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Solved: xdM picture card?

Q: Solved: xdM picture card?

Is there a difference between an xdM and an xd picture card? If my camera takes xd, will it also be compatible with the xdM? Thank you.

Preferred Solution: Solved: xdM picture card?

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A: Solved: xdM picture card?

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I have a 1GB XD Picture Card but when i try to format it i can only set the capacity to 999mb.

I didn't notice that until it had completed formatting but by then it is too late.

I now have a 999mb XD Picture Card.

Does anyone know how i can get back my 25mb?


A:Solved: Format 1GB XD Picture Card

The card size is likely expressed in "Decimal" GB, Windows reports in "Binary" GB.

Same applies to hard drives, I assume all flash drives and camera cards will be similar, based on a card I have just tried now, the difference is a factor of about 1.024 between reported and labelled.

A megabyte is 1,000 bytes in Decimal, but 1,024 Bytes in Binary.

You have not "lost" anything in reality?

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i am trying to do something but it does not seem to be working. could some one please help me.

i have some photos on my computer which i want to put on to my fujifilm xd picture card so that i can take them to a shop to get the printed out. i have made sure that the file is a jpeg and the filename has no spaces. i then copied the pictures and attached my camera to my computer.
i went into My Computer to access the folder where the pictures are stored on the camera, i knew it was the right place as the photos that where already on my camera where showing. i then pasted the photos and they were then shown as on my camera's picture card.

i then disconnected the camera and checked that the photos had been stored on the picture card, but it just said "read-error" where the photos i had just copied should have been.

i have a finepix a204 digital camera.

are the pictures on the memory card so that i can print them out at the shop? or am i doing something wrong?
could someone please help me and tell me what i should be doing.

A:Solved: transfer photos off computer to xd picture card in digital camera

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I have been infected by "about blank" before and repaired it, this one is annoying me...help!

A:Solved: Click to see larger picture...about blank pops up with no picture!

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Ive recently bought a 2gb picture card it was working fine but all of a sudden has come up xd write protect and will not let me save photographd on it. What do i do?

A:XD Picture Card. Help?

Check the card to see if there is a little mechanical slide on it.
If so,it's in the write protect position.
Also check your cameras menu to see if there is a write protect option.
Any camera software on your computer might also have this option.

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i have a pc with win 98.
i have a kodak dc 3200 digital camera i am useing a kodak 6 in one
picture card but it seems i can not transfer any pictures using kodak compact 128mb picture card,i sent to kodak this information and they gave me information to go into the registry hey i am a dummy as far as the pc goes and i do not no nothing about the pc.
the pic.reader has a green and red lite the green lite on when rebooting till the kodak icon comes on in the bottom of the screen the red lite is for access.so any thing you tell me has to be down to earth english.thank you for your time.

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not really sure if this is the spot for this ? but oh well maybe ill get some response, i have an olympus digital camera that uses an xd card and i dont get enough use out of my xd memory card , so im wondering are there other devices which i can use it in? and i saw somewhere online an adapter that you slide in your xd to make it usable as smartmedia or someother type of media i dont recall, but im wondering what are some other electronic devices that use these type of memory cards as well not just specifically xd, because i could get an adapter to use my xd card. basically i just like how small this memory is and just cant believe digital cameras are the only device made to utilize this technology, thanks for any response, maybe this will give others ideas too

A:xd picture card uses?

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I have just returned from a short holiday with lots of lovely photos.I am getting No joy in trying to download my pictures to my computer.The camera is new, Olympus FE130 and I bought a 256 XD memory card which has been working fine. on trying to download i am getting error message on the computer software( source not found).If I turn on the camera the screen is stating a power off option or format.
When I came to get the camera out of its bag the battery cover was open. Help please!

A:Problem with picture card

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II just bought a new nvidia Geforce4 Ti 4600 128mb card to replace my old Geforce2. I took out the gf2 and put in the gf4, made sure all connections were secure, plugged everything back in, and booted up, and all i get is a black screen, with the monitor light flashing off and on green. I put back in my old videocard and it seemed to work fine. I have an AmdAthalon 950mhz, 448mb RAM, and both cards were agp. Could it be that my card is faulty or broken? or i need to up date my bios? Pleasssssssse help, just spent lots of money on my card now i cant even use it! Just imagine.

