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subwoofer speakers

Q: subwoofer speakers

how to connect subwoofer speakers to PC ?

Preferred Solution: subwoofer speakers

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: subwoofer speakers

There are many ways to do this. The very best and simplest way to do it is to go out and buy a speaker set with a subwoofer for your computer. I have seen sets for as cheap as 30 bucks.

If you wanna connect a regular home stereo subwoofer to your computer you need two things. If the subwoofer is from home stereo or theater system and it has an male rca connector all you need are two things.

1. A mini jack splitter
2. A mini jack (male) to rca (female) converter cable.

Thats preaty much it. If you're really into music or movies or you just really want your stuff to sound good I recommend a speaker set from creative labs and a sound blaster card from creative labs. Their stuff is top notch you can't go wrong with creative labs stuff.

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hi all im a complete new person at this sort of thing and have got a logitech z-2300 speaker system and i want to put a better subwoofer in it is it as simple and straight forward as taking the old one out and putting the new one in? btw recommendations would be nice its an 8" and 200watt rms 400 watt peak speaker thanks

A:subwoofer /speakers

It depend on why you want to put a 'better' sub in it and what you see as better. For example, higher watts on a 8" sub is not going to give very much lower bass because the size of the cone limit the lowness of the bass. So yes, if you can explain what you want to accomplish it will help
Posted via Mobile Device

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Hi! I have a Dell that is about 6 years old. It still runs wonderfully though. But right now...something funny is going on with my speakers. They are Altec Lansing ones that connect to a subwoofer that has a fuse. Just recently, the speakers will not play the sounds/music at the correct volume. Times when the music should be ridiculously loud, it is not, but will jump to the correct volume for a few split seconds. I was thinking maybe after 6 years, the fuse in the subwoofer needs to be changed?

All of the cords and things are properly connected and everything. Just started happening out of the blue.


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Hey all,

I'm in need of help here with my 5.1 speakers. I just recently changed to a 5.1 Sonic Gear 4000 set of speakers and I believe i have plug in the jacks correctly - based on and online guide, using the Line in, Line Out and Microphone slots.

However, the issue is now there is no bass and the subwoofer is not working. Whenever i do a test of the sounds, the front, rear and center speakers work but there's no any reaction/sound from the subwoofer. Tried using I Tunes, VLC and even videos from youtube. The speakers all work except for theres no bass.

I hope someone can help me here and sort this problem.

I have read up a number of post in this forum to see if there's any related issues but cant really find the appropriate one.

The motherboard that i'm using is Asus P8B75-M LX PLUS.
And here are the rest of images on details of my pc--

Appreciate the help. Thank you.

A:5.1 Speakers, Subwoofer Not Working.

Welcome to Seven forums Paller.

Your images don't show.
This is the preferred, best way to upload an image or a file to a post.

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

Press the ALT and PrntScrn keys at the same time, this will capture only the active window to use in Paint or your preferred graphics editor.

You may also upload a photo or image you already have on your PC,as you would a file, without using the Snipping tool.

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I am using Logitech Z-640 speakers and have been fairly happy with them, however the subwoofer stopped working and I decided to replace it with a more powerful one. I purchased This
Subwoofer, and am wondering if there is any way that I could use it with my logitech Z-640 PC speakers.

A:Pc Speakers With Audio Subwoofer

heres a picture of the input connections


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I have a Dual XPE2700 400 Watt 2-channel amplifier, and am currently running two 6x9 polk audio 125 watt rms and 300 watt max speakers.. As of now, the amp is plenty powerful..can my amp I power an MTX TM1004 10" 200w rms 600 watt peak power subwoofer in addition to those two speakers??

A:Will my car amp power my speakers and subwoofer?

Yes the amp you have will power the speakers but only provide 400W shared between all of them. By adding extra speakers to the circuit, your 6x9's may not be as loud as they were previously.

You should pay close attention to the resistance level of how you wire the speakers. A 4 Ohm stable amplifier will not drive speakers wired for 2 Ohm. A 2 Ohm speaker configuration will pull too much power from a 4 Ohm amplifier. I've not looked up the specifications for the amp you mentioned, just remember to keep the speaker resistance above the capabilities of the amp.

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I have a motherboard H61M-DG3/USB3 with inbuilt Realtek (5.1 CH HD Audio (Realtek ALC662 Audio Codec) and am trying to get it to work correctly with my Cambridge SoundWorks FourPointSurround 4.1 speakers.

(I previously had a X-Fi XtremeGamer card but no using it as my old motherboard died and the new one can't support a separate audio card).

