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T2682 Led/Switchboard Wires

Q: T2682 Led/Switchboard Wires

Howdy Everyone! Can anyone help me with the pwr led, pwr s/w and Hdd Led wires location. I was checking friends computer which I know the psu is dead and pretty sure motherboard is too. I opened the case just checking all wires and connections. I pulled the wires coming from switch on mobo, I thought it was one plug well I pulled it was three seperated wires pwr led pwr s/w and hdd led. Now not sure how they go back poor me. on board where the wires goes there are lots of pins only a couple are used for the power switch and led. A picture or text would be a big help. Or does it matter where they go? Thanks and Have a great day. Todd

Preferred Solution: T2682 Led/Switchboard Wires

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: T2682 Led/Switchboard Wires

Usually the pins are labeled on the board itself but it can be a little tricky to get them working correctly sometimes. The motherboard's manual should have a diagram of how the wires go. You can probably go to the manufacturer's site and download a .pdf of the manual. I'm guessing that's an eMachines system? They usually have their manuals available for download, try here:


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I have a Emachine T2682 and all has worked fine until today. I turned it on and the lights came on and the Emachine logo came up on the screen then it go's blank and stays that way. I have tried to reboot a few time and the same thing happens. Where should I start to look? Pulled the HD and checked it on another computer and it works great. Could this be a power supply problem?

Thank you


A:Emachine T2682 need help

Is there a blinking cursor at the black screen or is it just black?

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Hello everyone,
I am new to the forum and wanted to say hello to everyone.
I also have a question i have been reading the posts about the emachines and the problem with motherbo and the psu. Mine is a T2682 my power supply seems to be ok but the machine wont start and the light on the front of the case turns yellow. Now here is my question i dont know what mother board to buy or where to buy? If someone could point me in the right direction i must get this system up and running i need several files off the harddrive.

A:Emachine T2682

contact emachines. Look at the motherboard you currently have along with any documentation.

don't bother replacing the motherboard until you replace the PSU.

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Please help,

I have a emachine t2682 and when i turn it on it shuts down after a few seconds, i replaced the power supply and same thing happens. Any suggestions will help.



A:emachine t2682

Maybe your cpu is overheating? Do you have the pc in a confined space where it could overheat?

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My motherboard has failed and I am looking to replace it. From reading blogs, it would a mistake to replace it with the same model motherboard. Currently my EMachine T2682 has an Imperial GV 20030812 (Mat# 143159) Motherboard running WinXP Home, 256Mb DDR (PC2100) for memory, Intel 845GV Chipset, 80GB HDD. I am looking at the ASUS but not sure of a model that would compatible as a replacement. Can anyone please suggest a suitable replacement for this system. Thank you for any assistance provided.

A:MOBO for EMachine T2682

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Hello, John here, a new member, I been wanting to get involved in a tech. group for computers, I tryed fix it, but seems out of sorts for me,, so I will try here,, I have a number of computers I use, in time I will list all in my profile, for now I have one down for repair, its been faithful for some years, emachine T2682, it was running and just lost video signal and HD light stays on, have to force a shut down to reboot, it will run the post and to windows logo, it went into desktop first couple of first times rebooting'' the power supply stays running, the fan, but mother board cpu fan shuts off,,and don't forget HD light yellow just as monitor signal light also goes from green to yellow, I guess I just need some confidence, I will go with a power supply first? then a mother board combo of some kind that will fit in this case,, jump in here also on any help price wise to make a upgraded to this machine..I also did have a ATI PCI video card in this system. I pulled it and went back to on board video with same results, so people give me a hand, and i hope to be of help to others in the group as well, see bio or email me, messenger AIM is **** and Yahoo is **** I work on line all the time so keep me company while working,,, thanks, John

A:Emachine T2682 what will work?

Hi peye2000

You could try benchtesting the motherboard (link in quote below)

kimsland said:

try Benchtesting the motherboardClick to expand...

Also as you are new, I'll just let you know a few things, already posted to you h e r e (best to read the guidelines )

No emails on public forum
Only create one thread for your technical issue (1 thread by you removed, and Intro tech help posts removed)
Try to be clear with your support request posts, h e r e 's an excellent read
Be very clear (but brief) on your Title: " Emachine T2682 what will work?" is not very clear
Doing the above, including reading the discussed guidelines and guides will help you create better support help request posts. Where support members may be able to pinpoint the issue a lot more quicker.

