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Win8 Bootloader/recovery still in place after reinstall

Q: Win8 Bootloader/recovery still in place after reinstall

I had a version of Windows 8 installed on a secondary hard drive for testing purposes. When I no longer needed it, I uninstalled it and formatted the hard drive. What's odd is that the Bootloader for Windows 8 is still there, and throws up an error screen saying it can't find critical system files.

Ive tried restoring the MBR using my Win7 disc, but to no avail.

Preferred Solution: Win8 Bootloader/recovery still in place after reinstall

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Win8 Bootloader/recovery still in place after reinstall

Sounds like a boot menu entry pointing nowhwere. You should be able to delete it from msconfig>Boot tab

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My work laptop has whole disk encryption (safeguard utimaco). My hard drive is full so I convinced the IT guy to temporarily decrypt my hard drive so that I can image the original drive and copy it to a larger hard drive. This saves me from reinstalling windows and starting from scratch.

The problem is that even though the drive is decrypted, the bootloader for utimaco is still there. So when I imaged the new drive and tried to boot it, the utimaco bootloader freaks out and won't boot. So, I'm thinking I should be able to just run the xp recovery console from the xp install disc and do a fixboot to reinstall the windows bootloader, but I thought I would double check with the experts...

Thanks in advance.

A:remove utimaco bootloader (reinstall windows bootloader)

That would be the first step to run FIXBOOT from the Recovery Console, you may need to do FIXMBR if that doesn't work.

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I have done the WIN 8 upgrade on a Toshiba L870-156 laptop. The upgrade is OK, but I have no more Toshiba recovery media creator, as the upgrade procedure said that it had to be desinstalled before the upgrade and reinstalled after the upgrade.

I have one big issue : where can I find Toshiba recovery media creator to reinstall it ?

By advance thank you.

A:Upgrade WIN8 on Satellite L870 - Toshiba recovery media creator reinstall

You need to install the Windows 8 version of the Recovery Disc creator. I think it's generic so grab it from the drivers page of one of the new Win8 model notebooks.

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I have the blue win 8 bootloader with my os's but this is what it says when I choose Ubuntu

A:Boot Ubuntu from win8 bootloader

How did you install Ubuntu? From the ISO or via Wubi?

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Hi Guys, you may know me, I am Infinite from SevenForums. I have just registered an account here because I just installed Windows 8 Preview. Sure is gonna take a while to get used to

But when I installed it (Windows 8 32 Bit DP), I now don't have the option to select Linux on my Boot (Linux Wubi Desktop 10.10) and with Windows 7 I did.

Any suggestions?


A:No Wubi Linux Bootloader after Win8 Install

I have almost the same problem. The only difference is that I installed Windows 8 64bit Pro and have Wubi Ubuntu 10.04.


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I was using windows 8 and now switched back to windows 7 because of incompatibility with my CAD softwares.
Yesterday my system failed to boot due to some trojan virus that MSE figured it but failed to remove. And my system failed to boot after the bios screen. It said winload.exe not found.
I have encountered such problem before so I just inserted Windows 7 DVD and choose to "Repair the computer". But to my surprise it said failed to write boot information to disk.
Then i removed Win7 DVD and booted. Windows 8 bootloader appeared and it said "failed to boot. Insert Windows installation disk and reboot".( Windows 7 had been booting through windows 8 bootloader for a longtime.)

I can handle this problem and make windows 7 work again. Since i came to know that win8 loader is still on the master boot partition, i want to remove it and bring windows7 loader back to the boot partition and use it to boot windows 7.

Please help me. Hope you understood my problem.

A:How to Remove Win8 bootloader for system MBR Partition

Startup Repair
Note: You may need to do startup repair 3 to 4 times.
Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times

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Hello all, it's been a while...

I have Windows 8.1 installed and then I installed Windows 7 afterward and now the system is using the Windows 7 bootloader as opposed to the Windows 8.1 bootloader. What I want to do is get set the Windows 8.1 as the default bootloader. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

A:I Need To Reinstall Windows 8.1 Bootloader

I think this Tutorial might help.
Read the Note section about the default boot OS. That may be the trick.

Startup Options - Enable or Disable in Windows 8

If you dual boot Windows 8 with another OS (ex: Windows 7 or Vista), and the other OS (ex: Windows 7 or Vista) is set as the default OS to run at startup, then you will not see the new Windows 8 Startup Options GUI boot menu. Instead, you will only see the old Windows Boot Manager screen.

There are other Tutorials at the bottom for more help.


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My situation is that i want a triple-boot system consisting of 8, Server 2012, and Ubuntu 12.10 (x64 for all 3). I already have 8 and Server installed and they both share the bootloader/MBR. Hoewever, i'm planning to install Ubuntu next and it's GRUB bootloader will overwrite the default 8 loader i currently have. Normally i wouldnt have an issue with this setup, since GRUB is capable of booting all 3 OSes. but i plan to use TrueCrypt whole drive enccryption for C:\ on 8 and Server, and TC installs its' own loader. it requires that the default Windows loader be intact and unmodified. So my plan is to relocate GRUB onto another partition and put 8's loader back in place so i can still use TC while being able to boot Windows with its' loader and Linux with GRUB.

So, how can i accomplish this?


A:Reinstall 8 Bootloader After It Has Replaced By GRUB?

i'm planning to install Ubuntu next and it's GRUB bootloader will overwrite the default 8 loader i currently have.

Nope! Why let grub write to the mbr in the first place then? When you install ubuntu you have the option of installing grub to the / or /boot partition. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Installing.

