later discovered that it still works, but is very very quiet.Such that, I have to set the right speaker balance to 9% and left to 100% to get the same volume from both speakers.I took it apart today, re-glued the wires back to the pins, no difference.
So I am wondering, with Dell Audio client, and my Dell xps 8700, which has a front and back 3.5mm audio jacks, can I set the balance to the front port to be my 100/9 for the speakers, and 100/100 for the back which connects to my headphones?
I took a look in the audio client, but it looks like no such option exists.Do I go looking for a new set of speakers or is there an easy option here?

A:Can you change the balance output on a specific audio jack output with Dell Audio?

I believe both jacks are controlled and connected to the same ports and software so directing one to do one thing and another to do something different isn't possible as far as I know.  Maybe someone will have a different answer, but I don't think Dell's software is advanced enough.

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I have had my Thinkpad connected to a Samsung TV via HDMI cable (through a Thinkpad dock) for months with no problems. After the latest Lenovo updates (see attached screenshot file) my Thinkpad intermittently fails to recognize the Samsung TV as an audio output... it does not register as an audio device in audio settings nor in control panel, yet it does still connect to the TV as a 2nd monitor and video works fine. It seeems to alternate every other time that I boot up the computer. One boot-up it fails to recognize the TV as an audio output, then I'll reboot and it works.

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I'm having a strange problem in my HTPC. Audio is coming perfectly fine out from the S/PDIF coaxial output, and it's normally connected only that way to the receiver, but now for other reasons I also need to connect it using a 3.5 mm to a small mixer. So in the sound manager I changed the output to the "Speakers", and in fact the Realtek sound manager detects that a cable is plugged into that output and shows me the dialog where it's selected. Problem is, nothing comes out.

I know it's not the 3.5mm to RCA cable because I plugged in my phone, played some music and I can hear it just fine. But the rear speaker (green) output puts out no sound at all, as I also tested it plugging headphones. On the Sound Windows panel where you can select the playback device I can see the volume level move up and down when I'm playing any media file, as well as in the Volume Mixer. If I switch back to the S/PDIF output and change the input in my receiver, audio is coming just fine.

I haven't tried the front outputs because they are not connected. The motherboard has HD Audio but the case has AC97 connectors, so I never cared to connect them because I don't use them. I know the rear green output worked at some point because I remember having a pair of computer speakers connected to it a few years ago.

This is a Gigabyte GA-890FXA-UD5 (rev. 2.1) motherboard with an AMD 1090T and 16 GB of RAM, with Windows 7 Home Premium. The installation is about two months old wi... Read more

A:Realtek ALC889 audio, audio fine on S/PDIF, nothing from rear output

I found out after a while. In the popup dialog when a cable is plugged in, I had selected "Rear speaker out" mistakenly thinking it was talking about the rear output, not the rear speakers in a 5.1 speaker setting. Changing to "Front speaker out" solved the problem.

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Obligatory system specs

Dell Inspiron 1545

OS:Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

Cpu: Pentium Dual Core T4400-2.20 GHz

Ram: 3 GB DDR2

Graphics: Intel 4 series express chipset- Integrated

Audio: IDT High Definition Audio CODEC
Microphones do not work. Any microphones.

Occasionally, after a restart, if I open dell webcam central it will make my built in microphone work for a little while but, it then later, randomly seeming, stops working.

I've tested several external microphones and they do not work either. Before you ask, yes I did make sure they were enabled and un-muted, I have also updated the drivers on my sound card. I ran a windows diagnostic test and it said there was nothing wrong with my mic. I have absolutely no idea what the hell is happening.
Here's my DX Diagnostic

System Information
Time of this report: 2/10/2014, 11:52:37
Machine name: NEWPC-PC
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_gdr.120830-0333)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: Dell Inc.
System Model: Inspiron 1545
BIOS: Phoenix ROM BIOS PLUS Version 1.10 A13
Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU T4400 @ 2.20GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.2GHz
Memory: 3072MB RAM
Available OS Memory: 3032MB RAM
Page File: 2578MB used, 4952MB available
Windows Dir: C:\Windows
DirectX Version: DirectX 11
DX Setup Parameters: Not found
User DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent)
System DPI Setting: 96 DP... Read more

A:Input audio doesn't work, output audio does.no obvious solution


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I am running Windows 7 Home Premium on my Dell Inspiron E1505.

