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How do I sort by both Date AND Type??

Q: How do I sort by both Date AND Type??

Hey I want to know how to sort by both date and type for my folders and files in the explorer...

Everytime I change it to date it no longer sorts it by type anymore...

Is there a way to do this so I can have both set??

Thank you!! Highly appreciated.

Preferred Solution: How do I sort by both Date AND Type??

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: How do I sort by both Date AND Type??

Have a read of this thread and see if it is of any help to you.
sort files/folders using multiple criteria

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Help! This should be easy but I can't get it to work.

I have a report that must group by Trip# and sort by ascending activity date all of the various activities that took place on multiple days of the trip.
Further, the trip with the earliest date must come first regardless of the Trip#.
I've accomplished getting the earliest starting date trip first and grouping its detail with a unique string made up of the earliest date of each trip formatted to YYYYMMDD+Trip#. This prints a trip total and works fine.

But the daily activity for the trip is out of date sequence.
Adding a Date field to the 'Sorting and Grouping' insists on breaking on and printing a sub-total for each of the trips activity dates.
Without the sorting & grouping by date the trip records are out of sequence even though the data source query is sorted ascending by activity date.

(see attachments that show the above)

The only solution I can think of is to create a sub-report sorted by activity date.

Does anyone have any better ideas?

Jim Shannon
JES Computer Systems
Access Developer.

A:How sort by 2nd field (date) without grouping when date changes?

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I have lots of files in certain folders and one thing that was useful in windows ME was the option to sort files by date. I now have XP but cannot find this option. Is there something in XP that will sort files in folders from the oldest to the latest. I was able to the files I wanted quickly this way


A:Sort icons by date?

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when i download photos from my canon camera, they are all put in a folder that is named according to the DOWNLOAD DATE. i'd like the photos to go into folders that are named according to the SHOOTING DATES. this was the behavior of windows in the past and for some reason it changed.
can you tell me how to change this and to get the photos sorted according to the date they were taken?

can you also tell me how to number the photos continuously, instead of numbering from 1 on each new date? i'd like the photos from day one numbered 1 to 14, from day two 15 to 23, and so on.

A:Sort downloaded photos by date taken

Hi tamirhoresh

I use the following free application to organize my images as part of my workflow.

cam2pc - Image Viewer and fully featured Digital Imaging software to Download, Organize, Modify and Share your photos

It has a down loader that should work with your camera and will allow much finer control than any of the manufacturers offerings. It will even re-name your existing structure to what you decide to go with

It can actually create folders and image filenames from the files own internal MetaData.

There is a Paid version but have found that the freeware does everything I need.

It is compatible with MS photo programs but actually contains a good set of display options so may even replace them

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Hello, I recently updated Mozilla Thunderbird and now my sort by date for sent emails isn't working. The sort by date in the inbox works fine. I use sent mail sorting to confirm outgoing messages have been sent. Any suggestions? Thanks.

A:Thunderbird sort by date not working.

6/23 new TBird version today. See if it fixes. You are left clicking on "Date", correct?

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Hello, I am having difficulty getting Excel to sort by date with the following dates:

Column A

When I select "sort newest to oldest" it sorts the dates this way:


I have verified that the dates are not formatted as text and have altered the way the date is shown, trying it without the zero and with the zero and nothing changes.


A:Solved: Excel Sort by Date

I think I discovered my error, the dates showing 02/20/12 should be 02/20/13!

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Whenever I open a folder and want to "sort by date (modified)", Windows 7 sorts by descending order. I have to click again to get ascending order (in XP this was not a problem). Is there a registry hack or some other way of getting Windows 7 to sort by (modified) date in ascending order when you click on "sort by date"? Various searches have only come up with bogus or obvious answers (e.g., click again to change order, "group by" (which doesn't maintain setting when reset to "sort by date"), etc.). Thanks for any "real" help.

A:sort by date (modified) ascending

Go to Utube and request c9CUEUarYQg

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I've used Outlook Express for many years, so I'm somewhat embarrassed to be asking this question now. I frequently have to locate all the message sent by someone, so click the "From" column header to group the messages by sender. Problem is, I'd also like the message for each sender by in descending date order. I can't find any way to do that; it seems OE will only sort on one column and the date column is random. Is there as way to sort message by more than one column?

A:Solved: Sort msgs by name AND date

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I can't get my WLM to sort by date, either ascenting or descending. New emails end up all over the place and I have to go down the list to find them. In the columns I have the date selected, along with "subject" and "from" and that's all. I did a repair of Windows Live Essentials, but it didn't help. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Don.

