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Unable to get Dell WD15 dock to work with ASUS laptop

Q: Unable to get Dell WD15 dock to work with ASUS laptop

Have a new WD15 Thunderbolt dock I am trying to get to work with two monitors connected to an ASUS GL552VW laptop. USBs, ethernet and audio that is connected to dock all work fine. But the VGA and HDMI monitors connected do not. The HDMI monitor works fine when I directly connect it to the laptop, but not when I connect it through the dock.
I have tried the troubleshooting tips in this:

I have installed the ASMedia Host Controller from here, twice for good measure:

ASUS support refuses to help me. I'm working on seeing if I can do the BIOS update.
Any advice? Will this not work with a non Dell laptop?
Thank you very much, quite frustrated.

- Dan

Preferred Solution: Unable to get Dell WD15 dock to work with ASUS laptop

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Unable to get Dell WD15 dock to work with ASUS laptop

I was right. Here's an ASUS forum page where someone asked this question about your model. Post #5 contains a reply from ASUS indicating that its USB-C port does not support display output: rog.asus.com/.../showthread.php

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To back up Dell-Brian B's threads you can find all the available Dell documents for the Dell Dock and Dell Thunderbolt Dock here. 

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I have a Dell XPS 15 and a Dell Dock WD15 which has been working fine for a long time but recently the WD15 dock has been acting up after it is re-docked to the laptop.
Everything works fine if I start the laptop with the dock plugged in but after re-docking the USB ports and Network (cabled) stops working. Everything seems fine with the drivers and as said it only happens after re-docking.
I've tried to rollback drivers and even downgrade the FW on the dock but the problem remains. The only way to "fix" it seems to be to restart the laptop after re-docking.
Running Win10 64-bit.
Any suggestions?

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I have a WD15 dock trying to connect to a Dell E5570 without a type C usb how can I get it to connect?

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I have two displays connected to the laptop (one to the native HDMI and one to the docking station). In effect, I am able to drive three displays (Laptop display, native HDMI, and DP from WD15). I wanted to connect one more display to drive four display? 

When I connect the fourth display it's not showing up in the detected displays list. 
How can I do this? Is it possible? 

A:How to drive four displays from DELL Precision 5520 with Dell Dock WD15 and native ports??

It's not going to be possible without some other type of hardware purchase - no.  The internal GPU cannot drive four displays at a time.

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Hi All
I am posting my first post here... I've reading all posts regarding usb-c dock issues. I have fallen victim too... I bought brand new Dell WD15 dock and before begin i install latest drivers and still get under power warning! Please see photo attached! 
I spent hours with Dell support and they advice me to clean install and install drivers in right order, so wasting almost a day i did all this and problem don't go away! 
Aside the power warning the display randomly disconnects... leaving me no screen at all (the laptop screen doesn't switch back either) and now laptop gets very hot, making me wonder if i somehow damaged the laptop itself?
I will return this item but wonder if this can somehow have damaged my brand new $2500 laptop? Super disappointed with overall experience... 10k + dell products in past and this is as bad it can get, making me question buying anything from Dell both for personal and business :-(

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After the latest WD15 dock update there are two bugs:
1. The Dell Dock Update 'Updates Complete' popup continually appears when any device is connected to the dock or the attached XPS 15.
2. All audio is lost whenever any USB device is plugged into either the XPS 15 or the dock itself. Audio continues to play (ie through spotify) but there is no sound. Unplugging the audio jack on the WD15 and reinserting appears to fix this bug.

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I'd like to use Dell Dock (WD15) with my new Dell Alienware 13 R2 via Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C).It is possible, isn't it?If so, could the laptop be charged via this docking station?What is the difference between 'WD15 with 130W Adapter' (Dell part 450-AFGM) and 'WD15 with 180W Adapter' (Dell part 450-AEUO)? Which one to choose for my purposes (external monitor via VGA, network via RJ-45, external USB keyboard, USB headphones, USB Flash Drive)?
Please, advice. Any answer would be appreciated.

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Is there any reason I wouldn't be able to use a T470s with a Dell USB-C dock (specifically a WD15)? I know the power adapter would be different, but I can't think of any reason the USB-C wouldn't be compatible. I prefer the peripheral connections on the Dell dock to the Lenovo 40A9 (which only has DP and VGA, and is recommended for only two external monitors, whereas I'd like to be able to connect three). Also, sorry if this has been discussed before; I searched around but couldn't find the right topic.

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Can I configure the new XPS 13 to power on with the lid closed when connected to the Dell Dock WD15?

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Dearsi have just Bought a Yoga 900 13isk2 and tried using it with a new Dell WD15 dock (Docking Station). Display from the HDMI & Display port do NOT WORK. Charging also does not workeven though the Dell ws15 is 180W. i Need a fast solution please!!