In RealTek HD Audio Manager, there's no 4.1 option. Instead there are:
5.1 Speakers
With the first, there's no sub-woofer output at all, unsurprisingly. The front and rear speakers worked fine when tested by clicking the individual speakers in the graphic on the right hand of the control panel.

I then tried 5.1, but in the "Optional Speakers" pane, I turned "Center" off and both "Subwoofer" and "Rear Pair" on, hoping I would get output on my front and rear speakers and my subwoofer.

The front and rear speakers do work fine, but there is no subwoofer sound at all.

Is this because the Realtek card expects the subwoofer input to be on a separate cable? When I look at the "Jack Information" pane of the speaker properties, I see the following:

"C Sub (()) (pink jack socket) Rear Panel 3.5mm Jack"

Now, the Cambridge SoundWorks FourPointSurround 4.1 speakers simply have a front and rear jack. Both of these cables go into the subwoofer itself, to which are connected the four cables for the front and rear speakers. The subwoofer component itself doesn't have a dedic... Read more

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I just upgraded my HP dv7-1135ea from Vista to Windows 7 RC and the speakers are not producing sound, only the reflex subwoofer at the base of the laptop is producing sound.

Is there something I can do to get the speakers working? While installing Windows 7, the installation complained of a compatibility issue with Quick Launch Buttons, could this be the reason for the abnormal behaviour and what can I do to rectify this?

Please help.


A:No Sound from speakers only from reflex subwoofer

Hi, greeneggsam, The OP was made on the 28th of may, I would call that some patience.

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I have realtek hd audio and a 5.1 dolby digital surround sound system (a subwoofer with a built in amp that powers 2 rear speakers two side speakers and a central speaker.) But only the side speakers and central speaker are working right now. I downloaded the latest driver from realtek but it didn'f fix the problem. When I go into control panel and then click realtek hd audio manager and I select dolby digital 5.1 and click test the sub and rears down work.

A:My subwoofer and 2 rear speakers won't work anymore help!

Test the speakers on another computer/device to verify the amp/speakers are actually still functional.

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Hi all this is my first post here..

First of all I have an Acer 5943G model laptop. I have a weird issue since yesterday when I upgraded from Windows 7 to 10. Everything is working fine except that all sound is coming from the subwoofer speaker beneath the laptop instead of the R L speakers above the keyboard.

I have downloaded and updated the latest Realtek HD Audio drivers etc and have gone through the sound settings time and time again to ensure that everything is right. Everything is indeed right in the settings so I really don't know what else I can do to be able to fix this problem. I know this is not a hardware issue because the speakers were working fine on Windows 7.

I have also plugged in my headphones to test the sound that way and it works as it should, I do get stereo sound on my headphones.

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated as I really don't know how to fix this after spending hours on it. Thanks in advance.

A:Laptop sound coming from subwoofer instead of RL speakers.

Check to see if the PC came with any Sound Enhancement, such as Dolby, SoundBlaster MB, etc. Could be one of those is not Windows 10 compatible and causing the problem, or may just a configuration.

One other thing you can try, even though you downloaded the Realtek. Go to the Device Manager, RIGHT click on the Realtek sound entry to highlight it and then LEFT click "Uninstall". DO NOT uninstall the drivers. Restart the PC and when Windows starts it will detect and reinstall the sound. This fixes a lot of problems and may take care of yours.

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I have problems with the audio on this laptop.Sometimes the speakers stop working and the sound comes only from subwoofer. After restart the problem will be gone but it will happen again after some time.Anyone faced this problem on this laptop. I'm using the latest drivers from Realtek. Regards,

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well I've been using some altec lansing surround sound speakers running on real tek hy tek operating software and it can handle alot of bass it's just sometimes I need to edit the pitch of songs on lower ghz songs. So on the songs I look at with the extreme bass boosts I've been seeing alot of quantum speakers and subwoofers I wanted to know if there are also some that are configured for a computer or maybe have an adapter so a laptop could be plugged into the set to play songs and also wanted to know good softwares that I could bass boost some of my mp3's that I own. thanks in advance.

A:looking for some good bass speakers and a great subwoofer fo 600 bucks

List of external adapters
Decent subs
Bookshelfs to match
Or a couple floorstanding
The polk floors & energy sub would be a sweet combo!
Wire and Cables

Edit:I know your probably brand specific,but if you don't mind doing some installing and wiring you could build a very nice setup.I was hanging out with a... Read more

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TechSpot Users,

Don't worry, I've already did a search in this forum with the key words "Speaker buzz", and nothing of significance showed up. So I'll try and explain my problem.

