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T430s not recognizing USB 3.0 (SS) - Windows 7

Q: T430s not recognizing USB 3.0 (SS) - Windows 7

Lenovo T430SOS: Windows 7 Pro The yellow USB works perfectly The two blue USB's, both with "SS" do not work.*When plugging in a mouse nothing happens. The mouse does not have power and the OS does not recognize. *When plugging in a thumb-drive the red light on the thumb drive illumintes then goes out. Nothing shows as recognized with the OS. Device manager has all hardware with drivers. In Device Manager, under Under USB Controlers, one is listed as, "Unknown Device." When I try to update the drive it says its "Intel USB 3.0 Root Hub"IUSB3\ROOT_HUB30&VID_8086&PID_1E31&REV_0004&SID_21FB17AAIUSB3\ROOT_HUB30&VID_8086&PID_1E31&REV_0004IUSB3\ROOT_HUB30&VID_8086&PID_1E31I downloaded USB drivers for Lenovo T430s from lenovo.com*Intel(R) USB 3.0 eXtensible Host ControllerI also tried uninstalling all USB drivers and rebooted and also nothing has changed. BIOS has USB settings all turned on (some were auto originally).

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Preferred Solution: T430s not recognizing USB 3.0 (SS) - Windows 7

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I hope this isn't a dupe thread.  I tried searching and couldn't find the info. I just purchased a used T430s that came with Windows 8, but at some point along the way someone installed Windows 10.  The first thing I want to do is make sure that this is a legit/verified Windows 10, and secondly how do I download drivers from Lenovo for Windows 10.   When I go to the product page, it doesn't give me the option for Windows 10.  It shows Vista through 8, but not 10. Any help is greatly appreciated. GBA


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I Have a T430s bought directly from Lenovo, used recovered discs to restore, found Win Activation key from BIOS, upon trying to activate Win 8, it says the key is invalid. I've read the other (many!) threads on this issue. How can I activate my restored computer's version of Win 8??

A:T430s: How to get my windows 8 license key

I think it has been about six years since Lenovo sold the T430s, which I think came with options to have either Windows 7 or Windows 8 pre-loaded onto it.  Are you certain the recovery discs are the correct ones for this ThinkPad's OEM Windows Product ID license key?
You can try downloading Microsoft Windows 7 and 8.1 directly from Microsoft's support web site and seeing if either of those will work with the PID key:
Windows 7: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows7
Windows 8.1: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows8ISO
If neither of those work, I would suggest calling Lenovo Support directly at +1 (800) 426-7378 (toll-free within the United States) and they may be able to determine which version of Windows is licensed for the computer by looking up its model and serial numbers.
Aryeh Goretsky

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Windows 10 build 1803 will not take ownership of the TPM no matter what I try.  If I try to clear it using the tpm.msc console, the device reboots but I am not presented with the screen asking if I want to clear the TPM.  Instead it reboots back into Windows.  If I do it manually, Windows still reports that the TPM is running with reduced functionality. Windows 7 is able to take ownership of it just fine, however.  Nothing with the device has changed - no new hardware and troubleshoot tests return perfect results.  The TPM is recognized via PowerShell, too.  I have tried to initialize it through Windows, I have turned it off, disabled it, manually cleared it, reset the BIOS settings back to default, etc. to no avail. Secure Boot is enabled and running, but I'd like to use the TPM in conjuntion with my encrypted SSD that I've used for about a year now without any issues until this past few weeks.

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I am terrified of screwing this up given that the software on the laptop runs my wife's business.  You can imagine the ramifications mess it up.
I have googled/searched on this site multiple threads and they each have a different twist.
Some say put the new SSD in the laptop while others say that I should connect it using the USB cable.
Also, there was some confusing info about AHCI, Aligning sectors, Indexing, TRIM, etc...
Data Requirements:  Used space on current HDD = 300GB.  New SSD is 500GB.  
I do not wish to use the old HDD after cloning.
Hardware purchased for cloning project:
Samsung Evo 850 500GB Internal SSD
Startech USB 3.0 to 2.5" SATA III Hard Drive Adapter Cable w/ UASP-SATA to USB 3.0 Converter for SSD/HDD
Would somebody please be kind enough to walk me through this and post current instructions?
I have read about Acronis True Image, Samsung Magician, Macrium Reflect, etc... and there doesn't appear to be a consensus.
I feel like I have just enough information to be dangerous and really screw this up.
Anybody want to help me through a topic that has been covered repeatedly but is still terrifying to me?
P.S.  I am willing to pay $25 via paypal if you are experienced in doing this and will walk me through the process....
Moderator note: serial number removed for member's protection.

A:Clone T430S HDD to Samsung Evo 850 SSD on Windows ...

