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Macrium Reflect and MFT error

Q: Macrium Reflect and MFT error

I use Macrium Reflect Free to make frequent backup images, which I have saved me on a number of occasions. However, every time I use it I get the message ?MFT corrupt ? error code+6 run chkdsk c: /r?. I run this and am then able to make an image ? until the next time. I also get a message XML validation Error storage G <disk> ?2? <partition> storage H ?3? is not valid. The two partitions are extra drives NFTS dynamic 682 GB and NFTS dynamic 99 GB ? neither of these is selected for imaging.

Chkdsk switch R is described as fixing bad sectors rather than the master file table. The problem is obviously not within windows but is more fundamental ? is there a way of permanently solving the problem, which adds another twenty minutes or so to the image production process. I always verify the image and there has never been a corrupt one.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q9550 @ 2.83GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8191 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030, -2048 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 222 GB (110 GB Free); D: 465 GB (214 GB Free); G: 736 GB (53 GB Free); H: 195 GB (115 GB Free);
Motherboard: MSI, G41M-P28 (MS-7592)
Antivirus: TalkTalk SuperSafe by F-Secure, Enabled and Updated

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Preferred Solution: Macrium Reflect and MFT error

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hi all.
I tried to do a backup with Macrium reflect from within windows 7 and I get an error and it will not finish. So I tried to do this by booting with the Macrium recue CD, same thing. It only says CRC error. After that I used windows backup and got some better info:
“ Backup encountered a problem while backing up file C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live\Contacts\svexxxxxxxxxx.com\15.5\Failed\1CEE2F472DA531F\LogFiles\edb.log. ErrorData error (cyclic redundancy check). (0x80070017))”

I looked for that folder and found 15.5, but there was no file in it.
I am stuck. What can I do to get a backup that I can use?

A:Macrium reflect & CRC Error

The most common cause of a failure to back up is a failing hard drive. I would back up my stuff, NOW. I would then run a chkdsk, to fix errors and then hope that it works. Even if it does your drive may be failing, take appropriate action.
In step 4, chose correct errors
Disk Check
Then edit your first post, remove the email addy. If curious, we do not want the spambots reading it.

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I tried with my usb drive.It came as follows.I couldnot take screen shots so i'm explaining the steps dat came in the blue screen wizard.Pls help me.
Wen i opened ithe rescue.iso during booting from pendrive,a window opened As
1.Restore Wizard V5.0.4286.
2.Press next to continue.I pressed next,den
3.It said to locate the image.It showed two portions.In upper portion i selected the C drive image file wich i had stored in another drive.In the lower portion it showed my C drive(type:NTFS) and the disk space as 29.491GB.
5.Select partition in lower section
6.I selected C(type:Primary)
8.Choose the target disk(Select a disk to be used as the restore target)
10.Select the drive from the following to start restoring.
But i could not see any drive there.It was fully white with no drive to select in it.Den wen i pressed next it said Please select the drive to restore or Select the target drive.But i did not find any drive in it.It was totally blank white screen.Pls help me wat to do.I'm not understanding y its not showing my C drive in it.

A:Macrium reflect usb booting error

Hi Kumaranil. Did you do what I posted here? Imaging with free Macrium

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I am attempting to use Macrium Reflect to clone my harddrive running win 8. When it starts the clone, it immediately creates a vss shadow copy on the c drive. Later when it is actually copying the drive, it fails when trying to read the shadow copy.

Is there a way in Win 8 to change the location of the shadow copy to another drive not being cloned?

A:macrium reflect clone error

I use Acronis, and as far as I know, you cannot Clone your drive to the same drive. The whole purpose of Cloning the drive is to have a separate drive, either internal or external ready to go in the case of a HD failure. So, if your trying to Clone onto your same drive I would think this is the problem.

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Have been using Macrium successfully for about a 5 full backups but ran into this VSS error this time and haven't the slightest idea what to do now. I am a fairly computer literate until it gets into these kinds of problems.

I am running W8.1 fully updated but modified with the Start 8 program on an HP Envy desktop and have been using this set-up for about a year w/o a problem and have been using Macrium Reflect for just over a month doing a full backup to an 750Gb external HD each week.

