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Motherboard Max Temperature

Q: Motherboard Max Temperature

I spoke to asus today Tech Support.
They say that it can be up to 85 C to be OK.
If the Probe2 reading or bios gives an error,ignore it.
I'm about 50 C,no problems.

Preferred Solution: Motherboard Max Temperature

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A: Motherboard Max Temperature

That 50c is very high for mobo chipset, hows your case cooling, make shure of proper circulation. intake and exhaust fans. 50c for mobo is tad too high, try to hit 40's at least, by rearranging fans or changing some thang. GL<

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having just installed a zalman heatsink/CPU fan i've started looking into the temperatures inside my PC...

my CPU temperature goes from 38C to 45 C depending on if i have the CPU fan running or not,

my motherboard temperature goes from 43C to 48C likewise depending on the CPU fan... which is around 5C above the CPU temperature...

should this bother me?

(CPU athlon 1800, m/b ECS k7SEM)


A:motherboard temperature bigger than CPU temperature

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I was wondering that if my Mobo is at 40c.. is that good or bad? HMonitor shows a "yellow" background behind the temperature reading. Does this mean "Caution"? I might install a second fan at the top of the case if needed.

A:Motherboard Temperature

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I have an AMD Athlon-PECM, 1000 MHz processor on a MSI MS-6340/K7M Pro motherboard. Is it possible to check what temperature these parts are running at through software on my system or can I download a program to do that?

A:CPU/Motherboard Temperature

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Hey all,

I've installed a prog called Speccy to check out temperatures while playing games and the thing that concerns me is that my motherboard gets really hot (around 80'C) while the game is on, but when idle it is about 40-45'C...

Is that too hot??

I'll attach a snapshot so someone with that program can see what are my PC specs..

Cheers guys and thanks for the help

A:Motherboard temperature?

Download this program- Real Temp - CPU temperature monitoring

It will tell you how much leeway you have.

Mine says 100 degrees is max.

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Two PCs running at around 35/37 degC and CPU fan running around 800 to 1900rpm. The third PC which is around 3 years old runs at 45 degC on the CPU and 54degC on the mobo and the CPU fan is running at up to 3000rpm, which would explain why it is noisy. Is this too high? The heatsink is dusty, but I've not bucked up courage to remove it and clean it yet. Local guy suggested vacuuming it I've got some thermal paste but no air yet. Should I be looking at changing the heatsink and fan and adding a bigger case fan to cool things down?


A:CPU/Motherboard temperature

Blow the dust out with canned air. 3-5$ a can. (please do it outside ) Vacuuming works but it's risky. I do it myself, but you can potentially permanently damage the whole system, so it's not recommended. 45 is not extremely high, the CPU will work at 60-70 just fine, but it's not healthy. Don't spend money to bring the temps down, after you undust it, it should be running at low enough temperatures.

If the fan keeps running at high speeds and annoys you, you might want to consider replacing it, or using BIOS settings to keep the speed at reasonable levels. Post your system model or motherboard/CPU model if you want advice on that side of this.

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Intel Prescott (LGA775) 550 3.4 ghz w/ Zalman CNPS 7000B LED cpu cooler
EPoX EP-5EPA+ (mobo)
Sapphire ATI Radeon X800 Pro PCI-e
Antec TruePower 2.0 550 (1x 120mm fan version)

Ok. Ive just REBUILT a computer that i had many problems with. Most things seem to be fine. It's a little hot today...about 75 degrees fahrenheit outside. anyway i dont have air conditioning...and here are my temps idle CPU: 38C
Motherboard: 37C GPU: 48C

My power supply is a LITTLE bit worriesome. it's fine in the comp's idle state but on load (such as in half life 2)...it does get quite hot. I heard that it's a huge problem if it's too hot to touch. This isn't the case with me. It gets at a slightly "uncomfortable" heat level... as in i could keep my hand on it for as long as i wanted but it's just hot. I'm guessing...judging by my GPU temp and it's feel about 55 C maybe? on the top of the PSU. maybe it's because it's 550w and my comp needs a lot of power? i dont know. i have 1x 120mm blue led Thermaltake intake fan on the front of my case. 1x 80mm LED fan on the window. 1x normal 120mm fan on the back(exhaust) and a pci slot blower.

