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Comcast modem sb5100 giving private IP address.

Q: Comcast modem sb5100 giving private IP address.

Can't connect to Internet, my modem is dishing out a private IP address and suber class b mask. I need to know the regular IP address and mask for Comcast but I have a feeling the modem is crapping out on me.

Preferred Solution: Comcast modem sb5100 giving private IP address.

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A: Comcast modem sb5100 giving private IP address.

Is the address 169.254.0.x ?

A view of your IP address (ipcoinfig /all) will help. You might try restarting your modem, or find out if you're getting a dynamic or static address from your ISP.

You could also have a router/modem combo device. Just realized that you posted the model. Its not a combo device.

More information will be needed to actually help you.

One last thing is to make sure that your ISP can contact your modem. You will have to call them to test the connection.

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Okay. So I started having trouble with my net last week. It said "Limited or no connectivity"... So I said, Oh alright, that shouldn't be a problem, I'll fix it. Took me 2-3 hours to get it working again, and I don't even know how. 3 Days later, I wake up in the morning and the ping is out of the sky! (Only by ethernet) I plugged in wireless and it worked fine. So, then I thought it was the ethernet cable. I got the other one from downstairs (not being used) and pluged it in. Btw, the router is downstairs and Im upstairs. Im using "Devolo Highspeed Ethernet Adapted II". But then it wouldn't connect at all! So after a day of stressing, I decided to reinstall windows. I have windows XP professional (2002) service pack 3. I keep getting assigned a private IP that begins with 169... etc... I tried setting up a static, and when I do, it says "Connected" but I cannot access the net. Im going mental! Whats wrong? I figured you guys would be the best to ask on the net!

A:DHCP giving private address. Static IP not working..

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Hi everyone, having a frustrating night getting my ADSL2+ connection going. Just got a Billion 7402G modem/router delivered and I am trying to get it working on an XP PC.

My NIC card works fine, and has the latest drivers. I plug in the modem as described in the manual, and follow all configuration instructions including - Select the Obtain an IP address automatically and the Obtain DNS server address automatically radio buttons.

But I am not being issued an IP address. The manual says this should just be automatic and has no recourse if it is not.

I set an IP address manually within the range of the router, and was able to logon to the modem via the webgui. But no internet access.
Billion support tells me "You should only need to login to router with default settings, navigate to Quick Start page, enter your ISP login details & apply, router should then connect, when finished save config to flash. Nothing else should be required, computer should automatically connect. Ensure that software firewalls aren't blocking access."

OK, so to do this, I need to put in the manual IP address... why is the manual saying to set my LAN connection to obtain IP and DNS setting automatically,and why is this not working for me? Anyway I change the settings to manual and reboot, try the suggestion. All firewalls are disabled.

I have now manually entered an IP address for my PC that allows me to login to the router. Without doing this I cannot even get to this setup pag... Read more

A:Solved: My ADSL modem is not giving an IP address

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Hi there,

Our Compaq Presario Desktop of 7 years died a few weeks ago (may it rest in peace), so we got a brand new HP Pavilion, except the problem is that our CD to install the USB drivers for our modem (which is discontinued, by the way), is really, really stubborn and doesn't want to install the drivers. First it supposedly "checks" our system for meeting the minimum requirements, and according to the CD, our system doesn't have at least 32 MB of RAM (Jeez I thought we had 4Gigs), but after that the rest of the procedure goes without incident and finally the installation starts. It says it's installing the necessary files and drivers and asks me politely to wait. Then BAM! A window pops up, saying "Director Player Error" and under the heading, "Object expected" and under that, "Continue?". What is this??? This didn't happen on XP.

And before you say it, no, I cannot "just connect via ethernet". Because my laptop uses the ethernet cord, and the desktop is in the adjacent room, so there is a hole we drilled between those rooms, feeding the ethernet from the modem to my laptop, so you can see, fumbling with the cord and dashing from room to room when we want the internet is just not an effective solution. As we are now, we have to methods to connect to the internet, and we have used both at the same time before, and I personally see nothing wrong with a USB connection, so can you guys please help me?