My speakers, when turned on, will produce this buzzing sound that goes like "Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz".

And yes, it does not fluctuate, not in a cyclic sense, it's just a single tone of "Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz".

Now, the odd thing about this is, if I unplug the Audio Jack to my Laptop, the speakers will still produce that sound, regardless if it is plugged in or not. My laptop is appxorimately a good 30 centimeters from each speaker, and the woofer is underneath the table. Also, no, my Laptop's WI-FI is turned off. If I do turn it on, I get the occassional random inteference, but that's not what's causing the problem. My network runs on cables too.

Now, to clarify more things, if I use headphones, and plug it in to the audio jack, the sounds are perfectly crisp and clear, with no signs of buzzings whatsoever. (This is how I rule out that it's not a sound card problem)

If you're wondering whether my speakers work, yes, they work perfectly fine. Everything works as it is, but if I don't turn it up loud enough, even in the background, I can hear that buzzing sound, which really annoys me. Here's an interesting fact to help, if I turn on my desk lamp, the buzzing gets signi... Read more

A:Altec Lansing Speaker Buzz (2 Speakers, 1 Subwoofer)

i've had a similar issue with my altecs, from my (admittedly crude) tests, it seems to be an issue caused by poorly shielded wiring in the speakers. however i have heard a very slight buzzing when i use my pair of headphones that uses alot of power. i got my set around the same time as you so maybe there was a bad batch.
you said your laptop wi-fi is turned off, is your wi-fi router is still on? or do you happen to have a cell phone or a cordless phone within 10-15 feet? lastly are they plugged directly in to the wall socket? i found that when i switched to a good quality UPS the hum in my set went down significantly.

in my set the problem didnt start until after my system had been surged during a storm (no damage, not even to my surge protector, but it did cause a restart). so maybe its damage...
hope this helps a bit,

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I have an Altec-Lansing speakers ACS40 and subwoofer ACS250 system that came with a Gateway 2000 PC that I purchased in 1995. And has worked with every computer I'ved used since, the last having XP Home Edition.
However they do not seem to work with my new Dell with WIN7. Any advice?

A:Altec-Lansing Speakers and Subwoofer not working on new Dell with WIN7

Exactly is the 20 year old Altec Lansing speaker system? Back then many PC sound systems were different.

Are these speakers analog with built in power amplifier? (needed for current PC speaker systems). Or are they non powered as many older sound cards had power amplification on the sound card. And then there were the Gateway PC's that used digital speaker systems (and that digital type is not compatible with current PC digital connections).

What is the Dell PC Model number (such as Inspiron 310, etc). One with a 32 bit OS would suggest an older Dell as most (all that I've seen) new PC's come with 64 bit OS.

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Hi all this is my first post here..

First of all I have an Acer 5943G model laptop. I have a weird issue since yesterday when I upgraded from Windows 7 to 10. Everything is working fine except that all sound is coming from the subwoofer speaker beneath the laptop instead of the R L speakers above the keyboard.

I have downloaded and updated the latest Realtek HD Audio drivers etc and have gone through the sound settings time and time again to ensure that everything is right. Everything is indeed right in the settings so I really don't know what else I can do to be able to fix this problem. I know this is not a hardware issue because the speakers were working fine on Windows 7.

I have also plugged in my headphones to test the sound that way and it works as it should, I do get stereo sound on my headphones.

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated as I really don't know how to fix this after spending hours on it.
Thanks in advance.

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Hi Lenovo and everyone, I have two issues with the sound of my Y700-15ISK:I.When any Realtek driver is installed that includes support for the subwoofer, a high pass filter is applied on the main stereo speakers, making sound poorer and more mono-like, especially with enhanced bass using an equalizer.(High pass filter removes low bass frequencies from the main stereo speakers.)(When the default Microsoft driver is installed that does not have subwoofer support, no high pass filter is applied on the main stereo speakers.)Is there a way to disable the high pass filter? I would like bass to come from the main stereo speakers as well. I see no such option on any of the available GUIs, is there such an option from a Command Line Interface?If there is no such option currently, could you put this option in a subsequent driver release, or simply remove the high pass filter from the driver?If you do not have the resources to do so, could you enable us to modify the driver source code and create a custom driver without high pass filter? I am sure the community would love the enhanced music coming from this and similar laptops using the updated driver.(Win 10 or Win7) II.Only on Win7:Subwoofer is out of sync with the main stereo speakers resulting in echo.Happens using Lenovo's Win7 64-bit, Win10 64-bit, and Realtek's generic driver as well. Could you guys fix this? Does anyone have a solution for these? Thanks,Andras

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Hi, hope you guys can help/guide me out.