I am sending the following information but there is a very long log also if you need that.
ThanksVSS problem.docx

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today I restored an image created by macrium reflect

but now I checked event viewer and I find this error
The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first .
why ?
no power loss was done
so why that error after I restored the image with macrium reflect ?

any one of you got the same error after restoring a windows 10 image with macrium reflect ?

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Has the "Event 513 error" issue been solved in the latest version of Macrium Reflect (Free)?
This version: 5.2.6433 (11 November 2013)

Event 513 errors in Windows 8.1

Possible Macrium Issue?

In any case, is it currently safe to use Macrium Reflect (latest free version), from the point of view of operating system integrity (with Windows 8.1)?
I'm a little scared that this "Event 513 error" issue could corrupt Windows 8.1 in some way.
Are you using Macrium Reflect Free with no problems?


A:Macrium Reflect: Event 513 error issue fixed?

Macrium says that the error does not affect the backup process.

I have not had any problems running manual backups using Windows 8.1.

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So I was running Macrium Reflect after I did a clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate on my friends laptop and I got a BSOD BAD_POOL_HEADER.

A few weeks ago, on my grandmas laptop it got a BSOD BAD_POOL_CALLER.

Is this in error in Intel systems because both are Intel and both have had an issue with ndis.sys?

When Windows was installed it installed the most up to date network driver.

Dump is attached:
Attachment 240828

Thanks for help!

A:BSOD; Macrium Reflect backup, error 0x00000019

Does look like a network related crash:

9808b1e4 8b0c49a5 00000000 00000018 646e5344 nt!ExAllocatePoolWithTag+0x682
9808b204 966089f7 85310a58 00000010 00000000 ndis!NdisAllocateNetBufferListContext+0x52
9808b2a4 96608c6d 86054008 85310a58 9808b2cc nwifi!MP6SendOneNBL+0x113
9808b2d4 9660923b 00000000 85000302 868f6d60 nwifi!MP6SendNBLInternal+0x51
9808b2ec 9660c3df 86054008 85310a58 00000000 nwifi!MP6Send+0x67
9808b304 8b09d4ef 871c5c08 85310a58 00000000 nwifi!FilterSendNetBufferLists+0x19
9808b324 8b09d45f 85310a58 85310a58 00000000 ndis!ndisFilterSendNetBufferLists+0x87
9808b33c 8fa76c20 868f6d60 85310a58 00000000 ndis!NdisFSendNetBufferLists+0x38
9808b3b8 8b09d62f 868f4718 85310a58 00000000 pacer!PcFilterSendNetBufferLists+0x256
9808b3e4 8b101bad 861db0e0 85310a58 00000000 ndis!ndisSendNBLToFilter+0xf2
9808b414 8b2a47b1 871dc510 85310a58 00000000 ndis!NdisSendNetBufferLists+0x162
9808b460 8b2c6e24 871dca70 00000000 00000000 tcpip!FlSendPackets+0x416
9808b4b4 8b2c5e96 8b32afa8 00000000 00000000 tcpip!IppFragmentPackets+0x2e2
9808b4ec 8b2a3889 8b32afa8 8660f1a0 85ef1df0 tcpip!IppDispatchSendPacketHelper+0x266
9808b58c 8b2a4374 00ef1d54 00000000 87fbfb80 tcpip!IppPacketizeDatagrams+0x8d6
9808b60c 8b2a1471 00000000 00000004 8b32afa8 tcpip!IppSendDatagramsCommon+0x67f
9808b62c 8b2a9cee 85efce00 9808b6b8 00000000 tcpip!IpNlpSendDatagrams+0x4b
9808b808 8b2a1b29 00000000 00000000 85fdb4b0 tcpip!UdpSendMessagesOnPathCreation+0x7c0
9808b9... Read more

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today I restored an image created by macrium reflect

but now I checked event viewer and I find this error
The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first .
why ?
no power loss was done
so why that error after I restored the image with macrium reflect ?

any one of you got the same error after restoring a windows 10 image with macrium reflect ?

the pc did NOT restart or shut down unexpectedly
so why that error in event viewer every time I restore my windows 10 from an image ?

