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Microsoft WORD - Can't get word on left side to space right

Q: Microsoft WORD - Can't get word on left side to space right

Hard to explain but here goes:

When I have a sentence that I want to move to the middle of the page, I place the curser to the left of the word and try to push it right by hitting the space bar and nothing happens.

This is only when the word is all the way to the left of the page.

Is there some type of formatting that would allow this to be free so that I can push words forward??

Preferred Solution: Microsoft WORD - Can't get word on left side to space right

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Microsoft WORD - Can't get word on left side to space right

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I should be able to figure this one out - but can't.
Starting about three days ago, when I open a new doc in WORD, in all but the WEB LAYOUT VIEW there is a pane on the left side of the blank document that has a rectangle at the top and a number 1 next to it. How can I get rid of that pane?


A:Solved: Word pane on left side

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i just went from windows 2000 to windows 7 professional and we had to reinstall all programs....
i need to open my company logo which was saved in microsoft office word 97-2003 - my new program is microsoft works word processor - i have tried saving it in different formats on my old computer but nothing seems to be working....
any suggestions?

A:Converting files from Microsoft Office Word 97-2003 to Microsoft Works Word Processor

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Hi, when using a list and a regular formatted text, they are separated by a page. On the left page, there is the regular text, and on the right page is a list I made.

Whenever I press delete at where the arrow is pointing, it deletes the words in the list, but not the large space.

How can I get rid of the space?

A:Microsoft Word Space between List and Words

I'm guessing that there is either a page break or section break immediately after the text on the left hand page. To see it, click the "Show/Hide" icon as in the screenshot below. To get rid of it, highlight it then right-click and select "Cut" (for some reason, hitting delete or backspace doesn't always do it, but cut does), and then the list should jump back to start just under your text. If not, post back and we can try plan B

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I am running Windows 7. 
My laptop came with Word 2007 installed.  I am now using Office 365, so I have Word 2013 installed. 
(I haven't uninstalled 2007 in case I do decide to let my monthly payment go at some point..... I know, but it hasn't been an issue until now)
I am currently trying to move items to an external while sorting.  I can shift+down arrow, and select multiple files of ALL other types except for Word documents. 
When I hover the mouse over a Word doc in a file, my laptop seems to "freeze", and then a popup comes up saying "Microsoft office word 12.0   there is not enough memory or disk space to run Word".  It takes several minutes, and multiple popups, before it will "unfreeze", and let me continue. I can scroll down the list, but if I hover over another Word doc, it repeats. 
I have rebooted several times. 
I CAN open any documents in Word 2013, that's not an issue. I can't select documents (except one at a time, but the popup still occurs) to move them to the external.

A:office word 12.0 "there is not enough memory or disk space to run Word"

Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:  List last 10 Event Viewer log  List Installed Programs  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
 Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
 Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic323892.html/page__p__1797792#entry1797792 , taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post.

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Does anyone noe weather vista Microsoft word support the old formated ones? Or is there any plug-in needed to support?

A:Does Vista Microsoft Word Support Old Format Microsoft Word?

I'm assuming you're talking about the new office 2007? meaning word 2007?

If that is the case, then yes it does run older versions of word. In the sense that if you have a word document that was made and saved in Word 2003 it would work in 2007.

Just like when you make something in word 2007 you are able to save it as a Word 03-07 document so it works on both versions of Microsoft Word.

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I have created in Microsoft Word 2003 on an XP OS some lengthy documents. I created them using a view setting of 150%.

I sent them to my employer, who is using Windows 98 and Microsoft Word 97. My boss opened them with his system and they displayed on the screen at a view of 200%. He wants me to send him Word documents that he can open from the CD-R that I send that will automatically display at 100% view on the screen so that he does not have to set the view for each document as it displays.

So what is the answer.

Is there a way that I can save my created documents so that when my boss gets them on a CD-R that they will open on his system at a view setting of 100%.

Is there also a way that his system can be set to default to 100% in reading from the CD-R.

My boss does not want to copy the documents to the system hard disk from my sent CD-R, preferring to read and copy directly from the CD-R that I send, so that the original documents will not accidentally be changed.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Microsoft Word 2003 To Microsoft Word 97 View Setting

Welcome to BCWhat if he were to download Word 2003 Viewer?Mark

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Hello and thank you in advance for your help, I am in desperate need!

