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Thumb Drive

Q: Thumb Drive

What are the tools/programs that you would carry on a portable usb drive?

Preferred Solution: Thumb Drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Thumb Drive

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I want to have Macrium Rescue and windows backup in one pendrive. If I create two partition in my pendrive, first for rescue and other for keeping backup, is it possible. Because windows only recognize the first primary partition of the pendrive.

Sorry found the answer in my earlier threads. So this is closed now

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I have tried installing Anti-virus software on a flash drive. However, the Avti-virus will only run from the flash drive on the machine that I installed it from. Indicating a registry association.I need anti-virus software that will run from a flash drive on any machine running windows. Preferably, not bloatware like McAfee. Anybody know of any?
Thanks for help. PS. McAfee won't

A:I need Anti-Virus that will run from a Flash drive aka: Thumb drive

Stinger.exe will run from a flash drive an will seek out and find most of the more recent worms and viruses. You can find it here:


I would think for any full fledged av program you could put the exe. file on the flash drive and then install it on most any computer. Such programs as Avast, Antivir, and AVG should work in that manner.

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Under XP Media Center
I have two internal HDs two CD drives, one ext. HD and Windows has assigned drive letters to all and all have been stable over the years the very weird thing , and I can't figure out why, is that for my USB thumb drive - which I always plug into the same USB port it changes letters after an extended period - say about 8 months, it will go from "G" to "I" and then back. It is bothersome only because I use the "Send To" command for many files. is there a way to stabilize this or is it just another XP annoyance I must put up with.

A:windows XP keeps alternating drive letter for thumb drive

goto control panel
Admin tools
computer management
disk management
in the right hand side you should see all the drives
go to the the drive that you want to change the letter ID
right click - then choose "change drive letter" a box will appear with the current letter
choose a new letter and click ok then its all done same letter every time

I often set to X, Y, Z for external and any mapped drives

have a read here http://www.online-tech-tips.com/com...s-xp-for-an-external-usb-stick-or-hard-drive/

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On our system at work when I plug in a thumb drive because our network drive is f it assigns that letter to the thumb and I cant see it. I go through Manage then Disk Management ect and assign a Drive letter to the USB thumb. I dont want to do this if I dont have to. I also dont want to have the IT guys remap the entire network if possible. Is there a way around this.
I want to be able to just plug in a thumb drive and have xp see it without going through disk management to change a assigned letter.


A:XP wont see thumb drive Network drive F

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Greetings to all

By mistake i disabled my flasd drive... here is what i did...

at the task bar (the one at the bottom ---start -----) i right clicked the safely remove hardware and selected properties and device usage i disbaled.. since than i cant use this flash drive in this computer.. i can use other flash drive/thumb drive usb drive but the one which i disabled i cant use it and it wont recognise too.

Please help me to fix this problem. when i insert other flash drive/thumb drive my computer detects it but the one which i disabled wont detect. What should i do?

Highly apreciate your help


A:Flash Drive/Thumb Drive how to enable

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I have a user with a 4gig USB thumb drive that when she plugs it into her front USB ports it shows up as a 3.5 floppy with only 1.44MB memory.

I have tried formatting the drive to no avail.

She says its recognized on a co-workers computer and all works fine.

what could be causing it to act flaky on her PC?


A:Thumb Drive

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Are there any tools to repair thumb drives? I have a dive that will not format after I pulled it out without ejecting it.

A:Thumb Drive

Exactly what method or process are you using to try to format the thumb drive.
Could you install the thumb drive and use this tutorial to post a picture.
Also let us know what size and brand the thumb drive is.

By Golden:

Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

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Downloaded music from desktop onto a thumb drive- replays fine on desktop but not on netbook that runs Windows 7 starter, windows media player. thumb drive on netbook stutters- plays some song and not others

A:thumb drive use

I'd try copying the files it won't play over to the local drive. Then you can find out if it is a problem with your drive, files, or if you are just using to much RAM on other things- netbooks typically can't run tons of apps at once since they usually only come with 1-2GB

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My thumb drive has been working awesome and when i went to plug it in 1 day it says you need to format do you want to format now and i pressed yes then ok and it says error disk is write protected, does anyone know how to change it to normal because i dont have a clue how its write protected

A:Usb Thumb Drive Help

is there some sort of switch or button or something on it that locks it? some have that feature to protect it.

what kind (brand, size, etc) do you have?