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After installing win7 64bit home premium I cannot rum Macrium Reflect (free).
On startup of MR I get this msg:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BEX64
Application Name: Reflect.exe
Application Version: 5.3.7109.0
Application Timestamp: 53ccfa37
Fault Module Name: StackHash_511e
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 00000000
Exception Offset: 0000000171af0000
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Data: 0000000000000008
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033
Additional Information 1: 511e
Additional Information 2: 511ea21ce31ca5b9d66e08a72b3f15b4
Additional Information 3: 41bf
Additional Information 4: 41bf1755a6f43c010a107e904eb3c9eb

Searching MR forum the only lead I got was Win VSS. (MR won't let free users register for forums)
VSS is autostart and running. I re-registered VSS componentsand that didn't work.
Any ideas or help?

A:Macrium Reflect error BEX64 (Win error?) on MR startup

Try to start clean boot Troubleshoot Application Conflicts by Performing a Clean Startup
Same problem?

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Quote: Originally Posted by Kaktussoft

Try to start clean boot Troubleshoot Application Conflicts by Performing a Clean Startup
Same problem?

I'm having same problem, but this solution didn't work for me.

VSS is autostart and running.

I've been running Macrium Reflect (free) for months on this system with no problem, but seem to remember it updated a few days ago.

Any other ideas?

BTW, I notice this thread is marked 'solved' so should I open a new thread?

Thanks, J.

A:Macrium Reflect error BEX64 (Win error?) on MR startup


This problem got solve with update of macrium reflect few days after this problem started. But again few days ago got other next update from macrium and now same problem happen again.

Think I'll change to Comodo backup, its free too.

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Hi ,,,,I took David Baileys advice and installed Macrium Reflect Free to try out.
It showed me my drives, but there is some I have not seen before,, Could someone tell me what they are and
do I need them and how can I see whats on them,, or do I need them.
Here they are:
1 WINRE (none) NTFS Primary 400 MB
2 No name (None)Fat32 (LBA) Primary 260MB
3 (None) Unformated Primary 128 MB
4 (C) NTFS Primary 674 GB
5 (none) NTFS Primary 450 MB
6 Recovery (D) NTFS Primary 23GB

I guess number 4 is the c drive with all my system and prog files and number 6 is the drive to do a boot installation recovery with but its the other 4 I am at loss with.
I do hope you can help please.

A:Macrium Reflect

1,2,3,4 are partitons from Windows UEFI installation. Apparently, you updated from Windows 8 -> 8.1 and the update created an extra partition 5. 6 is your recovery image from factory.

Macrium just shows you what you have on the HD. If you open Disk Management, you would see the same thing.

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I have a question regarding this software. I use this for imaging my computer files its seems to work ok but I have ended up with 3 drives showing that I don't have they show to be on the computer. The only drive I use is "E" these are labeled H,I and J I want to remove them off my list I try and format them but it says they are "Write Protected". Can anyone tell me how to delete them

A:Macrium Reflect

Can you post a screen shot of diskmanager showing all drive and partitions so we can see. Are you imaging the drive to a file or cloning drives?

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I have downloaded and used Macrium Reflect Free Version to do a backup of my system, then I created a boot disk and done a restore.
I found it quite good and easy to use but was wondering if I can restore single folders or files with this software.
If anyone has any information on this I would be grateful of any info on how to do it.


A:Macrium Reflect

Yes you can. Easiest is to double click on the backup image, Macrium will then open/mount it in a virtual drive (will look just like your C drive, only with a different letter) and you can pick and choose what you want to copy from it there.

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This is how I do it.
Works good.

First install it.
I have the paid Standard version:

Then create the recovery environment:

Then image all local drives.

I use maximum compression:

On usb:

This is how I do it.
It works good for me.

A:Using Macrium Reflect

Good tutorial for those who want to use Macrium. Acronis is more to my liking though but that's me.

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I had been using Macrium Reflect without any problems then about a month ago or so u couldn't use from within windows on the free edition u had to boot from a cd (windows PE) this worked if u didn't need it in a crisis .... but twice now I need it and it wont work, good alternatives any advice am I doing it wrong ?, run program in windows it tells u cant use anymore so select to run in pe after reboot, I hit F8 select the drive with disk in but windows just restarts

A:Macrium Reflect

I can still run Macrium free from within Windows ...
I'm using the latest MR free 5 version, but it worked even before updating to the latest ...