I have had no problems with it for several years; however, recently my computer has booted with a red 'X' on my audio and tells me that "No Audio Output Device is Installed." I checked my Drivers and my High Definition Sound and 2 Base System Device drivers have Yellow Question Marks by them. I tried to update the drivers manually but it says Windows Cannot Find Support for your Base System Device and it says my High Definition Audio is already up to date. I have also tried uninstalling the drivers and rebooting Windows to let the system automatically search and update the drivers. This too has failed. I do not have my Windows 7 disc available at the moment to be able to do a clean install.

Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.

A:No Audio; Driver Downloads Fail and No Audio Output Device Installed


Dell link to driver downloads. Start there for now.

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No sound.
Little speaker with the red 'x' appeared yesterday
I have gone through the whole update drivers circus to no avail, my laptop can't detect that it has speakers built in so it doesn't bother finding a driver for them.

This is where I am at:
- Intel Display Audio is the only driver installed for sound
- This means that sound works when the laptop is plugged into an HDMI
- When HDMI is not plugged in, the computer cannot find the built in speakers.
- I have Linux on this system and audio does not work there as well

I would call this a broken chipset, but the fact that the computer still processes audio with the HDMI cable attached is confusing me. Also, the 'audio board' for this laptop has 2 usb ports attached to it, and those both work fine.

Any help would be appreciated

A:No Audio Output Device is installed, HDMI Audio Out Works

Hi welcome to the forum

first thing i would check is the bios to make sure it is enabled.

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I have no audio at all since the last update from windows 10 in early April.  I am showing a No audio output device installed on the audio icon on my computer.  When I go to device manager it shows that I have no sound components and an error code 39.  This is starting to really frustrate me.  I have tried everything and nothing works.  Be it said I am not an IT person and am limited in my knowledge of computers, but still I am pretty sure it can be a simple fix.

A:I have lost audio and am showing a No audio output device in...

#HPExpertDay1. Restore BIOS to defaults: http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c026938332. Update BIOS: http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c000426293. Check for hardware functionality: http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03463381

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hello everyone:

i looked in on seven forums trying to find a fix for my driver problem, a lot of friends here were helpfull, i like to give back a little even if my pc is working fine now.

my pc is a desktop running windows 7 pro, motherboard esc a780gm-a, i had a problem with my hd audio driver, under my control panel audio device i only could see "no audio device installed" even when i installed it 10 times, i also saw on my right conner "no audio output installed"

i had a logitech camera installed.

the fix:
i found that my logitech camera was somehow in conflict with my audio device, it kep telling me "communication mic ???" something like that, well after uninstall the logitech camera software my audio came back and its now working perfect.

i hope this helps.

check if you have a camera with a built in mic, this might be your problem.
thank you all.

A:HD audio driver fixed-no output audio installed

Welcome to Seven Forums ruddy17. Thanks for posting, it may help someone. A Guy

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Im having the dreadful "No Audio Output Device is Installed" problem on my realtek audio.

It worked some months ago, but im in no position to do a roll back. Im sure the hardware is just fine, it works with Ubuntu.

The computer is a Dell Vostro 430.
My OS is win7 64bit.

I tried the newest Realtek driver suite, the recommended dell-drivers and some basic windows-drivers. Nothing makes the "No Audio Output Device is Installed" go away.

Any help is welcome.
Ive attached my sound-related reg. I believe my realtek device is 0001.

A:Realtek Audio: No Audio Output Device is Installed

The Dell driver is required, non Dell drivers will either not work or not work correctly.

