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dual graphics cards, dual monitors, ati crossfireX

Q: dual graphics cards, dual monitors, ati crossfireX

i have 2 ati radeon hd 4850's. right now they are connected with the crossfirex bridges and i'm only using one monitor and running crossfirex. i'm thinking of getting a second monitor for better gaming/seeing more stuff in flight sim X.

what i can't find is how to use 2 monitors with 2 cards. do i remove the crossfirex bridges and connect one monitor per card, or do i keep the crossfirex bridges and connect both monitors to the first card, still running crossfirex?


Preferred Solution: dual graphics cards, dual monitors, ati crossfireX

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

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A: dual graphics cards, dual monitors, ati crossfireX

I would just connect the 2 monitors to the one card and then extend the desktop using either desktop properties or Catalyst control center.

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dell xps 15 l502x laptop, running an intel integrated graphics card and an nVidia GeForce GT 525m dedicated graphics card. Also a VGA plug and play Dell IN1910N monitor connected through a HDMI to VGA converter to the laptops HDMI out port.

The problem
Each monitor is running off a separate graphics card, according the the nVidia control panel, which is fine, but they are each running the wrong one. The laptop by default uses the integrated graphics, and the external monitor uses the dedicated card, which is useless, a i really only use it as extra desktop space or for playing movies, which doesn't require the dedicated graphics. Then when i go to play a game on the laptop screen, it switches to the dedicated card AS WELL, which then struggles to keep up.
How can i set the external monitor to run on the integrated graphics always?
I don't care if the laptop screen doesn't auto switch, so long as it runs the dedicated card at the right times and doesn't struggle, like it doesn't when the other monitor isn't connected.

This image tellsme it should be possible, but i cant get it to work
imgur: the simple image sharer

A:Dual monitors using wrong graphics cards

Please, anyone have any ideas?

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I have a Samsung 530 Series TV. I also have a LG E2370 monitor. I am using a dual link DVI cable to use the 120 hz on my monitor. My 560 TI grphx card has a dual link DVI (which i use for the monitor), but NOT an HDMI output. The 560 TI graphics card has another Dual Link DVI connection, but my TV does not. Which means i have to use my onboard video which DOES have an HDMI, to use the Samsung 530 TV as a second monitor.

All i want to do is use my TV for when i watch movies and my monitor for everything else.

All i've done is go to display properties and try to do this from there, but the samsung TV just says "Check cable" which i've already done. Either that happens, or both monitors go blank.

Please help. Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated. I built my computer.... Now i want to use my TV with it !!!

A:1monitor, 1tv, 2 different graphics cards. Dual Monitors..HELP!

Some motherboards allow you to use both onboard and a graphic card.
You need to look in the bios for a setting.
If not there then you will a "dvi to hdmi adapter"

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Hi all I no the title of this topic maybe hard to understand, basically im in the market to be upgrading from z77 to a newer z97 board, I have a few in mind that range from $180 all the way to $400, and when it comes down to it, it is the pci express lanes. I'm currently running dual 7970s and I noticed a lot of motherboards run 2x8x with dual video cards but some boards will run at 2x16x, so I was just seeing if anyone can tell me if theirs a big diff between running 2x8x and 2x16x with crossfired cards. thanks a bunch!

A:Dual 16x vs dual 8x pci e motherboards for graphics cards

No real difference.

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i cant get 2 video cards to work, i have an ATI 9600 pro AGP 128 MB, as my first one, i have a XFX NVIDIA MX4000 PCI SLOT as my second, it installs, and ii install drivers but cant extend my desktop. it makes my pc reboot, then it just restarts over and over. i on xp

A:dual monitors with 2 video cards

To have dual monitors, you need two of the same video card. Even if you didnt i highly doubt the software for nvidia and ati are compatible

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Hello everyone. I'm having a bit of trouble here setting up a dual monitor extended display between my desktop and laptop and I'll try to be as descriptive as possible.

Dell Vostro 220s Slim Tower (click for complete specs)
Windows 7

I installed a NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT PCI-Express card and my main monitor is hooked to that using a DVI connector. This leaves the on board VGA port completely open.

HP DV6736NR (click for complete specs)
Windows 7
There is an open VGA port on this laptop.


On my desktop, the only display adapter listed in Device Manager is my NVIDIA card. When I plug the VGA in to each of the two computers, it is not detecting the other in my Screen Resolution opens. I think this has something to do with my on board video card not being active but I could be wrong. I hit CTRL+P and tried to scan for a detection that way and still nothing. I shut down my desktop (leaving the cord in) and my main monitor with the DVI connection just stayed black. I unplugged the VGA connection, booted it up again, and everything worked as normal. I believe I tried setting the laptop to projector only (hitting CTRL+P) to see if the desktop would boot to just the laptop screen using the VGA connection but that wouldn't work either. It just stayed black.