Start with a System File Check:
SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

If that doesn't find and fix issues, I'd start scanning for malware ...

Do you have a System Backup Image or Restore Point from before the problem started ?

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I have a Belkin USB Network HUB F5L009, that I have set up on 2 computers.

I shall drive a 2TB SATA HDD for backup, and I use Macrium Reflect for it.

The backup works ok, nor problems.

I then would try a restore.

I booted on the PE CD disk, but now the issue came up.

The Belkin needs to be started up after boot, but this cannot be done with the
set up I use above.

Then the backup cannot be found from the restore.

How can I solve this ?

A:Macrium Reflect.

Sorry I didn't see this before ...

MR provides an option to download a utility to your PC, so that then you create the WinPE CD, it includes all the drivers from your PC on that disk. That ensures that when you boot from that CD, you will be able to access all the connected hardware. It's a utility named ReflectDC and it can be downloaded for free from the MR website.

Once installed, you will have to create and burn a new WinPE CD -- but then, it will have your drivers.

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I just had a complete crash on a laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium (I had already checked it for spyware/viruses/etc with a computer expert). Luckily, I had imaged it earlier with Macrium Reflect (free edition - latest release). After I successfully restored the image (which was a problem in and of itself), I noticed that I'm missing files and folders. I know all about folder options and I can see all hidden files/folders. With important files missing (like every .dll in C:\Windows\system32\drivers\ or custom/personal folders), I find myself seriously wondering whether I should continue to use Macrium, since I use it on all my desktops and laptops. I've checked Macrium's forum, which you can only post to if you bought a paid version, and it seems no one over there has this problem. The only reason I would till use Macrium is because I can mount disk images and navigate via explorer. Is this problem only happening to me? Should I switch to Paragon Backup and Recovery (which narrowly outranked Macrium on Gizmo's Best Freeware website)?

A:macrium reflect

Are you still able to access System restore If so are your Restore points Missing if Not could you Run System Restore to a Point before you did the Recover

See System Restore - How to For More Information

Hope This Helps,

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i am looking to use macrium reflect to perform an image or clone of my system

but am new to creating back ups and bak up software. (have never used any back up software before)

also i understand i have to create a recovery cd or dvd and i have no cd drive on my pc and no external but understand it is possible to create a bootable usb version .

but as i am completely new to all this could do with some help advice info and instruction on the whole procedure.

if anyone could help it would be much apreciated.

many thanks

A:macrium reflect

Hi. In addition to asking here I'd sign up on

They may have changed it so that only licensed users may sign up. But you still should be able to search there. I know there are tutorials for making bootable USB with the rescue disc and with WinPE. Since you want basic usage info most of your questions are likely already answered there. But there are many Macrium users here and I'm sure some will chime in.

I'm still using Macrium 4.2 on my Vista machine since its tried and tested through restores. I imagine you're using 5.x.

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I have Macrium and have restored with it a couple of times with no problem. What I am wondering is that if my HD were fried and I had to get a new one, would Macrium backup to a new formated drive just as easy?

A:Macrium Reflect

In my experience yes.

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I have created a restore disc and I am attempting a system image to save to my external hard drive (e drive).

I am not sure which partitions I would be best to check/include - see attached photo.

Any help would be appreciated.



A:Help with Macrium Reflect

I'd say check the first disk and it will backup the 3 partitions (System Reserved, C, Lenovo_Part).

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Hi everyone!

Thanks for all the prior assistance!!!

Now that I got Macrium (standard paid version) downloaded and installed.....

(see my prior discussions of how this was done on::

Macrium etc Free Software--How to avoid CNET Virus/Adware/malware prog


Need a new Backup & Storage program

I need help in using it for the first time....

Yes, I'm confused........

Yes, as first time is the most critical saving time....

If I do NOT make the right choices..... what happens next is not the fault of the program as the computer will automatically follow whatever commands I tell it to do.....

INCLUDING! Copying from the Empty External HDD back over and replace the "not saved for one year!!" Original HDD inside the Laptop!

That is not the direction I want the backups to be made in...

Again (to beat a dead horse----I know mjf sounds like your "broken record" phrase too), I do not have instant phone help with Macrium, where someone can walk me slowly... carefully through the various menus until I get the hang of it (not just once I usually need several calls to get it right and committed to memory or notes that I can read and follow)

Yes I read the Macrium online manual a few times...