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The thunderbolt cable to by Dell Dock was damaged. I figured out how to remove the cable (there are screws hidden under a rubber cover). However there is a very strange (proprietary?) connector on the other end. Where can I buy a replacement. Dell sales and support don't seem to know anything about it.

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I have Dell Precision 5520 laptop connected to Dell WD15 dock. 
There is a Dell U3011 2560x1600 display connected to MiniDP of the dock. 
The laptop display works in 1920x1080 mode, in order to get DPI similar to the one on U3011 (that's on purpose I'm fine with that). 
Today I tried adding the third display with 1280x1024 resolution connected to VGA of the dock.
It doesn't work. The third display gets detected by the Ubuntu display settings, but it can't be turned on. It works only if I unplug U3011. 
It is also possible to run all 3 displays in mirror mode, but not in extended desktop mode.
Is it a hardware limitation (Intel graphics in Precision, WD15 dock) or just problem with Intel Linux graphic drivers? 
BTW: Nvidia card is turned off.
From  the WD15 and laptop specs it looks like the config I'm trying to do should be supported:
- 1920x1080 builtin laptop screen- 2560x1600 through WD15 and miniDP - 1280x1024 through WD15 and VGA

Any ideas, what I can try?

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Anyone seen the following issue w/the Latitude 7480 w/a WD15 USB-C Dell Dock)??? I've reached a brick wall on this.
Laptop = Latitute 7480.Docking Station = WD15 (USB-C Dell Dock).OS = Windows 10
Laptop powers on in a docked state. External monitors and peripherals are functional. Laptop then gets removed from dock, and USB ports on laptop become nonfunctional. The system is not providing stable power to the USB ports. If you redock, the external monitors are functional/responsive (signal being transferred via USB-C), but the regular USB ports are still nonfunctional. After undocking, I connected a USB-powered wireless headset receiver to USB port on laptop, the receiver initially gets power for a few seconds, and then power dies. Indicating the system recognizes hardware is being plugged in, but then suspends power to the ports. Also, very randomly the backlight on the laptop screen will go out. Backlight resumes functional after reboot.
Troubleshooting Steps performed:- Connected USB keyboard and wireless mouse directory to laptop usb port, and devices are nonfunctional. - Changed Power Options from Balanced mode to High Performance mode in OS, no change. - Updated Firmware for WD15 USB-C docking station, no change. - Checked all related settings in BIOS after update, no change. - Disconnected ALL peripherals from dock (monitors/mouse/keyboard/usb headset) and no change. USB ports still locked up. - On laptops with restart or shutdown functions, it takes several mi... Read more

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Every morning, the same behavior happens.
I wake my computer from sleep. At the Window login prompt, I connect the WD15 with my laptop (Dell Latitute 5580). The connection establishes (the attached monitor turn on and works). After 5-10 seconds, the WD15 shuts down on it own. The white led on the dock (and on the cable) shuts off. I have to disconnect the power of the dock, disconnect the dock from the laptop and finally reconnect the power to turn on the dock. When the white led are back, I reconnect the WD15 to my laptop and now, the connection is stable (does not disconnect) and everything works.
Is this a known issue ? How can I fix this ?

A:WD15 shuts off itself. Need to power cycle the dock to make it work again.

I'd suggest you run the Guide Me option in your Dell Product Support page to install latest Chipset drivers on your computer. Please follow instructions to run Guide Me option in the link below.
How to Find Drivers and Update Them (Official Dell Tech ...

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I've got a WD15 hooked up to my XPS15 laptop and it works fine. Latest drivers and chipset/BIOS installed on both Dock and laptop.
I have a pair of external active studio speakers hooked up to the 3.5 mm Speaker out jack on the back of the dock and it works fine.
However if I use Google Hangouts or Skype for business calls and plug in a headset to the front 3.5 mm Headset Jack of the dock the external speakers starts a high pitch static noise. If I then un-plug and replug the 3.5 mm jack for the speakers the noise is gone. The sound and mic of the headset is working fine from start.
The same thing happens when I unplug the headset from the front of the dock, the external speakers starts to "hum" static noise. Again un-plugging the 3.5 mm jack of the speakers and plugging it in again stops the humming static.
If I instead plug the headset into the Laptop there is no problem and the external speakers remains quite.
Why is it doing this and how can I get rid of this annoying behavior?