I'm all out of ideas. Can someone please help me?

A:Setting up dual-monitors using two video cards

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Hello everyone. I'm having a bit of trouble here setting up a dual monitor extended display between my desktop and laptop and I'll try to be as descriptive as possible.

Dell Vostro 220s Slim Tower (click for complete specs)
Windows 7

I installed a NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT PCI-Express card and my main monitor is hooked to that using a DVI connector. This leaves the on board VGA port completely open.

HP DV6736NR (click for complete specs)
Windows 7
There is an open VGA port on this laptop.


On my desktop, the only display adapter listed in Device Manager is my NVIDIA card. When I plug the VGA in to each of the two computers, it is not detecting the other in my Screen Resolution opens. I think this has something to do with my on board video card not being active but I could be wrong. I hit CTRL+P and tried to scan for a detection that way and still nothing. I shut down my desktop (leaving the cord in) and my main monitor with the DVI connection just stayed black. I unplugged the VGA connection, booted it up again, and everything worked as normal. I believe I tried setting the laptop to projector only (hitting CTRL+P) to see if the desktop would boot to just the laptop screen using the VGA connection but that wouldn't work either. It just stayed black.

I'm all out of ideas. Can someone please help me?

A:Setting up dual-monitors using two video cards

dual display only works on 1 pc at a time and as far as im aware you cant bridge 2 diffrent vidoe cards if they are not crossfire or dual SLI, so untill you get a GFX card with 2 output's ont eh one card you are not going to have much luck unfortunatly. if i am wrong then someone please correct me :D:D

and as for the laptop the VGA out is only an output and will never beable to allow you to display somthing on the laptop screen from another device

Madz :D:D

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I am trying to connect an Optiplex 3040 with a 2Gb dedicated video card (AMD R5 340X is only option) to two monitors. The AMD card only has 1 x DP and 1 x DVI digital video ports, while the P2317H monitor (current "standard" business monitor) only has 1 x DP and 1 x HDMI input on it.
My question is:  when is Dell going to release a dedicated video card option that we can actually connect directly to these monitors without having to use converters/adapters etc??? This is nuts.

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Hello All, 
 I have a XPS 8500 desktop I purchased it 2013 it works fine but I cannot establish how to run dual monitors with it. I have included a photo of the back as it does not match any thing that DELL show in their manuals. One the lowest point they have a VGA connection and two HDMI ports/ plug-ins. But only one HDMI has the receiving tab and the other one has nothing.
This leads me to believe I needed another video card? I am GUESTING because If I use the VGA to one monitor I get a desktop display. Then plugging in the HDMI lead to the other monitor has it duplicated, the same output on both.
From SETTING: System, Display, notifications, apps, power
 In settings the only way I get anything on both monitors. Is with / by selecting Duplicate on both. Any of the other three options I only get one monitor to show anything. I thought the purpose was to be able to have two different things going on, one on each monitor. It does offer another HDMI halfway up the consul with a tab for connection. When I plug a monitor into it, the screen shows "retrieving data" for a few seconds then outputs No Signal. It may be for an X-box of Play Station, not sure. Any advice...
Please see screen shots for back connections...the last photo is the lower area ports I have been using. The right HDMI port is different internally from the one that out puts a signal. This is what lead me to believe I need to have two video cards to run two d... Read more

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Having just upgraded from XP using the Nvidia dual monitor desktops for years, I was surprised to find Windows 7 has this feature in-built with the added bonus of slideshow desktop images C00L!
So beyond Win7 eye candy which is better, Does it come down to games running faster under the Nvidia dual desktops, what is the general preference here?

A:Is Nvidia dual monitors a poor cousin to Windows 7 dual monitors?..

afaik, there is no real performance difference, as all stuff is handled by the nvidia driver anyway.

And of course the more monitors the higher performance hit as there is more screen surface to work on (the same as increasing resolution).

Btw, the main pityfall of the multiple monitors is that the taskbar is only in the primary monitor, but there are a ton of good third party programs that can handle this, like Actual Multiple Monitors.

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Ok--here's the deal. I have an NVidia GT 6600 video card with dual monitor output. The problem is that I want my Plasma desktop to be bigger icons (i.e., 800 by 600) while keeping my flat panel monitor (the primary monitor for the computer) as a higher resolution since obviously we are sitting farther away from the Plasma and need those icons and text bigger. Now I can independently change the screen sizes with the Nvidia, but the problem is then on the plasma I only see about 60% of the screen of course because its keeping the same setup as the higher resolution but zooming in on it. In other words, for the desktop to fit in the plasma, it has to be the same resolution as the flat panel or at least close to that same resolution.

