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AVG etc. questions

Q: AVG etc. questions

Yesterday I was busy updating from my ancient ZoneAlarm to the new version and also uninstallng Inoculate to switch to AVG. The latter took 7 minutes to scan for viruses.

I'm surprised that today AVG didn't perform a quick-auto-scan upon my booting up, the way Inoculate did. Does the scan need to be done manually, and take 7 minutes each time?

Also, while online, the AVG scanner suddenly popped up as soon as I opened one of my online email accounts. At least it gave me the option of cancelling the scan, but why it did so at all, beats me. This never happened with Inoculate.

I also wonder if Z.A. & AVG are sufficient, or must I also download spyware, trojanware, scanner & who knows what else...

Preferred Solution: AVG etc. questions

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: AVG etc. questions

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1. Ran out of this space in my Q:Lenvovo - backup assigned partition.  14GB.  (My C: drive has 80GB free!) How can I fix this?  Is there a way to expand the partition without deleting it first?  Does Lenvovo or Microsoft or SSD manufacturer have a tool to do this where you just enter the amount you want to expand a partition to and it will adjust the other partition accordingly?  If not; I cannot delete the Q:Lenovo drive using file explorer or disk cleanup utility.  How do I remove at the original backup?  When I go to disk cleanup it shows blank the files; so it is a hidden file or subdirectory.  I even try signing on as System Administratin but forgot the password I created, it been so long ago and never use it.  LOL!   If I cannot do any of this:  There is an option to do a Windows 10 refresh but can you redirect it to a new SSD from the existing SSD? 2. Looking to get a new SSD but in NVMe configuration. a. Does my L450 support NVMe boot up? What type of NVMe does my Thinkpad support?  I thinking of getting the Samsung 860 Evo.b. Is connecting the new NVMe and running transfer SSD software the Windows 10 will recognize the drives and do the transfer?    Serial NumberF0ATPKGPart Number: 20D5503800 Thanks for any help you can give in this matter!

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I'm thinking about building my own PC, but I don't quite understand what anti-static precautions should be taken. Obviously, nothing will be plugged in, but is there anything I'm missing or not understanding?
Also, are anti-static wrist bands essential? Also, would carpet work as a good working area?


A:Questions About Precautions to Building a PC (Easy Questions)

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I have a
HP Pavilion dv7t-1000 CTO Entertainment Notebook PC
64bit with Windows Vista Home premium
Recently I had a friend take it and wipe it to start fresh.
when I got it back it is still pointing to a bizarre path..?? (which is one of the reasons I wanted to start fresh. It points to:

%SystemRoot%\system32;%SystemRoot%;%SystemRoot%\System32\Wbem;C:\Program Files (x86)\CyberLink\Power2Go;%SYSTEMROOT%\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\


why would this be the case? When I got it back I see that some things like my extra monitor was already installed.. (Before I even hooked it up??) and some folders I had renamed example folder.OLD was still here. (and many other things that lead me to believe it did not get formatted correctly. (and could still have virus?)
He used my factory disks. (which I do have)
can anyone advise me on what is going on?
thanks so much!!

A:Environment Variables questions and format questions

I've had a bunch of HP machines. But I never used the restore. I'm not sure if it formats or just installs over what's there. It may leave files and folders that are in subfolders of programs that come bundled with the machine assuming it's data or something. The path looks fine to me. That %SystemRoot% stuff is just a way to use environment variables in case the system is not installed on C:\Windows.

If you really just want the OS and not the bundled software see the threads about ISO download for Vista. You can evaluate for 90 days perfectly legally. There are also tutorials how to extend the evaluation by 30 days.

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Hello Experts,

Question 1:

To initialize the 4 elements of integer array named numbers to the value of 0, is THIS

int number [4] = { 0 };

correct, and the exact same thing as saying this:

int number [4] = { 0, 0, 0, 0 }; // ?

Question 2:

double x [ 6 ], y [ 14 ];

What C++ statement could I write that would

copy array named x into the first part of array named y. // ?

Thanks again! ... RB

A:Beginner C++ Questions About Arrays (2 Questions)

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Hey guys, you might of seen a post or two about me not able to get our domain to use GPO's, but its all fixed now. YAY !
(It was the DNS, incase anyone was interested)

but now i got a few questions, i'll start with:

1. Is there anyway to configure a client by just having them log onto the domain? e.g. Disable Security Center, Windows Messanger, Add a Registry hack. etc.

2. Is there anyway to view a list of all websites visited on the network with information, eg. Who was looking at it(which user), at what time. etc

3. Is there a way to record a list of all objects printed from our print server with information? e.g. User that printed it, time it was printed, how many pages, how many copys. etc.

4. Is there a way to delete start menu files/folders with a logon script?

5. I'm going to put "Deep Freeze" on the computers that are accessed and used by the public, but i've never used it, nor have any experience with it.
Does it cause any problems with normal operation of the computer? if anyone could give me some feedback on this, i'd love to hear it.

Also, is it possible to get more then just 6 Virtual Drives on a computer?

i mean, isn't there 23 possible drives?

