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Acronis True Image (and Macrium, Windows Backup) won't create image

Q: Acronis True Image (and Macrium, Windows Backup) won't create image

My system:
Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
C-drive is a 250GB Plextor SSD
Acronis True Image 2011

I setup a weekly scheduled disk image of my system drive (C that gets sent to an external HDD (4TB). This was working very well for months with incremental backups most of the time and a full backup every five or six weeks. I recently noticed that my backups haven't been happening since mid-August. No errors or anything. They're just not running.

I opened Acronis and tried to run a backup manually. But when I click the Back Up button, nothing would happen. I recreated my backup scheme as a new backup and ran that. It runs, but my computer slows to a crawl and eventually (within minutes) nothing responds to my clicks in or out of Acronis. The hard drive light on the case lights up, and even after I've let it run for several hours, it never finishes. I have to reset the computer to get it back up and running again.

Changing compression levels or priorities doesn't make a difference.

I installed Macrium Reflect and tried running the same disk image backup there, but I had the same problem.

I also tried doing the backup using Windows backup program. The backup doesn't slow down or crash my computer, but it does fail at the end of the process. I get this error:

One of the backup files could not be created.
Details: The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.
Error code: 0x8078002A

I can back up a non-system drive just fine, so it seems like it's something wrong with my C-drive. But I've had no other problems with it other than this.

Any help you could give me would be appreciated!

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Preferred Solution: Acronis True Image (and Macrium, Windows Backup) won't create image

I recommend trying the free service from Zip Cloud. It's currently our users' favorite backup and storage solution and will save you headaches down the line.

You can get it direct from this link http://goo.gl/rFYDxc. (This link will open the Zip Cloud homepage.)


Hey guys, it is good to be back on here as my problems are always solved, it has probably been a few years since my last visit! Anyway I am still running my 2006 Dell XPS 400 machine with windows XP SP3 media Center edition. It has a dual core 3ghz pentium CPU, 2GB ram, a 320gb Western Digital hard drive that is less than half full,and an Nvidia GeForce 6800 graphics card. love this machine so darn much as it does everything that I personally wanted to has one I had made back in 2006. And I absolutely love Windows XP. So being that the thing is 7 1/2 years old and I have never had a prior desktop last over 5 years without a hard drive failure, I feel as if I am running on borrowed time. This saddens me as I take great care of this machine and love it to death. Have everything set up the way that I like and I'm very comfortable with it, I don't adapt well to change LOL. So I recently began researching and found that hardware parts are pretty cheap now for this, but if the hard drive fails I will lose everything. So rather than install a new hard drive should this happen, and then boot from the original six and a half-year-old disks. Drivers, try to find lost photos, etc. I have learned about cloning software and have been researching it. So I purchased a Acronos true image 2014 an external Seagate 1TB HD (for other stuff too photos for the wife etc), And an internal hard drive dock, as well as a brand-new 320 GB Western Digital 3.5" 7200 RPM hard drive. Identica... Read more

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I was toying with buying a copy of Acronis true Image now that it is on sale, but I figured I'd ask for some thoughts before doing so.

Mainly, I'm looking for the ability to boot from CD/USB and create an image of a hard drive, for backup or recovery purposes. Then, if needed, I can restore the image or access it to extract file. I've used Acronis in the past to do this, but can Macrium handle this process? I have very limited experience with Macrium Reflect Free, and I have no need to use the software for "backup" purposes, in terms of backing up data or a running computer.

A:Acronis True Image vs Macrium Reflect

Found this thread right after posting.

Backup/Recovery tools - Acronis vs Macrium - Windows 10 Forums

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I know both programs have been discussed before but what are the pros and cons of both Macrium and the latest version of Acronis (2011)? or are they pretty equal? I don't mind spending a few bucks on Acronis especially since I still got gift cards form Xmas Acronis looks like it has a "prettier" UI and really I would prefer to have purchase a disk rather that a download but that's not a deal breaker. I was also looking a Norton Ghost 15 but have read some really bad reviews.

A:Macrium vs Acronis True Home Image 2011

I use Acronis True Image 2010 and it's been solid for me. The Try and Decide feature was worth it to me. Takes a snapshot of hard drive, then you can play with whatever you want and at end, you can discard the changes and go right back to where you were. I got the software for $23.99 and it's been good for me. I don't really make use of incremental backups, but it has it.

I do use Macrium at work and it works out good for that purpose.

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I currently have Lic for Acronis 2016 but I was looking at Macrium Reflect since many folks seem to like it.

A:Fully Licenesed: Macrium Reflect v6 or Acronis True Image Home 2016

Acronis = effective but with lot of bloat and too many processes

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I will be upgrading to W7 next month so I have a question about backups.

I have never used anything but the normal procedure for making backups
and I accidently ran across this Acronis True Image 2010. I went to their
website and read about it and it comes with a price of $50.

They were not very specific on what type of external storage is needed so
that is my question to the group.

I will most likely only use this True Image + ??? external storage 1 or 2
times so does the cost of both items justify the usage.


A:Backup with Acronis True Image

In Acronis, you can use whatever storage you want, external or external, as long as it has sufficient space. If you're only going to use it once or twice, you may want to consider using a free program, like this.

