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YOGA 910 S/N PF0JPEA4 Keyboard Issue with left shift key

Q: YOGA 910 S/N PF0JPEA4 Keyboard Issue with left shift key

Hi All,I sent my laptop in for repair because the left shift key was sticking. 7025187370 is my Service Order Number. I received an email from Jason that works for Flex for permission to replace my harddrive. I asked why and got no response, but said yes anyways because I use this laptop for work. Remember all I had was a keyboard issue. I received the laptop back, keyboard was still the same. I spoke with support and asked them what they written in their notes for the diagnostics.He said, "keyboard cable is loose and replaced ssd is faulty (no reason). When I called in and told them that I was not able to run my virtual machines (I upgraded to to Windows 10 Pro to use the Hyper-V feature), they told me it was a software issue. They also said that they replaced the harddrive with the same model as I got it from Best Buy in DEC 2016. I tested my VM's that I backed up on the original HD onto a seperate machine and they work fine. My files weren't corrupted and my Lenovo Yoga 910 was not working properly. I then chatted with their tech support and asked for the original HD model. Guess what, they weren't matching. This is the one in my current machine:http://www.samsung.com/semiconductor/products/flash-storage/client-ssd/MZVLV512HCJH?ia=831 This is the original one when I originally bought it from Best Buy:http://www.samsung.com/semiconductor/products/flash-storage/client-ssd/MZVLW512HMJP?ia=831 The one in my laptop right now has a production status of EOL (End of Life) and the other one is Mass Production. This means they downgraded my harddrive and worst, the harddrive is not even being produced anymore.I called them again and Tom from the Philippines was able to understand my frustration. Sadly he had no control and said that I will be contacted by Lenovo Customer Affair within 1-3 days. So far its been close to a month without my laptop. I travel a lot for work in the pharmaceutical industry and received multiple compliments for my laptop. I don't know how I feel about Lenovo right now with their customer support after sending the laptop to get repaired. I will update the forum once I hear back from Lenovo. -Andrew

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Preferred Solution: YOGA 910 S/N PF0JPEA4 Keyboard Issue with left shift key

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hi, I have a problem with the shift keys in my v130-15ikb new laptop. Since I bought the laptop, the same issue, both shift keys dont work propperly. when i press the left shift, it gives me the [ sign and when i press the right shift gives me the \ sign. I have tried everything, change keyboard layout, from Uk keyboard to US. Ive reinstalled my windows 10 several times. Ive upgraded the bios. uninstalled the keyboard drivers and installed them again. tried to remap the keyboard keys with a keyboard remapper program, but nothing, please, help me.

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I have a strange problem that just started today. I have Win 7 Home Premium 64bit and a Saitek Cyborg Keyboard V7 (KU-0728). When using the left shift key to press the 9 key to get a left parentheses [(] I get nothing. The left shift key works for all other keys and I can access [(] by using the right shift key. I'm leaning towards not a hardware issue due to the fact that the left shift works on other keys and the 9 key works with the right shift key. Could it be a driver issue? I've done some searching but can't relly find anything on this issue. Seems kind of wierd that the left shift would not work with only one key. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You in advance,

A:Odd issue with left parentheses key & left shift key. Win7, Cyborg KB

You are probably correct - probably the keyboard is starting to fail.

Just for fun, does the On-Screen Keyboard app work?

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Big problems, so i just recently got a new keyboard, the commander multilight combo,
fresh out o
f the box, and as you can see, when I press
f, or enter
f, it types the letter
f, and spaces it automatically, i've tried everything and i need help. i don't know what possibly could have gone wrong, but it's not working, and on top o
f that, the le
ft shi
ft key is not working like it should be so I now have to use the right shi
ft key to capitalize, someone help please! sorry
for the terrible grammar and such, i cannot help it at the moment until this is

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So here is the situation, everything seems to be working fine at first on my laptop keyboard as it has for about 6 months. However recently my down key broke, so I got a program that allows you to remap keys to other keys. So I remapped my down to key to my page down key, which is very close to it and it was working fine for a day.