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Brand new user.

a. The new PC came with McAfee anti virus.
Should I use it ?

Is it as good as AVG, e.g., which I used on my old W7 PC ? Use them both ?

b. And, how do I turn on the "Defender" anti virus which I understand is part of
the W10 package ?

Would it interfere with McAfee or AVG ? How good is it ?

c. How do I turn on the Firewall; I'm assuming there is one like in W7 ?

Much thanks,

A:New W10 User Questions (Basic Questions, Please)

McAfee, AVG and Defender are all anti-virus programs and you should only run one. In fact Defender will get turned off when another one is installed.

Right click the Start button and select Control Panel.

Then select Security and Maintenance and under Security it will show your the status of the Firewall, Virus and Spyware and which program is running what.

Control panel also has links to Defender and Firewall.

That McAfee is a trial version and at some point you will have to buy it.


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I have a Packard Bell P133, model D135. Eight megs of
RAM are on the motherboard. According to a search of
this model on a 'Memory' website, this model has FPM non-
parity memory. The machine had two 4-MB modules installed
when it was new in 1996, for a total of 16 MB at time of purchase.
Since then, I have added two 8MB modules to bring it up to
32MB. Two weeks ago, I replaced the two 4MB modules with
two 32MB FPM modules, which was supposed to bring it up to a total of 88MB. When I boot up, it only reads slightly over 81MB as passed....of course, on the System Properties 'General' tab, 80MB is listed. Can anyone tell me what might have happened to the other 8MB?

Another question: Would parity memory be compatible with
non-parity memory? I know from research, that most servers use parity memory...parity being described as a feature of
a module for error-checking. Would parity memory work OK with non-parity, but not the other way around? The reason I ask is, I have an opportunity to buy some used 72-pin, FMP parity modules at a good price, and I just wanted to know if the two (parity and non-parity) would mesh. I wanted to bring it up to the max for this model....136MB, providing the 8MB on-board memory is read. That was my own theory about the missing 8MB....that the on-board memory, for some reason isn't being read. Any thoughts on this?

Last questions: How critical is mixing speeds? Will 70ns
modules in one bank work with 60ns modules in another ... Read more

A:Memory: Questions.....questions....questions....

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Hey guys, just have a few questions in regards to Vista x32 vs x64 as well as Direct x10 issues when it comes to gaming.

First off - What benefits do I get by running Vista x64 as opposed to x32 when it comes to gaming. I bought Call of Duty 4 as well as Bioshock, and will be buying some of the new games coming out such as Assassin's Creed and Far Cry 2. Are any of these games 64 bit games?

Second off - Do I get any benefit playing a game made for DirectX 9 on a DirectX10 platform? Or are the graphic increases only visible in games actually made for DirectX 10? Again, are any of the games I listed above made to work with better graphics in DirectX 10?

Thanks guys!

A:32/64 bit questions & DirectX 9/10 questions :)

I discovered your inquiry while I was attempting to answer questions similar to yours.

This isn't much help but try reading about Epic Game's 'Unreal' game engine. I'm reading the article on wikipeadia about this game engine. This is the game engine used for Gears of War and Unreal Tournament.

Any way, it seems that if your running the game in a 64-bit environment like Windows Vista 64 the game will be in 64-bit mode.

It uses Directx 10 and Directx 10 also seems to be in 64-bit mode depending on weather Windows is in 64-bit mode.

In related news, it seems that the 'Unreal' game engine and the 'Source' game engine (Used for Half life 2, etc) are optimized to take advantage of multi-threading or in other words optimized for multi-core processors.

Anyway, see what conclusions you come to...I'll post an update as I learn more.

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Hello all, and thanks for taking a look at my thread! I hope I can get my questions answered! On to the questions then..

Over the last two or so weeks, I have noticed that my Page File meter has been running over 1GB. I'm not exactly sure what this means, but I cant recall it ever being so high. Our Norton '08 license had just ran out, and we bought Norton 360. Thing's slowed down considerably, so we bought the full version of AVG Anti-Virus, but the PF is still high. Also, my internet has been slowing down each day. Would that be from the PF, or could there be a malicious program at work, and if so, what would be the appropriate actions to take?

The next question! When I bought our computer from HP, it was new, and came with a plasma monitor. A couple of weeks ago, the screen just went black. When someone tries to turn it back on, it stays lit for a couple of seconds, then just goes black. Also, it plays no sound out of the built-in speakers. Why would this be, and is there a fix?


A:A Few Questions

Did you uninstall all of Norton? It was a hog on my system. Practically made it unusable. .

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Hi Guys, new here!
I have 2 important questions here! when installing the windows 8 pro downloaded from Microsoft (39.99) I got a couple of options like install and keep all files and seting or create a media disc, I went on upgrade and keep my files and programs, now I want to make a media disk or a iso image in case I need for restore my pc, do I need to redownload the windows 8 or is there any way I can create de iso or disc with my W8 already installed ?

the other issue here is my fuzzy blurred text, my metro start screen have text all blurred or fuzzy as well all my browser and couple of other programs, I have NVidia Gforce 9 with the latest drivers for windows 8 I try the clear type and diferent screen resolution but nothing help, any idea I can fix this?