My MOBO has a slot for a second video card--will a second card allow me to indepndently set the resolutions so that I can actually re-arrange the desktop on the Plasma (i.e., the icons would have to go further horizontally and shorter vertically with the lower resolution.

A:Will dual video cards give me two independently controlled monitors?

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Hi, I currently play League of Legends ALOT. I have a terrible Radeon HD 4600. I am thinking of getting duel GTX 560 ti cards, will this make a big impact on my gameplay FPS's? thanks for your help everyone!

A:Dual Graphics Cards

Hi and welcome to TSG.

It may make a significant difference to something like LoL, however it is also massive overkill. One GTX560 ti will easily run LoL on max settings.

Having said that, there are also other things that you MUST consider before upgrading.

1) Is your current power supply (PSU) good enough to support the new card? This is one of the most important things to look at and also something that is often ignored.

2) Your current system may be a bottleneck for a better card, in which case you are potentially wasting money on a card that is being held back by the system in other areas.

What is the exact make and model of model of the PC, assuming its a pre-built system like a HP, Dell, eMachines etc?

If it is a self / custom build what is the make and model of the motherboard, CPU, RAM, power supply etc? The more info the better.

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I'm running:
Intel Core 2 Duo @ 1.73 GHz
3.5 GB RAM
ATI Raedeon Xpress 200M Chipset
Windows Vista Home Basic 32-bit

I have recently installed a ATI Radeon HD 4670 into my computer, I downloaded the latest ATI Catalyst driver from the ATI website and it installed the latest driver for both of the video cards, after it restarted I get this error message in the device manager for the ATI Radeon HD 4670:

Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware because a previous instance of the device driver is still in memory. (Code 38)

I checked in the device manager and it says it has the same wddm driver version for both devices, I have tried installing many times but it continues to presist, is this a Windows Vista or ATI issue? Is there anything I can do to fix it?

System Information:

Device Manager:

A:Dual ATI graphics cards

you have drivers installed on your notebook for a discrete videocard. in other words, the drivers for the hd 4670 are for a card that installs in a desktop computer. the radeon xpress 200m is the intergrated video for the notebook. you need to uninstall the drivers for the hd 4670 and install the drivers from here: ATI Catalyst? Legacy Display Driver

i once had an acer notebook that had the radeon xpress 1100 graphics. i had to uninstall the drivers via driver sweeper @ guru3d (Guru3D - Driver Sweeper). if you have to use driver sweeper, everything is pretty much self explanatory. already have the driver for the xpress 200m downloaded so when you reboot, you can immediately install the driver.

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Running Windows Vista Ult and i installed a second graphics card to run 3 monitors.
The problem is device manager doesn't show the second installed graphics card.

My System:

GA-x38-DQ6 MoBo
4Gb ram

8800 Ultra
7600GT (This is the card i added)

Basically it recognizes the 8800 Ultra only. I have read that to use dual cards with Vista they need to use the same drivers (169.25), which they do. Even if that wasn't the case shouldn't the graphics card show in device manager regardless?

Is there something about Vista and dual graphics that i am missing?

The 7600GT functions fine, (tested in another computer) so i am at a loss here.

Any suggestions?


A:Dual Graphics Cards.

just a random thought... very n00bish but if you linked them as a pair (SLI) then disconnect them from each other

you could also try forcing the 2nd g-card by adding new hardware and manually giving it the driver

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I am building a dell precision workstation t7400 it has 2 PCIe slots for dual gpu's , do both cards have to be identicle in make,model and memory

A:dual graphics cards

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I have a machine that has one graphics card at the moment. It is a Dell XPS 430. The system has 3GB RAM and Intel Quad core processor at 2.33GHz. The graphics card is ATI Radeon HD4670 at 512 MB. I am thinking of upgrading to 1GB. I was wondering:
1. Are Dual Graphics cards better? eg. if I had 2x512MB cards would it be better than 1x1GB card?
2. If dual are better, can i just put any 512 MB graphics card in the other slot or must I use the exact same model to achieve dual graphics.

Information much appreciated.

A:dual graphics cards

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In the interests of thread environmentalism I have searched around for an answer to this but haven't managed. Feel free to direct me to a good link with the information I need.

I'd like to know about dual cards. I currently have a single Geforce 7900 GT/GTO (does anyone know whether the 'GT/GTO' is significant or what it stands for btw?) 256mb card. I remember when I bought the PC I was told I could upgrade to dual cards at any time - so I guess there is an extra port (apologies if my thinking or terminology is incorrect, I'm keen to learn, so please correct me ).