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Hi All my problem is this I have a Dell laptop and when at home and I put the usb thumb drive in to it I can read it ok, but when I take the laptop away with me to another location the laptop cannot read the it (the thumb drive)
The laptop is not connected to the internet at either location
I have tried it on different Laptops same result there dosen't seem any logical reason for this as other usb drives work ok
Many thanks for any help that can be given.

A:usb thumb drive

When you eject the USB flash drive do you click the Safely Remove Icon before pulling it out? If you don't, it will have a hard time connecting next time you put it in.
If the USB Flash Drive is not recognized when you put it in, go to Start/Run and type devmgmt.msc and press enter. In the Device Manager are there any devices with a Yellow Flag or under Universal Serial Bus Controllers is there an Unknown Device? If so, right click it and Uninstall it, then remove the Flash Drive and restart your computer. Put the Flash drive into a different USB port. If you don't want to restart, put the USB into a different USB port and in the Device Manager, Right click Any device and choose Scan For Hardware Changes. You should get New Hardware Found.

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Bought a twin pack of 1 GB thumb drives. One works fine, other one doesn't. I plug it in & it shows up as removable disk K. Tried to drag flies onto it & it says "please insert a disk into removable drive K." Hello? It's already plugged in! Might it just be a dud, since the other one that came in the pack is fine? I didn't pay that much so I don't mind just throwing it out, since trying to get it working is causing me major headaches. The brand is LGear bought from Futureshop. And I'm running Vista Home Premium. GRRR!! I should just smash it with a hammer & be done with it!

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Anyone know where I can get a thumb drive that is made in the US ? And is there anything I should know before I buy? Win XP .

A:Thumb drive

You can buy thumb drive in any computer store I'm sorry I am not familiar where, Any thumb drive will do...in any OS..Just make sure also the size or capacity fit what you are planning to use..If you use it as a back-up drive. Then you have to buy bigger sizes.

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I am thinking about getting a Thumb Drive to cut down on all the CDs and Floppies I keep having to drag out. I use a Dell Inspiron 2500 - Windows XP -Internet Explorer.

What type and size of Thumb drive would you suggest. Also does it come with software to install? I would be using it to back-up "My Documents"/Pictures, etc.

Thank you.

Florida Cheryl

A:Thumb (Pen) Drive ?

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Hi All my problem is this I have a Dell laptop and when at home and I put the usb thumb drive in to it I can read it ok, but when I take the laptop away with me to another location the laptop cannot read the it (the thumb drive)
The laptop is not connected to the internet at either location
I have tried it on different Laptops same result there dosen't seem any logical reason for this as other usb drives work ok
Many thanks for any help that can be given.

A:usb thumb drive

When you eject the USB flash drive do you click the Safely Remove Icon before pulling it out? If you don't, it will have a hard time connecting next time you put it in.
If the USB Flash Drive is not recognized when you put it in, go to Start/Run and type devmgmt.msc and press enter. In the Device Manager are there any devices with a Yellow Flag or under Universal Serial Bus Controllers is there an Unknown Device? If so, right click it and Uninstall it, then remove the Flash Drive and restart your computer. Put the Flash drive into a different USB port. If you don't want to restart, put the USB into a different USB port and in the Device Manager, Right click Any device and choose Scan For Hardware Changes. You should get New Hardware Found.

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Any of my USB devices, Thumb Drive, MP3 Player etc., will now not show up in My Computer. I sure my computer see them as it chimes when I plug them in.
Please Advise.

A:Thumb Drive

right click my computer, click on manage, click on disk management and see if it sees your thumb drives there.

Are you using a usb hub or plugged directly into the computer?