First, welcome to the forum.
> I am terrified of screwing this up given that the software on the laptop runs my wife's business.  You can imagine the ramifications mess it up.
1. You're going to copy the contents of your current HDD to your new SSD. If for any reason there's a problem you can always go back to the HDD. Its contents won't have changed.
2. In any case, if this system is critical to your wife's business then presumbly you already back up the HDD. Back it up again just before you begin the clone process just in case.
> I have googled/searched on this site multiple threads and they each have a different twist.
Some say put the new SSD in the laptop while others say that I should connect it using the USB cable.
Also, there was some confusing info about AHCI, Aligning sectors, Indexing, TRIM, etc...
1. Put the HDD in the external USB enclosure and put the SSD in the T430s main drive bay. Temporarily boot from the HDD in the USB enclosure. Clone from HDD to SSD. Reboot normally (i.e. from the SSD).
2. If you're on Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 then there's no need to mess with those confusing parameters. Let the OS sort this stuff out.
> I have read about Acronis True Image, Samsung Magician, Macrium Reflect, etc... and there doesn't appear to be a consensus.
I would use Samsung's own Data Migration Software. ("The Samsung Data Migration software is designed to help users quickly, easily... Read more

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I have  bought Lenovo T430s laptop recently. The main problem is that it came win Ubuntu OS. I formated all the partition data and tried to install Windows 7. There was a "A required CD/DVD drive driver is missing" issue, where a windows prompts asking me to point the directory where to load that driver. It's on that step, where I should select where to install the drive, so I tought it was the HDD drivers. I tried with UEFI/Legacy tricks such as forcing my BIOS to use UEFI only or LEGACY only. I also tried to change the HDD options from AHCI to Compatability and many variations. Well at first time, i tried with putting the chipset drivers to usb disk and point the driver then uncheck the "Hide drivers that are not compatible with my computer" and tried to force it use my drivers. Tried with different drivers and every time I got stuck to the same problem. Then I tried with Windows 8 and Windows 10, It just installed without problem. Later I had issue with my Cooling Fan. It stoped working, So i returned my laptop to the shop, where I bought the laptop. They said that they sent it to a service and the service changed the HDD and the motherboard. The HDD was Seagate 320GB, now it is HITACHI 320GB. The motherboard is changed, because previous motherboard had Compatibility options, that was suited for windows 8, now it's gone (may be old BIOS chip/software or newer, I dont' know, my BIOS version is 2.7). So after I got my laptop back (repaired) I got it with new H... Read more

A:T430s Windows 7 Installation Issue

You need to add the USB 3.0 drivers to the WIndows 7 installation media.  There are several threads on this topic here on the forums.  It can be done manually (a real pain...) or with one of several OEM tools.
Here's the Intel one:  https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/25476/Windows-7-USB-3-0-Creator-Utility
You may also need to make the flash drive UEFI-bootable if that's you preferred installation mode.  That involves some file manipulation, but not a complete rebuild of the media.

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hello all :-) does anybody know how to solve issues with lenovo settings an windows10?i have successfully reinstalled a t430s with windows 10 64bit.after installation i run windows update and update for all windows appsafter that i run lenovo system update i found out that lenovo settings with fn+f6 does not work - it asks for lenovo setting to install via app store.installing apps via appstore is not possible because we want to give our old devices to our employees.for windows shop you need to login with microsoft id - we dont want to to that. so i decided to install lenovo settings via powershell appx (there is a lenovo document for that).the installation for settings app via powershell it worked fine - BUT the fn+f6 key does not work - it still asks for lenovo settings.if i open this app from startmenu it works! how can i solve this issue? lenove settings depency and hotkey feature is up to date. thanks for help!  

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Windows 10  /  hARD dRIVE - Toshiba MQ01acf032
2100: Detection Error  on HDD0 (Main HDD)....it is like the Hard Drive is Locked
The only way i can boot up is to go to the Diagnostics and run Storage Tests / After i run the Random Sync Test and Escape out, the Laptop will boot up normally.
Moderator note: image containing serial number removed for member's protection.  MT-M from image:  2356GPU

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Hi everyone,I've a T430s for more than a year now (second hand). Everything was fine until my suddently HDD died last week because of bad sector, after putting the laptop on hibernation for the night.I've bought a SSHD to replace my HDD and asked a friend who is quite good at computing to reinstall windows 7 on it. Everything works exept the wifi, the laptop is not able to catch wifi signal ... (but internet works with an ethernet cable).Installing Lenovo drivers from the support website did not fixed the issue.Any idea about how to fix it or about the source of the problem? Thanks !!

