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[SOLVED] Windows 2000 clock speeds up 11 minutes daily

Q: [SOLVED] Windows 2000 clock speeds up 11 minutes daily

I have checked the Bios clock and it has the correct time when I boot my computer in the morning and so does my Windows clock (which is synchronized to my network) but by noon my Windows clock is 11 minutes fast. I have used SPYBot and Adware and they don't detect anything. Can someone help please. I posted this yesterday on the Security Forum and recieved no response.

Preferred Solution: [SOLVED] Windows 2000 clock speeds up 11 minutes daily

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: [SOLVED] Windows 2000 clock speeds up 11 minutes daily

maybe you live in an area that is faster than everybody else?

only things I can think of is that a) you have a third party application that is messing with the clock or b) something is wrong with your hardware.. I did a little searching on the web and couldn't find any quick fix except this http://www.snsware.net/xptimesync/ if it is the hardware issue..

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I have checked the Bios clock and it has the correct time when I boot my computer in the morning and so does my Windows clock (which is synchronized to my network) but by 5 P.M. my Windows clock is 11 minutes fast. I have used SPYBot and it doesn't detect anything. Can someone help please.

A:Windows 2000 clock speeds up 11 minutes daily

A colleague of mine said maybe it's the Evil Empire's fault "Microsoft" and then it hit me, I'm connected to multiple servers Novell and Microsoft, sure enough when I checked the Microsoft Server it was 11 minutes fast!

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This issue has been on going and I couldn't find a fix for it. Lately a lot of people in our company are reporting that their laptop is off by 3-4 minutes. We run windows 7 professional 64-bit english. This is not an issue with just a couple of people. I've experienced this myself on my T440 laptop. Eventually the time fixes it self but I run late to meetings because of it. I'm in Boston and we have employees in Arizona and they reported the same thing. Time zone is correct on all the laptops. What could cause this? and are we the only one experiencing this issue? 

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Hello folks!
I'm using Outlook 2000 and I just noticed that when I recieve mail the time recieved is 2 hours previous the actual time. My pc's clock is ok. The timestamp on when I sent it is ok too. I looked up timestamp in the help index and can't find anything. I must be blind.

Indeed, I was blind. It was in the Calendar section! All is well.

Thanks and may God bless,

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My EPOX EP-8KTA3+ Board has a utility that tells the voltage values that the board is producing. It has always reported that the 2.5V was too low at 1.54V. I never paid any attention since everything was working perfectly. Then recently I noticed that my computer’s clock started losing about 30 minutes every day. So I replaced the ‘battery’ on the motherboard. I checked again after adding the new battery and the very next day I still had lost 30 minutes off the clock ? Any ideas what else can make the computer’s clock lose time other than the battery ?

A:Clock losing ½ hr daily ?

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Hi guys,
I am looking for a way to automate emailing .xml files to the appropriate recipients. I need to figure out how to write a script to automatically generate a message with a .xml attachment (named Sales_Report_7_22_07.xml for instance) and have it sent at 8am daily. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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does anyone know where i can get hold of the actual clock speeds for all intel celeron D processors and amd Sempron processors....

I want to compare the processor speeds with actual speed without overclocking

eg i know an athlon 2600xp actually runs at 2086 speed rather than 2600.

A:clock speeds

If you Google:

1. Celeron D clock speeds

2. Sempron clock speeds

You will find the data you want.

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My laptop been showing unusually high clock speeds on HW monitor recently. I have not overclocked when I bought it but I'm aware that the i7 4710hq has turboboost capabilities to 3.5Ghz. Just recently I have seen the clock speeds reach up to 3.7Ghz which had not happened in the past year I had the laptop (the speeds continuosly reach this point even after the first day). My concerns are :1. Will these high speeds cause any harm whatsoever?? 2. Any ideas what could have caused this to happen all of a sudden? 

