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Microsoft Access 2000 Error Opening DB

Q: Microsoft Access 2000 Error Opening DB

I receive the following error message when I try to open a database:

"The database is not available at this time"

It occurs if I try to open the database right after I perform a docmd.quit on the same database and it closes out. Not sure what would cause this error. Thanks!

Preferred Solution: Microsoft Access 2000 Error Opening DB

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

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A: Microsoft Access 2000 Error Opening DB

Did you create the database? If not go to the database creater / administrator, otherwise cut out all the sensitive data, and attach a copy to this thread. It's probably something to do with the way the database is set-up.

Haven't come across this myself, may be a common known issue.

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I have created a macro that will run an access database query and copy the results into Excel. It runs fairly well except on one PC where it gives me a:

"Run-time error '3706' Provider cannot be found. It may not be properly installed."

The error occurs in this particular line of code:
' Open connection to the database
cnt.Open "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;" & _
I'm not sure if I have to change the version of the provider and if this is case how does one go about doing so.

Thank you

A:Microsoft Provider error - Excel/Access 2000

Look at it's version of ADO in the ODBC manager. Might just need to upgrade.

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I have just installed microsoft offfice professional 2010 on a new windows 7 PC.

I would like to open access 2000 files, but when I try to I get an error message that the file cannot be converted.

My daughter has access 2010 on her laptop and it opens the access 2000 file ok.

Any thoughts?


A:Opening an access 2000 file with access 2010

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I am trying to open a query; that opens as a Pivot table in my database, into an excel spreadsheet. I know I could use export to pivot table or copy and paste, but I didn't want the users to have to do that. I want to create a program button that allows my query to open directly into excel. Any suggestions?


A:Access 2000: PivotTable opening in Excel

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I am making a simple Access database that an employee can enter in information, then it prints form letters through a report. Well, after the employee enters information I would like for the person to be able to click on a command button and view all informtion he/she just entered in the form of a datasheet from the table. The main table datasheet has a subdatasheet, so you can see the all the entries from the other table for each record in the main table. It's hard to explain.
When I try to create the command button to do this, it doesn't give you the option to open a table...just a form, etc...
Do I have to create a query?
I am not "coding" anything.

A:Access 2000 - Opening a datasheet and subdatasheet

This is because tables are mostly "behind-the-scenes". You can get essentially the same effect by creating a form based on the table, and setting its Default View property (in Form Design, choose View > Properties, make sure Form is in the title bar of the little window that pops up.) A form opened in Datasheet View looks very much like a table.

Let us know what more we can do.

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I have built a data base and used macros for the command buttons. While in the design view I converted the macros on each form to visual basic going to "tools, macros, convert macros."
It worked great on all the forms except one. The form I use to preview reports the macro conversion failed.
I manually entered the VB code. I continually get an error message saying "cannot locate macro".
I deleted form, re-generated it writing code for the command buttons.
STILL get the error message saying "cannot locate macros".
What did I do wrong and how do I fix this?


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These three downloadable samples are provided in conjunction with a series of MSDN Library articles that discuss how to use Microsoft® Jet SQL with data from an Access 2000 database.

System Requirements

Operating System - Windows 95 & 98, NT 4.0 & 2000, Windows Me, Win XP



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Is there a limit as to how many people can be logged into a database? I have one that is strictly data enter where they should not be any duplications of records and there are a total of 500 potential users.

We have about 1/2 testing it and it continues to lock them out. I am waiting for a response from our IT department trying to find out if it is a systems problem or one related to the database but they are not very fast getting back to me.

I was curious about the Access database sytem itself.

Any input would be appreciated.


A:Microsoft Access 2000 Question

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In Access 2000 I have a query named
I have a form named Form1, on Form1 I have a button. In the click event of that button, I would like to open a "filtered" version of the query...

WHERE qryAllContacts "CompanyName" and Form1 "CompanyName" are the same.
I want to view all people who work for a particular company.

So, I have this much and don't know squat...please someone help me with syntax....

Public Sub MyThing()

Dim strSQL As String
Dim rst As ADODB.Recordset
Set rst = New ADODB.Recordset
rst.CursorLocation = adUseClient

strSQL = "SELECT * FROM qryAllContacts WHERE ?????(here I get lost....)
End Sub

Hmmm no life to be thinkin about a thing like this on a Friday Night!