A:T430s Wifi issue after reinstalling Windows

Welcome to the forum!
The site has three different drivers, is your friend sure she/he installed the correct one? I guess you're using a 64bits Win7, right?
Eventually ask her/him to check the device-id of the wifi card from the Device Manager.
Kind Regards

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Just did a clean install of Windows 10 on my T430s (Core i5 with 8 GB RAM and 128GB SSD).When I attempt to boot the laptop it hangs on the Windows logo with the small circles rotating and freezes. This happens randomly and it will boot properly 3 out of 10 times. The other times I have to power it off and on until I get the repair console and then tell it to boot normally. Sometimes this will boot but others I have to power it off and on repeatedly until it starts up. I had the same issue with Windows 7 so I'm stumped if it's a driver issue or something else going on with my laptop? Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

A:Lenovo T430s - Windows 10 boot freeze

Just wanted to add a Me Too to the list, so its not a one-of experience.Recently bought a referb T430 and am loving it.I upgraded hardware to 16GB RAM and a 500GB Samsung SSD to amp up the experience and so far so good, except for this failure to boot experience that has now appeared.I had also upgraded from Win 7 Pro to Win 10 Pro. Maybe a mistake?When the boot hang started i did various things like force power down and CTRL-ALT-DEL and on reboot everything would be fine. Thankfully.I have run the Lenovo Hardware scan thats part of Lenovo Solution Center with no errors.I have almost come to the point of doing a Windows 10 Reset but wanted to do some research first and found this reference to the same phenomenon.I am wondering whether it may be SSD related? I could try cloning back to a standard disk drive.I also still have the original Win 7 128GB SSD. I can also try that to see if the problem goes away.Will update if any further discoveries are made

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Gents,I have tried everything, unfortunately I have failedAlways received error code E7210005 for the sensor device cannot be foundI have ThinkPad T430s, product # 2355DA4 ? BIOS # G7ETB2WW (2.72 )I have read all the massage written hear before in this regard and tried all the solutions as far as I rememberI need someone from Lenovo to guide me how I can solve this issueThank you in advance for your support..

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The trackpad drivers will not install with the latest 10 build version. you can only move the cursor with the trackpad, gestures and buttons do not work. I am going to give up on windows 10 if I can not find a solution fast. Phone support has been all but worthless from lenovo. This machine is only out of warranty for 3 months, I find it kind of silly that you can get no phone help when you tell them its a driver issue and all your asking is will there be an update for the driver or should I just give up. Why not have a way for techs to get this information to the department that could fix this instead of dismissing me as a customer who is out of warranty. I find it ridicoulous that windows updates cause drivers to fail and how microsoft forces windows 10 and its customers to use windows 10. If lenovo is not going to support windows 10 on older machines they should have a bulletin about it so that users dont get frustrated about the expierence. I have attached a pic of the failed driver install?

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I'm running a Thinkpad T430s with a fresh install of Windows 10 Pro. After a few days, the wifi disconnected and won't reconnect. Wireless card is Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205.  Network Settings has the wifi switched to off. Clicking it to switch to on changes nothing - it shows as on, but connections don't work, and if I close the Network Settings window and re-open, the switch is back to off. Windows 10 will not switch off of airplane mode. Clicking the mode button does nothing - the icon stays blue. Ethernet works fine. An external USB wifi dongle works fine, but I'd like to use the built-in wifi. Things I have tried:Run all updates through Windows Update.Clean reinstall Windows 10 using an install disk created from Windows 10 Media Creation Tool. Reformatted the main partition for this reinstall.Run all updates through Lenovo Companion, including a BIOS update.Reset the BIOS to factory settings.Made sure WLAN is enabled in the BIOS.Made sure that the hardware wifi switch is set to on. Switched it back and forth between on and off, to make sure what I thought was on was actually on.Replaced the wifi card with another card. Made sure that the cables are connected firmly, the card is seated and the screw replaced. Both the original and replacement cards are Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205.Rescanned for hardware changes in Device Manager. Uninstalled the wireless card. Disabled it. Enabled it. Checked for driver updates.Booted into a live Ubuntu 14.0... Read more

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Hello!Do anyone have any expirance how the T430s work with the Windows 10 Novemver upgrade Version 1511 (build 10586)?Is there problems?

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The trackpad drivers will not install with the latest 10 build version. you can only move the cursor with the trackpad, gestures and buttons do not work. I am going to give up on windows 10 if I can not find a solution fast. Phone support has been all but worthless from lenovo. This machine is only out of warranty for 3 months, I find it kind of silly that you can get no phone help when you tell them its a driver issue and all your asking is will there be an update for the driver or should I just give up. Why not have a way for techs to get this information to the department that could fix this instead of dismissing me as a customer who is out of warranty. I find it ridicoulous that windows updates cause drivers to fail and how microsoft forces windows 10 and its customers to use windows 10. If lenovo is not going to support windows 10 on older machines they should have a bulletin about it so that users dont get frustrated about the expierence. I have attached a pic of the failed driver install

driver fail.JPG ?44 KB

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I have a T430s  and a Docking station. I attached 2 monitors to the docks DP and DVI ports. Windows only allows me to use 2 of the three total monitors (2 external + Thinkpad LCD) at the same time. I have already read that the HD 4000 Card only supports two monitors. However, using Ubuntu allows me to have all three monitors active at the same time. How is this possible?