There are many more specific guidelines, for you to have a look through, you can even start here: Read: How to post a New Thread

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I have an emachine T2682 that is 2 years old and is completely dead. When I press the power button, nothing happens. No lights, no fan, no noises of any kind. From what I?ve read on this site and others, I?m guessing it?s the power supply and motherboard, but is it worth fixing?

It is no longer under warranty, so I would not want to waste the time or money sending it back to emachines for repair. Unfortunately, I would not be able to replace them myself. I should be able to find someone local to fix it, but is it worth the investment?

A:My emachine T2682 is dead...

Hard to say. If all you do is browse the internet/email etc., then the specs of your system are still good enough to serve you well. Power supplies are quite cheap these days (you can get a high quality one for $40 for example) and easy to replace.

But if you are going to pay someone to do it for you, then that price easily jumps up to $100, and the problem may very well also be a dead motherboard.

How is your savings account doing? If you are thinking of getting a new computer sometime soon anyways, it sounds like now may be the right timing.

If you are on a tight budget, then bite the bullet and bring it into the shop. I'd pay them to simply do a diagnostic and find out if it is the power supply, or the PSU or both, then make your decision based on that.

A 2.6Ghz celeron and 256mb of ram is all you need for internet browsing, and your system (in that regard) is far from being out of date.

On the other hand, if you play any games.... now that's a WHOLE other thing

That's my two yen.

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Hi everyone

I was curious if I should xpect problems about upgrading my one and only PC(eMachines T2682) Here are the specs I hope to get after my upgrade:

Processor: Intel Celeron 2.60 GHz
Motherboard: Intel 845GV
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon 9200 PCI
Memory: 768 MB
Sound Card: Realtek AC'97 Audio

Will installing the graphics card drivers result in a system wiping where I lose all my game saves and things like that? Thank you for replying

A:Upgrading eMachines T2682

It shouldn't cause anything like that to happen.
You'd just put the card in an open pci slot, plug your monitor into the new card, boot up, then (hopefully) you'll be able to see your windows desktop, if you can, then you'd go ahead and install the graphics drivers either off the cd with the card, or off of ati's website.

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This is my first problem post. My eMachine T2682 now freezes up. The screen locks up. I have to power off manually and re-boot.

For years the pc hasn't powered off. It will shut down win xp, but then the yellow hard drive light comes on and just stays on. No one has ever been able to tell me how to fix it.

I replaced the psu years ago thinking it would cure this problem. It didn't.

My new problem is that when I power on, sometimes the pc remains dead. I click power on and off a few times, and it comes on.

Then I do multiple boot attempts until it quits freezing up during boot. This was my old new problem of a couple of months ago. Very frustrating.

The pc freezes up a every now and then once booted and warmed up. But, I can usually stay running once up and going a while.

I am about to order a new psu from directron. Let them pick a quality unit for the right price. I am price sensitive. I may wait and read some replies, first.

I don't do much on this pc. I surf, read newspapers, stream tunes, email. It is a home unit. Just me. So no games. No gamers.

I added a gig of ram from crucial a year or more ago. It didn't really speed anything up that i noticed. i had expected a miracle. I can stream a movie from Netflix and multiple audio w/ no problems. I have broadband from YahooATT.

I am satisfied. This pc does all I require. But it has boot and powerdown problems.

If you have any advice, I&... Read more

A:Sick eMachine T2682

I believe it would be best to Benchtest your Motherboard

If that's a bit extreme (although definately a good idea to do)

You could run Memtest on your Ram

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First off am I doing the right thing by changing from the onboard graphics (intel extreme graphics AGP) to an ATI Raedon 256 MB DDR PCI Card? I am assuming that by putting 256 MB card in a PCI slot it will increase the overall performance of not only the graphics but the entire computer as well. That being said how do I shut down the current graphics card and drivers? Do I even need to? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx, xroads

A:Help with new graphics card for emachines T2682

You are doing the right thing by using a graphics card over the built-in controller on the motherboard. You should notice an overall speed up of your computer (though it may not be that much). I'm assuming that the card you got came with instructions, if not, here is a general way to install a graphics card.

1. Install the drivers for the card (without the card in the computer yet)
2. Turn off computer and install card
3. Plug monitor into card and turn on the computer
4. If you can see and use Windows, it worked! If not, plug your monitor into the orignal card, go to Display Properties, then Settings, open the pull-down menu and select your new card. Hit Apply. The screen should go black. You now have about ten seconds to plug the monitor into the new card and hit okay in the confirmation box. If you don't do this, the computer will switch back to the old graphics card.