A:WLM won't sort emails properly by date

Quote: Originally Posted by MuffinHat

I can't get my WLM to sort by date, either ascenting or descending. New emails end up all over the place and I have to go down the list to find them. In the columns I have the date selected, along with "subject" and "from" and that's all. I did a repair of Windows Live Essentials, but it didn't help. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Don.


How did you get it to sort for date, and subjust/from at the same time?

I assume you are looking in the inbox. How do you have quick views configured?

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I understand that by right clicking on the sorting bar you can choose and add dozens of ways to sort your files. How do I apply one (Date Accessed) not just for one folder, but for on the folders on my drive?

A:How to sort by Date Accessed in all folders?

I'm assuming this is what you are after.
1. Click the Start Menu Orb and then Search for cmd. Once that comes up Right-Click cmd.exe and SelectRun as administrator.
2. The UAC prompt will appear… Click Yes!
3. Now in the cmd prompt, Type in “ fsutil behavior set disablelastaccess 0 “ and Press Enter.
4. Restart your PC for changes to take affect.

After restart
1. Switch the Window view to Details.
2. Right-Click category bar and Click More…
3. On the next window Scroll down and Check the box for Date Accessed and then Press OK.
That’s it! Now when you do Windows Searches it will pull up and show the Date accessed category.

Hope this helps Dan

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I am using a program that OCR's a page and then creates a folder for it inside an output folder...
Goes like this:
Input folder -> OCR program -> Output folder -> [Folder just for that document]

I keep the output folder open so that i can see the new folders being created for the OCR records, which i can then drag additional files to that records folder.
Since im dealing with thousands of folders im depending on vista to sort by date modified so that the newest one shows up on top.... But im running into a problem

I've done about 700 records now (700 folders have been created) and for some reason the date modified stopped working. Now the new folder is showing up at the end instead of the beginning. If i hit F5 to refresh the window it move to the top where it should be.... but im going through thousands of records and hitting F5 for every record consumes time and makes room for error.

Why did vista stop sorting by date modified? I didnt change anything, all of the sudden it just stopped being consistent. I can restart the computer and sometimes it will start working properly again for about 30 records, but its not guaranteee.

Please help me fix this, THANKS!

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Im looking for a program or batch file to sort files in new folders according to the files date.

I have a huge folder with pictures that I want to sort in subfolders by date.
The subfolders names should be same as files date.
Im running windows xp.

Ive googled for this but couldnt find anything?
So now I need your help

// Regards Per W Sweden

A:Sort files in new folders by date

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(Running Windows 7 Professional x64 SP1)
I'm a professional photographer and have recently begun shooting with two cameras simultaneously at events. They use different file names to avoid duplicate names/confusion, i.e. IMG_175000 and XMG_175000. Often times I'll take a photo with one camera and then take a photo immediately after it with the other camera and I'd like both of these images to be organized in the same subfolder and shown sequentially, but by default Windows Explorer lists all the "XMG_######" photos at the end and the IMG_###### photos at the beginning. I can manually sort each individual folder by going to "Sort by - Date" or even better, selecting "Sort by - More... and putting a check mark next to "Date Taken" so that it shows up in the Sort options (which it doesn't automatically) and then sorting by Date Taken, but since I'm dealing with hundreds of subfolders with hundreds of thousands of photo and video files I'd like a way to do this for all the files in these subfolders that isn't manual.

Is there a way to make Windows Explorer automatically arrange every file (both image and movie files) inside the various subfolders inside one root folder by Date or Date Taken instead of automatically always sorting them by name?

Thanks in advance!

A:Making files in subfolders sort by "Date" or "Date Taken" by default?

Hello XMGING, and welcome to Seven Forums.

If you like, you could set a folder how you like it, then use the method in the tutorial below to apply it to all folders that use the same folder template.

Folder View - Apply to Folders

Hope this helps,

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We have a list of ladies and the dates their babies are due. There's another column in the list with a date that they left our care - maybe moved away or transferred to another office. I'd like to sort the list by due date, unless they have left our care - and then have those ladies at the end of the list. So if the transfer date is blank, sort by due date, with all those transferred at the end.

Advice please? Thanks!