Tha... Read more

A:Solved: How to Install USB drivers for SB5100 Cable Modem in Windows 7 64-bit?

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My Motorola SBG901 Modem/Router combo has stopped connecting to the internet. I have done all the troubleshooting with Comcast and with Motorola and it is out of warranty, so I will have to purchase a new one.

In the mean time, I wanted to use it only as a wireless router connected to my Scientific Atlanta DPC2100R2 modem. Is there any way to do this? Is there a way to disable the modem in the SBG901?

Simply connecting with the ethernet cords has not worked. I connected the DPC2100 to the SBG901 via ethernet cord. My computer was able to pick up a wireless connection but there is no cable connection. I am using Windows 7.


A:(Comcast) Connect Modem To Wireless Router/Modem Combo!

Is there any way to do this? Is there a way to disable the modem in the SBG901?Click to expand...

Perhaps a really skilled electronics engineer or technician could take it apart, separate the modem from the router portion and add an ethernet WAN port.

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Many of the questions posted here lack important information: does your machine have a Private IP Address or a Public IP Address? So I made a video to show you how to determine this:  I use Nirsoft's netrouteview because it has a GUI: http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/network_route_view.html Private IP Addresses have the following ranges:    -  - -

A:How to tell if you have a Private IP Address or a Public IP Address

 Are you asking for replies?  It's not clear whether you are or not.  Mine's private, assigned by my router via DHCP.  At least that's what it is at home.  I never check it when I'm at a public place where I use my tablet (Google Nexus 7) which has no sensitive info on it.

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Many of the questions posted here lack important information: does your machine have a Private IP Address or a Public IP Address? So I made a video to show you how to determine this:  I use Nirsoft's netrouteview because it has a GUI: http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/network_route_view.html Private IP Addresses have the following ranges:    -  - -

A:How to tell if you have a Private IP Address or a Public IP Address

 Are you asking for replies?  It's not clear whether you are or not.  Mine's private, assigned by my router via DHCP.  At least that's what it is at home.  I never check it when I'm at a public place where I use my tablet (Google Nexus 7) which has no sensitive info on it.

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OK I switched from Centurylink to Comcast like 5 days ago because of issues Centurylink couldn't resolve. The problem started like a month ago everything had been fine then since no resolution to be found. I have to log in to a virtual desktop and receive calls and I use a usb port headset. Well I can't understand a word now with all the garbled words or and static. I pay for 8mb thru Comcast and had 10 thru Centurylink but I did a bunch of different speedtests and they were all coming back under 3mb but when the Comcast tech got here he uses the comcast speedtest and tells me I'm getting 12mb hmmm little funny I'd think if I was told only 8mb was available any way what do I need to post here to get help to see if I have everything connected as should be and that I have done everything I can

A:Comcast modem

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Hi all I'm switching to comcast for internet service rather than pay to rent a modem figured ill just buy one any suggestions on a good model and where to buy if I could find one cheap enough I'd like to find a modem router combo thanks

A:modem for comcast

A Motorola Surfboard would cost your about $60 at Walmart, but you would have to purchase the router separately.

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I have a PS2 with Comcast cable internet with a Comcast supplied RCA modem. I had been playing Tiger Woods 2004 online for months with no problems. I took about a 3 month break, and when I tried to get online the next time, it would not connect. I tried creating a new account in my PS2, I tried a new ethernet cable, and resetting my modem, and nothing works. I know it isn't the modem, because it works fine for my computer, and I know it isn't the game because it does the same thing on Madden 2005. I have tried reloading the network software for the PS2,and nothing works. Tiger Woods 2005 comes out in less than a week, I need this online function to work. Any suggestions?????????????

A:PS2, Comcast, and RCA modem....

id try checkin out these topics at this website...