You can safely disable the Intel card once you've made sure your new card is working.

Hope this helps! :grinthumb

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Trying to d/l some PA games but when I try there is this switchboard name in the address of the d/l and it is prevebting me. I had Real arcade b4 just got sick of it and delete everythingoff YEAH everything registry whole bit, well thats my story I really want to get re3al Arcade back any real I try to go to I get the switchboard nAMNE IN THE ADDRESS BWFORE THE ADDRESS i REALLY WANT (BY LINK ) IF i TYPR IE IN IT CHANGES..OH MY KIDS WERTER PALYING LAST NITE AND i HAD TO GET RID OF ABOUT BLANK. PLEASE BARE WITH ME i JUST HAD A CORNEAL TRABNSPLANT THIS PAST THURS AND MY SITE IS FER S^IT. THANKS ALL ANY HELP WILL BE A JAHSEND.

A:what is switchboard?

BadDracula said:


?? I think you should lay off the computer until your eyes heal! I don't understand what your question or comment is about.

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I created a switchboard in a database that has multiple tables and forms. I saw it, changed it, worked with it, etc. Then it disappeared. It does not show up in the Forms list, although there is still a Switchboard Items table in the Tables list. I created a new Switchboard, but it also does not show up in the Forms list.

Where are these invisible switchboards?

Any help will, as usual, be much appreciated.

A:Invisible Switchboard!

To see if they are being hidden, go to tools, options, view and check the box by hidden objects. If that is all that has happened, you can change the properties of the the switchboard from hidden. On the other hand, if they aren't there, well, I suspect they are being deleted somehow.

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I have done this before but I am having a brain freeze on how to do it again .... how do I set a switchboard to come up right away when I open up a file?


A:Open Up To Switchboard

"switchboard "??

What is this? Or am I having a freeze as well?

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I have created a switchboard but when the first button is clicked the database freezes. All the other buttons work. I remember someone telling me how to fix this and the reason it does it but for life of me I can't remember.

Can someone please assist. My database is finished and ready to go except for this little problem!


A:Switchboard Glitch

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Hi i have just added a switchboard. How do i add one of my tables to the switchboard? i am using access 2005 on xp professional.

Thanks in advance

A:Solved: Switchboard HELP!!

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I am working on my final for my into to access class I am running Access 2007. I have created a switchboard and all the buttons work fine except for the one in my table section I can click on the button first and it will take me back to the main switchboard but if I click on the view table and view either of the two tables and then try the button to go back to the switchboard it will not work. Any one have any ideas of what is going on. I know that I have the setup right on the button because it works just fine in the other sections. Thank you!

A:Access Help (switchboard)

bwags, welcome to the forum.
I am not sure why you would want to view the Tables, as normally users should only enter data in a Form where the entry can be controlled and unlike forms tables do not respond to VBA or macros that buttons use. It may be different in Access 2007, but I doubt it.

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We have our Access database all ready to go for member tracking. However, for the people going into the database just to track or enter information, but NOT to futz with the database design at all-- we want to be able to make it so when they go to open the database they will just see the switchboard-- none of the toolbars or tables in left navigation pane. Is there a somewhat easy way to do this?


A:ACCESS Switchboard

First you will need to split the database into a front end and back end.

Splitting your Access database into application and data

In the deployed front end, set the start up optiopns to show the switch board and hide the navigation pane.

A simple way to lock down the front end is to first compile it to a .accde. Onace a .accde rename the database to a .accdr from a .accde. This will tell Access to open the database in runtime mode. In runtime mode the navigation pane is NOT available

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The ms access swichboard is working in good fashion. What I need to do is make it more flexible while opening and closing other objects in MS access like forms and reports. the switchboard form holds up upon the start of access and still shows up after openning a report for example untill I close it. I need to minimize it and dealing with access freely then bach again to the switchboard if I want. Thanks in advance

A:MS access switchboard

It will depend on whether the Switchboard is using VBA or Macros for the "Opening" events on which method you use, but in both cases you should be able to Minimize it when each item is opened.

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I purchased an emerson switchboard awhile ago but have recently changed computers and I don't remember how to set up my computer for it can someone please instruct me on what to do

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I Am Trying To Hook Up A Emerson Switchboard And Need Help.I Have A New Dell 3000runing Xp. When I Try To Connect To The Internet Thru The Emerson Switchboard I Get A Responce Of "phone In Use".I Know The Cables Are Good And I Have Them Connected Properly.I Also Tried A Freinds Emerson Switchboard And It Does The Samething.Also I Tried It With The Mcafee Firawall Disabled.I Did Find If I Put The Wire That Goes To The Phone Into The Modum Phone Jack It Will Connect To The Internet But Then I Have To Move The Wire Back To The Emerson Shitchboard So It Will Detect Incoming Phone Calls.Is There Something In The Modum Setups I Must Do?any Ideas?

