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Newest UltraNav driver brakes native windows middle-click scrolling

Q: Newest UltraNav driver brakes native windows middle-click scrolling

I just want to report that the newest touchpad driver brakes native windows middle-click scrolling. What I'm talking is this:1. Swich off all advanced features in the TouchPoint setting to get back a middle button. BTW, how on earth it is possible that the default setting "steals" the middle button. Going for the Nr. 1. PC maker and forgetting a stupid default settings in a Synaptics driver is a joke. 2. Now, try scrolling in any native windows application like Chrome, Firefox, etc. The quick way of scrolling is to push the middle button while scrolling. It had always worked before.Now this way is broken.Now, the only way for scrolling is to the:1. push middle button to enter scolling mode2. move mouse3. push again to exit scrolling mode This scolling mode has never been a good way to scroll, but the quick way is broken with the latest driver. I'm using a W520 with Windows 7, 64-bit. Broken driver: Version

Preferred Solution: Newest UltraNav driver brakes native windows middle-click scrolling

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Newest UltraNav driver brakes native windows middle-click scrolling

I have a similar problem as the OP: after today's update, my Touchpad is not functioning properly anymore. Scrolling of any sort on the Touchpad seems to have been disabled. As I do not have a mouse attached, I am forced to use the Trackpoint set's middle button and then move my cursor around to scroll. I checked my Control Panel settings and both two-finger and single-finger Touchpad scrolling are enabled via the settings. Also I don't know if this is relevant, but it seems like the option to double-tap to bring up Lenovo SimpleTap has also randomly been disabled... W530, Windows 7 x64.

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Hello there, I have an issue with UltraNav TrackPoint while trying to scroll using the middle button. It seems Windows 10 are ignoring the middle button completely. Ive tryied the solution I found here with the registry, but with no luck. I  remember the scrolling worked only for like two days after I purchased this repassed X230 tablet. After all the automatic Windows updates it stopped working. I tried uninstalling the driver and downloading fresh lenovo new one, but nothing... can someone here please help me? This issue is really annoying, otherwise I love the X230 tablet!

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Hi Everyone, I see that some changes were made to the TrackPoint in the newest UltraNav drivers package -- namely, there are no more customized options for stick scrolling with the TrackPoint. Is there any way to reset the middle button to perform a middle click rather than stick scrolling? I see that the Registry options are in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Synaptics, but there are so many options! Is there anyone out there who can help me with this? Thanks in advance! Side note: I considered the older UltraNav driver, but that doesn't have the Windows 8 charm bar feature. I also considered the latest driver from the Synaptics website, but it doesn't have the "prioritize for trackpoint" option and I feel that the palm rejection is inferior to that provided by the Lenovo one. Side note #2: My main reason for requesting this is to improve the scrolling experience with my ThinkPad. I've been able to optimize my touchpad scrolling with a modified version of TwoFingerScroll, and really need to do the same with my trackpoint. For the trackpoint in Windows 7, I liked DragToScroll, which I feel provides more sensitive scrolling than the one in the UltraNav driver in most applications.

Go to Solution.

A:Restoring "Middle Button Click" with the newest Wi...

Hi, hendhess
I'm not sure about fixing the issue through the registry, though I did find two threads on this issue that may be able to help you solve the issue. There's this one started by zsero that has some suggestions and the like. There is also this thread which is linked from zsero's. According to some, if every former Synaptics driver is removed and then the new one is installed, the middle-click functionality is restored, though this isn't universal.
Hope it helps,

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 On my X1 Carbon 5th gen (Windows 10), when changing 'Mouse Properties' => ThinkPad (tab) => TrackPoint => 'Middle Button Action' to be 'Use as middle click' (instead of 'Use for scrolling'), it works for a few minutes, but then, without me doing anything, reverts back to 'Use for scolling' automatically. I tried this solution: https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Windows-10/FIXED-Middle-Click-Functionality-Disabled-on-Windows-10-upgr... (namely: use regedit to change "TrackPointMode" from 00001214 to 00002214 under HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-<....numbers...>\SOFTWARE\Synaptics\SynTPEnh\UltraNavPS2). The effect was that, after a reboot, I manage to get the "Use as middle click" behaviour, but, then, again, only for a few minutes, after which it indepndently goes back "Use for scrolling". Any idea how to make the "use as middle click" behaviour stick? Thanks!