So I receive a gift a couple of months ago, but did not have the chance to test it until now.

I have a set of audio speakers+sub-woofer, if you take a look at the pics (specially the back.jpg) the speakers are connected through a RCA cable, and where says input its a 3.5mm cable that goes into the computer (speakers output)

Now when I connected them to the PC, the sub-woofer and right speakers works fine, but the left is not producing audio at all. I find out that both speakers are working fine if I connected them in the red output/R, seems the left one is not working. At first I thought it was config of my PC I did download the latest drivers from Realtek Website, I tried the ones that comes from the DVD/Motherboard (ASROCK H81M-HDS) and same issue. I tried multiple settings from the audio devices (5.1 surround, quadraphonic, stereo) but no success.

Finally what I did is that I connected the system to my Galaxy S3 smartphone and another audio system as well and I have the same issue, no audio coming from the output Left/White, Subwoofer is working fine, and output/Red(Right) is working fine. I'm not sure if its due to the fact that system receives the signal from a 3.5mm cable and then has to send it through 3 outputs (L/R RCA speakers and the subwoofer)

What I'm trying to find out is, if this something related to the audio system itself, or does the PC and S3 need a configuration?
In case is something related (hardware) of the a... Read more

A:Audio 2.1 Speakers+Subwoofer, one speaker not outputting audio

As the speakers do the same thing on two different systems it says there is a problem with the speaker system. I see RCA connectors on the rear for the two speakers. Switch the connections (connect the right speaker to the Left jack and the left speaker to the right jack) and see if it follows the speaker or if its the Left output from the speaker base. That will isolate where the problem is. If its the speaker base unit, the problem could be the cable that connects to the PC or it could be an internal amplifier problem. However, in either case if the speaker system is still under warranty, contact the manufacturer for warranty assistance.

In most cases these are not made to be repaired, but I see screws holding the back on, the base unit, and you may be able to get into the electronics. However, without a schematic you are probably not going to find any problems.

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Asus p8z77-lx/Bheringer Ms20's active monitor speakers.I'm using the kit mentioned,just through the on board sound of the mobo,and upto date Realtek drivers and and overall happy with the sound,but for some ov my taste in music requires more bass,and was wondering could I add a sub?From what Iv'e read it is yes,if it is also active and just connect it to the pc/speakers as you would a conventional set ov pc speakers,with the only real requirement being active crossovers on the sub would help.The other way would be to pass them through a receiver.I would prefer not to go down the reciever route,if can be helped as that was the idea of the Bheringers.Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong as like I said after wading through www land that seemed the most plausable answer from many,and am checking here.Ps the Bheringers rock..

A:can I use a subwoofer?

how much money do you want to spend?
for under $100 you can buy a 'cheap' powered sub

Insignia? - Rocketboost 6-1/2" 70W Wired/Wireless-Ready Subwoofer - NS-RSW211
then connect it to one of your mobo output jacks and connect the Bheringer's to L/R output jacks and use the Realtek control panel to set what jack does what--or--for several hundred dollars you could buy a 'better' powered sub with it's own L/R connections and low pass filter
Energy - 10" 400-Watt Powered Subwoofer - ESW-C10

and connect the Bheringer's to it

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Hey I've got a Dell Dimension 5000 with Windows XP and am having a bit of trouble with my sub-woofer my speakers are working perfectly but its just my sub-woofer it was working perfectly a couple of days ago but now its not working at all by the way just to point out i had a problem where i had a blue screen stop error 0x00000024 but I've fixed it somehow the problem might relate to that well am not sure so if someone could please help thanks.

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I was wondering how much room. if any, is needed between the subwoofer and the back of the box. I have a small 81 toyota truck and there isn't much room to put a nice subwoofer box. Anyone got any ideas on what I could do? Im not looking for some huge 15' subs, i just want something small like 2 8' subs.

Thanks in advance

A:subwoofer box

As long as your subs fit in the box, it should be ok. Just research what type of speakers you have in google and search for an appropriate box. You will want the correct amount of volume inside the box.

BTW :wave: :wave: Welcome to TechSpot :wave: :wave:

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Intro: I would like to say sorry for my mistakes, i hope you can understand me.. I am bad in english language.

So this is my room plan:
My problem is that my subwoofer sounds much better(the bass is like thumper(that means that bass is deeper...)) in spot "s2" then in spot "s1". But problem is that i always am in spot "s1", but sound in "s2" is better when i stand up.
So maybe you can recommend where should i put my subwoofer to get same sound(in spot "s2") in spot "s1"?