But now I find that 2 keyboard commands don't work. When I am holding left shift the right arrow key doesn't work, and when I'm holding left control the left arrow key doesn't work. I'm not sure if it's related to the program I downloaded and I don't think it is but I thought I'd mention it. I've fought with google search results and my computer for 2 hrs and this is frustrating. Never had this problem before. Individualy each key still works fine, but LSHIFT + --> Doesnt work and LCTRL + <-- doesn't either. THIS SUCKs. Please help

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when I use left shift to capitalize only the 'c' key is not working like ZXVBNM. At present I am on windows 10 official anniversary build Version 10.0.14393 Build 14393.BIOS Version/Date Insyde F.80, 6/14/2016.All other keys are working with left shift other than 'c'. But funny fact is it right 'shift+c' is still working. 

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I just got my X1 and the left shift key sticks. I can see the spacing on the top side is not the same as the right shift key, so it's physically catching on something. All the other keys feel really good, but that shift is anoying! I've put in for a RMA replacement. Anyone else have keyboard key problems right out of the box?

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Bought a HP Pavilion 23-q105na in Nov 2015 and the left SHIFT key doesn't work. No liquid spilt of dust trapped. Any help would be appreciated.

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On my Thinkpad Yoga S1, the keys t, y, backspace, enter, caplock, and left shift are suddenly not working. This seems to be a common problem on lenovo computers, but the lenovo forum administrator closed the only thread that attempted to address this without any solution. The lenovo admin said that too many diferent models were involved. I don't understand why these exact specific keys are affected on so many Lenovo models. Lenovo has no solution, and will not support a thread to work towards one. The Microsoft store already replaced my keyboard under warrenty over a year ago, but the YTP S1 is now out of warrenty. This does not seem to be a hardware problem given the relatively recent Keyboard replacement. Does anyone have any suggestions? I wont buy another Lenovo if this problem cant be solved. I've had tremndous problems with this computer and have found Lenovo to be unhelpful/unresponsive. This was an expensive computer when it was purchased.

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Hi all, I bought a Lenovo S1 Yoga. The shift key only works with certain keys but not other, important ones like T. It is extremely inconvenient and makes this laptop unsuitable for work. Characters like the semi-colon are completely unavailable on this laptop now. I have already read through quite a few forum posts to find the solution. I have tried using the device manager to uninstall the keyboard, have used Lenovo vantage to find the latest drivers and install them and have also tried turning all keyboard ease of access ommands off. Nothing seems to fix this issue. It seems to be a software issue, rather than Hardware as the shift key works with about half of the keyboard. It does not fix itself when working on the command prompt. Please could someone provide an adequate solution to this problem. Thanks,SZ

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Good afternoon. We have a Yoga 900 and have problems with the keyboard keys T, Y, backspace, shift and tab not working. We have tried updating the keyboard driver, Windows Update, using the onscreen keyboard, and rebooting the computer - all with the same results. Does anyone have any solutions on fixing this, please? Thank you.

A:Keyboard keys T, Y, backspace, shift and tab not working on Yoga 900

So, T, Y Backspace and Tab don't work on the onscreen keyboard, either?

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While the Community had a solution for the poor placement of the Right Shift Key on the 710, it cannot be applied on the 910. After installing KeyTweak and attempting to run it, I received "Run-time error '380': Invalid property value." I worked with Best Buy's Geek Squad for hours. They tried every keyboard remapping tool they knew of, and nothing worked. Since we know there can be a relatively easy software fix to this problem -- which is clearly angering many customers, and presumably hurting Lenovo's revenues and reputation -- could Lenovo Tech Support or Product Management please provide the fix?  

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My left shift-key on my P1 doesn't work when i push down on the left of the key. I don't know what I should do about this?