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I've got True Image 10 Home and it won't write to DVD to save it's life. I want to use the recovery CD to take a cold image of the Vista partition on my machine. Everything seems to start to run and then about 5 minutes into the backup all DVD write and hard disk activity grinds to a halt.

I'm in the ridiculous situation where I have to choose another partition for the destination for the image, asking the backup to create DVD sized chunks of data. This results in a series of files that I burn to DVD.

When using the Vista built-in burn it reports the files are too big to fit on a DVD. I have to use a 3rd party tool to accomplish the burning process.

Has anyone seen this problem with True Image 10? Has anyone even tried it? Nothing on the True Image support site. I logged a tech support call and despite several follow-ups no response.


A:Acronis True Image DVD backup

Hi PhilMo,

Welcome to TSG!

The Official Acronis True Image Support Forum is here where there are lots of users who might have seen this problem.

-- Tom

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I've been using acronis for a few years now and I'm always trying to keep the TIB file as small as possible. I save them to a seperate partiton and create backups whenever I feel that I've changed the system (install new programs or updated, etc..) enough to warrant a new backup. I only create full backups and don't do incremental or differential one since they are usually the same size as the original TIB file.

One thing that I've noticed is that if I create a new TIB image the file size gets extraordinarily large, BUT if I restore to the last TIB image and then go thru the process of reinstalling/configuring everything since the last TIB image was created, the new TIB image file size is about the same as the last TIB.

I keep a txt file log that I add entries of any/all significant changes, updates and installations that I do on the system. I can restore a TIB image and go thru the log to reinstall/update or uninstall what I've done. I know it sounds like a hassle, but it actually is very easy and efficient - especially if the logfile is fairly thorough.

I'm wondering if anyone knows why the filesizes would be that different?

On my machine at work, The last TIB file was about 9GB. I made TIB the other day and it ended up at 32GB. I don't do a lot of changes or experimental installations on that machine. The PC that I use at home gets a lot of tweaking.

I restored the Work PC today and reinstalled a few things that I needed and ra... Read more

A:Acronis True Image backup Size

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I was really sure where to post this- maybe it would help if we had a general software forum. I posted here because it runs on Windows 7.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone uses a program like this. I have Acronis True Image 2013, but it is incomplete. I want the ability to see what it saves with an incremental backup, what all the new data is. And, the ability to be able to restore a backup, but keep certain things I have added since after that backup.

A:Anyone use Acronis True Image? Or any other backup program

Check the manual http://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct...iff88UU8iWgLHw it should tell you what is possible

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I have Acronis True Image 2011 Back-up installed on my System it's on a Dedicated 1-TB HDD, I have it set-up to Copy the Data off the Other 2 HDD's (RAID-Striped x 1TB each)...I seem to keep having a Problem with Windows 7 OS Embedded Back-up, HOW, Can I shut-off the Windows so it stays Shut-off and quits Interfering?? Right Now, I am getting 2 Sets of Back-up Folders with Saved Backup Files, that is Filling up my HDD in about a week...I Just found Out Acronis Support Sucks, they told me they only provide Free Tech Support for 30-days after purchase, what a Frigging Rip-Off....Frankly speaking, I'm a Real Noob here, Give me a Hot Rod, Harley, or Heavy-Duty Diesel to work on and I'm right On it....I'm having another Issue with this Software too, but would Rather do 1 Issue at a Time...ALSO: Which Saved Back-ups can I Delete and Which ones to save?? I Look at those, and have no idea what is up with all those Partitions...

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Acronis True Image 6.0 is supposed to be able to write directly to removable media, including DVD+RW, and even states it in the user guide.

However, when I attempt to do so, I receive the following error message: "Failed to write to image archive file. A possible reason could be poor media quality."

I don't think the discs are faulty - I've tried this with 2 types of major brand name DVDs write out of the shrink wrap.

The user interface is fairly simple, so I don't believe I've overlooked any significant steps......anyone else out there have similar problems with this software?


A:Drive backup w/Acronis True Image

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I just got the Acronis True Image 11 Home edition for backup and recovery for both my desktop and laptop.

I was very successful in backing up my ASUS desktop using this utility but then not able to get a backup without corruption when I used it for my HP Pavilion notebook.

They share the same XP pro OS.

Any ideas from those who use True Image

A:Acronis True Image laptop backup

I'm currently going to run a checkdisk on my laptop. Then I will run the backup using the boot disk and not the one installed on my laptop.

Any other ideas.

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I have Acronis True Image 9 installed and run both daily and weekly backups. The weekly one runs perfectly but recently when the scheduled daily backup runs it now stops after running around 75% and just won't run any further. I have to close it down every day using the Task Manager facility. Not being very experienced, I can't think why one of the two options runs but the other one does not. Does anyone please have any thoughts on how I can correct this? Many thanks for any advice.

A:Solved: Acronis True Image Backup Program

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I have a copy of the Acronis True Image 2015 version, that i use to backup my drive, now my problem is, i had another version of this software before and the way that it used to backup : it would usually create one tib image file for my backup and now on this one, its creating so many separate tib files just to do one backup which takes forever and i really don't understand why, because my drive is not that huge its only 500gb and I'm not even using half of it, its about 40 percent full and i intend to keep it that way, but why does this version of Acronis have to use all these image files to do such a small backup? I have uploaded an image of the backup archives on my external usb drive that the Acronis software has made

A:Acronis True Image 2015 Backup issue

You may have enabled the option to split the backup into smaller files, change it to Automatic. If it's already on automatic set it to custom and set the size to something greater than the full size of the backup. Also, this will occur if your destination drive is formatted FAT32 instead of NTFS where it can only handle 4GB files.