A:Where should i put my subwoofer?

I would try the edge of the wall between the bin and the table facing the lower left corner toward where you sit and the edge of the room and see it that works.

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So in the next few months, im going to be getting my first car (Jeep) and i will be taking my sub from my house out and it will go into my car. however that leaves me with no more boom for my PC and that makes me sad

So anyway, currently i have a 10" 750W car sub in my room hooked up to my PC. i use my PC for music, makeing videos, and of course, gaming. what size sub do you guys recommend? 10" or 12" i like that nice low boom from games, but from a music and video making standpoint, a 10" might be better?

Acoustic Audio PSW12 500 Watt 12 Powered Subwoofer Home Theater Sub PSW-12 - Best Buy

Newegg.com - Acoustic Audio HDSUB10 10" 600W Home Theater Powered/Active Subwoofer (Black)

what do u guys think? 10" or 12"

A:New Subwoofer Help

What's you're price range and what speakers is it mating with? I assume it's a powered design only?

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Hi all,
I recently received a new Inspiron from Dell. Sound is on-board, 7.1. I don't do much gaming. I listen to music while working on photos and movies. Speakers are Altec-Lansing ADA885 THX certified. I really like these speakers and have had them for about 4 or 5 years. But they really sound terrible without the sub crankin' out the beat. I have tried all I can think of. Rechecked connections....no Subwoofer. Any ideas?

A:No Subwoofer in x64

Hi, knothead, and welcome to the forums.

Does Vista recognize that a sub has been plugged in?

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I am still trying to work on my PC Gaming setup and I want to connect my 2 PC speakers to my subwoofer but when I do so there is no sound from the sub. Here's what I have-
1 Insignia USB speakers.http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00B0XU1AA/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?qid=1436493057&sr=8-1&pi=AC_SX200_QL40&keywords=insignia+USB+speakers&dpPl=1&dpID=51HhzxBlBTL&ref=plSrch#immersive-view_1436493066564
2 Fostex SW-1.1 subwoofer.http://m.ebay.com/itm/321693524651
3 Red, White and Yellow cable with AUX connector.http://www.shopmadeinchina.com/product-image/4-Pin-3-5mm-Minijack-to-3-x-RCA-Composite-AV-Cable_12922087.shtml
4 Case Logic case that has 2 places to connect AUX cables to and can use more than 1 speaker at 1 time and has its own AUX cable inside it. (Don't know exact model).
Note that I don't have a receiver for my subwoofer which might be the problem but am not sure. Even when I try to connect it without speakers I get no sound. I can tell that the sub is working because when I touch the AUX cable with the 3 red, white and yellow connectors I can hear a deep sound coming from the sub. If anyone can offer a solution then please post it here because I find this necessary for PC gaming.
Update- I've found the speakers included with the subwoofer and I connected it to the sub but I get no sound from neither the sub nor the included speakers. The only thing that I get sound from is the insignia USB powered speakers. In case you're wondering what they look like here the... Read more

A:HELP! Having trouble with subwoofer

New update- Realtek HD Audio Manager has no 2.1 option and my Fostex speakers/subwoofer is a 2.1 speaker set that I am trying to configure on Realtek HD Audio Manager and I can't make it so that sound can come out of all 3 things. Once again it worked on my I-Pod but hopefully I can figure this out soon and also one thing to note is that these are the brown speaker wire speakers. Another good thing to note out is that the speakers/subwoofer make an irritating buzz noise that is very loud and annoying. I have a few questions-
1 Is this speaker system suitable for a PC?
2 Do I need a receiver to get this to work?
3 Does anyone recommend that I get a PCI sound card to help solve this problem?
Please give me a helpful response to these questions and post them here please.

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hey guys
I just built myself a computer and put on vista ultimate 64bit, and everything worked great until i turned on the sound...

it seems like 80% of the sound is coming from the subwoofer and only 20% is coming from the speakers. its so annoying and obnoxious! all i can hear is 'thump thump thump' its horrible. ive searched around for hours and i cant find any solution. everything audiowise was perfect just a day ago when i was runnign xp
I'm not a huge audio person. my set up is 2 speakers and a subwoofer

the software that came with the motherboard is realtek HD audio manager

if anybody can help with this problem i would greatly appreciate it

A:subwoofer problems

Hi, agk512, and welcome to the forums.

