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Laptop video docking machine makes laptop go on overdrive :(

Q: Laptop video docking machine makes laptop go on overdrive :(

I bought a laptop docking station with video output (USB3) - it's a powered unit.

When I use the laptop, the fan is going mad - always at full speed.
Laptop is SLUGGISH

I unplug. Within 2-3 minutes, fan stops.
And laptop is much more responsive.

Is this a typical symptom?

The super odd thing, if I plug it in an hour or so later... then all seems to be OK.

Tabs: lots of them - I'm a tab hungry freak!
Actually, not that bad. At most 10 - 15 tabs open.

The laptop has 8GB RAM 2.5 Ghz. And normally fine with even double the number of tabs (in Crome mostly, but Firefox as well)

As a desperation... I thought it might be Chrome and I disabled all plugins. Worked a treat yesterday - but same problems today.


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Preferred Solution: Laptop video docking machine makes laptop go on overdrive :(

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


is candy crush supposed to make my laptop fan go into overdrive as soon as i start playing it gose into overdrive and when i stop it winds down to normal, i don't think this game is all that intense to cause it but it does are there any cluese to this

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I have T460p Laptop (ThinkPad)Machine Type: 20FWA02NCX is 65 ,90 or 170 w docking need for him ?Which model is for this Laptop and to a 100 percent certain?PLEASE HELP 

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This has occurred ever since I reformatted the laptop. I've narrowed it down to my Vid controller/VGA compatible and currently it is uninstalled.

My graphics run like they should (ie: i can play games and have multiple screens etc) when the driver is installed and it's the right one for my hardware. I own an Acer Extensa 5620 on Windows XP Pro SP3. I've installed the drivers from the acer support for the right version etc etc. I deleted the hidden recovery partition and don't possess the recovery disks.

There are no other problem devices and I installed the Driver after chipset

Thanks in advance for any replies.

A:Video controller driver makes laptop bluescreen

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Does a docking station charge a laptop without the docking system itself being plugged in?

A:Does a docking station charge a laptop without the docking s...

Hi, What is your laptop ? Does it have docking port and use a PROPER docking station ?  If YES for both then yes, docking station will changer the battery on laptop, Normal USB port replicators (vendors also call them as docking startions) won't charge battery on laptop. Regards.

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I have a friend who is looking into buying a laptop. He wants me to help him pick it out. I was wondering if you all could help point me in the right direction.

A:Who makes the best laptop?

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I have an home office and received a docking station for my laptop which I need help setting up since I have never done so before. I also need to network this computer to my home printer which is in another room in the house.

Thank you,

A:Laptop Docking Station

Hello Susan and welcome to TSG.

What laptop is it ? Please post the full details of the make and model, they will be on a label underneath.

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am trying to find out if i have an issue with my laptop
Manufacturer: compaq
Model: presario 1075
OEM Number: 261831-001

or my port replicator (docking station)
2904 port duplicator
docking station
when my laptop is pluged into the docking station display is not working all of the time.(not hooked up to an external monitor)
every thing else is working

how do i check the laptop port, or can a selftest be run on the docking station?

A:laptop docking station

There is only one way (assuming you don't make the things) to test this.

Hook up the laptop to another one (or hook up someone elses laptop to yours) - there is no other way to test something like this.

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Hi there.
I have a Latitude E5440 and a PRO3X docking station. both take a hefty amount of desktop space but rise only few centimeters above the desk. I was thinking of setting both in an upright position and clear up desk. just to clarify, I do not intend to use the laptop's built in monitor/keyboard etc. but use it as a "desktop PC" with a set of peripherals (monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers...). 
I have not found any documentation to such a setup, and any help would be appreciated.
My questions are:
1. Is there a good way to mount the docking station to a wall/cabinet? I could not locate mounting slots for screws.
2. Is there a good way to secure the laptop once it's docked vertically?
My initial thought is the fasten the docking station so it'll sit below the laptop, supporting it in the vertical with it's locking mechanism. 
Thanks in advance to whoever responds.

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I use a Dell laptop and docking station at work, and I take my laptop home every night.  Yesterday when I came in I docked my laptop, and got to the login screen.  On my first log in attempt the computer locked me out for 15 minutes.  Once
I waited the 15 minutes I was able to log in with no issues.  I tried to duplicate the issue for the IT team, but no matter what I did the issue would not happen again.  I shut the laptop down, undocked/redocked, power it up.  I was able
to log on with no issues.