I don't know how you plan on bootstrapping from winboot to grub after that. But here is a pretty good tutorial if you want to keep windows bcd intact. How to Dual Boot Windows 7 and Linux using BCDEdit | iceflatline

I would just caution you about using dd if you don't know how be very careful. It is a good linux way to make a copy of a mbr or (in this case boot sector of a linux partition) and save it so if you over write it you can restore it. It is also a good way to completely brick it.

Also when or if you update Ubuntu kernels you will likely change the linux boot-sector. Which will mean you will need to make frequent new linux.bin for the win boot loader.

There is a way to set your ubuntu to write-out a copy of your linux.bin to windows C:\ automatically everytime you shutdown or restart Ubuntu, thus ensuring you can always win boot into your Ubuntu partition and not have to liveCD your way in. It is essentially just adding a dd and cp script to your rc files. Pro tip: google ubuntu shutdown and restart script.

IMO much easier to just use a virtual machine

TC installs its' own loader. it requires that t... Read more

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Some sites, apparently this one is about to have the same problem, cannot place cookies, but sometimes can, on my Asus laptop hard drive.

Three sites so far... I have allow cookies in both FF35. and IE 11; however, when I login , I get logged right back out when I click on anything like a forum link to a particular thread type. Like forums or web mail ( this is on another site).

On these forums, I went to tutorials and was logged out. I was able to log back in and post this.

I remember this Windows 8.1 laptop installed a security update on Feb 12. I remember a Windows update installing on Friday 13. But the second one isn't in the list.

I have AVG paid firewall and anti-virus I keep up to date, as well as Malwarebytes.

Cache in FF35 clears when I close the browser. I have cleared the cache in IE 11. Both multiple times.

I did see some Certificates in FF I have no idea how they got there. Spain and China from the look of them. Some mention they are China.

I deleted them. No difference.

Any suggestions on how to fix this ?

Thanks !

edit: Now 8 sites wont let me in. It seems to be increasing as I look over various forums I log into regularly. I'm going to scan my computer for trojans.

edit 2: I checked my firewall logs... that is blocking cookies from being placed on my hard drive. No trojans found.

I have AVG Internet Security 2014. I was unable to find anything in the software to allow cookies from specified sites.

No clue what to do next... Read more

A:some sites unable place cookies on Win8.1 in FF35 & IE11

Perhaps get https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner

You can save needed cookies with it.
A picture---

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Hi guys,
I performed a system recovery on my HP Pavilion that came preinstalled with Windows Vista. Right afterwards, I installed Windows XP from a retail disk. When that finished, I realized when I booted XP that the C drive was the recovery partition, and so the bootloader was installed there during installation. I successfully copied all files from the recovery partition to the XP partition and it worked just fine booting into the XP partition. However, when I try booting into the recovery partition, it still tries to boot the XP partition. When I deleted the NTLDR files from the recovery partition, booting into it gave me a "NTLDR is missing", which shouldn't happen at all normally because my recovery partition runs Vista, and Vista uses BOOTMGR, not NTLDR that XP used.

Now, my Vista and XP partitions boot perfectly fine but I still cannot find a way to fix my recovery partition. I've heard of the tool EasyBCD, but the UI is apparently too complicated for me to understand. What I want to do is restore the boot loader on the recovery partition (which runs Windows Vista) from my Windows Vista operating system partition so that when I boot that partition, it boots the recovery partition utility instead of trying to boot Windows XP. EasyBCD looks like it allows me to fix the partition that it's running on but I don't know how to fix a different partition that runs Vista. Does anyone have a clue on how I can proceed on this?

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Hi, my computer (Samsung series 9 laptop) was running slow, etc. I tried the Samsung Recovery Solution Simple Restore. After this, I could not start any application, and got BSOD issues. I managed to fix this by going into Windows advanced recovery. I then decided to run EasyRE to fix any outstanding issues. Now I cannot boot into Windows, it goes straight to Samsung Recovery Solution, and when I manage to get into Safe Moad, it lists the horrible SRS as the OS. Help! I am assuming EasyRE has corrupted the bootloader somehow, but don't know how to fix it. I made a recovery disc on another Win 7 computer, and it said it had fixed it, but on restart it still booted into SRS.

A:Samsung Recovery Solution has corrupted Bootloader HELP please

Hi hshearer , and welcome to SevenForums

When you ran SRS did you choose Basic Restore or Complete Restore ?

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I do not have a Recovery CD from the Acer Recovery Software that you make to reset the pc back to factory default settings.And I then :

1) installed win 8 pro from dvd - and found I could not create a recovery dvd to reset pc back to factory default settings
2) reinstalled win 8 (not pro) which required the win 8 pro dvd to be put into the cd/dvd drive
3) when it was completed,i found that the acer software had all been deleted,and I still could not create the recovery dvd's after installing the acer software as there was message that said that the Hard Drive Configuration Is Not Set To Factory Default, for all options ....to create recovery dvd's or reset etc [as I guess the hdd has the os from the win 8 pro dvd and not the version from the factory.

And when I used the Repair CD
I) there was a message that a system image cannot be found.
Where is the OS that is in the hidden partition [from factory] that can be used to get back to factory settings???
that can be used to reset up win 8 with all the acer software??

I managed to make the repair cd and a copy of the drivers and applications of the acer software but there was no option to create the recovery dvd's as mentioned earlier.

Is there a way to get back to the factory state without sending the pc back to acer??

And now it also wants a key that I don't have,as I now have win 8 installed from a win 8 pro dvd

thanks in advance

A:win8 PRO Back To Win8-No Recovery DVD's

Welcome to EightForums.


