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Encrypt Windows Phone SD Card?

Q: Encrypt Windows Phone SD Card?

Is it possible to Encrypt the Micro SD card of windows 8 phone to make the phone secure?

Preferred Solution: Encrypt Windows Phone SD Card?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Encrypt Windows Phone SD Card?

Originally Posted by towget

Is it possible to Encrypt the Micro SD card of windows 8 phone to make the phone secure?

No it isn't. You can't encrypt the main phone storage either (at least consumers can't because it needs to be enabled through Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) or Mobile Device Management (MDM), which normal users don't have access to).

With Windows 10 Mobile, it also won't be possible to encrypt the Micro SD card, only the main storage.

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3 years ago i had a blackberry curve 8520 and i didnt know how to use it much. sadly i clicked on encryption thinking it was setting a password for my blackberyy device. 2 years later i swapped it out and got the new blackberry curve. now for a year i have been dealing with a message everytime i put my memory card in that says 'an encrypted memory card has been inserted' etc so i basically cant view the files i have on this card and they are really important to me. im pretty sure i know the encryption password i just want to know is there any way at all, any way possible i can de-crypt this card without the original device??

A:De-Encrypt My Encrypted Memory Card

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I have a Satellite Click Mini L9W-B-100 8.9. I have 128gb SD card in the expanse slot. Is there a way to encrypt the SD card in case the netbook gets lost or stolen or mount the SD card so it only works with the netbook?

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As a rule, I don't run NTFS on any of my systems and I advise against it in most situations. The reason is that I consider the additional stability and security that NTFS offers to be outweighed by the disadvantage of making it impossible, if not near impossible, to clean adware/spyware/viruses from an infected machine. But now I am presented with a new dilemma:

I have a laptop that I am using more as time progresses. It has a lot of information stored on it about my clients' user names, passwords, e-mail configurations, product keys (which they do lose, occasionally). Losing the laptop to a thief and the potential that the thief would discover the valuable and sensitive information stored on it . . . Well, I think you get the idea.

I am thinking of converting the laptop to NTFS and encrypting the many folders that contain sensitive information, thus protecting my clients from any potential damage due to loss of the laptop.

Here's the proposed scenario and conditions:
The laptop's hard disk is converted to NTFS.
Folders containing sensitive information are encrypted.
The OS on the laptop crashes and is unrecoverable.
I am forced to trash the existing OS and set up Windows 2000 or XP fresh and clean and start over again.
What must I do now to prepare for this day so that after the OS is loaded again, I can access those encrypted folders?

A:To encrypt (folders) or not to encrypt--that is my question.

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Hello. Suddenly I was enable device encryption. Then I forget it . Few days later , I got some problem such as photo ,snapshot couldn't save , couldn't delete anything from SD card. I downloaded some important document file after few min I can't find in SD card . I copied from laptop but after disconnected from laptop couldn't find selected file. Then decide to format SD card but can't format . I got this message" widnows was unable to format?? "
Then I tried PC third party app Sdformatter it also showed" write protected"
Now , I want to know that How can I solve this problem?
Is there any solution experts?
#Device: Lumia 535
Windows phone 10 TP Redstone build .

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Hi there
I haven't tried this yet but maybe later this wek when I get some spare time.

If you have a phone with a separate micro sd card of large enough capacity could you install windows to go on it and then use this as a USB ext drive on a laptop to boot Windows to go. These cards are now available up to 32 GB which is PLENTY for a small W8 installation.

In theory it should work -- but I've never tried the approach with a micro sd card. The micro sd card appears as an exte drive to the laptop so if the laptop can boot from a usb drive then it should work similarly to a USB stick.

I can see the advantages to having a portable Windows OS on a smartphone internal memory card. (Note the Windows OS will be booted on to a laptop --not the smart phone itself).


A:Bootable Windows to go on internal micro sd card on smart phone !!

It won't work from a normal card since I am not aware of any bios that can boot from the integrated card reader.