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HELP!!! I just bought a new PNY 8gb thumb drive for my Dell E6400 laptop running XP. It worked great for the first few tries. Today, every time I plug it in the USB port I keep getting "Cannot find HOnEq.Exe"
I don't know why it's not auto-playing, and allowing me to read the files I put on the thumb drive earlier. But, I can go to My Computer, and right click on the thumbdrive to view the contents. But why did it stop automatically recognize the thumbdrive and why is that warning constantly popping up. There is no virus..I scanned that. All devices appear to be working. Should I return the thumb drive and get a different brand/model? Or is there a simple fix? Also, I checked to update the driver but it said I already had the latest driver. Did something get corrupted? HELP!!!

A:PNY 8gb Thumb Drive

The most likely situation is that the thumb drive got a virus which was later removed by your antivirus or someone else's. In that case there will still be a file (probably a hidden and system file) called "Autorun.inf". If you delete that file the drive will be back to normal.

In case you don't know, to show hidden and system files go to tools>Folder options>view, check show hidden files and folders and uncheck hide protected Opperating system files.

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Good day all, Got an HP 4gb thumb drive. Everything appeared to be ok. Found new hardware bubble came up in task bar, then the found new hardware wizard came up. No new drive was indicated on "My Computer" (using XP). Exchanged thumb drive at store. Came home and tried again in all 4 USB ports as before, same results. Tried it in our laptop and drive was indicated in "Computer" (using 7). Tried a same model but older HP 4gb drive, with data already on it in the original computer and it worked as it should as did 2 PNY sticks. Any guesses? Thanks.


A:Thumb Drive Help

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I am old school, so this new computer has thrown me a bit.   I am presuming that the USB ports on the top of the Envy tower are for thumb/flash drives.  I attempted to insert one and it will not go in.  I was able to insert it in a USB port in the back of the tower, but was unable to find any drive to open it.  What as I doing wrong?   Thanks much

A:thumb drive

Hi, On the top it should have 4 USB ports Top I/O portsUSB 3.0: 2USB 2.0: 2Headphone: 1Microphone: 1Source:    http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c04792282 Can you use anyone of them ? If not, please contact/ask store to have a swap. Regards.

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My computer does not recognize the thumb drive I just plugged in. Up to now no problem. When I jiggle it I hear it beep and then an error message came on quickly and then went off stating that the thumb drive appears to be damaged and can't be read.

Is there any suggestions of how I can get it to work at least one more time so I can transfer the data to another drive?

Any help will be appreciated
Dell Inspiron, Windows 7 home premium

A:Thumb drive not found

When those go i dont think theres much chance to recover anything from them.

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I have a 8GB thumb drive, age unknown.
[1] In WinExp, Name:= Removable Disk
[2] In drive Properties, Name:= <empty, no name, an empty string>

When I try to rename the drive "PKT2012" in either [1] or [2] the new name refuses to "stick"

The "Properties" dialog "Name" field is always empty.

Is the drive past its useful life or am I missing something when trying to rename it ?

In drive > Properties > Hardware ... the list of drives is by manufacturer branding/model .... all rather useless when trying to identify the target drive. I have 5 drives.

In drive > Properties > Details (tab) > Property List ... there is a plethora of property-names in random order ... not much help there either that I can see.
"Device Description" := Disk drive
"Display Name" = Disk Drives

AS I experiment with property names the drop down list reorganizes itself with the last selected property at the bottom of the list ... not a lot of help, when the property names are a moving target.

I am trying to clean out a collection of USB thumb drives (ancient and recent) without discarding maybe valuable data (from a time when I thought thumb drives were the way to go).
Now I use one external USB spinner backed up regularly onto another spinner.
All thumb-drives <8gb (nominal) are being tossed out.

I am sure the thumb drives are breeding!

I would appreciate any help ... thenk you

A:Cannot rename USB thumb-drive

See the TIP at the top also (not the tip top )

Drive - Rename

A Guy

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I'm making a bootable thumb drive with all the best recovery and testing tools I can think of. Problem is I cant think of any other tools to put on it.

So far I have Hiren's boot cd, ubcd, ubcd4win, XP install disk image (dunno if the xp works yet), clonezilla, ubuntu, and orphcrack.

Anyone else have any ideas on other disks I should put on there or favorite tools?

A:Bootable Thumb Drive

What about Win7?

