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Lenovo Y70 Touch Trackpad Scroll Disabled

Q: Lenovo Y70 Touch Trackpad Scroll Disabled

Hi I upgraded my hardrive to an SSD and ever since then my trackpad is slow and is unable to scroll with 2 fingures. I feel like I've tried everything. I tried to change the settings, then I tried updating drivers, then reinstalling drivers. I think I may have uninstalled them completely at this point and I don't know where to get them back for Windows 10. The only thing under "mice and other pointing devies" is Ps/2 Compatible Mouse; not sure if there should be somehting else. Also when I change settings in control pannel, like the speed, it does not effect the trackpad only external mice. If anyone can help me out it'd be much much apperciated.

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Preferred Solution: Lenovo Y70 Touch Trackpad Scroll Disabled

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I recently purchased an XPS 15 9560, Windows 10 and am having the trackpad dead zone issue (the pointer does not move until I move my finger about 1/4"at which point it has perfect response / tracking / precision). Each time I start to move the pointer using the trackpad I must go through the dead zone prior to the pointer responding normally. The dead zone appears to be a circle around the spot that I touch the trackpad.
When I disable the HID trackpad device in device manager, this dead zone problem is eliminated. Is there a way to access the trackpad driver registry settings to see if there is something I can change that will eliminate the dead zone?
Alternatively, is there a way to find out which trackpad brand I have that will allow me to try a different driver? I tried the Synaptics fix but I was not happy with the two finger scroll performance even after changing the registry settings.
Thank you,

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My Lenovo b50 touch is my main laptop and as soon as I uninstall a lot of programs I no longer need and restart, my trackpad stops working.i tried refreshing the cursor, restarting, pressing the touchpad off key, nothing.i never uninstalled any Lenovo programs or drivers, only a couple programs (chrome, 7zip etc.).i also noticed that the computer was very warm to the touch, so I let it fan out and cool down for the night to see if maybe the solder came lose.if you could help me that would be a huge help (sorry for using the same word twice!)thanks!

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Hi,I had installed Windows 7 Ultimate in my Lenovo G580. Everything working fine except dolby audio and touchpad scroll. Volume is too low when it is 100 and also touch pad scroll is not working. I downloaded the drivers from Lenovo Wetsite but they again did not work.Please suggest.More over after format and installing ELAN Touchpad and Conexant Smart HD Audio drivers, initially the audio and touchpad works but soon after I restart after driver installtion, they not work for me.Please suggest.

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Hi, I'm pretty useless when it comes to figuring things out with computer software, ect. But over the past 2 days, my touchpad has suddenly stopped working properly.The issue is that when I hold any key on the keyboard, I cannot move my mouse, nor can i use 2 fingers to move the mouse, or have any more than 1 finger on the touchpad, it just locks the cursor into place and i cannot move it. I have tried a few suggestions, such as turning off palm-tracking, and going into Regedit and setting the values of "disable when typing" to 0, and after restarting, the issue is still the same, I can't move my mouse whilst using the keyboard, or having more than 1 finger on the touchpad. I went back into regedit, the values were still at 0, I went into the mouse settings, and palmtracking was still turned off. I even tried installing a different driver, but once I installed it and restarted, the computer said there was an error and had to restart - this wasn't fixed until I reset my entire computer, which took hours.Though I am not sure if I went about installing the driver correctly, as I did not uninstall any previous driver. I just don't know what to do now to fix this, I've tried everything! And this is especially infuriating for me as I'm a gamer, and because of this I am unable to properly play any games!

A:IdeaPad 110 Touchpad still disabled when typing/two finger scroll also disabled?!

Forgot to mention: my touchpad's current driver is Elan  , if that makes any difference.   

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I just reinstalled windows 8 on my laptop. I cant get the trackpad to scroll or pair a bluetooth device. My computer is not seeing any bluetooth devices. I am thinking it may be a driver thing. My laptop is a acer v3-771g-9809. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I never had to download drivers or installed them before.

A:cant get the trackpad to scroll or pair a bluetooth device

Start with Acer to find your new drivers. I'm assuming you did all your updating and now have 8.1.