Yes I saw whs? or who he directed me to view, You Tube video a few times.....

Somehow its not what I'm seeing... as this is the first time.... I have not set up any preferences in the list of tasks for Macrium, so its showing me ALL the possible choices...

... Read more

A:Macrium Reflect How Do I Use It?

You need to learn how to pay attention (not to mention stop writing tedious to read small novels in most of your posts) as well as get over your extreme paranoia. As several people have already told you, there already is a thread for this—Image your system with free Macrium—and there was no need to start another. Also, here is a another good tutorial on how to use Macrium Reflect (you have also been told about this).

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Hi I need a bigger HD and am looking to upgrade to an ocz vertex 3 to an ocz vertex 4.

Given that the hardware is similar should i be able to do this transfer? I'm only switching the HD not the mobo or anything else.

A:Macrium Reflect to new HD?

Looks pretty straight forward.

Macrium Support Forum - Restoring image to new Hard Drive

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Has anyone else ever had issues with this program not finding the "start" point for the image restore? It says to use the last disc, but when I put it in, no image file shows up from within the program

A:Macrium Reflect

Bump. Anyone have any ideas?

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Dell computer with Intel Celeron cpu, 2.0 GHz and 3.0 gb memory.

Prior to installing Windows 7 Pro I had Vista Home Premium (came preinstalled on the pc, and had not be partitioned). I had made the rescue disks was prepared to restore to factory conditions. I even had Macrium Reflect image.

Try as I might, after Vista became very unstable, I could not get factory conditions restored. Macrium image from an external hard drive took over 24 hrs to restore the image (which would not boot either).

Finally I decided to install Windows 7 Pro. That went very well and has been activated. I then partitioned the hard drive as shown below.

I have installed the latest version of the free Macrium and created a new restore disk (and checked it). I then made an image and placed that image on drive J. I am not going to put that image on an external HDD. BTW when I booted up from the restore disk Macrium does not see drive J, it sees it as drive F.

This my question: why did it take so long to restore the Macrium image (with vista) and can anyone give me an idea why after it was restored it did not actually work.

Can I reasonally expect Macrium to work since installing Win 7?

Thanks in advance

A:Macrium Reflect

Which restore disc?

Linux or pe?

Dunno about the Linux disc , but the pe disc should show you the same drive letters you see when you are booted into windows.

Macrium is unique in doing that.

Quite useful for the average punter who only has one o/s - bit of a pain for everyone else.

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Anybody tried installing Reflect ?

Back up your registry Hives first. LOL

A:Macrium Reflect

Originally Posted by SIW2

Anybody tried installing Reflect ?Back up your registry Hives first. LOL

Macrium X64....with boot recovery menu...Works GreatYep.. works fine...backed up my C drive on SSD first in case i want to return to windows 7....Booted into Macrium Recovery and using the command prompt formatted the C drive ready for clean install. Installed Windows....tweaked it up...installed my Wifi Driver using the Devicemanager..Update Driver option...fine......RAID drivers a no no...had to restart ....rebooted using External Macrium Recovery CD (my DVD slotis now a second HDD) and formated C again...Clean install without Raid Drivers and all is fine....full back up of C completed...and Added theMacrium Boot Recovery option..worksfine

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I have made a query on this before but my memory is getting very short these days.
Its regarding the Macrium Reflect software.
I accidently deleted a section of Microsoft Office OneNote and I want to restore it from the backup file using copy paste.
I go into the drive where my backups are stored and double click the backup file,a box comes up saying:
Select the backup or image that you wish to browse and associate a drive in explorer.
Underneath is listed the original location of the backup.
I would like to know what to do next.

Many thanks for any replies.

A:Macrium Reflect

Select the backup or image that you wish to browse and associate a drive in explorer.

When it gets to there select the image you want to browse and it will put up a small drop box where you can choose a drive letter,

which if you do nothing will be the next available letter. Then just click OK and Reflect will start/create a virtual drive and mount the image, and you can browse/copy/etc to your heart's content.

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When I was trying to install Macrium Reflect, my antivirus canceled the install and counted it as a threat. Does anyone know why?

A:Macrium Reflect

Have you contacted Norton ?