Thanks in advance.

A:A few temperature questions (PSU, Motherboard, CPU)

you're fine on the cooling front

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Hy everyone, my laptop lately has been acting up, the motherboard temperature at idle jumps randomly up 60, i have ran several antiviruses and malwabytes programs and my laptop is clean, i have checked every processor running in the background and nothing seems to be off, just recently i got my laptop cleaned and i noticed major improvement in temperature, it might seem weird but if im using any program temperature doesnt raise above 50, i even play MW2 and it says below 60, but as soon as i get off my laptop after about 10 to 15 minutes motherboard temp jumps to 60 and goes down while the cpu stays in range between 42 and 45.
My hands are tied, im really confused about this, i would appreciate any help.

My specs:

Hp Pavilliong6
I5 2.6GHZ
Inter HD Graphic 4000
4GB of RAM.

A:Motherboard Temperature at idle

I know what do you feel . . .

the only thing I tried is dual booting windows 7 with windows 8

but before doing this create recovery drive using AOMEI onekey recovery

this will install image on partition

when SEIROUS error occurs while booting recover it

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I have an old gfxcel pcchips 757 motherboard with celeron 433mhz . It used to run at around 55 degrees centigrade and now suddenly I found the temperature at 73 degrees. Then I checked the fan and it showd jerky movements and looked slow and then I changed the fan. But even after changing the fan the motherboard temperature has not fallen and it stays at 73 or 74 for most of the time. ( cpu temp is not high and usually it is below 35 C)
I check these temperature readings from aida 32.
I will be very thankful if anyone can tell me about the right temp of this motherboard and if it is safe to keep working at this temp.
I asked a techie about it and he said that it was okay and that I should not worry about it and keep working at these high temps and close the computer only if the computer started hanging. But I am not satisfied and ask for your opinion . thanks in advance.

A:motherboard temperature problem

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my mother temperature is 60% to 70%++
do i need to change my motherboard ?

my motherboard modal is > MSI NF725M-P43 (MS-7597) (CPU1

the temperature i looked at is on speccy apps ..

please give me feedback , thanks =)

A:About my motherboard temperature too high ..

60% to 70%? Do you mean degrees? Which one, celcius or farenheit?

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I am currently monitoring my motherboards temperature.

My setup uses standard fans to keep it cool. I have intentions to change this in the future but not right now.

The most common figures I see is usually between 39C - 49C.

As I know nothing about hardware I was wondering if there is a recommended temperature to turn the computer off. For example I would like to know what temperature isn't safe or is considered "too high". If needed I can provide specifications.

Any help is great


A:Motherboard Temperature Recommendations....

um, depends, idk about the board itself, but i set my Processor to shut down at 167 F

thats about the max, but ask more people

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When booting the cold PC the MB temperature reads about 8 degrees C above the room temperature!
The CPU temperature at boot up is at about room temperature as one would expect.

During normal operation (room about 25 C) the MB temperature rises to 45 C or higher; whilst the CPU temp reading is only about 30 C. In other words the CPU temp is consistently way below the MB temp.

Can I believe any of the readings?
What do you experts think about this?
What is a critical temp for the MB?
Do I need to worry?

Motherboard: ASUS P5V800-MX
CPU: Pentium 4, D 930 (Dual Core) 3.0 GHz
The PC is one month old.

Thank you very much for your guidance,

A:[B]Motherboard temperature calibrations out of whack?[/B]

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Anybody know what is the optimal motherboard temperature? Currently my System Temperature has C. 35 to C.45 temperature (Speccy software shows). So is it normal or abnormal situation?

A:What is the optimal motherboard/System temperature?

Quote: Originally Posted by killer bee

Anybody know what is the optimal motherboard temperature? Currently my System Temperature has 35 to 45 temperature (Speccy software shows). So is it normal or abnormal situation?

F or C?

Which Intel Mobo?

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Ok, this is very strange. I have installed MBM 5 on my newest computer, and the temps look great idle, as well as full load playing games. But the last 2 days it seems there are temperature spikes or MBM reporting incorrectly.
I have come home from work to find that the proc temp reached above my set limit of 70C, and the pop up box asks whether or not I want to ignore it or turn off computer.
Well when I see that screen it is reporting good temps, around 50C.