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I had the Emrson switchboard connected to my computer. It worked great, then my son did some rebooting and I can't get it to work.

A:Emerson Switchboard

Hiya and welcome

I've moved you to Hardware

Which version of Windows are you running? Lets see if its still showing up in the Device Manager:

Control panel | System. Device Manager. Is it listed in there, and if so, does it have any !'s or X's?



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My Emerson Switchboard has stopped working. Calls come in but when I answer the phone it does not connect me to the call. Does anyone know where to get help for this product?

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I created a switchboard in Access by using the Switchboard Manager. It does not show up when I click on forms in the objects sidebar. I can see it when I click on Switchboard Manager. Help. I have been at this for a while and I am frustrated.

A:Access Switchboard Help

Are you viewing hidden items? (I can't remember if a switchboard is hidden or not.)
Tools-->Options-->View tab.

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emerson switchboard

Please help
I have had the Emerson switchboard for sometime and it has been great. Suddenly it stopped working. the lights are still lit, but it does not ring and people are getting a busy signal when I am online. Anybody help?

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Does anyone know how to allow a switchboard to have more than 8 buttons? is there a line of code you can enter?

A:Access Switchboard

Not sure I understand what you mean. A "switchboard" is just a kind of form, as far as I know... Are you talking about using an Access wizard to create it? That may limit you to 8...

Let's say you have a form called frmSwitchboard. Open it in design view, add a command button to the form. Then you can create a macro named FireMySwitchboardButton, with say an OpenForm action, an OpenReport action, or whatever. Or if you so desire, write some code instead.

But as far as I know, the only limit to the number of buttons on a form is the number you want to put on.

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I am starting an Access database and have created a switchboard. The problem I have is that the switchboard does not open up when I open the file. I have clicked on "make default" in the switchboard manager area, but no luck. I am running Access 2000.

Any help would be great


A:Access - Switchboard

For Access 2000, go to the "Tools" option in the main toolbar. Then select "startup", in the display form/page dropdown you should be able to select it there.

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We, bought an emerson switchboard a few months back and now it doesnt work. It doesnt let rings come throught it rings and it kicks you of the internet? If anyone knows what i need to due please replay to this or email me [email protected]! Thank you before hand!!!

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anybody know how to create a switchboard on access?

A:access switchboard

Look in Access Help and type in the search box "Switchboard" and it will take you though the process with the Switchboard Manager.
Personally I prefer to design my own Main Menu Form with Command Buttons.

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Hi. Well, I have made my first switchboard in Access and to make it fool proof, I set the properties so the switchboard starts when Access starts and there is no way to update the switchboard. Guess what, I am locked out also. I am not able to change the properties any more. It wont allow me. Anyone knows how to get back the control and make changes to the switchboard? I appreciate your input.


A:switchboard is locked

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how do i make it so if i customize the design of the main switchboard the other ones are not automatically changed

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I have an Emerson Switchboard but lack the instructions on the wiring in order to use it. Can you help / Thank You

A:Emerson Switchboard

what instructions do you need plug the phone in the phone jack, if you have a fax plug it in the fax jack. modem to computer and power into the power outlet.
phone cord you can get anywhere.

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I purchased an emerson switchboard a while back but have changed computers and I have lost the instructions so I don't remember how to hook it up

A:emerson switchboard

devilnfur said:

I purchased an emerson switchboard a while back but have changed computers and I have lost the instructions so I don't remember how to hook it up
HELPClick to expand...

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Having problems getting my Emerson Switchboard to work. It has a plug for the phone and fax. I have a phone/fax combo, which one do I plug into?

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This is proably a simple question but.......
We run many Access 97 databases for use in the office. I wanted to create a "switchboard" of sorts to allow one interface instead of the many icons we now have on the desktops. The switchboard wizard that comes with Access allows an interface within a particular database but I guess what I'm trying to do is use a database / switchboard to open other databases. Any ideas?

P.S. - "code" is not my strong suit so go easy on me if I have to write a routine to a module

A:Access 97 switchboard to open .mdb

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power is on.....all lines are connected right , phone calls come in but the switchboard doesnt notify me of incoming call

A:I Need Desperate Help With The Emerson Switchboard...