With the Realtek drivers, it can be a bit of work getting it to work correctly. First of all, you should make sure your settings are set to use only 2.1 / stereo sound as opposed to 5.1 / 7.1

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Hi! I have an issue where I get sound from subwoofer only when testing it via windows "configure speakers". You cannot hear it no matter what application with any setting or how high quality file im playing. But again when I test it in configure speakers "BOOOOOM"... I have wrestled with this issue for a long time. I have set my options in configure speakers to 5.1 and again there all the speakers are working. I have also tested it with movies that should have 6 channel audio (with various players, with various settings).
My settings: Subwoofer is connected to the Onkyo TX-SR309 receiver subwoofer preout jack with a single RCA cable. Receiver is connected to the Ati Radeon HD6900 with HDMI cable. I have just installed windows 8.1 x64 and latest drivers. other spec:
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q9550
Motherboard: P5Q Pro
Sound drivers: AMD High Definition Audio Device
Subwoofer: Jamo-210

A:Problem with Subwoofer.

This may be a naive question, but why are you connecting your sound out on your computer to an Onkyo preamp, then to speakers?? That may be your problem. However, I am not an audiophile and I may misunderstand. Also, this is an old and dated board and you may have the starting of failures on it.

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I have recently done a home made sub setup with a 600 watt psu and 600 watt amp witha 10inch kicker sitting in my floor i have the headphone to rca adapter connected to my amp and when i plug it into the normal sound port is blasts and shakes the house but i cant seem to enable it without doing it like that i got 5.1 built into my motherboard and ive messed with so many settins to try and get it to work it just wont turn on for me anyone have any advice im running I7 6 gigs of ram 4870x2 1tb hd realtek soundchip please help me

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Hi! I have an issue where I get sound from subwoofer only when testing it via windows "configure speakers". You cannot hear it no matter what application with any setting or how high quality file im playing. But again when I test it in configure speakers "BOOOOOM"... I have wrestled with this issue for a long time. I have set my options in configure speakers to 5.1 and again there all the speakers are working. I have also tested it with movies that should have 6 channel audio (with various players, with various settings).
My settings: Subwoofer is connected to the Onkyo TX-SR309 receiver subwoofer preout jack with a single RCA cable. Receiver is connected to the Ati Radeon HD6900 with HDMI cable. I have just installed windows 8.1 x64 and latest drivers. other spec:
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q9550
Motherboard: P5Q Pro
Sound drivers: AMD High Definition Audio Device
Subwoofer: Jamo-210

A:Problem with Subwoofer.

This may be a naive question, but why are you connecting your sound out on your computer to an Onkyo preamp, then to speakers?? That may be your problem. However, I am not an audiophile and I may misunderstand. Also, this is an old and dated board and you may have the starting of failures on it.

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Okay I will try to explain first the facts before I explain the actual problem. I HATE troubleshooting audio. Video/Software/Hardware is a breeze but wow do I hate audio. Anyways

-My mobo is listed in the specs, and has ALL of the updated drivers/BIOS/etc
-It uses the realtek HD audio manager for the audio driver.
-My goal is to use both of my sound outputs efficiently WITH the sub
-1st speakers are just simple, 2 average speakers with a 3.5mm jack
-second is a creative inspire 2.1 2400 which is basically a subwoofer and 2 side speakers that plug into the woofer itself. It's audio input is also a 3.5mm jack.

Okay. Now that I think I have most of the facts down let me try to explain the problem. I just recently got both the speakers, and most of my computer component. When I first hooked them up I was using an older version of the drivers. It was simple and easy. I simply plugged the 2 speakers into the green "Speaker" jack, the Audio manager recognized them instantly, and i plugged the creative sub/speakers into the subwoofer/center jack. It wasn't working at first but I ticked the "enable bass management" and voila! it worked perfectly. Since then I updated the driver to the latest version and the subwoofer has stopped outputting any bass. I've tinkered with the audio manager for hours and have not figured it out. I uninstalled/reinstalled the drivers twice and that didn't help either. However I noticed that if I plug the subwoofer into the "speake... Read more

A:Getting 5.1 to work w\ subwoofer.

The strangest part of the entire thing, is that when I use the HD audio manager to "test" the speakers the Sub comes in fine! But when playing videos/listening to music it doesn't work. ANOTHER weird thing to note is when I play games that include 5.1 surround sound like Dead Island for example, what I was playing earlier, it's like it takes over the bass and it allows it to work. GAH, WHY DOES AUDIO HAVE TO BE SO ANNOYING

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I connected a Pioneer subwoofer to my XPS 8500. I selected the 5.1 Speaker configuration and when I do the "Auto Test" from the Dell Audio program, the subwoofer works. However, when I play any other type of audio, sound only comes out of my left and right speakers. Is there something else I need to configure? Thanks.