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Hello,I am the owner of a new Lenovo X260 laptop and it is a beautiful computer (although I MUCH prefer the size of the keyboard of my old X220 and X230).   Anyway, I am having a huge issue where when I use the ultranav middle button to scroll, Cortana pops up. I have tried everything to disable this, and looked and seen others are having this issue. Is there any way to solve this?  It is extremely annoying.  My driver version is Synaptics Pointing Device Version

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I'm using the ultranav middle button to scroll (I live for this feature which is why I've been buying thinkpads since time immemorial) However, on the t460, scolling with the middle button/nubbin is painfully slow in Word 2007, and Adobe Acrobat/Reader is a nightmare. In Word its just slow and you have to use a lot of pressure on the nubbin (there appears to be no setting to change this). In Acrobat, it's agonizingly slow (in both Reader and Pro) and will "stick" on if you try to go to fast and just scrolling for multiple seconds after you release the button.  Stragely, the trackpad scrolling works fine in Word, though it is still bad in Acrobat.  In addition, the middle button scrolling will frequently slip and stop scrolling, sending the pointer to the bottom of the page.  Nubbin/middle button scrolling works (oddly) extremely well in Microsoft Edge... Please help! Middle button scrollig with the nubbin is the best feature on these machines.  Using: T460 Windows 10 64-bit with the latest drivers. 

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Hi Mark_lenovo or other thinkpad expert, I will ask for your help in finding a driver for the UltraNav 2(ALPS) on the Thinkpad X300 for windows 10(64bit). Currently I use the latest driver for windows 7 (7.202.1616.206):
But that one has issues with the metro/Modern parts of windows 10 UI: Touchpad scroll works in Internet Explorer, Firefox, File Explorer, Device manager, Help, Services.msc and some other places, but it does not work in Start menu or any menu under system, Control panel, Edge or Windows Store.
Most likely it's because the programmers didn't know about the modern UI when they made the driver and therefore it does not support it, and that is why scroll is not working in those parts of the UI.
The synaptics touchpad on some Thinkpad models works fine with driver version 17.xx.xx.x but as soon as it is updated scroll function seize to work again - mine is ALPS Ultranav 2 touchpad - is it possible to "cheat a bit" and use the ultranav utility in combination with the synaptics driver or can synaptics driver replace the ALPS driver totally(I tried this on my R500 and it didn't work, the touchpad were disabled after restart)?
Do you know of any other thinkpad models with same Ultranav 2 touchpad(Palmrest FRU# 42X5021) that has a newer driver and will work with the X300 and windows 10 Modern UI? Could you find out?
I already tried most of the series 8 drivers I could find o... Read more

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I installed and activated Windows 10 on a pair of X-series laptops, an X220 and an X201.  Everything was just fine except that the touchpad does not control the cursor well, either freezing it or bouncing around madly.  I finally solved the problem by changing the UltraNav driver to PS/2 Mouse driver, less functional, but it actually works.  When I ran the Windows 10 update, it reinstalled the UltraNav driver, so I had to revert back to the PS/2 driver and reboot.  (The UltraNav driver downloaded from the Lenovo site is equally defective.) Yes, I know these are older systems, but can't Synaptics do a working driver?  Or maybe Microsoft could install the basic PS/2 Mouse driver as the default?  I must be dreaming.  Anyway, the problem of a properly function touchpad has a solution.

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I'm tired of [X] button and want to close windows by middle clicking on the title. Is there an app for that?

A:App to close windows by middle click?

Quote: Originally Posted by substep

I'm tired of [X] button and want to close windows by middle clicking on the title. Is there an app for that?