A:Microsoft Access 2000 query VBA

Hi you all,

Is it possible to convert a.wdb-file (used by MS Works as a"baby-Access" application) to an access-readable file in a way that Access recognizes it properly and one can edit it and create reports like the one from Works? I appreciate your reply!

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Hi everyone...I have created a database with 10 tables and forms. Now for the hard part. I have to be able to sort for approximately 40 different fields (all by just the day's date)...I am having a hard time doing a report or a filtered sort giving me just the things I need.


A:Solved: Microsoft Access 2000

This should be done in the select query or queries. You can either us the query's "sort" or you can filter using the query's "criteria".

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Hi People,

I need some assistance in making a formula for my Access Database.

Supposedly I have the following values in my database:

ID Name No_HR_Asia No_HR_Euro No_HR_USA
1 John 20 10 10
2 Eddie 15 5 22
3 Kimberly 5 25 10

Now in a query I want to find out the Max Number of hours that each person have worked between those 3 fields, so the output in the query should be something like this:

1 John 20
2 Eddie 22
3 Kimberly 25

Coul anybody tell me the SQL statement I should use to get the result?

Thx beforehand, any help is greatly appreciated.

A:Microsoft Access 2000 - Formula Question

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I remember hearing that upon creating a database in Access, there is an option to convert the database so it can be installed on computers that DO NOT have Microsoft Access.

Is this true? If so, how do I go about doing this?

A:Microsoft Access 2000: Version For People Without The App

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Posted this in Operating Systems forum.. shoulda read the board topics a little closer.. sigh.

Operating System: Win 2000
Problem with: MS Access 2000

Issue: Hyperlinking

You click on the form field called Message Subject: and it tells me the following msg; Unable to access http://message subject/filename so then I click OK.

What I want to do is be able to click on this field and it will automatically open up what I want to see which is the File of the message subject. Now my question is how do I fix this problem and either direct it to the drive and folders the files are stored and/or if I can make it look for keywords in the field's message subject that it will look for and open the right one too.

Do I or should I:

a) create a localhost page that way all the files will open up
b) is there some other way that I am just too narrow minded to see and figure out myself and maybe you guys can help me out. Thanks if you can.

Kind Regards,

Joseph A. Medeiros

I'll be checking for updates on this and also be looking forward to any emails you may send my way at: [email protected] or [email protected]

Thanks again.

A:Hyperlink Problem on Microsoft 2000 Access

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I am trying to setup passwords and groups on a database in Access 2000. While doing this i believe i have taken the Admin rights off my logon therefore i am unable to change any user passwords and setups. How can i correct this?

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1) I'm using Microsoft 2000... I would like to know how do I go about creating a Yes/No prompt.

For example, I created a macro that will delete all records in a table. However, before an end-user run the macro, I would like them to be prompted with a message that says "You are about to delete.... Do you want to continue"? If the end-user was to click "yes", the macro will continue to execute. However, if the end-user was to click "no", I want the macro to be disabled.

2) Another question I have is how do I design queries so end-users cannot save changes to the data (upon them filtering the data).

Specifically, I created queries that end-users can only read the data, and they do not have access to the design view. However, after the end-user filters the data, Microsoft Access prompts them and ask them would they like to save the changes. I want it so they cannot save the filters they created.

A:Microsoft Access 2000: Create A Yes/No Prompt

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Is there a way to indicate which user edited a record last?

I have my database setup so I can tell which user created a record (=CurrentUser()). However, records are often edited by other users after it was created... I would like to be able to see which user (users if possible) edited a record last.

Thank you in advance.

A:Microsoft Access 2000: Record Last Edited By?

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We have a Microsoft Access (2000) built application installed on user's system (OS, WINDOWS 7)which, have coding done in VB and uses Access database (on a file server)  & has functionality to print data using report, which actually saves the file
in PDF format.
When we click on 'Print' option it shows "NOT RESPONDING". It takes around 15-20 minutes to save the report as a PDF file.
Earlier it used to happen in fraction of seconds.
Issue started all of a sudden whereas the user could do the activity on the same data few hours earlier.
We are not sure on the root cause. 
We checked network connectivity and re-installation of the application but no luck. We suspect it might be because of some Microsoft patch. Although when we tried uninstalling, it worked until we restarted the user machine, and issue came up again.
Patch was KB3178690.
Can anyone please help us with this issue?

