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How to disable repair function in OL2000?

Q: How to disable repair function in OL2000?

I'm using an application which is using MAPI functionalities. OL 2000 needs another version of this file. Therefore the self-repair function tries to replace it all the time when I start OL2000. I'd like to disable this feature. Does anybody know how to do so?

Preferred Solution: How to disable repair function in OL2000?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: How to disable repair function in OL2000?

From what I know, the repair function is automatic and can not be turned off. The only solution I can give you is to contact Microsoft and see if they have the file you need.

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I'd like to know how can I, in Windows XP, disable the function that after a certain time of non use of the PC, the desktop goes in the mode where you have to choose whether to log as this or that user... I find it rather annoying because then when I click on my user for example, it takes time to load all the settings.
I'd rather apply a normal screen saver but I tried and it doesnt work.
Any idea?

A:how can disable that function...


I am curious about this one myself...doc

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How to disable the function key ? It is because i need to use the F1,F2,F3, ... in the game and it is very annoying that once i press the F1,F2 while playing, it comes up with the function of the function key. Beside that, I had tried the suggested solution which restart the laptop and disable the function key in the BIOS setup window by press the F10 button once it restarted. But it does not show anything when i pressed F10. So, I was wondering how to disable the function key and function only when I pressed the FN key on my laptop.

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hello again.

Is there a way to disable **globally** the windows help key, F1?



A:disable function key F1

If you don't want users to be able to access windows help rename the C:\WINDOWS\Help\windows.chm file.

Or you can go here and download My Function Keys which will allow you to remap all of the function keys:


(Download is at the bottom of the page)

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Hi, Can anyone tell me if there is a simple way to disable the swipe function to change screens on Windows 8 please? It's probably me being awkward but I find it changes screens almost every time I touch the pad and it is most annoying. Thanks

A:Disable swipe function?

Try going to Control Panel | Mouse. Look around in there and see if you can find a tab that indicates Edge Action. You can disable it there.

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Is there a way to stop the menu screen on Vista from popping up whenever someone presses ctrl-alt-del using the regedit on Vista?

A:Disable Ctrl Alt Del Function

Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc.

Brings the task mananger straight away.

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Hi everyone,
I just switched from Mac OS to Windows 8, and one of my biggest problems have been the function keys (F1-F12). On a mac, you could have the OS features "hidden" behind Fn, which enabled me to use function keys as shortcuts when using a software or playing. With Windows 8, the OS function keys commands go above a software's shortcut commands. So you can't press F5 for refresh and so forth.

After a lot of googling, it seemed it's impossible to switch Windows 8's features such as second screen (f10) off, or have them behind a Fn+F10 type commands.

I've tried already to achieve this with autohotkey but even with administrative rights etc, Windows 8 won't let me bypass or override the OS function keys features.

Please, could anyone help me? This is actually the main reason in considering to sell my brand new Lenovo laptop (which I like) and switch back to Apple.

A:how to disable function keys

did you try keytweak?

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Hopefully an easy question, how can I remove the Personalize function or at least the Wallpaper,Screensaver function from little fingers ie my kids ??

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Hi all,

My Outlook Express has the most annoying habit of demanding that I compress messages to save disk space every two days or so. It is a tedious process and as disk space is not an issue I want to disable it. The message pops up every day or two saying "Outlook Express can compress messages to save disk space" and if I decline it just pops up every time I close OE until I agree to do it.


A:OE how to disable compress function

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Windows XP SP 2. Looking for the right place in the registry to disable user's ability to mute his sound, so I can do it without logging in as him. I'll be logging in as admin, or accessing his PC remotely, but when he logs in, I want his sound on, and if possible, remove his ability to mute it at all.

Note: This is to play a good-natured prank on an employee who is about to leave the company after years of good service, and has the blessings of executive management, but I'm not sure where in the reg to make the change.


A:Disable mute function in registry

i need to find out how to do that!!!!! i have a good keyboard that got cola spilt on it, and even thou i took it apart, and it is now clean, the mute button is busted, and removed the button, but it just repeats muting and un-muting so i have no sound, i do like the keyboard, but can not turn the function off, and google isnt helping!!!!!