Get AutoHotKey and use this script:

Send !{F4}
Make sure you don't use it when the desktop is active or it may try to log you off.

You may be able to get one with the few more features if you request it here:

Post New Requests Here - DonationCoder.com

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Anyone know how to do this natively? I can find scripts that can run at startup to achieve this but I was wondering if there was something that can be configured in Windows. THanks.

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Lenovo support site currently has version of the Tablet driver. Windows Update seems to be pushing this same version out. The Lenovo installer says installation failed. It does not provide any other reason. Windows Update has tried to install this daily for the last few days for me, without success, and always reporting an error code. Among others, Error 0x800f0234. While not being able to update the driver is usually not a problem, this process has completely broken the pen and touch functionality of the X1 Yoga. Neither works. Device is recognized as an unknown device. Driver updates do not work, and there is no driver rollback option available. Removing the device and having it detected again does not solve the problem. I found a direct link to Wacom drivers here in the forums in another topic. I downloaded tablet driver, which installed correctly and is now working again. Wacom drivers: http://us.wacom.com/en/feeldriver/ (I picked up the link in the following post: https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-X-Series-Laptops/Thinkpad-X1-Yoga-Battery/m-p/3615803) 

LenardLenovo [email protected]

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I have an X270 which has had the system board replaced twice to try fix this issue. When trying to enable the trackpoint and button clicks in the windows setting and lenovo vantage settings, it is greyed out and can't be changed. See images below.

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In all releases, when you were hovering over the pinned items with more than one window open, pressing middle click to the thumbnails closed the windows....Now it's not happening anymore...

Is it just me or the feauture is off? i use Build 7000

A:No more middle mouse click to close preview windows?

still works for me

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Just purchased Dell Inspiron 17 5765 with Windows10, I immediately went looking for the Synaptics Del Touchpad product to enable scrolling. Unfortunately what I found was in Settings under Devices. Apparently now I have to use 2 fingers to scroll up/down which at best is slow and awkward/troublesome to use. With the Dell Touchpad(Synaptics) product I had on my prior Inspiron running Windows10, single finger scrolling using the right side of the touchpad was available. Having to use 2 fingers is cumbersome.
Is 2 finger a scrolling requirement with this 5765 model Inspiron? Is there any way to install Synaptics Touchpad so I can scroll up/down smoothly and easily with 1 finnger? Is 2 finger scrolling native to Windows 10 that therefore requires it to be used. I am running the Dell/Synaptics Touchpad V19.0.9.4 which was available after I migrated my Inspiron M731R  from Windows8 to Windows 10.

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Hi all,

I am working on a project for elderly and people with disability. The project is on "re-adjusting" a normal computer mouse. Some of these folks can not double-click, nor hold the left-click down for dragging files/folders. I found the following codes for changing the middle-click to left-double-click. One is written in C# the other in CPP.



This program would be very handy for them.

Regarding the 2nd part, what I am looking for, should work like the following:

1. Move the pointer on a file/folder
2. Press and release the Middle/Wheel Click
3. Move the pointer and it moves/drags the file/folder.
4. Press and release the click again and the pointer releases the file/ folder

This should work for the Windows environment. Does the description make sense?

Does anybody know if such a code has been written?



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Hello, Is there a way to have both - scrolling with trackpoint while holding the middle mouse button - and - being able do a middle click with the middle mouse button? I can accomplish this easily under Linux like it is described here. But under Windows it seems to be impossible. I can only have either middle clicking or trackpoint scrolling. I need both.  If anyone knows a solution to this please let me know. Walter (I have a X200s and Windows 7 x64 installed)

A:Trackpoint scrolling AND middle clicking

Yeah, this is easy in Linux can't we get some pressure to actually get this implemented properly in windows. Useability is the main reason i got a thinkpad it would be nice to know we could actually influence it in some way. (Bumping an old topic here)

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When I go to Settings and set the middle button to scrolling it works fine, but when I restart the laptop it has been deactivated and must be set again.