A:New Video Card = No picture

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Hi all, it's been a while.
Anyway I attended my twin grandchildrens 1st B-Day Party in Saskatchewan, Canada and when I tried to download pictures from my camera onto my daughters computer, it would not download them and now when I put the XD Picture card back into my camera, it will not read the card it states "Card Error". I took the camera and card to a photo shop and they tried to download them as well, using another camera and it still did not work.
I don't care about the picture card BUTTTTT I really want the pictures that are on the card.
Also, all the pictures my daughter took, she accidentally deleted them all, whats the chance of that happening!! So we have NO pictures of the Twins 1st birthday, Is there anything I can do to get the pictures from the card (if there still there) that states "Card Error???

Thanking you in advance

A:Error on XD Picture Card

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hi hp.please help me.my freinds and i took a picture and wanted to transfer the picture to my laptop using my freind sd card.then,the laptop cannot scan the sd card.after that,we use others laptop and the laptop also cannot scan it.tehn,whe we put back the sd card,all the picture were missing.please hepl me asap hp forum 

A:sd card lost picture

ellysyh_man Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about retrieving the pictures from your SD card and wanted to help. Most likely, the pictures are still there, just not seen by Windows. So, what I recommend is downloading and using this app to see if it can retrieve those files:  Recover Data in 3 Steps With MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition - MajorGeeksGood Luck========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------Please click "Accept As Solution" on the post that solves your issue to help others find the solution.Please click the Thumbs-Up symbol on the left of the Reply button to say thanks fopr my help.========================================================================

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Hi all, need a little advice. Wondering if anyone has experienced this before... I keep seeing the issue in other blogs, but can't seem to find a fix yet.

Im installing a new PCI Video card in my desktop at work. This is my old desktop that previously had a video card for dual monitors, IT took out the card and used the pc for something else. Now i have it back and Im trying to set it up for dual monitors again. Im not a pro (yet ), so please bear with me.

OS: Windows XP
New Card: GeForce 6200 512MB DDR2 (NVIDIA) -its brand new by the way.

Here's the issue:

When I first installed the new card, I had blank screens regardless of which port the monitor(s) were plugged into (original video port or new vid card). -Remove the card, all is fine. Install in a different PCI slot.. same problem. Went into BIOS and changed the settings for video from "Auto" to "Onboard/PEG" so that it will acknowledge a new card only if installed. -No dice, still have the same problem.

I know the IT guy had this exact problem the last time he installed the vid card on this pc and he managed to fix it. However, he is gone now and Im at a loss.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

A:New Video Card - No Picture

First, clarification. Are you actually using a PCI card? I don't think the 6200 ships in PCI form. It is likely PCI-E or possibly AGP. Second, if it is PCI-E or AGP, there is likely only one slot. And with a 6200 you may need a more powerful power supply.

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Hello everyone, new member.
I have tried doing a search on this already, but it seems like my problem is different from other already similar threads, or I couldn't find it.

Anyways I'm having problems with my GE company SmartMedia xD-Picture Card.
I plug it into the USB and it doesn't do anything, nothing at all. Usually a message at the lower right corner will pop up telling me that there is a new device plugged in and I can click on that and open up to see my new pictures. Or it will automatically open up my new pictures in a "photo program" of some kind.

I have tried plugging it into USB's I know are working, but I get nothing. I do not see any error messages of any kind, and the green light comes on when I plug it in.
I have tried doing troubleshooting procedures but the listed problems are not same as mine.
When I plug it in I have double clicked on the "safely remove hardware" icon and it shows my wireless internet connection and also shows a "USB mass storage device". When I unplug it, the USB mass storage device disappears, so I'm assuming this is the device? I have tried clicking into properties and going through the troubleshooting procedures, but it doesn't work.
When I plug it in or take it off it makes that "windows sound" over the speakers, so it must be recognizing something?

I have also tried looking through my picture files to see if it automatically put them into any of them, b... Read more

A:GE xD Picture Card Problems

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I've had this problem for awhile with my graphics card. I currently run a GeForce 8400GS and it works fine; I've never had any problems with it. I now want to change to my newer card, a 9800GT, which I've had for awhile now, but haven't been able to get working.

I've uninstalled any drivers currently on the computer, placed the card into the correct slot and booted up the computer. I get all of the sounds, the little beeps and what not; but no picture on the screen.