A:WD15 dock with DELL XPS15 causes static in speakers after using headset

Hi awasen,Thanks for posting.Here is a Forum post from one of our Dell team members that may be helpful.http://dell.to/2lrqLR2

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WD 15 Dock BIOS/ Drivers Installation Guide
Dell Latitude E5270/E5470/E5570 and Precision 3510 for Win8.1/Win10 64bit
Please install the latest BIOS & drivers follow the below steps
Step 1 – Download and Install Dell Latitude E5270/E5470/E5570 and Precision 3510 System BIOS. Restart required.
Version: A07 ,A07 Last Updated: 16 Mar 2016
Step 2 – Download and Install Intel(R) Thunderbolt Controller Driver. Restart required.
Version: ,A01 Last Updated: 22 Feb 2016
Step 3 – Download and Install Intel(R) Thunderbolt(TM) 3 Firmware Update. Restart required.
Version: 02.11.06 ,A02 Last Updated: 16 Feb 2016
Step 4 – Download and Install Realtek USB GBE Ethernet Controller Driver for Dell Thunderbolt Dock and Dell Dock. Restart required.
Version: 2.43.2015.1225 ,A01 Last Updated: 19 Feb 2016
Step 5 – Download and Install Realtek USB Audio Driver for Dell Wireless Dock, Dell Thunderbolt Dock, and Dell Dock. Restart required.
Version: 6.3.9600.44 ,A02  Last Updated: 20 Mar 2016 http://downloads.dell.com/FOLDER03613504M/1/Audio_Driver_GG4M6_WN32_6.3.9600.44... Read more

A:Dell WD15 Desktop Dock - Step-by-step driver/firmware/BIOS installation instructions for XPS, Latitude and Precision notebooks [UPDATED 04-22-16]

Hi Brian
Thanks for being active on this issue. (This thread was closed - so had to use the TB-15 Thunderbolt thread above this one). Thanks for opening this one for WD-15
I've been having  most of the problems mentioned in the other Thunderbolt dock  thread .. USB problems, fan noise, not recognising on startup,
I tried the driver list above (for 5510 win7 64) and some refused to install because they were for xps product not  precision. However I when on 5520 support page (for the nth time) and found a new USB driver. ie > Chipset_Driver_V2WY5_WN32_1.16.32.1_A01.EXE 
I've installed that but NOPE ... still has USB problems eg stuff like usb (2) keyboard not working. BUT unplug/replug the dock at USB C connection at laptop and it works !! (but this is a PITA and probably will wreck the socket in the long run). 
I guess my point is please sync the support page and this support forum if you can, we all love Dell but would appreciate some reciprocating :-)

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Hi there I have a Lattitude e7470 and i am trying to use it with a Dell E-Port Replicator K07A
The system works OK except for this one scenario.
Laptop is docked and closed and i am working on it. I go to undock the laptop to take it with me somewhere and it does not go to sleep. The power policy says that if the lid is closed and the laptop is on battery then it should go to sleep. Whats going on?
If i undock and immediately open and then close the lid it behaves as expected. Obviously for my user, this is not ideal. he just wants to be able to pick up the laptop and go (having it sleep or hibernate when removed from the dock)
How do i force it to go to sleep when i remove it from the dock? there has to be a way. Laptop is windows 10.

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Hi everyone
I have XPS 15 9560 and WD15 dock packed with all latest drivers and firmware updates, available on Dell support pages.
I read&implement all available trobleshooting post recomendations on dell website and all around the google :)
What i understood - i'm not alone with my problems.
I have following issues: 
Mouse and keyboard which are connected directly to laptop - starts to lag (mouse - complete frize or slow move, keyboard - huge ping in typing) when laptop expirience any kind of load (example - oppening of microsoft office apps)

Anyone have any ideas how to fix it? :)

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I've got a Precision 5510 Laptop with Windows 7 and a WD15 dock. The laptop BIOS, and dock firmware and drivers are up to date.
I've got 3 ASUS monitors connected as follows:

Monitor DVI to dock mini-display via adapter
Monitor VGA to dock VGA
Monitor HDMI to dock HDMI

The desktop is extended to use all 3 and not use the built in display.
The resolution on the first 2 is great, 1920x1080 @ 60p Hz. The HDMI connection only allows me 720x576 @ 50p HZ.
All the troubleshooting docs I found tell you to expect with 2 monitors and that 4 monitors are not supported.  Nothing about 3 monitors.
Is this expected behavior?

A:Resolution problems with WD15 Dock and 3 monitors

Hi Jpesenti,Thanks for posting.Here is some information you may find helpful.