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure when this problem started as I haven't been on much the last week or so, but I've tried all the trouble shooting I could find but still cannot manage to fix this problem.

When I try to open Word or Excel I get an error message:
"The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log or use the command-line sxstrace.exe tool for more detail."

Not totally sure what that means, but I have ran an administrative command prompt of sfc/scannow, and all my bad files are fixed (at least that's what it tells me when I try to run it again)

I also read tips where it tells you to go to the Event Viewer to get more details on the side-by-side problem. Well this seems to be having a problem, too. I get an error message saying:
"MMC could not create the snap-in. The snap-in might not have been installed correctly.
Name: Event Viewer
CLSID: FX:{b05566ad-fe9c-4363-be05-714cbb7cb510}"

I did just get rid of the Scour redirect virus, and I'm 99% sure this was happening while I had that; not sure if it's related, but when I scan (and am doing another just to check) I come up clean.

Thanks again for your help!

A:Side-by-side configuration incorrect when trying to open excel & word

Well...have you tried uninstalling the MS Office suite...and then reinstalling?

It could have become damaged. Uninstalling/reinstalling, then updating it would take care of that possibiliity.


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Hi Everyone!

I have 2 screens open side-by-side so that I can verify any duplicate content. When I scroll either document, they both scroll which isn't very helpful.

Can someone offer a suggestion on how to stop the simultaneous scrolling?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


A:Word 2003 Side-by-Side Windows Scrolling


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I got the new version of word today on my brand new computer and I need a word processor for my job, and its not letting me pick it as my default one. When I go to the control panel and try to do it from there, it still doesn't pick it up. Why is this happening and how can I go through and change it?

A:Solved: Microsoft Word 2010 not my default word processor?

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I remember having deleted my Microsoft Office 2007 trial and now I can't find some of my previous word documents that I remember saving on my computer.

Is my suspicion true?

A:Does installing Microsoft Word 2007 delete word documents?

saiz said:

Is my suspicion true?Click to expand...

I don't think so. Try installing OpenOffice.org 3.0 and you'll be able to open those files.

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Running Win XP on a home built Intel Core 2 duo platform. Just started within the last week or so. I can open the software from the CD, but not from my hard drive

A:Can't open Microsoft Word Program or Word documents

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Hya everyone. I hope i am in the right forum. Could someone tell me how to change a letter in Microsoft Works processor into word format. My son is trying to email his c.v. to companies and agencies but got a letter from a couple stating unable to open file attachment please email in word format. We do not have microsoft word just microsoft works.

Dave H

A:Microsoft works word processor to word format

Check this Microsoft page and see if helps.

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After recent full system recovery caused by one or more virus, I am unable to re-install Microsoft Word or Word Perfect on my Compaq Presario, which has Windows XP. Microsoft Word will sometimes start the process but then just stops, giving no indication of what steps to take next or what the problem is. Word Perfect seems to start the process each time but then gets hung up with updating what it describes as the SHFolder.dll. Have waited as long as 20 minutes for this update. The screen does show activity but it just never seems to get done. I cannot take the installation process past that point.

Any suggestions on how I can correct or cure this problem?

A:Unable to install either Microsoft Word or Word Perfect

Check here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/q303437/ for some help - probably the .dll is either corrupt or the path not recognized. Depending on whether or not this page helps, either fix it with that or lookup SHFolder.dll. on the net and download a new copy from somewhere like http://www.dll-files.com/dllindex/dll-files.shtml?shfolder and install it.

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Here is a strange one. I have Microsoft Word 2000 on a computer running Windows XP SP3. I just began having a problem opening documents directly in Word. The documents will open but they are not right. For example, I have a document that is passworded out. Within Word, the document will open, but it does not ask for a password, and the contents of the document come up scrambled. Here is an excerpt of what it looks like:


This goes on for 20 pages.

However, if I go into Windows Explorer and open the document by double clicking on it there, it correctly asks for the password and opens fine. Weird, no?

I tried opening other documents from Word that do not have passwords. They open, but the documents include a bunch of formatting instructions that usually remain hidden. But from Windows Explorer they open fine. Here is an example:

Document opened with Windows Explorer

EVAN: English form of Welsh Iefan, meaning "God is gracious."

Same document opened from within Word:

EVAN: English form of Welsh Iefan, meaning "God is gracious."