First thing, is the Integrated Audio enabled in the BIOS? (F2 at boot up to enter Setup).

Second, on Dell's (and many others) if the motherboard chipset drivers were not installed, the sound device will not work. In this model there are Intel motherboard chipset drivers. Try installing them and then the Dell sound driver. Dell Drivers

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Hi guys,
I'm having a little problem with my onboard audio, having just installed Windows 8.1 (clean install). I have an Asus P8Z77-V LE PLUS motherboard, which includes a "Realtek? ALC889 8-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC" onboard.
I have installed the latest realtek drivers; R2.73 from the official website.
Now, here's my problem: when I was using Windows 7 on this same machine, I could plug headphones in the front panel connector, as well as speakers in the green back panel connector. This would give me two audio outputs in the device manager/sound list, which was pretty practical and enabled me to output different applications through the speakers or the headphones.
Now, however, there's only one output, irrelevant of whether or not I have two outputs plugged in at the same time. They appear in the device manager as a single device called "speakers" (see picture). Instead of both having separate outputs, they both output exactly the same audio.

Any solution to this?

A:Realtek HD Audio only shows one audio output at a time

Hello audiobreak,

Try going into the Realtek HD Audio Manager (Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Realtek HD Audio Manager), then look for a setting called 'Make front and rear output devices playback two different audio streams simultaneously'. I cannot remember where this is located (The Realtek HD Audio Manager has different skins depending on the motherboard vendor), but for an ASUS Motherboard, I believe you click the Cog Icon in the top left and the option should be in there. I don't know if this will create a separate Playback Device for the Front Panel in Window's Playback Devices, but it will at least allow you to hear audio from both your speakers and headphones at the same time.

Hope this helps.

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my computer's sound has stopped. I have searched through lots of websites looking for help.
I first noticed this problem when I tried to open iTunes and it came up with the message 'iTunes has detected a problem with your audio configuration. Audio/video playback may not operate properly'. I also cannot listen to music or things online either.
I have looked at my computer's device manager and can't find any catergory such as 'sound, video and game controllers', which one site suggested to try and check the sound card. I have also tried to update quicktime but that did nothing. I have also tried looking at 'sound' and under both the playback and recording columns it says that there are no audio devices installed. THis appears to be the common phrase along a problem with the audio configuration.
This has not ever happened to my computer before and I have had it for about 3 years now. It is a toshiba laptop with windows 7 home premium.
Please help guys, I am really frustrated.

A:Audio configuration no audio output devices?

If its not being detected at all in the Device Manager, it will not show up anywhere else.

When you boot up your PC, enter the BIOS (could be called "Setup") and check to see if the sound is disabled. If it is disabled in the BIOS it will not show up in Windows. If its showing as enabled in the BIOS, do a BIOS reset (to factory setup) and see if that makes a difference.

If its not disabled in the BIOS there is a chance the hardware has failed.

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About 6 month's ago I reinstalled my OS and all my software, shortly thereafter I noticed I had an issue where any sound that was coming through my headphones was being retransmitted through the mic, with further testing I found that this was not actually the case but rather any sound that would be output is being retransmitted as audio in, even if I had no speakers, headphones or mics connected. I have looked at and experimented with everything I could in every sound settings I could find, but nothing has fixed the issue.

Before anyone asks, I have tried updated drivers, the only way for me to stop the issue from occurring is to mute the mic in the recording control, but that stops me from using the mic altogether.

Please Help I need to be able to use my mic without recording anything that I am hearing as well...


System Information
Time of this report: 2/14/2009, 11:28:23
Machine name: PC
Operating System: Windows XP Home Edition (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 3 (2600.xpsp_sp3_gdr.080814-1236)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: System manufacturer
System Model: System Product Name
BIOS: Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6.00PG
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E6750 @ 2.66GHz (2 CPUs)
Memory: 2046MB RAM
Page File: 1147MB used, 2791MB available
Windows Dir: C:\WINDOWS
DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)
DX Setup Parameters: Not found
DxDiag Version: 5.03.2600.5512 32bit Unicode

----------... Read more

A:Audio Output is being picked up by Audio Input.