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My computer, Gateway M7350u, OS Windows7 SP1, does not have a Fn key to turn off the Touchpad. When I go to Device>Mouse I see two devices. Apparently the pad is controlled by the PS/2 Compatible Mouse driver. Under Properties>Driver for this device the DISABLE function is grayed out. Weird, because the driver for the HID-compliant mouse driver (which I do use) can be disabled. QUESTION: how can I enable the Disable function for the PS/2 driver? --->(Uninstalling is no solution because Windows insists on automatically reinstalling the driver!)

A:[SOLVED] Enabling DISABLE function

Disabling the trackpad will mean you won't be able to use it and will require a USB keyboard to login etc.
If this is what you want boot into Setup (Bios) go to Integrated Peripherals look for TrackPad or some such and using your Arrow and Enter key Disable it.

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I love the windows auto arrangement function when moved to the edge of the screen, however there is one that is very annoying, that is bottom edge.

I have one of my monitor in portrait mode, and sometimes I want to view two windows, one on the top and the other on the bottom. But I can not cover the all the area down the bottom because once I go near the bottom edge, Windows maximizes it.

Now I know in the "Make the mouse easier to use" page, I can "prevent" it all, but I just want to disable the bottom edge and leave the top, left and right edge as the way they are. How can I do that?


A:how to disable only one of the automatic arrangement function?

WINDOWS 7 edge experts do reply.

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I recently (June 2017) bought a Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming 7567computer with Windows 10 installed.
My problem is that I need to do this operation that I mention and I can not do it since the Bios contains the Function Key Behavior
1. Restart your Dell laptop.
2. Watch the boot screen. Look for the notation at the bottom instructing you to "Press the XX key to enter system BIOS." In most Dell laptops, this will be noted as the "F2" key, but this may differ on your system. When the message appears, hold down the appropriate key to enter the BIOS screen.
3. Navigate to the "Advanced" tab by pressing the right arrow key.
4. Scroll down to "Function Key Behavior" on the "Advanced" tab by pressing the down button. Press "Enter."
5. Press the up/down arrow keys to move the selection to "Multimedia Key First."
6. Press "F10" to save your settings and exit.
7. Allow the system to reboot for the changes to take effect.
Question: How can I make these changes
Thanks in advance.

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I volunteer in a library that has computers with Internet access. We want to disable the History function in Internet Explorer 6 so there is no URL history. So in other words, when I log off IE, the next person who uses the computer can't pull up history of my URL's. The "Tools," "Internet Options," "Clear History" function is manual - we don't want to store the history of URL's in the first place.

We are using Win2000 and XP on older Dells.

A:Solved: Disable History Function in IE 6

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A MAJOR Bug in IE9, as far as I'm concerned is the "Pin Function".

I can no longer "Drag and Drop" a Link from IE9 into an Explorer window. Neither can you "Copy & Paste" it.

Now when you drag the link from the URL bar it turns into a "Pinned" link in Explorer, only openable in IE, and with no Link location in Proprties.

Also, when you click the icon created in Explorer, it opens in a New window, which can't be dragged into my existing window.

I HATE this....

I can understand why people may want to Pin a site to the Task bar.. But why have they Screwed with "Drag & Drop" and "Cut & Paste" for those of us that just want to store the link for future use????

ANY tweak that will disable this function would be Most appreaciated!


A:IE9 Pin Function - A Deal Breaker - How can I disable it?

There are 2 kinds of "Explorers" in Windows: Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer. You mentioned "Explorer" 3 times. What does each refer to?

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I would like to use the media keys on the keyboard without pressing the function key, but the instructions are outdated or the ThinkCentre does not have this option it seems. What I have tried so far is checking the following, Bios (no option), their is also no other bios to update to at this time. Checking Lenovo Vantage (no option). I havent seen any answer in the forums either that are related to this type of machine. Anyone know the answer? Thank you.

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Would like to disable this key combo while in games full screen mode. I know this has been an issue for a number of years now, and I'm very surprised that windows hasn't addressed it with some kind of built-in setting option, but I will certainly accept any functioning workaround.