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I finally decided to go with highspeed internet at the beginning of the year. I know, it took me long enough. However I cannot get a connection. I have been on the phone with Comcasts support to many times. I cannot seem to connect to their network. I keep getting for my IP address. I am using Windows XP. I have turned off my firewall, installed all window updates. I installed an ethernet card, which is correctly installed and the drivers. The funny thing is, I dial-up through my AOL and when I am logged in, my computer does go alot faster than it used too. Comcast says everything is correct on their end. Does anyone have any idea's? The last thing I can think of is to completely wipe my computer and reinstall everything. I don't really feel like doing this. SO, if anyone has any idea's or can help me, it would be appreciated. Thanks!! Plus I don't have an XP disk! lol Also, I right click LAN and make sure it is enabled.


A:Comcast & IP address

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I have a MN-100 router and every time I run the setup program it tells me that it has detected a private IP address is there something that is causeing this and is it something I can do
to fix the problem
Thanks for the help

A:Private IP address

What Operating System are you running and what program is saying you have a private IP address?

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My internet works fine plugged into the comcast modem. When I plug it into my wireless router, it doesnt work. I reset both the modem and the router and nothing. Does comcast have a problem with outside routers?

A:Netgear and Comcast Modem

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I share a house with another family. We were looking to get separate comcast accounts. We have however subsequently decided to share the connection. I would like to know if we can use two different modems off the same line. They already have their internet working. I ordered a motorola modem off the comcast website and I would like to know how to go about getting this set up. I do not want to open the modem box if it won't work.

A:comcast cable modem

You can't use two modems with one connection. Either you share both a connection and a modem or you use separate connections and modems.

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I used to have SBC DSL and it came with a 2wire modem. I now have Comcast and want to use the 2wire modem with it the Comcast high speed, but the 2wire modem seems to be hardwired to be used with "SBC DSL" only. Is there any way to use the 2wire modem with comcast high-speed internet setup?

A:Former SBC 2wire modem to use with Comcast???

you need docsis version 2 hardware
to work with comcast
by 2 wire you mean cable connection ??

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how do i change my Ip with a comcast modem.
When i go into the command prompt type ipconfig/release
then ipconfig/renew it gives me my same ip address.

A:Changing Ip with a comcast modem.

What is your IP address? Is it local (192.168...) or does comcast require you have a static IP...

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Hi All,
I live in a two family house with one Comcast ISP connection (neighbors in basement apt, I live in upper part of the house) and the router is located in the basement. We've been having problems with connectivity and I want to add a second modem to our house so I can connect an old Linksys router I have.

Is this possible? I know the least complicated (but most labor-intensive) way is to run CAT 5 wire from the first router to the second, but I don't want to have to drill holes in the floor of our rental house. Every room in the house has a coax jack and I'd like to connect one of those to a modem and router I have, so we can have a more reliable connection.

Anyone have experience with this?

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i have comcast modem and dlink router
i am not able to connect to internet using dlink router

wehn i am typing the config add and typing the username as admin
it say 401 unautorized what does that mean

plz can anyone help

A:dlinkrouter comcast modem

What is the model number of the D-link router?

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Hi this will be long post so I will try to summarize it, basically I was a past customer for Comcast and canceled about 4 years ago. Ever since I canceled I have never received/paid a bill from them but we were still oddly enough getting internet from them(for free). So now recently maybe a week or two ago my modem has been giving me about 3-5% packet loss because I accidentally dropped it and something inside snapped. It's working fine other than the really high packet loss. Obviously I can't contact Comcast about this since I'm not a customer. I've also tried to order the exact same modem(model) but it brings me to "Welcome to Xfinity/Setup you're Xfinity Internet/Login to Xfinity", obviously I can't since I'm not a customer. So I was wondering if I can use the new modem so that it tells Comcast it's the same modem or just bypassing the Xfinity Internet Login page. I've been really confused on what to do, any help is appreciated!