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Ive got vista x64 and Im tryin to figure out how to sort a folder by the date I DLed the contents. In Xp it was np but I cant seem to get it work in vista. Ive tried Date Received Date Modified Date Taken... everything with Date in the sort type and none of em work they either dont change at all or just end up in abc order. What Im goin for is sorting the contents exactly by date and time of how they ended up in the folder. Any ideas? Also before I forget about it. Ive got a folder on an HDD that wasnt modified when I installed vista I installed vista on a completely new HDD. Now in windows explorer in vista that folder thats on a completely separate drive is missing roughly 100 files completely randomly. Not any specific order I can find to whats missing (date, abc, etc) theyre just not showin up. The file size of the folder doesnt indicate theyve been deleted they just arent showin up.

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In windows file explorer I am wondering if its possible to list folder first then have the last accessed files right under the folders afterwords. I need to have the ability to see folders first , then last used / modified files. 

If i list folders first now, then the last accessed files comes down at the bottom. 

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Have a database where the member input form contains 3 tabs. One of the tabs is Contributions, which records contributions in a subform associated with the Contributions table. The first field for each contribution is the date. It used to sort in DESCENDING order by date. It no longer does, despite checking the subform design and making sure the "Order by" is "Date DESC".

I'm still using Access 2000 because I absolutely hate the harder-to-use "ribbon" versions of Office (2007+). Because I'm only a few months from being an octogenarian + have done almost no database work in the last several years, I find that things I did without even thinking have been forgotten. Can someone (Tony?) refresh my memory re how to make a subform within a form sort by descending date?

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When you delete an email, it goes to the deleted email file and is sorted by the original date received. Is there a way to sort the deleted emails by the date they were deleted?


Debby Durden

A:Sort deleted emails by delete date

Hello and welcome, @debbydurden:

Are you referring to the Win10 mail app, or to a different email client or webmail application?


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It seems like it's always what would seem like the easiest things always turn out to be the the hardest to actually accomplish.

I'm running Netscape 7.1 and right now my email is sorting my various email folders in ascending order by date. I know that by clicking on the date header you can change that sorting to descending order. The problem is that I can't seem to get that change to "save". Everytime I open the email interface the sort order is back to ascending order. What do I need to do to make that change to descending order the default - and to make it stick.

A:Solved: Sort Email By Date in Netscape 7.1

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I would like a folder and everything inside it to be sorted by Date Modified in an Ascending order. Can it be done with of without additional programs?

A:How do I mass sort files by Date Modified?


This should be done by simply clicking Date Modified at the top of the folder window. For ascending order the arrow should be pointed down.

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I created a folder on my desktop and add images of books I have sold almost daily. With Windows XP, the images would stay in order as I added them, but with Windows 7 they are always in order of the image name.
I have tried using the different sort by date options, but they are always sorted by the image name (which is a 5 digit number). How can I sort them by the date I add them to the folder?

A:How to sort images by date added to a folder

Hello Fritz, and welcome to Seven Forums.

I would think that adding the column "Date last saved", then having the folder set to be sorted by it would do the trick.

Hope this helps,

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Hi all,

I've been a long time reader of these fourms but first time poster but am looking for any advice on the following.

I use the movie library function to view & play movies that are "ripped" and recorded from TV. I have now 300+ movies and add movies every week. The sort by date added only seems to work for recorded from tv movies but not "ripped" movies. I use My Movie Finder to get the rest of the metadata & folder.jpg i can't work out how date added works.

Anyone else sorted this issue other that using Media Browser/My Movies etc..

Thanks for the advice,


A:Movie Library sort by date added?

For ease of use, take a look a an app developed by one of our own here @ sevenforums... YAMMM. It will automatically go out on the net and grab the needed meta data, images, etc. It is a great... GREAT time saver! My sort by date works fine!

Oh yeah, welcome to the forum faloony!

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Hello. If I select Date from the "Arranged By" field in Outlook 2007, it sorts by the date each message was received. I know that I can sort by the sent date by clicking on "Custom", then under Sort selecting Sent. This is a pain to go through all of this, however, since Outlook reverts back to the received date every time I sort by something else or search for an email, etc. I'd like to know if there is a way I can change Outlook so the default date sort is the sent date instead of the received date. I'm fine with editing the registry and what-not if need be.

Thanks in advance,

A:Outlook 2007 default sort to sent date

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I tried several different sort by date items and not sorts by the date the actual file was added to the folder.

A:How to sort by date added to current folder

File Explorer Columns - Add or Remove in Windows 8

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can i sort videos by upload date, so the most recent are at the top ? if yes, how ? someone said on the 'results page' , under the search bar, i could 'filter' by uploaded day/wk/mo, or upper right corner of page click 'sort by' ? i don't know what he was talking about . thanks

A:YOU TUBE : sort videos by date uploaded ?