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hello..i would like to ask how to do a few things with windows vista.

1. how can you block a website from being accessed?

2. how can you disable your wireless card so it cannot be used at all?

i have a dell inspiron 1420 vista. please tell me how i can do these things using this computer. thanks! :D

A:a few questions...

If you use a router, you can log onto it and block address from there. Otherwise it depends on which browser you use. You should also be able to block sites with your anti-virus program as well.

To diable items in Windows, open Device Manager and right click the item, choose Diable this Device. To disable in the Dell bios, When the DELL logo appears, press <F2> immediately to enter the bios.

Hope this helps.

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Mod Edit:  Split From http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/556136/is-it-still-possible-to-install-win-xp/ - Hamluis.
I decided to do a fresh install of Windows 8.1 but got nervous about it so I decided to do a fresh install of Windows XP Home Premium on my other old laptop first. This was to gain a bit of experience and also to ensure I have a working PC in the event of a glitch in the fresh install of Windows 8.1 - just wanted to be sure I could continue to get work done in the interim if something went wrong. However, doing a fresh install of XP turned out more problematic than I thought, for the following reasons:
I had no CD - never did. Neither Compaq nor Circuit City gave me one. I lost the restore media (if I ever created it back in 2004 or so).
I spent a lot of time researching slipstreaming an install including all the service packs but could feel confident in none of the sources of the software on the web nor in my ability to properly follow the processes for slipstreaming
I spent a lot of time researching sources on the web for the straight XP OS (without the service packs) but none gained my trust
There is conflicting info out there about whether it is necessary to install SP1 and then SP2 before installing SP3
I finally decided the answer was that going straight to the SP3 service pack was the path I would try but could not find a trusted source of SP3
Microsoft site has SP3 on it but the web page includes statements intended to sca... Read more

A:Win 8 Questions

allbenatt, thanks for sharing your experience!
There was a long running XP Topic where the OP, also with an HP computer, could have used your solution. Actually the way you installed, being it was to another partition, it was formatted prior to you taking this action, so it didn't really need it again. Too, all OS's requires some type of formatting of the partition to install, in this case it was likely NTFS. No, it wasn't the type of XP format that would take hours to complete on some larger drives, which was probably more secure of an erase than today's quick formatting, but one was one. 
So how did the OS install process go? Install to the partition next to it? I'm curious about this, and may try it on my last XP computer just to see it in action. It's 60GB in size, but I could shrink the actual XP partition to 25GB or so, and there's a Recovery partition at the end. However, many doesn't have that, could have once been there, but was removed, tempting to some because in 2003/04, 40GB HDD's were the norm. Actually the one I have came with that size one, but I replaced it with a 60GB 7200 rpm one, the OEM one ran at 4200 rpm (or in that range). 
That SP3 download of over 300MB, I've had that on CD since 2010. Anytime I install XP these days, seems like Windows Update won't connect w/out it (an error message will show). Installing SP3 fixes this. Though here as of late, haven't done much XP installing, other than some virtual machines for me t... Read more

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What kind of a battery does a UPS have ??
Would it work to power something other than a computer ..
Like the power brick for my Sony DCR SX63 Camcorder ??

I’m thinking that if it has a Gell Cell Battery ... The Amp/Hour rating will be a lot longer at the lower power consumption.

Anybody ever used a UPS for something other than a computer ??

A:UPS questions

Well I have two UPS and they both use a 7AH 12volt sealed battery. If you want to get specs on the battery it is a bp7-12. One of my UPS uses 2 of these batteries in series,(24 volt) the other smaller one uses only one. I have used the small one as a stand alone power pack for small electronics on a short term basis.

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Hi, I have some questions, as well. Here's my scenario:

I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit on my primary desktop that I do not want to change nor give up.

I also have an older 32-bit Windows XP (version 2002) OS that currently is not installed on a computer (that one went belly-up on me).

So my questions are:

1. Can I use my current W7 64-bit machine as described above to download 64-bit W8 to burn to DVD or USB?

a. If yes, can I then partition my SSD on which w7 is installed -- and then also install W8? (32-bit Windows XP is not installed on my SSD)

or alternatively,

b. Can I install 64-bit W8 on a completely different, cleanly formatted and empty internal or external hdd (WITHOUT the original 32-bit Windows XP installed), connected to the same primary desktop?

A:I have some questions

Welcome to EightForums.

I also have an older 32-bit Windows XP (version 2002) OS that currently is not installed on a computer (that one went belly-up on me).

If OEM, you can only install to that PC.

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Okay, first off, I was under the impression that DX 10.1 was going to be a part of SP1, but now i'm seeing that i'm still running 10.0. I saw another thread on this topic but nobody ever really answered the guys question, so now i'm asking again

I have an 8800gtx....yeah it's a DX10 card but does it even support DX 10.1 and what exactly is the main change from .0 to .1? Even though it's a necessary update regardless if your card supports it or not, but if your card DOES support it....are there any extra graphical benefits?