A:Is there a Win7 setting that will disable Alt+tab function?

Hello Korby and welcome to Seven Forums.

I don't believe there's a built in way to disable Alt+Tab. But there's an open source program called AutoHotKey that should be able to do what you want.

Disable alt+tab with AutoHotKey

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When I want to type in my own numbers with a period and tab, but do not want to invoke an "Outline", how do I turn thia automatic function off in WordPerfect 8?


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charging only below e.g. 90 % - HOW TO DO THIS ?????

A:How to Disable battery charging Function?

Hi @SzymonD, Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts, and other support personnel. I understand you wish to disable the battery charge function. I will be glad to help you. I do not know why anyone would wish to do this. Lithium-ion battery work best with 60% or more charge.  Any time the charge get below 10% it shorten the life of the battery. There is not and will not be an option to disable the battery change with lithium-ion batteries. How to Prolong Lithium-based Batteries If you require further assistance, let me know and I will gladly do all I can to help you.Please let me know if this resolves the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution".To simply say thanks, click the Thumbs up below! Thanks.

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Using XP Professional

Is there a general repair tool I can try before I reformat?

A:XP - Is there a Repair function?

well, the xp cd has the repair stuff on it you could try(if its not booting properly or at all). Dont know exactly what it does but i know its there. You just pop the cd in, start up the computer(make sure it boots off of cd ie cd before ide-0 in bios) and pretend your making a fresh install and somewhere along the way it will ask if you want to fix a current xp install(or something like that). Hope this helps

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When using the XP repair function, what do you use for an administrative password if you did not use a password when you set up windows? I left the PW Blank and now I need to use the repair function and it's requiring a PW> What do I do?

Thanks, Sherm

A:Win XP Repair Function


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I did a reinstall of windows 98Se and now have IE5.0....It is giving me nothing but problems, I think...i want to use IE repair but there isn't any function like that on my computer...I have been to add/remove programs>>no IE there, went to System Tools\information>>no IE repair there, went to msinfo32>>no repair there either....I have slow page turning and my Outlook Express will not function...cannot download folders, messages, have removed accounts, rebooted, reinstalled accounts...nothing...what do i do????
thanks donna

A:No Repair IE5 function

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I want to stop overtpying while typing. When I click using the cursor on the typed text it highlights a letter in the word instead of getting the cursor between letters. When I start typing it over writes the words ahead of it. How do I stop this?

View Solution.

A:How to disable overtyping or the insert function on HP Pavil...

Hi Malygris1,Thanks for the reply. The link you sent me didn't quite help. However after typing the question on the blog earlier I decided to restart my computer. The problem didn't occur again. I don't think I toggled the overtype function and it must have been a glitch between my touchpad and the wireless mouse I was using. When I had the problem I tried to untoggle the insert function by pressing the "fn" key and the "0/ins" key or using the "fn" key and the "prstsc/ins" key at the sametime. It didn't seem to work because I must have been switching it on and off without seeing a difference. Everything is fine now. I now know how to toggle it on and off by holding the "fn" function key and the "0/ins" or "prt sc/ins" key at the same time. Thanks anyway  

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We just got a laptop, and the keyboard layout is killing us. The Ctrl key is so much closer to the Shift key, so very often, we when typing an email, we accidently hit "ctrl-d" instead of Shift-d (trying to capitalize the D). For some reason, this highlights an entire paragraph, and instantly deletes it at the same time... very frustrating.

The program is an email program called FirstClass, but it also happens in MS Word.

Any suggestions?

A:How to disable the Ctrl-D function? Erasing emails!

In Word, what if you created a macro which changed the capitalization of a letter, then assigned it "ctrl-d" as the macro key?

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I recently (June 2017) bought a Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming 7567 computer with Windows 10 installed.
My problem is that I need to do this operation, that I mention and I can not do it since the Bios contains the Function Key Behavior
1. Restart your Dell laptop.
2. Watch the boot screen. Look for the notation at the bottom instructing you to "Press the XX key to enter system BIOS." In most Dell laptops, this will be noted as the "F2" key, but this may differ on your system. When the message appears, hold down the appropriate key to enter the BIOS screen.
3. Navigate to the "Advanced" tab by pressing the right arrow key.
4. Scroll down to "Function Key Behavior" on the "Advanced" tab by pressing the down button. Press "Enter."
5. Press the up/down arrow keys to move the selection to "Multimedia Key First."
6. Press "F10" to save your settings and exit.
7. Allow the system to reboot for the changes to take effect.
Question: How can I make these changes
Thanks in advance.