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Operating System: Win 2000
Problem with: MS Access 2000

Issue: Hyperlinking

You click on the form field called Message Subject: and it tells me the following msg; Unable to access http://message subject/filename so then I click OK.

What I want to do is be able to click on this field and it will automatically open up what I want to see which is the File of the message subject. Now my question is how do I fix this problem and either direct it to the drive and folders the files are stored and/or if I can make it look for keywords in the field's message subject that it will look for and open the right one too.

Do I or should I:

a) create a localhost page that way all the files will open up
b) is there some other way that I am just too narrow minded to see and figure out myself and maybe you guys can help me out. Thanks if you can.

Kind Regards,

Joseph A. Medeiros

I'll be checking for updates on this and also be looking forward to any emails you may send my way at: [email protected] or [email protected]

Thanks again.

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I have two issues.

1. How do I access my Internet Mail using Microsoft Outllook which I can do using Outlook Express and also.

2. How do I share my pst file (personal) to have other people in the same workgroup access the personal folders (pst file) in their computers.

Please how do I do that? Can anyone help me out on this?




By using the helpful notes by "putasolution", I have managed to access my internet e-mail in outlook NOW.

So my main problem now is to share the pst file in a folder so the other computers on the same workgroup can access that folder. I am having a bit of a difficulty because there is a limitation that pst files can not be accessed simulteaneously at any one time. So How can all computers access the pst file simulteaneously at any given time.

Is there are way around this?


Thanks Putasolution for your help. Very Helpful.

A:Want to use Microsoft Outlook 2000 to access my Internet Mail.

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I need a specific report to print on a specific printer.

So maybe an OnPrint command.

is this possible?
What code would i write? And where?


A:Microsoft Access 2000 print report to specific printer

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I would like to create a Form (if that is what is used) that will allow an end-user to query data from a table (or query). In other words, the form will allow the person to enter or select more than one set of criteria...

I have seen this done in other databases... Usually, there are "and" and "or" options that allow the end-user to select more filtering options.

Since my next question is a simple one (I hope), I'll add it here instead of a new thread:

In a user-level security database (Access 200), is there a way for me to be able to see which users are currently using the system? Sometime I want to perform maintenance on my database, but I have to call all of the users to make sure they are not using the system so I can open it exclusively.

A:Microsoft Access 2000: Create A Form That Queries Data

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I am having problems starting up Windows 2000 on my computer. It seems to be booting up just fine and then I get a message that says "error opening operating system" and nothing else happens. And now this is where I am really screwed, I somehow managed to lose my original windows stuff including the recovery cd during a move. I don't know much about computers, but I'd assume that I'd need that recovery cd to fix my problem. My question is how I should go about fixing this problem. And of course being a poor college student I need a cost-friendly solution. Do I need to buy a whole new Windows 2000? Is there some way that I can just get a recovery cd? Or do I need to take it in somewhere to get fixed? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Windows 2000: error opening operating system

You really need a win 2000 cd and perform the windows recovery using this, if you have truly lost the disk you either need a good friend who will loan you a cd or you need to buy one (Student License is cheaper !). Taking to repair outlet will not help as they will require you to supply license and cd or purchase them!

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When I open my Outlook 2000 I get the following message:
Error-File Not Found
The Update Service was unable to download the uodate.Please try again later.
Any ideas what this is?

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Hi all,
I was wondering if anyone ever came across a fix for Microsoft Office Word 2000 when presented with the following error << Can't load library>>. This happens upon opening a document and once you ok the error the document opens fine.
Microsoft Office Word 2000 SP3
Windows 2000 pro SP 4

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I have a document in word that I merge with data in an Excel sheet. This worked fine for years. One day it gives me the can't establish connection message to the DDE. No big deal, I unistalled and re-installed...fixed.
2 weeks pass and it starts again, so I uninstall but when I re-installed I got the following error during setup:

Error 1919. Error configuring ODBC data source: MS Access Database, ODBC error 6: Component not found in the registry. Verify that the file MC Access Daatbase exists and that you can access it.

I don't even use Access. Regardless I hit Ignore, (only thing that will make it go away), and it will merge for 2 weeks or so and then quit again and I have to do the same thing over and over. I even tried upgrading to Office XP but had the same problem about 2 weeks after installing.