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I recently built a new PC, and Nvidia Monitor shows my 9800GTX bus speeds as:

GPU core (3D): 300.000 MHz
GPU memory: 100.000 MHz

This is confusing to me because they seem lower than what the 9800 should have (a 738 MHz core clock is what it should be).

However, my performance in-game is still quite good, so I'm assuming that the two cards ARE operating at their factory clock speeds - and that Nvidia is just monitoring them wrongly? Could the mistake be related at all to the SLI steup?

Thanks for any help.

A:My 9800GTX+ clock speeds are off...

Those are idle clocks...Try running Furmark or AtiTool stability test, and they will be 738 and... 1100? As well as they go up when you game. Whenever the card is not really in use, it goes down to save energy.

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I want to purchase a new computer soon, and would like to buy one with an Athlon processor.

I have a number of software applications I will want to install on this new machine, but the system requirement are always listed in terms of Pentium processors and Ghz.

How can I know if a certain Athlon processor is comparable to a certain Pentium version?

(For example: I know I will need the equivalent of a P4 - 2.4 Ghz.)


A:How to know Athlon clock speeds?

An Athlon XP 2400+ would be equivilant to a Pentium 4 2.4Ghz.

An Athlon's model number is to what clock speed its compareable on a Pentium 4. So an Athlon64 3200+ will give you roughly the same performance as an Intel Pentium 4 running at 3000Mhz.

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Hey, just tweaking with my BIOS settings here. I was wondering if there was a way to tell what kind of clock speeds my motherboard can handle. All I remember is that I have a MSI. What I'm trying to figure out is if I can max out my CPU Bus Clock and AGP PCI Clock speeds any. Right now my CPU is set at 200 MHZ and the AGP PCI is set at 66.33/33.33. Thanks for any replies.

A:Adjusting CPU Bus and AGP PCI Clock speeds...

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radeon powercolor 9800 pro

here's what my computer reports.


Graphics Card Manufacturer - Built by ATI
Graphics Chipset - RADEON 9800 PRO
Device ID - 4E48
Vendor - 1002

Subsystem ID - 4E48
Subsystem Vendor ID - 1002

Bus Type - AGP
Current Bus Setting - AGP 8X

BIOS Version - 008.017D.016.00
BIOS Part Number - BK-ATI VER008.017D.016.000
BIOS Date - 2004/06/22

Memory Size - 128 MB
Memory Type - DDR SGRAM / SDRAM

Core Clock in MHz - 378 MHz
Memory Clock in MHz - 297 MHz


notice the memory clock, shouldn't it be @ 680mhz as described here? maybe there's a problem or perhaps i misunderstand something.



AMD Athlon XP 2000+
Gigabyte K7 Triton400 Series (7VAXP Ultra)
Powercolor Radeon 9800 pro (128mb)
512 Kingston DDR 333
Stormcool III WaterCooling (CPU & GFX)
550w Q-Tec Dual Fan Gold PSU


motorola SB5100 SURFboard cable modem
Downstream: 4mbit (tested: 3827 Kbps (478.4 KB/sec) 4133 Kbps (inc. overheads))
Upstream: 384kbps (tested: 363 Kbps (45.4 KB/sec) 392 Kbps (inc. overheads))

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I'm interested to learn more about the difference between a DDR2 667 (PC2 5300) and a DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500). Even the meaning of 2.80GHz compared to a 2.70GHz.

It's a subject about computers that I'm very confused about and I'm really hoping someone can help shed some light on it and give me a link to some tutorial, book reading, etc, etc, that can help teach me what all of this is, how it works, etc, etc, as I'm not exactly sure what to put into Google.

Thanks a lot,


A:Learning More About Clock Speeds, etc.

Same, also about how much the CAS latency settings make a difference??

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I recently clean reinstalled Windows 7 home premium, i have since had daily BSOD issues, mainly while browsing the net, not while using taxing software. I am a novice at diagnosing these issues any help appreciated.

A:BSOD Clock interupt not recieved...daily?