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I just bought an emerson switchboard and have no instructions could someone help me out here please

A:emerson switchboard instructions

Look here for info.


Be sure and read the thread by Deke before your warranty runs out.

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I have created a switchboard and on the design view it shows my heading as Main Switchboard but when I got to form view it displays "Report". Why would this happen?

A:Question about Acess Switchboard

EG001, welcome to the forum.
I am not sure why it would do so.
You need to check the Name of the Label, compared to the Caption, ie Text in the label.

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When designing an access switchboard, how do you make a picture the background for your switchboard ?

A:Access Switchboard Question

Select the form properties and look for Picture.


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Have a 3-page switchboard for an application. Would like to use a red font for a couple of choices on the 3rd page. Can't do that thru Design mode because if you change the labels at the positions of the two choices on the 3-page to red font, ALL choices on ALL pages change to red.

Is there a way to designate the color of a choice on a SPECIFIC page of a switchboard, and if so, how?

A:Switchboard text colors

Ah. You posted this twice....?

DK, if you're really having problems (I dont' understand why this should happen), can you send me your DB?

[email protected]

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How on earth do I assign hotkeys in switchboard??? Someone help!

A:access Switchboard hot keys

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How could I go about adding something on the switchboard that would allow the user to click to run an action query?

A:Action Query on Switchboard

I do not know Switchboards as I always use a Normal Form with Command Buttons on it.
The Command Button Wizard can create you command Buttons to run Queries and Reports and Open Forms.

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how can i do this, ive tried the normal way but it doesnt come up automatically in the main switchboard form

A:i want to add a new form to an already created switchboard

From Access Help -
Create, customize, and delete a switchboard form
You create, customize, and delete a switchboard by using the Switchboard Manager.
Click the new switchboard, and then click Edit.
Click New.
Type the text for the first switchboard item in the Text box, and then click a command in the Command box. For example, type View Recording Artists, and then click Open Form In Edit Mode in the Command box.
Note To create a switchboard that branches to other switchboards, click the Go To Switchboard command in the Command box, and then specify the switchboard you want to go to.

Depending on which command you click, Microsoft Access displays another box below the Command box. Click an item in this box, if necessary. For example, if you clicked Open Form In Edit Mode in step 8, click the name of the form you want to open in the Form box, such as Recording Artists, and then click OK.
Repeat steps 7 through 9 until you've added all the items to the switchboard.
Note To edit or delete an item, click the item in the Items On This Switchboard box, and then click Edit or Delete. If you want to rearrange items, click the item in the box, and then click Move Up or Move Down.

When you've finished creating the switchboard, click Close.

To make a switchboard open when you open the database, click the switchboard name in the Switchboard Manager dialog box, and then click Make Default.
When you create a switchboard with the Switchboard Manager, Microsoft A... Read more

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All the switchboard stuff in access is stored in a table. In access tables can store images.


Is it possible by adding another field to the switchboard table a bit of VB and image boxes to the switchboard form in order to achive images for each switchboard item?

If the answer yes then how?
If you know of any web pages with how tos on that would be good


A:Access: Is it possible to add images to the switchboard?

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Using Access 2000. Designed a small application with a switchboard that opens when the app is opened and native access automatically minimizes. Two of the choices on the switchboard open reports. To maximize the report size, I have them maximize on open via a Maximize macro event.

But here's the problem. When the reports are closed, the switchboard has also maximized -- full screen. To put it back the way it should be, the user has to click the "Restore down" window control, a pain in the a&&. So I have 2 questions: (1) Why does maximizing a report also maximize the switchboard, and, of course, (2) is there any way to prevent the switchboard from maximizing? I tried setting the "Auto resize" property to 'No', but that does nothing.

A:Solved: Why does switchboard maximize?

Immediately after putting this thread on the forum, a thought popped into my head. One of the properties for any form is Min Max Buttons. The choices are to have either, both or none. Having used MS products long enough to know that many labels in their software don't mean what they say, I wondered what would happen if I set that property to 'None'. I.e., the property didn't just show or not show the Min Max buttons, but would also disable the ability of the form to maximize when the reports maximized.

Bingo!! That's exactly what that property does. I apologize for adding to the clutter on this board and will mark the thread solved.

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i keep getting these errors that say MSN is having a switchboard error on gaim. why does this keep happening?

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Hello. I want to have my switchboard open when the database opens. I knew how to do this in 2003 but I am lost in 2007.


Tonya Nichols

A:Access 2007 Switchboard

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