Also when this happens you can't use the find feature in other Excel documents.

I have tried all of the "suggestions" Microsoft has offered. NONE WORKED


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Hello. I am using a "Power User" account as my day-to-day User Group. I am having problems when I click on "New Office Document" link in the start menu. When it starts up I get the following Message.

Microsoft Word 2000 SR-1
Error 1706. No valid source could be found for product Microsoft Word 2000 SR-1. The Windows Installer cannot continue.

I fully installed MS Word 2000 with and Administrative account. It should work fine since it's only a step down right? Should I run the "detect and repair?"

When I went to the office website and scanned for updates, the scan said I was all good. Here is pic of error message. Do I need some sort of permissions application for example like Nero's "Nero Permissions?"

Thank you.

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I exported a large (3,000 tasks) mpp to xml and when I attempt to open it with Project I get the error "An unexpected error occurred.The file may be damaged." I tried exporting it several times but get the same error each time. I don't see anything obvious in the xml, but it is huge and something could be lurking someplace that's not apparent.
Does anybody have any ideas?

A:Solved: Microsoft Project - error opening exported XML file

possible fix


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I have windows XP and just downloaded Microsoft outlook 2000 onto it. As far as receiving emails, the connection seems to be fine however when I try to send an e-mail, after pressing send and receive, it takes a few minutes and then an error message pops up reading "Internet E-mail -- The TCP/IP connection was unexpectedly terminated by your mail server. If this problem persists, contact your LAN administrator or Internet Provider." How do I solve this problem?

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When I tried to acess any one of the Microsoft Works 2000 applications, my system reboots. When I am done logging in the computer sends an error report to Microsoft. According to the report, there is some sort of "Device Driver Error."

The "Error Type" 392966

From https://oca.microsoft.com/--->

Error Caused by a Device Driver

Thank you for submitting an error report. Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with specific information about how to resolve this problem at this time. The information that you and other users submit will be used to investigate this problem.


A device driver installed on your system caused the problem, but we cannot determine the precise cause.

Getting Help

Depending on which situation is applicable to you, do one of the following:

If this problem occurred after you installed a new hardware device on your system, the problem might be caused by the driver for the device. If you know the manufacturer of the device, contact the manufacturer's product support service for assistance.
Some software, such as firewall and anti-virus software, also installs drivers. If this problem occurred after you installed new software, the software might have installed a driver that caused the problem. If you know the manufacturer of the software, contact the manufacturer's product support service for assistance.
If you don't know the driver's manufacturer and need help diagno... Read more

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Hello, Bleeping Computer! First-time poster here :-)
I've been working in the past year (and then some) to fix a c0000218 error that struck my desktop years ago; I went straight to the source, Microsoft Answers, for help, and got further than I ever did before, but for whatever reason, the users on Microsoft Answers stopped responding to my assorted posts on that and other matters. I'm stuck on one phase of the repair process, but without any help from the Microsoft Community over the last several months, I'm just gonna give someone else a chance.
That means you guys.
Rather than go through the tedious explanation of my progress up to where I got stuck on this new forum, I'm just going to share the Microsoft Answers topic here, and from there, you can see all relevant updates and screengrabs on the progress I've made. Since no one on that forum seems to want to help me out anymore, maybe someone here can give me the guidance I need. Just click on the link below, and it will tell you everything you'll need to know.
Microsoft Answers: c0000218 Blue Screen Error (2000 Pro)
Microsoft Answers (truthfully, more me than them) did most of the heavy lifting for you, so feel free to finish the job that Microsoft Answers could not.
Thanks in advance for any of your replies!

A:c0000218 Blue Screen Error (2000 Pro): Finishing The Job Microsoft Could Not

Well...maybe some explanation is necessary. I'll copy-and-paste one of my last major updates on the Microsoft Answers topic onto this forum to give you guys a better grip on the issue. To see the whole topic, and all the messages that preceded and followed it, click the link provided in the original message.