The particular BSOD you are receiving can be caused by a BIOS bug, and looking at your BIOS date it is fair to say that the BIOS is out dated:

BIOS Version/Date Award Software International, Inc. F2, 29/03/2011
BIOS updates can be found on the motherboard manufacturers web site.

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I have recently purchased the abovementioned graphics card, and have a query.

When I view the clock speeds in Catalyst Control Centre (in the Graphics Hardware tab) it reports the core at 500Mhz and the memory at 594Mhz. This is at odds with the cards specification, which states that they should be 625Mhz and 900Mhz respectively.

Interestingly, under the ATi Overdrive facility (which I have not used at all) it says that the core is 'currently' at 500Mhz, but the 'requested' speed is 621Mhz. Similarly, the memory is said to be at 594Mhz, with a requested speed of 900Mhz.

So my question is, am I just seeing the slower speeds which the graphics card runs at when not under load (ie. on the desktop) when it is actually using its full speed when I am gaming? Or do I need to engage the Overdrive facility for the card to use its full power?

Currently the Overdrive facility is greyed out, with a big 'Unlock' button waiting to be pushed.

Thanks in advance for any help,


A:Connect3d X1950XT Clock Speeds

Why have you not unlocked the overdrive facility?

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i used the
net time /setsntp:time-nw.nist.org
net stop w32time
net start w32time
commands in my command prompt window, restarted, did everything, but my clock doesnt seem to update at all...i've set the time 1 hr and some random minutes ahead, and it doesnt change...anybody know how to get it to work?

[edit] i've realized that theres another code used...its
w32tm –once
where that goes between the
net stop w32time
net start w32time
but that doesnt seem to do anything either...

A:windows 2000 synch clock with internet time server

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Wondering if anyone has any suggestions....

I lost the time zone selection in my clock. I have scoured the net and have not found anything.


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I just received my 9700 Pro that I ordered this past week and I have a few problems. The default clock speeds on this thing is 324/290. What is wrong with that? The 9700 Pro's default clock speeds are suppose to be 325/310. The site I got it from advertised those clock speeds but that is not what I have on mine. This pisses me off for one.

Anyway. I will be contacting them about this Monday, but is it alright to set my memory to 310 anyway?

A:Radeon 9700 Pro Clock Speeds Problem

IDK, radeon's usually have an overclocking utility, and maybe they advertised the overclock peak speeds.
In that case whatch your temp and performance, but try and overlock it. Little at a time though.

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1.CPU-Z indicates that my clock speed is 2.4GHz even though my stock speed's 3.2ghz can anyone please explain to me why is this so? How can i set it back to its stock speed? What are the possible risks and benefits setting it back to stock stock?
2.why is my FSB on 200MHz even though the rated FSB is 800MHz

thnx in advance

A:CPU clock running slower than stock speeds

1 - EIST allows the system to dynamically adjust processor voltage and core frequency - look it up

2 - it gets 'quad-pumped' to 800 - look it up

edit: some reading - http://www.directron.com/fsbguide.html

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Putting together specs for a mini-PC (I need one for travel - that will go onto a plane as hand luggage, as I spent most of the year abroad working) for gaming, MS Flight Simulator X & FS9, to be precise. Basic specs I am probably going with:

ASUS® H97I-PLUS: Mini-ITX, LG1150, USB 3.0, SATA 6GBs

Intel® Core i7-4790k (4.0GHz) 8MB Cache




Windows 7 x64 Premium

But as for the RAM? 16GBs is not so much of an extra layout over 8GBs and 2133MHz RAM not so much more than 1600MHz. However that M/B doesn't support 2133MHz RAM and to get one that does adds some £100 sterling to the overall cost of the PC. So with that M/B I'd get:

Question is, would that be false economy?? It's quite an increase in price and my feeling is MS FS will run great with the 1600MHz RAM, but any input would be welcome.