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Not sure if this is a problem or just a setting I can't figure out how to change as I've not been able to find any other posts on this. When I scroll using two fingers and then switch to one finger (as in, I go to click something on the page), the page keeps scrolling. I do not have one finger scroll enabled.  I've tried turning on and off all possible settings in touchpad and also deleting/reinstalling the touchpad driver. Any suggestions? Does anyone even know what I'm talking about? Thanks

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Just wondering if there is a way to reverse the scroll direction when using the 2 finger scroll gesture on the trackpad? I didn't see an option in control panel or Win10 settings. My config is a Yoga 720 13in i5 8gb ram 256gb ssd.

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I get this error message when I start up my

It's a Gateway Laptop model NE56R34u and it originally came with Windows 8 but I had a friend wipe that and install Windows 7. I did this because its for my mom and I thought 8 was going to be a little tough for her. So now it has Windows 7 on it.

Any idea what this could be? Also for some reason the trackpad won't work correctly (the scroll part on the right doesn't work) and I'm wondering if these are related.

A:Weird error message and trackpad scroll not working

Looks like a remnant registry key from Conduit Search malware, perhaps left behind after a malware scan.
conduit malware - Microsoft Community

adwcleaner would probably clean this up, along with any other debris, and does a pretty fast scan.

Not sure about the touchpad problem, but it doesn't seem likely they're related.
I'd check the mouse settings in the control panel and update the driver from Gateway.

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So, I've got myself a new laptop with a multi-touch mouse/trackpad on it. What can I do, and how, with this hardware and Windows 7?

A:Multi-touch Trackpad

What's your problem?

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Hi, i have a little problem with the multitouch gestures for the trackpad on my asus notebook. It seems like the program controlling and operating them doesn't start on default when the computer is turned on anymore. I reboot my computer with msconfig in selective mode with all non-microsoft services OFF, but when i start it in normal mode it still doesn't work until i start a certain program which i cAn't remember, i found that via asus.com. I'd like to know how to make it start by default when starting the comp again and also the name of the multitouch program. (i believe it was something like "smartPad")

A:Multi-touch trackpad input

Check Asus Support for a driver update -


Regards. . .



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Hello, I have a Windows 7 Pro 32 bit Dell XPS M1530.

I recently discovered that Synaptics trackpads support multi touch with a simple driver update; however, my Dell XPS Laptop came equipped with an Alps trackpad.

I've been looking for software and/or drivers that allow an Alps trackpad to recognize multi touch gestures (such as two finger scrolling).

Any input? Thanks!

A:Alps trackpad Multi Touch

Welcome to Seven Forums.
Have you tried installing the Vista 32 bit drivers for your Touchpad and Pointing Stick in compatibility mode Vista? Compatibility Mode

Dell's site http://support.dell.com/support/down...&catid=&impid= Under input devices Touchpad/Pointing Stick 11/03/10 7.1007.115.102 Recommended.

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Dear Community, I bought my Yoga 920 this week and comming from an 2011 MacBook Air, I'm really struggling with the trackpad clicking everytime I tap a little too hard (in the normal motion of moving the scroll across the screen.I searched everywhere in my computer and over Google, and can't find a way to turn off this feature. I've seen that Lenovo's older models with Synaptics drivers have the option to disable tapping over the mouse's hardware proprieties, but that's not the case for this model (I can't even find a driver for this trackpad). Any ideas on how to disable this trackpad tapping? Much appreciated.

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Hi All, Just got a new Yoga 370 with windows 10. I sometimes have the problem that the keyboard is not working. This happens quite allot when i am using the integrated keyboard. It is not happening when i use an external board. When it happens, i have to either wait, or to move the mouse a little bit with the trackpad (i usually only use the trackpoint) ant then in starts reacting again.  Quite annoying, as i use it to evaluate it for business, and i really like the device exept of this annoying problem.  Best regards and thanks for the help!  EDIT: The title was somehow bogus!

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I'm at a complete loss. Why would I want my buttons to be touch sensitive? When I attempt to actually do what they're meant for, CLICKING, the cursor is moved off of my target. Right clicking is basically pointless to attempt. Then in (flash) games, where I need to both click and move the mouse at the same time, they are fighting each other to move in opposite directions. It's completely useless as it is. Am I missing something? Is there some voodoo trick that will allow me to do what every other laptop has been able to do for 20 years?