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Hello ppl

i just had my system reinstaled with win 7 64bit professional, and can?t find a way to disable the touchpad. i prefer to use a dedicated, and very handy usb mouse. i used to have windows home edition, on this hardware, and everything worked. just pressed Fn + F9, et voila: touchpad disabled, and just use the mouse

i noticed on device manager an unknown usb device, that keeps popping up. unpluged all devices (including the mouse), rebooted, and there it is again. weird, because all usb devices (pendrives, mouse, usb harddrives, usb wi-fi modem), seem to work ok. because of that, already updated the touchpad and usb drivers, to no avail


the computer is an asus n71 JQ

tahks for any help

A:hows do i disable touchpad with function keys?

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support-

Looks like its the Function key + F9 or F3 that you want to disable the touchpad.

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Since the 19th when my computer installed the following updates

Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1511 for x64-based Systems (KB3135173)
Update for Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Update 4 Redistributable Package (KB3119142)
Security Update for Adobe Flash Player for Windows 10 Version 1511 for x64-based Systems (KB3135782)

it will no longer fully shut down. Having encountered this issue when I first upgraded to 10 I went to turn off hybrid sleep, and the option is currently disabled on the device. However, the only way to fully shut it down is to hold the power button till it shuts off.

Is there any way to fix this? I'd rather not have to unplug everything every time I shut it off just so the lights won't keep me awake.

A:Disable Hybrid Sleep function no longer working

I'm not sure what method you are using to adjust Hybrid Sleep. Are you using Change Advanced Power Options?

See option 1: Power Plan Settings - Change in Windows 10

If any settings are unavailable use the link to "Change settings that are currently unavailable"

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Now when Internet Explorer 8 is finally a bit moore realiable it feels prioritated to fix this issue..for me its an issue atleast, everytime i write in an adress i get site suggestions after "first word" typed in, picking from my favorites and previous unrelated sitevisits.

how do i disable this damn function thei dont even have asked for to enable in the first place?

It will not be enough to link to a Microsoft FAQ that i can search throu myself, i even have diagnose papers (that im holding up infront of my screen right now ) from the braindoctor that i can't search and find in large documents even thou the answer can be right infront of my eyes
so a direct klick by klick instruction paste could help here
Thanks in advance

A:Disable Internet Explorer 8 site suggestion function

Open IE
click on tools top of the page , right hand side beside File Edit View Favourties, then tools is next, come down to Internet Options
then click on the Content tab
then the autocomplete box
take the check out of web addresses
then click on clear forms
then in the general tab in Internet Options
click on delete history

Hope this is clear enough for you to understand


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Hello All, Advance greetings for the X-mas followed by the New year 2017. Unfortunately,I was trying to enable/disable the Function keys from the BIOS option under the System Configuration without any luck on my 'Sprout by HP'.I do not see any options as such there to do the required changes. Can anyone help me in updating with any workaround for the Function keys as sometimes, it creates issues (example, Playing games/shutting down or using the office shortcuts)? Thank you in advance. Have a nice time. Regards,DC-IND 

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Hi, I would like to press fn and function keys to be able to change brightness, volume and so on. Right now I only have to press F5 to disable the sound for example. In earlier models I could change this in BIOS -  Action Keys Mode, but I can't find it there on this model.

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Hi, I have an Asus Windows 7 laptop and cannot find how to disable the function key so don't have to press Fn + F11 to lower my volume. Every forum I've looked at says the same thing. Hit F2 on boot, go to advanced and disable/enable the function key but I don't have the option anywhere to disable it. Any help would be appreciated, thanks .

A:Can't find where to disable (reverse) function keys in BIOS

Can`t you just use the volume icon ?