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Issue :Im using T470s with Windows 7 OS, 1st - When im using Cisco Jabber to have a video chat\confrence the application will crash. Im suspected it due to the the intergrated camera driver. However when i go to Lenovo site, for T470s i can only found camera driver for Windows 10. 2nd - There is no Synaptic UltraNav available and when go to Lenovo site, for T470s i can only found driver for Windows 10. Question :Is there any Win 7 camera and UltraNav driver from other T model that compatible with T470s? BRMiqdad

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I downloaded the display driver Crimson Edition 16.1 from amd's website and when trying to install it, the windows smartscreen shows up and says, "Windows smartscreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk." Why would amd create a new display driver that puts a computer at risk? Is this an error? Should I ignore the message and run it anyway?

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For years this icon, called "scrolling icon", has appeared on the middle-button click on TrackPad buttons ? providing for a useful visual feedback:  For some reason, this has been removed on X1 Extreme Synaptics driver. Until November 2018 I have successfully managed to install Synaptics on X1 Extreme so as to get a proper Control Panel management for Synaptics instead of an awkward Windows Universal App AND a scrolling icon working, too. This driver 19.3.x.x (not only 201, but all other consequitve version) has stopped working after certain BIOS and Synaptics Firmware upgrade: installing 19.3.x.x instead of gives TrackPoint and TouchPad halt since November 2018. There is a registry key which allows to turn OFF the scrolling icon on drivers 19.3.x.x: https://superuser.com/questions/473325/disable-scrolling-icon . It does NOT help to turn it ON for 19.5.x.x. Any help on either getting the icon back or installing the 19.3.x.x drivers would be awesome. The latter would be more preferrable as I have trying out older drivers in a hope of getting rid of Trackpoint drift ? unsucessfully and only until they've broken 19.3.x.x drivers to work on X1 Extreme.

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Hello all,  I decided to install a different version of the Ultranav driver on my ThinkPalled ad x220 laptop. I deinstalled the Ultranav driver using Programs and Feures, and then proceeded to install the Ultranav driver by running the executable I downloaded from thealla lenovo page at http://support.lenovo.com/nl/fi/products/laptops-and-netbooks/thinkpad-x-series-laptops/thinkpad-x22....  The installation goes on fine up to the point when the driver has to be actually copied/installed, and then I get the error message "You have to run the 64-bit version of DPInst.exe on this machine. Contact the vendor that provided you this package."What to do? The machine, as it is now, is nearly unusable, unless I use an external mouse. 

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I can't seem to install the latest Synaptics UltraNav ( driver for my X1C6. I'm running W10 (1803) with all the latest updates installed. Anybody have any idea why it won't install?

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why is it every time Windows updates, seem to be like every other day, my system can't start and goes on with the windows can't start up error

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I reset my laptop back to factory default (from windows 10 64 bit to windows 7 64 bit), and now my included trackpad and eraser head mouse are not working as well as the mouse buttons (right, left, and middle click), and when I click fn + f8 I get a popup saying that "ultranav driver is not installed" with no option other than "ok" I installed the ultranav drivers from https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/downloads/migr-67226 I get a successful installation notification, but I still do not have a functioning mouse. I reboot the laptop, do a full shutdown, and still no dice. Any ideas on how to fix it?

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Hi all, The latest version of the touchpad driver for the T440 disables my trackpoint and removes the option to re-enable it from the Mouse Properties menu. Has anyone else had this issue? I'm on Windows 7 and the original driver on my computer is v18.0.7.40, for reference. Removing and re-installing the new driver did not fix the issue. I'd like to keep the new driver installed (due to behavior issues from my touchpad on the old driver), but lack of trackpoint functionality is a dealbreaker for me. Thanks in advance.

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The URL below states that the driver being installed is
However, the actual driver which is installed by the package is:! This is not the first time where the package description(s) are inconsistent with the contents.

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Lenovo Ultranav stoped working wen installed windows 10. SolutionsPleaseInstalation of Synaptics ThinkPad UltraNav Driver ThinkPad T440p under Windows 10, failed!!