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Hello,Several days ago my laptop (As per title) crashed (I had dozens of Chrome tabs open + MS Word). After restarting, I lost right click completely. Left click will be unresponsive upon start up but eventually after some time (2-3 minutes) comes back to life. However it often then ceases to work soon after for no reason. So left click only works intermittently. I am almost certain it cannot be a physical hardware issue as the touch pad + click function worked perfectly before, then after a system crash it became completely unresponsive. I am stuck navigating using the touchscreen, tab/enter/arrow keys and the keyboard shortcut for right click. An external USB mouse works perfectly fine and I can left+right click normally, but this is not a long-term solution. This is very annoying. My laptop is out of warranty, as I purchased it new and have been using it since late 2016/early 2017. So far every attempt to resolve this has not worked, but so far I have tried:1- Updating my Elan Device Drivers through Device Manager2- Attempting to 'Defrag' Windows through it's inbuilt tools3- Full Reinstall of Windows (Wiping all files completely)4- Uninistalling/removing Elan Mouse Device completely through Device Manager, restarting, then allowing it to automatically reinstall.5- Shutting down the system, holding the power button for 30 seconds (I read this can help clear out bugs, someone had some luck with it rectifying their track pad right click issues but didn't h... Read more

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Ive got a problem with my laptop thats only started in the past couple of days an I'm not sure what it is or how to fix it :S, the problem is that i cant use the keys more than once without using the left click buton on the touch pad for example without left clicking the button such words as facebok michele helo an even deleting more than one leter wont work but if i write facebo click the left key i can continue with ok like facebook, its very frustrating hope you understand what i mean an hope someone can help

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Hi, Friends,

i am playing NFS shift, Race driver GRID all these games are having the same problem. When i press left OR right key to turn the throttle drops and i have to press UP arrow key again to accelerate. I have altered upto every possible configuration in the game controls options but not positive result :-( please help because this really sucks.

A:Keyboard issue:-Throttle drops/disengage when i steer left OR right

Using a keyboard with racing sims generally means that you only have on/off control of inputs like throttle,
brake and steering. Press the up key, and the throttle engages at full, release the key and the throttle
disengages. Same with braking and steering, either all or none. You may be able to set a 'soft' response,
where the input slowly increases to full, but it will still return to zero input when you release the key.
The only way around it is to get a gamepad with thumbsticks or a wheel and pedal set.

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Hi all, as in subject, I have just bought a laptop g50-45, italian keyboard. I encountered this problem:"LEFT shift key" + "e" or "d" or "c" combinations do not work. Nothing happens."RIGHT shift key" + "e" or "d" work properly"RIGHT shift key" + "c" do not work. Nothing happensCAPS key + "e" or "d" or "c" work properly. I noticed this issue before making any updates of  windows 8.1I tried making an update of the bios and later updating windows but the problem is still there.I check with an external keyboard and everything work correctly I don't think it could be a mechanical problem because "e", "d" and "c" keys alone work properly, so it seems more a software side problem. Thank you for your help.   

A:3 letters + left shift key not working - 2 of them + right shift key working

i have the same problem ,(LEFT shift key" , t, y,[,],backspace) do not work. could you please let me know if you find asolurion .

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I have been having this issue with all the games where sprinting/crouching was enabled and it wouldnt allow me to do so, when i try to run straight using the left shift key it just stops my character but if i try to run sideways or backwards, it allows me to run. Can someone help me with this issue?