So, is this a problem with MBM, or am I having probs with my machine?

This is the error recorded in the log.
| 4/29/2004 | 6:15:58 PM | Alarm for CPU : it has reached 71C and this is on/past the value of 70C which you set as high alarm value.

A:Motherboard Monitor is reporting critical temperature spikes

Even 50 deg. is high. Why don't you install CPU-idle? Get version 6.0b or version 7 Extreme.
My not OC'd Athlon 1900 never goes over 32 deg, using the Zalman Flower CNPS6000-Cu (fan at 2200 rpm) and CPU-idle 6.0b.

Could it be possible that your CPU-cooler is not completely tight onto the CPU? After all, it hangs on its side all the time.

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Can anyone confirm by how many degrees the room temperature would increase in an office if there were to be an increased number of PC's and Monitors?
I am assuming that this will be dependant on the size of the office, the temperature of the computers and the number of staff in the office.
Does an equation exist to work out the increase in temperature?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I have an AMD 955 CPU and ROG Crosshair III formula motherboard

When testing, I use both HWM Pro, AMD Overdrive and LCD Poster to watch out for the temps.

In both HWM Pro and LCD poster there is the CPU temperature showing.

I use AMD overdrive to look for Core temps...

The max temp is 62C...

Is that the max CPU temp or max CPU core temp???

While testing, Highest CPU temp was 53C (@3.8GHz, IntelBurn) and Core temp was 59C....

So which one shall I look out for?

A:Core temperature or CPU temperature?

''personally'' i watch the (CPU temp), the individual core temps fluctuate far too much for a constant temp reading.

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Software temperature monitor vs Hardware temperature monitor, which one give accurate temperature from overclocking and monitor your PC temperature?

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Hi (a post after a long time)
I've a F90M motherboard (with intel 915G chipset - i gues chipset doesn't have to do anything with front panel connections, but ... ). It came out of Acer 3700GX PC (i think its a bit old ).
Ok, now i'm trying to put it in a standard larger ATX casing. I've fitted it in and everything works fine except the front panel connections. I cannot identify the front panel connections and could only manage to identify the power switch pins on the motherboard.

I've searched over internet and couldn't find a manual of the motherboard (found manual for the PC on www.nodevice.com but it doesn't tell how to connect front panel)

so can you guys please suggest me the connections for front panel LEDs, Audio and USB.

and i really believe that you TSG guys are up to it

Thanks in advance

A:Identify motherboard's front panel connections | PC Acer 3700GX | Motherboard F90M

no replies????

is it such a hard/stupid question??

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Hi, I have a flex 3 1480 80R3 with a acharging circuit problem . The laptop can be used when plugged in but it stopped charging after a power surge. The message is 'plugged in - not charging''. I have tested with diferent battery and charger and problem is on motherboard. Im wondering if I can get a motherboard repair walk-through if someone is familiar with this board, or perhaps if anyone has any ideas for how to get a schematic for the board so I can pass it to a technician and fix whatever component has gone bad. There is only one Lenovo service centre in Spain and the have quoted me crazy money as they dont repair boards they just swap them out. Thanks. 

A:Flex 3 1480 Motherboard charging circuit repair walk-through, or schematic for motherboard

Regardless of the country you are in, the story is the same.  The boards are swapped, not repaired.  

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I've been looking for the front panel pin layout on the Dell Dual Xeon Motherboard with Dell P/N: 0WN7Y6 (it is a # zero, W, N, #7, Y, #6). 
The front panel connector is 27-pin...28 spots with one pin left blank. The pin layout isn't included in the manual and I'm trying to boot two of these motherboards without the 27-pin connector. I just need to know which pins need to be jumpered in order to test for boot to BIOS.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

A:Dell Motherboard- P/N 0WN7Y6 Dual Xeon Motherboard Front Panel Pin Layout

Dell doesn't make the front panel connector pin-outs public. So unless you map them yourself or somebody else has done it...