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Hello, recently I noticed that on my up-to-date Windows 10 (Creators Update) there is a process called "WMI Provider Host" (WmiPrvSE.exe) constantly using 1-3% CPU no matter what you are doing. I've been observing this behaviour just recently (maybe 1-2 weeks). So I started with a fresh (completely clean) Windows 10 installation on my Thinkpad X260. I observed this behaviour instantly after Windows finished its instalation and update process without installing any custom software from Lenovo website. When I try to kill this WMI host instance, it is restarted imidiatelly and problem continues. I attached threads output from ProcessExplorer. I looks like the thread execution is deadlocked or something similar. So I started digging which application is causing this WMI host cpu usage. After disabling Synaptic Pointing Device service called "SynTPEnhService" this behaviour disappeared. So I started digging around Synaptic executables. I was able to find out, that process causing this cpu usage is SynTPEnh.exe, which I believe is some kind of main (parrent) process for Synaptic driver functions. When I kill this particular process, then I am able to pernamently kill the WMI host causing those troubles. Well, it actually restarts again, but has no cpu usage. I am using latest version of Synaptic drivers available, which is Is anybody else observing such behaviour? What is the solution for this problem? By disabling SynTPEnhService you loose your track... Read more

A:Synaptics UltraNav Driver causing WmiPrvSE.exe cpu usage

I noticed the same with the 5/29 bios update and the recent trackpoint firmware as well using the more recent Synaptic drivers.

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I did a search to see if this was already posted but didn't find it.  So, here's my story. I have a P40 Yoga that's about a year old.  A couple of weeks ago, I received a pop-up from Lenovo Vantage saying there was a system update.  Like a good user, I said OK.  I didn't notice it right away (because I use an external mouse) but the trackpad, left/right click buttons and the "trackpoint" center button all stopped working.  I did a lot of searching to see if there was a resolution but couldn't find one. Eventually, I went into Control Panel | Device Manager | Mice and other pointing devices | ELAN pointing device | Driver and saw that there was a recent update.  Fortunatly, there was a "Roll Back Driver" option which I figured couldn't hurt anything.  After a reboot, the driver is back to one dated 2/13/2017 version  All mouse accoutrements are once again working. What prompted me to post today is that the Lenovo Vantage pop-up appeared again telling me there's an update and it wants to put the bad driver back. Irconically, the pop-up says: "Lenovo recommends that you install these updates to optimize your computer" Yah, right!  Now I'm sceptical about ever doing another update.

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Hi everyone, My trackpad stopped working, and I've been trying to troubleshoot the issue. Everytime I try to enable the trackpad with Fn+F8, I get the message "UltraNav driver is not installed." The Lenovo systems updates says that I have an UltraNav driver update available for my computer, but everytime I install it and reboot, I get the same message. Everytime. I can find where the driver has been downloaded on my computer, but the computer still says that "UltraNav driver is not installed," and the driver update still remains available on the system updates. I've tried downloading again and again, only to re-write and reinstall the download, with no effect. I've also tried going directly to the Lenovo website and downloading the driver from there to the same effect. Any advice?

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I'm pretty new to modern versions of Windows and new to this ThinkPad (X1 Yoga).The middle button used to change my pointer into a scroll of some sort which I never figured out how to work.  Now it seems to do nothing?... maybe that'll change after a reboot ... who knows (hooray Windows). Anyway, how can I make this a middle click?  I'm used to middle clicking links to open them in a new tab.

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*Please read in entirety before replying*The situation is as follows: - Purchased new X1 Thinkpad Yoga 3rd Gen in Jan 2019; Windows 10 64-bit- Bought with the MISTAKEN belief that the track pointer stick would have "press to select/click" capability. Not having this feature is an absolute DEAL BREAKER for me.  - Steps taken in attempt to resolve the problem: 1. Uninstalled driver for Synaptics Pointer in Device Manager 2. Installed most recent version of Ultranav Driver3. Result: NO CHANGE  - In MOUSE PROPERTIES, there is no option for "press to select" - only choices are to use for scrolling or as middle click. Question 1: Is there ANY WAY possible to incorporate the press-to-select option for the pointing stick on this model?Question 2: If it is not possible, which Thinkpad models currently DO include this option?  Thank you in advance... 