A:Comcast Modem Troubleshooting

we are not going to be able to help you , setup a modem to use a service that you are not paying for.
you are not getting internet for free - comcast has made a mistake and you know they have made a mistake.
I would suggest you either call comcast and "come clean" about the situation
or as you had cancelled the internet 4 years ago. I dont know what you planned to do.
But talk to another ISP and have a new internet service setup

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I am thinking of buying my own cable modem to use on my comcast service. The Motorola SB seems to be the best priced unit. I was doing some checking and it says they are compatible up to Windows XP, I don't have any Vista systems but if I got a computer with Vista would this modem still work?

A:Comcast Cable Modem

Check the comcast site support section for a list of compatable modems first.
My cable internet rejected my old modem as it wasn't compliant with the
new docsys 2 standard.
If you connect a modem via network connection it doesn't need drivers,
and should work.
Otherwise,you would need to see if the drivers are available for the USB
connection under vista.

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I got a letter from Comcast (my ISP) stating that current modem, Linksys BEFMCU10 ver.3, might not be providing me with the full high speed capabilities that they offer. I own my modem, and I have no speed issues at all.

Comcast suggests that I purchase one on my own or lease a DOCSIS 3.0 capable modem from them.

Do I really need to upgrade the modem? The current one works just fine.

A:Comcast DOCSIS modem

My guess they may be right but it may not effect you.
Meaning it may effect you only if you have a higher speed.
Or they really just want to lease one to you.

Do a Google search on "Linksys BEFMCU10 ver.3" and see what others say.

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Hi there,
I'm running Win 98SE, with Comcast cable connection. The other day I had ran a registry restore back to a date about 7 days prior due to some software issues. Internet was working fine for months until I ran the restore. I have run Ad-aware and Spy-Bot, and AVG Virus Scan, computer is clean. When I pull up start/run/winipcfg.exe (or however it's spelled as I was told by the Comcast rep) it has no IP address listed. I hit "release address" tab and it says already released. So I hit "capture" for a new IP address and I get an error box that reads "w32: error" and does not find any new IP's. I have tried to cycle the modem as per Comcast's site and made sure all settings are to where they should be as per Comcasts site. Restarted in Safe Mode, ran all adware and spyware stuff again, comes up with nothing. The modem has lights on and the info lights is flashing but no connection to the computer. I am guessing I have something on there that is blocking it or killing my settings...any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

A:No IP address, will not capture Comcast

Hey, just to throw my two cents out there I would try one or all of the following ideas.

1) Try uninstalling/reinstalling Windows TCP/IP from the PC. I did that before on an ME PC and it worked like a charm for my DSL.

2) Try reinstalling the drivers for the NIC, or looking for updates.

3) Get a new PC!! Kidding. Do an upgrade or something and go to Win 2k or Win XP Pro...

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Hello All:

This may be a thread for the security forum...but here goes. I recently set up a small wireless home network with a wired desktop and wireless laptop. Everything works great. Both run XP SP2 and I use the free versions of ZoneAlarm and Avast for firewall and antivirus. My router is a D-Link DI-524 with WPA security and MAC address filtering enabled. The other night I was messing around with a site that tests your firewall vulnerability and everything passed except it was indicated to me that while surfing I am making my public IP address available (which I guess is OK), but that the site could also read my private IP address. I'm not sure what that even is except that I think it has something to do with my router. Does anyone know exactly what a private IP address is? Also, how bad is it that it can be seen on the web? How do I block it from being seen? Any help is appreciated.


A:Private IP Address Detected

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What is private use RFC1918??

A:IP address? private use RFC1918? help?

I assume you use a vpn and don't block WebRTC so it picks up the local private address of the vpn.

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A total non-tech guy here. Have old Dell desktop connected to Comcast modem (ARRIS TM502G). When Comcast set it up they used USB connection rather than ethernet. Recently bought new Dell desktop and Netgear wireless router. Tried setting new computer/router up to modem. Router is looking for a static IP address, but Comcast says I am set up for dynamic. Finally gave up on setting up router and have just been trying to get new computer to connect. Feel like if I can get computer to connect I can get the router set up. So I don't even mention router to Comcast anymore. After telling me mulitple times how to power cycle everything, and me doing so 57,000 times , they blamed Windows 7 and told me to call Microsoft. Instead I hired a tech guy to come help. He had no luck at my house so took the new machine home with him, and instantly connected to internet with his Comcast modem. So he brings it back and says it's on Comcast's end. Getting nowhere with Comcast. I explained (mulitple times) that it's connecting on the tech guys modem but they continue to say the computer is not set up correctly but have yet to help me out. I asked for a Comcast tech to come take care of it but they say they will but if it's not a Comcast issue I will have to pay for tech visit. I wouldn't know enough to know if it was a Comcast issue or not so would have to take his word - so not excited about this prospect. Again, have power cycled everything every different way possi... Read more