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I have a Precision 5510 Laptop with Windows 10 and a WD15 dock (type-C). All drivers/BIOS/dock firmware were updated as of 4/12/17.
Intel Graphics 530 driver version:
I have 3 Dell monitors connected as follows:
Monitor 1  (Dell 2314H) connected via DVI to dock mini-display adapter (1920 x 1080)Monitor 2 (Dell 2314H)connected via DVI to the HDMI adapter (1920 x 1080)Monitor 3 via VGA cable to the dock (640 x 480)
For monitor 3, I have tried 2 different models -
Dell S2330MX-  - capable of 1920 x 1080 at 60Hz
Dell S2340M - capable of 1920 x 1080 at 60Hz
Monitor 1 is the primary and the desktop is extended to use all 3 while the 5510 is closed, I cannot get the resolution on monitor 3 to go any higher than the 640 x 480. Documentation Provided by Dell-Robert p over at http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/laptop/f/3519/t/20004811
suggests that I should be able to get 3x 1280x 1024
Any help would be appreciated!!

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Hello everyone,

there is a problem with my XPS 15 and dockingstation WD 15 for quite some time now.
During usage, sometimes and with unregular length, the system audio stops working and I have to disable the audio device and re-enable it in the sound settings. What is really annoying.
Additionally, there are really bad lags of video, audio and inputs with the dock. Imagine the audio video and inputs stuttering for about 2 - 3 seconds. These problems are appearing unregularly and seem to not be connected to the kind of usage. 
This influences heavily conferencing and gaming badly. Whenever it is important I disconnect the dock from my laptop. 
Has anybody heared of this bug or problem before. After a lot of research, I still do not have any solution or workaround yet.

Best Regards

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Hardware being used:- WD15 USB-C docking station- Latitude 7280 or Latitude 7480
Issue:When laptop is connected to the WD15 docking station, it will consistently not output video to an external monitor. It's trying to simulate end user's taking their laptop to a meeting and coming back and docking back up with the lid closed. Our laptops are configured to "Do Nothing" when the lid is closed. I've reduced this down to just a laptop, docking station and a monitor connected either by VGA or Mini-DP or HDMI. When attempting to dock, it does not consistently output video to the external monitor. Sometimes I'll have to disconnect/reconnect the docking cable multiple times before video will output on the external monitor. 
And thrown in the mix is sometimes it will kill ALL USB ports on the docking and on the laptop. The only way to restore USB port functionality is to shutdown the laptop and turn it back on again. We experienced this USB issue 6 months ago and found it was due to a bad Realtek USB 2.0 driver for the docking station. Installing an older version of that driver fixed the issue at that time. Since it's resurfaced with this, we've tried the driver fix, and it no longer resolves it.
I've tried reaching out to Dell support, but their only solution is to keep replacing the WD15 docks, but it doesnt resolve anything as issue occurs on replacement docks they send. This happens on multiple of our 7280 & 7480 laptops that hav... Read more

A:WD15 Dock not outputing video signal

Wow, I have a 7480 that I've been using with a WD15 dock regularly for months and it's always performed flawlessly, so I'm really surprised to see you having this issue with multiple systems and docks.  You've already tried basically everything I'd have suggested, but just to verify, when you have the dock connected, you do NOT also have the separate AC adapter connected, correct?  I'm not sure that could cause this type of behavior (in fact I admit it's a long shot), but I know that's not supposed to be done.
Also, what is the Realtek USB 2.0 driver you're referring to?  The only drivers involved for the WD15 dock are Realtek USB Audio, Realtek USB Ethernet, and (indirectly) the GPU driver.
Lastly, what OS are you testing with? (UPDATE: Sorry, I see it's Win10.  Missed that originally.)

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Hi all,
Currently running a Latitude 5480 through a WD15 Dock. I have two monitors but can't get both to display. The dock itself has a number of connection options however it doesn't have two VGA ports. If I connect one of the monitors to the VGA port that works ok. If I use an adapter on the other VGA monitor to plug into the HDMI port on the dock it doesn't detect it on the Latitude.
Anybody successfully managed to get two VGA monitors to connect using the WD15, and if so how did you manage it?

A:Latitude 5480, WD15 dock, Dual monitors

Let's backup. What are the two specific monitor models? Link to the specific adapter you are using to try to connect the second monitor to the WD15. Read through the WD15 article, "How to Use and Troubleshoot the Dell Dock WD15".

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Much like has been reported three days ago with the TB16 dock (see here), once I updated the Bios on my XPS 13 to 1.3.7, I started experiencing unexpected cutouts of USB powered devices. In this case, it was my Logitech universal receiver. This cause stuttering/dropouts of the mouse.
When I switch to the on-board USB slot on my laptop - no issue. Whether the USB 2 or USB 3 slots on the dock - the problem returns.
I have no issues with my HD monitor or with the Ethernet connection on the dock - just the USB. Every driver is up to date and, as I said, the ports in the laptop work great.

A:XPS 9360 BIOS 1.3.7 created USB dropout/lag in WD15 dock

I suppose the obvious question would be have you tried a wired mouse?
I remember comments about a Logitech wireless mouse causing problems for some systems after a prior Win 10 build update.
Does the WD 15 use the ASMedia USB drivers and have they been updated since the Bios update?