Does the second card have to be identical (or is it advisable), or does it just have to have the same amount of memory (I seem to remember this is a good idea with cards (?) of RAM)?

I assumed a 7900 nowadays would be dirt cheap, but this is the cheapest I've found so far at 70 (assuming its the same one, I find it a little difficult to tell ) but admittedly I'm not sure where to look so perhaps you could advise me on that score (I live in the UK) too.

Finally what can I expect in terms of graphics improvement? I assume it would be more than a simple increase in RAM. I.e. to what extent is it worth making this upgrade?

Many many thanks!

A:Should I upgrade to dual graphics cards? And if so how?

If you do not know why, you don't yet need them as a pair.

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Is it better, or even possible, to mix different graphics cards with a mobo as long as both are crossfire ready? Or is it more wise to stick with two of the same graphics cards if your going to run duel graphics cards.

A:Same dual graphics cards, or mix and match?

I know some people who say they run duel cards, It seems to be a very good thing. But I have heard of them only running 2 of the same, Not 2 different ones.

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I have an Asus P5N-E SLI mobo and an 8800GT installed - all works fine.

I want to run three screens using SoftTH so have to install a second graphics card (not in SLI).

With the Asus, it has a little daughterboard that needs to be reversed to allow the second PCI-E slot to work for graphics (SLI or Not SLI) - it basically splits the 16x channel into two 8x channels.

So, with the daughterboard in dual graphics card mode, when I put the second graphics card in the PC refuses to boot. I get a beep code error (1 long 3 short beeps) which indicates a graphics failure. If I remove the second 8800 but leave the daughterboard set for two graphics cards, I get the same problem.

Switch the daughterboard for single graphics and the single card works fine.

Only things that I can see that may be wrong is:

>CPU is mildly overclocked but rock solid - could that be an issue?
>BIOS stated something about my DDR2 RAM not being 'SLI Ready' - don't have any other RAM to swap out and try.

Can anyone suggest what I may be doing wrong, or how I can get the PC to boot with a second graphics card installed?


A:Dual Graphics Cards Failure

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I recently installed a second graphics card to get triple monitors, but the second card is giving me the "Error 43" message. Both cards are GeForce 8400 GS (one PCIe, one PCI). I am not attempting to run SLI or anything like that, just want the triple. In the device manager, both cards are listed, but the 2nd one has the yellow error icon on it. When checking the details, they both have the same version of the driver. I am running Vista Ultimate x64.

Where am I going wrong?

A:Dual Graphics cards error

Can you run two cards without SLIing them? Didn't know that Where did you get the drivers from? Try to download them for the nvidia website.. Search that error code in google, see what other people have come up with.


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Hi everyone,

I recently purchased a new computer (Windows Vista Home Premium) that has an ATI X1300 graphics card with 1 VGA and and 1 DVI output. I have 2 monitors with DVI inputs and my old graphics card laying around; an ATI Radeon 9250 with 128MB of video memory. I plugged the old card in with the new card and I do get the old one to work, but the new one is disabled by Windows Vista due to a driver conflict (eror code 43). Is there a way to get both of them to work at the same time? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!-Kevin

A:Dual Graphics Cards Issue

Welcome, You can't make the 2 video cards to work, because one of the driver is different and thats why its a conflict. If installing 2 different video card drivers then maybe your new or old may cause an issue.

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I have two identical graphics cards, X and Y. Each one feeds two monitors, X ->1 and 2, Y ->3 and 4 respectively. Monitors 1 and 3 use DVI, 2 and 4 use HDMI output. Monitor 1 has until recently been my primary/default monitor (both as set in Windows, and the one that displays BIOS info and motherboard splash screen at bootup.)

I was having problems getting monitor 3 to display properly - Windows only recognised it as "generic pnp" and either wouldn't send it a signal (so black screen, even though it was showing its power on light) or it would display at the wrong resolution. So I swapped the DVI cables of 1 and 3, whilst keeping monitor 1 my Windows primary monitor. Now, monitor 3 displays at the correct resolution (but is still seen as generic pnp by the PC). I suspect there's an EDID problem somewhere, or maybe a cable problem (though I've changed the cable to monitor 3) but at least the monitor displays when it's meant to, and at the correct resolution.