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I have installed Macrium Reflect Pro to take advantage of being able to backup not only drives (or partitions) but also Folders and Files.

When I created an image of my OS drive (C), with compression set to medium, the original size was 20.2gb and the compressed file was 7.23. The ratio is 35.8%. Does that seem fairly reasonable?

When using the Folder and File option shown below:

NOTE it say it "will compress to a virtual FAT32 drive". I am not sure exactly what this means and what I would get if I had to restore it. I would appreciate it if someone can enlighten me on this.

Before I made the image, I took ownership of the folder and set permissions to maximum. I also made sure that I was showing Hidden Files and Folders.

Note the folder size is 5.74 gb before compression and the compressed image is 2.70 mb. The compression was set to medium as before and the ratio of compression is .04%. This seems very unrealistic to me. I would have expected the ratio to be 35-50%.

I was wondering if anyone else using the pro version had sees this a typical.

Thank You.

A:Macrium Reflect Pro

Hi Huffman. It's early morning and my math. might be off but - going from 5.74gb to 2.70gb appears to be 47%.

Am I missing something.


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When you buy this program you get a Windows PE recovery download. Is Windows PE compatible with Windows 7 64 bit or is it only good on 32 bit systems.

A:Macrium Reflect

Looks like it is,

Windows Preinstallation Environment - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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When I was trying to install Macrium Reflect, my antivirus canceled the install and counted it as a threat.

Does anyone know why?

A:Macrium Reflect

Where did you download from and what av are you using?

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I understand that the two don't play so well together.
If I have both installed, and I restore using MR, I understand that I run a risk of an unbootable system.
Question: can I fix that by simply uninstalling RB at its pre-windows screen, where you press "home"?
And then running the MR repair boot tool, if necessary?
Or is that no guarantee to success?
I don't care if I have to uninstall RB and lose my snapshots. I am using the free version anyways, and I don't care about the snapshots. I just want an intact windows system to emerge from the mess, in the rare case that I have to restore using MR.

A:RollBack MX and Macrium Reflect

Hey shmu26-

I waited to see what other suggestions were made, as I'm not sure I understand the issue, exactly. There's not been any thus far, so this is what I was wondering:

Can't you just run each one, one at a time? I mean disable them from auto-starting, then activate / launch them as needed?

I know if you have this set up for scheduled back-ups / snapshots, then that won't work, but just a thought.

Also, IMHO, if don't feel comfortable with RollBack, but want a second layer of back ups, then it might be worth looking into uninstalling it, and installing AOMEI, which is another free imaging program.


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As their support sucks and not responds for a long time to my questions I've asked I assume I can ask them here.

Knowing you all probably know the answer to my question.

Is the single license for unlimited use in your own home? If you got two pcs, can you use it on both?

Is the cost a one time payment for life?

I'm not trying to advertise. Just need to know this info asap.

A:Questions about macrium reflect

Macrium has a free version and several paid versions.

Paid licenses are for one computer only and there are licenses for multiple home computers.

A paid license is lifetime only for the version it was bought under. The latest version will receive updates until the next version comes out. There is at least a year, usually more, between versions so one can get a lot of supported use from a license. One can continue to use a version after the next one comes out but there will be no more updates.

Most people do just fine with the free version of Macrium Reflect Free (here is a good tutorial on how to use Macrium Reflect).

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New Macrium Reflect Update ready to be downloaded and updated
Version 6.1
Build 1225

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When installing Macrium Free and clicking on 'download options' I can choose to download just the installer, or the installer and PE components.

What are the 'PE components' and do I need them?

I don't want to install anything I don't really need.

A:What are the 'PE components' in Macrium Reflect

In order to create a Macrium Rescue boot USB/CD disk. You'll need to download this component. You can download this component to another drive in your PC. Run Macrium->Other Tasks->Edit Defaults->Advanced->Macrium Reflect PE files and set it to another drive.

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I want to add a SSD Drive SAMSUNG 850 PRO 2.5" 256GB SATA III 3-D Vertical Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) MZ-7KE256BW to my computer. I have done a system image of my WD drive,will I be able to install the image to the SSD drive? The WD drive has a partition on it that is not part of the image,will this be a problem. Not sure how much faster the SSD will be over my WDC WD5003AZEX-00RLFA0 ATA Device. Right now my WD drive only uses 40 gigs,so thinking the SSD 256 will be ok. I can always store fire on the WD if needed. Just trying to get a little more life out of this build.