OK...here's where I stand so far:
After getting ahold of the CD-ROM for Windows 2000 Professional over the summer, I successfully carried out a parallel installation of the software onto the affected computer. The image below shows the program folder for the original installation, "WINNT," which became damaged years ago and will not successfully boot on startup:
Meanwhile, the following image shows the program folder for the new version of the software, which is named "BKUP," or backup.
Now, according to the blue-screen error message posted in the original message, the cause of the error is apparently the SOFTWARE file in the config folder, and as suggested by the link given to me by SpiritX MS MVP, I would have to overwrite the damaged version of this registry file with a duplicate of the new, functional version. But as I stated a couple of months ago, I hit a bit of a snag in trying to do so, as the following screenshot illustrates:
So far, I haven't been able to successfully duplicate and replace the file that is causing the blue-screen error without triggering this sharing-violation mes... Read more

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When I try to run my Microsoft Home Publishing 2000 Program I get an ERROR MESSAGE: One or more components are missing or broken. I click on HELP and get: JPG graphics filter is missing; GIF graphics filter is missing.

My OS is Windows XP Home Edition, on a DELL Dimension 3000 Desktop PC. Otherwise, it is running beautifully for me.

Can anybody help me fix this???? I am desperate LOL......

Thanks a bunch,

A:Solved: Error message with microsoft home publishing 2000

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I tried opening a CD-ROM to get at the files inside by right clicking on the disk and clicking on the Open option. I got the following error message:

Access is denied

Access violation at address 0045A1BF in Modules 'Wrapper.exe'. Readout address 00000180

Is this to do with Vista or the program itself? It worked fine on XP. If its a Vista thing does anyone know how I can get around this or if there is a download fix?



A:Access is denied error opening CD-ROM

I am getting exactly the same error message. Can someone please help!!!!

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Can anyone help me fix the following error I am getting everytime I open IE? it started a couple of days ago...

I get the following error message:

"Access violation at address 6CB616B7 in module AVGTOO~1.DLL read of address 00000004"

A:Access Violation error when opening IE

It's related to the AVG toolbar.


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Operating System is Windows XP Professional. I'll be straight to the point: I'm at work, I needed to find directions to another location, when i go to google.com in the maps section usually a window pops up saying "Please wait while Windows configures Microsoft Office 2000 Premium, so I wait, and then it says the feature you are trying to use is on a CD-Rom or other removable disk that is not available. Insert the Microsoft Office 2000 Premium disk and click ok"... There is some packaging microsoft office bags and documents here in the office but no disk. I've looked everywhere. Can anyone help? Is there any way i can fix this problem without inserting a disk? This only happens really when i go to google.com

A:ERROR MESSAGE: Insert Microsoft Office 2000 Premium Disk

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Any ideas why using Find (Ctrl + F) on a field in a form might bring up the wrong record?

I am searching for vehicle Reg Numbers, pressing CTRL + F and entering the first part of the Reg followed by the asterisk wildcard, so to find A123ABC, I'd enter A123* and it should find the record (and always did under Access 97).
However, occasionally (maybe once or twice out of every 100 'finds'), it brings up the completely wrong record, where the Reg is nothing like what I've asked it to search for.

It's not a massive problem, cos I can just click Find Next and it finds the correct record.
But why does it happen, and how can I stop it?

The database was originally created in 97 and has been converted up to 2000. It contains about 15000 records, but only 6000 in the underlying table for this form.



A:Access 2000 'find' error

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I am using Access 2000 and would like to email one sheet to someone. I have had this work in the past and am not sure why it suddenly stopped working. I get an error that says "Microsoft can't send a message for the reason stated in the proceeding alert", the problem being that there is no proceeding alert nor is there any logical reason i can find for this error. I am using Mozilla Thunderbird as my mail client and checked the registry to make sure that it has that as my default. I also checked to make sure that there is NO other mail clients available to use. I have tried installing Outlook thinking that maybe Access is just being a jerk and wont work with Mozilla but that ended up with the same result. PLEASE HELP!!!

A:Access 2000 Email error.

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I get an error "Activex component can't create object" when trying to add a list box to a form. How do i solve this?

Thanks in advance!

A:Activex error in MS Access 2000

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any clue what it means when ACCESS says "Numeric Field Overflow"?

this result happened after trying to run a simple query, it excludes all records prior to the first of the month, and sums the "PaidTotal" field. that's it?


A:ACCESS 2000? Unknown error?

Check the date fields for incorrect dates. If someone accidentaly entered one that reads 192 instead of 1992 or 200 instead of 2004 you will get this error.


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How do I describe this?