We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Media Creator app the first day you had your new PC.
& made the Startup Repair CD.
Recovery Drive - Create with USB Flash Drive in Windows 8
System Repair Disc - Create in Windows 8

You can a Microsoft Recovery USB Drive
Recovery Drive - Create with USB Flash Drive in Windows 8
Deleting the Recovery Partition is NOT RECOMMENDED

I personally DO NOT RECOMMEND using this METHOD above, as of the ERRORS you may receive below with the Microsoft Recovery USB Drive.You would be best off using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery DVD's or Recovery USB drive.

I would recommend you making the OEM manufacturer's Recovery DVD's or USB drive.
You can order the Microsoft official OEM Recovery disks from the OEM manufacturer's website.

How to make Acer Recovery disks.
ACER video's.
Windows 8 - Create a Factory Default Backup - Acer Recovery Management - YouTube
Windows 8 - Create a Drivers and Applications Backup - Acer Recovery Management - YouTube
Click here: Windows 8 - Restore Windows With a USB Recovery Drive - YouTube

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I've got Vista Home Premium on my laptop. It came pre-installed with it
and has been rock stable, until last week's updates.

After the updates, it won't boot. It won't even boot in safe mode or
safe mode with command prompt or with last known good configuration. It
does the same in all cases -- it looks like's going to come up, I see
the mouse pointer and can move it some, but no desktop appears, then it
will spontaneously reboot. When it comes up next, it says Windows didn't
start up correctly.

I had an external mouse and keyboard connected, disconnected them. No
change. So, I went poking around the recovery tools on the DVD. I
couldn't find the DVD that came with my Toshiba laptop, but I have
another Vista Home Premium (Upgrade) DVD that I have and tried to use
it. I found a number of repair options.

The first was an automatic repair. It failed. So, I then tried the boot
repair. It found no errors. So, I tried to do restore point. It listed 3
possible restore points, but, it fails to be able to restore any of
them, saying the files are corrupt.

At this point, I was wondering about health of my drive, so, I opened a
command prompt and did a chkdsk /f /r on c. It found some minor errors
which it said it corrected. So I ran it again and it came back clean.
Tried to boot again, same results.

So, at this point, I figured that I could do an inplace reinstall. I've
done that with very good success with XP. But, even with all those
repair options on... Read more

A:In-place reinstall of Vista?

the only way i have found is to run the upgrade from within windows
make a slipstreamed and try with that
try tapping f8 and try
last known good configuration

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I cannot install or download new updates so, after trying a MS tools I decided to do a in-place reinstall.

After this had finished I still cannot install updates and receive the encloed error (please see screenshot) when Windows first boots up???

Any/all help appreciated

A:Updates will not download even after a in-place reinstall!

This appears to be from Kaspersky - you should uninstall it and run their cleanup tool, and then either reinstall it or install MSE (at least temporarily)
You apparently need to make sure that .NET 4 (at least - preferably .NET 4.5.2 now) is installed o

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Hi, I need to do in-place reinstall on my Latitude E6520. But my dell didn't come with Windows dvd.
How do I obtain one from DELL?

Also, my service tag results in telling me that I have DP4 warranty till 2014. Still I am unable to chat with technical support. I get the following error upon entering my service tag:
"Our records indicate that your system is registered to a different region. If you believe you've received this messaging in error, please confirm you've entered your service tag correctly. For example, try using the number 0 vs. the letter O or the letter B vs. the number 8.
Traveling outside your home country with a Dell laptop that is included in the Dell International Services Program? Click here<ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>to find support and service resources for your destination country."

What does this mean??

A:[In-place reinstall] Windows 7 64-bit SP1 OWM disk

Hi speedbooster,
The Operating system re-installation media is not shipped with the system. The system is shipped with a recovery partition (loaded with system's original factory image). This image is used to do a factory reset, in the event of Windows corruption. Also, you need to create a recovery media when you receive the system for future use. You may refer to the link http://dell.to/1aAfi6p for steps on restoring the system back to 'Factory Settings'.
Note: Please backup the data, as this process leads to data loss.
Hope this helps. Please reply if you have any questions.

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Hello everyone,

I'm a technician at TigerDirect, and for one of our services we create recovery media for newly purchased machines.

For Windows 8 machines (As I'm sure you know) we cannot create recovery disks, and have to create a recovery drive using a flash drive.

On multiple occasions I have attempted to create the recovery drive using a CENTON 16gb USB stick and have selected the option to copy the recovery partition. The process proceeds normally until it starts copying the recovery partition. It will complete ~75-90% of the copy, and then all drive activity will stop. The unit still works perfectly fine, but the flash drive is not indicating any read/write, and it stays on whatever percentage it stopped on continuously with no change.

I'm curious if anyone else has run into this before? The current machine I'm working on is an ASUS G55V running Windows 8 (not Pro). The other machines we've had the same issues with have been multiple different ASUS models, as well as a few Toshiba's and HPs.

Any help is appreciated, thank you.
-- fragment

A:Cannot copy recovery partition -- win8 recovery creation

Welcome to EightForums.

Try setting the HD Drive to never turn OFF.

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Is there a way to have Win7 Ultimate x64 to force a reinstall rather than a repair?

Not sure if it's an issue with HDD or what at this point but here's what is going on...

I started getting some BSOD errors, then startup errors reporting bad system files. I tried to have windows do the repairs with the install DVD but it keeps repeating the process and the same errors come back up. I can't figure out how to get the actual Install to start to run a "Repair Installation" like Win2K and XP would do.

It is a single user(single install) license and if I change HDD's, will it let me re-run the upgrade install again without having to call Micro$oft for a new key?