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Hello all,

I'm work IT at a small office and my coworker came to me with a strange problem she encountered. Now, before I begin I can't rule out user error so keep that in mind, but this is somewhat baffling. She was sending an email out roughly 25-40 people, typed all addresses in by hand. After the mail was sent, she received a reply from one of the recipients wondering why a strange name was next to her email address in the message (in the TO: field.)

When we went to sent items and looked at the message, for some reason outlook replaced around 10 or more email addresses with one particular contact from her address book. This contact is for a coworker here. Now, when we went into the address book, there were two entries for this same coworker; one was correct, the other had a list of roughly 30 different email addresses with one in particular set to the default (although wrong.) I deleted both contacts, hoping it won't happen again. There is no way to check if all the intended recipients received the correct email without simply emailing them all again.

Now, my question is this: has anyone had Outlook 2000 perform such trickery? Is there ANY way to test to make sure this wont happen again?
Anyone out there even have an idea as to why this occurred in the first place?

Thanks everyone,
have a great Friday & weekend!

Wisconsin Humanities Council

A:OL2000: Address/Contact Strangeness

She did it.


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I have just upgraded from Outlook Express (2000) to Outlook 2000. During the upgrade, I was asked if I wanted to import the adresses from Outlook Express into Outlook, which I answered yes to. The Address Book (or is it called the "contacts folder"?) that I had in OE contained subfolders. The address book in OL that I now have only contains the addresses that were in the "root folder" of my OE addres book. The strange thing is that also the address book that is in OE has lost the information that was in the subfolders.

I'm pretty sure this happened in the upgrade. I must admit that I did not have a look in the OE address book just before the upgrade, but I must have been there pretty recently, and I can't see any other reason for this than the upgrade.

Does anybody know what could have happened?

I do have a backup that I made just before the upgrade, so I assume it must be possible to get the adresses back somehow, but I don't know of any good way.

The best would of course be to get them from the backup into OL, but even if I can only get them back into OE, this would be a great improvement.


A:OL2000: addresses lost at upgrade

I'm unsure as to what you're asking. Are you saying that you lost your address book?

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I can't pinpoint it, but it may have started to occur after installed SR1a for Office 2000: Everytime I exit Outlook (whether it is the program itself or another user's inbox) I encounter an Invalid Page Fault in Module <unknown>. The program functions properly, it just occurs each and every time I exit. I use Word as my email editor, so occasionally Word will error out following Outlook. I have also noticed that the Outlook Shortcut bar appears twice in my task list(?).

I have used the Repair Install option on my Office 2000 CD, but that did not seem to resolve. Have any ideas?

A:OL2000: Invalid Page Fault

Please post the exact error message, and your operating system.

For the Outlook Shortcut bar, see this article: Q193282

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Hey guys... I have some problems with IE6.0... it won't let me log into my web-based email accounts...

I keep getting an "intrusion detected" notices (even if I ask to "expire page views" at login).

so I want to REPAIR IE6.0 using the ADD/REMOVE option in Control Panel, and then Click REPAIR.

I tried to re-install IE6.0 from the Add/Remove Programs dialogue.... BUT my computer came pre-installed with IE6.0 (I'm using windows XP), so the Add/Remove IE6.0 option is not there.

So how do I start the Repair IE6.0 option if the Uninstall/Add/Remove button is not there????

Please help.

A:How do you start IE6.0 REPAIR Function in Windows XP???

There isn't a IE repair option with XP/6.0.

But what are these 'intrusion notices' you're receiving?
They probably don't point to anything being wrong with IE itself.


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The troubleshooter & Repair tool has stopped functioning since I have updated my Windows version to 2004 (OS Build 19041.1). Could you tell me is there any way that I can get it fixed?