If not, is there some way to disable the touch sensitivity of the buttons, but NOT the entire trackpad?


A:How do I disable the touch sensitivity of the trackpad buttons on my HP dv6t?

You should be able to do this if you go into control panel, click on mouse and make the adjustments there.

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Just received my Thinkpad Yoga 3rd Gen with the following specifications: Item: ThinkPad X1 Yoga (3rd Gen) Black Part No: 20LDCTO1WW Configuration Details ? 8th Generation Intel® Core? i7-8650U Processor with vPro (1.90GHz, up to 4.20GHz with Turbo Boost, 8MB Cache) ? Windows 10 Pro 64 ? Windows 10 Pro 64 English ? 14" HDR WQHD (2560 x 1440) IPS anti-reflective, anti-smudge, multi-touch with Dolby Vision, 500 nits ? 16 GB LPDDR3 2133MHz (Onboard) ? Integrated Intel® UHD Graphics 620 ? 512 GB Solid State Drive, PCIe-NVMe OPAL2.0 M.2 ? Black ? 720p HD Camera with ThinkShutter and microphone ? ThinkPad Pen Pro (Garaged) ? Backlit Keyboard - US English ? Fingerprint Reader ? Hardware dTPM ? Hardware dTPM2.0 Enabled ? 4 cell Li-Ion 54Wh ? 65W AC Adapter (2pin) - USB Type C ? Intel Dual Band 8265 Wireless AC (2 x 2) & Bluetooth 4.1 with vPro ? vPro Certified ? 14.0" WQHD (2560x1440) IPS, 500nit, Touch, WLAN, No WWAN, 720p HD Camera with shutter, Mic, Black, HDR ? Intel UHD Graphics 620 ? Publication - English ? Retail Packaging ? 1 Year Depot or Carry-in After running the Thinkpad Yoga 3rd gen for a while it start lagging! It especially lag when going from laptop to tablet and back to laptop mode. I updated the firmware both the Windows 10 and Lenovo drivers. Is anyone else running into the same issues? Does any one have a solutions to prevent this lagging issues? Best Regards, Jack

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Anyone know if it's possible to get my laptop's touch-pad mouse scroll to work in a Win XP Pro virtual machine running under VMware workstation 6.0.2? I know that VMware doesn't allow VMs to have direct access to the host computer's hardware, but I was just wondering if this was possible because it's really annoying that I can't scroll. Thanks for replies.

A:touch pad scroll in VMware?

It probably wouldn't have a driver for something so specific to a single machine, but if you use an ordinary USB or PS/2 mouse for the machine, VMWare will probably pick that up so you can scroll.

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2 months ago, my home laptop got infected with a nasty little piece of malware. I could not login to windows (neither regular nor safe mode), since both the keyboard and the trackpad were disabled. Keyboard worked fine on Bios menu, but was somehow disabled when Windows booted.

An IT guy helped me bypass the windows login screen with some weird software. But once inside we were unable to re-activate the keyboard and trackpad (we could use an external mousse though). Avast Antivirus was also not working. We noticed a couple of unfamiliar folders in the C:\ drive that we could not remove, even with Admin privileges. We were only able to rename them, they are now the following: C:\found.001k and C:\found.002j.

I booted the computer with an Avast Rescue USB, and it detected 1547 infected files, but the log did not mention any specifics. Avast could not clean the files, so all of them had to be deleted.

Next time I booted Windows I could fix the keyboard and trackpad drivers, and successfully re-installed Avast. I ran Avast boot-time Scan and it found the following:

File: C:\Program Files (x86)\Free Empty Folder Delete\unins000.dat is infected by Win32:Bundlore-E [PUP]

The file could not be fixed, so it had to be moved to the chest.