As I only use four monitors when using certain applications I normally keep 2, 3 and 4 switched off unless I use them. But since swapping the DVI cables around, all the BIOS and WIndows starting graphics display on monitor 3, though the Windows login screen still comes to Monitor 1. As Monitor 3 is often switched off, if I have a problem during bootup I won't know now as monitor 1 stays blank until the login screen. What I'm after is a way of changing the default graphics card from X to Y so that monitor... Read more

A:Dual graphics cards and BIOS display

No suggestions so far on how to instruct a PC to show the BIOS and startup screens on the second rather than the first identical) graphics card output?

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Hello Forum, im CrazyKilla

Yesterday my 2nd GeForce GTS 450 arrived, i put it in the pc, set all the wires up, i even put SLI on my 2 graphics cards, and now i got 2 graphics cards, but the problem is, (GTS 450 has 1gb graphics memory) i got 2 GTS 450s but i only have 1gb of graphics memory, how does this work? i should have 2gb graphics memory!

I know that the graphics card is working as the FPS in my games has boosted a lot and in the "Display Adapters" section in "Device Manager" it shows i have 2 GTS 450s,

Help please, i have latest drivers for both cards, do i need to install any special things or have i done something wrong here?

A:Dual Graphics cards but only 1 gpu's Graphic memory

i got 2 GTS 450s but i only have 1gb of graphics memory

What are you seeing or program is showing 1GB of memory?

If you want to see specific graphics info this is the best here.> techPowerUp! :: Downloads

You will see this listed towards top of page.
TechPowerUp GPU-Z v0.6.4
Click to download.

Similar to CPU-Z.

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I just got a great buy on an ATI 5570 at NewEgg to replace my GeForct 210. Alas, it doesn't work. The system requirements say that PCI X 2 or 2.1 (OK there) AND dual width x16 graphics slot are required (mine certainly looks like single width. What is this dual width all about?

Or could the card just be DOA? Luckily, I didn't send in the $25 MIR yet to MSI in case I need an RMA.

A:Solved: Dual width x16 graphics cards

Dual width cards usually cover up an adjoining slot because
they have a large cooler that sticks out or connectors on
the extended back plate or both.
It is twice as wide as a standard card.
It doesn't need 2 slots to connect to,it just needs the extra room
to fit.
Sounds like you may have gotten a DOA.

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Hello folks!

I am running a dual display setup at my work. One monitor uses a DVI connection, the other VGA. As we are firewalled, and work has some automatic software that installs, I have a feeling that something causes my dual monitor system to "break". Here's what happens:

Problem: I boot up the computer, and only the primary monitor is working (which is my DVI connection). Signal is SENT to the other monitor (it never goes to sleep for lack of activity), but it stays black. The power indicator light flashes between green and off, and I can move the mouse/windows over to the black hole that is my secondary monitor (though I can't see the cursor or anything else there).

Temporary Solution:
1.) I pull up the HD Intel Graphics App from Control Panel. I go into Display-->Multiple Displays-->Single.

2.) Then, I pull up Device Manager and delete the Intel HD Graphics Adapter (though I leave the driver on the computer when prompted).

3.) I restart the computer. At this point, it reverts to the VGA Adapter in the Device Manger. However, right clicking and selecting "Update Driver" prompts the computer to search for, and install, Intel HD Graphics.

4.) I restart again. Then, I pull up the HD Intel Graphics program, select Multiple Displays, and Extend, and sha-zaam! I'm good to go.

However, this only lasts until I shut down the computer. Then, it reverts back to sending my secondary monitor a signal, but it stays black.

So, won... Read more

A:Dual Monitors using Intel HD Graphics 2500


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Hey guys,

I have got a r6870-2pm2d1gd5 graphics card, on the box it says can run upto 4 monitors. I only want one more extra monitor, I want it to be separate from my other one so i could have separate programs on each screen.

Could anyone suggest a product i need or software which could help me?
Any information you get would be very good i dont mind how little the information.

Here is a link to it on the website. http://uk.msi.com/product/vga/R6870-2PM2D1GD5.html


A:HELP: How do i get dual monitors on a R6870 graphics card

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Hi Guys,

I have an onboard graphics card (i5 platform) and want to know if I can use dual monitors on the onboard? Please explain this to me since I don't understand these new things.

Thank you,

Mary Wells

A:Solved: Dual monitors with onboard graphics?

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hi out there,
i am trying to run dual monitors on windows 7, i have only got pci slots on my asus mother board
can anyone tell me what graphics card is compatable with my system?
frustrated, sutton

A:Solved: dual monitors /graphics card

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I've got a dual monitor pc running off a dual-dvi cable connected to a separate graphics card. I recently got a new monitor and want to put it in between the two existing ones. Am I able to just plug the new monitor into the VGA port of my computer? How would I configure my pc to do this?