I am running an append query from a huge source data table as follows:
- I am pulling only 15 fields of 48.
- I am using filter criteria on 4 of those 15 fields (<>0,<>0,>=date,="21" or "31"), all of these work fine
- I am GROUPING BY only ONE field - Claim#
- I am SUMMING two other fields by that grouping - PaidTotal & DaysTotal
- 11 of the other fields are set to a "dummy group" of MIN
- the 12th is set to dummy grouping of MAX

This is the problem; it is not working consistently?

The three fields involved here as as follows:
Orig-Loc: criteria filtered to ="21" or "31", dummy to MIN
TT: can be anything, I only care if it is "SN", dummy to MIN
Loc: if TT=SN and Orig-Loc=21, then this field should=31

Three lines of single claim to be grouped on, and summed are as follows:

Orig-Loc, Treatment-Type, Loc, Paid, Days, Claim#
21, SN, 31, 5, 3, 100
21, SN, 31, 10, 2, 100
21, SU, 21, 15, 1, 100

When the query is run, grouped, and summed, it gives the following results:
Orig-Loc, Treatment-Type, Loc, Paid, Days, Claim#
21, SN, 21, 30, 6, 100

This is just one example of this result, many other results work as expected, many others are showing this kind of result; I'm sure the records being grouped have the same kind of structure as this example.

Any thoughts on this?

(And anything about how to post data in columns here?)


A:ACCESS 2000? Group-By, Min/Max, error?

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I am using Windows XP Pro. I have three user profiles on our family computer. They all have administrator rights. On my profile when I click on the "program files" folder in windows explorer I can view all the program folders and files. When I go into the other profiles and click on the "program files" folder I get an error message that says "c:\program files is not accessible. Access is denied." I know that in the past I have not had any trouble viewing this folder in any profile. It only happens on the program files folder not any other folders. Anyone know of a solution to this?

A:Access denied error opening a folder.

You probably need to take "ownership" of the file or folder or access the folder by logging in to the other accounts; You will always get access denied if you are not logged in with the account that created them.


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Hey all,

I have an employee that is on windows 2000 that can open most of his adobe files. Some of them will get this error message:

Error Opening Document. Access denied.

The employee was getting the files emailed to him. He opens them and saves them to his C drive. These files are encrypted but he never set them up for that. The adobe files that he can open are not. He is using version 7 and he uninstalled it and reinstalled the most recent version 7. Still has the same problem.

Haha anyone know how to get these files open or why this is occuring?

A:Error Opening Document. Access denied.

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Hai all ! My application devloped using C++ Bulder3 & Sybase on Windows 98.. it is working fine on Win98 but when i copy same .exe file to win 2000 prof edition every thing working fine only when generating some reports (Multiple page ) in my application it is showing error "Access violation at address 00c0c0c0 read of address 00c0c0c0 " and showing only single page preview and but in our network one 2000prof computer not showing this error is is working very fine. and some reports (single page ) the error is not showing we don't know whether proble with WIN2000 or borland C++ builder can any tell the cause and how to rectify it ....i will be very thankfull to you

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When I try to compact and repair my database, I get the following error:

Table 'TempMSysAccessObjects' already exists.

Kindly inform me how to get around this... My database is starting to get too big...

A:Error When Compacting Access 2000 Database

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In access I keep getting this error message that asks me to repair or compact the database. How do I get this to stop? Is there anything I can download or do?

A:access 2000 repair error message

You could always try going to "Tools">"Database Utilities" and try compacting and repairing the database as it requests.

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When an Access97 database was converted to Access2000, and error message:
ODBC- -call failed
[INTERSOL][ODBC SQL Server driver][S #102] was recieved. The action was "Transfer Database", Transfer type: "Export", Database type: "ODBC Database"

Has anyone seen this. I found nothing in TechNet (June 2000 edition).


A:Access 97 convert to 2000 ODBC error

You've obviously got a macro or other code in the database that saves the file through ODBC to an external file. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go to the Macros tab and see if you have any. Open them in design view and see if there is a file name listed in any of them.

Brainbench MVP for Microsoft Word

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HI... I need to know how i can bypass, or otherwise hack teh Access Denied error that windows 2000 gives you when you try to access a file that you dont have permisions to... can any saviour tell me how to get past this little hitch???

A:Hacking the Access denied error in Win 2000

Cannot Delete: Access Denied. The same principles apply here.

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