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Hello! I am a happy owner of Lenovo p50, but i got couple of questions. Firstly, Intel Xeon CPU E3-1505M v5 @ 2.80GHz should have a maximum clock speed of 3.7ghz, but thats not the case. The higher i see it goes is ~3.4ghz. I use Piriform Speccy. I tried some CPU stress tests etc, but the result is around 3.4ghz max clock. The Second question is why my bios menu is all greyed and i cannot change any setting. Yesterday i upgraded the BIOS to the latest N1EET60W (1.33 ) and today i tried to visit the BIOS to check some CPU related settings, but i found that almost every setting is locked and i cannot access it. It might be a security mechanism, but before i enter the menu i got promted to scan my fingerprint so i guess that should be it.

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ok i understand ddr3 cards have a better clock speed but if i get one with a higher mb like 512 and ddr2 instead of 256 with ddr3 someone explain these to me in deatil please times is running out!

A:ddr2 & ddr3 video cards and clock speeds?

No-more is not always better. Since time is of the essence:
256MB dedicated ram (no hyper-memory or turbo trash crap)
GDDR3 (if not GDDR4)
256bit memory bus

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Okay, so I am starting this thread here seeing as how the topic of the old one no longer applies to this situation. I jumped ahead of myself trying to overclock this CPU which made me question the frequencies and voltages which are supposed to be set automatically by the motherboard. I am having a tough time understanding all this. I will post links to the exact parts I am using so whoever is keen enough to try to help will know what we're dealing with.

Motherboard: MSI A88X-G45 Gaming
CPU: AMD A10-6800K Richland 4.1 GHz (4.4 Turbo) Black Edition
RAM: Mushkin Enhanced Blackline DDR3 2133 MHz PC3 17000 1.6V

CPU-Z Screenshots

After doing some reading in regards to overclocking, I have found out some details which are totally incorrect in my case. For starters, the FSB to DRAM Frequency Ratio, from what I read, is supposed to be 1:1, some reported slightly higher ratios (3:10 or something similar) but CPUZ is showing 3:32 which sounds absurd. Also, it's reporting the RAM as PC3-12800 at 800 MHz and voltage at 1.5(?). I haev Intel XMP enabled on the motherboard, and the motherboard reports memory speed in BIOS at DDR-2133MHz. Can someone analyze the above shot and information and clue me in as to what is wrong and what needs to be done? I would really appreciate it because I am baffled. I have no clue what the CPU-NB frequency and voltages are for, so I don't want to mess with something I don't know anything about.

Anyway, any and all help is much appre... Read more

A:AMD A10-6800K Motherboard Setting Wrong Voltages and Clock Speeds

Go into the BIOS and change the DRAM voltage to 1.60 or 1.65V and set the timing as u see XMP-2132

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I've got my first freelancer job tomorrow at 1800.

My client has Windows 8 installed (with Windows 7 desktop, lolwut?), it's connected to the internet.

The clock changes every 10 minutes, despite being synchronised to internet time.

Any heads up?


Here's some extra, straight forward information;
Machine - HP Pavilion G6
Time setting - London
Problem - Clock (System Time) keeps changing incorrectly after about 10 to 30 minutes.

A:Clock changes every 10 minutes?

Replace the Battery on the MB.

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Hey all. I've often used the information on this forum to solve problems by myself, but I'm stumped this time.

I started having frequent BSODs about the middle of the past week. After popping open the case, I noticed the fan on my graphics card wasn't spinning - probably the fan burned out, or possibly there were too many programs trying to control it at once (I noticed several different "performance enhancing programs" that had been automatically installed when I installed all the various hardware on my computer had fan control options). Anyway, two days ago I pulled that out and am now just running on the internal graphics card on the motherboard. Stability seems to have improved, except that these past two days I've had one BSOD per day about ten minutes after startup, followed by no BSODs for the rest of the day - and I tend to use my computer constantly from about 9 a.m. to midnight. Yesterday, after that first BSOD, I used the computer to edit multiple documents with five to ten browser windows open, watch a DVD, and play Team Fortress 2 for several hours with no problem. Then I wake up, turn on the computer, get the BSOD after ten minutes, and here we are again.