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Hello everyone

I decided to make this post because I used to have a lot of problems with xp logo. Somehow it look like, with help of google, I fixed it but it doesn't work as it should, so I would like to kindly please for your help.
Here is description:
About a week and a half ago when I boot my PC (no matter from restart or from turning PC on), it used to freeze when XP Logo appeared on the screen. Everything I have done (before this began) was uninstalling, reinstalling and using once Spybot Search & Destroy. Progress bar stopped in the middle of "filling". I haven't been able to come to the desktop. I couldn't use safe mode and I was getting the error message:
"We apologize for the inconvenience, but Windows did not start successfully. A recent hardware or software change might have caused this. If your computer stopped responding, restarted unexpectedly, or was automatically shut down to protect your files and folders, choose Last Known Good Configuration to revert to the most recent settings that worked. If a previouns setup attempt was interrupted due to a power failure or because the power or reset button was pressed or if you aren't sure what caused the problem choose start windows normally.
Safe mode
Safe mode with networking
Safe mode with command prompt
Last known good configuration (your most recent settings that worked).
Start Windows normally."

Bootable Windows XP (I had SP2) always worked.
However I fixed this pro... Read more

A:Repair Function - Majority Unwanted Changes

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Cannot Repair Windows 7, 64 bit, with Disk provided with computer.

My problem started with right clicking on a remote drive and hoping to view the Properties of the drive. I got that infamous "Windows explorer has stopped working" message.

I tried most of the solutions listed on the forum to no avail.

As a last resort I was going to use the disk provided and access the repair capability. That did come up but when selected I got the message "This version of System Recovery Options in not compatible with the version of windows you are trying to repair. Try using a recovery disc that is compatible with this version of windows".

Has anyone run into this? Other than the above everything seems to function OK.

I do use MS Security Essentials and Spybot Home.

Thanks in advance

A:Win 7 Disk Repair Function Don't Work

Is the system failing to start now? What messages are you getting at startup?

Is this a pre-built system or a home built PC? If it's pre-built (DELL, HP, etc) turn off the PC and restart, as soon as you turn the power on press F8 repeatedly until you get to the alternate boot menu. There should be an option to Repair Computer which should allow you to access the repair function.

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I have a version of windows XP Home where the boot up is corrupted or damaged. What happens is that the system trys to reboot when it gets to the screen that indicates that it has not been properly shut down.

As there are some personal files on the drive I want to keep I have been trying to use the Windows XP Home Edition Repair function.

I have been trying to use the command to restore the files that I found in Windows XP Professional Help

"msiexec /f[p][o][e][d][c][a][m][v]"

When I try this command the system doesn't recognize it.

The system has a NTFS File system so a boot disk to read my files hasn't helped me

Does Windows XP Home have a different command for this function?

Any help I can get to resolve this problem and recover my personal files would be much appreciated.

A:Windows XP Home Repair Function

Kuwaiti Kid,

You might try fixmbr;Install and Use the Recovery Console in Windows XP .

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Hi All,
A new windows patch update (KB4041678 & KB4041681) on our company's PC,  it will disable the export function in SAS Enterprise Guide to export "xls" format file.
Any impact if I uninstall those patch in our company's PC?
Will you release a fix to resolve this issue?
Thanks & regards,

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Some contacts have somehow been coded to reply to them ONLY in Rich Text. I can only see this when I click on their name in a message received from this. I highlight the name, right click, and it shows to "reply to this receipient in rich format" and there is a check in a box there. I can remove the check, but is this stipulation also somewhere in the contact address book. I can find no where in contacts where you can specifically state that messages to this person should be in rich text. My options are set to plain text. The message coming in to me is not in rich text format. Any thoughts?

Pat Cassidy

A:OL2000 - turn off rich text for a contact?

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When you send out emails and WANT to track responses (read, not read, deleted) HOW can you make that happen automatically - without additional intervention by the sender ?

When the response is returned to the sender - the sender has to OPEN each response message (read receipt) to have it record appropriately in the "tracking" tab of the sent mail item. Can this happen without requiring the sender to open EVERY single response e-mail (especially in our case of 300+ recipients)?

Solutions tried:
I have tried rules to mark those messages as "read" - that does not trigger the tracking record. I have also tried the "tracking option" under the e-mail options to "Process requests and responses on arrival" and "After processing, move receipts to" ..... but this needs the computer to Idle for 30 to 60 seconds (as per Microsoft knowledge base) to automatically process the read receipt. Unfortunately, I can't afford to put my comp to idle so many times during the day!

In all cases - the recipients response is NOT recorded until the sender actually OPENS each individual response by opening each
message individually.