I just installed SP1 last night and so far it just seems to be causing even more problems for games....which is bad...starting to wonder if microsoft can do anything right..

My vertical sync doesn't appear to be working anymore since the SP1 install. It's turned on either in the options for said game or in the nvidia control panel.....yet I have horizontal tearing in every game now and it's a tad bit annoying.

A:A few questions about SP1

Hi anarchy101 -

Welcome to TSF.

If you installed SP1 yourself and did not allow Windows Updates to do, please see the following Microsoft Bulletin KB948343 found HERE. After reviewing, I suggest that you check the Device Manager to see if your system is using any of the drivers mentioned therein.

One of my systems had trouble after I installed SP1 because of two drivers that Microsoft now admits are not compatible with Vista SP1.

Good Luck to you.

Regards. . .


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Mod Edit: Split from http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic441299.html - Hamluis.Is this the one you have? http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/SoftwareIndex.jsp?lang=en&cc=us&prodNameId=3559772&prodTypeId=12454&prodSeriesId=3459241&swLang=13&taskId=135&swEnvOID=1093You could have a Broadcom or Intel Ethernet in that model. One way to tell, Look at the image I attached anything Intel will show VEN_8086If it shows a different VEN_ number try the Broadcom one.I too have that model and that VEN but the intel installer from HP reports back no intel card. The little program from Piriform indicates no ethernet cards. Bios indicated the onboard ethernet is active and available to the OS. Perhaps I will try Ubuntu Live... but I do need XP. Any ideas?


First thing to do is make sure the Port is good.

Trying the Ubuntu Live should tell you if the Ethernet port is working or not.

Can you post the entire line that shows the Ven information.
For example one computer here shows PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1019&SUBSYS_02A71014&REV_00\4&2D894BD&0&0818

I'd like to see the whole line.

Good Luck

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I'm currently in the Computer Tech program at the local college, but next year my college is planning to require us to bring our own computers :O

Since I don't want to purchase a laptop to be able to use Visual Studio, I'm considering using my BlackBerry PlayBook to rdp to my home computer (specs down below). I have a few questions:

1. Is it possible to have concurrent sesstions, or be able to log int a dedicted rdp account without booting off the main htpc/server user account?

2. What kind of perfomance can I expect, or will it be useable? I have vdsl2 and the computer is connected directly to the router. The school wifi is pretty good too.


A:have some questions about RDP

I'm not to sure on RDP and really never been a fan of because of the difficulties that are involved in it...it's too complicated in IMO. Not user friendly. As far as the Blackberry goes...that's a new one on me.

I prefer to use TeamViewer...there maybe an app for the blackberry but not quite sure.

TeamViewer - Free Remote Access and Remote Desktop Sharing over the Internet

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Mod Edit:  Split from http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/576054/firewall-logs/ - Hamluis.
I am having recent firewall issues. I have noticed that my local machine was using port 17 & 6 a LOT, and I was getting warnings from my uverse router. I have gone into my norton, and shut down those two ports on my local machine, but it still looks like something is trying to ping my PC. I have run almost every malware program known to man, downloaded a ton from this (awesome!) website, and it isn't finding anything.
I am new to the formum. I have saved all of this in a .xls. I am hoping I can get it to an expert, they can take a look at it, and tell me if it is benign, or do I need to nuke my HD and rebuild.


You can post those logs, so we can take a look. 

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Mod Edit:  Split from http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/572316/help-please-regarding-adwcleaner/#entry3675465 - Hamluis.
Since this is a current thread and I basically have the same types of concerns/questions as the thread-starter regarding the use of ADWCleaner, I am going to post here. Hope I'm not using too poor of board etiquette.
So, just real quickly, are these HKLM Chrome Extensions files/folders anything to worry about?  They seem odd to me because of the long and random looking letter suffixes. Should I delete these?  
I'm just nervous after hearing about mals using fake Chrome extensions lately. 
(Also, see question about third image below.)
The one that really threw me was this file called "END".  I found a few discussion links on it but nothing difinitive. Is it dangerous?  Should I remove it? 

Thanks for any helpful thoughts!
Oh, and I am a Windows 8.1 user. 
P.S. My machine checked out OK on Emsisoft, Norton IS, and MalwareBytes earlier today. Machine seems to be running great and is not showing any typical symptoms of infection. 


The trick here is to Google the extensions name (these random strings of characters) and then see if they extensions are malicious or not. Since I'm lazy (or not really), I can do this for you, but I would ask you to provide me the AdwCleaner scan log, so I don't have to enter manually every extensions. Follow the instructions below to do so.AdwCleaner - Scan ModeDownload AdwCleaner and move it to your Desktop;Execute AdwCleaner, accept the EULA (I accept) then click on Scan;Credits : MalwareExperts.comLet the scan complete. Once it's done, click on the Report button to open the scan log;Please copy/paste the content of the output log in your next reply;

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Thinking about ordering a SSD tomorrow. But i have a few questions.

I have a Asus ROG Crosshair V Motherboard with Sata 6Gbs

I am curious if all SSD Drives would hook up to this motherboard just fine.