Thanks in Advance!

A:Windows 7 Ultimate x64 - Force In Place Reinstall?

First, replace the hard disk. You need a least three component changes before it will need re-activating Windows again.

To do in place repairs, type SFC /SCANNOW (SFC = System File Checker) and it will replace any corrupt files.

More info:

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I installed linux ubuntu onto my new laptop which was originally rinning windows vista ultimat 64-bit, in order to dual boot them, I chose in the llinux install to install grub, a bootloader designed for linux. I decided I didn't want linux anymore and deleted it's partitions. This was stupid, I turned on my computer the next day and apparently the grub bootloader was dependant on files on the partition so, now it won't let me boot to just windows, and I can't just exit grub and get to the vista bootloader either; once grub opens, it says it's starting, then displays


After that, I'm forced to shutdown. I've tried to use the startup repair feature in the vista os dvd, but it says nothing is wrong, since you can boot vista perfectly fine after you get past the grub bootloader, which I believe the startup check this feature performs begins after the grub thing comes up. I've tried doing things in bcdedit, but haven't found anything that has worked.

I need a way to either uninstall the grub bootlaoder (yes, uninstall the bootloader, we can do this because the vista one is fully intact and would pop up after grub while I was still able to boot normally before I stupidly wiped the linux partitions) or I need a way to bypass the grub bootloader to get to the vista bootloader.

Also, please no idiots telling me to change my BIOS boot device priority to boot from cd first, obviously I'm able to boot from my Vista os dvd in order to ge... Read more

A:Grub (a bootloader for linux) won't let me through to vista bootloader

Originally Posted by kautzken

Also, please no idiots telling me to change my BIOS boot device priority to boot from cd first, obviously I'm able to boot from my Vista os dvd in order to get to the recovery features, I want to boot from the hd not a cd.

When requesting help from us, it's best to be polite.

1. download EasyBCD
2. install it
3. go to 'Manage Bootloader' tab
4. select 'reinstall the vista bootloader' (this may be different)
5. click on 'Write MBR'
6. go to 'Add/Remove entries' tab
7. select Linux tab
(should be)
type: grub
name: neosmart grub
drive: (select drive that says something like 'Linux native')
8. Add entry
9. repeat 7 & 8 but the drive should be 'linux swap'

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Hi Tech people,

So here is my dilemma....I have a Toshiba satellite preinstalled with windows 8, after a family member borrowed it the hard drive was DOA, nothing I could do to salvage it. So I bought a new hard drive (from Toshiba) and began to reinstall windows 8. everything went fine until I tried to activate it and my product key failed. I have the original key from the BIOS as well as an additional media & key (windows 8 pro) but neither product keys will work. I think I might have miss matched my media disks, (I have 8 various copies of windows 8). when I input either keys I am given a message stating that the key is not ment for this version please use windows 8 setup or use a windows 8 pro key. well both of these keys are windows 8 pro. I called Microsoft and they verified that both of my keys are legit, but the disk I was provided (by Microsoft) is not. they told me I have a MAK key and my version is GVLK. they told me I would have to pay $100 for a new key. is there anyway I can just get a install disk that uses MAK keys or something? and what the hell is the difference in using a mak key vs GVLK?

A:reinstall win8 after crash

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Hi everyone,I just reinstall win8.1 on my y50 (old one got virus and i format it and reinstall the OS)so when i try to use OKR , it shows that "Current System can not support backup"does anyone know why?Also what other preinstalled software does laptop come with?Thank you.

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I run Windows 8 x64. During the last few days Windows 8 kept on trying/pretending to reinstall itself on start up/turning on my notebook. Colors of the screen changes I am asked to be patient and 2 or 3 mins later an empty--no tiles--start screen is showed and my account's name. No settings available on the right except Sleep/Switch off/Restart. A few turning on and off and then I used to be able to use Win8, but now it I am unable to do so anymore. Actually, today it's trying to do so constantly, so now I'm using Puppy Linux Live CD 5.2.8. to be able to ask for some help.
Recently I changed BIOS settings to be able to boot live CD. Yesterday I set all settings to default.
I guess its a Win8 bug, isn't it?
Well, I have no hot F keys to boot in safe mode, so actually I am unable to boot Win8 at all.
I don't think that I have any kind of malware, but Windows 8 bug/s.
Please help and tell me what to do! (Pls note, that I cannot run any diagnostic program under Win8, since I cannot boot. I can use Linux or bootable CD only.)
Thx for your help in advance!

A:Win8 constantly tries to reinstall ITSELF on start up!?

Plz show me a pic of what happens when you boot the computer.

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I bought windows 8 a few months ago only because the deal was too sweet, but never installed it until recently, and that was only because I got the free Windows Media Center license that would expire on Jan 31. So I upgrade installed my Win7 install and everything went ok, but somehow, a few weeks later, my RAID setup broke. Luckily I back up everything. But I've never been a big fan of upgrade installs and want to start over. I know Windows will install fine, but I use WMC a lot, and wonder if I can reinstall using my license, even though its after the 31st. I had already installed it, so i don't think I'm not abiding by the rules.

A:Will I lose my WMC license if I reinstall Win8

Let me know too...