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i want to know which one works best with vista ? in all matters
Thanks in Advance

A:Vista's Complete PC Backup VS Acronis True Image

Only you could answer that, a lot depends on which version of Vista you have as I believe the complete backup program is only part of certain versions of Vista, I have heard that it works very well though.

Acronis also has a good reputation but I haven't actually used it so can't give any opinion either way.

You're best bet is to do some research and find out as much as you can about both programs to see which would fit the way you use your machine.

Hope that helps

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I am posting this to assist anyone who has encountered a conflict between Webroot Spysweeper With Anti Virus version 7.xxx (2011) and backup programs.
I recently updated Webroot Spysweeper and Antivirus from version to version The old version served me well for many years and never interfered with any of my applications. The new version began interfering with my Acronis True Image backup program, which I use to backup my hard drive partitions to an external drive. I was no longer able to perform new backups nor was I able to access previous backups. One of the main drawbacks of version 7.xxx is that you are not able to temporarily shut the program down (you can only close the system tray icon while the program continues to run). I was able to get my backup program working again by uninstalling Webroot Spysweeper with AntiVirus version 7.xxx. I installed Webroot Spysweeper with AntiVirus version and *only updated my virus definitions* (and not the program) and I can now successfully use my backup program and access old backups for restoring. Webroot technical support assured me that I can renew my subscription without upgrading the program to version 7.xxxx. I hope that this helps anyone who has encountered a similar frustration.
Here is the procedure to install the 6.1.0145 version from Webroot tech support (I starred some steps for key emphasis):
For Windows XP, Vista and 7 users - Installing the 6.1.0145 version of the Webroot security softwa... Read more

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I have got a license for Acronis True Image Home 2010. To my surprise, I don't like it unlike many other folks who swear on this software.
Acronis creates a backup image in .tib or .zip format whereas Windows 7 Backup and Restore creates system image in an encrypted folder (with all files and folders NOT formatted). In either case, backup image becomes ready for "restore". So why keep Acronis?
Well, Acronis can backup custom files and folders unlike Win7 default program (and, Win7 does it, too), however, Acronis does "Create full path (includes drive letter)" which I simply dislike. Fbackup4 (free license), on the other hand, does not do it but does the job the way I want, i.e., creates files and folders the way they are organized (without including drive letter, and without zipping or making some unusual file format). So for data backup, Fbackup4 is better, IMO. I remember, WinXP creates crazy backup file format like Acronis does.
Paragon Migrate OS to SSD SE (I have license for this, too) is special in the sense that it can copy the entire OS drive/partition to a blank drive. Very good for drive upgrade.

So what do you think folks? Stick to Win7 program or look for alternatives like I mentioned?

A:how acronis true image home different from win7 backup and restore

Macrium is my choice (paid). Acronis ATI 2012 has some serious probs. At least I view them as probs. Read this thread for just a starter.

Leftover Drivers? | Knowledge Base

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My saga with Acromis True Image continues. I have successfully installed it on my fairly new Vista PC and found a way of creating and using a rescue disc by adjusting the bootup sequence of the drives. I now find that each time I try to do a backup to my Buffalo external HDD - reformatted to NTFS - I get the error message "Failed to execute the task - Error #1364 - A specified authentication package is unknown (0xFFF0)"

Acronis web support say I should edit the registry as a registry entry is missing in the following registry subkey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa. This surprised me as my PC is not on a network. This is covered in You may not be able to connect to a remote server, the Workstation service may stop, and you may receive an "Error 1364" error message in Windows Server 2003 or in Windows Small Business Server 2003

I have always kept well clear of the registry so am concerned at the warning - "Warning If you use Registry Editor incorrectly, you may cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall your operating system. Microsoft cannot guarantee that you can solve problems that result from using Registry Editor incorrectly. Use Registry Editor at your own risk."

How serious is this risk and how do I back up the registry first please? I had hoped a re-installation would solve the issue as installing probably caised the problem?

My Buffalo HDD came with Memeo backup software, but I bought Acroni... Read more

A:Acronis True Image Home 2009 Unable to backup

Review this link here - http://www.vistax64.com/tutorials/21...ore.html?ltr=R.

I use acronis, but I use it in the most basic ways - as a basic backup of my internal hard drives and a cloning software so I'm not equipped to solve your problem here. Perhaps someone else can. You can also check out Acronis' forums - Acronis True Image Product Line - Wilders Security Forums

Good luck

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I support a small LAN with 7 Windows 7 64-bit desktops for a local charity.

All the desktops have Acronis True Image Home 11 (ATI11) installed and are configures as a HomeGroup.

I have been doing an incremental image backup over the network using ATI11 to one of the desktops but lately speed of the backups has become unacceptable.