It is worth mentioning that I have no recollection of downloading this "Free Empty Folder Delete" program. Moreover, I am not sure how the infection occurred in the first place, since I do not recall visiting any risk... Read more

A:Suspected malware disabled Keyboard and Trackpad

BUMP, please

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As per the topic name - I have disabled the trackpad in the BIOS (I only use trackpoint) in order to save some extra battery, but it looks like the trackpad is still recognised and working in Linux.  Is there something wrong with the BIOS setting? Is it working at all?

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I have a HP Envy product code C8P48AV serial number [edited Serial Number by Moderator] TS 15 Notebook PC.
ABout 1 month ago my hard drive completly failed.  I purchased the computer in the USA but now live in SIngapore.  I brought the computer to HP SIngapore and they were able to honor the warranty and replace the hard drive and OS (WIN 8).
After getting the computer back I upgraded to WIN 8.1 which is what I had before the hard drive died.
Everything works fine except for the touch screen.  It works but not fully.  On the main page of windows with the squares and all your apps I can't scroll the screen unless I actually touch the scroll bars on the edges of the screen.  Same things happens on websites and in windows photo app.....  Before my hard drive failure I was able to do this.
I checked device manager and under human interface devices there is no touch screen listed.
I checked HP web site and found two graphics drivers and Intel one and a Nvidia one.  

Driver - Graphics

Intel High-Definition (HD) Graphics Driver 2013-11-08 , Version10.18.10.3304, 157.77M
NVIDIA High-Definition (HD) Graphics Driver 2013-09-30 , Version9.18.13.2680, 323.99M
I installed the intel one and I received a warning that my current driver was newer I installed anyway and didn't fix it.
I tried to install the Nvidia one and was told the... Read more

A:Cant swipe/scroll with touch screen

Hello @Tareyton, Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More. I have read your post on how you are not able to swipe or scroll with the touch screen on your notebook computer, and I would be happy to be of assistance! Since the touch screen was working on your previous system configuration, I recommend recovering your operating system back to Windows 8 and then re-install all of the necessary drivers and updates. To do this, please follow this document on Backing Up Your Files (Windows 8) as well as Performing an HP System Recovery (Windows 8).  Once your system has Windows 8 installed again, please download and install the TPK Touch Panel Firmware, as well as all Windows and HP updates. When all of the driver software has completed installation, you can then proceed to upgrade your system to Windows 8.1.  Please re-post with the results of your troubleshooting, and I look forward to your reply!Regards

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Hello everybody, recentally I have done some updatings in windows 10. ll drivers have installed correctally. However, during working the touchpad suddenly stops for few seconds, afterthat it works again but the two fingurs scrolling does not work.If I repoot the computer it works fine but the problem happens agian after sometime. and so on anyone can help please?

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I have a HP laptop with a Synaptics touchpad. if I am on a document i can put the cursor on any part of the page and scroll down. but if i am on a web page i have to move the cursor to the right side of the page to where you scroll down and then hold down the left mouse button to scroll. i used to be able to scroll the same way on web page as on a document and it is a bit of a pain to have to move to the right and hold down the mouse button.

any ideas out there??


Edit: I just went on another website and was able to scroll there. this might be something only happening on this site

A:Synaptics touch pad wont scroll

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For the past month or so when I go to scroll with my finger on the touch screen, instead of scrolling, it throws up the right click box. 
I have searched online for solutions, checked the drivers, and everything else I could think of in the settings to fix the issue, but I am at a loss.  I just want to be able to scroll a webpage using my finger.
I use Chrome mostly.  When I scroll with my finger in a Word document, it works.
Anyone else having this issue?  Does anyone know what to do?

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My scroll bar on my touchpad stopped working. I have an HP laptop.

A:scroll bar on touch pad stopped working

Is the touchpad a SYNAPTICS or ALPS or some other brand?

What version of Windows are you using?

What model name and model number is your HP laptop?


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 i have searched through the forums and have not found a decent solution for this problem.  When I power on my laptop from off, or wake it from sleep, I will randomly lose functionality to either the Touch Screen, or both the Keyboard and Trackpad, or at other times I will lose functionality to all three.  Other times all three regain functionality and work perfectly fine until the next time it sleeps or powers off.  I see the keyboard and trackpad in Device Manager at all times, even when they don't function, on the other hand, the touch screen with swing in and out of Device Manager, The touch screen works 100% of the time it shows in Device Manager, and fails to function 100% of the time it does not show.   Any Ideas Why?