Basicly i need to know if there is compatibility issues. Im looking at the OCZ Solid 3 60GB Sata lll.
Also if anyone has any other brand recommendations let me know.

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I am building a system for myself and am wondering would I be better off buying an SSD to run windows etc off and then put everything else on a SATA hard drive or is it not worth the effort?
The computer is going to be used for all sorts. Not a big game player or movie watcher but it does get used for both from time to time.
SHould I get an SSD what size will do to store windows etc. Wife has put me on a strict budget and am at $600 already and thats not going over board.
Look forward to your replies.


A:SSD Questions

I've never owned or used an SSD. I just bought a two-terabyte drive for $80. When SSDs are down to about twice that, I will probably get one, myself.

SSDs are ve-e-ery expensive for their size compared to magnetic disks; but, they do offer advantages in speed, especially for gamers. Boot times are also noticeably shorter.

If it were me, I would save my SSD money for a later time unless I needed the extra speed for something like gaming or if I worked in a situation where a laptop might be getting knocked around a bit. For normal office and business applications, the time savings is just too small to matter.

Early adopters of new technology pay a high monetary price and are the guinea pigs for the industry. I'll let someone else pay those prices while I wait on the technology to fully mature and for manufacturers to recover their R&D from others beside myself.

But, that is just one person's opinion, my own.

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For anyone that has experience with 802.11g:
What kind of stable wireless transfer speeds do you get in-network? Meaning not theoretical, or peak output, but average sustained rates?

I just bought a Pre-N router and network card (made by Belkin). I read some reviews done by what I thought were relatively credible sources on the new protocol/hardware (cnet, pcworld, etc) before I made the purchase, and had high hopes given what others had provided. This being said, I'm really disappointed with the real-world throughput I'm getting.

Belkin advertises speeds that are 600% faster than the 108 Mbps competitors (about 13.5 Meg/sec) made by dlink, netgear, etc. While I'm not expecting sustained rates this high on wireless, the transfer speed I'm getting is really nowhere close to this number. So far I've only been able to eke out 1.8-2.0 Meg/sec (about 16 Mbps) using a Pre-N network card and router. Seems pretty crappy to me... any opinions? I haven't seen 802.11g in action yet, so my comparisons to 802.11b (I get about 600 kps) are kind of limited.

I should tell you, after setting up the router on my own and exploring as much as I could, I talked to a tech support guy for about an hour-- pretty lame experience. He eventually told me that my transfer time of 2.5-3 mins for a 180 Mb file was "comparable with the results from our labs," so I let him go without further inquiry.

Any advice would be great, I'm debating whether to send this... Read more

A:802.11g / Pre-N questions

This is a quote from mobilePC Feb 2005 Belkin Wireless Pre-N Router
“Feeling a little inadequate? It could be your router’s fault. After all, even though most 802.11g routers claim to hit 54Mbps and broadcast up to 300 feet, none of them actually do.”
I have yet to find one Mfg that sells a router or card that performs as advertised !!!!!
They may not all be lying however what they are selling is far from the truth !!!!!

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I have a number of questions about IE.

1. How do get IE to show the Menu? ie Files, Favorites etc?

2. How do I close IE?

A:IE 10 Questions

If you want to do these in Metro IE, right click anywhere in the page, click the file on the bottom right and change to desktop view, now press Alt button. You don't need to close the IE, it goes in to suspension mode when you don't use it.


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These are probably simple questions...

When I right click on a picture and 'set to background' for example, the page will move right back up the top rather than staying on the highlighted image. This is a pain when you have a fair amount of pictures to scroll through.

Also, once I have downloaded a file from the internet, how do I get the download bar to automatically disappear once the download is complete?

Hope this makes sense.


A:Two Questions

Could you explain more on your first question?


Also, once I have downloaded a file from the internet, how do I get the download bar to automatically disappear once the download is complete?

In IE9 you can't. It stays open until a new page is opened or you press the little X.

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Im a newbee so if i ask a stupid question im sorry lol
I got a brand new graphics card and got it set up. It was the GeForce 8800 gts. It was suppost to come with 3d stuff.

Well it did but i heard it is a new kind of 3d. Not the red and cyan i am used to.

Anyway i went and found that i would need a new tv for the cheap cheap price of $4999 and some special glasses for an additioal $200 Um since im not exactly swimming in mony at the moment i was wondering. Is there any (-FREE-) program / mediaplayer that will get a regular evryday dvd and make it play in the red cyan 3D format?

Thanks Signed Computergeekguy

AKA a person that thinks he knows evrything about computers but really dossent

A:3D questions

Unfortunately you need a 3D monitor to go with it.

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I apologize for not being able to post my HJT log here (I am at work, log is at home), but I just had a question about one of the results....

The result was a Proxy Setting of "localhost:1066". I checked my IE, and there are no proxy servers set up at all. I can browse the web and everything, no errors, but this entry struck me as odd. I just wanted to check here first before I fix it.