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I could use some creative customer service here. My M3800 shipped with the known power-on motherboard defect. It was replaced at no charge, which was very nice. However, the replacement (2nd motherboard!) is now having the same intermittent dead / no power problem.
To get the computer running, I have to remove the case (12 screws) and un-plug the internal battery to 're-set' the electrical fault. After I put it back together, the computer starts normally. This is not very convenient, especially when meeting with new clients.
The problem is that I am being told I am outside the 3-month repair warranty. I think this stinks! It's a known issue and I would like someone at Dell to step up make my expensive computer work normally all of he time.
Yes, I have run every diagnostic known to man and the internet.

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my pentium IV (2.4Ghz) reaches a 65 degrees celcius
I have this fan : coolmaster IHC-L71-socket 478

should I get anxious

A:cpu temperature

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Ok..i play this game and like 5 mins after i start it my computer restarts itself so i go to setup and it says that there is a problem in the hardware monitor and when i go there the cpu temperature is higlighted in red

A:CPU Temperature..HELP!

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PC WIZARD 2004 shows:

Mainboard Sensors, Processor & Hard Disk (voltage, temperature, fans)
It ranges from 36c to 38c. But there is no help file to say if this high, low or OK.
Is that temp too high, just right or ???





You can rest easy my friend, those temps are excellent. Another factor you may want to look at is the temps under load or while doing a task that places stress on the computer. However, with your current temps, would guess that will be O.K. also.

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i have hp laptop core i5 and the temperature 71-81 C is it bad ?


It isnt very good temperatures... Is this the temperature under load or idle, is the charger plugged in or not?

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Hi everyone!

Certainly the question was asked yet, but let me please tell you about my problem :

I had a new mother-board last week. After installing it, and also my CPU (recuperated on my old board), everything runs well but when i use Speedfan there is a "temp3" very high... With my old board, that value was "-129" or "-179?C" so i never worried, but here this is between 70 and 80?C.
So i thought i had put too much thermal paste or maybe crashed my processor and decided to buy a new one (for my pleasure too, of course).
Operation done, i turn on the pc, everything runs well,... and Speedfan : Temp3 72?C!
I tried all logs : HWMonitor, HMonitor, Everest... : idem, pareil, same

Could someone please have a look at those values and tell me if i have to worry or not cause i don't even dare to play a game...

Temperatures in BIOS are : System 44?C, CPU 41?C.

Thanks for reading and, maybe, answering...

A:about cpu temperature...

What is the temp program you are using ? I would like to try it. Thanks

" Doc "

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I just bought Dell Inspiron 17 7778 ! After usage of 45 mints i can feel its warm beneath! A bit hot ! Cpu temp is between 40-43 C Is it normal? 
One more thing how i can check whether laptop is Refurbished or Not?

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Does anybody know the max and normal temperature of northwood intel pentium 4 2.66 ghz?
The highest was a 74C. I need to know this because I transfered everything to a new box and added 2 more fans.
I have a big box, 500 wats psu, 2 frontal fans that suck air and push it in the computer, 1 fan in the back that sucks air from the pc and pushes it out. The psu also has 2 fans, 1 that pushes air out. It has plenty of ventilation.
The average temperature is usually 50-51. Is that good?
Should I change the 2 frontal fans to suck air out of the pc? I put them that way to make an airflow system. Theres also a heatsink on the motherboard.


A:CPU Temperature

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hi all

how do i find out the temperature of my cpu?

OS = Win XP SP3

Do i require software?

Thanks in advance

A:CPU Temperature

It depends on your processor. Coretemp (google it) is great for the following processors:

All Phenom series.
All Athlon64 series.
All Athlon64 X2 series.
All Athlon64 FX series.
All Turion64 series.
All Turion64 X2 series.
All Sempron series. (K8 based)
Single Core Opterons starting with SH-C0 revision and up. (K8 based)
All Dual Core Opteron series. (K8 based)
All Quad Core Opteron series. (K10 based)

Initial Nehalem support.
All Core Solo series.
All Core Duo series.
All Core 2 Duo series.
All Core 2 Quad series.
All Core 2 Extreme series.
All Celeron-M 400 and 500 series.
All Celeron E1000 series.
All Pentium E2000, E2100, E2200 and E5000 series.
All Dual Core Low Voltage Xeons series (Yonah based. Untested).
All Xeon 3000, 3200, 3300, 5100, 5300, 5400 series

If your processor isn't in this list, download speedfan (google). It works for most other (older) cpus.