Default Paragraph Font
Default Paragraph Font
aC:\Documents and Settings\Doug\Application Data\Microsoft\Word\AutoReco... Read more

A:Microsoft Word - problem with opening docs in Word

I would be hard to tell with your infection
You have an open topic in the HJT forum. You really should not make any changes until you are done there

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I notice when I push on the right side, the key pushes in perfectly meaning no tightness or whatever. But when I push on the left, I notice its a bit tougher and if you were to hear it, sounds like the key is touching against another key but its not. It just seems not as smooth. What can I do to make my left side push as smoothly as the right? Im thinking maybe it just needs some buttering up on the left side, maybe just a little dry. But how do you go about popping off a laptop space bar without breaking it. Is there any springs in voled.

A:Space bar key on laptop seems to press differently on the left side than the right.

It should just pop off; pry it off with a screwdriver. This article may help:


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Do you need to make the most efficient use possible of vertical UI space on your system?s screen, but have horizontal space to spare? Now you can shift the toolbar icons and their awesome functionality to a slim sidebar in Firefox using the Vertical Toolbar extension. As you can see above the sidebar even picked up on our Personas Theme to help it blend in nicely with the rest of the browser. You can access the options for the new toolbar by right clicking within the toolbar area.


A:Reclaim Vertical UI Space by Adding a Toolbar to the Left/Right Side

A vertical tool bar makes sense with the modern wide screen monitors.
With Opera & lots of tabs open i have the tab bar on the left with the text showing its much easier finding a tab if you have more than 20+ tabs open.
Just tried it out with Firefox b11 it seems more like a replacement for Opera's side panel but with less options.
Seems easier just to use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl B , Ctrl H & Ctrl J for bookmarks , history & downloads

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alright my problem is that i have already used microsoft word 2000 for awhile now and its been fine, no problems whatsoever then about week ago it started doing a lot of crazy stuff when i opened it. this happens every single time. i open it and it states that
it is preparing to install microsoft word 2000 (i already have it installed) then it states that it must gather the required information. At first i thought it was an update so i decided to let it continue. when it was finished it said that "the feature you are trying to use is on a CD-ROM or other removable disk that is not availible. please insert the microsoft word 2000 disk and hit ok" alright the thing was it wasn't an update. and i couldn't find my word CD because it hasn't asked for one ever since i installed it. I then hit cancel and everything went away and about a minute later my microsoft word 2000 came up and it had no updates and was functioning fine but it was going about half the speed it usually does. Other than that there were no other problems and i continued with my work. The only thing that really bugs me is that this entire process takes about 5 minutes every time I start up... so its kinda of a pain... is there any way to get rid of this? thx to all... Peace Out

A:Microsoft Word is tring to install microsoft word again

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I am a 3rd year university student studying Forensic Science and i have to admit im not much of a writer and these long essays absolutly kill me...i spend so much time bringing up the word count window (time i probably should be spending writing). my question is...is there any way of having a word count always on the screen counting as i go?

does anyone know if this can be done...if so how?

please let me know if i need to download something (and where to get it) or what settings i need to change in word if that needs doing.

Many Thanks

A:Microsoft Word 2003 word counter....

View->Toolbars->Word Count

You still have to click the recount button though.

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Is there a way to count the number of occurrences of a word in MS Word?

If not, is there a downloadable text editor or something that can do such a thing?


A:Counting occurrence of a word in Microsoft Word?

Replace the Word with something like QQQ .. or the the original word .. And it will tell you how many.
Then you can replace it back to what it was ... or just don't save the edited file.
be sure to include the spaces before n after the search word.

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Can anyone help me out?

I click on microsoft word to try and open it and it doesn't even make an attempt to open. My word files also won't open. They are there, but just don't open.
Any ideas??

Thanks in advance!

A:Microsoft word and word doccuments won't open

May be virus problem

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Hello Experts,

I am cannot open my MS-word.docx document.
The error it get is White space expectedart:/word/docment, XML,Line,2 Column:642733.

I've tried everything I can think of! Including:
Saving it as a .zip file. Which it won't
Saving it as .txt: Which It will- But no help.
Looking at it in word pad: Still no help.

How can I find:,Line,2 Column:642733. and correct it? or at least save what Ive written to that point.
I have no idea what happened to cause this other than the flash drive didn't update on my last save...

Please please Help.. hours of work were invested....