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First post, so Hi everyone

My problem is this... I use my middle mouse "click" for several applications, but in Vista(Home Premium) It automatically minimizes the app I am active in, and shows all of the windows I have in small squares around my desktop. This is very annoying... Does anyone know how to disable this?

A:middle click in vista

Try going into mouse properties in the Control panel and set the mouse up the way you want it.

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In the middle of my screen, there is an area where you cannot click or do anything. The mouse will move there, but you cannot do anything within it.

Its just like a square in the middle.

When I'm on the internet, I have to move a text box or a link or whatever it is, to the side or the top or bottom so I can be able to click on it.

Any idea what could cause this?

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Hi. I have a Pavilion Notebook running Windows 10 and it has a clickpad.  How can I replicate a mouse middle button click?  I've gone into settings and there is no way to change the actions of a 3 or 4 finger tap. They are set to launch Cortana and the Action Center, respectively, and there are no dialog boxes to change the settings. The 3 finger flick will only switch between Windows and Task views and the "click" setting only lets you set the size of the right button click zone.  There are not dialog boxes for the 3 finger flick or "click" to let you change anything there, either.  I want to keep the 2 finger tap as the context menu.  Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! KJ

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Hi, I was wondering if there was any way to modify the middle click button to do things in the Chrome browser? I've looked through my mouse's option menus, but there are no specific browser settings. I'd like to use the middle button for saving files

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So, every once in a while I come across this strange issue:

1. Aero Peek suddenly stops workingWhen I hover my mouse over windows on the taskbar, the windows preview will flash for a fraction of a second and then vanish, if I'm moving my mouse along the taskbar the window preview will quickly "blink" (it appears and disappears) for as long I'm moving my pointer across that program's area on the taskbar, but nothing even remotely clear enough to see what's in that window. Once I stop moving the mouse, even while in that program's title area on the taskbar, i can't get the "blinking" effect to come back for that specific one unless I move my mouse off of it and then back on.2. Clicking with the scroll wheel to scroll stops workingI like to scroll pages by clicking and holding with the scroll wheel, then I release when I get to where I want to be. But that functionality no longer works, nor does simply clicking once and then moving the mouse to scroll. When I try either of these methods, the small white circle with the arrows which indicate that you've clicked to scroll with the mouse wheel will flash on the screen for an instant then disappear.What I've tried:
Restarting computer (works, but is a nuisance especially if I have a lot of tabs open in Chrome)
Ending every non-essential process in task manager, including explorer.exe and dwm.exe (doesn't work)
Disabling everything in Performance Options > Visual Effects (doesn't work)
Virus Scans (alway... Read more

A:Aero Peek, scroll-wheel click/"click-and-hold" scrolling does not work

Well, played a round of payday 2 with a friend on steam. Went on the steam in-game browser during it and magically I could scroll again. Symptoms were gone after I exited the game as well

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I have recently installed windows 7 Home premium X64 version, brand new clean installation(installed 2 days back), no antivirus s/w and no viruses or trojans either. Since the new setup, the middle button of my mouse does not respond like it used to(windows xp). Previously it acted like a normal middle mouse click, opening links in a new tab, but Now when I middle click all the windows that are open in the background gets moved to the foreground and pushes the foreground window to the background. The same thing happens whether I middle click in any browser or in another application.
These are the things I have tried :

1) Installed and uninstalled the mouse drivers multiple times.( Correct drivers are intalled)
2) Tried 4 different mice made by Microsoft(Sidewinder X8), logitech( MX performance and another generic USB mouse) and Lazer (lachesis) all with the appropriate driver and I see the issue in all 4 mice. Which concludes that it is a Windows issue.
3) The Middle button is set to middle-click in the control panel mouse settings.
4) Only other point of note is that I see 3 devices under mouse in the device manage :The first 2 are exactly the same, but appears twice and always shows up after a restart regardless of the brand of mouse I am using.
a) HID- complaint mouse (Microsoft driver : 6.1.7600.16385)
b) HID- complaint mouse (Microsoft driver : 6.1.7600.16385)
c) Logitech HID- complaint unifying mouse (current setpoint driver)