I've run the windows file integrity checker and the memory integrity checker and both came up clean.

Any help would be appreciated!

I'm using a homemade system, a year and a half old.

OS: Original install of full (retail) Windows 7 Home Premium x64
CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 635 2.90 GHz
... Read more

A:Daily BSOD about 10 minutes after starting, then fine

Also, System Restore doesn't seem to be working. When I try to restore, it shows a screen that says something along the lines of 'System Restore is initializing' and the mouse pointer turns into the blue spinning wheel and keeps spinning, but nothing happens and I can't even move the mouse.

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My PC clock is drifting and I need to have it in synch with real time. Otherwise, I go 2 or 3 second off after 1 hour

Any know automatic tool to be run in the background?

I'm using Win 7 64


A:How to synchronize my PC clock every 5 minutes

Do you have your clock set to automatically synchronize? Click the clock (in system tray, lower right corner) > Change date and time settings > Internet Time tab > Change Settings button. From here you can select the synchronization source and do an immediate update.

If this doesn't get you synchronized, you might have a bad CMOS battery. It can affect date/time synchronization.

CMOS Definition (CMOS Battery)

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Hello Guys,

I have been receiving daily Blue Screens for a few months now. I have done all that I am familiar with to do. I am running an eMachines EL1330 with Windows 7 Home 64 Bit. I have upgraded the Ram from 3 GB to 4 GB recently (thought that was the problem), but nothing has changed. Everything else is stock out of the box.

I am currently utilizing the easyTether application from the Android Market to access the internet. The Blue Screens seemed to start with the installation of the application, but I have uninstalled it, and even restored the machine to factory settings using the recovery parition. The blue screens still persist. I usually receive one within minutes of my initial boot of the day. From there they seem random.


This is the link to my latest Memory Dump. Any help is appreciated.

A:Daily Blue Screens - Occur usually within minutes of StartUp

Bump to see if anyone can help.

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I tried to do my boyfriend a good deed by fixing his computer and I broke it worse. His laptop Sony Vaio was reinstalled with Windows 200 Pro.. which sucks anyway thats why I have XP- which sucks less. Anyway now he has no sound and his computer goes black every 3 minutes. It won't do anything if you touch any of the buttons including Cntl- Alt- Del. And if it goes into Standby becasue you made it the same thing happens.

I looked online and found info about the bios and ACPI stuff- I will take a look at his computer tomorrow.. can anyone explain this better to me? I think I might have a messed up Win 2000 disk as well.

A:Windows 2000 making Sony Vaio keep hibernating every three minutes

Most likely you will need to download and install a BIOS upgrade and Sony drivers for XP from Sony's support web site. As the generic drivers on the XP CD are not the right ones.

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Hey guys, I dont have much time to write this post so I will try to make it quick:

I was just now trying to burn a copy of a music cd, when I noticed that it was going pretty slow (considering that I have a 52x Cd reader and a 48x CD burner). The creation of the image file alone took like 7 minutes. The program I use is nero burn, but I also tried cloneCD to see if there was a difference and there was none. I had 52x read and 48x write speed manually selected (not highest) with both programs, and I tried a few different CDs but it was still very slow. After I was pretty convinced that something was wrong with the drive, I ran one final test. I ran the nero CD-DVD speed APP (test results are at the bottom) from the nero toolkit, and sure enough it was reporting my avg read speed over the whole test to be about 12x!

I am thinking that it may be a BIOS or windows setting but Im not sure. Both LG and ASUS have terrible tech support(I dont expect replies from them for at least another week), so you guys are really my best hope. Any help would be greatly appreciated, cuz I need it. Here are my system specs:

nero test results-
General Information
Operating System Windows 2000
Firmware Version 1.00
Serial Number
Disc Data CD
Capacity 62:41.56

Transfer Rate
Start 7.84x
End 16.69x
Average 12.78x
Type CAV

Seek Times
Random 89 ms
1/3 98 ms
Full 175 ms

CPU Usage
1X 7 %
2X 14 %
4X 21 %
8X 100 %

Burst Rate 750 KB/sec

Spin Up/Down Times
Spin ... Read more

A:Extremely slow CD-ROM speeds. over 7 minutes to read a cd!