Thank you

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Dear Forum,

I'm just starting to learn about Microsoft Word 10, which was bundled within an Office 10 package. I'm noticing that as I type a document, the Word Count dialog box at the bottom left remains frozen at 0. When I right-click on it, it opens, but the Word Count is checked within it. So, it's not turned off or anything. I need to limit what I'm writing to a certain number of words. I have to complete this thing within the next day or so. Unexpected need for a troubleshooting solution.

Why isn't my word count going up? And the Characters seem stuck at 67. Maybe I clicked something I shouldn't have. Otherwise, I need some guidance here. Thanks. Steve

A:WORD COUNT IN Microsoft Word 10

try hitting 'save'....that should reset the word count.

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Doing a fix for a friend, and this is a new one for me. Her primary concern was that all of a sudden, when she opens word, she can not type anything in a document. I tried it, and nothing happens. It opens like normal, and when you try to type, it is like the keyboard is locked out.

I found a few things on google that I tried to no avail. There was a .DLL patch I did, and I also removed so registry keys.

It is Win XP home, with 256 ram, and a P4 1.7 Proc. The version of word was installed with a software bundle that included Microsft Works.

I uninstalled Word, and reinstalled Office 2000 PRO, and the same thing is happening...

Any help would be awesome.


A:Microsoft Word..I cannot type anything on Word doc

Find and delete all occurrences of Normal.dot on the system.
It sounds like the one in use is corrupt.
A new one will be created when word next runs.

Do not have Word open when you search for and delete normal.dot. Enable the viewing of hidden and system files to see it.

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On Microsoft Windows 10 Edge Browser the top left side of the window preview image stays open. I tried looking on Google etc as well as the settings of the browser but to no avail. Maybe someone know the solution real quick? Thank you in advance.

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I have a fairly new CarbonX1 20HR.  While editing a document, I noticed that I cannot use the ctrl+shift+space shortcut to enter a non-breaking space in a document.  I've verified that it works in Word, but that character combination doesn't come through to the application from either my laptop or USB Logitech keyboard.  Other similar ones, like ctrl+shift+_ for a non-breaking hyphen and ctrl+space for a ResetChar command, work fine.  It seems that shift and space combination has no effect. I'm thinking this may related to the Fn+space activation of the keyboard backlighting, since this is the first time I've tried this since getting this laptop.  I know I can reassign it if needed, but wondering if there is a fix for the underlying cause. Thanks!

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Recently, I'm having slow file loading while opening ms word files and excel files directly from windows explorer. It takes a minute to load, however it opens immediately if I open .doc files or .xls files directly from their application software. It also take a minute for MS Word and Excel software to shut down.

I have run my antivirus (Symantec) and MBAM but they all show no virus was found. I'm not sure what should I do next, please advice.

A:Microsoft Word & Excel - problem with opening files in Word and Excel

What version of Word & Excel?

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hello every one

my sister done 10 pages for her course work and she alway save it on her memory stick.
but some how, when she try to save it this time it doesn't work and the the microsoft word file turn to notepad file and when she open it, it came up with lot of question marks, i hope there is a way to convert it back into words

thx for reading and help is needed

this is the corse work>>> Rescued document.txt

A:Microsoft word file turn to notepad file with non word text

any responses here?

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I was trying to configure Word 2000 to send email, but I can't seem to find the means to configure the bloody thing. I have tried help files, but wasn't much help.

Anybody plz?


A:Microsoft Word 2000 aka MS Word 2000 - Sending Email - Need Help Configuring

Word itself does not send (or receive) e-mail messages. You may configure Word to be your e-mail editor, but it still requires an e-mail program (such as MS Outlook) to send messages.

You can send e-mails from within Word by using File, Send To, Mail Recipient (or Mail Recipient as Attachment), but this still uses Outlook to do the sending and receiving.


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Well i did a big report on my computer with Word Perfect i couldnt print it so i took to school on my flash drive. IN my first class i edited it on Word 2007 and in the class i could print it they had Word 2003 and i couldnt open my file and now i cant even open it in word perfect. I doubt i can use the laptops for a while anyway i can open this on wordperfect

A:Solved: Word Perfect- Word 2003 - word 2007

If you saved the file in the "new" Word 2007 format (with a file extension of .docx) then you will be unable to open it in the other applications.

For Word 2003 you can install a converter, but I know of no XLM converter for WordPerfect.

When using Word 2007 you need to "save as" Word 97-2003 format to retain backwards compatibility.