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I'm running MS Office 2013 Professional in Windows 8. The old hard drive in my laptop was beginning to fail and I could not clone it directly to the new drive because of the few bad sectors. So I moved over all of my data and documents to the new drive and reinstalled windows, office, and the other apps from scratch. The problem I'm having is with Outlook within Office 2013. Right from the start, I had problems with the new install in terms of migrating my old mail files to the new application install. Multiple issues, from Inbox always hanging up, Outbox hanging up, folders disappearing, etc...I tried to do an Uninstall of Office/Outlook via Control Panel, and a fresh Reinstall via Setup files, but the main mail folders/file that is causing all the problems was automatically ported over to the new reinstall, so all of my problems continue. How do I uninstall Outlook/Office, making sure that I also uninstall the main mail folder/file/configuration, so that it is truly a fresh new install FROM SCRATCH, and NOT saving & porting over any email configuration. Obviously, when you Uninstall the app, it does NOT Uninstall your main email configuration/address/folder...it is saved, and automatically reconfigured upon the Reinstall. Hope I'm making some sense and not babbling incoherently....Jim


Hi JHphc028 Your Outlook configuration files and folders are located in %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft and %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft. There should be a folder called Outlook in both these folders. To be sure that you delete everything related to it, I would uninstall Microsoft Office completely using Revo Uninstaller Portable, set the scan type to Advanced and delete all the Registry keys and files/folders found related to it after. Or I would just go in Program Files (x86), Program Files, ProgramData, etc. and delete the Microsoft Office/Office folders manually.http://www.revouninstaller.com/download-free-portable.php

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I have a Win8 laptop. Installed a free antivirus from AT&T which bricked my machine. I didn't have a backup copy -- yes, I know I should have -- but I own Win7 and used that. It's not working well. I thought I could just upgrade to Win10. It's not working well either. Anyone have a cheap Win8 I can buy? Or know how to fix the double image Win10 is giving me? I can't read anything on the screen well enough to use system restore. Additionally, it's not accessing the boot menu.  I appreciate your help. 

Go to Solution.

A:Catastrophic loss. Didn't have Win8 to reinstall h...

Right before you use the Acer recovery media, you should load BIOS defaults and then save/exit, and use diskpart clean to wipe your HDD. So it would be like this: 1. Load BIOS defaults and save/exit2. Boot your Acer recovery media. Navigate in the menu to "command prompt".  Use "diskpart clean" to wipe your HDD3. Shutdown your computer4. Turn on your computer and use Acer recovery media

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Hi, i have and 6 month old asus with preinstalled win8, for about 2 weeks ago it started to crash, and i received several error messages, now it is looping trying to repair it self.

I can get into the menu and use sytem restore, i can also use the selfrepair and make Windows start all over, but none of this is helping, everytime i starts up it starts repairing and crashing again.

So my idea is to format my harddrive it is in 3 sections C: D: and X:
My current Win 8x86 is in danish language i have bought and upgrade to win8 pro also. but i dont have any of these DVD with me,
I have however two guys here one with win8x64 in eng and one win8x86 in danish, i have tried to use their dvd and reinstalling or repairing win8 that way, but my laptop will not accept it

I am and sailor and out at sea at the moment, our internet is nearly non existing so not easy finding solutions online. and getting little desperate thinking about 4 weeks without my laptop working, so i hope someone can give some good advice

A:reinstall win8 on asus K56CM-XX284H

are you getting any error messages

d/load and run the h/drive makers dos diagnostic utility on the h/drive


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I have a Win8 laptop. Installed a free antivirus from AT&T which bricked my machine. I didn't have a backup copy -- yes, I know I should have -- but I own Win7 and used that. It's not working well. I thought I could just upgrade to Win10. It's not working well either. Anyone have a cheap Win8 I can buy? Or know how to fix the double image Win10 is giving me? I can't read anything on the screen well enough to use system restore. Additionally, it's not accessing the boot menu.  I appreciate your help. 

Go to Solution.

A:Catastrophic loss. Didn't have Win8 to reinstall h...

Right before you use the Acer recovery media, you should load BIOS defaults and then save/exit, and use diskpart clean to wipe your HDD. So it would be like this: 1. Load BIOS defaults and save/exit2. Boot your Acer recovery media. Navigate in the menu to "command prompt".  Use "diskpart clean" to wipe your HDD3. Shutdown your computer4. Turn on your computer and use Acer recovery media

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I bought a computer (Z930, 128 SSD, 6GB RAM) with Windows 8 preinstalled, and I want to remove windows 8 and install windows 7 for which I have the license.
my question is:
1 - is it possible to format completely the hard drive to install a "clean" windows 7
2 - after doing this, will it be possible to reinstall Windows 8 from USB recovery media that I've created.
2 - Is the installation of Windows 7 pose a problem? (about the new UEFI; reconnaissence of hardware ...)


Message was edited by: bassam
to clarify my question about the reinstallation of Windows 8: if I delete all partitions of my hard disk, will it still possible to use the USB recovery media support that I created? is there any partition necessary to the USB recovery media support

A:Satellite Z930 - Is it possible to reinstall Win8 after its deletion?


Last week I tested it on my Satellite U940 and my answers are as follow:
> is it possible to format completely the hard drive to install a "clean" windows 7
> after doing this, will it be possible to reinstall Windows 8 from USB recovery media that I've created.
> Is the installation of Windows 7 pose a problem? (about the new UEFI; reconnaissence of hardware ...)
Generally speaking no, it is not a problem. Only problem can be installation of some drivers, tools and utilities but I believe you will be able to install it.

Check also http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB2C03F80002R01.htm

> to clarify my question about the reinstallation of Windows 8: if I delete all partitions of my hard disk, will it still possible to use the USB recovery media support that I created?
I have tested it and there was no problem at all.

Before you start to do anything test recovery USB functionality.