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Hello everyone. I have Toshiba Qosmio X300-14Y. I have installed vista 64-bit on it and installed only the drivers I needed. I've also installed the 64-bit bios which I've downloaded from the toshiba website, for my laptop. Now everything works fine except one thing. This laptop is a gamers laptop (you might say a gamer should not prefer a laptop but the things worked this way), and as you know, when you use a scoping rifle you might feel to use left shift -> steady rifle + A -> going left + Q->leaning left. The problem is, when I use this combination, the key "A" doesn't work. I tried the same combination in notepad and it doesn't work neither. The weird thing is, if I use the right shift+A+Q -> it works, left shift+E+D -> it works. To summarise, only this combination doesn't work, if I change a key, it works. As I said it's not caused by the game because I tried it in notepad; when I pres left shift+E+D -> it types first capital E then capital D, but when I press left shift+Q+A -> it only types capital Q. But the situation is different with right shift, it types what it is supposed to type. I'ld be glad if you help. Thank You

A:Left Shift+A+Q

Try attaching an external keyboard and see if the same thing happens

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I was playing a game that required me to press and hold Shift + W + D and not only did it not respond but i got a beep (from speakers not internal)
It turns out that this (along with a few other combos) will cause this beep no matter what i am doing. even if i'm just on the desktop.
I've watched my running programs ( in task manager) for responses to these commands and the only program that seems to react to it is those that deal with outputing the audio.
the combo of keys is left CTRL or left SHIFT + any key in the second row from TAB to Y in combo with the key down and to my right of it E.G left SHIFT + W+D
The predictable pattern makes me thing it is a bug(or unfinished listener) in something, my first though is keyboard drivers.
I'm running Windows 7 x64 on an AMD processor. Keyboard is an old Ps/2 Emachines. Video card is ATI HD 4850.
Anyone know what could be causing this?


A:unknown Key Commands (left SHIFT + W + D)

Have a dog or a two year old grandkid hold down keys if you want to hear noise
It's common

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hello, i tried to uppercase the letter "o" with the left shift but i cant. i can uppercase all other letters except "o"
can uppercase "o" with the right shift key but the left dont work with the letter "o" i need this to work with o on the left because i use the left one only

A:Cant Uppercase o (Left shift button)

If it's not a laptop just buy a new keyboard.

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so i tried using my sister's laptop(sony vaio) then i noticed that my left shift key disable the fuction of my number 5 key...i noticed it when i was trying to type % sign. So in order to type % sign you need to hold shift and press 5 key...but whenever i hold down my left shift it disables my 5 key, whats weird is it only disable the 5 key it works normal with the other key and my right shift works perfectly...only the left shift and 5 key is the problem...do u guys have any idea how to fix this?

A:left shift key disable my number 5 key


that really sounds weird.
Go over here: https://www.microsoft.com/appliedsci...stingDemo.mspx
and try to press Shift & 5

Does it register that you are pressing shift and then 5?

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Hello, I'm having troubles with the keyboard. Several combinations are not working anymore. Besides the mentioned combination also CTRL ALT DELETE (and it's equivalent in a virtual client: CTRL ALT END) stopped working.

I am not aware of a recent change to the system or the moment this problem occured. Quite honest, I don't have a clue where to look. So all the help available is very much appreciated.

Thank you all.

A:CTRL SHIFT Arrow (left or right) not working

Here is a good thread from Microsoft Answers that has a few different fixes that have worked for people. May not be your problem but try a few and see if it helps. Ctrl&#43;Shift&#43;Arrow shortcut doesn&#39;t seem to work - Microsoft Answers

Try using a keyboard that is known to work AND known to be able to perform the shortcut you want.

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  Any ideas why nothing happens when I press the WinLogo key + Shift + Left or Right combination to move the current window to the other display in dual-monitor mode?  I'm using Win 7 Pro 64 bit on a quad-core HP notebook in extended display mode
with a NVIDIA GeForce GT 230M driver (version My primary
display is an external LCD on my right and the notebook LCD is on my left. I normally use the Classic interface but the key combination doesn't work with the regular Aero theme either.  I do connect with an external keyboard but the combination
also doesn't work on the notebook keypad and it doesn't work with either the numeric key pad arrow keys or the dedicated arrow keys on either keyboard.  Other WinLogo key shortcuts do work. For example, in the Aero theme, the WinLogo+Space key works. 
Also not working is the unshifted WinLogo+Left/Right combination to align the window to the right or left edge.