A:Subwoofer not working

Hi C-R,
Please make sure the speakers are set to the 5.1 Channel output. To check the settings please follow the steps below.

Click start 
Click All Programs, click Dell Audio and then Dell Audio by Realtek to launch the utility.

If the woofers are still not working. I would advise you to reinstall the audio driver from the following link.
For Windows 7 64 bit: http://dell.to/V5Ypog 
For Windows 8 64 bit: http://dell.to/TkCFqe 
Hope this helps. Please reply for any further questions.

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Hi there... At first, i'm new here. Informatics student from Croatia, so cheers to all

I have an very unusual problem. With 5.1 speakers, Trust SP 6600 i cannot reproduce bass. When configure speakers on "Sound" options I click on every speaker and subwoofer, and there works fine , but when i wonna play some music, movies, windows sounds, Bass is not present I tried everything, from downloading newest audio drivers from MBO site, changing jacks in back of my computer case, swaping center/subwoofer option, etc...

So I connected this speakers to another computer (my sister's, it's running od xp, older maschine), and it works perfectly.

Mainboard is ASUS P5K-E WiFi, utillity SoundMax (running ultimate x64, always updated) and K-Lite Mega Codec Pack

Thanks a lot in advance

A:Problem with subwoofer

BUMP anybody? c'mon please help

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I am looking to buy a subwoofer that I can connect to my Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop at home. I can't afford to spend over 100 so I found this one http://www.amazon.co.uk/Yamaha-NXE700BL-Bass-Reflex-Speaker-System/dp/tech-data/B001K9P2S0/ref=de_a_smtd . I was wondering whether I would be able to connect this subwoofer to my laptop as for I know some laptops can get damaged if they are connected to too powerful speakers.

Any help would be much appreciated and also if you know any other good subwoofers that can be connected to laptops and are under 100 please let me know.


A:Subwoofer - Laptop help?

Hi remaldinio, and welcome to TSG.

You would need a separate amplifier to use that speaker with your computer. You would be better off getting a full set of amplified speakers that include a sub-woofer.

EDIT: By the way, the speaker in your link is not a sub-woofer.

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Hello. I just bought a new 2.1 system from logitech, Z523. The system works fine but i noticed that when the system is turned off the subwoofer makes a buzz but you can hear it only if you are very very close to it.
The strange thing is that when i turn the system on is stops making that noise. Anyway the noise doesn't bother me because you can hear is only when you stay with your ear next to it, but i was curious if this is something normal. Anyway the system sounds fine, the only thing is when i turn the volume to maximum there is noise in the speakers but thats normal from interferences right?

A:Subwoofer buzz

Is the subwoofer powered by A/C from the wall?

The symptom sounds like a broke ground (common/lead) to an active amplifier.
When the system is actice, the speaker lead is grounder by the computer but when
not running, the amplifier is still left active and the center lead is an antenna.

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I have A Kicker L7 15" and I just hooked it up and it seems to be hitting in reverse. I have checked all the connections (amp, subwoofer, battery) everything. And it still seems to be in reverse. I was wondering what would make it do this and what i can do to fix it.

A:Subwoofer problems

Oh you're using a car sub with the PC? Does the sound card support a sub woofer? Or are just using spk out to your 5.1 sub system.

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I have 2 subwoofers with a total of 9 speakers that I want to hook up to my PC. I currently have a Creative Sound Blaster 7.1 card in my PC. How can I set it up where I can have both subwoofers working along with my speakers?

A:Subwoofer Setup Help

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Hey fro anyone that knows about audio and installing stuff .. i was wondering if i could install my old subwoofer (with 400watt amp with it) to a stereo inside my house .. it has no cables with it so i was wondering if this is possible and u know what to do .. if u could tell me what i would need and where i can get it .. thanks for your help

A:SubWoofer inside?

Not sure this is the best thread for your question either, but I think better anyway!

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I was playing music on my real player then my subwoofer quit working.
We unplugged then plugged back in no help.
We cleaned it no help.
If you hold the subwoofer and blow in it while music is playing the subwoofer works, but who wants to hol a subwoofer just to hear more bass.
The subwoofer is for our computer desktop.
Please help if you can.

A:No Sound From Subwoofer

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Is Sound Supose to come out of a subwoofer ( Logitech X-530 ) The exact same way it comes out of speakers? Or is the subwoofer just there to deliver the BASS Sound? Cause if its not then mine might be broken xD Or Badly Wrongly Connected.

A:The Function Of The SubWoofer?