For a specific example, Two of the desktops are Core I7 machines with GBit network interfaces connected through a GBit switch.

a) If I backup one to the other using ATI11 the backup will take 4-6 hours with network utilization at 3-5%.

b) If I backup the SAME system to its secondary HDD using ATI11 (a local backup) the backup takes about 2 hours.

c) If I then use a simple COPY command to copy the large ATI11 TIB backup file (30-50GB) from the SAME system to the SAME target system the network utilization varies from 25%-60% and the copy takes a, relatively speaking, small amount of time.

Note I get the same results for source systems which only have a 100MB network card except that during the COPY test they use 80-90% of the available network speed.

I searched the internet and found some suggestions involving changing the network cards settings, IPV4 Checksum Offload for example. I tried that and it immediately "broke" the HomeGroup network connection.

Question: Why will ATI11 not use more of the available network speed? Neither the source system nor the target system is CPU bound during the ATI11 backu... Read more

A:Acronis True Image Home 11 Network Backup Is Slow

It may be better to create an Acronis TrueImage Boot Disk and try and check if the incremental image back-up process has speeded up.

Incidentally how many GBs is the data that is being backed and after it is backed up is it being verified?

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Over years of using Acronis True Image I have created image files in several folders and with different file names. As a result, my "Backup location" lists many file name formats that I no longer use (please see the screenshot).

Can anyone tell me how to tidy up that list? I cannot see any option in ATI and I cannot find where it is held on disk or in the Registry.

A:Acronis True Image - tidying up the list of backup locations

the only way i can think is to re install it , if you only have a couple of back ups then when you uninstall dont save the acronis info and settings, hopefully when you reinstall it it will have a clean memory so to speak.
then browse via acronis to your current backup folder when setting up the backups to continue your incremental backups if you have a schedule.

or something like that

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I want to back up all of my data to my external hard drive at the end of every day, and I started using the Acronis True Image Home software to do so. I made the first backup yesterday, which understandably took a long time. But now I'm running the first daily backup, as a test, and it says it'll take 4 hours to finish! And this is with it set at the highest priority. I imagined that automatic backup software would simply search the files for any that were created or modified since the last backup and then back up those files where they belong in the folder locations. If there were simply an 'Overwrite Older Files Only' option in the regular Windows explorer, I would just do this kind of backup myself. It shouldn't take 4 hours for this to happen.

Can anyone tell me of a better backup software, or a reason that I should stay with Acronis anyway, when compared to the other options?

Thank you

A:Acronis True Image Home automatic backup software very slow

You must set the software to either perform a differently or incremental backup and chose what you are backing up. If you chose differently and the you have changed a ton of files then yes it would take some time but shouldn't take 4 hours unless you have chosen to backup the complete system again

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Thanks to Windows 8.1 update going belly up, and of course removing all recovery points, I was forced to recover my system.
I did this from my Acronis True Image Nonstop Backup but after the recovery the system would not boot.
Hung in the boot process for more than 30 minutes before I turned it off.
This happened with both Partition and File Recovery methods.
Eventually had to go back to latest weekly backup which of course was 6 days old.
(Sods law strikes again! )

This is just the latest in a series of problems I've had with True Image, and since they they can't all be the fault of Windows 8, so I am seriously considering a different approach.

Perhaps I can get a refund from Acronis.

I am now running a full backup prior retrying the update to 8.1

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I am wishing to install another level of computer backup on my 98se system-either
1. Symantec (formerly Roxio) GoBack,
2. Drive imaging. (The best rated appear to be Acronis True Image or PowerQuest Drive Image.)

I would, however, like to know something about each method that I have not been able to discover through the respective software sites or various reviews (CNET, PCMag , etc.)

Regarding GoBack:

How far back would I be able to go, given that I will be setting aside roughly 4GB space to GoBack. Would it be possible to take a snapshot after setting up my system (after a format), then not run GoBack until I am about to make another major change, then close it /disable it again until the next major change, and so on?
The reason I would want to do this, is that I find that problems often don't appear necessarily directly (or even soon) after any change to the system. Rather it can depend on when the program/process (that is causing the problem) is run. For example, I have recently had a conflict between my flatbed scanner and film scanner. I had not used the film scanner for a few months, so who knows when the cause of the conflict was first introduced, or what indeed it was?
Apparently, Goback keeps taking its "snapshots" continuously until the allocated space is used up, then starts deleting the earliest snapshots (to release more space). To me this does not appear enough to cover months of snapshots.
(In fact everywhere mentions a time scale of o... Read more

A:A couple of questions re: GoBack & Acronis True Image/PowerQuest Drive Image

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I'm trying to use True Image 11 to image the system partition of my laptop. When I get to the place where it asks me to select the partition to image, there are two: the main NTFS system partition and a small recovery partition. Should I select both or just the system partition? I have heard that the recovery partition must be in a certain place on the HD to be usable. If so, and if I needed to restore the image , the recovery partition might not be restored to the same place and would therefore be unusable. Any advice on how to proceed here? Thanks.

A:Using Acronis True Image to image disk with hidden recovery partition

you should image it to the recovery partition, although it may not be a good idea to have it on the same HDD
I myself use an external drive which is probably the safest

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I see this frequently enough that I am now wanting to know why.

I have set Acronis True Image to limit the maximum file size to 1.95 GB. This is to facilitate putting them onto a DVD later. I don't understand why, occasionally, a file in the middle or beginning of a set is smaller. In the below example, numbers 1 and 8 are much smaller than I would expect, especially #1.