Perhaps it can work if the card reader is attached to the system by USB, but even that is doubtful since the boot loader probably won't know how to look at the card reader as a device. This is certainly the way to try though, if any.

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Our school uses proxy that requires username/password authentication to connect on Wifi. Good thing is Windows Phone 8.1 has option to turn proxy on/off and sign in to proxy. The problem is after setting up the network connecting to it, my apps still can't
connect to the network (some apps for example are Facebook app, Skype, other 3rd party apps). The IE and Windows App Store can connect to the network though. I am currently looking for 3rd party app that can provide global proxy authentication so I can connect
my apps to the internet but I can't one.

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I looked up how to encrypt files and it said windows 7 had a encryption software built in. I went to properties and went to the advance options and there was encrypt file for secure data or something like that. But it was unselectable.

A:How do encrypt files on my windows 7?

Whether you need to protect internal or removable drives, BitLocker in Windows 7 makes that protection easy because it works with almost any drive. Windows 7 simplifies the encryption of internal drives by automatically creating the hidden boot partition
necessary to use BitLocker to protect the OS volume, eliminating the need to manually select that option during installation or to repartition the drive afterward. Best of all, BitLocker can be enabled on drives running Windows 7 with a simple right-click...STEP
1.To enable encryption you would right click a folder or file and then choose Properties from the displaying menu.
2.Once the Properties page appears you would click the Advanced button on the General Tab and choose the Select the Encrypt contents to secure data check box, and then click OK.
3.Another dialog box will come up to give you the option of applying the changes to the folder only or to the folder, any subfolders found and the files within.
[NOTES FROM THE FIELD] – It is important to note that once you start encrypting information that you should back up your encryption certificate which is the “key” to lock and unlock the data. If your certificate and
key are lost or damaged and you do not have a backup, in most cases where a local system is involved, that encrypted information is lost as it remains forever locked.
There are more recovery options available to you when ... Read more

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I will not mention specific models for the three smartphone types today. Just want to hear your opinion regarding their overall:

1. Performance
2. Battery Consumption
3. Features
4. Customization
5. Price

Thanks much!

A:Best Smartphone: iPhone, Windows Phone, Android Phone

Iphone is now after android smartphones....
You've forgotten "5 - Prices"

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I'm trying to copy contacts for a client from a windows phone to a Nokia
The contacts are on the Phone and much larger than the sim card can hold - and also separate sims

So a few weeks ago, I have copied all the contacts to the SIM card on the windows Phone - placed into the Nokia and copied to the Nokia Phone
But we are missing quite a few contacts now - and because of sim activation and de-activation I did not want to mess around with simcard coping again

Windows Phone - Orange SPV M700
Nokia 6500 Slide
Windows Mobile Device Centre
Nokia Ovi Suite
Sony Laptop with Vista & Bluetooth
Outlook 2003

The Plan for Next Monday 7th

i will use my Sony Laptop with Bluetooth
I have used bluetooth to connect the phone before - but didnt have the sync software

I have Windows Mobile Device Centre
with Outlook 2003, windows - which is blank -
Nokia Ovi Suite - Which I know works with the phone
So I can sync the windows phone using bluetooth to the Mobile Centre and use Oulook 2003 as contacts

Q1) can I just sync from the Windows Phone to outlook and therefore obtain a complete copy of the contacts - I do NOT want the blank contacts on outlook to delete the contacts on the phone , can I set up the Sync from Phone => outlook

then I will have a backup of the contacts on outlook and can save the contacts using export, which we also need to have

Next I can then with bluetooth connect to the Nokia phone and Sync with Outlook - this time the otherway
outloo... Read more

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Hello guys, today i'm are here to explain How to crypte a hard drive or partition in Windows 10
, as you know Windows 10 Professional edition allows you to use bit-locker to add an additional layer of protection for you data in your hard drive .
So if you're using windows 10 pro , and you don't know how to activate bitlocker in your PC , you have just to follow this video :

i'll be happy to answer any quastion
Thank you

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This is the first I've seen this. Seems like it should have been publicized more. I'm not sure I want Microsoft or anyone else holding my encryption keys. Luckily, this only applies to computers with a TPM, which I don't have. Do you?