I do have NIS installed. Would that cause this? Anyone know what port 1066 is normally used for? I know port 8080 is usually reserved for proxy settings.

Thanks in advance!

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Hey guys!
Again I'm turning to this forum after the great support I've got the last times needing help.. this time however, it's about SLI.
The computer will come prebuilt from the site I ordered from, with no OS, I already have Win7 Pro 64-bit. The questions are as followed..

1. Does It matter which card you connect the monitor to?
2. Does Win7 detect SLI, or does it need to be enabled through win/nvidia UI?
3. Do the cards rely on the "main" RAM at all?
and another one i just thought of..
4. Can I have 2 PC's running the same Win7 key for private use?


[EDIT] The two cards are PointofView GTX 285

A:[HELP] SLI questions..

No I don't think it matters which card yo use. If it does, use the first one, whichever that is.
It may not detect SLI straight off the bat, but once you install NVIDIA drivers SLI should work.

All you have to do to enter the NVIDIA control panel is right click in the empty space on your desktop and select the NVIDIA control panel there. Once you open the NVIDIA control panel you will see a screen like the image below. You will want to click the icon for 3D Settings.

After you open the 3D Settings box (see below), you will see a link that says Set SLI Configuration on the screen under a bar labeled performance. Click the link to enter the Set SLI Configuration area.
If your settings already show Enable SLI Technology selected, you don't have to go any further.
If your settings show Do Not Use SLI Technology, you will need to click the button beside the link labeled Enable SLI Technology. Once you click the enable button a box will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen that says "Apply", you will need to click that apply button to save the settings and enable SLI.

All video cards rely on main ram a little bit, but dedicated video memory is so much faster than sharing the main ram that it's not much to consider IMO.
Not that I know of. In fact, when you enter your cd key it gets fused to your motherboard and cpu. If you upgrade your motherboard, you've got to call up MS and tell them this so that you can get your key re... Read more

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Merry Autumn everyone to everyone that is in the autumn equinox!

I'm right now about a third or so of the way complete with rebuilding and modding my computer case right now, and now I'm at the point of modding half the case for the PSU and other items.

So I have questions about the power supply in general. I'm looking at a roughly 700 watt max as I will be using AMD's new APU graphics chip (Radeon 7650) in CrossFire with the Radeon 7870. I will also have a total of 13 or 14 SATA connectors: 8 hard drives (5,200-5,900 RPM) in a RAID 5 array, two internal 2.5" hard drive SATA connections as well as two external 2.5" connections, and maybe one or two mSATA external connectors. I was wondering if I can use a couple of spare SATA power cable from my previous PSU (the old and new PSU's are modular) and use those with the new SATA power cables. I will be splicing and cutting and soldering and modding the cables so they are pretty much built into the case in the front as well as the external ones. I don't know for sure if I'm tampering with the gods of electricity and power in doing so, because I don't really want to have a power problem when I'm gaming only to find out I needed either more power or less SATA connectors; which would be problematic as I will need a LOT of SATA power connectors to future proof my build for at least five or eight years.


A:PSU questions

Can I ask why you are doing a RAID 5 array with all of those disks?

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HI all,first of all i'm new here..so let me introduce myself My name is Lovepreet (u can call me Love,my short name).i'm from india & new windows 8 user.i have windows 8 pro & i love windows 8
but i'm experiencing some problems with windows 8 on my Notebook Pc Asus K54L
1.my battery draining quickly after some usage even in power saver mode.before there was no problem
i think problem started after i installed newly chipset drivers & yes Intel rapid storage technology driver also drain my battery quicky.so i uninstalled that.now i know chipset drivers are necessary.but i have problem with this.
2.wallpaper changing itself quickly after some time,windows 8 clock is faster than windows 7.
i set time of 1 day & i selected many wallpapers.this is on laptops on all friends of mine.after plugged in or wake from sleep wallpaper changes.this not happen every time..anyway minor problem.
3.how to clean install Intel HD Graphics driver ? because windows 8 pre-installed Intel HD Graphics wddm driver & when i install it from windows update,it failed.
4.my Notebook light blinking strangely,before it was normal while in sleep mode,like it is hibernating.but i selected sleep in all options in power options ?
Plz answer my questions,Thanks

A:Some Questions about Win 8

Can anybody answer these ? Because it's very important..main problem is battery & that blinking light like it's waiting for me... Before it was normal while in sleep mode ? How to solve this ? & a question related to this can i refresh my pc without affecting windows update & anything ?