DXDiag Continued

DirectPlay Service Providers
DirectPlay8 Modem Service Provider - Registry: OK, File: dpnet.dll (5.03.2600.5512)
DirectPlay8 Serial Service Provider - Registry: OK, File: dpnet.dll (5.03.2600.5512)
DirectPlay8 IPX Service Provider - Registry: OK, File: dpnet.dll (5.03.2600.5512)
DirectPlay8 TCP/IP Service Provider - Registry: OK, File: dpnet.dll (5.03.2600.5512)
Internet TCP/IP Connection For DirectPlay - Registry: OK, File: dpwsockx.dll (5.03.2600.5512)
IPX Connection For DirectPlay - Registry: OK, File: dpwsockx.dll (5.03.2600.5512)
Modem Connection For DirectPlay - Registry: OK, File: dpmodemx.dll (5.03.2600.5512)
Serial Connection For DirectPlay - Registry: OK, File: dpmodemx.dll (5.03.2600.5512)

DirectPlay Voice Wizard Tests: Full Duplex: Passed, Half Duplex: Passed, Mic: Passed
DirectPlay Test Result: Not run
Registry: OK

DirectPlay Adapters
DirectPlay8 Serial Service Provider: COM1
DirectPlay8 TCP/IP Service Provider: Local Area Connection - IPv4 -

DirectPlay Voice Codecs
Voxware VR12 1.4kbit/s
Voxware SC06 6.4kbit/s
Voxware SC03 3.2kbit/s
MS-PCM 64 kbit/s
MS-ADPCM 32.8 kbit/s
Microsoft GSM 6.10 13 kbit/s
TrueSpeech(TM) 8.6 kbit/s

DirectPlay Lobbyable Apps

Disk & DVD/CD-ROM Drives
Drive: C:
Free Sp... Read more

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I think I am the victim of the recent "bug" that used the animated cursor in Windows to react with RealTek AC'97 audio and it's driver. I have no audio at all...The speakers and microphone are not recognized by the OS,...the "new hardware" is not being found. All the drivers and codecs are up to date and I have tried Soundman and WMP...to no avail...Any ideas from anyone.?...Please...

A:No Audio Input Or Audio Output..in XP.

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Hi Just bought a Yoga 910. Have a USB-C to HDMI converter. When plugged in, the computer can see the TV - it is in the list of devices. And the TV can see the computer - the HDMI indicator is highlighted. But there is no video output from the computer. TV showns the message 'no signal'. Intel multi screen function says it can't detect the TV. Any ideas please. ThanksJon

A:Yoga 910 - no video output

Welcome to the forum.
Is your adapter from Lenovo? Yoga 910 Platform Specifications indicates that both HDMI and VGA dongles are available but does not give part numbers. If you have a Lenovo adapter then perhaps you could call Lenovo and confirm that it's the correct one.
In this thread Yoga 910 USB-C Adapters user PhilipHendry says, "I've used this Dell USB-C to HDMI Adaptor and it works perfectly with the 4K monitor at 30hz I've got a work." Other posters on that thread report problems with other brands of adapters. It seems that the Y910 is particularly finiky about this. 

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Can anyone print the output of lm sensors on a yoga 720 laptop? I would like to know what sort of sensors it has. 

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I connected to a 4K TV using HDMI but Windows does not detect HDR support.  The TV supports HDR.  I updated Windows and Intel Graphics to the latest versions.  Do I need to connect using the USB-C port?  Which USB-C to HDMI adapter is recommended?  I see many posts saying that certain adapters don't work.

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I'm running a Dell XPS 420, which came with Windows Vista. I decided this morning that I was going to give Windows 7 a try, backed up some media on another PC, and did a completely fresh install.