A:New computer will not connect with Comcast modem

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So Comcast wants me to use their high speed router/modem but the Linksys router I have (plus their modem) has been working quite well for many years.

They promise my speeds will be higher. Right now I'm at 54 Mbps. No problem here, if it ain't broke...

Should I just install it?

A:Should I use Comcast's wifi router/modem over my own?

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I just moved to a new home. In the previous home, my XBOX was connected by wire to a Linksys wireless router, which was connected to a Linksys modem, which was connected to Cox Cable.

My new home has Comcast. The modem is a new Motorola SB6121, and the router is a new Medialink N router. I cannot get the 360 (or my Roku box or my DirecTV CCK) to connect to the Internet no matter what I do. I do not have a wireless adapter on my XBOX 360, so I've been trying this all through a wired connection.

First, I should note that I have had no trouble getting my laptop to work through either a wired or a wireless conection.

I first tried something traditional: modem->router->360. When I go into Configure Network, the XBOX has all the correct IP/Subnet/etc. (verified by the numbers on my laptop). When I run a test, it gets past the Network test, but it cannot connect to the Internet.

I have also tried MAC cloning, port forwarding, DMZ, disabling the firewall, IP/MAC binding, and reassigning my XBOX the same MAC address as my laptop.

I have even tried connecting the XBOX directly into the modem, bypassing the router completely. Again, it is assigned proper IP/DNS/etc., but it can't get to the Internet.

Nothing I have done has connected by 360 to the Internet. I also called Comcast and they could not help. I'm really at the end of my knowledge here. I've tried every setting I can find.

A:Problems with New Modem/Router/Comcast

Might make sure plug and play (PNP) is enabled on the router.
Some devices need that.

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I was informed by Comcast the other day via a letter that they would be sending me a new modem to replace my older one. I called them and told them I didn't have one of their modems-had my own. They said they would cancel the order in that case. I had to ask a few more questions as in all the years I've used them I never got such a letter.

It seems they're updating to some new system that requires a DOCSIS 2.0 or higher in order to operate. I didn't know what they were talking about but discovered my Toshiba PCX 2200 was not on the good guy list-it was a 1.1 or 1.0-something to that affect.

At any rate, my question is what should I go buy-a modem that's compatible with Comcast, will accept my Linksys Router and one that's DOCSIS 2.0-3.0? If so, what brands and model numbers? I plead ignorance on this as I never heard of DOCSIS until today. Comcasts' change goes in effect next month and without a new modem, from what I understood, I won't be able to get a signal...

A:Comcast Upgrade Requires New Modem

What is the make and model of your current modem and router?

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A friend lives in a 4 story condo and is experiencing erratic/slow connections on one of his two laptops. (A 5 year old Inspiron).
Comcast recently installed their Xfinity service, including phone service, in the basement, and I suggested it might make more sense to have the equipment on the second or third floor.
If that makes sense, how difficult is it to move this equipment? I've installed their modems before, but have never fooled with moving the phone service.

A:Comcast/Xfinity modem in basement.

As long as extending the cable input doesn't cause any problems (ie: signal issues), it should simply be a matter of moving all of the hardware to another location.

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I have a Motorola Modem (SB5120) from Comcast, I have connected to a Belkin router (F5D5230-4)

The Problem I am having is that when I hook the Modem alone I have super speed downloads and I stay connected all the time.

When I am hooked to the modem and then to the router, my speed is cut almost in half and on some sites I get disconnected??