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I have a Win8 laptop. Installed a free antivirus from AT&T which bricked my machine. I didn't have a backup copy -- yes, I know I should have -- but I own Win7 and used that. It's not working well. I thought I could just upgrade to Win10. It's not working well either. Anyone have a cheap Win8 I can buy? Or know how to fix the double image Win10 is giving me? I can't read anything on the screen well enough to use system restore. Additionally, it's not accessing the boot menu.  I appreciate your help. 

Go to Solution.

A:Catastrophic loss. Didn't have Win8 to reinstall h...

Right before you use the Acer recovery media, you should load BIOS defaults and then save/exit, and use diskpart clean to wipe your HDD. So it would be like this: 1. Load BIOS defaults and save/exit2. Boot your Acer recovery media. Navigate in the menu to "command prompt".  Use "diskpart clean" to wipe your HDD3. Shutdown your computer4. Turn on your computer and use Acer recovery media

View solution in original post

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Well, I was asked to fix a several month old win 8 laptop.

I was told it had been interrupted during an update and said no OS found, after getting permission I tried to refresh and when that froze (4% for an hour) reset. Then I loaded a copy of win 8 onto a usb to try a clean install, still nothing. I use a program to wipe it, then try a fresh install again. useless. I try installing win 7, same issue.

No matter what I do I keep getting varients of this \windows\system32\config\system 0xc00000e9 and a message mentioning registry problems.

Any ideas?
Failing that is there any way to more or less erase the registry and start from scratch?

A:Win8 FUBAR-update ruined-registry issue-reinstall useless

If you do a clean install you registry is replaced (along with everything else)

0xc00000e9 tends to indicate a hard drive failure though which may not be good news.

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Please help my find a location to download system and recovery software for my new Pavilion Laptop. Thank you!

A:ID place to download Pavilion System recovery software

Hi, You don't need/have to download. Software and drivers are on your machine. Please use the following instructions to create Recovery media:     http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c04641788 Note: You can only create ONE copy. Regards,

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I just created the HP Recovery DVD in windows 8 Single Language.

The creation processes were successful. I used 4 DVD as required. But to my greatest disappointment, the first DVD (which suppose to have the setup.exe or whatever it is called) does not have it. None of the DVD has it.

So, I can't make a fresh installation from the DVDs I created.

Please, how do I get the missing file that will make it bootable?

Thank you for your support.

A:Win8 Recovery DVD Not Bootable!

Hmmmm, you have to refresh your PC or you have to reinstall it ..(May be) !!

Or you can use system restore !

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I d/l Win8.0 Pro (3 upgrade copies) in the very beginning of its life when it was $40x2 and $15 from Win7Pro. Now the hitch: one of the PC's crapped out and in order to use the recovery or reset option, the OS asks for "recovery media" which I don't have. BTW, I upgraded to Win8.1 in the interim but my product key only works in Win8.0. MS tech support is OK but their solutions so far are just so-so and my spare PC just sits there. I have a working 8.1 PC, does anyone know which files in Win8.1 tend to be corrupted so that I could copy them from the working PC to the non working one?

A:Win8.1 recovery/reset

Does the non-working PC still boot. If it does, open an elevated command prompt and do "sfc /scannow" It can repair some corrupted files.

Some files in \Windows are owned and managed by an internal account called TrustedInstaller. You cannot modify or replace those files in any way; so copying files over from another PC won't work.

Corrupted files usually indicate a hard drive with bad sectors. That usually can be dealt with by right click on C drive, choose Properties > Tools tab > Check Now button. There aren't any files that "tend to be corrupted".

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I have a usb recovery of win8.1 for the x250, can I use it on an older model, x220? I do have a retail win8.1 license key but I want to create a Lenovo install and a recovery partition on the x220. Is it possible?

A:win8.1 usb recovery for x250, can I use it on the x220?

No.  There is a list of types in the image that will work.  

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So I'm using linux on my hp laptop where was previously windows 8. I have made backup of win8 with HP recovery manager on a dvd and completely formated hdd. Now I want to install windows 8 but only on external hdd. I have tried using official windows 8 iso but it says that my key cannot be used to install retail version of win8.
Does somebody know how to do this?

A:Install Win8 on external HDD from HP recovery DVD

8.0 ISO or 8.1 ISO? You can't use a Windows 8.0 key to install Windows 8.1. You can do this though, Activate retail Windows 8.1 with Windows 8 Product key.. If your trying to install 8.0 then your original install must have been the Single Language version. That's a special ISO. Regular Retail DVD, as far as I know, will read and use the OEM embedded product code automatically and won't prompt you to enter a code. My 8.0 TechNet ISO's work that way on my laptop that came with Windows 8.0 Core.

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Can I make a Recovery Disc for Win8 on a DVD ?
Or am I bound to CDs or Thumb-drive ?

If DVD is possible would appreciate link to a tutorial.

Thank you

A:Can I make a Recovery Disc for Win8 on a DVD

Just do it the same way as for a CD, but insert a DVD into the optical drive. Or am I missing something?

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This Win8 is very frustrating. I can do a recovery do to some 200mb partition and it's not clear how to get rid of it. Can't do a so called refresh cuz it can't find the files so my question is how do I reinstall Win8 with the existing Product ID that is embedded into the BIOS (excuse me, UEFI)? What were these people thinking when they came out with 8 and 8.1?
BTW, ASUS no longer offers recovery media for my ASUS X-Series X55A-JH91 laptop. I've searched the site but couldn't come up with anything relevant to my situation but can't imagine I'm the only one.
Thanks so very much for any support you can offer.
May God bless,

A:Win8 new hdd, no recovery disk, how to use orig pro key?