- [email protected] File Recovery Software & Web Service. Data Recovery for Windows XP 2003 2000 98 .... Also their partition recovery software is brillaint.
- Useful batch files and scripts that you may have
- oxid.it - Cain & Abel
- PortableApps.com - Portable software for USB drives.
- A packet tracer
- A Hex editor
- NFO reader

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Hello everybody,

Im new to this forum and i want a solution for a problem im facing right now. i bought a MP3 player with 512mb capacity and without any warranty and when i formatted it, my thumbdrive's capacity went to 256mb. im able to double the space of this disk using a program called drive space3 in windows 98 but im not able to use that drive in windows xp. can anyone provide me a solution for this problem, so that i can use this drive in windows xp by doubling the space. otherwise please let me know how to double the space in windows xp for a removable disk. im thankful to you if you can provide me a solution


A:Thumb drive 512 became 256 when formatted. Please help

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I've got a 2 gb thumb drive (usb) that when I try to delete any files, I get the message the drive is "write protected". Remove the write protection, or use another disk. How do you remove the write protection? I didn't know it was write protected

A:Can't delete from thumb drive

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Ok I have helped some people here so I am hoping to get my favor returned with this real tough one Okay so I use a Attache 1 Gb Flash Drive and I thought to myself one day (why dont I install a mini pclinuxos on here). So I go ahead to, it formats, and partitions it and then messes up. Im not worried with the installation its just that now my 1 Gb falsh drive is only 465 Mb in Windows eyes!! When I went to the logical disk manager on my Windows Vista Business, it had said that there was a 392 Mb, 465 Mb, and 9 Mb partitions. Is there any way to put all of the partitions back together again. People usually skip over these hard one but please, anyone can you help me, I really need all that space back

A:Thumb Drive Madness

Hi Techpro, I found this article from a google search. You may have to use an XP machine if you're going to follow this word for word.

If you have stuff on there that you want to keep, you'll want to dump it on to the hard drive before you try it though.

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I have an 8GB thumb drive. It shows that it has 7.49GB free space. When I tried to copy a 6.39GB file to it, I get a msg. saying the file is too large for the destination file system. Can anyone explain why this would happen.


A:file won't fit on thumb drive

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I use Spotify on my computer to listen to and manage music. With Spotify, you can use it as a music player, but you have to download and install it on a computer. I downloaded it to a thumbdrive so I can use it on the go. I drive cars with computers in them but I can't download anything to the computers. Is there any way to make the program work from the thumb drive?

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I've just brought a brand new USB 32GB thumb drive (it was working at that moment), so I decided to format the drive to NTFS, but it takes ages (3 to 4 hours for 10% )and still haven't finish the formating.....so I aborted the format and use HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool to format it, but it keep saying that the USB thumb drive is having the write-protected on (in fact, it doesn't have the write-protect lock button at all)......so now I can't format (unable to complete the format) or use the drive at all.....also, if I use the format provided by Windows (right-click at the drive and choose "format") it will give me an error at the end......

Please help!!! SO MANY THANKS!!!

It is a OEM product, the chip is a Samsumg chip. And I bought it on ebay.

A:Can't format the USB Thumb drive

If you have a Windows Install CD you can boot with it and tell it to delete all the partitions without having to use DOS. (I use a WinXP cd), I did the same thing once with a 4gb flash drive.

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Can it be done if I want to be the only person in the entire solar system who can view and use whatever I put on it? If so, how?


A:Encrypting a thumb drive

How about if you and the NAS (with enough time and computer power) were the only ones in the entire solar system who could view and open the contents? Many thumb drive manufacturers include an encryption function for their drives. It may be in the form of a program that needs to be installed from the drive or downloaded.

For example, SanDisk includes a Windows version of their SecureAccess(tm) 128 bit AES encryption program on the drive, with a mac version available for download,

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I used my thumb drive to copy a file from my XP computer and carry it to my wife's Windows 7 laptop.

The files were self executing set-up files for her printer (exe). When I plugged the thumb drive into her computer it wouldn't read it (Drive requires formating-dialogue box) When I plugged it back into the XP system, I got the same dialog box (Drive is not Formated),

What happened? Is there any way to salvage the one, almost 2, gigabytes of files on my thumb drive?