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I went to get on my computer today and the clock was two hours and 17 minutes fast. I tried synchronizing it through the tab in the clock itself and also in the control panel and it did no good, it just synchronized back to the wrong time again. I know the time zone is not off because of the extra minutes added to the incorrect time. I tried restarting the computer but it is still wrong. I'm on DSL so I'm constantly connected to the internet. My OS is WIndows XP and I'm using IE7.

A:Clock Runs Fast, Minutes Are Off, Too

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Clock slows down a few minutes a day, Have sent back to HP 3 times and still doing the same thing.
HP7-1054. Only changes I've made are add a second hdd and changed ram from 6 g to 16 g..Neither change should affect time.

A:Clock slows down a few minutes a day HP7-1054

have you tried setting the clock to synchronise on the internet
also anything different about the powersupply - are you on a normal "grid" supplied power source ?

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Has anyone encountered anything of this sort?

About every 12 minutes or so, I have the explorer crash. The symptoms are "only" a refreshing of the taskbar and the disappearance of many - but not all - of the tray icons. The logs of these crashes - about 1000 so far, for the last few days - state "The system shell stopped unexpectedly and explorer.exe was restarted". They're listed as "source: Winlogon; no category; event identifier: 1002", with nothing in the hex dump. It's beyond infuriating. I tried every fix I could find, ran windows update, sfc, Norton's regscan (I won't even mention the regular AV and spyware scans), but nothing even decreased the regularity of this. I even installed the dreaded SP2, and it fixed nothing (just slowed down the system considerably).

The crashes seem to happen for no reason at all - I could be browsing online (from Firefox, obviously), watching something, running NASA's Worldwind, writing, or just letting the PC stand and idle with nothing running, and the crashes will happen, regardless of anything else...

It does seem to happen regardless of what I'm doing. Right now, I just tried one thing; I sat down, ran Sysinternals' File Monitor and had it log every file access, waiting for the crash to happen. It logged about 3 KB of text during the 30 seconds or so when the crash and explorer restart occurred... it's below. At that moment I was only reading a cached web page, ... Read more

A:Explorer in XP crashes every 10 minutes, like an alarm clock...?

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<p>I have been having an ongoing issue with a virus or malware that keeps setting my clost back 10 minutes (it took 30 minutes to drop back). system runs sluggish, and actually gets worse over days. I know it's not the battery sicne it's actually happening on two seperate computers. it seems to happen when explorer opens, or within in a hour (sometimes). running XP Pro 32 svs pk 3. Also, possibly related -- can't boot to safe mode. System reboots over and over -- turned off repot at fault and now instead of reboot when enteriong dafe mode&nbsp;-- it goes to bluescreen. Suggestions? Help</p>

A:XP Pro Clock Looses 10 minutes - Virus? But can't find topic

Let's deal with one system at a time, please.
Which of the symptoms you describe...apply to System A?  What is manufacturer and model of System A?

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Like many others, I had the Outlook issue when daylight savings came in to play. It was an issue on my old computer which used xp/ Office 2000 (I think) and it's still a problem on my new system: Vista Home Premium and Office 2007. When daylight savings comes into play, all of my appointments streach over two days. I tried fixes on the old set up to no avail. The only thing that worked was to simply turn off the automatically adjust date and time/ daylight savings feature and change the clock myself... which is just fine by me. Well, same problem again with the new system. I have tried patches and fixes and updates to get rid of the Outlook problem and just decided to use my little work around - do it all manually... again, which is just fine with me. I frankly don't care - I can't seem to get it sorted out any other way and it's the easiest fix. Or so i thought.

So there was the background. The problem i'm having is that the clock will NOT stay on the time i set it to! In under 5 minutes, it automatically reverts to the previous time.