Windows 8.1 Will Start Encrypting Hard Drives By Default: Everything You Need to Know

A:Windows 8.1 will encrypt everything by default - yikes!

Originally Posted by mikeytg

This is the first I've seen this. Seems like it should have been publicized more. I'm not sure I want Microsoft or anyone else holding my encryption keys. Luckily, this only applies to computers with a TPM, which I don't have. Do you?

Windows 8.1 Will Start Encrypting Hard Drives By Default: Everything You Need to Know

Hi there


I'm running W8.1 RTM Enterprise - and nothing has been encrypted so far -- I've copied data to external drives and used them on other machines etc etc.

BITLOCKER is another issue - but you have to enable that anyway if you want to use it.

(BTW what's a TPM on a computer ??)


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We have a client that wants to encrypt his secondary hard drive. He would like to know if this is possible to do. I tried doing a test by adding a folder on his secondary drive, and naming it "test" Then tried to encrypt it, but could not because I got a message "invalid recovery certificate"

This user is part of domain. Can anyone help me and with how I can go about setting this up, if it is possible? Thanks

A:How do I encrypt a secondary drive on a windows 7 32 OS?

I'm not too familiar with this but from what i gather on the web, you have to renew the certificate(s).

*Taken off MS site*
Q: When I was encrypting a file, I got this message: "Recovery policy configured for this system contains invalid recovery certificate."

A: This means that one or more of the recovery agent certificates on the computer are expired. To encrypt the file, you have to renew the certificate. If your computer is on a domain, contact the system administrator.
*Taken off MS site*

Have a look @ the link below on how to renew the certs. Hope it helps.
Request or renew a certificate


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My windows phone is locking
I cant open my phone
how to open it?
and how to restart my phone back to started

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Hi All

I used the files and folders Encrypt attribute: "Properties>General>Encrypt contents to secure data"
to encrypt a folder and all its contents. The folder and all its contents are green of colour. Now this is on the D-drive. I formatted my windows C drive and now I cannot access any of the files inside the encrypted folder.

I try setting permissions but they are set for administrators and I'm an administrator. How do I decrypt them?

Thank you

A:Solved: Windows Folder Encrypt Attribute - How to Decrypt?

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How do I get back the files that were in an encrypted folder in Windows XP? I went to the User I used to encrypt them (right click on folder->encrypt folder and subfolders) and undid that option, but even though the folder and subfolders are no longer listed in green color (the color of encrypted folders) the files themselves are still gone, just the folders themselves remain, but no files at all that used to be visible in those folders. I hate encryption. I never thought it meant "hide these files from everyone, including ME." It's so stupid. How do I decrypt my folders, or, perhaps more accurately, how do I decrypt the files that used to be visible inside the folders and subfolders in the previously-encrypted folder? I even did the lengthy thing related to Certificates and still the files themselves are hidden from me. And they're not simply "hidden files" because I tried that option in options->View but it didn't do the trick. There's gotta be another way.

A:How do I get back the files that were in an encrypted folder in Windows XP? I went to the User I used to encrypt them (right cl...

It sounds like you may have already tried one of these steps.Perhaps one of the others will restore the files for you.

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I am trying to encrypt my drive using BitLocker. I am saving the key to a USB drive, only encrypting used data, and using new encryption mode. I then run system check before encrypting the drive, and when I restart my computer, I get the following message: "BitLocker could not be enabled. The BitLocker encryption key cannot be obtained from the Trusted Platform Module (TPM). C: was not encrypted."I've done some troubleshooting elsewhere, but can't find any info to help me. I'm running Windows 10 Pro on a Lenovo T440s machine. My TPM is initialized, owned and running, so I'm not sure what to do there. Here are images of my TPM from Device Manager.I'm at a loss, and I definitely need to be able to encrypt my drive. Does anyone have any information? If you need more information about my system, BIOS, etc., I'll be happy to oblige. Thank you.  