One site told me to ck my TCP config to see if I can increase my TCP connections.
It was set at auto sense, I called Belkin and they said that I should change the setting to 10baseT, and to download the new Firmware from there site.

I did all of the above, still slow, but a bit faster. Still get disconnected but it finds it self and reconnects most of the time?

What I would like to do is connect the main computer direct to the modem and then the other 2 computers thur the router.
But I am not sure if I can, or not and how??

The Modem has a USB port or a Wier connector, but you can only use one??
Is there a splitter of some kind that I can get??

Sorry for such a long first post!! But i am trying to give you all the info I can.

O yea I run a Dell 4400 Pentium 4, 1.6 MHz, 512 ram, 165 gig HD, CDrom, CD burner and Floppy


A:Comcast Modem, Router problem

I am running on comcast with motorola modem through linksys router speeds are a little slower than a direct connection I have tried to fix ,still working on it
my speeds have increased to toast.net average 3mb's
dslreports 2.5mb/s
sometimes as high as 5.5mb/s
my router is set as a gateway dynamic wan ip addressing
router itself static lan ip of
the nic's are all set to static with a full duplex 100 on 2 and full duplex 1000 on 2
when I set my mtu to 1500 seems to slow me down
my friend is on comcast with a diff modem and a linksys voip router(mines vpn)he is gettin a steady 5mb/s dwnld
his setting are dhcp inabled dynamic lan ip and wan
his dynamic lan is
this are not real time dwnlds of course ,just speed tests
I have had my dwnlds real tested with 100mb files
fastest was 1.8mb/s average

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I don't really know what's going on lately with my cable modem. Every other time try to connect to the internet, it does not connect. The problem occurs either when I first turn on the computer and attempt to connect to my Comcast homepage or a while after I've been on the computer. I am usually (not always) able to correct the problem by unplugging the modem power source for a few seconds and then replugging it.

I have a Linksys Etherfast cable modem and high-speed internet service provided by Comcast. Does the fact that I leave the modem on all the time have anything to do with the problem?

Hope anyone can help.


A:[Resolved] Modem/Comcast HSI problems

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Good afternoon.

I recently upgraded to broadband with Comcast (25 MB Down/5 MB Up). I was tired of ATT DSL that I was using (1.5 MB Down/0.25 Up maximum due to where I live).

My problem is that I can’t get my network to work. I came to you guys previously for assistance with my network and my set up was working perfectly after I followed your instructions. It must be the new cable modem.

Here is a list of my components:

1.- Touchstone/Arris Model WBM760A Wideband Modem RoHS Compliant.
2.- TRENDnet 5 port 10/100Mpbs Fast Ethernet Switch, Auto-MDIX & Auto-Negotiation Fast Ethernet Ports. 1.2GPBS Switching Capacity, Non-Blocking Architecture. Plug & Play.
3.- Linksys by Cisco WRT120N Wireless-N Home Router.
Please see attached diagram. Just replace “DSL Router” with “Cable Router”
When I connect either PC to the modem, they work fine, if I connect the Fast Ethernet Switch to the modem and connect both PCs to the switch only one computer will work (it can be either one) and of course my wireless router does not work either.

Your help (again) will be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

OM from ATL

A:Comcast Modem Networking Problem

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Anyone...I had a cable modem installed by comcast on Wednesday and nothing is working. Tech that did the install left NO literature or notes. I called tech support for the usual 1 hour of smaltzy music before I got a techie to help. Went thru all the gyrations of uninstalling/reinstalling HP NIC card, IPconfig and other assorted things. Tech ended up telling me I had a bad card OR need a new IP stack OR AOL 6.0 screwed up my system. Supposed to have a Comcast techie at my house tomorrow.. Really don't want to get the run-around by these folks, so I would like to know if any of the above reasons ring true. I'm not exactly a newbie but have very limited experience with IP addresses / cable modems. Thx in advance...