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Okay, so I've got Windows 7 Ultimate x64 installed and I have 12gb of ram (3x4gb) but windows 7 only detects 4gb as shown below:

But CPU Z detects the whole 12gb, so does anyone know what the problem is? or what I need to do to diagnose the problem

My spec's are on my profile under "system specs" if anyone needs to know them and if you need any more information, just ask.

Thanks in advance for any help, I appreciate it

A:Windows 7 x64 not recognizing RAM

Check here to make sure Maximum memory is unchecked & set to Zero (0)

Start System Configuration Boot Advanced Options

Also make sure there is nothing in the BIOS setup limiting memory or allocating memory to another area.

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Having some real snags with a recently put together new rig.

Here are my computer specs:

OS: Windows XP SP 3
CPU: AMD Athlon II X2 250 Regor 3.0GHz 2 x 1MB L2 Cache Socket AM3 65W Dual-Core
MB: BIOSTAR A770E3 AM3 AMD 770 ATX AMD Motherboard
Mem: G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666)
HD: 500 Gb
Video: HIS H467QR1GH Radeon HD 4670 1GB 128-bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card
PSU: Rosewill 500 W

That hard drive is a HITACHI HDS721050CLA362 (0F10381) 500GB.

For some reason Windows is only reporting 127 GB of it's 500 Gb total. I know that most drives will only report under it and it should be under 500 Gb but...this has me perplexed.

I went into Windows recovery console and it reports 476,837 MB total.

Any ideas on how to resolve this?


A:Windows XP SP3 - Not recognizing all of my HD.

Using Disk Manager I can see that 337.77 Gb have been unallocated.

How does this happen?

How can I get the entire space lumped up together. I rather not have a partition.

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Hi everyone, we have a Gateway laptop with AMD 64 processor running windows xp. My wife went to back up her quick books and burn the files onto cd as she periodically does, but the computer is suddenly not recognizing the cd.

The cd writing wizard comes up and when she clicks "write the files to cd" a window comes up that says "there is no disc in the drive, please insert a writable disc into the drive". She has tried using multiple discs, some from the same lot that she has been using successfully in the past and also some from a different manufacturer. Gets the same message.

You can insert a disc that she burned in the past and the computer will read it and show all the files no problem. If you take a cd that she has written files onto allready and try to write more files onto it by right clicking the file and choosing "send to", you get a window that says "windows does not support this cd-r format".

Everything worked just fine until a couple weeks ago, we haven't changed any settings. The only difference is we swapped from McAfee to Norton antivirus at about the same time that this problem started. Would Norton have anything to do with this? Any ideas for how to fix this problem?

Really appreciate any thoughts y'all have on this, Thanks!

A:windows not recognizing cd's

http://forums.windowsforum.org/index.php?showtopic=37055Try using Nero (or other) burn software to do the burn, appears to me that you are trying the native XP burn function. Nero is a standard program used to burn CDs/DVDs but any other reliable burn program will probably take care of it.Louis

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I have a Dell XPSP2 I'd like to plug in my Seagate FreeAgent Go USB to. The drive does not show on the system. When I goto Add Hardware Wizard it does show and says the device is working properly when plugged into the USB on motherboard. I recently received this unit from a friend and formated with factory install and installed updates, added Seagate st340810A as a slave a Compaq DVD-ROM and a generic USB 2.0 all from my old Presario. When I plug into the PCI USB 2.0 the unit finds an unrecognized device then something like, ...one of the devices...has malfunctioned... and it's disconnected and I can unplug it. I've been using the FreeAgent on my MacOSX and might have deleted some XP software? Or maybe the USB PCI is bad, or most likely I don't have a clue how to use Windows and all this right click stuff.

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I am having issues with Windows 10 and Windows 7 recognizing the TV.
The Computer monitor is recognized but not the TV. It is sometimes recognized but it's off and on.
Right now it is not recognized.
I'm not sure what is causing it. It may be either the HDMI cord or the video card.
Anyone have an idea on what it may be? And what I may do to fix it?

A:Windows 10 not recognizing TV?

Search "Connect to a projector" in the start menu and then click Duplicate if you want the TV to show exactly the same as your screen or Extend if you would rather drag extra windows onto the TV screen to show.

Also, double and triple check that the HDMI cable is all the way into the port on both ends.

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The motherboard finds it ok and checks it ok.
PC Wizard sees it and Sandra Lite sees it.
Windows displays 3GB
Free Ram XP pro only shows 2047.

Any ideas? it is dual channel and brand new and the correct memory for my board.
For both PC Wizard and Sandra to show it I assume it must be working ok but I am no expert hence my post in here.

A:windows not recognizing 4MB

I am assuming that contrary to the title of your thread you are talking about 4GB of ram not 4mb? if so are you sure that your board supports 4GB? alot of boards only support up to 3GB of ram.