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I purchased a Lexar 2g 360. It says that it is compatible with vista 64 but when i put it in my laptop it tells me that creedo does not support 64 and it wont let me use the thumb drive. I can find no way to reformat the thumb drive or change anything on it. I only wanted this thumb drive for ready boost but i cannot get it to do anything. Ive looked for drivers/software, checked and everything says nothing is needed and that it works with any vista.

How can I make it where i can use this as a regular drive and remove creedo from the drive?

A:Problems with thumb drive

You're best starting point might be at the Lexar support site. I see they have online chat and fourms. See if you can get an answer from their tech people. Probably good to post your question in their forum as well as may find others easier that way who share same problem

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Is it possible to make a backup for my computer on a thumb drive, and have it work just like the W7 cd I have where it gives me a fresh install if I want to wipe out viruses and such that have been a problem?

I actually want to do this for a vista computer. I am planning to swicth from an HDD to SSD on one of the PC's in my home.

How do I do it?

A:Backups on thumb drive?

If you want to be able to use a thumb drive to install Windows see the below tutorial. If you just want to back up files and folders on the thumb drive just use the Send to command in the right click menu or simply copy and paste it to the drive
USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create

If you intend to reinstall Windows use this guide to do so which should work on Vista also
Clean Install Windows 7

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I have a 1GB thumbstick that I'd like to recover. Diskpart can't clean it (CRC error), Windows can't format it, it DOES show up, and diskpart CAN see it. It has no partitions or volumes, and I can't chkdsk it, it's a raw format at the moment. Any ideas what to do? Ditching the drive is an option, but not preferred.

Edit: Seatools passed both short and long generic, have tried both erase options, both fail.

A:Another USB Thumb Drive problem

Try the HP usb format tool, if that doesn't work I would ditch it

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my son thought he could load a program on his thumbdrive off of another computer. and now when he plugs it in to any computer, it says, it needs to be formatted.. He knows if it is formatted he will loose everything including pictures from his tour in Iraq. I know .. and he knows he should have copied the pictures.. but he didn't. I don't think he will repeat the mistake.

is there anything that can be done to salvage the informaiton on the drive?

any assistance or information will be greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance.

A:Thumb drive Trouble.

if he tried to 'load a program from another pc'
that is probably WHY it needs to be formatted,
on this forum, the rules here:
say no-one can help with piracy,
on recovering the pictures,
there are a number of data recovery softwares available,
pick one, it MIGHT work,
depending upon HOW important the pics,
there are professional services available,

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I have been working on my sons 6-8 year old lap top that was not recognizing the usb ports. When you plug anything (mouse etc) into the port, the screen goes blank and the computer has to be rebooted after which the mouse would work. I had a 2 gig Simpletech thumb drive that I had been using for over a year and it worked fine on everything I pluged it into until, I pluged it into this laptop, the screen went blank, I rebooted and after a few moments when the drive was not found I went to unplug it and it was Hot, real HOT. Hot enought to dimple the plastic housing and destroy the drive. I am at a loss. Any Ideas, thanks

A:Melted thumb drive

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I have 2 thumbdrives.... A 2gig Rally2 and a 4gig Sandisk. They both do the same thing.

They ask to format it when I try and access all my important files and I cant get around it.
I finally decided to format and it always says that the format was unsuccessful.

I haven't used my thumbdrives for over 6 months becuase of that. Any Ideas?

A:Thumb Drive Not Working...

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Is it possible to install XP on a USB thumb drive so I can carry my XP with me where ever I go?

Thanks in advance.

A:Installing XP on a USB Thumb drive

I'm afraid windows is not installable to such a drive. Even if it was it would be a blatant violation of the EULA, as it states the software can be installed only on one machine. What you might need is a live CD such as can be found with some of the linux live systems. But then you would have to learn how to drive or ride a bike all over again . Meaning you would find Linux to be a little different from what you're accustomed to. But if you're looking to have a portable system that leaves no traces of your browsing or personal information when you leave, Linux might be the answer.
edit: forgot to mention some of those Linux distributions have been successfully put onto a thumb drive, as you asked.