I was just wondering what might be wrong and how I can solve the problem; whether it's human error, a card error or something to do with my computer?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A:No Picture from graphics card!

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Hi ! does anyone recommend any printers that take the XP Picture card directly ready for printing ?
Thx !!

A:Printers that take the XP Picture Card ?

Hello Joe
Do you mean the XD memory card?
If so HP manufacture a range called Photosmart which take the XD card. I have only had mine two weeks so I am still getting to grips with printing direct from the printer.


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A:Help Whit Xd Picture Card

When you put it where? A card reader? A printer?
Please don't type in all caps.

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Building myself a new system today, all seems to be working apart from my graphics card. I see the fan spinning but I'm not getting a picture. The card works fine on my other computer, I also tested an old card and got the same results.

The new card is a nvidia 8800gts 320mb.
The motherboard is nvidia nForce 650i SLI chipset board.

I've asked loads of peolpe and nobody knows the answer, hopefully someone here will know as I'm currently staring at a 700 pound computer that I can't actually use.

Thanks in advance

A:No picture from graphics card

See the Troubleshooting guide at the top of this section: http://forums.techguy.org/hardware/580000-troubleshooting-guide-problem-builds.html

Its not likely the video thats the problem but something else, maybe a short or incompatible hardware. Please post the full specs of your computer including the makes and models of all the hardware used.

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ahhhhhhhhhhhh i just bought this graphics card too it is called
Connect3D radeon x1300
is connect3d garbage what is wrong with my card!?

my sapphire radeon x1300 doesnt do this

A:does this picture mean my graphics card is bad?

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after frying my old motherboard i got a new one http://www.asrock.com/product/product_K7Upgrade600.htm and found out that my old video card didn't work in it, so i ordered a new one http://www.sapphiretech.com/vga/9250.asp and when i boot up the computer i dont have a signal. i know the video card is not defective because i tried it in my stepdads new dell and it worked fine. i am out of ideas so if anyone could help it would be greatly appriceated. My computer specs are:

512 MB DDR (256 x 2)
1.2 GHz athlon CPU (Thunderbird) running at 266 FSB

A:No picture with new video card

Just checking. You should have two power connectors to your motherboard from the power supply. Are they both connected?

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I have Olympus type M XD picture card.. I put card into my computer..( HP lap with Vista) and the computer recognizes that the disk is there...but says "empty" do you want to format? I know that there are pictures there as when I take this to Costco..all the pictures are present. I don't want to reformat as I will lose the photos. I have cleaned the reader...used air pressure to clean out the reader port on computer...and..still...wants me to format..Could this be a problem with the computer port?? Thanks!

A:XD picture card error

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My problem is that i can't seem to see any kind of picture when i plug in the monitore cable to the vid card. Things that i did try to try and solve the problem was change the vid card and try another monitore and this parts are from a working system which i took off from, but sill no picutre. Im thinking that maybe its the mobo agp slot but there is power going through to the vid card since the fan on the card is spinning and the system is working since cpu is working and i can see the computer on the network

Its a p3 system wit xp pro vid card is a geforce 3

A:picture problem wit vid card??

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Hi !! Does anyone know of any printers on the market as yet that directly accept the 'new' XD Picture card ?

Expect Fuji to soon .....not seen anything yet ?

THX !!


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I took my olympus xd picture and place into my laptop and all of a sudden all of pictures were gone. I read another thread that there is a way to recover the pictures. My laptop tells me the card needs to be reformatted.

Thanks for your help

A:olympus xd picture card

you maybe out of luck. It sounds as if either your laptop or camera isn't working properly. More then likely the card reader on your laptop either needs to have it's driver reinstalled or needs to be replaced. Your camera may still have manuctioned and may be formating cards improperly. In this case it would be able to read them but other devices won't. As for recovering any of the hundreds of free file recovery programs would work as long a you put the card ina card reader.

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Hi I have a epson stylus nx400 scanner, can I scan pictures straight to a memory card without going through computer. Thanks

A:scanning picture to memory card

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Bad picture - Monitor? Video card?

I have a friend who says her Desktop or any window she opens is graying at the top and the window is getting squashed at the bottom. I know that's not a great deal of info, but here's the kicker.

She has sent me three different screenshots and they look perfect on my computer.

Does that give anyone an idea as to what's going wrong?