A:Unable to encrypt drive using BitLocker on T440s running Windows 10

My guess is that you deployed Win10 in legacy mode, instead of UEFI mode.  You can confirm this in msinfo32.exe, look for "BIOS Mode" in the right-hand panel.  It needs to be "UEFI" if you want to use TPM 2.0.  

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The micro cards that go in a LG eNV3, for example - If you format one from another phone to use in the NV. Are they formatted as FAT, FAT32 or NTFS?

A:Cell Phone Card

FAT or FAT32 is usually used in mobile devices.
Best way to be sure it is formatted properly is
to use the built in format function in the phone.

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I bought this new phone that can hold a MicroSD card. I have a computer that has a microSD reader can I just put the card in my computer, load data (music,photos), and then put it back in the phone? I was going to buy a usb cable but I dont think I will because I have this card reader in my computer. Does that make sense or do I need the usb cable?


A:Microsd card////phone

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I have a 32 gb micro SD card, I've had it for about a year now, never had problems with it. I was transferring music on it today and I put it back into my phone. It worked fine, then I had to move something else on to it, so I used my adapter, and it said there was an issue with the driver, I scanned and repaired, then moved the files over. There was no virus or malware on the files I transferred. When I put it back into my phone, it didn't show up. I figured it needed to be scanned and fixed again, so again I put it back into my computer. This time it didn't pop up. I looked in my drivers, and it wasn't showing up. I tried moving it to different ports, and nothing. I did it manually by pulling up the Devices, and it was showing there, but when I try to open the files, it's grayed out. It is no longer working, I can't open anything, can't format, nothing. I tried cleaning the contacts with alcohol, and again nothing. Please help, as there is important stuff on this SD card. Could I take this to a store to get it fixed? I tried pulling it up in cmd and it tells me cannot open volume for direct access. Please help, thanks.


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Right, if i connect my phone to ANY of my pc's (all 3 lol) it works fine, F:/ is PHONE_CARD and it displays the files fine.
However if i do exactly the same on my laptop, with my phone, or my MP3 player, the removable disk F:/ (PHONE_CARD) shows these strange files which i believe are to do with the laptop and nothing to do with the phone/mp3 player/remove device eg. memory stick.

How can i get it to display the correct files (from F:/) ? Thanks.

A:Error reading phone card.

Bump..... :/

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I'm using 1GB mmc memory card for my nokia n70.Can I format my memory card by using my pc.Is it ok for me to format using pc and will my phone detect the memory card or is it I still have to format it using my nokia n70? Plz help me...

Thanks in advance for your help....

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I'm not sure if ya'll do phone stuff but i am willing to give it a try. I just got a Cingular LG CU500 and I bought a sandisk 1gb mini disk for storage. When I try to access how much memory is on there is says card not ready. I bought a data cable and it does not work either. So what should i do about the memory card to get it to work right? And if anyone knows what data cable should I buy that actually works. Thx Josh

A:Memory card problem on phone


Is there an option on your phone to format the card ? also on some there is a little lock slide to prevent accidental writing on.


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it is a Samsung GT-s5560 I have- and a 2GB memory card .
Do I need to do anything else to get it working?
I can see it has been accepted and I can read the memory status but it seems the phone is only using its own internal memory and I keep getting prompted to delete files when I reach 100MBs.....

A:Solved: using my microsSD card in the phone

I seem to have resolved the problem.
I have now transfered my files on the PC directly to the memory card instead of just to the phone..
I am still getting used to using it.
So no panic now

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Hi there

W10 only seems to see the internal data storage of an S5 phone (Samsung) just updated to Android V6 - and can't see the micro sd card (32GB).

Worked perfectly with Android 5.0 -- moral -- don't automatically let your phone update Android -- seems Android 6 is a bit slower too --phone takes longer to start up.

--added tried on Linux-- phone works fine - both micro SD card and internal phone storage seen as separate "Disks".