A:Why doesn't WinLogo+Shift+Left/Right work?

this option in the Make the keyboard easier to use section of the
Ease of Access Center made the keys work again:
  Prevent windows from being automatically arranged when moved to the edge of the screen.

I think early on I checked this box because I didn't like the idea of my windows getting auto-arranged like that. But as it turns out, it seems to just refer to the auto-maximize effect when dragging a window to the top screen edge -- at least that's all I
see when configured with the Classic theme. (Along with, of course, the WinLogo assisted functions.)

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This happened on occasion in XP also, but now on my new Laptop with Win7 I see it happening again. Every now and again for some reason I cannot select random files (in a file handler) by holding down the CRTL key and selecting desired files with the left mouse button.

Also sometimes the SHIFT key will not let me select the first and last files for a group selection.

And then again on another boot up they both work again until some unknown combination of events messes it up again.

Anybody know what does this ?

A:Shift and Ctrl with Mouse left button

What brand laptop? and are you using the touchpad, or a mouse.

If it is the touchpad see if there is a driver update from the laptop Mfg. Also try blowing out the keyboard with a can of air, you may have some food /crud under the keys.

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Outlook express launches every time left shift is pressed. I don't know how this occured as I never set it as a hotkey, nor do I know how to really. Anyone able to tell me how to disable it?

A:Outlook pops up when left shift pressed!

welcome to the forum


#21...controlling shortcut keys

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I have multiple input methods on my Windows 8.1 . I think I am having problem using the shortcut key to switch between input languages. I am gussing this is probably due to a buggy Windows update, and I cannot recover my Windows due to some reasons.

So the problem is that I cannot set Left Alt + Shift to be shortcut combination for switching languages for the input methods. I know how to change the settings on Control Panel > Language > Advanced Settings. I have double checked the setting
is set to Left Alt + Shift , but when I press Left Alt + Shift, nothing happens. The input language is not switched.

For testing, I have tried setting other combinations like Ctrl + Shift and these combinations work fine for changing input language. It is only Left Alt + Shift that is not working. It looks like this key combination has been hijacked or ignored.

Can someone come up a solution for this? Thank you very much.

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How can I stop this? I like to organize the desktop icons my way and lately they have been shifting and organizing themselves when I restart or resume I think. I must have done something. Any ideas?

A:Desktop Icons shift to the left side by themselves?

Does it still do it if you un-check align to grid?

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As I wrote in the title, my Shift and Alt keys stopped working for keyboard shortcuts. However, the Shift key still works when capitalizing letters.

I've been dealing with this problem off/on for the past two weeks and haven't been able to figure it out. I've gone into Ease of Access features and turned on/off all of the available options (Mouse Keys, Sticky Keys, Toggle Keys, Filter Keys). I've pressed Shift for 8 seconds, and pressed it 5 times, and still haven't been able to correct it.

Thank you in advance for any help offered.

Possibly helpful additional information:
I've got a Spanish/Latin American keyboard layout installed in addition to the US English keyboard layout. I toggle back and forth with Left Alt + Shift (which is how I noticed my Shift key stopped working).
I play a game whose controls rely on a lot of Shift key pressing and holding.

A:Keyboard - Shift & Alt keys stopped working for keyboard shortcuts

When was the last time you used a can of air cleaner on the keyboard? If it isn't from contact wear often keyboards tend to get loaded up with dust and debris!

One example of that is having any snacks onhand around a pc where little bits get passed along from your fingers onto and under the keys themselves. Keyboards are known to get loaded up fast with any foods present!

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My computer is a ProBook 4540s please help me whenever you can!!