A:[Solved] Cable Modem (Comcast)

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Hello all i'm a new memeber so this is my cherry popping thread
on that note i've been a reader of this site for about a month now.
1st thing, your all awesome for helping one another out and not forcing one another to pay a crazy price for some tech support over the phone that doesn't work.

Here is my issue...and it's so similiar to all i've been reading about on here with everyone elses problems...ok here we go

I purchaced a NEW PC Via an E-bay store (love it) everything was fine, I purchased the OEM version of vista as it's OS to 1 save money and 2 to stay up to date until I upgrade to ultimate sometime when the first SP comes out...

Anyway I moved my computer station over to the other side of the room and to avoid the long wire connection way, i've upgraded to a linksys wireless router (yes that WRT54G
one everyone complains about) Anyway I also purchased the linksys WUSB54GC
Compact Wireless-G USB Adapter. now somewhere along the line during configuration I lost the abbility to obtain the DHCP from my Arris comcast Modem, I have DHCP enabled on my ethernet network and I keep getting the 192.168. Ip from the modem which is wrong cause also readin I know that the 192.168 is from my linksys...

i've tried all options of IPconfig/release - renew- all but the same IP appears whenever I unplug the modem from the wall (like everyone says to do) and wait a minute or so and when Identifying network it always connects (wired) but gets... Read more

A:comcast Modem and linksys Hell!

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Hey, I'm about to order Comcast, but I have a little problem.

I need the service ran to 2 rooms, 1 my living room, and 2nd my bedroom.
Living room is mainly for the computer, and bedroom is mainly for my gaming consoles.

Is it possible to use their 1 supplied IP address, and have their service work for both my computer and, Playstation 2/etc work?
Can they both work at the same time, or one at a time?

I'll probably have the cabeling ran into the living room, and hopefully you guys can give me a tip for a wireless option to link it to my bedroom, for my consoles.(If there is one).

I know you can purchase more than 1 IP address, but I'm sure that I'm not alone in saying that I don't want to pay a extra fee per month for another IP address.


A:Comcast IP Address Dilemma. 2 Rooms 1 IP Possible?

Comcast and routers a bit sketchy at present. Seems that Comcast has decided that they want to force you to pay extra for more than one connection. There are workarounds, one being to spoof the MAC of your NIC onto the router, this will sometimes work, sometimes it will have to be done again every time your IP is renewed.

The following is Netgear specific, but is for the most part relavent anyway. Note that this may not work and if it does, it may not in the future and you may be forceced to pay the extortion money to Comcast in order to have a network. http://kbserver.netgear.com/kb_web_files/n101227.asp

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Hi, I have a small network and I use a DSL modem to connect to the Internet. I tried setting up an FTP server before when I first go DSL, but I couldn't see the server from the net. It worked when I had dialup, so I know its not the software. Any know how to set up the NAT that the DSL modem uses so that the server will work? Thanks in advance.

Timothy Nerbonne
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A:How to set up an FTP server over a private network with a DSL modem

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Hi Everyone,

I have a windows 2003 server desktop in my office. This is connected to wireless router which inturn is connected to the ISP modem. ISP modem is giving a public IP but the wireless router is making it private for the network.
I have no issues when I am working within the network.

If I want to access my office desktop (an application installed on it), I need to connect via its IP address. As it is private IP iam not able to connect it. Is there any way through which I can access my server which is on private IP.

Any help would be highly appreciated. Guide me to correct forum, if I placed the question in wrong forum.


A:Remote access of private IP address

Your wireless router is acting as a Firewall between you and the Internet. If you need to access resources on your office network, then you need to program the router to forward that network traffic to the appropriate resource.

I don't want to assume what resource you are trying to access but I assume you want to access the desktop of the Windows 2003.

To do this, you need to login to your routers configuration and forward port 3389 which is the port that Remote Desktop works on, to the LAN (private) Ip address of your Windows 2003 server.

Most small office routers have nice instructions in their manual on how to accomplish this task. If you don't have the manual you can most likely download it from the manufacturers website.

There is also a website called portforward.com that has nice tutorials on how to do this with many of the common routers that are out there today.