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Hello, I have a HP Spectre x360, and whenever I try to put the laptop on its side to watch videos or read on my bed, it turns off the keyboard and trackpad even though the laptop itself is still in 'laptop mode'. It even rotates the screen. When it's on its side, it doesn't say that it is in tablet mode, but it does rotate the screen and only allow touchscreen. How do I make it so that it doesn't turn off the keyboard?

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just like the title. Touch pad works, tap to click works, everything seems to work except vertical and horizontal scroll. Wiped and started over, downloaded windows 7 drivers from HP, nothing.

A:Dv7-3183cl touch pad Will not scroll after upgrade to Window...

Hi, Please try the first one on the following list:          http://www.synaptics.com/resources Regards.

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Track pad will not scroll or zoom after upgrade to windows 10.  I posted this last night and got a response to try the Windows 10 PS/2 & SMBus Devices v19.0.19.1 driver from synaptics website and it did not. This is an awesome laptop and use it for work but I cannot use it without scrolling. PLEASE HELP

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My touch-pad doesn't scroll after installing windows 7   & after installing windows 10 it doesn't appear didecated graphicplease let me know how to fix it...

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ISSUEThe 720 touchpad and touchscreen are the worst.  This issue started out of the box before I had even gone on line.  When the touchpad does work, the right click/left click distinction doesn't work and I have to use the screen, when it's working, for the long hold until the right click options appear. When the screen is working, the ability to close a window and touching it just the right way is dubious at best.  I've tried modifying sensitivity, etc, in the control panel, but there is no difference.   When both window and touchpad stop functioning, I plug in an old HP mouse I have, but when I'm mobile, this means running the mouse down my leg if I don't have a surface to place my laptop upon.  And it also means carrying a mouse with me everywhere I go.  My line of work is often standing and walking with clients so  not really possible in my line of work.   RETURN/REPAIR OPTIONS AREN'T OFFERED OR ARE NOT PRACTICALTo back up a bit, I attempted to return this to BestBuy, but was four days beyond the allowable return date.  I contacted Lenovo, but it's all about mailing it in or turning the laptop over and being without anything for a few days.  Hard to find those few days.  I've tried to live it, but it's been an enormous killer of productivity, not to mention incredible frustration and some embarrsassing typos.    PAST YOGA BUILD WAS GREAT - WHAT WENT WRONG WITH THE 720?My last Yoga 710 wa... Read more

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my touchpad on my notebook scroll has stopped working, could someone please direct me on how to enable this feature again. I have a hp dv4000. thank you!

A:touchpad scroll disabled

I'm going to move this to hardware -- this forum is for new articles.

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My Lenovo U410 Touch recently got damaged - the hinge broke causing the touch screen to **bleep**.I was told that a repair was not feasible as none of the repair shops near me were able to source the parts needed.I therefore bought a new laptop. However, there is a lot of data on the old laptop that I want to access, including sorting out the licensing of MS Office (by uninstalling from the old one).I cannot do anything about it as the old machine is completely unusable as due to the touch screen being cracked, it seems to think it is constantly being touched in multiple places on the screen. This means that I cannot access the laptop to copy the data or uninstall Office. Anyone know any way around this that doesn't involve taking it to a repair shop to "recover" my data. Cheers

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I am running windows seven and my laptop (a 10 inch acer aspire one) shut down to load some changes after an auto up date. It automatically shut down without prompting me and after it restarted I could no longer use the scroll function on the side of my touch pad. Now I cant scroll at all but half the time I get the little gray circle that signals that the scroll part of the pad is in use but it still does not move the bar on the side of the page. I am not familiar enough with W7 to know where to look to fix this problem. Please help or let me know if there is any other info needed to help me fix this problem.

A:problem with touch pad scroll function after auto updat

Hi Phil.
You will have to go to Acer.com and find the support for your netbook.
I'm guessing it is an AOD250 with a 10.1" screen. That is what I have.
You will need to find the software for your touchpad and rein stall.
Here is the information I think you will need.
TouchPadSynapticsTouchpad Driver14. MB2009/12/08

They have 2 versions from 2 different manufs but I think this is the one one you have. Just download and run.