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hi, i recently bought a hp probook 650 g1 and i got some issues with my keyboard. it had a azerty keyboard and once i click on my left shift key it types the first letters of the azerty keyboard: ZC|TY<>| if caps lock on and zxc/ty,./.  with caps lock off which is verry strange. also when left shift key is pressed in it activates the num lock key and when pressed again it deactivates the num lock key.i have tried removing the azerty keyboard and placing a qwerty keyboard in it but the problem stil presists.  the right shift key has no problems at al and functions properly. i also installed all the dirvers for this notebook but still the problem presists. please help.

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Last Christmas Eve, jb hardman wrote "I have a Toshiba Portege R705 with a unique problem that I've never come across. The display has shifted down and to the left"; I have the identical problem as of the following Memorial Day, lost task bar had to put it on right with dark space to the right of it, here's the comment.

In my case, I dropped the machine. It was an accident, the cord was caught on the swivel chair. Here's where the problem appears to be. The machine has two buttons side by side to the upper right of the the keyboard. The left one is the eco settings, it brings up a window with easy power saving controls including sound off, wireless off, screen dim. It's marked with a world globe with a couple of leaves, some kind of green thing.

The button to the right has the image of a notebook computer and a desk display. It is useful I think when you run a cable to an external monitor or a projector. But since the fall, that is at this moment, the right button also brings up the eco window.

In other words, the fall stuck the machine in a display mode for an external monitor with the consequence of a screen alignment problem The solution involves opening the machine and freeing that button. This machine's been unopened, but I'm sure in my case at least that that's the cause of the unique, well, if unique is one, this duique problem. Darn.

I should be able to look up how to open the machine all by myself but would not mind... Read more

A:protege r705 display shift down and left because i dropped it

The shift down and to the left is in the direction of the corner of impact, as if the display physically shifted, never mind buttons

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*I?ve upgraded my bios to version 2.0 and after that the shift keys don't work correctly.
*The left shift key add a * to the upper letter *I'm trying to write and right shift key add a + to upper letter +I'm trying to write.
+This beavior is present even if +I'm inside the setup of bios.
*If *I connect a external keyboard ther is no problem.

*I can't go back in the bios upgrade *(thats the warning you put when we upgrade the bios*)

*How can *I resolve this issue*?

*Thanks for your help in advance

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cI cAn't do my work properly anymore ever sinCe this issue started, everything cI make starts to look unprofessional. cPlease reply back immediately.

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OK so I play a game and it requires me to use left shift d and left arrow. I have narrowed down they shortcut key to this combo and I was wondering is there anyway to remove just this one combo? I am running xp home with sp3.

left shift+left arrow+D

A:Disable Mute shortcut ket L shift+d+left arrow?


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Today the keyboard of my yoga 300 stopped working properly, when i press f it types fg, when i press g it also types fg, same issue with h and j and other keys.I tried updating my bios, i tried a static discharge and uninstallin/reinstalling/updating my keyboard drivers. Thank you for any help.

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(Reposted since it disappeared for some reason)  Hello everyone. So, I've got this Yoga 910 that a client bought and he needs a new drive since the previous owner removed and discarded the original one. We settled on an Intel 256Gb 600p series. Now, the funky stuff starts right off the bat. Plopped it in and started it up to enter bios to see if it detects properly, list of options show but the keyboard doesn't work.."Did I break something?" Uh oh.Promptly power down and remove the drive, restart into bios and now the keyboard works again."Ook".After fiddling with the SATA settings and stuff in all manner of variations i get a bitt miffedand plop the drive in and plug an external Logitech wireless keyboard in.Boot to bios menu and...well. The external keyboard works. Drive gets detected in bios allright. So what the hurk is going on?Booting from win10install-usb stops at the logo, just the spinning animation forever.Jumps right in with no drive plugged in.This really does my head in and I've never seen anything like it. Please advice! Regards Samarin