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I need to know how this works.

Remote access via the internet using IP addressing.
I have a private address NAT behind a router. The other computer I have is also on private addressing behind a router.

If all Private addresses are the same, how does one connect to the correct computer remotely.

is the configuration done with port forwarding in the routers.....

From very confused


A:private address-remote access help

read up on NAT. and port forwarding...yur router translates the addresses. if u wanna go end to end over the net, yul probably need to use port forwarding on the router to send certain traffic to yur pc for a particular program

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First of all I have Windows Vista.

My question is, I have been receiving emails from a private ip address. I have put the ip address into a variety of websites and the only info I get is a location on the map. The person that sent the email says they are in Turkey and the private ip address comes up in the Nigeria region. I want to get the info that is unknown from the search of the private address. Is it possible? The following are the private address.



Thanks Turkatenka

A:Finding location of private IP address

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Hey guys, ok so... private ip address that are reserved for private use are (i think):

So, say you have 5 computers on a network that use the private addressing scheme of:

If computer A wants to communicate with computer B within the network, how does computer A know that 192.168.0.x is a private address within the same network and not an address on the internet? Which device/protocol is holding the information that 192.168.0.x is within the private IP address ranges.

Thanks in advance!

A:Basic Private IP address question

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I am not able  to get client private IP address in IE browser. But I can access client private IP address using javascript in Chrome and Firefox. But this not working in IE browser. 

Please let me know how to find this.

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I got an email sent to an aol address that I never get junk emails from. No one knows I have it, I've never advertised it on aol, or to websites, people, etc.. but somehow this morning I got a letter from some company wanting to do something with my mortgage. They had my full name and home address in the letter. I'm really confused by how they could've ended up with all that... the fact that they sent it to this unknown address is really puzzling..

Does anyone know how this happened or has this happened to anyone else?

A:Spam email sent to a private address...?

The only way they could have gotten it is if you used your email and sent your information to a site....they now have the info.


AOL gave them the info.

You choose.

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I currently rent a modem from comcast now I am ready to save some money and buy my own. Which modem is the best to buy and can you also reccomend a dependable router to work with it.

A:Whats the best modem & router to buy to use with comcast services

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Normally when you go to a default gateway of a modem or router you can access the devices admin tool. In my case with a comcast modem I was not able to access the admin tool until they reset it. I wasn't even to access the login page of the admin tool. It kept timing out. What are the reasons for the admin tool login page timing out? I have NEVER experienced this with any previous router or modem. Could someone be screwing with me and how?
Comcast Business | Set up and manage your Comcast Business Wireless Gateway

A:Can't access admin tool of comcast modem

I don't have Comcast but do have Verizon and to access the setup page for that router, I have to enter an ID and password that Verizon provided me. The typical default IDs and passwords do not work. I suspect it might be the same with Comcast. I would check with them to find out.

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I am sure this is a dumb question, but here goes....

My father has a comcast cable modem and he is hard wired to the device. His laptop is running with Windows Vista. I have a new laptop running windows 7. Without purchasing a wireless router, is there anyway I can get my laptop to get out to the internet? I have looked at virtual router software, but I believe they will not work with Windows Vista. Any suggestions? Thanks.

A:Comcast Cable Modem - wireless options

See here: Using ICS (Internet Connection Sharing)

A wireless router would be a better way to go though. Probably faster and it would not require your father's laptop to be on for you to have an internet connection.

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I have set up my new linksys router to my comcast modem connection to work with my laptop wireless and is doing fine, but any other wireless devices such as PS3, Phone, etc.. Doesnt work!? I will appreciate any help to solve this problem thanks.

A:RCA modem (comcast) with linksys router issue.

Let's see this from the wireless laptop that's working on the router.

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD to open a command prompt:

In the command prompt window that opens, type type the following command:

Note that there is a space before the /ALL, but there is NOT a space after the / in the following command.


Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If you are on a machine with no network connection, use a floppy, USB disk, or a CD-RW disk to transfer a text file with the information to allow pasting it here.

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