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I've just built a near perfect  home office setup.
- XPS13 9350, 16GB RAM, 512SSD, Skylake i7
- Dell WD15 Dock (tried and failed with the delinquent TB15 variant)
- Dell UZ2315H monitor into the dock, via HDMI for graphics, and USB for the monitor's camera and audio bar.
My problem is just this:-
Through the single USB C connection to the dock, everything works perfectly except the screen's built in webcam

When I plug the screen's USB cable directly into the laptop, it works fine, and I can toggle between the laptop webcam and the screen webcam.
Any tips? I think I'm up to date with all drivers..
Thanks in advance.

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Our company purchased several XPS13 laptops last year, running Windows 7 Pro, along with the WD15 docks.
The laptops are usually connected to the company LAN network through the docks, but then are switched to a WIFI connection when taking the laptop to meetings, then re-docked afterwards.
The problem we're seeing is that, for all except one laptop, we have to use the laptop switch to disable WIFI/Bluetooth (Fn-PrtScr) for the laptops to switch from WIFI to LAN when they're re-docked. For the one laptop, it automatically switches from WIFI to LAN once it's re-docked without any issues.
The process we use for un-docking/re-docking the laptops is below:
Un-docking the laptop:

Unplug LAN cable from dock (lower-right LAN icon changes to WIFI icon) - if the laptop is removed from the dock without unplugging the LAN cable first, the wireless adapter remains disabled in Device Manager. Selecting Enable doesn't work, and sometimes, even a computer restart won't fix this.
Unplug laptop from dock.
For the one laptop, at this point, the WIFI network is detected and connects automatically with no problems.
For the other laptops, since the WIFI/Bluetooth switch is in a disabled state (reason explained below), the lower-right WIFI icon has a red cross on it. This is then enabled using the Fn-PrtScr switch and, all going well, the WIFI network is detected and connects automatically. (There have been times when the wireless adapter needs to be manually enabled i... Read more

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If you plan to use an older WD15 dock with one of the new Dell 5x80/7x80 Latitude systems, it is highly recommended that you update the dock firmware in advance.   Instructions on how to update the dock firmware are available here -> 

If you are purchasing a new WD15 dock with a new system, it should ship with the updated firmware already installed.

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I've been having a terrible time getting the WD15 USB-C dock to work with my XPS 15 9550.  I have two monitors plugged into the dock (one HDMI, one VGA) and I have the 9550's monitor on (total of three screens).  
I'm able to use all three monitors when I'm connected to the dock, but when I disconnect the dock, the laptop screen stays black.  The computer is still running the whole time (if I have music playing, it keeps playing).  If I plug the dock back in, all 3 monitors come back.
I've tried everything I can think of from updating every driver, following the dock driver installation guide, updating BIOS, removing and reinstalling display drivers, but I don't know what's going on.
Any ideas?

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Which dock do I pick for Latitude 5480?

Dell Universal Dock D6000
Dell WD15 (
Dell UltraHD Dock D3100

Our goal is to dock the E5480 with two monitors (Dell P2417H), have wired USB keyboard/mouse, wired ethernet with USB Printer and a USB scanner?
D6000 has 2x DP ports, so it seems to be the best fit?
WD15  has mDP and HDMI out, which means I would need either:
a) mDP to DP adapter plus DP cable for MON1+ HDMI cable for MON2  or b) mDP to HDMI adapter and HDMI cable for MON1 + HDMI cable for MON2
D3100 has 1XDP and 2xHDMI out.   Could use both HDMI out, but reading on forums HDMI is unresponsive during sleep/awake PC functions?
Which dock will gives us the least headache?

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We recently purchased some machines, docking stations and monitors for 2 employees in our office building. The machines are Precision 3520 workstations (32GB model), the docking stations are WD15's (k17a) and the monitors as shown in the title are U2417H monitors. The problem they've been reporting, is that the monitors will go black momentarily (maybe for 2-5 seconds) and they'll come back as if nothing happened. This is happening frequently enough day in and day out, that it is distracting them from their work. We've done everything we can think to troubleshoot the issue. We've done clean installs of the Dell approved nvidia graphics card drivers, reinstalled the Intel HD graphics driver, installed the monitor drivers (formally they were generic uPnP windows monitor drivers), updated the BIOS and other Dell drivers via the driver detect utility, updated the docking station firmware, switched out docks and cables (the docks they were using were swapped , changed settings on the monitor themselves, and even got a replacement machine sent out, which didn't change a thing. At this point, myself and the IT department feel we're going down the rabbit hole, trying everything we can think of to resolve the issue. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

A:U2417H, Precision 3520, WD15 dock, momentary blackouts

Welcome to our community. We'll surely try to assist you. We'd like to appreciate you for trying almost all the troubleshooting steps before you reached out to us. Please try the following steps and let us know the results.1. Make sure that the video cable is connected properly with the monitor and the computer.2. Reset the monitor to the Factory Settings.3. Run the self-test feature and determine if the intermittent problem occurs in the self-test mode.