Thanks in advance,


A:Dual DVI cable and onboard graphics for 3 monitors

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I have a question in regards to having three monitors.

I know that with my single 6850, if I want three monitors, I have to either do DVI, DVI, and DisplayPort, or DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort.

I am getting a 2nd 6850 mid-week. Will I be able to do DVI-DVI-HDMI with a 2nd card or am I still in the same boat?

I guess it's not that big of a deal if I have to get a DisplayPort-DVI or HDMI adapter, I'm just curious.

A:Three Monitors Dual Graphics Card question

Hello there, Johnathan.

I'm not a Multiple monitors guy. but i'm pretty sure that you can connect them like that:


I guess is possible because the purpose of adding another card to you rig is somehow related to the fact that you want to add more monitors (of course, this is only one of the reasons for multiple cards), hence, you need extra ports for connecting all the monitors. hehe Somebody please correct me if i'm wrong

Cheers, mate.

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Currently set up with a Philips Briliance 190SW and about to buy a new monitor. Figured it wouldn't support the resolution so I had to go with a lower-cost monitor. Will my graphics card support dual monitoring? This is the one Will it work? And by any chance this one can be compatible? Sorry I just don't know where to look through the internet.

A:Will this graphics card support dual monitors?

Sorry please can you link us to an english website.

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I am currently using dual ATI RADEON HD 5800 series graphics cards and though I have the most recently updated driver I'm almost certain I installed it wrong since I am continuing to have the video driver stop responding and other things such as disfigured or skewed images. I know how to uninstall and install drivers but since I have two I'm honestly a bit confused. If you can't tell already I'm new to this stuff. I've thought about this for a long time and this is actually my last resort. I've gone through google for hours looking at guides but can't quite find an answer for what I'm looking for.

-Do I simply uninstall both drivers for the graphics cards? (I'll use dc pro to help clean out those drivers)
and when I do that when I start to install the drivers do I just install it once or do I have to somehow install the driver twice and set it on the graphics cards?

A:Solved: Installing drivers for dual graphics cards

Are you using two cards to support 3 or more monitors, or are the cards in a Crossfire setup?

If the cards are separate, uninstall the drivers using Add and Remove programs, shut down and remove one of the cards, then boot and install the drivers. After the first card is working, then install the second card.

If it's a Crossfire setup, are the cards jumpered properly? And other issues can cause the drivers to crash. Power supply issues, motherboard BIOS and/or setup also come to mind.

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Because my system disc is almost full, and because disc utilities tell me this disc is becoming marginal, I've installed a new disc drive and I'm attempting to rebuild my system.
The problem is that I can't seem to get my two grahics cards to work. I can still boot my old system and they work fine together. When I try to install the same drivers I'm using on my old system I can't get both displays to work at the same time. At best, one is stuck at 640X480 with 4 bit resolution. Windows won't let me adjust the resolution or color depth.
When I select the Settings tab of the display properties I get a dialog: "Invalid Display Settings. The currently selected graphics display driver can not be used. It was written for a previous version of Windows and is no longer compatible with this version of Windows. The system has been started with the default VGA driver."
I've tried taking one of the cards out and installing the driver for the remaining card. This seems to work for each card. But with both installed I get this message dialog from which ever display that happens to be working.
There are no resource conflicts (memory, IRQ, I/O). The resources used are the same as my working system.
I thought perhaps it was because I was trying to install these drivers with the latest Windows service pack already installed. But I've gone back to service pack 1A with the same results.
I've been struggling with this for weeks. When I first added the second graphics card (a few ... Read more

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I have a pc with the following specs:

ACER P5N-D Motherboard
Core 2 Quad Q9650 3.00GHZ
8 GB Ram
1 TB 7200 HDD
Windows 7 Home Premium

Matrox M912 quad VGA video card running 4 monitors.

at work i work on huge excel sheets and i would like to add a second matrox M912 video card and double the monitor count to 8. i already bought and set up the monitors and tried (unsuccessfully) to install a second matrox m912 video card. i attached a picture of the monitor setup i am trying to get to work. i could not figure out how to get the computer to recognize the second video card so i downloaded the user manual for the motherboard and while i am not sure, i think that the second video card wont work because this motherboard will only support dual graphics cards if they are both SLI-ready which i am pretty certain the matrox M912 is not. My question is this:

1) is there a way to get the two video cards i already have to work?
2)if not does anyone have any suggestions about what video cards would work? i dont need to game or anything thic pc is mainly used for excel.
3) i was also thinking that since this is an older PC it might be cheaper (if kind of a pain) to get a different motherboard that would support two matrox m912 video cards and i could just swap over all of the components and sell my current motherboard. does anyone have any suggestions as to a motherboard that would work for this?
thanks in advance for the help

A:Solved: Problem setting up dual graphics cards

SLI is for gaming, you want SLI off if you want to use multiple graphics card independently for multiple monitors.