Let me know how things workout.

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Every time I scroll down on my touchpad, the screen goes black. This is beyond frustrating. Any help would be incredibly appreciated!

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I bought new, but somehow do not want to workVideo is compared, apparently just enough to buy a new cable https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cj5L-1l4qzI&feature=youtu.beI bought it herehttp://www.ebay.com/itm/Lenovo-Ideapad-S210-New-11-6-LED-LCD-laptop-screen-with-touch-glass-/1912932...
This is a new LCD
This is a broken LCD
Moderator note: large image(s) converted to link(s):  About Posting Pictures In The Forums

A:Lenovo S210 Touch broken LCD and Touch screen

Hi Magnutus, welcome to the forums.
Please check if you Lenovo S210 is on warranty under with this tool.
After that you can open a ticket with Lenovo for the screen to be fixed, if it is not under warranty it will have a cost.
If you are the guys that like to fix it yourself (and it is not under warranty) I can recommend you to check the support site for your model, read the Hardware Maintenance Manual (on the documents area) and check how the machine is organized on the inside. On the parts lookup page you can find the parts number so you can find a replacements for the component that is giving you issues.
I hope this links helps you.

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Hey everybody, I just received my P40 last week as a replacement for another Lenovo device. So far, everything seems to work fine with one exception: When I turn the screen over to the "tablet position", the touch screen and the touch pen show erroneous behaviour.a) As soon as I make the first input with the touch pen, I cannot make any further input with my finger, so the touch input is simply turned off. The Windows setting to ignore touch input when the stylus is used is not active.b) When I try to tap buttons at certain areas of the screen, especially at the upper edge, the cursor of the stylus starts jumping around and shows up at the lower edge of the screen. That means that when I for example tap on the "X" symbol in the upper right corner to close a window, I actually click on some of the symbols in the system tray in the lower right corner. This problem stops occuring as soon as the angle between the two case parts (screen and keyboard) reaches/exceeds approx. 40°. It does not matter if Windows is in "Tablet" or "Desktop" Mode. I already tried to manually install another Wacom driver mentioned at https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-S-Series-ThinkPad-Yoga/Wacom-Tablet-Service-for-ISD-Driver-Win... and https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-P-and-W-Series-Mobile/P40-Yoga-issues/td-p/3293985. I had no luck trying driver versions, and I would really appreciate your help since this issue makes working in the tablet position... Read more

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Upon installing Norton 360 v4.0 on my Sony VIO vgn-Z520N using Vista Business I realized that the touchpad functions were no longer available, in fact they were missing from the control panel options for my mouse. I contacted Symantech support and through their efforts they only managed to delete most of my passwords stored in the 360 login files (they did an uninstall then re-installed 360).

I contacted Sony who provided a link to the mouse driver. I installed the driver but no touchpad functions are to be found.

Norton 360 v4.0 has a bug that deletes the touchpad functions and they do not know how to fix it...Anyone got ideas on how a 'non-tech savvy' user can fix this problem?

A:Norton 360 v4.0 Laptop Touchpad Scroll Disabled

Hi Tom_C1,

This is Mike from the Norton Authorized Support Team.

The issue you are having is due to a problem with the drivers for your trackpad. In the thread on the Norton Community Forums it is suggested that you acquire the correct drivers and to then install the new drivers. There may be separate drivers for the trackpad functionality besides the normal mouse drivers and I would suggest that you install the latest version of those drivers.

If by chance you have not already done so, please manually run LiveUpdate in Norton 360 and complete a "Comprehensive System Scan" to make sure there are no infections present. There is the possibility that there are infections on your machine which may have corrupted the drivers.