Suggested solution:
From what I understand after reading many articles related to the subject, I need to create a "custom action" that will be triggered by a rule.

For example, the rule would read: "If subject contains "Read:", "Not Read:" then perform &q... Read more

A:OL2000: Need to process read receipts automatically

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My son recently bought himself Skyrim for his HP Probook4525a laptop (which he also bought himself, so it's not top of the line). He said that it doesn't play well, glitches or freezes. He has tried reinstalling it a couple of times.

I see that it requires 2gb ram, but his laptop shows 1.8gb. So I assumed that means I should add ram. My brother told me he needs a new hard drive or video card. How the heck do you know what to add or change?

I tried scanning at crucial.com but after I open the download nothing happens. No results, nothing.

A:How do I know what to upgrade/repair on laptop for game to function well?

using the laptop in question go here; http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri
select Skyrim from the games menu and run a test. It will point out the areas that fall short. (with the java problems of late, you may want to download and install the test scanner if you have Java disabled)

also, the 1.8 gigs shown does mean 2 gigs. just the way computers read the bits and stuff. Also might not be showing the chunk of Ram it took for video memory. (All depends on what is in the system specs.)
More ram would help, but for heavy 3D games usually a graphics card is the best option.

Think TSG has a system analyzer, might want to run that on the laptop so we can see what is in it.

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I started up my laptop the other morning an just as windows is loading a BSOD flashes for a millisecond and then the computer restarts. It did this 5 times in a row before I finally gave up. I found the windows vista cd that came with the computer and booted from it. Once the DVD loaded I clicked accept and it took me straight to a new install with no repair function which should be included on the recovery disc. I rebooted multiple times, here is no repair option. To make matters worse, I only have 5.9 gigs free on my hd and vista requires 6.6 to install. The only option I have is to reformat the drive, which is out of the question as I have lots of documents saved that I cannot lose. So at the moment the recovery DVD is useless to me, and I cannot load windows to delete some files to make room for a new install.

I took a video of the loading screen and was able to pause it at the frame when the BSOD flashes, here is the stop message: STOP: 0xc0000005, 0x00000200, 0x83354964.

I tried removing one stick of ram at a time thinking maybe one had gone bad it didn't make a difference. I'm at a loss right now. No matter how I try to load windows, safe mode, etc, I get a BSOD and it restarts, and my windows recovery DVD is useless with my hd nearly full.

A:BSOD during startup, no repair function on recovery cd

Nobody? There's no way to delete files/folders without using the command prompt on the recovery disc?

This really makes no sense and I'm beyond frustrated. Why is there no repair selection when I boot from the vista DVD.

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I had to create an excel file for my workplace which is to be accessed by many users and this excel file relies on formulas for quite a bit of calculations that need to be done internally.

Now the problem with excel is that if a user cuts pastes data in any referenced cell, the formula referenceing to that cell tends to throw a #REF error, so thus to prevent users from causing this error I pasted the following code in the ThisWorkbook module of VBA :

Option Explicit
Private Sub Workbook_SheetSelectionChange(ByVal Sh As Object, _
ByVal Target As Excel.Range)

Select Case Application.CutCopyMode
Case Is = False
'do nothing
Case Is = xlCopy
'do nothing
Case Is = xlCut
MsgBox "Please DO NOT Cut and Paste. Use Copy and Paste; then delete the source."
Application.CutCopyMode = False 'clear clipboard and cancel cut
End Select

End Sub

Private Sub Workbook_Activate()
Application.CellDragAndDrop = False
End Sub

Private Sub Workbook_BeforeClose(Cancel As Boolean)
Application.CellDragAndDrop = True
End Sub

Private Sub Workbook_Deactivate()
Application.CellDragAndDrop = True
End Sub

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Application.CellDragAndDrop = False
End Sub

Now while the above code achieved the intended goal it created another problem in the form that sometimes when users have to copy data into the workbook from another workbook, the data does not get copied as the paste option remains disabled. (PS. The copy and paste works for the workbook internally).... Read more

A:Solved: Disable the cut function in excel to prevent users from messing up formulas !

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