A:Macrium Reflect and SSD drive

Originally Posted by zplugger

I want to add a SSD Drive SAMSUNG 850 PRO 2.5" 256GB SATA III 3-D Vertical Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) MZ-7KE256BW to my computer. I have done a system image of my WD drive,will I be able to install the image to the SSD drive? The WD drive has a partition on it that is not part of the image,will this be a problem. Not sure how much faster the SSD will be over my WDC WD5003AZEX-00RLFA0 ATA Device. Right now my WD drive only uses 40 gigs,so thinking the SSD 256 will be ok. I can always store fire on the WD if needed. Just trying to get a little more life out of this build.

Yes you should be able to use your Image of your C-Drive on to your new SSD, BUT....you also said that 1 partition is NOT on your image made by Macrium Reflect? This seems strange to me, because unless you un-checked that missing partition MR ALWAYS copies ALL of your partitions when you do a Complete system image.

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will macrium reflect recognise hidden partitions?

also i was given a Macrium WinPE 5.0.4995 file from a forum member on here would that work wiith the macrium free edition download Version: 5.1.5396

also i have no cd drive so when i create the bootable usb recovery tool does it need to be made on the pc i intend to use it on? or could i create on another pc?

here is the screen shot

A:macrium reflect imaging

You can find most answers if you search their forums

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I'm using Macrium Reflect Standard Edition 5.3 and wanting to backup an image of my laptop hard drive to two different external hard drives.

Now usually when I create an image for the first time and save it to an external drive I let it create an XML Backup Definition File. Once done I then right click on it and create a desktop shortcut.

By saving the image to two different external drives I couldn't use the My Backup.xml shortcut feature correct? If I did I (and that's even if MR wouldn't even allow it) wouldn't I have two XML files and be confusing to MR? Or possibly you could use one for one external drive but not the other?

I understand you don't need to use the XML shortcut just kind of handy.

A:Macrium Reflect question

Absolutely handy. But when you clicked 'Finish' you have to give the xml a name and not leave it at 'My Backup'. Then you will see the different xmls by name when you open Macrium and click on 'Backup Definition Files'. Just highlight the one you want to repeat and click on the cog wheel.

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A week or so ago I was getting an error when trying to create a System Restore point. I tried a couple things and it didn't help. It then hit me that I will just do an image restore from Macrium. I had never done a restore before, but I have been faithfully backing up my docs everyday and my OS once a week. My backup OS partition will only hold six backups so when it gets full I delete the oldest three. As luck would have it I only had three backups at this point, but no problem. One is all I need. I tried the newest image and a prompt came up that it was corrupt. No problem, I had two more. The next one came up corrupt also. Well I was beginning to worry now. The third one restored OK. After thinking about this I did do one thing different with the third one. == On the first two the restore disk ejected from my DVD, I closed the drawer with the disk still in it. On the third one, I took the disk out and closed the drawer. Would this have been the reason that the first two did not restore properly? Thanks,

A:Restoring Macrium Reflect

Quote: Originally Posted by bigmck

Would this have been the reason that the first two did not restore properly? Thanks,

I wouldn't be surprised.

Imaging is very very touchy and not always explainable.

A couple of months ago, I made a new image with Macrium and thought I'd make a new Macrium rescue boot disk as well. I had to make 3 different boot disks to get one that would in fact boot my PC. I had to use "debug" mode in the making of the disc.

It doesn't inspire confidence, but I don't know what you can do about it.

Just accept it for what it is, expect to have problems, and plan on reinstalling Windows. If you don't have to, good, but I keep my expectations low and back up my data in other ways.

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Looking for a Macrium Reflect Guru (such as whs for example!)

My Dell XPS Studio 1640 laptop currently has installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.

I have a project this weekend to set up my PC with triple boot (XP/7/Linux)

Partly to ensure I can go back to my original setup, I purchased a full Macrium Reflect licence to make a back up of my Windows 7 installation. I bought the full version so that I could have the Windows PE restore facility as well as the standard Linux based one.