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hello i want from you to help me i bought laptop lenovo g50-80 touch from amazon it was working good until something happened then the monitor touch screen didnt work at the first it was working very good but now it doesnt want to work i searched for solution but i didnt find anything also the numbers on the right side of the keyboard doesnt work either even if i activate the num lock button  plz answer me and thank you

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Is it possible to use the Lenovo Yogo pen with the trackpad?I have the Lenovo Yogo 920 Thanks, Colton

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Hello, I am encountering problems with my trackpad on my y50 laptop. Specifically, the trackpad will not register click and drag gestures. I am wondering: 1) Is there a software fix? -although all my drivers are up-to-date2) Must I get a replacement part? -although my laptop is out of warranty    3) If so, is 5CB0F78866 the correct part?    4) How do I order this part? Any information would be much appreciated. Thanks! 

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i'm using windows 7 and have installed version drivers for synaptics touchpad.

i want to enable chiral scroll motion, as well as to adjust the sensitivity for the touchpad, as the cursor keeps jumping jumping around when i type, making me keep having to correct gibberish.

i know this version of the drivers supports chiral scroll, multi-touch, and other adjustments to touchpad function, but when i pull up the device settings for the "PS/2 mouse port compatible touchpad", the only menu options it shows are "overview" and "buttons", which only contain the patent notices and button actions. but otherwise, there is no way to change the functionality of the mouse at all. none of the usual menu options are there.

i've reinstalled the drivers, tried other versions, and rebooted a million times, and nothing seems to help. i know the capability is there, but i just can't access it for some reason...

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. it's impossible for me to get anything done like this.

thanks so much!!


P.S. this is a new netbook (acer 722) to replace my old acer aspire (1450, i think). it originally came with elan touchpad drivers, but i had the hard drive switched out for my old one and new drivers installed. it works fine otherwise, but maybe this has something to do with the problem... thanks again for any help!! :)

A:problem enabling chiral scroll and other multi-touch functions on synaptics touchpad

oh and i forgot to add that it currently will do two-finger scrolling. just not chiral, which i prefer. not sure if this is relevant, though it does mean that at least some other multi-touch gestures work fine.

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Have been looking at a laptop for my neighour, she was in hospital for a few weeks recently and the laptop was left without mains power, the battery went flat. Upon reconnecting it to the mains, although the laptop boots into windows normally, neither the keybaord nor laptop work. Few things i've observed. i can connect a USB mouse and that works fine, i can navigate around the login screen. if i connect a USB keyboard (tried two) they dont work, even simple things like caps / num lock buttons to get lights on the keyboard. I also observed some keys on the keyboard do function, F12 and F11 do dim and brighten the screen, F9 does turn the screen on and off. I've tried other buttons such as F6 to re-enable the touchpad, no success, F7 doesnt appear to disable wifi etc. I've tried removing the battery / mains and rebooting, doesnt work. I've tried removing both battery and mains and holding the power button down for a couple of minutes, then re-applying power, didnt work I also tried removing the battery only and holding down the power, also didnt work. I've tried holding down the F12 key upon powering to see if i can get into the bios, laptop just booted normally. Are there any other suggestions to get the keyboard enabled?

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Is it possible to change trackpad with better one? Is there any that is compatible? Because i think the default one is terrible if you compare it to others..

A:Lenovo y50-70 trackpad replacement

I agree completely. The trackpad is not so good. A way to reprogram it to disable/remap the secondary button would be great.

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hello i own a lenovo y700 and the trackpad feels bad. i wanted to know if there is any way to replace it with a glass panel.

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Hi, Please helpz51-70 amd graphics core i7Issue:Trackpad is not working even start upwhen I connect external mouse still the trackpad is not working

A:Lenovo Z51 trackpad is not working every start up

Hi Banogers,      
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As per the query we understood that you are facing issue with the touchpad not working in your Lenovo Z51-70 laptop.
Try to reinstall the touchpad driver and check for the issue, also boot the system into safe mode and check if the touchpad works.
Click here for the touchpad driver for windows 7.
Click here for the touchpad driver for windows 8.1.
Click here for the touchpad driver for windows 10.
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It seems like this is  recurring issue, since my computer, after my firts tablet-turning, does not see to recognize that it has become a computer again. So, sometimes, my computer do not recognize my trackpad and, sometimes, even my keyboard.I have tried every kind of new released drivers, but nothing seems to fix it. The external mouse works. ANy tips?My computer is 10 days old.Thanks

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