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I've just installed another stick of Kingston 512 PC2700 DDR RAM in my computer. I already had a stick 512 PC2700 in there, but only 512 is recognized in BIOS, and in my computer properties. The only thing is that in the program I have CPU-Z, under memory it says under in general that it is 512, but there's an option to select DIMM 1, and DIMM 2 there, and it lists my Kingston 512, and my other 512 under DIMM 1, and DIMM 2. My computer also does seem a little faster, but it doesn't recognize in BIOS or My Computer. Any suggestions?

A:Windows XP not recognizing 1 gig RAM

Take the old one out, and insert the new one in its place. If it boots up, at least you know the memory is good.
If you have them, try mem-slots 1 and 3

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i tried the dual slave/master ,and the cs settings and still no solution,what should i do?

A:windows xp isn't recognizing my 120 gb hdd

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HI there I have done a fresh install of Win 7 64bit on my new SSD 160GB,i plugged in my other two now spare HHD.500GB seagate and a 160GB seagate,they were picked up in the bios,but when windows restarted in the install,it would not boot up,after a bit of tweeking if i unplugged one of the drives it booted up and continued to finish the install,there was only the two drives showing,i restarted the PC,plugged in the HDD again,the same problem,the Motherboard is a ASUS P8H67-mPro,it has 6 sata ports 2 at 6g and 4 at 3g,the bios is up to date,I have tried to contact ASUS but they have not replied a week ago,I just wanted to no if this motherboard can run 3 HDD without RAID or am i wasting my time ,any help would do,cheers

A:windows 7 not recognizing new hdd

Have you enabled them in Computer Management/Storage?

Start/Run/compmgmt.msc --- Storage tab on left hand side, Disk Management.

From here you can partition and enable the disks.

EDIT: Sorry didn't read fully, this happened to me a while back I fixed it by using new SATA cables.

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As the title states, Windows 7 is not reading my Galaxy GTX 470 graphics card. After I installed windows 7 (clean, new build), it deleted my cd/dvd/blue ray device drivers. Now I can't update my drivers via the disck.

How do I make it work? Thanks

A:Windows 7 not recognizing my GTX

Go to the manufacturers website and download the drivers....

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I just bought a non-usb gaming headset that I want to use for both games and skype. The problem is, that speakers on the headset work fine, but for some reason windows doesn't detect a mic. The mic is plugged and seated, its unmuted on the headset, but when I speak, say on skype, in game, or on the speech recognition program for windows there is no sound level.

Now, I have mic set to default device and default communication device, as you can see here
I've also used 3 different headset attempting to see if I was sent a defective one. The original, I was using before I bought (which worked until recently) this one to replace it. My set of astro a30's (brand new) and also my brother's headset which he uses daily. None of them got any sort of acknowledgment from the speech recognition.
I have no idea what I need to check or unmute if for some reason its muting my mic.


A:Windows 7 isn't recognizing my mic..


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To start thank you for even taking the time to read this post.

Problem: I am running Windows XP SP2 and it occasionally does not recognize my second HD. I have to turn off comp and then unplug/plug cables and after a few restarts it sometimes reads the hard drive again. Weird thing is, my BIOS reads it every time, but windows does not.
I am not sure if it is the cable or windows, because my BIOS is reading it every time but windows is only doing it occasionally.
Thank you again, Adam

A:Windows not recognizing 2nd HD

How was the drive partitioned and formatted?

If you can do it without data loss, try removing the partitions, creating new ones, and formatting with XP's Disk Management.

Also, check in Device Manager (and BIOS) and be sure that the drive is set to be autodetected, that DMA is turned on, and that both IDE channels are enabled.

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Installed a WD 3TB HDD, instead I get 746GB

1st off, I do NOT have an Intel Chipset so Intel's RST Drivers will not work,
Secondly Partition Style Reads GUID Partition Table (GPT)

(Yes I have been doing several google searches trying to figure this out already)

The Motherboard I am Using is:
Gigabyte GA-MA785GM-US2H
GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket AM2+ - GA-MA785GM-US2H (rev. 3.3)

I have tried Installing the Driver from the Site to see if that would fix the issue but it doesnt, I also noticed Gigabyte seems to have a 3TB+ Unlock utility but was unable to find my MB In the models that it supported:
GIGABYTE Announces 3TB+ Unlock Utility
So I figured might as well try and install it anyways, my model may have been added since the time of it's release and still no Dice.

Anybody have any ideas as to what I might be able to do next?


Also to note: This is a Secondary HDD for additional space on a HTPC, the primary HDD is a WD 1.5TB that works without any issues, I am just trying to use the space for storage. The motherboard does not have UEFI Bios, not sure if that really makes a difference as I thought that was required only to "Boot" a GPT drive

A:Windows Not Recognizing 3TB HD

Your motherboard - which I presume is quite old - perhaps does not support more than 2TB HDDs. IMO, Gigabyte Unlock utility you quoted is for using >2TB drives to overcome the Windows XP OS limitation but where motherboards support >2TB drives. Windows 7 for most part can handle more than 2TB drives - subject to certain conditions when a boot device - but only if motherboard does not limit it.