Does the second graphics card show up in Device Manager?

Have you tried the new card in place of the old card to see if it works or if its faulty?

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I have a gateway desktop (windows Xp media center 2005). It runs very smooth, I only have a few work programs on it. A dual monitor setup would make life soooo much easier.
I can only ever get one monitor to work at a time!
I show the radon x300 as the video card I'm guessing,
There is an option for a second monitor on the drop down, but, the only other place to plugin the monitor is the upper blue port (the onboard graphics, I believe)
Is there a way to enable that port? So I can extend my desktop?
I've tried my Tv, it works on its own, the original monitor, and the second monitor I bought, all work n their own, but not together,
I thought it would be really easy......
Here is a pic of the back
The setting for the second monitor is there, I have fiddled with it so many times, but nothing,
Only the monitor that is plugged into the bottom ( video card I'm guessing)
What am I missing?
Is there a driver that needs to be updated?
I tried to update the x300 driver, I'm not even sure if I'm doing it right, but well see...,
Do I need some sort of adapter? ( if so, is it under $20).
I could do it out if I had a bit of instruction. Any other info u need I will post , so keep an eye on this question .
Sooooo much appreciated

A:Dual monitors and enabling the onboard graphics, possibilities?

Here is a screen shot of when I try to set it up...

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I have an Inspiron 560, currently using the on-board graphics (Intel G45/G43).  I found an old Radeon PCI video card so I though i could install it and use a second monitor (this is just a business computer -- no gaming or anything).
When I installed the PCI card the system seemed to disable the on-board graphics and I can't find a way to have both on at the same time.
This old card may make my system run slower, I'm not sure, but I thought I'd give it a shot.  Any ideas on how I can have both on together?
FYI I'm running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit

A:Dual Monitors on Inspiron 560 with on-board graphics & PCI card?

Hi BulkHedd,Enabling both onboard video card and discrete video card is not available for this system. The on-board Intel video won't support two monitors with separate (different) screens because you have only one VGA output on the PC. Please let me know the exact video card you are using to assist you better.  

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I bought a new monitor today so I could run two screens off my computer so I had more space to photoshop ect. My computer doesn't seem to notice that my new monitor is plugged in and my graphics card doesn't give me the option to use my new monitor.
I do have two monitor outputs on my motherboard/processor
Any ideas?
nvidea geforce 7300 GT

A:Graphics card doesn't accept dual monitors

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I bought a new monitor today so I could run two screens off my computer so I had more space to photoshop ect. My computer doesn't seem to notice that my new monitor is plugged in and my graphics card doesn't give me the option to use my new monitor.
I do have two monitor outputs on my motherboard/processor
Any ideas?
nvidea geforce 7300 GT

A:Graphics card doesn't accept dual monitors

I am not sure if I will be able to provide an answer but someone else here may be able to help if we knew the exact brand and model number of your computer and/or motherboard.

Your subject line mentions a graphics card. If you do have a separate graphics card plugged in, also please give us the exact brand and model number of the card.

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Hi all,

I'm having some issues with extending my desktop onto a secondary monitor correctly. I have an HP Elitebook 8460p with a Radeon HD 6470m graphics driver, and the Catalyst Control Center installed. I've hooked a VGA-VGA cable into a Dell monitor. I can successfully clone my desktop onto the second monitor, but I cannot typically *extend* my desktop to use dual monitors.

I've tried extending it using Function-F4 and selecting extend, going to the desktop->Display, selecting the monitor (it is recognized) and clicking "Extend", and going through the Catalyst Control Center to Arrange Monitors, clicking on the external, and clicking "Extend". In all cases, the screen flickers to black, and when it comes back, my monitors are still in "Clone" mode. In fact, even if I've selected to only use the laptop or only use the external monitor, on clicking "extend", it goes back to "clone". I do see that when I select "extend" in the Catalyst Control Center, it *very briefly* shows me both monitors in its configuration area, but then flickers back to a single monitor (the laptop).

I've reinstalled Catalyst Control Center's latest software/drivers to no avail. I have noticed that if I install the latest version of the driver for the graphics card, it resolves the issue, but never permanently. At some other point in time upon disconnecting the external monitor (when I leave work for example... Read more

A:Radeon Graphics Card / Dual Monitors Issue

Someone may have a better answer. But whenever I've seen issues such as this where software won't retain settings, or something works for a short time but continiously breaks in the same way, it's typically a sign of an OS/registry...and a fresh install of the OS will usually resolve the issue.