I will be using the following guide as a starting point: http://www.bl0g.co.uk/install-and-tr...nd-ubuntu.html

However, if at all possible, I would like to use Macrium Reflect to restore my original Windows 7 system to the second partition rather than having to install Windows 7 from scratch and then re-installing all my (many) applications!

Qusetion - is using Macrium Reflect like this actually possible?

Many thanks in advance!

-- white were wolf

A:Macrium Reflect question - whs?

However, if at all possible, I would like to use Macrium Reflect to restore my original Windows 7 system to the second partition rather than having to install Windows 7 from scratch and then re-installing all my (many) applications!

Hmm, there are a lot of variables that we have to look at:

1. do you have the 100MB active partition
2. do you want to reinstall when XP and Linux are also on the system
3. what do you mean by "second Partition"

In principle you can reinstall to any partition. But you may have to fix the bootmgr (if in the 100MB partition), especially after Grub got in the middle. Let's discuss it.

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I went to the Macrium website to download Macrium Reflect and found that there is a "trial" version and a "full" version. I've seen it posted on this forum that Macrium Reflect is free, but this doesn't seem to be accurate. Am I missing something?

A:Macrium Reflect Download

Macrium Reflect Free

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I have been using Macrium Reflect for several years. All of a sudden UAC pops up to get permission to run the application. This also happens overnight when my backups run. This causes the backup to just sit there waiting for me to allow. I have been running Windows 10 for several months, but this problem just began. If I set the UAC to the lowest position everything runs fine (without UAC popup) but I would rather have a higher setting in UAC or is this the way it should be?


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I have been having trouble of late backing up my entire PC with Vista Ultimate, getting various errors ranging from catastrophic failure 0x8000ffff to I/O error 0x8007042D. I have tried everything from Chkdsk to erasing the shadow copies then restarting the whole process again.
Now I have heard of two good backup programmes Acronis and Macrium Reflect, both are free. However I don't mind putting my hand in my pocket and paying for the full version. (more so with Macriumm it offers a lot more for the paid version).
So I am after some opinions, which is better bang for the buck? which is easier to use etc. etc. etc.

A:Acronis or Macrium Reflect

I tried Acronis and Paragon Backup utilities (which recently gave a way a free FULL version online) both seemed a little more bloated Macrium and are at a cost.

Macrium is simple and easy to use. I truly love Macrium, but I use the free version. I too thought about paying for the full version, but from what I read and for my purposes, it doesn't serve me any point.

Macrium has SAVED me the nightmares of reinstalling Vista. If I have any problems and need to reinstall, I just used the recovery CD and replace the OS with my initial image of Vista which includes all updates, drivers up to SP2.

Secondly, I created a separate partition for User Date/Programs and created an image of those once I installed all my necessary programs and user files. These system images created on a monthly basis.

I think the paid version allows you to backup individual files and folders and also has something called "Integrated VBScript generator" which I can't answer whether its necessary or not.

Here's a great tutorial on how to use Macrium and the features the free version offers.
Imaging with free Macrium - Windows 7 Forums

Good Luck and Happy Imaging!

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I have used the free edition for a year or so and it works great. I got an email this morning about Macrium wanting to sell me the pay edition. It has incrimental backups and a few other things. I just wondered if any of you used the pay edition and could cite some reasons as to why you like it better than the free edition. Thanks,

A:Macrium Reflect Pay Edition

As far as I know, all you get is extra features----if you need 'em, go for it.

Otherwise, no. I have looked over the feature list and don't see anything there I need.

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I have used the free edition of Macrium Reflect to save a image of my pc to a usb 3 external drive and restored from this drive before too with no problems at all, but today when I try it wont do it (maybe i'm doing it wrong but don't think so worked before ?) ..... when I try to restore an image the program tells me the following drive is in use and restore can not continue (is this new ?) automatic boot not available in free edition ? .... then it goes on to say automatically boot into widows PE, but this option not available in free edition ....... so do I take from this u can save a image in free edition but u cant restore it anymore ?

A:Macrium Reflect Issue

I have the free edition and do not have a problem.
You put the USB into the drive and then you get the notice?
The problem may be with your drive or the USB has been corrupted. Can you make another Boot USB?

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A new update for Macrium Reflect is available.

A:Update for Macrium Reflect available

Thanks for that FYI friend!

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