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I have an XPS 13 9360 connected to the WD15 dock. I've noticed that regularly the external mouse and keyboard I have attached to it stop working.
Here are some things I have observed:

When this happens, the mouse and keyboard are still recognized by the computer. i.e. when I plug and unplug them I can see them show up and disappear from Windows Device Manager. Also, when I view the mouse and keyboard's device status in Device Manager it reports "This device is working properly."
The USB port on the dock seems to be working fine. I know this because when this happens I can unplug the mouse and plug in a different peripheral (e.g. external hard drive) and find that it works fine. But when I replug the mouse, the mouse still does not work.
I know my mouse is fine, because when it stops working I can unplug it from the dock and plug it directly into the laptop's USB port which causes it to work fine (but if I unplug and replug to the dock it does not work).
The laptop's built-in keyboard and touch pad still work fine.
This usually seems to happen sometime after coming out of sleep especially when waking the computer using the power button on the dock (but not always as far as I can tell so far).
Sometimes restarting the computer fixes (temporarily) the issue.
Sometimes unplugging and replugging the dock fixes (temporarily) the issue.

Steps I have taken to try to fix:

I have upgraded my laptop BIOS to the latest which is currently 2.5.0.
I have install... Read more

A:When Using WD15 Dock External Mouse and Keyboard Stop Working Occasionally

This is admittedly a rather long shot, but try installing the latest Thunderbolt firmware for your XPS 13?  I know the WD15 is just regular USB-C and that the USB-C controller firmware is updated as part of the regular system BIOS update, but I'm wondering if the Thunderbolt controller might still be in the hardware path somehow and therefore a firmware update there might fix something like this.

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I have a WD15 dock and a Latitude 7280. When I lock my computer and come back to resume work I am met with a black screen and a flickering mouse pointer. 
Here is my setup:
WD15 - all firmware updated and applied
Latitude 7280 - all firmware updated and applied
Dell E2214H x2 monitors
DVI to HDMI cable
DVI to Mini Display port cable.
Power settings - No hard drive sleep when plugged in. Monitor to sleep after 5 minutes.
I am fairly certain this is a result of a firmware issue. I am just posting here so that maybe someone at Dell makes a note of this. If someone by chance has a fix for this let me hear it!

A:WD15 dock, Latitude 7280 waking from sleep monitor issues

Can I also add that this dock is poorly designed. The HDMI port and Mini Display port are way too close together. They need a bit more room to account for different cable widths.

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I have a Dell XPS 15 9560 laptop that I've updated with the latest BIOS and drivers.  I also have a Dell TB16 240w dock.  I recently bought a Sonnet Echo Express SE1 TB3-PCIe Chassis where I've installed a 10Gbit Ethernet card.  When I plug the Sonnet Chassis directly into the laptop, the laptop sees the network adapter perfectly, but if I plug the dock into the laptop and the Sonnet into the dock, it fails to see it (the network card).  Any ideas??
I can plug the Sonnet chassis into my laptop and plug the dock into that, but then I lose the ability to charge my laptop via the TB3 cable.  Not ideal.

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I recently purchased a Lenovo X1 Carbon Generation 6 laptop, Lenovo Thundebrolt 3 dock and Dell U2717D monitor.  Unfortunatly, I am finding that when I connect the monitor to the dock via mini display port OR full size display port, Windows 10 defaults to a 6-bit color pallete resulting in horrendous banding. Through troubleshooting I have found that: The issue appears specific to Windows 10 -- Ubuntu does not have the same issueThe issue appears specific to display port regardless of cable (mini and full size) -- HDMI does not have the same issue but HDMI only runs at 30hz.The issue appear specific to newer Dell monitors -- I have an older Dell U2715H monitor that also runs at 2560x1440 resolution that does not have this issueI've found a few others reporting the sme issue with other Dell monitors but what I have not found is a resolution.  Dell has suggested that I try a USB-C to mini Display port cable which I am considering but I'd really hate to throw good money after bad and so am also contemplating a return. Anyone else out there have this issue? Is there  way to force the color depth to 8-bit like it should be all along?  

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I am thinking about purchasing the STRIX 1080 to upgrade from my STRIX 970. Does the card work with the motherboard that comes with the 8700? Will the card fit (it is 11.73 in)? Will I need a better power supply (I have a 600w PSU installed)? Has anyone tried installing this card into an 8700 before?