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support- Drivers and Download ASUS BacktrackerWell Asus does have a program called Backtracker you would have use it to create a recover to factory condition media when you first got your NB.
There are several tutorials here, on how to do a clean install using a embedded windows Key

Activate retail Windows 8.1 with Windows 8 Product key.

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I purchased an Envy 15t laptop in 2015, preloaded with Windows 8.1, which I later upgraded to Windows 10. After the motherboard was replaced by HP, I am having problems with my operating system. I am wondering if a system recovery will fix my issue. Backstory: A few months ago (just before my manufacturer warranty ran out) there was a short between the charging cable and the computer. The computer and cable both worked fine afterward, but I sent the computer in to HP to be looked at just in case. They ended up replacing both my charging cable and my motherboard (which, according to their repair report, had "no power or POST"). The report stated that the OS was not reloaded by the repair center. When I got the computer back, it appeared to be working fine, running Windows 10. However, about a month later, I discovered issues with the operating system. For example, I could not change any user account settings, such as creating a new local account or switching a local account to a Microsoft account and vice versa. I was also having issues installing new programs and updates, such as updates to Adobe Reader and Windows. I did not have any of these issues before sending my computer to the HP repair center. I have tried literally every potential solution that I, HP support, Microsoft support, and (incidentally) EA Games support could come up with. I also tried installing a different OS (Windows 10 Education) using a different key, but I cannot activate that OS via my settings ... Read more

A:System Recovery with New Motherboard (Win8.1)

Hi, To make the long story short. Using the SAME part for motherboard, your machine should have Windows 8.1, no more, no less. The key is embedded on the BIOS and HDD does not carry any key, Windows will check its version and the key in BIOS to determine machine can legally (yes, they call that) to run or not. Please use the following tool to see what is it now      http://www.belarc.com/free_download.htmlWhen run this tool, it produces a report, scroll down to Software Management section. Windows 8, 8.1 or 10  product key is in there.You can also use the following tool to find out:  https://www.magicaljellybean.com/keyfinder/Regards,

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i have a dell xps8500 and the HD  died-- so there is no recovery partition-i bought a new HD - i bought a dell win8 recovery media disk that was supposed to install without  a product key - i was told  by the dell rep that it would  just read the product key off my bios -that was untrue - it will not install--- keeps asking for a product key that was not supplied-- how do i get around this-- ive been on the phone with the dell reps and they dont seem to understand the situation--  

A:win8 product key and dell recovery disk

Thank you for writing to us!
The edition of OS and the DPK injected on MB will not match if the original OS media is not used for installation.In this case you have installed OS with a different or Non-OEM edition of OS, hence it is prompting for Product key .
Kindly private message the service tag to the system.

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Hey guys,
Its like i got the iso of the recovery cds of windwos 7, vista and so on....
i made a multi boot cd of them.
but i want to add windows 8 to it. it looks like i need the iso for that pupose.
i tried in windows but i only put the recovery things in my usb!
i tried making the iso with power iso but it asks for a boot image .
so my question is where is the boot image located?


A:I have problem with the boot image of win8 recovery cd

What exactly are you trying to do?

Do you want to create a Windows 8 ISO?
If so, your installation DVD is already that ISO or your System Factory Restore Discs (if created) serve the same purpose for an OEM product


Do you want to create a System Image for future restoral purposes?
If so, I would recommend using this free software: Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download
Good luck,


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HP 2000 laptop win8 x64 and all i wanna do is set it back to factory BUT..
Windows Recovery Environment loads fine but as soon as i attempt to restore,repair,reset,use image etc it will go to a black screen WITH mouse arrow/crusor and do nothing. i am able to movie the mouse around but thats it. i cant create any disk from the recovery partition because the HP media creator says the recovery partition was removed even though it is perfectly intact as "D:".  and heres what it shows under Computer/Disk Management:
                        Simple  Basic             Healthy (Recovery Partition)     100% Free
                        Simple  Basic             Healthy (EFI System Partition)  100% Free
(C:)                  Simple  Basic  NTFS  Healthy (Boot,Page Dump..)     85% Free
Recovery (D:)  Simple  Basic  NTFS  Healthy (OEM Partition)            11% Free
Recovery (D:)  Simple  Basic             Healthy (OEM Partition)            11% Free
Something i did notice weather it makes any differe... Read more

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Not sure I want win8 on my primary computer (win7 working pretty well) but I hate to fall too far behind the times. I have several older laptops, and would like to ease into win8. So I started with a ~6 year old laptop running XP, a machine normally used only for data file backup.

The win8 DVD did not boot, and I assumed it was a bad DVD drive, so, I pulled out my external DVD drive, and without paying much attention ran the install from inside winXP. Bad mistake. All the files seem to have copied over, but when it reached the reboot part of the process, it failed. Get a black screen, Missing file ...system32\winload.exe

I can still use winXP on this machine from this point, because the error screen's "Older operating system" choice still works. But I cannot get this old machine to boot from its DVD drive, or the external DVD drive (and I have tried all the BIOS boot-order settings). So, I cannot use the original XP install disk for recovery. And I cannot get the machine to boot normally, without hitting the error screen, and having to choose the older OS manually.

I would like to get this box running normally for backup purposes, before moving on to another for win8 evaluation. I thought maybe there is a way to change the boot sequence away from win8, back to the XP boot. So, finally, my question, is there a simple, manual process anyone can suggest for restoring boot manager?

(I am not a pro, but I know how to use Notepad, and can find my way around the C: ... Read more

A:Recovery from failed XP to Win8 upgrade/install

Will it boot from USB? If so you can put Win 8 on a flash drive and install from there.