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I purchased an AMD Radeon 6850 awhile ago and a 6870 last weekend to use in Crossfire with each other. They both work fine but I can't get CrossFire to enable. I've tried the two different Crossfire bridges that came with each graphics card and neither work. Any ideas?

A:Can't enable CrossFireX because "internal bridge interconnects linking graphics cards

What motherboard do you run? System specs are a must if you want some help.

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Hi all just wondering whether or not I can hook up two Galaxy Gtx560 1gb Cards to my Asrock h61M/u3s3 ?

A:ASROCK h61M/u3s3 is it compatible for dual graphics cards ?

That would be a negative; only one PCIE 16x slot available.

Best case scenario would be you selling the 560 and picking up a 590 if you wanted SLI.

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okay, having trouble dual monitor setting up my cousin's pc. in the device manager, under display, it shows ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics, and, ATI Radeon 4200 Series. now. I tried to setup a second monitor to it through vga, but it didn't detect the second monitor. monitor is fine. the original wasn't detected in the second one either. stays in power saver mode like it is plugged into nothing.

i am too a picture to show you the back of the pc. i know what to do once the monitor is detected, to enable the small greyed out second display in the display settings, but only ONE monitor box is shown.

much help would be appreciated =)

(the old monitor is plugged in to the left, and below, the lone bga port is the one we are trying to use.)

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So I have a dual monitor setup and it was all working fine then when I accidentally opened steam into big picture mode my monitors resolution went all wacky. Now ordinarily the two monitors resolution is 1920x1080 (main monitor via HDMI) and 1440x900 (secondary monitor via DVI), but when I plug both in either my main monitor goes black and the screen only shows on the second monitor or it gives me a resolution of 3300x2100.

I don't know how I caused this issue and hve no clue how to fix it.

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Hi all,
What's the best solution to get a decent dual monitor setup for our new Dell desktop?
We currently have two AOC monitors connected one via HDMI, one via VGA but the user is complaining that the VGA one is a bit blurry.
Do we just have to *** it up or would using a VGA->HDMI converter improve things?
How about adding a cheap video card with a Displayport port?
Or should i just be able to set the monitor up manually to best cope with the VGA input.
All thoughts welcome :)
TVM, Dan

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My Dell Optiplex 990 SFF has an Intel 2000 which I'm learning is no good.  I hate that my screened looks super stretched vertically and no matter how much I play with the resolution I can't fix it.  It's hurting my eyes. 
In addition I wanted to set up dual monitors with extended display.  While it's detected, identified, and showing the desktop on both monitors it's in duplicate and I can't get  the extended display to work. 
I'm no good at computers and have spent HOURS trying to understand all of this.  My guess is that I need to upgrade the graphics card?  I feel like I can do this from a youtube video.  I'm just not sure what I need.  I don't think I need anything fancy. Just something basic that will let me do the dual monitors with extended display and address the stretchy screen problem.  Recommendations?  

A:Dell Optiplex 990 SFF Graphics Card & Dual Monitors with Extended Display

Maximum power consumption for SFF is 25 Watts the best card the machine could operate with is:
VisionTek Radeon HD 6350 SFF Low Profile Graphics Card - 1 GB DDR3
From what I understand that card is not very powerful but might be enough to operate multiple monitors in low resolution

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Hi guys, new and in need of help please.

Probably a basic problem to most but struggling here.

It has Windows 7 & a GeForce GT240 1024MB graphics card

I cannot get my 2nd monitor to work with a new PC I had last week. The DVI port seems to be the problem.

Both monitors work independantly through the VGA port fine, no problems, but neither work through the DVI port when I use a simple DVI to VGA adapter, I have tried 2 of these just to make sure it wasn't a dodgy adapter.

I have followed the various windows 7 'set-up dual monitors' tutorials but with no luck.

Nothing happens at all when I plug the 2nd monitor in.

Any thoughts?

Could I need to download a driver or anything?

Thanks for any help.

A:Problem setting up dual monitors with 7/GeForce GTS240 Graphics Card

Does that video card support DUAL VGA monitors? What I'm getting at is, is that DVI connector on the video card a DVI-I or DVI-D? If it's only a DVI-D (Digital only) the DVI to VGA adapter won't work. If it came with the DVI to VGA adapter one would assume it is DVI-I (integrated, digital and analog).

EDIT: I just tried a DVI to VGA adapter on my 220GT and it worked OK. This card has 1 VGA and 1 DVI conector. I'm running 2 VGA monitors as I type this. To be honest I was not expecting this to work.

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