This morning I came in (took my laptop home last night), and re-docked my laptop.  The issue was back again.  I don't know what is causing the issue from home and work.  I use a VPN network to connect to work stuff when I am at home. 
I checked my cellphone that I use sometimes to check work e-mail.  The password on that is the same password I use to log onto laptop.  I know that can cause a conflict if those don't match, but that isn't the issue.
I am at a loss as to why this keeps doing this.

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I am setting up a home office and need advice on getting the right hardware to dock my laptop so I can remove easily for travel. I am planning to use an adjustable monitor/laptop stand and need something that will allow to connect and disconnect easily. I've got an HP Envy 17M with HDMI, USB and USB-C ports. It looks like I can buy hardware that works off any of the three. I do some video production and want to avoid any lag in graphics processing.

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When I put my laptop on its docking station, a Autoplay window pops up and searches through my entire external hard drive. Is there a setting that I'm missing? I can't seem to get it to stop doing that. Sometimes a window will popup asking me how to play the Hard drive. I've tried None and Automatic. I thought None would have stopped it from searching through the hard drive. Any ideas? Thanks

A:Laptop searches through ext HD when docking

Windows XP is designed to "autoplay" any USB device that you attach. When you're docking your notebook, it is recognizing that the usb device is attached and letting you know, as a convenience. Obviously to some (i.e. you), that intended convenience is an inconvenience- welcome to Windows!

Do you have an option on the autoplay window that says "Always choose this option" or something like that? Click that checkbox and select the "Do nothing" option in the list. That should be the easiest cure.

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Hi folks, I am looking for a cheap laptop with a docking station for my parents. They are nearly 80 years old. They also want/need a keyboard, a bigger screen and a mouse (they cannot work for a longer time just with the laptop screen).So I think the best would be, that they can put the laptop into the docking station and work.They also could take it out and use it somewhere else.It just should be very easy to handle and it should be an about 15'' monitor. They don't need a power machine (they only do internet, writing letters and watching photos etc., so nothing special). My question is which HP laptop does have a docking port and which station fits with it.I saw the "HP 250 G5"  which is an approximate specification that would fit. Could you list one or two with the docking station that matches to it? Thank you in advance for your hjelp. 

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Hey everybody

I am wanting to get a good Laptop Docking Station that I can have at the house to easily plug my laptop in when I get home, so I can use it on my Vizio TV

I've been checking around, but can't find one with a good rating from CNET, and just wondering if anyone had any ideas.

My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 9300. Thanks

A:Looking a Laptop Docking Station


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my laptop makes a noise like a horn and sometimes the noise changes when I run a program called GoogleChrome Portable

A:Laptop makes noises

You might try looking at Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Personalization > Sound>Sounds > Scroll down and select various choices,> Click Apply

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Hey guys,

So I have an ASUS A7M right now and the problem with it is that it wouldn't turn on anymore...I switched the power brick with an universal one and now it will turn on for 3 seconds...no post or anything and then turn off...so I opened it up and started taking it apart piece by piece....same thing till I took out the CPU and turned it on...now it stays on for as long as I want it. WHat could be the problem?

Oh and also what struck me as weird is that when I plug the power jack in...it starts automatically I don't have to press the power button...

What could be the issue??

thnanks much appreciated


A:Laptop CPU makes it shut off

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I need a laptop that will run 6 monitors from a docking station. According to AMD and NVDA the cards in the latest laptops WX150 and M2200 are capable of doing this. In the past, AMD has been the best for multi display solutions (at least on the consumer side of things). Are either of these capable through the dell docking stations? If so, what would be better and what dock would I need?

I have multiple setups this will be docked to, including
6x 1440p
6x 1080p
6x 1600x900
2x 4k

A:6 monitors, one laptop, one docking station

dangerousbeans,You will need to contact Dell Sales at the link below for information on products that meet your needs.Dell Sales Phone Numbers

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I have a HP Compaq 6510b laptop attached to a HP docking station with Dual-link DVI (product # EN488AA, S/N CNU830Y0NH). The laptop power adapter quit ages ago, the docking station adapter (HP part # 384023-001) will fit both laptop and docking station.

I was trying to identify the old adapter and briefly plugged it into the laptop while the laptop was attached to the docking station. There was no power to the old adapter. The laptop switched to battery power and will not charge on the docking station. I can plug the adapter into the laptop and it will charge and run off the adapter. The problem is my network connections do not work through the docking station if it is not plugged in. Do I need a new docking station or is there an easier fix?