Why is this?

Is this normal?

Sony Vaio VGN-CR320E #1 .tib 770,048
Sony Vaio VGN-CR320E #2 .tib 2,093,796,352
Sony Vaio VGN-CR320E #3 .tib 2,093,796,352
Sony Vaio VGN-CR320E #4 .tib 2,093,796,352
Sony Vaio VGN-CR320E #5 .tib 2,093,796,352
Sony Vaio VGN-CR320E #6 .tib 2,093,796,352
Sony Vaio VGN-CR320E #7 .tib 2,093,796,352
Sony Vaio VGN-CR320E #8 .tib 1,496,973,312
Sony Vaio VGN-CR320E #9 .tib 2,093,796,352
Sony Vaio VGN-CR320E #10.tib 2,093,796,352
Sony Vaio VGN-CR320E #11.tib 2,093,796,352
Sony Vaio VGN-CR320E #12.tib 1,287,579,136

A:Question about the image files Acronis True Image makes

Number 1 is the backup of the partition table (MBR). The others are just smaller because the backup ran out of data before making a full one. The second backup appears to be incremental.

If this is a single backup (which would mean maybe around 35 GB's of used space in XP), then I have no idea why 8 is smaller.

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I installed XP fresh and perfect on my PC few months ago. At that point, I burned an image of the C drive (with windows in it) by using Acronis True Image Builder (V. 10).

2 image files were made, one about 4 gigs and another about 2 gigs. I put those two files in a separate partition. Now I want to format my computer and recover it to that time by using these image files.

My question is that when I tell Acronis to recover the files, I have to choose one file (I have 2). If I choose the first one, what will happen? will windows be partially reinstalled? how can I make this to work?


A:Windows Xp Acronis True Image

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This weekend will see the deployment of Windows 8.1. In preparation I have updated all my drivers and such.
I intend to keep ATI 2013 as long as possible because it has always been a difficult piece of software to upgrade.
From what I've been able to read up until now (just days before the official release or 8.1) I think I can expect the upgrade to work and imaging should still work.

I have the Plus pack version with the build at 6514.

I will be upgrading Windows 8 Pro with Media Center. I don't want to do a clean install - I have just too much software to do that and I didn't have too much trouble with the Win 7 -> Win 8 in-place upgrade so I expect this should be similar.

I will make a system image prior to the upgrade (Win 8) and immediately after the upgrade appears stable (8.1).

Then I will try to restore from that image.

I'll post my results here.

I usually do my system image in Windows 8 (not from the external media Linux edition). I have not had any problems with that process and I've tested it perhaps 4 or 5 times this past year when I needed it.

Backup and validation takes about 15-20 minutes and a restore about the same time, so it's not too bad.

Note: I am not endorsing Acronis. It is a real hassle, but when you get it to work it is reliable - at least for me.
Anyone can browse the Acronis forums looking for my name and you will find many issues that took a very long time to get addressed.

For that matter I don't endorse Windows either. You can browse... Read more

A:Acronis True Image 2013 and Windows 8.1

Hi there
ATH 2014 is actually much better all round -- ATH 2012 was a real DOG, ATH 2013 (Boot version) had some issues with external SATA2 and USB3 devices -- although a USB3 disk plugged into a USB2 port was accessible.

BEFORE you do the upgrade - BACKUP AND TEST YOUR RESTORE -- no point in wanting to recover half way through your W8.1 upgrade and then find the recovery file either can't be read or is corrupted.

The extra hour or so (at the absolute most) this takes is well worth it. Definitely time well spent.

(You might also have to disable protected boot (not UEFI BTW) in order to boot from ATH. I don't use protected boot - it's more hassle than it's worth --I have TechNet ISO so embedded keys aren't a problem.


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Can't register windows 7 does Acronis true image take ownership of all your product keys? I had a disaster and went to install windows 7, but when i put my product key in it wouldn't accept it. I then retyped it incase i made a typo but i hadn't, so i done my recovery with acronis true image 2010 and all my products got registered. Can anyone verify this for me

A:Can't register windows 7 does Acronis true image take ownership

I assume you're talking about Windows 7 activation and no, Acronis doesn't take ownership of your product keys.

Where did you get your Windows DVD? Is a retail version or did it come with your computer?

You can always try to activate via Microsoft's automated telephone wizard.

Go to Start and type slui.exe 4 then press Enter to open the Activation Wizard.

Choose your region for the correct telephone number then follow the automated instructions (you will need a touchtone telephone).

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An oldie but goodie!

Does anyone know?

I have been using Windows 7 backup and restore but never tested out the ?restore? part and frankly don?t trust it. Another problem is that I don?t have enough room (so says the MS backup program) to backup a 640 GB system disk to a empty 640 GB disk (go figure)! On top of that, I am not backing everything up and the system disk has some 105 GBs still available!

Even though I had my grips about Acronis True Image 2009, it had compression and always worked.

Thanks, JJ

A:Acronis True Image 2009 work with Windows 7 64 bit???

I think 2009 had issues. In fact, I think 2010 says it has issues, but has always worked great for me.