On Windows I tried both USB2 and USB 3 connections (S5 has the "double" Usb 3 type connector but you can also use a "bog standard" usb 2 connector. Didn't make any difference - micro SD card not seen.

On the phone menu I ensured MTP option was selected --there's also an option for USB 3 (faster) transfer --both worked on Linux - only the internal phone storage was seen on Windows - no micro sd card.

I have an older S3 samsung phone - used as a test --don't use it as a phone any more as it doesn't support 4G. This had Android 5 on it and that worked fine -- so not sure if it's android or Windows !!. but in either case I'd like a fix --the S5 is stil a very popular phone and with external removable micro sd card very useful too. S7 also good but don't need that yet and it's almost as much as a used car to buy !!! -- Samsung S6 though avoid. !!!!


A:Android 6.0 - W10 only sees phone data not sd card

Did you get the latest Google android USB drivers?

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My SD card was originally in a mobile phone now no phone nor my computer will recognize it in order for me to format it, can anyone possibly help me in finding a way to fix it? Thankyou

A:SD Card not recognized in mobile phone or on computer

Is it just a regular SD card? Did you check if it has a switch on the side? Maybe it's locked.
Did you restart your computer with the card connected and it wasn't recognized? Did you try to clean it?
Otherwise it sounds like it could be just too late to save the card.

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I was told at Staples that Kingston Micro SDHC/SDXC Card, Class 10 UHS-I, 64GB would work for Samsung S5 phone.

Item 1265935

Model KC-C2264-2V

So I bought it since it was on sale.

When I plugged in the micro sd card to a hi capacity adapter with usb to Windows 7 computer, it shows it formatted already as ExFat format here-

My question is Samsung S5 compatible in ExFat format or Fat32 when I read or write with micro sd card inside the slot of Samsung S5 ?
Should I format it to Fat32 or it won't format as Fat32 when using 64 Gbs?

I know the previous Kingston sd card I had was 32 gbs and was Fat32 format
which worked.


A:Samsung S5 phone micro sd card format for 64 gbs ?

FAT32 file system is the most compatible file system, as it can be read and written to on all platforms, but you cannot save files larger then 4Gb. exFAT, which is specifically used for USB Flash drives and Phones, no longer has this limitation and it should be compatible with your phone.

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Trying to format micro SD card for cell phone. Windows> "Windows unable to complete the format" Clicked on "computer" the SD came up, but looks like there is a set GB size(forgot what that was) my card is 16 GB...Not very computer smart so maybe someonce can help. Acer, Aspire, processor P6100

A:Formating micro SD card for my cell phone

what phone? did you try to let the phone to format it? how are you trying to format it in the computer? did you try formating it as fat 32 or another?

3 Ways to Format an SD Card - wikiHow

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I can not connec t my mobile phone's sd card storage to my laptop through data cable i upgraded to windows 10 pro few days earlier  what do i do?

A:I can not connec t my mobile phone's sd card storage to my l...

@ShafExplores I had the same problem after Upgrading to Win10 -- and the problem is most likely due to the lack of the proper USB drivers for your mobile phone, as Win10 is not automatically going to install those, and if you had them in an earlier OS, they did not get carried over. What you need to do is hunt down a support website for the manufacturer of your mobile phone, go to that site, and it they have it, download and install their USB Mobile drivers for Win10. I have a Samsung  phone and after I installed their drivers, I was able to then see the phone contents.Good Luck

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Following accidental deletion of files on my mobile memory card, I have used a data recovery software which was able to list and retrieve the deleted files (jpeg pictures). However none of them can be viewed in picture viewers. The problem is directly related to errors in the files namely in the headers. It seemed that this problem can be fixed using hex editor but there are hundreds of files. I am looking for some ideas of repairing the files and in batch mode. I do have good picture files from the same mobile/memory card that can be used as a template should those be needed. Thanks in advanced for your your help.