Everything worked perfectly, I didn't even have to install any drivers. My native resolution was automatically correct, the sound worked, the internet worked, everything was dandy. It worked perfectly, and for the record, I really enjoyed it. I used it for several hours, getting used to the new features and whatnot.

I went to sleep for a few hours, and then went out for a while. When I came back, the sound had stopped working. It gave me no error at the time, it just didn't work. WinAmp wouldn't play my MP3s, Youtube videos were without audio, system sounds weren't playing, and yet, the volume was enabled and at an audible level of 67. My speakers were still connected properly, too.

I figured maybe a reboot was in order, and when I restarted, there was no sound still. Now, however, the speaker taskbar icon had a red x next to it, with the words "No Audio Output Device is installed." on the tooltip. I rebooted again and there was no change.

Using the Windows 7 trouble shooter, it says that "Hardware changes might not have been detected."

The odd thing is, this has happened to me before with Windows Vista. I wanted to perform a clean re-install of Vista, and when I did so, the sound worked perfectly for a few hours, before going out again. I would re-install Vi... Read more

A:Audio stops working, "No Audio Output Device Installed"

Hi filmtrauma, welcome to the forums.

While you have been asleep, Windows Update may have installed a new Sound driver for you which may have caused this error. Open Windows Update and click 'View Update History'....

You could try downloading the latest drivers from the hardware manufacturer, a lot are now supporting Windows 7 too..

Also, is your sound hardware plugged in (to the motherboard) securely? It's rare but i've dealt with some cases of hardware coming loose, might be worth a look. Another thing to check may be the temperature of the card, it may be getting overly hot due to a dust build up (might not be, i'm not 100% up-to-date on all sound hardware).

Hope this helps

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Hi to all.

On my Dell OptiPlex 755 E6550 2.33, I've had intermittent issues with the headphone socket suddenly stopping working for quite some time,sometimes problem is auto detected and fixed, sometimes I download a driver or three to resolve. This time nothing is helping no matter what drivers I've tried. Have Win 7 Ultimate installed with just on-board sound. No sound or audio shows up in device manager? Are 755's fickle with on-board sound or just too many sound drivers installed? Any ideas please.

A:Dell OptiPlex 755 No Audio Output device and no Sound/Audio in Device Manager

There could be multiple hidden audio devices.
* Press windows key + R* Enter cmd, click OK* Type cd\ [press Enter]* Type set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1 [press Enter]* Type devmgmt.msc [press Enter]* Once the Device Manager opens, open Sound and see if you have multiple grey out items. If yes, delete them, then restart the computer and retest

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Does anyone know what's the maximum output resolution of the micro HDMI on the Yoga 710? Is it able to output 21:9?

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Hello, My laptop specs:Yoga 720 13" - Platinum SilverPart No: 80X60067USConfiguration Details?  Processor: 7th Generation Intel® Core? i7-7500U Processor (2.70 GHz 4MB) ?  Display Type: 13.3" FHD IPS AntiGlare Multitouch (1920x1080) with integrated camera?  Memory: 16.0GB DDR4 2133 MHz (Onboard) ?  Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics 620 My external monitor is BenQ ZOWIE XL2411 24" 16:9 144 Hz LCD I asked this question in intel forums about the maximum available resolution of this laptop and they refered me here.Right now I output [email protected] using the above monitor and laptop (using DVI-DL cable and adapters).The questions is can I output [email protected]?On intel website, the tech specs of the cpu/gpu describe the max res:https://ark.intel.com/products/95451/Intel-Core-i7-7500U-Processor-4M-Cache-up-to-3_50-GHz-?sf181299...but this is only for [email protected] Thanks,Alon  