A:Bad picture - Monitor? Video card?

Sending you a screen shot doesnít prove anything about her system a screen shot is just data not what she is seeing on her display. And it is probably the monitor, she can check by connecting ether another PC to that monitor or another monitor to that PC.

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Hi ! just wondering if anyone knew where I could find a photo printer that accepts the new XD Picture Card ?

Thx !


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hi! i'm new, and really hoping you can help me. (from what i've read, i'm sure you can!)

I've got an older Olympus Camedia D-395 camera with a 128 MB Olympus xD-picture card. When I attach the camera using the USB cable to my desktop (WinXP) it doesn't recognize the camera but I can open the card manually and copy the pictures to a folder. I went ahead and copied my pictures, erased the card, and used it this weekend.

Today I tried to attach the camera using the USB cable to the same computer, still wouldn't recognize it, but now I can't access the pictures at all and my camera says "Card Error".

I've read around online and I've tried sticking into my desktop's card reader and I have a similar problem, it displays the pictures as there but it can't show what they are.

Any ideas on what I should try next?

A:Olympus xD-picture Card problems

does the card have a read-only switch at the side?
Have you tried cleaning the card with a lintfree cloth? (microfibre is good)
My xD card sometimes has to be re-inserted several times before it shows, especially the old ones.
If it seems you lost all pictures, you might want to format card in the camera

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I have an Olympus FE-120 with XD card that has been working fine. Today, when I turn on the camera, I only get option to power off or format, and formatting will erase pics. Can't access the card pics. Tried plugging into computer to open Olympus Master program to see if can access pics that way and its says the device is not ready. Any ideas as to what problem is?

A:XD picture card no longer works

Welcome to TSG. Your card may have given up the ghost. Never keep important pics or files on flash cards. If you are unable to transfer/read the pics through the camera, you can try a card reader, but may get the same results. If another card works, then the problem is definitely with the current card. If the only option you are given is to format the card, then you might have to do that. Immediately afterwards, pull the card out, and don’t use it for anything until you can download a program like Recuva to try and recover the pictures.

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I put in a new video card yesterday, the one from this thread, and now everything works fine, my computer is considerably speedier, BUT, I get a lot of distortion on pictures. Flash works fine, games run fine, all videos work fine. I would post a screenshot, but when I take screenshots, this is all I get. wtf?
My screen doesn't look anything like that.
This is a pic I took with my cell, you can kinda get the gist of the problem.


could it have something to do with the monitor/refresh rate?

A:New video card, picture distortion, help?

What type of monitor are you using? CRT is what the pictures look like... If it is indeed a CRT monitor, and not an LCD monitor, change the vertical refresh rate to 72 or 75Hz. If it is an LCD monitor set the vertical refresh rate to 60Hz

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I borowed my friends graphics card because mine was broken.
I tryed to put the card in with the power on the pc ON, after that my pc rebooted all of a sudden,
and when i connected the card and the monitor, the monitir is not showing anything, and the inside of my PC smells like
burned plastic, I removed the card and its still not working. The card is OK i think, it doesn't smell wierd of anything.
I tryed removing the power cable for a minute and its still not working.

A:Monitor not showing picture after new gfx card

Installing (and removing) cards or any parts with the power on can result in many potential failures including motherboard, the card that was removed or inserted, the power supply.

You should have a qualified computer technician check it out to see what was damaged.

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I have a Fujifilm E900 digital camera. It is a model from a few years back. I want to know the max size of picture card it can take. I'm assuming that it can take cards as big as I can buy, but I'm not 100% sure.


A:Fujifilm E900 Picture Card

What does your book tell you about it?

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I just bought this HP Pavilion 510-P010.  I was told the slot would fit my sD card, I specifcally asked about it before I bought it.  They said it would fit.  I cannot get it to fit the normal way, does it go in sideways?  And if so, which way does it face.  I'm afraid to stick it in there and something will happen if I don't put it in right. The card is a xD-Picture Card M 2GB.

A:How do I insert my xD Picture Card into the slot

@paterd?, welcome to the forum. Here are the cards that are supported by the card reader: Figure : Memory card reader  Supports the following cards:Secure Digital (SD)Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC)SDXC It doesn't appear that your card is supported. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.

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Bad picture - Monitor? Video card?