Here are the steps I've taken:

1. Clicked the time in the bottom right of my screen.
2. Clicked "Change Date and time settings"
3. Clicked on "Change time zone"
4. (Made sure it is set to my time zone: GMT -05:00 )
5. (Made sure "automatically adjust clock for Daylight saving time is NOT checked)
6. Clicked "ok"
7. Click "Change Date and time"
8. I got a messag... Read more

A:Can change time but clock reverts back within a couple minutes

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I am trying to compare between two video cards that are very similar, and I'd like some other opinions on which would be the better purchase. The differences are subtle but I am not experienced enough to know how large the effective payout difference will be.

The first card is here:

It is a SAPPHIRE Vapor-X 100273L Radeon HD 4850 1GB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card. The Core Clock is at 650 MHz, the Memory Clock is at 1000 MHz. The final price would be $102.

The second card is here:

It is a HIS H485FM1GH Radeon HD 4850 1GB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card. The Core Clock is at 625 MHz, the Memory Clock is at 1986MHz. The final price would be $109.


My comparison so far is that Card 1 has 25 more MHz Core, but 986 Mhz less Memory Clock.
Warranties are the same.
I cannot truly tell, but it seems like the fan on card 1 is less robust than card 2. Can someone confirm this?
As far as my research has led me, the manufacturers themselves are not very different.
GRAM, SPU's, etc., are all identical between the cards. The main difference is in the two clock speeds.

The most major question is this: will a gain of 25MHz in the core clock be more beneficial to high-end gaming with a loss of 986 MHz in Memory Clock? My gut feeling i... Read more

A:Solved: Quick Video Card Comparison - Core Clock vs Memory Clock

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I'm a Windows 2000 laptop user in a corporate
network. A while back I thought it would be fun
to have my clock updated automatically by polling
an atomic-clock server, so I downloaded some of
the programs to do this. As I had problems
getting through the proxy server, I eventually gave
up and un-installed the programs.

Since then, my clock has been quite significantly
slow when I am on the network, a couple of minutes
per hour. (When I am offline there is no problem.)
Apparently I've broken some mechanism. I am
looking for advice on how to fix this.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi have a big problem at the school that i work at:

all of a sudden, the network has fallen over.

what is happening is some of our clients will authenticate on one server, some clients will authenticate on the other server and some wont authenticate at all and produce an error message stating that

"There is a time difference between the client and server and is unable to log you on"

the odd thing is, the servers can not see each other. if we go to my network places on say our admin server, and try to connect to the pupil server it will say

"the servers clock is not syncoronizing with the primary domain controllers clock"

If we try to force a replication on the servers, we get the message

"there is a time difference between the client and server"

i think we have established that is a problem with the time settings on the server but dont know where to start

any ideas!!!

any help to websites or info will be very useful

Your help is appreciated

A:Solved: member servers clock not in sync with PDC clock

Have you tried setting the time using, net time /setsntp:yourpdc

in a command prompt and then restarting the Windows Time service?

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I've had the Netgear WNR 2000 Router for a year and a half. It always worked pretty well but now it loses a wireless signal almost on a daily basis. I have to turn off the router only for about 15 seconds and turn on again to regain signal. Is it dying?

I have Windows 7, my wife has an XP computer. Using WEP encryption. Any ideas?


A:Netgear WNR 2000 Router losing wireless signal daily

Go to the Netgear website and see if there are any firmware updates. Usually the updates solve issues like these. If not, you are best to call Netgear customer service and see if there are any other reports of this happening. Usually people will call Netgear when things like this occur. They will sometimes be able to tell you the exact reason why its doing this. If these two fail, then come back here, and we will see what we can do.

Good luck,

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I need the clock ratio settings for the Atlhon XP 2000+ Can anyone help?

A:Clock Ratio for Atlhon AMD 2000+?

12.5 x 133mhz

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Hi - I have a windows 2000 server machine and about 3 days ago i started noticing that the clock on the machine running slower than true time - overnight the clock would fall 3-4 hours behind actual time. This morning i find the server restarting itself without warning every 20-30 mins - Pls assist. The system is also quite slow and unresponsive.