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Hi I just built a computer for my friend.

I used a micro ATX motherboard (MSI K72NMG), which by the way is one of the best motherboards ive ever used.

put in a 333mhz AMD XP 3000+ and pc2700 512mb memory which i synchronized to a 1:1 ratio (cpu to memory).

I put all this great stuff in a nice gaming case, the GAURDIAN (http://www.atxcases.com/Cases/gaurdian.htm), and seem to have pretty good airflow.

Tell me if I have this airflow right - the fan on the side panel is an exhaust (sucking out hair), I then have to back fans (exhaust) which are vented toward the heatsink (in order to suck air directly from there). Then one fan in the front INTAKE, blowing in air. I think it is all working out pretty well,

i coulldn't believe the results on this thing!

CPU TEMP FULL LOAD.. no higher than 36 C

I used a COOLJAG heatsink with a 60mm fan blowing at 4400 RPM, copper base, and arctic silver 5 thermal paste.
I am jealous of my friends computer because my computer is usually around CPU TEMP 47 or 48 C, and thats on IDLE! reaches about 56C full load. It is not using arctic silver 5, but it is using some kind of thermal paste, so I have no idea why its so much hotter than the other one. Mine has an 80mm fan that blows 2200RPM, i just dont see how my friends that i built is SO MUCH cooler.

It doesn't even have a great power supply either, at least I don't think so, its a 400W RION power supply, while mine is RAIDMAX 350 watt ( i know raidmax i... Read more

A:cpu temperature - how did i get it so low!?

"Tell me if I have this airflow right - the fan on the side panel is an exhaust (sucking out hair), I then have to back fans (exhaust) which are vented toward the heatsink (in order to suck air directly from there). Then one fan in the front INTAKE, blowing in air. I think it is all working out pretty well," - Hopefully you do not have hair in your Computer

Yeah thats a good setup but usually so many fans are not even required.

Its hard to say why yours is running warmer. But different components yield different results - different CPU, heatsink, motherboard sensor(they are not exact). Different fans move different amounts of air and different heatsinks have different thermal properties. Check the air flow rating of your heatsink; the CFM. Sometimes its just a matter of re-applying better thermal paste. Also make note of the case/motherboard temp - a lower case temp will result in a lower CPU temp.

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Hell Everyone...

Im Running Vista Ultimate SP2 32bit on my Acer Aspire Laptop which has a Core Duo T2350, 2GB of DDR2 RAM....

My CPU temperature when idle is around 60-65 degrees C. However, when i run any 3D programs or 3D games my CPU temperature jumps up to 85-92 Degrees C. is that normal, or should i get my laptop Checked out?? please help me out...


Extra Info.

Core Clock: 1862.24 MHz
Thorttle: 1862.24 MHz
FID: 14.0x
VID: 1.2625V

A:CPU Temperature!

Hello zombifier,
That does seem to be a bit hot, but in your part of the world its going to get hot.
I would clean all the vents and make sure the system fan is working OK.
Another option is to get a Laptop cool mat, this will reduce the temperature.

Hope this helps, good luck and post your results.

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I have a P4 3.00GHz 800Mhz FSB processor with 2Gb PC400 DDR, on a Gigabyte 8KNXP motherboard.

I am currently using the standard Intel HS & fan and the BIOS temperature reading of my CPU shows that it idles at about 52 degrees, and under load rises to about 57-58 degrees. At this temperature, the fan is quite noisy, rotating at 4500 rpm.

Is this the normal operating temperature, as it seems a bit hot?

I was thinking of upgrading the HS & fan and was looking at the Coolermaster Aero 4 or the Thermaltake P4 Spark 7+. I don't particularly want the noise level to rise too much, but I would want a good cooler.

I already have intake and extractor fans in the case.

I was also looking at water cooling, but it is a bit excessive it is not really necessary, and I don not have that much room in my case.

I would appreciate your thoughts.


A:CPU temperature

The temperature is a bit high. I would be looking for ways to cool it myself if it was mine. I am sure others can point you to good HS and fans combinations. Also make sure to use a quality thermal paste.