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My younger brother was using the computer and while in Word he accidently chose some option that made the font go red. There was a narrow straight line to the left of the line where the font went a different colour. What was this and how would I get rid of it in the future ?

A:Word font changing colour with bar on side

He has put "track changes" on.

This highlights added text by the colour, and indicates changed content areas with the left margin bar.

Unselect Track Changes. Tools - Track Changes

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I have tried searching for a solution but couldn't find it. Here's my problem: When I cut text from say a web site and paste it into MS Word I only get about 2/3 of it. The text is cut off on the right side. When I look at the print preview I see indeed that part of the text is missing.
I am no veteran at using MS Word so I'm sure there is a simple fix to my problem. I want all of the text I copied to be pasted so I get the complete text to print. BTW I tried using the source formating option, keep text option etc but I still can't get the complete text pasted.

Thanks for any help, I mean it!

A:Solved: MS Word printing prob- right side is cut off

When you paste into Word, use Edit-Paste Special - select "unformatted text".

The "Paste Sprecial is not available on right click - paste, only on Edit from the Word toolbar.

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I am wanting to insert a header or footer but on the right side of my page in Word 2003. Basically, I want some text and an image to appear in the same position on the right hand side on every page that I type.

Does anyone know how to do this ?

A:How do I create a side Header or Footer in Word 2003 ?

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Can you please help me with the following problem:
Cursor and side bar are extremely unstable by using browser or word document. Its very frustrating to type and post this also. Some of the main symptoms are:
Processor fan is now and then noisily very busy; while there are only the basic processes in the Task Manager, with minimum CPU or RAM use.
Default Browser Firefox:
Address bar problem: I can't type any thing there and go to a site. I used Opera to post this.
Google search engine doesn't work also. After typing a search term and hitting Enter or Search nothing happens. Cursor blinks randomly on the firefox page.
However on Opera Google works well as well as the address bar; but also the cursor and the side bar are instable. I had to press Ctrl all the time to hold the side bar in place, but it helps a little at a time. Sometimes not at all. I managed to type and post this in short intervals when system allows. it took almost halve a day. 
If there are more than one page/ site are open the browser keeps switching very rapidly between them.
Word Document:
When opening a document the side bar and the cursor drop immediately to the bottom.
Ctrl key helps rarely holding the side bar
If I hit enter to go to type a new line the cursor drops to the bottom of the page. On rare occasions works very shortly normally.
Cursor springs now and then randomly in the text ... Read more

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I drew a very thin rectangle (color filled) on the right side of a page. All the way form the very top to the very bottom of the page and the right side of the rectangle kinds of sits right on top of the right page border.

The problem is that I can't see the "rectangle" either in print preview nor does it print when I print the page Can someone help on out on this one pls. Thx.

The attached image shows what I mean by the border and where it is placed (see the blue filled long rectangle on the right border of the image)

A:MS-Word: Unable to get a thin filled rectangle on the right side of the page

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I've had Word 2007 for quite a long time and until just recently whenever I opened an unfinished document Word would go straight to where I last left off. Suddenly it won't do that anymore, not since recent updates.
Can anyone give me a simple way of re-setting Word to do that please?

I do know, of course, that Ctrl/end will take me to the place I want but since I had the above option I got used to it and would like to be able to do that again.

Thank you.

A:open Word 2007 doc where I left off

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I'm looking (or actually my dad is looking) for a utility that will allow typing right to left in MS Word 2000. It is for the Hebrew language.

Thanks for any info


A:Can I type right to left in MS Word 2000

i'm not real familiar, but I think you can select language options in MS. I don't know if this changes the settings. Try openoffice as well.... they might work. Good luck.

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I imported a group of cells from Excel 2016 into a Word document in Word 2016. Under the Developer tab in Word, I added a Text Form Field under the Legacy Tools toolbox. I locked the rest of the form and I can see that I can then only type in the Text Form Field box I created. That works correctly.

When I hold down a key and fill the Text Form Field box, my right margin stays but my left margin and bottom of the text box move so that the words wrap (as I'd like) but the data in the locked area to the left of the field get distorted as the Text Form Field fills with data.

I don't know how to stop this but I know that it can be stopped because this is the second form I have created in such a manner and the first form behaves correctly. On the first form, if I hold down a key and fill the box, the words wrap but the left and right margins stay and the bottom of the text box only gets bigger (not the left side as is happening on my second form as I described above).