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I recently restored my Windows 7 disk using Acronis Western Digital Edition, Macrium Reflect, and Windows 7. See results below for both creating the image and restoring the image. The compressed image files were all in the range of 45-50 GB. The associated boot DVD was used in all cases to restore the image.

Have others noticed that Macrium will take substantially longer if resizing the Windows partition? It doesn't seem as though Macrium should take 52 minutes when resizing the 1 TB Windows partition to 500 GB with only 70 GB actually used by Windows 7. Imaging included only the 100 MB boot partition and the Windows partition.

No verification was done. I'm using Macrium 64 bit version 5.3.

It's interesting that Acronis WD Edition is much faster. Does anyone know what it does differently?

Create and Store Image on External USB 3.0 Disk

Acronis - 9 minutes
Macrium - 14 minutes
Windows 7 - 12 minutes

Restore Image to 1 TB Disk

Acronis - 9 minutes
Macrium - 25 minutes
Macrium - 52 minutes (resize 1 TB to 500 GB)
Windows 7 - 29 minutes

A:Time to Restore Image - Acronis, Macrium Reflect, Windows 7

Interesting - thanks for posting.

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Hello. I'm reluctant to buy/install True Image 2013 on my Windows 8 system until Acronis have fixed the problems with TI 13.

In theory, my version of True Image (2010) is incompatible with Windows 8 but I wondered if I could boot from a TI 2010 CD and image my Windows 8 C drive from there. TI 2010 wouldn't know/care about the OS? Or am I missing something?

Failing that, any recommendations on alternative imaging software would be welcome.

A:Imaging Windows 8 with older versions of Acronis True Image

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Hello, I've been having terrible problems...
I was using Acronis True Image 2010 and trying to duplicate some data from an image file created by Acronis (my documents) to move to a different partition on another HDD. As I did this, the computer restarted (strangely).
I've tried all sorts,
gone through the process of trying to fix the boot record using elevated command prompt in 'Repair your computer' from the installation disc.
When I was setting up the HDDs, Windows showed as drive C. Now it appears to be drive H:.
In the system recovery options, I am getting repair details:
The following startup options will be added:
Name: Windows 7 Ultimate (recovered)
Path: Windows
WindowsDevice: PArtition=H: (102405 MB)
Name: Windows Recovery Environment (recovered)
Path: Recovery\2554aadc-cd0f-11de-9613-958c5868929f\Winre.wim
Windows Device: Partition=H: (102405 MB)
This all started when I went into Acronis True Image 2010 to try and correct a dynamic disk and covert it into a basic, logical drive (which I never got around to). I was trying to duplicate a partition using a backup created minutes before by Acronis True Image 2010, of my documents folder, to copy over the dynamic disk (thus eradicating the problem of a dynamic disk, which although the space was expended, it appeared in two sections in disk management).
PLEASE HELP ME, I have some very important work to complete. This is particularly time sensitive.
Note: I have 4 drives installed.
3 are SAMSUNG SATA HDDs ... Read more

A:Windows 7 and Acronis True Image 2010: BOOTMBR ERROR an

Not sure I follow.

How do you mean duplicate a partition using a backup of your Documents folder?

to copy over the dynamic disk

- do you mean from the dynamic disk?

which although the space was expended


The partition letters as seen in WinPE will usually be different from the letters in the o/s system registry. That is normal.

Please post a screenshot of Disk Management window


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Hello, I've been having terrible problems...
I was using Acronis True Image 2010 and trying to duplicate some data from an image file created by Acronis (my documents) to move to a different partition on another HDD. As I did this, the computer restarted (strangely).
I've tried all sorts, gone through the process of trying to fix the boot record using elevated command prompt in 'Repair your computer' from the installation disc.
When I was setting up the HDDs, Windows showed as drive C. Now it appears to be drive H:.
In the system recovery options, I am getting repair details:
The following startup options will be added:
Name: Windows 7 Ultimate (recovered)
Path: Windows
WindowsDevice: PArtition=H: (102405 MB)
Name: Windows Recovery Environment (recovered)
Path: Recovery\2554aadc-cd0f-11de-9613-958c5868929f\Winre.wim
Windows Device: Partition=H: (102405 MB)
This all started when I went into Acronis True Image 2010 to try and correct a dynamic disk and covert it into a basic, logical drive (which I never got around to). I was trying to duplicate a partition using a backup created minutes before by Acronis True Image 2010, of my documents folder, to copy over the dynamic disk (thus eradicating the problem of a dynamic disk, which although the space was expended, it appeared in two sections in disk management).
PLEASE HELP ME, I have some very important work to complete. This is particularly time sensitive.
Note: I have 4 drives installed.
3 are SA... Read more

A:Windows 7 and Acronis True Image 2010: BOOTMBR ERROR and BSD

First thing that comes to mind is that the Active Partition has been changed.

Boot with the Win 7 DVD
Select your language and click Next
Click Repair your Computer
After it scans for Windows installations, highlight the Windows install.
Then select the top option:
Use recovery tools that can help fix problems starting windows
Click Next
Click Command Prompt.
Type Diskpart
Type List Disk and note the number of the WD disk
Type Sel Disk n where n is the number noted above
Type List part to list the partitions. The 100MB System Reserved partition should be number 1
Type Sel Part 1
Type Detail Part
The info should show Active: Yes
If not, type Active.
Type Exit

Reboot to the DVD and run Startup Repair. You may have to reboot and run this more than once.