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I have a AMD 64 bit 3200+ and when i turn on my computer to check the CPU temperature its already at about 62 degree celcius. 62?!?!??! thats insane? i check my case temperature read out one one of my cd rom bays and it says the case temp is 24 C. which is pretty damn good. I was wondering is 62 degrees Celcius what the 64's are suppose to run at? also after leaving computer on/gaming it never gets higher than 67 degrees celcius.
I have a MSI MS-6702 K8t Neo motherboard. room stays cool and (since i bought the computer from a manufacturer) i assume the CPU was installed right.
Any info guys?

A:AMD 64 bit temperature?

62C at rest is a bit warm. Although it's not terribly out of spec with a athlon 64 with a stock heatsink.. If your planning on heavy gaming with that machine you may wish to invest in some better cooling equipment and paste..

AMD's white papers on the athlon 64's list normal operating temps 60C-65C..

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Can u tell me a good program for monitoring my hd temperature/cpu/graphic card etc?

I have speedfan.Anything else?

A:Pc temperature

Everest is a good program you should try... its free for home edition www.lavalys.com

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So my computer has been getting overheat errors lately

My pirform defraggler says im at 38 C but CoreTemp gives a more comprehensive real time temperature on my 4 cpu cores, from 70c to 95c

So who exactly should I trust, and am i getting genuine overheat error?

I just cleaned out my heat sink but the temperature seems to be the same

A:CPU temperature?

Quote: Originally Posted by im4eversmart

So my computer has been getting overheat errors lately

My pirform defraggler says im at 38 C but CoreTemp gives a more comprehensive real time temperature on my 4 cpu cores, from 70c to 95c

So who exactly should I trust, and am i getting genuine overheat error?

I just cleaned out my heat sink but the temperature seems to be the same

I don't use Defraggler, but I don't see why it would be giving a CPU core temperature. It's probably giving you the hard drive's temperature.

Anyway, 70 to 95?C is very hot. What CPU do you have?

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I have recently become aware that high CPU temperatures can cause crashes.

My CPU is currently running at 62 C. Is this normal or hot? Does it vary according to motherboard? Mine is an MSI K7N2 IL2.

A:CPU temperature

It all depends which processor your running as Athlons run a lot warmer than Intels this said its on the high side for the former too.I would investigate the airflow within your case and see if the case fans are working and if they are not fitted you could invest in a rear and/or front case fan to improve temps.
Moving it off the floor,away from radiators,out of closed cabinets and clearing out any dust bunnies from the fans and heatsink will help too.

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Hi nowadays my laptops touchpad warming so much. Then i installed everest and looked for temperature;

So is my temperatures OK?

A:Is my temperature's OK?

Your temps look fine ... Laptops are notorious for their heat buildup.. You may want to get a cooling pad and see if that helps..

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i installed the Motherboard monitor 5, and it reads my case temp = 45deg, chipset = 40deg, CPU = 60deg. u reckon my CPU temp is too high? how to lower it? currently i only have 1 fan at the rear n a big fan facing down from the PSU. u guys reckon i should get a new casing(P180 antec) or get a cooler (Thermaltake Big Thypoon)??

A:CPU temperature

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I'm thinking of overclocking my CPU/GPU to see how fast it would run.
At the moment running firefox with 6 tabs, windows explorer, skype, a temperature scan app and downloading a driver and a game both downloading at around 8 MB/s my temperature is around:
1st core 35-37
2nd 31-33
3rd 35-38 Intel core i5 3.2 Ghz Quad core
4th 42-44
all in celcius.
Is it safe to overclock and if it is then how high should I go?

A:CPU Temperature

Those are good temperatures, but they will move up as you start to overclock and they are also dependent on the ambient temperature.

No one can say "how high should I go". There are too many variables---voltage, ambient temperature, which particular i5 you have, the cooler you have, your prior overclocking experience, how much time you are willing to spend on learning, how much money you can spend for better cooling solutions, how much it would matter if your PC crashes, whether or not the PC is used for anything important rather than just "playing", etcetera, etcetera.

Voltage is a critical factor.

There are dozens and dozens of Internet sites devoted to overclocking. I'd suggest you start there and start learning, rather than expect some easy answers.

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I am not crazy! I was somewhere in the settings and saw an actual temperature! Not sure if it was the video card or the CPU, but something was 49 degrees I think. Now I cannot find it again to save my soul!! Anyone know where I was?