A:Repaiging Recovered Pictures From Phone Memory Card

You may be somewhat optimistic about the problem. It is doubtful that all those files would have been recovered with header information missing. It is more likely that the files that were recovered, though the right sizes, were not recovered with the correct beginning and ending bytes, and that they thus overlap, some of each file's bytes being in the previous or next file's bytes. Recovery software needs to correctly determine the partition boundaries in order to know where the files were located. Software that is able to try various (guessed or detected) possible starting points is most likely to succeed.

What software did you use? You may need to try a number of them to see if you can get valid files back. PhotoRec is a good one. When using recovery software, always test the first few files to make sure that they are being correctly recovered.

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I have a blackberry pearl and want to purchace a one gb memory card for it. They suggest i get a MicroSD one. is it ok to buy a different brand that is cheaper or is there a differnce in quality or something???

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Running Windows XP Professional SP3
Have a memory card in my cell phone that I should be able to transfer infomation back and forth to my computer directly without additonal software. When I plug the phone into the USB it configures all the drivers and such and the bubble pops up "Your New Hardware is Ready to Use" but nothing happens. The "Safely Remove Device" green arrow icon is not there, the device is not listed in my computer or Device manager. When I unplug and plug the phone in it makes the connecting beep that all devices make, starts to charge the phone and thats where it all ends.

A:Removable Drive/Memory Card/USB/Cell Phone???

Take a look at your phone while you plug it in. There could be some kind of note that it's plugged into a PC, and you'd need to make it communicate with the PC. Last resort would be simple to remove the memory card and insert it directly to a memory card reader...

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When I connect usb cable from my Motorola W230 to access the memory card it connects and then vanishes and then appears the message that the usb device was not recognized, I have all the drivers installed but not working dfe all.
Before formatting my pc it worked!
When I go to device management I see the message: unknown device (error 43).
I want an urgent solution please!

A:Phone's memory card unknown device (error 43)

When you formatted your hard drive, did you change operating systems? If yes, what did you have?

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Im using the Sandisk 1gb card in the Samsung Z400 mobile, ive put the card in the adapter and into my computer, i can copy images onto the card no problem, when i come to copying music i get this message

"Cannot copy "Song Name" : The device is not ready"

what does this mean?

A:Sandisk MicroSD 1 gb phone card problem? cant copy music

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I currently have an 8GB,Micro SDHC, Class 4, Non-branded Memory Card in my phone, but it's full up. I have bought & tried a Kingston 64GB, Micro SDXC, Class 10; a SanDisk, 64GB, micro SDXC, Class 10; & a Samsung 64GB, micro SDXC, Class 4. None of them is recognized by my phone, although they work fine in my laptop. Do I need to reduce the size down to a 32GB, SDHC, or what can anybody recommend for me to try next. I have read that somebody has installed a 128GB in the same model phone & got it to work, but I don't want to go to the expense for that size. Thanks for any suggestions!

A:Memory card for Nokia Lumia 1520 smart phone.

It's not something I've experienced, so maybe someone who's experienced the problem first hand will come along shortly. However, when you say they aren't recognised, I assume it shows the SD Card in Storage Sense as 'not found'? Just out of interest, if you install the 'Files App' (a Microsoft App), does if show the card then?

Another thing to check is whether the cards are formatted to the right file system? Taken from HERE:

What file systems do my Lumia phone support?

Your phone supports FAT32 for SDHC cards, exFAT for SDXC cards, with a single Master Boot Record (MBR) partition table.

- Up to 32-GB SDHC cards using the FAT file system.
- 64-GB SDXC cards using the exFAT file system.

Instructions for formatting the card here:
FAQ - My memory card is not working properly in Lumia phone - Microsoft - UK

If that doesn't work, a quick Google search shows that some people have needed to completely reset the phone before it would recognise their SD card. Obviously, this would be a bit of a sledge hammer solution and not particularly ideal as it would entail backing up your entire phone, completely wiping it and starting again from scratch by going to Settings > About > Reset Your Phone.