A:Docking station won't charge laptop


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Hey all-

I have a Dell Latitude D800 that I use with a docking station. Everything has been working but occasionally when I put the laptop into the docking station and power up, the external monitor will not come on unless I open the lid of my laptop. When I close the lid of my laptop, the system goes to standby and the external monitor goes out. I went into the power options and changed the option for when the laptop is closed to "Do Nothing". I would like to be be able to keep it on Standby like it had been working originally. Any ideas why this may be occurring?

A:Problem with Laptop and Docking Station

standby mode is known to cause system issues (instability, currupt files, screwed up settings). I wouldn't use standby anymore if I were you.

To get your old settings back in order, run system restore and choose a restore point prior to when the issue started happening. (then you should disable standby mode so that that doesn't happen again)

also... check your display settings, there may be an option for primary monitor default when docked.

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Getting a random blue screen on an HP Elitebook 8470p. I believe it is caused by the docking station.

Thanks for any help


A:BSOD On Laptop With Docking Station.

BugCheck 3B, {c0000005, fffff80002ed5b05, fffff88009618c60, 0}

Probably caused by : ntkrnlmp.exe ( nt!ExpInterlockedPopEntrySListFault16+0 )

Usual causes: System service, Device driver, graphics driver, memory
An error occured when translating from privileged code to non-privileged code.

0: kd> !error c0000005
Error code: (NTSTATUS) 0xc0000005 (3221225477) - The instruction at 0x%08lx referenced memory at 0x%08lx. The memory could not be %s.
This is commonly related to memory access violation errors; drivers have been referencing invalid or corrupted memory addresses.


0: kd> lmvm mfehidk
start end module name
fffff880`01000000 fffff880`0109fe00 mfehidk T (no symbols)
Loaded symbol image file: mfehidk.sys
Image path: \SystemRoot\system32\drivers\mfehidk.sys
Image name: mfehidk.sys
Timestamp: Thu May 31 16:15:54 2012 (4FC78B2A)
CheckSum: 000B1952
ImageSize: 0009FE00
Translations: 0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4
McAfee seems to be causing some problems, please remove this program with the official McAfee Removal Tool, and then install these free and proven alternative which work with Windows 7.

Install and perform full scans with:Malwarebytes : Free anti-malware download
Microsoft Security Essentials | Protect against viruses, spyware, and other malware

Remember to install the... Read more

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My HP Quickdock station is not charging my laptop and I've had to connect the AC adapter to the laptop since the battery went down to 40% yesterday. Is there a fix short of replacing it? I run a small business and can't afford to have these issues!

A:Docking station won't charge laptop

If I were you, I would take it back. If it's plugged in properly and not charging, I'd say it's a hardware fault with the actual HP quickbook station.

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I have an IBM ThinkPad T22 laptop and I recently was given an IBM Thinkpad Docking station with port replicator and ultrabay 2000 slot (2631 20U). It also has a half-size (half height) PCI slot in it.

My graphics card in the T22 is about crap and I really don't need to get a new laptop for what I'm doing right now. But I would like to be able to have better graphics if the opportunity arose.

My question is, if I was to put a new upgraded graphics card into the PCI card slot of the Docking station, would my laptop recognize the new graphics card and run off of it, or is this impossible with laptops?

I know this is a detailed post but I figured someone out there may have an answer.


A:IBM Laptop Docking Station PCI Slot

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot

In a word (YES)

PCI Slot

Note this is a Half Height, or 'low profile' slot. Separate brackets are required for low profile PCI cards. Normal cards will not fit.

Many use the half-size PCI slot for peripherals like secondary video cards, TV tuners, audio cards, etc. This is considered by many to be the highlight of the Dock II, and is a feature that few other docks have. The Dock II does not support AGP or PCI Express. The Ultrabay 2000 slot can be used to connect other IBM peripherals, such as second hard disks or CD/DVD drives. Potential owners of the Dock II are often concerned about compatibility and recommendations of video cards. See the compatible video cardsClick to expand...


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ok all, I plan on getting married in 6 months and I would like to know what is the best way to set up a high speed network with my fiancee's computer at her desk (Dell Laptop) and mine (Dell 8700 Tower). Our desks will be relativly close (across a hallway - about 10 feet). I DON'T WANT TO USE WIRELESS FOR HER DOCKING STATION IF I CAN (in that, the wireless I share right now stinks...so, I'm down on wireless).

I'm thinking that getting her a laptop a docking station. But, can she share my "cable" modem with her laptop on her docking station???

Also, as far as docking stations, do some do more than others???