Yup, see the attached screenshot, you can either use the "Sort By" and select "Upload Date" from the drop down OR use the "Search Options" and then select "Upload Date":

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On my external hard drive, I have a ton of photos from different cameras that retain the weird file-naming scheme that the camera implements so the order is weird and out of whack. I've been wanting to organize these photos and thought the best way to do it would be to sort it by date; however, when I click the sort-by date tab, it takes FOREVER to sort it.

It's weird because this seems to only happen with certain folders and not others within the same drive so I'm pretty baffled as to why this happens and how to fix it.

I tried to do a search on the forum to see if anyone else encountered a similar problem by searching the word "sort" but I came up empty. Any help would be appreciated!

A:Problems with Sort by Date in Windows Explorer

Well that was quick... of course I find the solution after I make a post.

I don't know if this solution is permanent but I hope it is. Basically, what I did was I optimized the folder for "General Files" after going to the folder's Properties and clicking the "Customize" tab.

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I?d like to be able to always sort my Windows 7 folders by same parameters, that is by type, size and date modified
Unfortunately Windows7 seems to forgets the correct settings.

I want all my folders to be able to be sorted by these, regardless of the type files in the folder.

How can i do this?

A:How can i sort my folders always by type?

Hello Funkyou,

This may be able to help you set it that way and apply the view to all folders for all folder templates in Windows 7.

Folder View - Set a Default for All Folders

Hope this helps,

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Hello all,

I am sorry for such a dumb question, but I cant figure this out!

I have FLAC files that I convert to WAV and when I close the folder they all go together based on title. When I right click I know to use the option to "sort by type". However with Vista "type" is not an option unless I select "more" and scroll through the list every time. So my question is: How can I sort by type everytime without haveing to scroll the list everytime?

Please and Thank You in advance....


A:How can I sort fies by type?

Hello beanvista, welcome to the forums.

When you open up the folder, click on the bar where the name, size, and all that is located. Right click there, and select "type". This should already by checked, but if not, check it, and it should be right there on the bar for you.

Column - Customize

Hope that helped


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Am using my laptop to write this as my desktop has been taken over by something. If I start to type facebook in search bar... as soon as I type the f.... the f doesn't show up and it immediately opens favorites. I cannot maneuver around anywhere to download anything to help me even in safe mode. I had done what you said before about rkill and I was able to do that in safe mode but now it says that file is corrupt and to run chkdisk.  I am calling HP tomorrow to get recovery cds I hope but in the meantime something is majorly wrong can you help?

A:Virus of some sort won't let me type anywhere

Hello -
Are you holding the Ctrl (Control) Key down when you type these ?
This will cause your computer to use Shortcuts like Ctrl + F = Favorites on some systems.
Double check that you only press 1 (one) key at a time -
Thanks -
Edited for Spelling only -

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Want a macro to sort data from (Column B,C,D,E) with whatever date mentioned in Cell A2.
Column B,C,D,E have different dates what I want is to sort those columns as per the date mentioned in cell A2.
Suppose if in cell A2 the date is 11/26/2009 then it should sort the data from the Column B,C,D,E with that particular date in a new sheet in that workbook.
And would like to assign that particular macro to a button

Please help

A:Solved: Sort today date with Macro in excel

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I desperately need to sort my files downloaded using DownThemAll by the date the file was added to the directory. Date created could have been months or years in the past. Date saved could have been months or years in the past. Is there a way to sort the files by the date the file was added to the directory. I need to download to the same general directory in order to avoid dups.

Thank you in advance for your reply.

A:Solved: Sort Files In Dirctory By Date Added

Howdee to you too.
If it's in Windows explorer, just change the view to detail and press the date column to sort the either ascending or descending,
In Windows 7 you can show more columns by right clicking the top bar just check there, there are quite a few date options.
Hope you can use this

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Windows Explorer is sorting files on a network drive always by name. It doesn't save sorting by modification date. Where can I reset this behavior?
We had temporarily activated GPOs at "User Configuration," / "Preferences" / "Control Panel Settings." / "Folder Options (Windows Vista and later)." / (Hide Extensions for Known File Types), but I think that's not
directly related.
Thank you in advance.
- Chris

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Is it possible, without scripting in VBA, to sort Outlook 2003 contacts by last saved/edited date? I need to import contacts to my cell phone, which has a primitive mechanism that requires me to manually synchronize with Outlook. This sorting ability would help determine which entries have changed since the last time I updated my phone.