You are well advised to talk to Gigabyte support on this issue and get it clarified.

In any case you can try deleting all volumes and formatting it as GPT again with MiniTools Partition Wizard Free Edition https://www.partitionwizard.com/


If it does not resolve your problem, whatever I had stated in the first para is true. Let me know how I fared or failed..

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I have a question i have a hp pavilion g7 with an intel chip and i cannot put windows 10 onto it through flash drive i have created a proper boot drive that works on my desk top but when i use it on my laptop it can not reconigse the new ssd i instaled into the pc in the page where you chose partitions to download onto the ssd is properley formatted And has a gpt partition on it i have also tried a mbr partition but no. Of them seem to apear on the instalition page if there is a solution to this then thanks thanks, terrence

A:Windows 10 set up not recognizing ssd

Hi: If your g7 has usb 3 ports, try booting the flash drive from a USB2 port. You can't install Windows from a flash drive on the USB3 port because no USB3 drivers are loaded until you are in Windows.

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Hello. Newbie here and confused like crazy. I am typing this from a friend's laptop as mine has suddenly experienced the Windows 10 BSOD and I cannot do anything with it.

Laptop computer : Dell Inspiron 1545
Operating System: Windows 10 (just recently upgraded to 10 after being bugged by MS for a week and a half after upgrading from Vista to Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit.
Laptop ran super with a new SDD Kingston 120gb hard drive installed about 3 years ago. Ran Vista the entire time up until a few months ago when I upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate. Again, all ran flawlessly. Upgraded from 7 to 10 about a week and a half ago (if that) and today while attempting to log off the laptop, my cursor froze along with the rest of the screen on my desktop.

Had to press the power button to get the computer to shut off as it was frozen solid. When I powered back up, BSOD was present with the message "Your PC ran into a problem, we will restart it for you". It did not restart it though. That message just stayed there and I hit the 'enter' button finally and got it to another page. Tried rebooting multiple times with no luck getting back to Windows. I tried reinstalling and fixing it from the Windows 7 Ultimate Disk and nothing. About 15 minutes into trying to figure this out, it would not even get to the BSOD and would just get to the black screen and state no drive present.

Kept getting the message of no hard drive present until I stu... Read more

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Just added (2) more gigs of DDR2 ram to a machine and Windows only sees the old 4 total (just under).
New ram has the same specs as existing modules.

Does bios need manually updated? Was under the impression it should be auto detected.

Also, when powering on -- OS begins to start, then dies off -- I have to manually hit the button again.

A:Windows 7 not recognizing added ram

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Booted up my gateway laptop one day and my windows Vista desktop was noticeably different. The taskbar had reverted back to a taskbar more akin to one from Win 95 or 3.1.

After noticing that I noticed that it would not find or recognize any networks at all so I have no Internet connection. It will not allow me to run a system restore. I bought Windows 7 hoping upgrading would help, nope. When I put the install disk jn it gave me an error saying it does not recognize drive.

I'll admit I'm not a complete computer expert, but I have no idea as to why I can do right now to get my computer functioning.

I able to run programs on vista like ITunes, or other ones. But I'm pretty hampered by not being able to access the Internet and being unable to figure out why.

Any ideas?

A:Windows Vista Not Recognizing Anything

hope it's not infected......

check your bios to make sure it's in order. if it's no, reset it and reboot and see if the pc comes good again. actually, just reset it anyway.

to install win7, change the pc boot priority to cd/dvd first. have the win7 disk in the drive and reboot laptop. when you see "hit any key to start from cd", hit any key, eg space-bar. and win7 installation should start up.

hope you bought the correct version of win7. if it's oem version you can do an upgrade. a fresh install will wipe everything off your hdd. so just be aware of that incase you have important data in there.

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I am currently running Windows XP Professional on a Compaq Presario v6000 laptop. I have (1) 512 MB stick and (1) 1 GB stick of RAM installed in to the computer. When I go to System Properties -> General, it is saying I only have 256 MB of RAM. When I use f10 to go to the boot menu, it says that I have 1536 MB of RAM like I think I should. Also, when I go to Task Manager, the Physical Memory reads 261676. I have also taken out both memory sticks and rearranged them in case one of the ports was bad, but no matter what combination I use, it always reads under System Properties that I only have 256 MB of RAM. What can I do to fix this? Or is it possible that the System Properties is reading incorrectly and this doesn't matter? Any help would be appreciated!