A:Will the ASUS GTX 1080 Work in the Dell 8700?

Apparently, the Asus Strix 1080 and 1070 have the same dimensions.  The Asus Strix 1070 is reported to fit, though barely so, in the XPS 8700. See the statements and responses by poster Justme2016, at the following link:
So far, it appears that there have been no reported BIOS incompatibilities between the XPS 8700 and any of the GTX 10xx series of graphics adapters.  For a list of some user upgraded XPS 8700 systems using GTX 1080 cards, see the following link:
www.userbenchmark.com/PCBuilder 8700 gtx 1080
According to the Asus web site, the Strix 180 has power consumption of "up to 300W" (whereas a non-overclocked XPS 1080 has a TDP of only 180 watts).  Considering that, and depending on the other components of your system and the condition of the current PSU, a 600W PSU may not be adequate or provide a sufficient margin.  I would recommend an upgrade to at least 750W (or more, depending on what other components are installed).  Also, note the tight clearance requirements for larger PSUs in the XPS 8700 case.
You may better estimate the projected power supply requirements of your system by use of the following calculator:

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Hello, I bought a new Graphic Card (Asus GTX 1060 Turbo) along with a new PSU (that have a 6 pin PCI cord). I am unable to make it work with my HP 3400. This is what I tried so far:*Remove any  Nvidia graphic card and connect a monitor to the onboard graphic card : all works fine*install GTX1060, connect monitor to card DVI port (with or without monitor connected to onboard graphic card) : insanely slow boot with beeps that ends with a windows start with a glitched unusable display (nothing is distinguishable)*install GTX1060, connect monitor to card HDMI port (with or without monitor connected to onboard graphic card) : No display at all.*install GTX1060, no monitor connected to card,  a monitor is connected to onboard graphic card : No display at all, long beeps and no boot. My bios version is American Megatrends 7.16 (the latest upgrade suggested by HP website for HP 3400/Win7). I have no option in the bios that let me boot on (or enable) the onboard graphic card when another card is installed. That could help me at least to get into Windows and install the GTX1060 drivers for Windows. Thanks in advance.

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The original NVIDIA Geforce GTX 240 card that came with my Dell machine died last week and after looking round I concluded that a GT 610 with 2GB memory should be a suitable (and cheap) replacement for what I need. However after multiple attempts I am still unable to get it to work, and keep getting error messages about needing to load the GPU driver.

Using the drivers on the installation disk with the card I get a barely usable monitor screen - v low resolution. Updating with the latest driver from ASUS doesn't help, but using the latest one on the NVIDIA site (from Dec 2015) is a bit better, although the display is distorted and cannot play video.

In all cases it claims the driver has loaded successfully, but in Control Panel the device is showing as stopped.

I have tried updating the BIOS to the latest version from Dell (A05) but it has had no effect. I have tried removing and reinstalling the card, removing and reinstalling the drivers but with no result. I initially forgot to remove the old NVIDIA GTX240 drivers but after going back and trying that, before installing the GT 610 drivers it still won't work

Is this card actually compatible with a Dell XPS 8100?

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Just purchased a XPS 15 and have a few questions about the Dell WD15 180W Docking Station.

Will the docking station charge the XPS 15 while docked through USB-C with multiple external monitors connected?

Is the mini DisplayPort  version 1.2 and able to daisy chain monitors? 

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Hello All,
I have a Dell XPX 13 9360 laptop with a WD15 dock that I want to use two Dell 2316M monitors.
The dock connects up to the laptop fine - I am getting ethernet, USB and power from the dock via the Thunderbolt port. But, I am getting no video output from it. The laptop does not recognize that there are additional displays connected. The monitors are on the correct input and the monitors work on their own respectively (tested by connecting to another machine).
I have tried installing the drivers from Dell (Thunderbolt, ASMedia USB, Intel Graphics, etc.), but nothing makes it work. I attempted to install the Firmware, but it fails.
The laptop is Windows 10 Pro.
Does anyone have any suggestions to make this work?

A:Dell WD15 w/XPS 13 9360 - No Video

Hmm, video is typically the easiest thing to get working because the USB-C port just has a DisplayPort output wired to it, so there are no special dock drivers to make that work.  In terms of the firmware update that failed, if you're referring to the WD15 firmware I'm linking below, what's the exact failure error?  That firmware update involves restarting your PC and having it update the firmware while it boots, and it would be a good thing to get working because one of the listed fixes pertains to the DisplayPort MST hub that controls the video outputs.  Link: www.dell.com/.../driversdetails.