I'm guessing the Acronis partition got set active. In that case, it will be assigned the letter C.
D, E, F will go to the SATA drives (assuming only one partition, or that each has an Active partition), then G to the System Reserved and H to Windows.

Also, if your BIOS lets you choose to boot to SATA before IDE and vice versa, make sure it's set to IDE first.

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Tried to install Acronis in the RTM 64 bit version of Windows 8 and got an error message that it was not compatible with Windows 8.
The same version worked with the Release preview and on checking with Acronis Support they say it will not work with Eight and they are working on a solution.
They should have had something working bye now as they have had a lot of time to develop something.
I am very upset that I paid for something that does not work and will have to go to the free Macrium backup software so that I can get an Image of my new install

A:Acronis True Image Home 2012 not working with Windows 8 RTM 64bit

Same thing happened to Paragon.

Suddenly , RTM refuses to allow the 12 series to install.

They have a new one in the offing - beta - give it a try.

Image Backup for Windows 8 - Download

It is very simple, but astonishingly fast:

It is also the only one that supports REFS, as well as ext2,ext3,ext4,HFS, ETC

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Connected a windows share to a NAS Linux v5 Based Thecus N4100, N5500, N7700, and N8800.

Google Drive reported the directory was not writeable. A quick look and all folders had a black square in read only. Took a look at the security tab and the only full control was for the NAS accounts. All windows account permissions that Google drive relies on were blank and unchangeable. This is by design for Linux NAS permission in Windows. No I cant change everyone to full control..

As google drive has no explicit NAS Linux account the only option was to have the NAS run in public permission mode. Yes google drive now installs.

But it's not a good fix. Acronis True Image Home backup can not log into the NAS. It wants a Linux account to browse despite it being public. But the public NAS has no account! No I can not make a Linux user and get google drive to work.

Someone suggested "this sounds like the old "aligning the Windows and Linux account" problem. As it sounds like a 2 decade old issue I'll keep it short. Why not try the logins aligned. That is if I login on my Windows as Sally, why don't I have a matching Sally account on Linux?"

I can't align the logon as I use an email address for windows account sync. What a shame.

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I wonder if some kind soul can help me to get my Acronis True Image to work properly again.

Running Windows XP SP2 and ATI version 8

This program has been running beautifully since first installed two years ago and I have succesfully used it to create full
images, incremental images and once to clone an entire HDD to a new disc.
Now it is in a sulk and it will not let me create an image, effect cloning or explore or verify an exisiting image.

The program will accept all the instructions from me, but when I click the final "proceed" I get a pop-up window the the
effect........."E00640006 failed to create scheduled task. Error # 1722 The RPC server is unavailable"

Googling leads me to believe that this is occasioned by the Acronis Scheduler2Service service is not running.

When I look into My Computer>manage>services, that service is showing there as "enabled" and "automatic start"...but it is
not started !
When I attempt tp start it, I get the error........."Could not start AcronisScheduler2Service service on local computer. Error
1058 The service cannot be started either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it"

Well, the service is not disabled, and when I look in My Computer>manage>devices.........the AcronisTrueImage

BackupArchive Explorer is shown there as healthy and "working properly"

I have reinstalled ATI three times now, and still the problem ... Read more

A:Acronis True Image.

Is the Remote Procedure Call service there and started?

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I have a Sony Vaio laptop running Vista Home Premium/service pack 2.

If I load Acronis True Image 2009 everything works fine until I try to connect to the internet. Then the problems start. It will not open Internet Explorer. The more I try the slower the machine runs and eventually programmes refuse to open. After a while the machine takes a very long time to shut down.

If I open in safe mode everything works correctly and at the right speed. Connection/disconnection to the internet is fine. Acronis and other programmes open correctly and the machine closes down correctly.

Looking into problem reporting it says that the NSUsevice is hanging.

Can any shed any light on this problem please.

I have had no problems loading other software, yet.


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Does anyone know how to use Acronis true Image. I have Lost 52GB from my hard drive how can i get it back. The reason for it was that i made 2 backups of my computer to my documents with Acronis true image 1 was sector by sector and 1 wasn't, I then cut and pasted them into my external hard drive, so i thought the computer would automatically regain the space. I have tried Ccleaner windows own Defrager and pargon Hard disc defrager and I have still not gained the 52GB I lost any ideas welcome.
Thank you in advance.
P.S how can i gain my disc space back with Acronis I tried to free up disk space there and i am now down to 99GB

A:Does anyone know how to use Acronis true Image

Hi hollyoaks777, the answer to your first question is YES, Acronis does. Thats why you have the option to download the user guide from the install .exe file (before or after ) installing.
The easiest thing you can do is attempt a system restore. Now read the user guide. Backups/Images should NEVER be moved or defragged, so set where you want them kept beforehand.
Good Luck.

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Should I be able to get this software to back up files to some Internet disk space I have which is provided by my web email service for storing files. I can access it fin with smart ftp, but would really like to be able to totally automate my backups to this space.

So far I have not been able too get it to work, and it struck me that before I spend any more time on it, I would just check to see if I am attempting the impossible.