A:[SOLVED] Windows XP not recognizing RAM

I'm pretty sure on that laptop, it can take sticks above 512 so I don't think having a 1GB stick in there is the problem. It sounds like one of two things is happening. Either you hit one of the incredibly rare ram mismatch problems where you're using two slightly different series or brands and that's causing a chaotic problem or there's a known problem with that arrangement or memory that was fixed in a BIOS update. You should check out HP's website to see if there's a BIOS update and see if that helps the problem. Also, if you can borrow the same speed sticks from someone else and try them out instead to see if you get the same problem, that would help greatly.

Oh and what happens when you run with just the 1 GB or just the 512 stick in alone in the primary slot?

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Hi, I just upgraded to Windows 8. When I plug in my external DVD drive and Western Digital MyBook drives - they do not seem to be recognized. Anyone have this issue? Please help!

Thanks so much,

A:Please Help! Windows 8 - Not recognizing Drives

With a USB Device Plugged in, Go to Search type devmgmt.msc click Run As Administrator. In the Elevated Device Manager, are there any devices with Yellow flags? Or under Universal Serial Bus Controllers is there an Unknown Device? If so, right click and Uninstall it. Remove the USB cable from the computer end and restart the computer. When the computer comes back up plug the USB cable into the Back USB port and not the front or through a Hub as these ports are weaker. You should get a new hardware found.

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I purchased a drawing tablet that connects via USB to my windows 7 machine.

I installed the drivers and I see the proper ones on Device Manager.
Yet after it is installed, Windows 7 does an extra step and searches for the drivers.
It says that the drivers could not be found. But the drivers are installed. I am looking right at them.

I uninstalled that "unknown other device" manually from the device manager and restart the computer.

The device works. The computer recognizes the drawing tablet and it works for a little while.
But again, Windows 7 begins its automatic search thing. It does something that makes the tablet not work anymore.

I'm baffled on what it could be.

A:Windows 7 not recognizing usb device

Go to Start–>Search type in gpedit.msc
Click the file to open the Local Group Policy Editor and show Windows who is in control!!
You want to go here: Computer Configuration->Administrative Templates->System->Device Installation. Click on the subfolder Device Installation on the left and on the right side you will see the possible restrictions.
Right Click on Prevent Installation of Devices not described by other policy settings and edit this option, set it on ENABLED.
Reboot Windows and enjoy its inability to pollute your system with its standard driver, open gpedit.msc again and revert the change so you will be able to install your driver.

Let me know if this works. It'll stop Windows from auto installing drivers.

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After I have installed windows 7 onto my laptop, it doesnt recognize things like my scroll bar on my touch pad, I dont think it recognizes my chipset because some games I have tried to play lately say I dont even have a chipset... What is causing this? Does Windows 7 not configure to your computer when you install it? Im confused....

Thanks in advance

A:Windows 7 not recognizing hardware

Computer (right click)

On the left side, Device Manager

Look for splats - yellow exclamation marks.

Provide a screenshot or report them.

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I have a laptop computer here with Windows XP. I recently replaced the hard drive and installed Windows XP Professional. I am having a problem with the CDRW/DVD-Rom drive. It is recognized in the bios when it is pulled out or put back in. However, when I log into Windows, it doesn't exist. I see no drive letter in my computer and inserting a disc only activates the drive with no response from Windows. The only indication to the problem is an error code 12 (not enough resources) under secondary IDE channel in device manager. I tried uninstalling both the primary and secondary IDE devices but upon restart the same problem occurred. I cannot figure out how to free up resources for the device or how to pinpoint what device (if any) is causing the problem. There are no upper or lower filters in the registry to remove and I haven't installed any additional software as of yet.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A:Windows XP Not Recognizing CD/DVD Rom Drive

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I recently installed Windows 7 64 bit Professional Edition, and it doesn't read my graphics card anywhere on my system (Sapphire ATI 3650) and only my internal card (Geforce 6150). Installed the same drivers from both ATI and Sapphire. I turned the on-board video on/off. I kicked the computer. Nothing works. Please help!

A:HELP! Windows 7 not recognizing ATI 3650!


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I have a USB cable for my phone, it worked up until 2 days ago.
I plug the cable in, and nothing pops up. I click "Connect to PC" on my phone and it tells me 'Please connect USB cable"

I have looked under Devices & Printers, Computer, and Windows Explorer...Nothing shows up.
Tried clicking all the drives/devices under computer, still nothing.

Basically it's acting like it's not even plugged in.

My computer is a Windows Vista, with Windows 7.

A:Windows 7 not recognizing USB cable

How old is the phone/cable? I've seen one or more wires in the cable break after a lot of use. Usually right where the cable goes into the connector on the end. Try it on another PC, if it still doesn't work I'd replace the USB cable.

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I am working on a new video project at a new work site with a new computer. It is a game of finding out where everything is right now, but not a fun game.

I am running Windows Vista Ultimate and tried hooking up a WD 500GB MY BOOK, Studio Edition via usb and firewire directly to the back of the pc with no results.