A:Yoga 720 13" maximum output resolution

Hi zarka,
Welcome to Lenovo Community! And happy to have you here.
Looking at the Platform Specifications of Yoga 720 13" it says Max resolution: [email protected]  using DP port. And IMHO it can output [email protected] if you are using DP port only according to this. But the monitor which you have mentioned doesn't have DP input. 
I hope the above information helped you.
Please feel free to post in Lenovo Community Forums if you have any further queries!
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I have a Thinkpad Yoga S1 and when I connect it to my Asus External 24" LCD Monitor via mini-HDMI to HDMI it drops connection every few seconds.  The cable is properly fitted so its not a loose connection and I checked that my video driver is up to date. Any suggestions? regardsSteve   

A:Yoga S1 and external display output

hello Lenovo Support, Are you able to help with this? RegardsSteve 

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Is there any way to get higher than 1080p resolution on an external monitor through HDMI from a Yogo 150 14-IKB? I've just bought a monitor that can do up to 2560x1440 @ 60Hz (as it can when connected to my other laptop which has a 16" screen that natively runs 1366x768, using AMD Radeon R5 graphics) but it appears that the Yoga 520-14IKB can't do so. What I've tried so far is to update the drivers on the Yoga for my new monitor, so that Windows 10 doesn't use the default PnP monitor driver, but this didn't immediately unlock any other settings. The default maximum resolution through the output is 1920x1080, which means that pixel size on the external (24") monitor is >1.5x pixel size on my laptop screen (14"). I've looked at the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel (as it runs Intel HD 610 graphics), and I can add this extra resolution as a custom resolution, but the monitor claims the signal is out of range when I try the 2560x1440 (60Hz) that I can get from the other graphics chipset. Is there anything else to try?

A:Yoga 520-14IKB HDMI output

Actually, though further inspection on my 15.6" laptop, the output is downsampled in software before going through HDMI at a 1920x1080 resolution, which is what the monitor can use, so it looks like it might be a driver issue rather than anything hardware related.

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Hi I have a lenovo yoga 720 and I?m trying to play 4K HDR content in my Sony X900F I have them connected trough a Belking USB-C HDMI adapter but I don?t see any HDR option to enable it and when I play a movie that should activate HDR the tv doesn?t trigger it is there something I have a to do or the Lenovo yoga doesn?t support HDR output? I attached the display settings I het when I have them both connected

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I am very frustrated at this point because I cant find a solution to my problem, I recently bought a Samsung 4k monitor, to try to use my laptop to power the monitor and that way begin a desk setup, I also got a Micro HDMI to HDMI, I am able to get 4k at 30hz only, I tried both HDMI and I get the same, even tho Samsung claim you can get 60hz in HDMI 2 in this monitor, I will list everything I have and what Ive tried, so far 0 result to get 60hz, I am now using the monitor in 2k 1440p in 60hz because the lag in 4k is just super annoying at 30hz, please someone give me a solution for this, thank you all for the time and efford to help. My Laptop (Yoga 710) : http://www3.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/yoga/700-series/Lenovo-YOGA-710-15IKB/p/88YG7000772 My Monitor : https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-U28E590D-28-Inch-LED-Lit-Freesync/dp/B00YD3DBOC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qi... I also bought this in Amazon thinking it would solve the problem throught Displayport but I dont get a signal when I connect, I tried different hdmi and all, no signal whatsoever https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01M7149Y6/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1  Thanks Again every1!

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I've read dozens of topics relating to these questions yet have found no answers. I'm looking for a software solution NOT hardware.

1. How can I record the Windows 7 Text 2 Speech voice?

2. How can I playback the recording through a program(WMP, MPC, etc) and have it go though the mic instead of speakers? Pretty much I want the text to speech to act as my voice for a mic. I don't care if there is no speaker output while this is happening.

A:PC Audio output to Mic

A microphone jack is an INPUT, it's not an OUTPUT.

But, if you have a "System Mixer" (may be called Stereo Mix or What You Hear) then you can record what you are hearing on the PC speakers using a program such as the free "Audacity". Record with Audacity and save the file as either wav or MP3. You can then play it back with any media player.