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Hi, My father recently downloaded a game, when he opened it up. It caused our computer to crash twice we have never had problems with said site. So it was just strange that our computer crashed any way we removed game. ran scan make sure no malware available and so on. we still had problems. We did try restore point now when ever we try to move or open any files,pic,music. We get a message that we do not have the right to move or anything.  How do I fix this don't want to Restore with disc and lose all the programs since I can't move or save elsewhere.
The second question is with my browser I have updated my adobe flash but yet I am still getting that it is out of date. WTH is wrong, uggghhhh!!!!! I am using Blackhawk a chrome spinoff.
Thank you,

A:2 questions

Welcome aboard   Download Security Check from here or here and save it to your Desktop. Double-click SecurityCheck.exe Follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box. A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.NOTE 1. If one of your security applications (e.g., third-party firewall) requests permission to allow DIG.EXE access the Internet, allow it to do so.NOTE 2. SecurityCheck may produce some false warning(s), so leave the results reading to me.NOTE 3. If you receive UNSUPPORTED OPERATING SYSTEM! ABORTED! message restart computer and Security Check should run Please download Farbar Service Scanner (FSS) and run it on the computer with the issue.Make sure the following options are checked:
Internet ServicesWindows FirewallSystem RestoreSecurity Center/Action CenterWindows UpdateWindows DefenderOther ServicesPress "Scan".It will create a log (FSS.txt) in the same directory the tool is run.Please copy and paste the log to your reply. Please download MiniToolBox and run it.Checkmark following boxes:Report IE Proxy SettingsReport FF Proxy SettingsList content of HostsList IP configurationList Winsock EntriesList last 10 Event Viewer logList Installed ProgramsList Devices (do NOT change any settings here)List Users, Partitions and Memory sizeList Restore PointsClick Go and post the result. Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM) to your desktop.NOTE. If you already have MBAM 2.0 installed scr... Read more

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I have a Win ME desktop, a cable modem, a linksys 802.11b wireless access point router.....I also have a P2120 series Fujitsu lifebook I use wirelessly to connect to the internet (it has a wireless card installed and picks up my linksys signal). It is running Win XP Pro. I have tried to share files between the two computers to no avail, but that isn't my main concern really. I am about to buy a media center pc. I'm sure it will come with an ethernet card installed. Do I just buy a patch cable for ethernet & type 3 networks(this is what was on the box I saw) and plug it into my linksys (the second slot) and into the back of the computer for internet access? Or will the media center pc need a wireless card? Since both new computers are beyond Win ME maybe I will be able to share stuff? And lastly, assuming the sharing doesn't go off well....what kind of cable/software would I need to buy to connect the desktop I have now to the new one? There are tons of files I would want to move over. Am I confusing everyone or boring you? I hope not. I'm just hopelessly confused and most sales people I talk to seem to be in India who don't know a lot more than me or someone who feels that if I don't know such "simple" things already maybe I shouldn't be buying their product. Help! I welcome any and all advice. If you have questions about my systems or my garbled attempt to put this straight, feel free to ask.

A:Can someone help with questions please?

If you have a router already installed, a hunk of CAT5 cable is all that's necessary to connect the MC PC to the mix.

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hi again ! Sorry for all those threads, im new too windows 8. But, where do i find the name to the mother board if that is possible on an laptop. And what is a or an SPD ?

A:Some questions

Originally Posted by Thee

hi again ! Sorry for all those threads, im new too windows 8. But, where do i find the name to the mother board if that is possible on an laptop. And what is a or an SPD ?

To find out the kind you need try - RAM Memory Upgrade: Dell, Mac, Apple, HP, Compaq. USB drives, SSD at Crucial.com

See here for SPD-- Serial presence detect - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

You could type dxdiag in the Run box & click ok.
See picture:

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hi again ! Sorry for all those threads, im new too windows 8. But, where do i find the name to the mother board if that is possible on an laptop. And what is a or an SPD ?

A:Some questions

Originally Posted by Thee

hi again ! Sorry for all those threads, im new too windows 8. But, where do i find the name to the mother board if that is possible on an laptop. And what is a or an SPD ?

To find out the kind you need try - RAM Memory Upgrade: Dell, Mac, Apple, HP, Compaq. USB drives, SSD at Crucial.com

See here for SPD-- Serial presence detect - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

You could type dxdiag in the Run box & click ok.
See picture:

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Hello, I have an Hp Pavilion a1247c it has an Athlon 64 (V) 3800+ 2.4 GHz
Socket 939.
And I am wondering if anyone knows if I can upgrade this processor?
Thanks in advance

A:CPU questions

Processor upgrades are a waste of time and money. The processor is only partly involved with a system's speed, and chances are good that after you upgrade, you won't notice the slightest difference in how that machine runs.

But you would need to check the board manufacturer to see what processors are supported, and if any BIOS updates have increased that number. The only possible ones are socket 939.

You should save your money for a better machine.

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I know these are stupid questions but I'll ask them anyway. Why do I keep getting disconnected from my own local server and why when I try to reconnect it says my nickname is already in use even though I registered it? How can the other user halfway across the world maintain a stable 24/7 connection with my server while I can't stay connected for 2 minutes? I have a bot on my server (connected via localhost) that I use to re op me or invite me if I get uninvited to my own channel and things but it is still annoying having to do that every time this happens. Thank you for answering the questions!Edit: Moved topic from All Other Applications to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

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1.What is best video cards (nvidia) that my pc supports?
2.IS this memory card same as i currently have

1)Okay not sure what info i need give but motherboard (Motherboard Name FUJITSU SIEMENS D2151-A1)

2) http://www.ox.ee/est/product/28276 same as this picture?