I use the midd... Read more

A:Mouse middle click issues

Figured out that a program that was installed on my machine KatMouse has a default option enabled which set the middle click to bring background windows to the foreground. Once I disabled that option, middle-click started working.

Adding this here to help anyone else who might come across this issue.

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When I click the scroll wheel, I get a preview of all open apps, side by side. This prevents me from using Google Sketchup controls and Firefox delete tab.

I can't find this effect described anywhere so I can't change the control. I had a similar effect about a year ago after I installed Vista. Then, I would get that aero carousel thingy like Windows+Tab. It went away on its own or I changed something without knowing it. Now with W7 I got something like it back.

Any ideas on how I can remove this effect? Thanks in advance.

A:Middle click gives aero-like preview

Hello Sailor, and welcome to Seven Forums.

It's a bit different depending on your mouse drivers, but you should be able to change the middle button option in the Mouse settings in the Control Panel (icon views) to something called "middle button" or "middle click" instead.

Hope this helps,

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Hi, Can I somehow make a middle click-drag using a touchpad (ThinkPad X1 Extreme)

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I'm dual booting with XP and 7RC1. With XP I use a program called TaskbarShuffle. It allows me to middle click on a program running in the taskbar to close the program.

In Win7, middle clicking opens a copy of the same program and TaskbarShuffle doesn't work with Win7 yet. Is there any way to change the middle mouse button's behavior through the registry or does anybody know of another program that will do it?

This is the only reason RC1 is not my only operating system. Please help.

Thank you.

A:Question about Middle Click taskbar

Very interesting, I'd love to know too.

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I have not downloaded anything new. It seemed to have happened spontaneously. I cannot click anything on the right side of the screen across all websites, on all internet servers, and file explorer. The only exception to this is that I can click the date and time, battery, and wifi settings in the toolbar at the bottom right of the screen. 

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Is there a way to emulate middle click on the touchpad on a Yoga 710? I read somewhere that a three-finger press does the job on an earlier Yoga model, but on the 710 it opens Cortana instead and there is no option to change this ..

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So I recently purchased a new laptop that has Windows 10 installed (Acer Aspire E5-573G) and I would like to change the way the touchpad taps work. Specifically, I would like a middle click from a three finger tap. It's an ELAN touchpad, if that makes any difference, and I have installed the latest drivers.
Everything I looked up on google said to either use some program from ELAN, or to edit the registry. There currently is no program installed on here from ELAN, and all the google results I could conjure up while looking for a download for the program are people wanting to get rid of it. The only thing in my programs and features from ELAN is what I believe is the driver - "ELAN HIDI2C Filter Driver X64"
The suggested registry edit also isn't available for me. That is to say, the path "HKEY_CURRENT_USER > SOFTWARE > Elantech" does not exist.
I'm not sure what the correct way I should be going about this is. Everything else regarding the touchpad works as intended, but I have no way of customizing it beyond the settings in windows. And since I have zero interest in having Cortana or action center being on my computer let alone as mouse commands, those settings are completely worthless to me.

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I have a Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse 2.0 and my middle click doesn't work, although my scroll does. I installed the latest Intellipoint and I even set my middle button to middle click yet nothing happens when i press the middle button. How can I make it work?

A:Middle click doesn't work

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Has it ever worked or is this a new problem?

Try setting it to a different command, not 'middle click'. If the new setting doesn't work and the drivers and software are installed correctly, then it could be a faulty button. When you push the button does it feel like it's clicking or does it feel like it could be jammed?

What software are you trying to use the middle click in? Sometimes you have to set it in both the mouse settings and the program's options, like in games for example.

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