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I have a 16GB thumb drive. Looking for tools to put on it so I can help people when they call me to fix their computer.

A:Tools to put on my thumb drive?

Hello Havoc,

Try some of these.

Run 57 Free PC Repair Apps From Your Flash Drive | Bill Mullins' Weblog - Tech Thoughts

Computer Repair Tools - Technibble


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I think I killed my 512 thumb drive by removing it from the PC with going through the proper sequence. I had heard that it didn't make any difference as long as the download/upload was complete. Is that not true?

Now, when I plug it in, it still appears in My Computer as a Removable Drive, but when I double-click it, it won't open. I get an error message saying "Insert Disk in X Drive."


A:Death of a thumb drive

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Just bought an 8GB USB flash drive primarily to load music for my car. Is it necessary to format it (FAT32 or other), or can I just drag and drop folders and songs?
Also, if I decide to add data files (Excel spreads, Word dox, etc.), do I need to partition it somehow so that my car stereo does not get confused? If so, how?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional , 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 26 Stepping 5 (OC'd to 3.7Ghz)
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 6142 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 5800 Series , 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 953762 MB, Free - 910998 MB; E: Total - 1907726 MB, Free - 1678442 MB;
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd., X58A-UD3R, x.x,
Antivirus: Trend Micro AntiVirus, Updated and Enabled

A:Necessary to format new USB thumb drive?

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I have a usb thumb drive that the tip came off. Any ideas on how to get my data or fix it?

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Just going to throw this out and I have researched this somewhat. We have company pc's and we're allowed to be on the internet. We know that big brother can and does watch what we're doing. I want a flash drive that I can plug in, utilizing the company pc, but only using the resources of the internet and be invisible, leaving not a trace of what I'm doing.
So, I want to be able to browse/surf (yes, portable firefox), and most importantly, I want to be able to download exe. games or other programs and have my thumbdrive handle it. I was told I would need an emulator or something, and also most games require direct X.
As it is now, if I "DARE" download a game on company PC, which I do not, it wants to install on PC. There is no option of downloading in to my older 1G thumbdrive.
I need some direction as what is it that I need to get and do.
Thank you very much.

A:secure thumb drive for on-the-go

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In the past I have re-formatted thumb drives to remove all data.
I know "delete" actually lists the delete file/folder in the hidden "Recycle bin" on the thumb drive.

Recently I had to verify a WD portable USB HD and one of the features on the WD tool was to ... (this is where I am out of my depth) ... replace all segments/bits (?) with zeros.

What is (if there is one) the best way to clear a thumb drive ?
I want to re-use the thumb drives with 5GB data for 6 months storage
Security is not an issue.

any thoughts, thank you

A:Clearing a thumb drive.

Just format it as usual.

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I am running XP home on a compaq presario 5000. Has two usb ports on front of machine. I can plug in my digital camera and it is recognized. I plugged in an external hard drive and it was recognized but thumb drives from 56 K to 256 megs are not. I have looked everywhere I can think of but have not found a way to get this machine to recognize the drive. Perhaps it can't... Any help appreciated. Thanks.

A:Thumb drive isn't recognized

Have you tried the back ports? Did these work before, sounds like first try though?
Front ports on older pc's did not have the same power on the buss in many cases.
Have you tried these on any other pc?

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hello guys this is my work place problems it seem majority in my place have these shortcuts in their thumb drive lets say any a folder named hello

( it shortcut have the same name )the original file missing

but when i try to click the file it goes to some other with a path of some sort of file named like o3mr that i did not recognize the rest of the name

cause it too long its there any idea on how to kill this virus and remove infection in the computer cause anything i try it closed it in second

hope any of you can help already two month before i post it here

thanks you

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A Compaq notebook running Win ME which previously would recognize my thumb drives will no longer recognize the drive. The USB port definitely works when connected to a USB printer. I've tried plugging in the thumb drive both before booting and after booting, but Win ME just won't find it. I'm at a loss... Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

A:Win ME won't recognize thumb drive

Your drivers for the thumb drive or devices like it are missing or corrupt. Go the manufacture site for download and instructions

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