A:Where Did I See That Temperature?!

It could have been a s.m.a.r.t. system on one of your hard drives.

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This is my normal temperature if pc is on few hours.
Is this normal? Cuz coolers switching on quite often is annoying -.-

A:PC Temperature

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Hello My City temperature is 48 C/ 119F.
And my room temperature is the same.

CPU Temperature is 72C/161F.
MB Temperature is 50C/122F.

I have 3 Simple Casing fans and 1 cpu heatsink fan.
So my question here is that if these temperatures can
have an affect on my computer? or any part of the computer?

Please also tells me how can I get solutions to any heat problem?

A:Is this Temperature enough for CPU?

Whoa, that seems way to hot and over time that can damage parts of your computer. IMO you should shoot to keep everything below 50c at the very least.

Have you checked to make sure your fans are blowing the right direction? Typcially you want air being pulled in from the front/sides and blown out through the back. You may want to upgrade to more powerful fans even thought hey tend to be somewhat loud.

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Greeting forum,I have recently purchased this laptop with the intent to game from time to time. The issue i'm having is that the CPU temperature in idle-surfing fluctuates from about 40-60C which as far as i've read is normal. However the moment i start playing games like Xcom-2 or Fallout 4(which admitedly are CPU intesive), the temperature jumps to about 80-85ish. Room temperature 25C, using a E-Prance x4 Cooler. So i'm wondering if that is an acceptable temperature for gaming? Thank you in advance.

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Im still reletively new to this forum, and would like some general advice. My sister is currently at Uni and has a Desktop Pc with the following spec:

1.8GHz Processor, 80GB HDD, 1GB Ram and running Win XP Pro Sp2 on a ASUS Mainboard

Recently, it has started an awful occurance of halting after around 3 hours. There is no 'BSOD' and there seems to be nuthing to cause it to completly freeze. The only way to get it back is a reboot. I have checked the Temperature settings through the software released by ASUS for mainboard monitoring and, it seems the CPU is running slightly high @ Circa 40 Deg C. I do have another machine that is an exact match spec wise, and the CPU on this one sits around Circa 30 Deg C. In the offending PC, we do have an external chassis fan that is spinning at around 2900 RPM and we can feel that fan 'dragging' the air through the PC.

Im outa ideas. Can anyone help??


A:CPU Temperature

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Anyone know what the temperature of most cpu's run at? I just bought a new soyo board with a 900 mhz cpu and it's running at 105 degrees. I have tried 4 different fans but it doesn't make any difference. Any replies would be appreciated.



A:CPU Temperature

This link should have what you're looking for:

...and since it's really a "hardware" question, I'm going to boot the post over to the Hardware Forum

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Hi all, i've got a question and here is...
After my motherboard has been repair (changed three regulators), it is very unstable when i'm running Win ME.
When i run program such as IE, outlook express, ACDsee...etc and others process of some s/w installation.. I mostly got an error message.. "the xxx.exe cause an error on xxxxx.dll(sometimes kernel.dll and others..) and going to be terminate"
then program was closed.

i dunno why these happened. But this Win ME is newly implemented. And when i use a program named Hardware monitor, it shows the MB(it should be motherboard) temp. is around 35 degree, and the CPU temp. is around 65 degree, the Power temp(it should be the power supply??). is around 96 degree~~~

so i want to know such temperatures are normal/usual??
and is that cause thw WinMe become unstable?

Moreover, i implemented a LAN card also. It is Surecom(ep320xr). Is it possible that the WinME unstable is cause by the IRQ interference between the LAN card and other hardware?? (although the device manager didnt say so...)

Thank you~

and here is my PC configuration:
AMD K6-2 400mHz (no overclocking)
192mb ram
2themax MVP3E-M motherboard
IBM 30G hard disk
Surecome ep320xr 10M/100M Lan card

PS. the link of the Hardware monitor
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A:CPU, MB temperature

The motherboard temp is fine.
I have no idea on power supply temp but 96 degrees c would definitely have me worried.
The cpu temp is too high.

Check that your cpu fan is attached properly or better yet reattach it using some thermal compound.
Is your power supply fan working

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