I have hovered over the left and right margins and when I get the double line to move them in and out, I have moved both and then one or the other at a time in and out and it doesn't fix the issue.

I also tried using the first form (which works correctly), deleting the existing data in it and importing the new Excel cells into it. The same issue happens. I don't know what I did on the first form to lock the left and right so data only expands downward.

Any suggestions?

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Hello everyone. I?m running Microsoft Office Home & Student 2010 on Windows 8.1 Preview.

Yesterday, I had to purchase a new desktop PC monitor. It?s a Samsung S22C300H if that helps.

The resolution is higher than my previous monitor. As a result, when I open Microsoft Word and have it display in Print Layout mode, the page has shifted from the center of the screen to the far left.

(The resolution on the new monitor is 1920 x 1080.)

Honestly, the change has literally made me nauseous! I?ve been used to the page being in the center of the screen for the past 20 years!

I?ve lowered the resolution, which did center the page in Word, but the resolution is nowhere near as sharp as the high resolution mode.

Is there a way to get the Print Layout page in Word to be centered on the screen in this high resolution? If so, what is the procedure? Thank you! Jd

A:New Monitor Pushes MS Word Screen to the Left

I don't use Word but this post discusses the same issue.


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My wife and I are annoyed by that cross icon at the top left that comes up with a Word for Windows document. We don't know what is the function of that and it creates problems. What do we do?

A:Cross icon on top left of page of Word

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I have set the language to English and keyboard is English (US) but the cursor always types from right to left. I dont know how to fix this. I bought this computer in the UAE so somewhere some setting is set to Arabic but I dont know which one? It is using Windows Seven Home Basic.

A:MS Word displays cursor and types from right to left

Look in the paragraph settings in word. Is word the only place this is happening?

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When one opens a Word document, at the upper left is the name of the document and the words "Microsoft Word".

Is there any way to have shown the name of the folder the document is in as well as the document's name?

Thank you,

Steven Estes

A:Word-Full File Name at Upper Left

Hi Steven,


WD2000: How to Add Path and File Name to Title Bar of Document

Have fun!

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I recently bought my Dell XPS 9560. My dell xps screen appears cooler on the left side and slightly warmer on the right side. It is not noticeable in any color but when I visit websites with a white background like google, I can notice that the right side is slightly warmer (yellowish) which is distracting. Any idea on how should I proceed with the issue?

A:Dell XPS 9560 Screen - left side cooler and right side warmer

If "recently" is less than 21 days from shipment and from Dell directly, the best option is to contact customer support and have the system replaced.
If it's more than 21 days from shipment, the warranty will cover the display replacement, which is the only solution -- though if the system is new enough, you're better off having it replaced than repaired.

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Model:  HP Pavilion m6 Notebook PC 15".   Laptop used minimally and still in beautiful shape other than these noted issues:  Left hinge is broken away from plastic casing (see pic) and Right hinge is broken away from lid plastic (see pic).   From what I'm reading, it seems the plastic base, chassis, and possibly lid base and hinge need replaced.  Please let me know what HP is offering as far as replacement parts and repair.  This seems to be an ongoing issue with HP notebooks.  I've purchased a total of three HP notebook/laptops over the past four years so I'm very concerned about these issues and why HP has allowed it to continue for so long and across so many different models.  It seems to me the plastic used in making these parts does not have the tensile strength required in notebook/laptop use.  I would think this issue would've been corrected years ago and not have continued.  Please advise.  I do love all my HP laptops other than these issues.   Thank you. 

A:Left Side Hinge Plastic Casing Piece Broken and Right Side L...



I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details).

If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.

Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.

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word keeps opening up by itself? Any Help ?

A:Microsoft Word keeps opening umcrosoft word keeps opening up by it self

Hello and welcome to the forum!

You really arent giving us much to go on here.
Can you give us more detail.

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Has anyone seen this before?
This seems to be happening more and more, I am using my PC (with Windows 8 Pro) as an HTPC and its connected via HDMI to a plasma TV so the PC is always on. Sometimes, when I go to use the pc I turn the TV on and then move the mouse around to turn the display on and I see the attached image, it looks as though the screen has shifted to the right and wrapped around to the other side.
I ran windows 7 with the same hardware on this setup for years without an issue. Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

A:Left side of screen rolled to right side of monitor..

Did you ever get any sulution for this problem ?

I have the same problem with my windows 7 ultimate, tried everything now, the last step i'm testing now is an older driver.

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