Sorry if these questions are elementry, I'm a software guro (not a hardware).

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Networking With Laptop Docking Station...

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Hi everyone,
I just purchase one laptop for a user that has two offices in different locations.
The two locations are on the same domain but have a different ip scheme, example; location A 192.168.40.xx and location B 192.168.50.xx, our network admin has set the network to be static, my problem really is, how can i set up one docking station to use one ip scheme and the other docking station to us another ip scheme, both docking stations are identical. I've set up a test environment with both docks next to each other and both on the network, every time I dock it uses the first ip I had assigned to the first docking station, even worse, when I un-dock and use the nic on the laptop it will still use the same ip, can I create different local area connections for each nic????
dell e6420
docking station:
e-port plus port replicator

any input will be greatly appreciated

A:two different ip schemes, two docking stations, ONE laptop


Assign multiple static addresses on the docking station/NIC for both networks.

You will also need to add multiple default gateways.

A better way of doing this would be to enable DHCP on the networks. - This is upto your system admin though.


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I have a Lenovo G50-45 laptop and want to purchase a docking station replicator for it.  Does anyone know which docking station works with this particular model because I can't find anything on the Lenovo web site.  Is anyone using the USB 3.0 Basic Dock with this model? Thanks, Naumni

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Hello. I have a Thinkpad T470 and it worked fine for a few weeks. Just today I received my docking station for it and plugged it in for use with my external monitor. Everything was going great until I noticed that the battery, while it said "charging", was still losing percentage in battery. I undocked it, which rebooted the laptop, which I thought was weird. At this point I noticed that every time I docked or undocked the laptop, it caused the laptop to reboot. I had a T420 with a docking station and that never happened before. When I plugged the laptop in directly, I noticed it no longer charges. If I plug the cord directly into the laptop, it's like nothing is plugged in. If I put the laptop back in the dock, it will say it's charging, but it's not. The battery lost all its charge, and now my laptop no longer boots. I went through tech support and they had me reset my battery and all that and nothing worked. I even tried a new power cord. My question is: 1) why did my dock cause my laptop to reboot every time I docked/undocked it?2) Could the dock really cause my laptop to completely stop charging? It's a 40A1 docking station. I am using a genuine 20V adapter with it. The FRU is FRU 04W3948. I am getting a replacement T470 but I am worried I am going to ruin that one too and would really appreciate some advice. Thank you!

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Hi folks! Is there a Docking Station that can be used with the HP Pavilion DV4-2173nr? I need more USB ports and, if possible a parallel port to use it with a CNC table. I could not find a suitable one and started wondering why there is an "Expansion port 3" in that laptop, if there is not a corresponding Docking Station.   Another question: is there any docking station and a connecting cable that can be used to provide the same functionality? Thanks in advance for any information you could provide. Regards, Mike

A:Docking station for DV4-2173nr laptop

Hi, The following one could be te one you need:          http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c01621867.pdf Regards.

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I have an HP Compaq nc8430 laptop running Windows 7 attached to an HP docking station HSTNN-1X01-444706-1.
The battery in the laptop will not charge when it is in the docking station, but will charge when I pull it out of the docking station and plug the AC adaptor directly into the laptop itself. All other functions in the docking station work normally except for the battery charging function.
I have also tried it in a 2nd docking station with the same results, so believe the problem is in the laptop and not the docking station.

A:HP Docking Station won't charge laptop

It may be the power adapter.
I do know that Dells do this sort of thing where they won't both run and charge in a docking station if the power brick is not a 90Watt one. Use a 70watt one and it complains.

Check that the adapter is powerful enough.

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The PC in question is a Dell Latitude D620. When off the docking station, the screen display is normal, however when it's hot docked, or cold booted from the dock, the screen displays only 1/4 of the screen, however it shows the entire image. It's hard to put into words for me, it's displaying the entire desktop, same resolution, however the image its self is maybe 4 inches. I did fix this problem on my laptop by updating drivers, however I would have to explain this process over the phone as I am a support guy, and if it doesn't work, then I'm back to the beginning. Has anyone else experienced this, or am I the only one with the off the wall calls..

A:Odd Laptop docking station problem

nevermind, it's fixed. the person who is using the laptop forgot to mention they adjusted the resolution, and it's a widescreen monitor, so it had the black bars.. amazing how people forget the details...