A:Sort Outlook 2003 contacts by last saved date?

Welcome to the forum.

I found a last saved time field but it did not seem to work for some reason.

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How can I set the defaults for "Windows Explorer" or whatever it is now called.

I want it to ALWAYS for every "folder" I ever open, ever again to eternity, to have sort by file type as one the the few defaults listed. By "type" I mean file extension. I want to set this one time in one spot and have it stick. Currently I have to go through several menus and scrool to the bottom of a long list to turn this on because it's not one of the defaults. Next folder I open -same thing again. Very annoying. I have to sort lots of "folders" and separate file types.


A:Windows explorer -sort by type ALWAYS

Sounds like its not remembering your folder settings take a look at this tutorial.

Windows Explorer Folder View settings

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I have a music folder with 1,440 files and 38 folders and I like to keep the ones I've just added at the top. When I set the folder to sort by Date, it usually takes about a minute for the folder to show fully. The hard drive is a Seagate Barracuda 7200.10. Is there anything I can do to speed it up? I don't want to put them all on an SSD (12.5GB).

Edit: I fixed it by changing the shortcut I was using from D:\Users\x\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Libraries\Music.library-ms\ to D:\Users\x\Music\.

A:Sort by date takes long time for items to show

could you give me more info on your pc

A great way to do this is going to your start menu and at the search typing in dxdiag and hitting enter.

then clicking save all information (this will save it to a .txt file) and copying that information onto here

Thankyou :P

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If I right click on the desktop and select Sort by "type" or any other choice, it will be selected, after a reboot for some reason windows doesn't remember the selection and I have to set it again. It shows that nothing is selected at all after reboot.

Any idea how to fix this?


A:Sort by Type not remembered of desktop Icons

I am not suggesting that you use this. I do not know much about it. That being said it was suggested by a Forum Member to others
desktop icons position saving software - Vista Forums
Works with Seven

This may be better, made for 7
Lock Desktop Icon Positions?

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all the time si open a folder i get crazy by looking at that disorder, then i click sort by type and its fine..

but i have to do that all the time i open the folder and with all the folders... i read some isntructions and tutorials here... but come one... i barely understood them are they for human...

and i have another question...
why the same folder takes more to open when sorted by type than when sorted by any other criteria?

i mean, when the folder is set to sort by type, when i open the folder it takes 2.5 secs to display what it is there

the same folder, when sorted by name it takes 0.87 secs to open and display everything

A:How to sort folders by file type forever

Hello Kharl,

If you like, you could use the tutorial to set a default folder view for this to all folders.

Folder View - Set a Default for All Folders

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I recently switched back to Windows 7 from Windows 8.1 after having issues with my most commonly played game and everything is going pretty great. However, I just noticed something I'm fairly certain wasn't an issue when I used Windows 7 previously (and I know wasn't an issue in Windows 8.1).

This may not seem like a big deal to some people, but it is a grand annoyance to someone like myself who relies on the type sort feature quite often to find and weed out certain file types here and there. As you can see in the image, the .txt file blends right in the mix with the .xml files so sorting by type is more like sorting by name.

Is there any way to fix it and if so, how? As I said, I'm 99% certain I didn't have this issue last time I used Windows 7 (and I used it for years).

A:Detail view problem (type sort)

Looks like you installed Notepad++ which then associated .txt files with itself.

Look at Control Panel / Default Programs, Associate a filetype or protocol with a program. Scroll down to .txt and see what it's set to. Maybe change it back to plain Notepad?

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my mom has 6 years of photos on one of her 500GB HD's. She hates windows 7. Her latest complaint that I have not been able to figure out is folder sorting.

Mom has a folder called "camera dump" in the "my pictures" folder.
In the camera dump she has 6 years of folders containing photographs.

Currently windows 7 is sorting the left side screen like this:


The problem is mom wants them in proper chronological order.. In other words, all of 2011 in proper order Jan to Dec, and 2012 after that, and 2013 after that.

Can anyone tell me how to do that? Ive tried just about every sorting option I can find in windows 7.
I suggested to her that she use YEAR master folders, then put the months inside as sub folders.


A:How do I make windows 7 sort photo folders by year, month, date?

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Hoping to get some help on this question please. I have reviewed the forum and found a similar post, but the sample data is more predictable than mine and the Macro posted doesn't work on my data. See post "Excel Macro to Move data in Rows to column" 28-Aug-2008, 05:47 AM".