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Hello, I have a Dell XPS 13 with a WD15 dock, the last days the dell audio stopped working but I fixed reinstalling the drivers (http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/laptop/f/3517/t/19993911
But also my dock WD15 stopped displaying video or audio. The ethernet and the usb works fine but I cant output any video as the scree says no HDMI signal detected. I've tested the HDMI with other computer and the monitor works fine.
I've downloaded and installed the firmware and driver for thunderbolt and the Realtek driver from here: http://www.dell.com/support/home/es/es/esbsdt1/product-support/product/dell-dock-wd15/DRIVERS?rvps=y 
If I go to playback devices i can see the monitor audio (VW246) but the dock audio shows as not connected:

In windows devices manager there isn't any device without controller.

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Hello experts,
I have connected 3 external monitors to my 9560 laptop via TB16 dock. 2 Dell 24" 4K monitors: 1) DP to DP and 2) miniDP to DP & 1 Dell 24" 1920-1080 via VGA-VGA connection. The 4K monitor with miniDP to DP constantly disconnects. What am i doing wrong here?
Thanks in advance,

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Hello together,
we have new test systems from Dell (5580, 5480, 7480 and 7280) and the new Dell dock WD15.
To installing our clients, we booting with PXE to starting our Windows 7 / Windows 10 installation. In the BIOS settings we have activate

Settings - System Configuration - Thunderbolt Adapter Configuration - Enable ThunderboltAdapter Pre-boot Modules
Settings - System Configuration - Thunderbolt Adapter Configuration - Enable Thunderbolt Adapter Boot Support
Settings - POST Behavior - Fastboot - Thorough
Settings - System Configuration - Integrated NIC - Enable w/PXE

After this default settings, I change the Boot Sequence order

OnBoard NIC(IPV4)
Windows Boot Manager (Harddisk)

The Idea:I have set USB NIC to first postion, then when the user dock in the WD15, the client is using the network from the WD15 and not the OnBoard netcard. When the user plug in the cable into the OnBoard netcard, then I will be received the message USB NIC have no cable and he will check the connection on the OnBoard netcard.
Now my problem:When I remove my WD15 from the notebook, the client is booting from PXE OnBoard - thats OK! But when I plugin again the WD15, the Boot order was changed.

Onboard NIC(IPV4)
Windows Boot Manager (Harddisk)

The LAN capel is connected in the WD15 and not in the OnBoard netcard. Now, the client is starting, will not found a network connection on the OnBoard netcard and is booting into Windows. But I neet a PXE boot on my USB NIC.
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ich möchte meine neues XPS 13 9360 mit dem ebenso neuen WD15 Wireless Dok verbinden, laut Installationshinweis sollte der Intel Wireless Manger in der Taskleiste angezeigt werden, das ist aber nicht der fall, zumal ja auch laut Betriebssystem ein Killer Wireless Adapter von Qualcom verbaut ist.
Wie kann ich nun den WD15 mit dem XPS 13 9360 verbinden ?

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I recently purchased Asus a553s which came with free dos. But I'm not able to install windows 7/10 on it.

Windows 7 gets stuck at windows logo screen

And windows 10 gives error that files are corrupted.

How to install windows I cant figure out.. Plz help

A:Unable to install Windows 10 on ASUS laptop

ASUS A553S Laptop

What exactly are you using to try to install Windows 7 or Windows 10 in that laptop?

If you do manage to get one of those Windows operating systems installed, how do you plan to activate it?


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I'm not sure if this is in the right place, so you can move it if it's not.

I have an Asus K53e-BBR7 laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 bit.
I've had it for 1.5 years. I didn't have trouble with the WiFi for a few months, but then it started acting up.
I of course factory reset many times, etc, and it didn't help.

There was a cycle: The built-in wasn't working so I put in the dongle. Then, after a while of using the dongle, the built-in WiFi took over/started working, and I could unplug. Anyway, this was a year ago. I took it to Best Buy and they apparently fixed it, but it acted up again the day after I got it, and then worked for a few months before I had trouble with it again.

My hard drive failed so I took it to another computer shop and got a new hard drive, and I think there might be something wrong with the drivers, even though I've installed/uninstalled, downloaded from website and updated, etc.

Now, here's what happens: When turn on my computer for the first time, or wake it up from sleep, the WiFi (built in) doesn't work, it can't connect to any networks. I have to turn off the WiFi antenna with Fn-F2, and then click troubleshoot where it says 'no connections are available' . It then goes through troubleshooting and and then has an option for "turn on wireless capability', I click on it and it turns on the antenna/wireless capability, and it works. This is consistent, I can always get it to work t... Read more

A:My Asus laptop's WiFi won't work

New: I did a clean reinstall of Windows 7 (not the built in one, but the from CD one). On the advice of someone in another forum. It now doesn't
even work when I click troubleshoot.
Did you install the drivers?

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