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ive got a 800 watt sony xplode and a 600 watt amp but whenever i turn it up my speaker makes an awful noise and it overrules the bass. ive got a good box and ive tried adjusting the gain on my amp do i just have a bad speaker or what?

A:subwoofer problems

Have you got a microphone connected? it could be feeding back, try muting the mic input in your sound properties (recording).

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Hi everyone

Recently i upgraded my GC to Sapphire 5750 as well as my HDD, so I do a clean windows 7 installation. The problem with my sound is, i need to turn the bass volume high (almost max) to actually hear very low bass sound from it. I never had this problem before upgrading

Im using Edifier M3300SF, tried set it as 5.1 but still the same problem..

hope guys here can help me, and if more info is needed..thanks

A:Subwoofer very low sound

hwchan, welcome to the forums.

When adjusting the bass volume is this from within Windows or using the volume knob on the sub itself?

Also have installed/updated the drivers for your onboard Realtek audio?

Latest Realtek HD Audio Driver Version

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My subwoofer stoped working a while ago so i decided to open it all up and have a look then i noticed the fuse blown so i replaced it and put eveyrthing back together.
the bass knob is on normal setting but when i put the volume on above 1/3-ish it makes this awfull scratching screeching noise, what is it and is it possible to fix? it is a GENIUS SW-5.1 1000 speaker system.

A:PC subwoofer problems

The fuse blew for a reason. Your GENIUS SW-5.1 1000 speaker system may need repair or replacement

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Hello; here's my configuration:

Windows XP SP3 (DirectX 9.0c)

CPU: Dual Core AMD 3200 MHz
RAM: 2 gigs
Mobo: Unknown (Neither Everest nor System seems to know, and I forget)
Audio Drivers: Realtek High Definition Audio
ATI Function Driver for High Definition Audio - ATI AA01
Video: ATI Radeon 4850 HD

My sound is configured like this:

My motherboard only has the IN, OUT, and MIC ports, not the 6 ports typically used for surround sound, so I have a 3.5" (headphone) jack running from the back of the machine into my receiver. From there, the subwoofer has its own connector, as well as my other 6 speakers.

The Realtek HD Audio Manager doesn't have an option to use a reciever or the one sound jack; and it wants to only send sound out from the 6-port motherboard sound type, which I do not have.

The speakers work fine, but does anyone have any idea on how I can make my subwoofer work?

I had the same 3.5-reciever-sub/speakers on my old computer, and it works fine. I'm guessing the problem is something with my Realtek drivers or manager, but I'm not sure what to do.

All of my drivers are fully up-to-date.

A:Subwoofer will not work.

Run the cable from the Speaker jack rather then the headphone Jack. Go to the RealTek properties and configure it for Desktop speakers.

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ok i just through this in here cuz i dunno where to put it so anyways does it matter where i put and position my subwoofer? like will it sound better i dunno. well the computer is in the corner of a narrow room i think its about 14x9 feet. so any comments will be appreciated. well most

A:subwoofer query

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I have a several-years old set of Altec Lansing Surround 641 speakers, a 4.1 model which is no longer in production. They're connected to my PC (running XP) and are also my main source of music via CD's and web-radio. They've only seen light use because they've been in storage a lot due to travel etc, and I never played them at high volume.

They worked fine last week, then I returned from a 5-day Thanksgiving trip, and the subwoofer no longer functions. No pops or thumps or other death cries, just silent. The 4-satellites still work OK.

I've done all the PC diagnostics I could find, and my headphones work fine, so the soundcard is OK. I played a discman directly into the Aux front port on the subwoofer (a function which used to work - I used the Line-Out, not the Headphone-Out socket.), and still nothing.

A/L tech says the circuit board in the subwoofer has developed a defect. I assume they mean the crossover circuit, or maybe it's the internal amp?

So is this a known issue, and if so, any advice?

Am I crazy to think I might somehow fix it myself (with help from a tech-savvy friend)?

Is there a source for replacement crossover/amp circuitry or parts out there somewhere?

Would a "generic" amp or crossover with similar spec's work?

I hate to just toss out and replace what used to be a perfectly good (and $$) system if I can fix it somehow.

Thanks for any advice!

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I have an old sound works subwoofer that comes with stereo speakers. It was built to be plugged in the the regular stereo jack on old computers. However, my sound card permits sub\center on one jack (orange), and stereo on the green. Well, I don't want to use the stereo speakers on the sub, I've got my own. Rather, I want to use them both as center speakers. However, my computer sends bass through the sub, and the right speaker gets some too. Sends it to the center, and the left and sub get some. ??? How do I change this?

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