A:2 questions


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I'm trying to do a test and I have a few questions which are making me crazy, does anyone know how to answer?

-When sending data to a host on a different network, which address does the source host encapsulate in the IP header?
IP address of the router
MAC address of the router
MAC address of the destination device
IP address of the destination host
-How many bits are in the network and subnet portion of a class B network with a subnet mask of
-Which of the following are Layer 2 functions?
Communicating with the upper-level layers through LLC
Communicating with the upper-level layers through MAC
Uses a hierarchical addressing convention
Uses LLC to select one computer to transmit form a group of computers

When is ARP used?
The destination IP address is unknown.
The destination MAC address is unknown.
The source IP address is unknown.
The source MAC address is unknown.

-What do switches use to make switching decisions?
IP addresses
MAC addresses
Layer 1 addresses
Layer 3 addresses
-What is a type of dialogue control that the session layer may use?
One-way alternate communication
One-way simultaneous conversation
Two-way alternate communication
Two-way asynchronous conversation

-What is a reason to use data encryption?
To compress sensitive data.
To protect sensitive information during transmission.
To determine the order that sensitive data packets are sent.
To determine the frequency with which sensitive data is transmitted.

-Which ... Read more


too difficult i gues... well thanks anyway

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After learning that High Speed routers were for computers in the same visenity I want to know more about T1. First of all I live in an area where I cant get DSL or Cable. I have no idea if T1 requires cable or if its a satalite or if you can just get it through any phone line. I heard something about an ethernet port and I have no idea what that is. So if somone could try to explain T1 to me that would be great.

Also if you guys have suggestions for getting high speed internet where I cant get DSL or cable please feel free.

A:T1's Questions Please Help

T1 is a wired connection, and a full T1 connection will cost you close to $1000 a month, perhaps more. T1 is not the answer, unless you're very well heeled.

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What operating system do you use?

Does Windows Vista support Dual Core Processor or Dual Processor ? And is Windows XP working on update patch so Dual Core Processor or Dual Processor work with Windows XP

And do you still have to slave the other Processor for some of work or how will it work?

A:2 questions

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Heya all! First time poster here...

I, like most people, have been running Windows XP for a long time now because I am a gamer/programmer...and the applications I use daily work well there. Or, at least, there was a time when this was true...

I've had my machine for quite a while now...maybe 3 years or so...and XP has given me a lot more trouble than usual every time I reinstall. I don't know if the updates are making things worse, or if M$ just wants to add more and more 'MSspy-ad-ware' to it's OS...or what.

Now then...(most) griping aside...I just reformatted not too long ago (~a week), and am having some issues that have me considering giving it another wipe (which, in my case, is quite an undertaking). But, before I do that...I want to ask the pro's here their opinions on several things...

1) I want to tweak my system so that it will perform at maximum efficiency.

Where can I find info on this?
What are the most important tweaks/tricks?
What are some personal recommendations (keeping in mind I am a gamer )?
Perhaps not only limited to the OS, because I know my DSL/router could use some help as well .​
2) I've never had enough nerve to overclock my system, but since the 'new smell' has worn off of my system, I may want to give it a go. My board temperature runs between 25°C - 30°C and the CPU between 45°C - 50°C.

Should I consider, given the temperatures, trying out OC'ing?
What tools are the best for doi... Read more

A:Getting the most out of XP? Plus more questions :)

Two good sites for tweaking:


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Maleware Attack.Having recently cleaned up my computer (Windows X P Media Centre 2005 ) SpyBot ..I unfortunately lost my "Widows Updates"..Restore File..and my Internet Explorer 8 is very unstabable as the mouse when I click a new page either does nothing or I wait thirty seconds and clik again (SLOW)..Is there a safe free tool/program that may enable me to right my computer ??..Thank you for any assistance..


it's possible that if the Malware did damage you may have to reinstall IE8, or reimage your system, depends on how bad the damage is, if it did that much damage.

Try these things first....

Delete all Browsing History, check all boxes except for Preserve Favorites Website Data

Check your Security Settings in IE, make sure there is nothing strange in Trusted sites
and click on Reset all zones to default level

Then Reset Internet Explorer Settings in IE, it will be on the Advanced tab
Check the box, Delete Personal Settings

Get Malwarebytes and run it also...

Try that first..

But unfortunately, depending on the damage done, it is not always possible to fully recover without doing what is referred to a nuke and reload
Back up all data, format drive and start over.

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I just got windows 10 installed and on one of the standard accounts (not the other standard account or the admin account) the personalization for the background isn't working. It's stuck on the windows default display. It's set for a slide show of personal pictures. Any suggestions?

Also, will TFC (temporary file cleaner by oldtimer) work on windows 10?

Thank you.

A:questions about 10

Choose Picture rather than slide show if you just want a picture from the users collection.
Check download site for info on TFC re Windows 10.

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A:I have two questions


#1 - ipv6 can be disabled. Unticked in this case.

#2 - link is dead.

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1. Will reinstalling Windows reset all my settings?
2. What is the difference between reformatting and reinstalling?
3. How do you reformat/install?


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