Thanks for your help


A:Acronis True Image 9

I'm going to guess that may be outside the range of abilities for True Image. OTOH, I've used Beyond Compare for some time to sync my web page using FTP, works like a champ.

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I believe I have choosen to purchase acronis true image software to do my backups. I hope this is a good software. Plan is to make an image of my c: drive on a usb external hard drive that I purchased so that way if anything messes up I can just reboot from the external hard drive.

I plan on just making full backups once every month or so to the external. Are incremental backups better? I don't know if this is possible with acronis but I think I am going to just set an automatic backup to perform once or twice every month at night. I think I am going to go with the full backups instead of the incremental to be perform on a regular basis. I know it takes longer to perform a full backup but who gives it will go on automatic at night anyways. Does it just delete the old backup and then copy over the new?

I am kinda confuzed about how to restore by booting from a cd also. Am I supposed to burn a cd etc. What should I burn on it?

Also the drive on my c: drive is 150 gigabytes while the usb external drive is 300 gigabytes. I need 150 gigs or more for it so I plan on partitioning that external drive and making 160 gigs for the backup and the rest of the 140 gigs for other things. I don't know if that is necessary but I thought that perhaps it would effect it if I created an image of my c: drive on the external drive and starting placing other information on the external that didn't have anything to do with the original image. Mayby partitioning it w... Read more

A:using acronis true image

oops forgot about this

Also is it possible to boot in a way that will allow me to use the external drive as I would use the c: drive. So I can save the image on the external drive and then in a way boot the computer to the external drive and use the external drive like I would the c: drive (browse internet, create documents, etc). Neat if this is possible because I could take my hard drive with me wherever I go and using another computer in a way boot the external drive and then work as if it were my own computer at home. Thanks

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I was interested on backing up my entire pc (Windows XP), and I understand Acronis True Image creates an "exact copy" including all programs and tweaks. After reading Acronis's description of their product I still don't understand a few things. If my computer, which is 5 years old, one day can't be booted up, how can I get access to the Acronis drive image that's on my computer? They talk about making recovery disks, but if my computer is dead and won't boot up, how will a recovery disk help? Wouldn't you need a second computer to put into it the "exact copy" of the old dead computer, using a recovery disk? I don't get the concept. Help.

A:acronis true image 11

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I have the full retail boxed version of Acronis True Image 10 and am working from the bootable CD.

I have a new, unpartitioned hard disk here and I cannot see how I am supposed to rezize the partitions. Acronis wants to resize proportionally and I don't want that. I have read the on-line manual and I can't see anything that addresses that.

To be clear, I really want to transfer only one partition (the Active partition, Drive C) and I want it to be the same size on the new disk as on the old. But, Acronis wants to make it much larger and I don't want that.

A:Need help with Acronis True Image 10

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Just bought a new 1TB HDD and a Docking Station so that I can use it with the USB connection externally.
I have Acronis True Image 10 and trie to clone my boot HDD to the USB Sata drive. All went well re setting up in acronis but when Acronis rebooted my computer to lock the C drive it reported it couldn't see the USB drive. I assume that it is something to do with either the Bios or something I must do within XP Pro but I'm at a loss as to where to start.
Any help appreciated,



A:Acronis True Image 10

Was the drive on?Worth reading, http://kb.acronis.com/content/1515 .Google ResultsLouis

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I purchased this software in 2006 from Newegg.com and registered it. I have backed up my entire C drive with it many times & I have had no problems (so far, I haven't had to restore from the backup) and I created a bootable CD Rescue disc on 2/21/2006 (I haven't had to use it either). Today I created an updated backup of drive C and since the bootable disc is well over 2 years old I decided to create another. The program gives me an error message "Error creating bootable diskette" every time I try it.

I checked that the CRW drive was write enabled; I tried the other CDW drive and got the same message; I restarted the system & got the same message. I went to acronis.com and they do not appear to recognize the existence of version 9.0 and I went to SilverLine's web site and they do not either.

What else do you recommend?

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Please direct me to the proper forum if I am in the wrong one. This deals with Acronis True Image Home 2011 Plus Pack and Windows XP Home SP3 (on Dell inspiron 531s).I will provide brief information now and give much more detailed information and questions after this topic is picked up. The HDD on this machine may be failing. I wish to be able to restore a full image of the current disk to the new HDD which I have ordered. --BUT-- There is an additional problem. The current OS is damaged. I wish to restore all files, programs, etc. and have the OS in good health.As I stated above, this information is brief. More details are to follow.helpful guidance will be appreciated.wkid

A:Acronis True Image

You will have to put the OS in working order first. If you don't you will still have to repair it and depending what the issues are with the OS you may not get a valid backup. What is the problem with the OS?

This forum http://forum.acronis.com/forums/acronis-discussion-forums/acronis-home-home-office-products-discussions/acronis-true-image-ho is good place to ask these kinds of questions.

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I just got True Image 8.0 (most recent build), backed up my system and made a bootable CD. This is where I'm getting confused, tho - Is there any advantage to creating a Secure Zone? If I understand the manual, if I need to run the boot manager, a secure zone would be created if it wasn't there already. Am I missing something? Thanks!

A:Acronis True Image

actually, what are u trying to do?? are u reinstalling the operating system??

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