First, create a .ISO file from the DVD. ImgBurn is a good program to do this with, just make sure you take the Custom path and deselect the crapware they want to install. Name it something like Win8X64 or Win8ProX64 so it's easy to find.

You can create a bootable USB Flash drive (4GB or larger) to install Windows 8 from.
Download and run Universal USB Installer Easy as 1 2 3Select Windows 8 from the first drop down list, all the way to the bottomSelect the downloaded Windows 8 iso fileSelect your USB flash driveClick Create
For techies or folks who work on computers: Create Windows 7 Universal ISO With All Editions Selection On Install with ei.cfg Removal Utility.

This will fit on a 6GB flash drive or can be burned to a DVD.

Edit: Are you sure the DVD is good?

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I got an unhappy message while sitting down to read my morning news sites and a cup of java.

The error i got was 0xc0000034.

'0xc0000034' errors and other critical malfunctions can arise when the Windows operating system becomes overloaded with invalid system references, as well as corrupted and deleted registry files. These problems commonly occur due to a lack of regular PC maintenance. As a computer operating system gets older, errors and crashes start to become more frequent and problematic.

Now, every where i look about recovery, they all say "well, that's easy, just make a recovery disc with the windows 8 recovery tool".

Here is the annoying part, how do i do that? cause all sites seem to forget that searching for how to do that is basicly cause i CANT get into windows and make the tool.

Can anyone help me out on how i create a Flash USB for Win8.1 so i can recover my OS?

Thank you very much!

A:Support creating win 8.1 Recovery usb Flash without win8

What do you have for install media? You list your system as self made so I'm assuming you bought Windows 8.1. If you have a Windows 8.1 DVD boot from it and you should get an option to repair your install. Repair Install Windows 8

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To All
Had to "Factory Refresh" a few day old Dell XPS 8700 (my error) took a long time to get to 95%, then an error window popped up asking for a CMD.EXE disk to be inserted in D: drive, didn't have a disk but tried to click on "retry" but mouse and keyboard were dead...Refresh got to 98% then sat for about an hour then finished, over all it took about 4 hours for a simple refresh. Is it possible that there is a error in this recovery partition from the factory? Have never had something like this happen recovering other system. Have contacted Dell but they are still thinking!!   Any Ideas?

A:Dell win8 recovery/restore partition

From what i read you were able to restore? If everything is ok now it should be fine, but just in case i would manually make some recovery discs for your system so that if you needed to restore ever again, you will always have those to use instead of your recovery partition. The recovery partition can very easily become corrupted, having those created discs will make sure you always have a path back to the factory state

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Hello!Have a problem with notebook HP Envy 17-j015sr. HDD is dead. Cannot fix and mount partitions even in Linux. SMART is failed. Need to reinstall OS on new HDD. But have an issue - what Win8 image need I use to install OS properly to catch serial key which is included in BIOS firmware?Or need operation system recovery kit for this product - could not find it in the Internet.Please advise. S/n: [edited]

View Solution.

A:Envy 17-j015sr Recovery kit or Win8 image

I downloaded image "Windows 8 Single language (Rus) x64", which is installed on the most of notebooks for Russia. Works perfect, licensed and activated without any issues.

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I got a situation. I have a laptop with Win8 it is a Acer Aspire. It showing a blue screen that says: Win8 - Error: 0xc000000d - RecoveryI have read other forums and do not get and correct way to fix my problem. I download a recovery program or something like that from this page:
Create installation media for Windows 8.1 - Windows Help

And I use a usb to use it as recovery tool. But my laptop do not have CD/DVD so only usb port. I then use the usb with the recovery and the laptop do not detect the usb. I have press all F12 and F keys and nothing gets me into the startup options and do not detect the usb.

I need to recover the win8 and recover or format the laptop. whatever option is good now.

Any advice?



A:Win8 - Error: 0xc000000d - Recovery and USB not detected

Originally Posted by sllanes

I then use the usb with the recovery and the laptop do not detect the usb.

Check the following setting in the UEFI firmware (BIOS).
- USB Boot: Enabled/Disabled

If the setting is OK, then...

Do you have a UEFI boot mode compatible Windows 8.1 64-bit USB flash drive?

Here is info about UEFI Boot Mode (installing using the GPT partition style) and Legacy BIOS Boot Mode (installing using the MBR partition style): link

How to create a bootable USB flash drive.

Note: You don't need this step if you download the Windows 8.1 installation media from Microsoft's web site and select the "USB flash drive" option (see this link for help). This USB flash drive can be booted in both UEFI and Legacy BIOS boot mode.

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I am stressed

I have made sets of recovery disks on HPs and Gateways etc. A friend of mine just bought an Acer computer. Vista, Where does he go to make his set of recovery disks in case he ever needs them. like Start>Accessories>systemtools or where do you go? I can't find it, then also he bought the computer at wal-mart when you buy from a store like that it should already be activated shouldn't it?and my last question is it came with 2 sticks of RAM 1 GIG Each, the computer has 4 slots for ram. The guy at wal-mart sold him anther 2 gigs of ram but on one stick. With 4 slots and the first two haveing 1 gig sticks in them shouldn't he add two more stick of one gig each to make his 4 gigs? the 2 gig stick they game him doesn't look like the first two, it is as long but only half as wide as the two that arre in the computer? anyway, I put is serial number in the acer site and it won't let me pull nothing up so I can check on this stuff. It is a B32350 IT SAYS ASPIRE M1100 Can someone at least help with where to make the recovery disk at on this acer?

A:Solved: Windows Vista home premium-where to find you place to make the recovery disks

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