I have a friend who says her Desktop or any window she opens is graying at the top and the window is getting squashed at the bottom. I know that's not a great deal of info, but here's the kicker.

She has sent me three different screenshots and they look perfect on my computer.

Does that give anyone an idea as to what's going wrong?

A:Bad picture - Monitor? Video card?

Looks like her monitor is about die. Have you asked her to connect to a working monitor? If problem still presist, it may be the video card.

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I wasn't sure if this should be in "Audio & Video" but this is a mod so I put this here.

Ok, one of the last posts in the old forum was improving picture quality on nVidia cards by bypassing RF filter. Well, I did this yesterday to my GeForce2Ti card and I do notice the difference. At resolutions 1400 x 1050 and above text is sharper now.
I got quite funny colors at first as I wasn't sure what to solder, green signal was bypassed, red & blue weren't etc. After a few tries colors are as they should be.
Here's the link from where I got information:

A:Improving gfx card's picture quality

I hesitate to try it on my GeForce2 because there never seems to be an after photo(are people afraid to show their soldering skills or lack thereof) and I never use resolutions higher than 1024x768(monitors max).

Duron [email protected], Epox 8KTA3, 256Mb PC133, 30Gb WD HDD, GeForce2 Pro 200/400

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I bought a new monitor. hooked it up to the computer, and had it hooked up with dvi cable. worked the first time, then the 2nd time trying to boot up pc, no signal. I tried with vga cable, same thing, no signal. I hooked up monitor on a different computer using dvi and vga cables. worked fine. tried 3 different video cards. 2 I know for a fact work, and still nothing. I'm guessing the pci slot on motherboard is messed up or something? it powers on video card, fan is running, but it just won't send video to the monitor. I know the monitor works, the video cards work, what kind of options do I have when the pci slot isn't working right?

thanks for any help

A:No picture with any kind of video card

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After installing Windows 7068 I have had problems with the Ricoh xD card driver from MS update. First time BSOD for me with Windows 7.

So far this is the only version that has presented this problem. Even downloading the driver from other sources does not help. It installs the driver and then I get this

Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device. A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged, or that might be malicious software from an unknown source. (Code 52)

Finally decided to just leave it alone and see what happens.

A:Ricoh xD Picture card driver


Despite all of the above my computer reads and list the canon picture memory card that I used in my camera with no problems.

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Ok, call me stupid or whatever but I need some information and can't seem to find anyone who can help me or who knows diddley squat! My manual doesn't even say; but to replace card.

I have an Olympus Stylus-410 camera. I use it mostly for just still pictures. Now I am getting a card error. Not sure, what the problem is, but I am guessing that my media card is shot. Can not even take pictures. Guess my question is when I purchase a new card does it have to be same Olympus card? Right now I have a 32mb xD-picture card (Olympus). If anyone can help I sure would appreciate it! And if someone could tell me maybe what happened?

A:32mg xD-Picture Card Problems

If you use the panorama feature of the camera you have to buy an Olympus card for the panorama to work. Otherwise any brand xD card works fine.

There are a lot of ways to mess up the card. Switching off or disconnecting the camera in the middle of a download can affect the card. Removing the card with the camera turned on can cause problems. Formatting the card from the computer has been known to cause problems. Regularly removing the card to use in a card reader can damage pins if you donít put it in right. And sometimes they just quit.

Are you able to format the card in the camera?

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I recently bought a new video card (ATI Radeon 3650 HD Pro [AGP Type]) for my computer, and I plugged it in, i'm pretty sure I have everything in nice and snug and even plugged in the power supply, but I'm not getting a picture, just the yellow light that suggest that there is no connection to the monitor. I tried searching for the answer but I havent found anything, anyone know the cause or a solution to this?

A:No picture with newly inserted video card

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I have a Fujifilm 3800 digital camera. I'm using a 512 MB xD Picture Card. I originally took about 900 pictures with that camera on that 512 MB Picture Card. I downloaded the pictures to My Computer into a folder in My Pictures. Now I want to transfer some of the pictures back to the 512 MB Picture Card through my FinePix Fujifilm xD Card Reader which appears as Drive G on my computer. I want to show the pictures on my TV by putting the xD card into a SanDisk. When I originally had the pictures on the card (when I first took the pictures) I put the card in the SanDisk and it showed the pictures just fine. However, after I put the pictures in my computer, I used my camera to completely clear the pictures from the xD card. I successfully loaded about 400 pictures back onto the card. I couldn't view them through the camera, but I could view them on the TV using the SanDisk and when I put the card in the card reader they do come up on my computer screen so I know they're on the card. Now, I'm trying to add more pictures to the card and I'm getting an error in my computer that says, "Cannot copy (picture number) 0419: the directory or file cannot be created." Why do you think I'm getting this message? I thought I should be able to load many more pictures back onto the card - possibly up to 900 like I originally had on the card. I even went to "Properties" for Drive G to see how much space was free on the picture card. It shows the ... Read more