On my data, I would like to be able to take the yellow row, and move the data up to the previous row starting in column "R". The rows I would like on the same line, all begin with a date. I don't know how to make a looping Macro that will identify the "date lines", and take the "second date line", and move it to the "first date line's" row.

Any help would be appreciated.
I have attached some sample data. (I hope that's okay?!)

Thank you!!!!

PS - The range on data varies.

A:Solved: Excel Macro to sort data by date, then move to new cell


this macro below works well with the sample data.
Sub sorting()
Dim Rng As Range, c As Range, i As Long
Set Rng = Range("A:A").SpecialCells(xlCellTypeConstants, xlNumbers)
For Each c In Rng
i = (i + 1) Mod 2
If i = 0 Then
With c.Resize(, 15)
.Copy .Offset(-1, 17)
End With
End If
End Sub

How it works:
1. Takes all those cells in column A of the active sheet that contain numbers. (Dates are actually numbers, only formatted to look like dates.)
2. In a loop, it takes every second cell of the set of cells selected in Step #1.
3. Takes a 15 cells wide region starting with the cell selected in Step #2, and copies it to the region starting with the cell positioned one row up and 17 columns to the right.
4. Deletes the content of the original 15 cells wide region.

1. If there are any numbers in column A besides dates, then the algorithm is wrong and the macro will fail.
2. If the dataset in the second date line is wider than 15 cells wide then the rest will remain in place. But the macro can be easily updated, just change the Resize line.
3. Don't run it twice on the same worksheet.
4. Always make a backup copy of your data before running the macro, because it is not Undo-able.


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Yes, I've tried several things on-line listed elsewhere but, everyone else has no idea what they are talking about.

Essentially there are folder types. I don't care about changing the types or whatever, I'd actually rather keep them.

I just want Windows 7 to force the option to sort by file type in ANY folder, no matter what type.

It's a pain because when I right-click to sort the files, it is not even in the list and I have to click more and add it to the list, and once I click more, there's about 10 billion useless organization options and I have to dig way down to find the "file type" (which seems like the most important/useful to me).

It is kind of ridiculous really...

A:Force Globally "Sort by file type" Setting?

Windows7 Ideas These may be helpfulCould be one you have attempted, but I do not know -

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See screenshots below for better explaination.

By date:
By date and type:
Even though in the 2nd image, the icons are arranged by date modified, folders still come first. Is it possible to have both files and folders arranged equally instead of having folders take precedence?

A:How to arrange by date, not type?


Sorry didn't read question properly

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.....would like them to reflect actual dates of release and at present, have to make sure it's the (wrong) latest one for a correct ordering.....

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Hello, I use online accounting software (KashFlow) and part of entering invoices involves clicking into a date input field.  It is one of those where a little calendar shows when you click into the field.  You can also manually type a date into this field too. However. On my brand new Yoga 920 using Chrome and Firefox the date input fields are greyed out and a red 'no access' icon shows when you hover over them.  But you can still click it and the calendar pops up as normal.  The only difference is you can NOT type into them anymore. When the source for the page is viewed it looks like the fields have been designated 'readonly'. There is no such problem on any other computer I own, even when using Chrome or Firefox.  The date fields work perfectly well on these other computers - even on a Sony Xperia tablet I own. The only browser that works properly on my Yoga is Edge.  The date fields work as they should.  It's just Chrome (my main browser) and Firefox where they don't work. This seems like a Lenovo-based problem.  A little Google has revealed a couple of similar problems with other Lenovo users. Does anyone have any clue on how to fix this?  This is utterly bizarre behaviour and it's preventing me from working properly. I have attached a photo showing the problem when using Chrome.  These fields should never be greyed out. Thanks,Matt

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For some reason I have lost my Name, Date Modified, Type options at the top of my folders. I have gone thru every setting and can't seem to get them back. Any ideas???

A:Lost my Name, Date Modified, Type options

Can you post a screen cap for us? I'm not sure what you mean by them being gone.

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Hi everyone

I am new to the forum and really dying on figure this out.
I usually trying to uninstall programs by checking when they were installed in the date modified column in the uninstaller

The column does not display any data no more, and empty column

So I go to uninstaller, there is a list of programs, but nothing under the column date modified

Any suggestion is appreciated thank you thank you thank you!

A:Uninstaller Does Not Display Date Modified and Type

Open Control Panel > Uninstall a program (or Programs and Features)

If need be, select Detail view via the upper right corner:

Right click on one of the column heading bars and select the desired columns from the context menu.

Select More... if desired.
...or maybe I did not understand your issue.

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