Have also noted error 'ASR detected by system ROM' in the Server Logs

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Hey, has anyone found a new windows, clock and which does not overwrite the other clock but as such "disables" and replaces, and also the shortcut is for the default windows clock, i am running windows corporation [Professional] SP2.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: New windows clock

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I'm trying to decide on the best way to fix a font problem on a friends computer. Yesterday his bullets started appearing as clock faces for no apparent reason - I did a little research and it seems that the Symbol Font may be corrupt and have to be reinstalled. What I'm wondering is - what is the easiest way to reinstall the Symbol Font if I don't have the CD for the OS? Can I copy the Symbol Font into a shared folder which he has access to and drag and drop it into his Fonts folder, thus overwriting and replacing his old Symbol Font? Are there any limitations to this? Is the an easier or better way to do it?

Thanks very much!

A:Bullets appear as clock faces in Outlook 2000 - Font Problem

Just a little update...his Outlook version is 97 not 2000.

I tried copying my symbol font onto his computer...it installed fine, but didn't fix the problem. The weird thing is that he can get bullets in Word just fine.

I sent a bulleted message to myself from his computer and the clock faces did not appear on my screen...they were bullets.

So it is his bullet font and it's limited to Outlook 97. Just not sure how to fix it.

PS - he was busy when I tried the font install, so I'm hoping that once he shuts down Outlook completely and restarts it that maybe the effects will take effect...fingers crossed!!!

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1830 o clock!! whats up with that!

Check attachment!

A:Solved: Windows Clock is messed UP!

That is Military Time. You subtract 12 to get in "real" hours. IE 1830 is 6:30 PM.

Go to Control Panel, Regional and Language Options, Time Tab to see the display options.

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I have a clock issue in Windows 7. The time that windows is showing is not correct, it always runs two hours ahead. For example, as you can see in the attached pic, the time says 15:01 and it should be 13:01 because this is correct time for my time zone.

The issue is related to the Linux. I have set up a dual boot Ubuntu/Win 7 and as I understand the Windows OS reads time from UTC from Linux or something like that. Some suggested that issue will be resolved if i turn of UTC time in Linux, I did that but the issue still remains in Windows 7. I can update the time manually but after a few minutes it goes back two hours ahead!

Can someone suggest a solution for my problem?

A:Solved: Windows 7 clock issue

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Can you run sfc /scannow using windows 2000 pro just like you would with Windows XP??

A:Solved: Windows 2000 pro-can you run sfc /scannow for 2000 pro like you do with XP?

Hi, Yes you can,



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HI, I am running Windows 7 64-bit, Service pack 1. I recently began a new job and a softphone was installed on my computer via IT support. I had no problems with the time. Yesterday when troubleshooting some problems with the software, the IT guy mentioned I had a couple of Windows updates that needed to be installed. After we disconnected (time was still current and correct at this point), I installed the updates and rebooted. Later that evening, I noticed that my time was 1 hour off. I went in and manually changed the time and it was fine. About 20 minutes later, it had reset itself back to 1 hour ahead. This time I went in and chose a different server and had it re-sync itself with that new server. I reset the time and about 30 minutes later, I noticed it had changed itself again. I am not certain when it is doing it, but it does do it. This time, I went in and made myself mountain time and corrected the time. I thought stupidly that if it was boosting itself an hour ahead of CST that maybe it would rectify itself if I moved to Mountain time. Nope, again it set itself to the time of EST. No matter what time zone I chose, it is going to reset itself to whatever time EST is. It doesn't change the zone, just the time. I rebooted and checked my BIOS time. I was incorrect but I corrected it. I rebooted again and the BIOS time was correct and is still correct. No matter what I do, that time will change about 15 to 20 minutes after I manually change it.

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A:[SOLVED] Problem with Windows Time Clock

Set the time in your router also.

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