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I'm looking for a laptop that will snap into a docking station. I haven't been very successful so far. What I find primarily are docking stations that plug into a laptop's USB port. The two problems that I have with these are that they generally don't seem to do video well, and they generally don't let you close the laptop, which leaves a clumsy setup for staff as they use it. I have a few Targus docking stations, but they're really not being used much. I'd like to simply replace desktops with the docking stations, and it seems that finding a laptop with a snap-in bottom would be ideal.

Any good recommendations for this?


A:Laptop docking station recommendations?

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  Today laptop shut off while playing a game. Never has my laptop cut off from overheating. I looked at task manager and service host hogged resources and the disk stayed on 100%. I ran maleware bytes turned off some programs but to no avail. I
went from a nice laptop to a piece off junk HELP PLEASE!!!

Earl B

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So i recently just obtained a Vaio Sony Windows 7 laptop. I turned it on and everything was working fine. I used the internet for about a minute then my internet disconnected and was unusable. I opened my desktop computer to see whats wrong but the connection there also stopped. I troubleshooted and it says i cannot communicate with Primary DNS server. It says i am connected but i have no internet access. I am currenty using my iPhone to type this. Please help!

A:New Laptop makes internet unusable. HELP!

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I'm simply frustrated. My laptop just goes off unexpectedly(completely shuts down at 30-31%).  No warning, no nothing. It's been almost a year since I bought it; precisely 10 months.  Whenever the shut down occurs I hear this noise I like to call white noise. High pitched and squeaky kind of sound just as it goes off. Like the sound that would occur when you put off those old televesion systems. This has never happened before and I have absolutely no idea why it's happenning. My laptop hasn't been subjected to anything unusual like excess heat or whatever.  I'm being robbed of another 23% of my battery; my laptop usually goes off at like 7 percent. Furthermore, it doesn't actually go off it just goes into a state where I can resume from where it went off. But now, it completely shuts down with this white noise at 30%. Any help??

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I recently bought a used laptop, a IBM ThinkPad T40, and I was running windows update,when it got to Service Pack 2, it downloaded it, then when it begins the installation, my laptop just shuts down.. I tried a few times... I bought Office 2007 for college and it says I need SP2 to install it... any idea what the problem would be and how to fix it?

A:Installing SP2 on my Laptop makes it shutdown

You might try downloading SP2 from: https://www.microsoft.com/downloads...be-3b8e-4f30-8245-9e368d3cdb5a&displaylang=en (unless you have dialup) and copy it to a CD. Then try installing SP2 from the CD.

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No obvious dust in system. Removed one of the fans and looked for cracked blades, etc., everything looks ok. But makes a racket when rotating around. Anything I can do, you know, like spray WD40 on the fan shaft???


A:fan(s) in hp pavilion laptop makes noise

no one has a clue?

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I just got a new laptop with integrated graphics and a Nvidia 940mx and when I open and download games and stuff, they work fine, but occasionally, for no reason that I can discern, my laptop changes something and games like tf2 and emulators like dolphin and ppsspp freeze and stop working, other games in my library still work, but only a select handful of games and apps will stop working

I have gotten this temporarily fixed by resetting windows 10 but then like a week later it'll come back and I have to reset windows again

does anybody know whats going on and if there's any better way to fix this

edit: I also found that my Nvidia control panel is missing, is this related or a separate issue

Laptop specs
i7-7500u (laptop dual core)
620 intel integrated
Nvidia 940mx
Windows 10 home

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Wondering if someone can help me? I have a brand new Sony Vaio with Vista. This computer makes a clicking noise that is the same sound as when I click on something to open it, but it makes this noise on its own (while I type this message it is doing it, when my screen saver is on and nothing is running it does it). I can't see any programs running in the back ground..... anyone know what might be the cause?


A:Laptop Makes A Clicking Sound

I've got voice recognition software on my tablet that does this constantly - I shut it off and the problem goes away!

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Hi,I have had my HP laptop (the model is Notebook- 15-r237nl) for about a year and a half now. Usually, it was making a very strong buzzing noise in the beginning, when I was switching it on, which I found out is normal. Then, it started making softer buzzing noises; however, if I turned the laptop off and on again, they were going away.Now, it is a couple of days that it keeps buzzing quite loud, and it doesn't go away when I try to switch it off and on again. Can anybody help me? Also, it should be some kind of assurance or assistance included for the first two years, right? Thank you very much!!! 