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Dear all, My ThinkPad Yoga X1 Carbon has WWMA, and once I insert a 4g SIM card it works really well for connecting to the Internet and web browsing. I was wondering whether it would be possible to also phone directly from the laptop, without removing the SIM card and putting it back into the smartphone. I am currently on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, but I can also use it with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Best, ct529  

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Someone asked me to help them with their wired network card no longer working after installing the software for their Android phone on a Windows 7 PC.

I tried uninstalling the card, re-installing it, and many other things, but it keepssaying there might be a problem with the driver and that no connection is available. It does detect when the network cable is unplugged.

I ran out of ideas to fix this, any suggestions?


A:Network card doesn't work after installing LG android phone software

Is the network card a separate card or is it onboard the motherboard? What is the make and model# of the motherboard/computer? Have you gone to the manufacturers support/download drivers site typed in the computer/motherboard make and model number and downloaded the Network Adapter driver for this model computer?

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Hello, I'm running windows 10 Home edition.  "Ecrypt Contents to Secure Data" is greyed out.  I've confirmed I'm using NTFS and the registry key NtfsDisableEncryption is already at 0.
Please don't tell me this isn't available in the Home Edition.

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A:Solved: Asap Help Needed For Threatening Phone Calls..is There Software For Phone/computer

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i have been getting alot of bad,crank,threatening phone calls lately
and they can not be traced with caller id,etc.
is there software available for when i run the phone line though my computer,
it might be able to detect where the phone call is coming from?


A:Asap Help Needed For Crack Phone Calls..is There Software For Phone/computer

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Is there a programme on Windows that will transfer the phone numbers from my AOL address book to my Sony Ericsson phone? Or any other software where I can store all the numbers and then transfer all the numbers to each new phone?

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I am using outlook contacts and would like to add phone fields to the phone numbers in the detailed address view e.g. another mobile , home 3 , business 3 , packet 8 etc...
I tried everything and consulted every book , but no way . The addition will show up if I switch to phone list , but not in the detailed view .
Any suggestions ???

Thanks ,


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Does this phone work with Vista 64. My Skype works fine but not I want a phone.

Very frustrated re 64 bit drivers for Skype phones and adaptors.


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Q: Encrypt

I'm running Windows 7 and I go to Properties, Advanced and it won't let me encrypt a file, folder, picture, it's grayed out, but I don't know why?


Hello Richard,

If you have the Compress contents to save disk space box checked, then that would be why Encrypt contents to secure data is grayed out. You can only have one of them checked instead.

If not, the check using the tutorial below to make sure that EFS encryption is still enabled.

Encryption - Disable or Enable - Vista Forums

Hope this helps,

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Hello, I am a new user here, I have a two HDDs.
I want to know the procedure for encrypting my hdd. Here are also few things that I also want to know:
1. If i do encryption on my hdd, can a virus/malware/Trojan affect that HDD or not.
2. Also if i do encryption can I download things from internet on that hdd.
3. If I install windows 7 on encrypted HDD and install other programs or games on other HDD, then it will work or not. I think this will ensure security for windows 7 and less chance of being affected.

Please let me know these will work or not. If there is any other method please tell me.


A:How do I encrypt my HDD? And also need more help.

Quote: Originally Posted by icehead

Hello, I am a new user here, I have a two HDDs.
I want to know the procedure for encrypting my hdd. Here are also few things that I also want to know:
1. If i do encryption on my hdd, can a virus/malware/Trojan affect that HDD or not.
2. Also if i do encryption can I download things from internet on that hdd.
3. If I install windows 7 on encrypted HDD and install other programs or games on other HDD, then it will work or not. I think this will ensure security for windows 7 and less chance of being affected.

Please let me know these will work or not. If there is any other method please tell me.

1-Yes it can
2-yes you can
3-usually yes


If you lose the key, if a single bit of the key becomes corrupt, you will lose everything. IMHO it is just not worth it!

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Can someone decode or whatever this for me please, It's for school and i really need help.

This is it: to expand...

clue is: There are 4 levels of encryption.

The answer will be a sentence with less than 10 words in it.

Please help me.

A:Need help to encrypt this

is anyone going to help me?

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