I went to WD's website and registered the product as well as downloaded the most current drivers.

My startup menu recognizes the drive as being active with 1% used and allows me to disconnect it, but "my computer" does not see the drive and I am unable to save files to the drive.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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Hi everyone,

I have a headset with mic on it and a motherboard with onboard sound (including a mic input).

When I plug my mic in to use for gaming, Windows does not appear to be recognising the input from the mic.

If I speak into the mic I can hear it coming out the speakers perfectly fine so the mic itself is working, as is the port on the soundcard. However when I go to something like the Sound Recorder and start recording and speaking, windows doesn't pick up anything that is being said.

Any ideas on what might be causing this?

A:Windows not recognizing input from mic

Hi and Welcome to TSF

Check your audio settings in the Control Panel

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i decided to upgrade my laptop from 3gb ddr3 of ram to 8 gb ddr3 , now i faced an odd problem where i got to realize that despite windows recognizing all 8 gbs of ram in system information (msinfo32) under "Installed Physical Memory" i realized that both system information and task manager shows "Total Physical Memory" to be 2.93 gb , i searched the forum throughly up till i came across this thread :
now i got to realize that 32 bit windows can only handle 4gb of ram .
now trying to sort my options i have a few questions i need to be adressed :
1 - is it smooth to upgrade from 32bit to 64bit of windows , i have heaps of programs installed over years that i cant risk to lose nor have the time to reinstall if i took the fresh installation option :/ if possible then how ? any specific tool or windows version ?
2 - any known porting , utilities or hacks that were made to make 32bit os recognize all 8gb ram ?
3 - if non of the above were valid , if i am to work with only 4 gb , why does my system read only 2.93 gb of which ? i can notice it sums up all spare 5 gb as "Hardware Reserved" . i investigated to see if the extra 1 gb is reserved by graphics card but only to find that my graphics card is only up to 750 mb of shared memory and those already are shared from "Total Physical Memory" and not hardware reserve , so any clue why i have access to only 3 of the 4 gbs of rams i'm... Read more

A:Windows 7 32 bit not recognizing ram upgrade...

I seem to remember that if you want your Windows to support 8 g of ram you need W7 64 bit. If you have like more then 12g or something you need W7 64 bit Pro or Ulimate. 32 bit only supports 3 g (4 in total with the GPU aswell) There is no way in hell you can utilise more the 4g on 32 bit.

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Hope someone can help. I have posted before on this subject, but did not include all steps I have taken.

Have an HP pavilion laptop running Windows XP sp2. My computer crashed a few months ago and I had to reinstall OS per HP tech support (I used the disk that came with the computer). Since then, I have been having some problems. First, tough pad is erratic; cursor jumps around while typing. I am trying to install a new Deskjet printer. I have gone through all the required steps; i.e., load software first, then plug cable in the usb port.

Here is the problem. While installing software for printer, I get to the point where it prompts me to connect my usb cable. When I do, I get a message that Windows has malfunctioned and it does not recognize my device. I know I have USB 2.0. My cable is brand new and works fine with the printer on an old computer. I cannot get it to work on my laptop. I am able to connect a scanner and it automatically detects it through usb and also my camcorder is also automatically recognized.

Could something be missing since I had to reinstall my OS? I have tried calling HP to get help. I have tried going into bios at startup and I do not see anything in there about USB; I have upgraded BIOS through HP website.

Would really appreciate some much needed help. So far the above are my main issues. There may be more that I don't even know about.


A:Windows xp not recognizing device

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Hi, I'm new to this site so hopefully i don't do anything wrong!! I consider myself fairly smart with computers but my laptop has gone beyond my brain & I need serious help!!
At first it would just reboot itself after being on it for a little bit, I tried downloading an antivirus (avast) and it all went downhill!! Now it doesn't even recognize the windows 7, gives me a black screen telling me error and to put in disc, which I've never had one, and says: FILE CI.DLL STATUS:0XC00000E9 I cannot get it to go any farther than there, is there anyone that might be able to help??? Please & many Thanks in advance!!

A:laptop not recognizing windows

gives me a black screen telling me error and to put in disc, which I've never had oneHello and Welcome -I am thinking (from what I can read) that you may need reinstall disks ............Or can you borrow the same version (Home Premium / Pro / etc)If you prefer, you can you list the make and your country, and we may be able to tell you where to purchase the disks. Thank You -

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I crashed while uninstalling SP2 and now my pc is running on RAM alone. When I pull up sys properties all I get is 1g ram and DX shows no Bios, board or processor. I have tried to continue the SP2 uninstall, but I am having no luck. I have left it running for upwards of 3 hours now and it's not getting past the first page. Any ideas at all how to fix this? I can't run most apps, I am getting a RPC server app not found error. I checked in Services and RCP is on auto and running. RPC locator is manual and I can't get it to start or go to auto.

A:Windows not recognizing my cpu & Bios

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