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Hi! I am a new thinkpad user (T470) and one of the reasons that made me pick it up was the famous keyboard quality and the trackpoint, which I intended to use for fast programing. As many new users, one thing that I found odd was the position of the Ctrl and Fn keys. I know that I can switch them in the BIOS or in the Lenovo settings app. However, after 1 month of switching back and forth, I decided to keep the default layout for the following reasons:1) I get it: Ctrl closer to the center of the keyboard makes it less of a stretch to press Ctrl+Letter, while Fn+Letter is never used.2) There is an unnavoidable, backlit "Crtl" and "Fn" written in the keys. So, if I am in switch mode, I can't avoid pressing the wrong key if I happen to look at it (it's just like trying to say the color of the words RED and GREEN).3) The "Ctrl" key is larger and slighty to the left, so even if I am in switch mode and I want to copy-paste, I still hit the "Ctrl" key every time regardless, introducing a mute Fn+C and next pasting the wrong piece of code. This is way more  annoying than just getting used to the thinkpad layout and use the big fat Ctrl key that says "Ctrl" (and honestly, it is fine after a week). Now... considering the above, and after accepting that Thinkpads have Ctrl in the right place and the other 90% of laptops are wrong, can someone explain me how am I supposed to press Crtl+Shift+[...] on a non-US keyboard? (with a short LeftShift and a < key). &n... Read more

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I recently installed Win 8 Enterprise 90 days trial using Virtualbox.

I tried Ctrl+Shift+Esc to bring up the task manager, but it apparently works on only the left ctrl and left shift keys..

Is this a bug or intentional ?

Update: Omg, fatal typo. I meant Ctrl+Shift+Esc. Sorry.

A:Win+Shift+Esc shortcut for task manager only works on the left side ?


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Having some weird issues with my Yoga 700 keyboard. When I press some keys it sometimes registers twice, often when double tapping in quick succession it registers three times. Anyone else seeing anything like this?
Moderator comment: Model added to subject for clarity.

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The keyboard of my second-hand Yoga 12 is not following my typing.In particular, when I press the spacebar quickly after a word, the spacebar seems to have a priority over the previous keys.Here is a comparison of an external USB keyboard vs Thinkpad while I just type "df" followed by a space as fast as I can. USB KB   : df df df df df df df df df dfThinkpad: f d dfdf f ddf df fd fd fd f d This is more subtle than it seems, the typing is on point unless I go faster like I'm more used to with my PC keyboard. I thought that I was just not used to laptop keyboards but I'm more and more convinced that It's an issue with the Thinkpad itself. Apparently a lot of Thinkpads have similar issues and the following thread discusses just that in more technical details:https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-T400-T500-and-newer-T/Keyboard-firmware-scrambles-keys-on-all-... I'm now wondering if I'm in the same boat or if my problem is different. I still made a new thread here because I was wondering if anyone had similar issues with their Yoga 12 or S1. I'm also hoping for a BIOS update if this problem is fixable software-wise (I'm already on the latest BIOS 1.34). Perhaps it's an hardware issue and the only fix is a new keyboard, or maybe the problem can't be fixed at all?  

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Hi community, please your support Today I start my laptop and a BIOS message appears warning to update the date and time, I accessed to the setup and the date and time was changed to 01/01/2001 and time 00:00:00, I updated to today July 21t, 2018 8:12pm. I saved the configuration and boot continues.  Apparently the problem was solved and Windows 10 started. Now I have the following problem: It is not possible to use the keyboard in a regular basis, 2 letters by second, I have to wait 2 seconds to enter a letter, if I enter the letters a litle faster some of them are missed and the words and phrases are incomplete. Please need your feedback, I can not use the keyboard as I used to, as a reference, to write this message took me almost 30min,very frustrating Many thanks in advance for your comments and solution proposals Jose CollantesMexico

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My keyboard will not type on my Lenovo Yoga 2,  when I uninstall the driver and restart it does work, however, as soon as my laptop goes into sleep mode it does not work and I have to unistall and restart everytime.  It says I have the most up to date driver, any ideas? 

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