A:Downloading pictures from my computer to xD picture card

You must use the same folder structure and names on the XD card that the camera created in the first place.
The simplest way to recreate the folder structure is to format the card in the camera (obviously you should have kept copies of the pictures on it)

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My ATI 9600 video card has started behaving very strangely (see screenshot). I suspect if anyone has seen this problem before, they will immediately recognize it--note especially the wierd text distortion.

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.

Screenshot is capped from Call of Duty UO, and reduced from 1280x1024 to 640x512.

I have checked all the basics (latest drivers; turned off fast writes; etc). According to my temp gauges, it's not a heat problem (but funnily enough is worse at the mo with 90deg weather outside, but I have aircon on). PC is a 2.6 GHz P3, 1.5Gb RAM, 600GB disc, Windows XP home SP2

A:Strange graphic card problem--look at picture

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

You`ve got what`s called screen artifacts.

Could be that your videocard is going bad.

Rma the card if possible.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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Is it possible to identify an nvidia graphic card from a picture ?


A:identify a graphic card from a picture with numbers shown

Here it is AMD Radeon http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16814131090

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The HP PC has on the tower an area where I can insert the Fujifilm Xd picture card to transfer images from the card to the PC. After the transfer, I deleted all the images on the card using the PC's program.

The problem is that the camera is not reading the card. I get an error message "card error" on the display. The manuel explains that I have to insert a new card. When I inserted a new card the camera worked properly.

Is there anything I can do to reformat the picture card? I am using the Olympus Stylus 300 digital camera.

I wrote to Fuji hoping that they will send me a replacement card but if I can do anything to the bad card, I'll fix it myself.

A:Fujifilm Xd picture card error on camera display

Try reformating it in the camera.

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I have a older pc the onboard is really weak. it was meant for win xp but I have win7. I just got a NVidia GeForce FX 5500 250mb 128bit PCI TV+DVI. it came with the driver disk cause I got it new in box, when I put it in and start the pc I get nothing on the screen from onboard or the card. I tried disabling the onboard that didn't work, so then I tried taking the card out and starting pc an installing the drivers first but it said it couldn't find a device for the drivers, meaning I have to have the card in before I can install the drivers. how can I get video to come up weather it be onboard or video card long enough to install the drivers?

A:unable to get picture on screen after putting in video card

Hi there .. Make sure your PCI slot is clean and try reseating the Card ... If it still does not work you would need to test it on another Computer ...

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Heya guys,

I am getting a Fugi digital camera for Christmas that takes the XD card and I have a few questions.

1. Are you using your camera to directly download to your computer? If not, what type or brand of card reader are you using and where did you get it from.

2. Do both the Olympus and Fugi cards read in each others cameras?

3. Is 128MB the higest I can go at this point for memory?


This is for an XP Home system.

A:Those with XD Picture Card digital cameras, help answer my questions

BTT... Mods, if this is in the wrong forum and you know of a better one to put it in that may get me a better chance at answering the questions, please move it.


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Does anyone have a picture of the L380 Yoga insides? I am curious if it has a WWAN slot. I know there is no open sim card card but isn't it the same motherboard as the X380?Also, does anyone know how many PCIe lanes it has? 

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I have a T440 LaptopSerial Number: XXXXXXX     -    Serial number removed per forum rules - modType/ Model: 20B7S19G00
Could you please identify the slot in the picture below? It's beside the wireless card. 

... It's not the mSATA slot, is it? 
Could it be the M.2 slot, despite having only 2 prongs? 
Is there a way to install an SSD there and if so - what kind would I need? 
Thanks a lot in advance!

A:[T440] What is the empty slot beside the Wireless Card? (serial number & picture included)

Yes. WWAN or M.2 SSD - SATA 2242 form factor.

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