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my laptop makes a lot of noice that makes me uncomfortable especially when am with others in the office. a friend was saying maybe I exposed it to dust thats why but I did not. please guide me on what to do

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Hello, and thank you in advance,

Recently my laptop (Dell Precision M20 w/ Windows XP & Service Pack 2) has been sporadically freezing. I'm fairly computer illiterate but I have tracked it a little bit. If it's not online it will function for hours, but sometimes (!) when it tries to grab an internet connection it will freeze and I have to reboot. I called Microsoft, they said to call Dell. I tried Dell's website and the only time I saw something that looked like it was the holy grail I was looking for and clicked on it, I got a page that said "Did that help?"...with nothing else on the page. Please help me.

I'm not sure what info you need from me. I'm sorry.


A:Windows makes my laptop freeze

Hi Betsy, welcome to TSF..

to be honest, it sounds like you have a spyware/malware infection. Have you run any anti-virus or anti-spyware scans recently?

The 5 step process may be worth a read too:

It details the steps to take before posting a HijackThis log file. Even if your scans come back clean, there's still a chance you have an infection and if there are any bugs on your machine, then one of our analysts will be able to talk you through removing them.

In the meantime, have you installed any new software/hardware just prior to the problems starting?

Also, could you please post your machines specs (cpu, ram)?

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I've just started having problems with playing Sims 3 on my laptop - it loads and everything and then after about 5-10 minutes the whole laptop just randomly turns off ... Help?

A:Sims 3 makes laptop shut down??

Make sure all your drivers are up to date, but something is probably over heating. Do you use a cooling pad while gaming?

HWmonitor will tell you your temps:

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Ive had my laptop for about a year and a half now and jus today when i played a dvd, it makes this loud noise when i watch them but goes away when i stop... whats wrong with it???

A:laptop makes noises when playing dvd

What kind of "loud noise"? If it's the sound of the disk spinning, you may have live with it. Does it do it with all DVD's? Maybe you have one that's out of balance.

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I have a Dell vostro 1440 laptop  , whenever I press power button on it's screen remain blank and it start making 3 beep sounds. Please help

A:My laptop makes 3 beep sounds

Unplug the system, remove the battery (or disconnect it if it's internal) and hold the power button for 30 sec.  Remove and reinstall the memory modules and hard drive.
Try powering up -- if you get the same three beeps, it's a bad mainboard.

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I am getting a Dell Inspiron for a new job. I am now debating whether or not to get a new personal desktop for use at home or to somehow make the new Dell the "centerpiece" of a home configuration consisting of stand-alone hard-drive, DVD burner, printer, and monitor connected to either a docking station or just plugged to a powered hub that connects to the laptop. What would be some of the technical pluses or minuses of that setup? Thus would be under XP, and I think I could create two users, Jekyll and Hyde, one for at-home and one for at-work so the system would recognize or not recognize the peripheral configuration. Am I correct in this? Thanks for your thoughts.

A:Pros and cons of using laptop + docking station

Well, there's almost no technical pluses as except for not having save your print jobs to disk, or disconnecting and reconnecting your printer if you have the desktop and the laptop + docking station. It really depends on what you're going to be doing with it. I have a Dell Inspiron 8500 and it can play all of today's current games, but it can't play them as well as my gaming rig. The only Dell notebook that could truly even compare with a well equipped desktop is a maxxed out Inspiron 9100 (that's what they're calling the XPS isn't it), and even then, you can't overclock, install as much new hardware, and all that other fun stuff. If you're not going to be doing much gaming or graphics intensive apps, I'd say that a laptop plus docking station should do just fine. After all, I went for months with mine before building my gaming rig, and only then because it was in the shop!


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Hi. I am not a computer tech, so pardon my lack of pc language. I have a Dell Studio, running Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit OS). I have a docking station that I plug into with a monitor, keyboard, etc. For the past few months, I have not used the docking station, but this past weekend, I plugged my laptop into the docking station. I got a request for some sort of update (sorry I don't remember what for, but think it had something to do with video/monitor maybe). I went through the motions, and I think the update failed to install. I rebooted the system, and it runs fine. The only problem I encounter is when I play Runescape online, my laptop provides no warnings, and it just shuts itself off after about 15 minutes of play time. I have tried using different internet browsers (Firefox and Google Chrome) and that does not seem to help. I unplugged the laptop, and played RS and I had no problems, so I feel that the issue is with the docking station or monitor. I have no idea how to proceed in attempting to fix this issue. Please help.

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I have a Toshiba laptop and I just purchased a Toshiba Dynadock U3.0. Every time I connect the docking station to my laptop all my USB ports stop working and I have to disconnect the docking station and reinstall the drivers. Any suggestions on how to fix?

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