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i have a h/p laptop running vista home. i run free roll poker games and have a timer on this machine, and i display it on tv,s through out the bars. i use a svideo cable for the picture and plug into headset jack for the audio. all was fine then all of a sudden no audio, tried different cables and different tv's nothing changed. only thing i can come up with is i updated vista with the sp-1 package,dont know if this is just a coincedence or not. sure could use some guidance

A:no audio output

In Device Manager (right-click Computer and select Hardware) you could try rolling back the driver for the sound card but have a look in Control Panel first as it may just be that SP1 has reset sound output settings ...

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Hi I have recently done a windows update but due to this I have no sound playback from my computer, when I hover over the sound icon I get this message 'No audio output device is installed'
On this I updated the drivers with a manual search and then manual, this didnt help.
Next I restored my pc to an earlier date when the audio was working, also didnt help.
I have checked that sound is enabled in the BIOS, nothing.
Please help as I cant even reinstall windows 7 due to my DVD drive also being broken.

A:No audio output


Best thing to try is do a system restore to the date previous to your update, if that produces sound then do not update your windows update with that update. It's not well known but there are updates than can mess with your system settings (not intentionally)

Let us know if that works


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Good Day,

My problems is that no sound can be heard from my laptop. The volume is there. When I play a music file i see the green bar going up and down (in the sound bar). The correct Device is selected as default device in Sound Options. I can get the sound back by disabling and enabling the Audio Device in Device Manager, but sometimes it requires a restart so it's kinda cumbersome.
The last thing I did was install an update for my Video Card driver.

My Laptop is Alienware M17x R2
Specs are,
Processor : Intel Core i7 CPU Q 820
Memory : 8192MB Ram
Display : ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5800 series (HD 5870 Crossfire)
Sound : Speaker / Headphones (IDT High Definition Audio)

A:No Audio Output

Have you tried reverting to the previous driver?

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My computer worked fine yesterday listening to music etc..

But now everytime i goto play something it doesnt work. . and in musicmatch jukebox it says "waveout format not supported"

i went under my volume control and then properties and it said i have no audio output. . i looked at my sisters computer and it said hers was using ac97 or something...

i looked on microsoft.com ... where can i download the driver to fix this problem? everytime i see something that will correct my problem.. it costs money!!

any help appreciate

A:No Audio output?

What computer do you have? Is it branded such as HP, Compaq, Dell, etc? You could try reinstalling the sound drivers after downloading from the computer's manufacturer website. Or do a repair install of XP if you have the xp cd.

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Before I left the house this morning, I played a song on iTunes. When I came back, the only sound that would come from speakers (and a pair of headphones I have lying around) is the system beep (double clicking an icon in My Computer or hitting a key on a message box screen). There was supposedly brownouts across the area, but my computer was on standby today and the speakers were the only thing affected. I have tried everything with full volume and nothing works. I have a WinXP P4. PLEASE HELP!!!

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i have a nice set of speakers (logitech z2300.) they sound perfect with my mp3 player, but when i hook up my laptop the bass output is significantly decreased, and i've tried everything, but maybe it's just my hardware. i have a realtek hd audio with 5.10 drivers. is there something i can do? thanks.

A:audio output

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I have a HP xw4600 workstation, with an SB 5.1 VX as the default audio device, i have checked from the control panel, device manager and it says this device is working properly, but when connect speakers to the back audio port there is no sound i have also tried ear phones on the front audio port and still there is no sound. The driver version is The OS is windows7 professional. Does anyone have a solution. Thank you

A:No audio output

Hello wondercube,

Start with this tutorial, you may find a fix here.


Hope this helps,


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I'm unable to receive TV sound from my TV in Windows 7 AMD HDMI output line. Although the jacks are plugged in to both TV and PC the display box indicates the line is disabled although I've enabled it. I also checked for an updated driver and replugged lines without success. The PC speakers do reproduce audio. Please advise

A:amd audio output

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